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  MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 29, 2016 1:21pm-1:56pm PDT

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also rebuking some of the controversial comments trump has made about various minorities saying that type of rhetoric has existed since the 1800s. with that, we want to transition to donald trump who is speaking at a raucous rally in bangor, maine. and we understand there have been some protesters who have already been escorted out. let's take a listen to donald trump. >> we had a protest. ten vets were outside. i'm giving 100,000 here, 200,000 here, 250, one got a million. one got 75. one got 50. one got 25,000 to all these groups. i said wait a minute. there's vets outside that are protesting. the money went $5.6 million, i think. the money went to the vets, right? i gave a million-dollar check. it goes to the vets, but there were people outside protesting. and there were vets. and they went out and found out they were sent by hillary clinton. that one i couldn't understand. no, no, think about it.
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you're give away almost $6 million. money like these groups haven't ever seen before. great groups. great people. i hope. we try and vet the vets. you have to be careful. and who knows. i think, great. but i think great people. and some of them are great. we know that for a fact. and yet people outside that were sent by the opponent. why would anybody do that? it's dirty stuff. so i went to scotland. and it was right after the vote, which, by the way, i hate to say, but they asked me what do you think? i said i think it's going to pass. i think they'll seek independence. i think they're going to seek independence. and it doesn't affect me much, i don't think, but i think they're going to seek it, and that's it and hillary and obama called it totally wrong. and he said if it happens, we're going to put them to the back of the line. that's a hell of a statement. i think they might have lost because of that statement, if you want the truth. so what happened is i go there and it's like nine hours after
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the vote and now they know. so we have all this press. we had so many press, it looked like the academy awards. and we're standing on this beautiful tee in turnberry with the ocean and the lighthouse in the background. i said i'm here to support my son n i'm going to go right back. i was going to spend one night in scotland. and i said specifically, i will not put a golf club in my hand. i said, nope, nope, i'm in he middle of a campaign. i don't want that picture. this is a so true story. you know what i'm talking about, paul. so i say, no way. they were trying to get me to hit the first ball. i don't want to hit anything. i'm here to support eric trump who did a plus ten job. he was great. okay. i'm here -- i'm here to support my son, and he did a great job. by the way, ahead of schedule and under budget. is that great?
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can we use, with our infrastructure that we have to rebuild in our country, could we use those words? ahead of schedule and under budget? wouldn't that be nice? and i own 100% of it and i don't have a mortgage on the property. wouldn't that be nice? no mortgage. no nothing. i'm standing there with all these reporters. one of them says to me about the pound. what would happen if the pound goes down. so the question if the pound goes down, i'll do well because more people are going to go to scotland. here's the headline. "donald trump grandstands about the pound." the guy asked me a question about the pound. what would happen to this place if the pound goes down. the beauty of all, i didn't want to play. so the next day, crooked hillary clinton does the commercial. i think she put about the pound but they don't put questions. they just put answers. so i didn't like that.
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but they show me hitting a shot. i said they have me playing and all the reporters said i played golf. i didn't play. i swear, i didn't play. so they have me hitting a shot. and you know what it was? they took the footage from one year ago, a year and a half ago at a different place and put it into a commercial that donald trump went to play golf in the middle of this thing. so i sent it to the press. not one press report. they have a commercial out now where i'm talking about the pound and hitting a golf ball. although the swing didn't look terrible, i must tell you. if i was going to do that, at least i would have put a bad swing in, not a good swing in. they have me hitting a ball at a difference location. the whole thing is so crazy. here's what it is. it's totally dishonest. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody cares. i'll give you the good news.
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i get a call -- they take a commercial and put turnberry in it. i get a call from the head of turnberry. sir, did you take an ad? i said, no. he said we're inundated with phone calls of people that want to come to turnberry. so hillary, thank you. it's a free ad. so -- but i watched her yesterday and she was saying, and they talked about the trump phenomena. bill o'reilly and i'm on his show tonight. watch his show. watch his show. i just watched it. i said i've got to go. i've got these people waiting. you never keep a person from maine waiting. the governor told me that. right, governor? never. you never keep a person waiting from maine. but i'm on bill o'reilly. but i saw tonight and saw the last few days, people are talking more than ever about
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this phenomena that's been created. and it's really an amazing thing. even pundits that truly, truly hate me they're saying it's a movement like i've never seen in this country before. it's bigger than bernie sanders. it's big thaern bernie sanders. and yet -- and yet, bernie, i have to say one thing about bernie. he'll be nasty and say i'd never vote for trump, but that's okay. i know what he thinks inside. he hates her. he hates her. he cannot stand her. bernie sanders cannot stand hillary clinton. but i'll tell you something. you wouldn't think this. you wouldn't think this. but there is one thing that bernie sanders and i are in complete accord with. and that's trade. he said we're being ripped off. i say we're being ripped off. i've been saying it for years. he's been saying it for years. i am saying it even louder because i've been really saying
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i understand how bad it is because i have travelled to more places where we have factories that prior to nafta were booming. and bill clinton signed nafta. remember that. that was his baby. he signed nafta. nobody else signed it. bill clinton signed it, and they drained businesses out of maine, out of all of new england, out of new york. you have to see new york state. it's a ghost town. what's happened because of nafta. we've lost our jobs. we've lost our manufacturing. i have people that do statistics for me and they come up to me and i'll take a place. i'm not going to say maine because the governor is here and i'll not talk badly, although you did lose a plant yesterday but it wasn't your fault. i understand why. i mean they put you in an impossible position. but it's at a federal level where we make it so easy for countries to come in and steal our companies. to steal our jobs and to steal
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our money. we owe $19 trillion, soon going to be $21 trillion and we've got to get smart. we've got to get tough. we've got to get tough with terrorism, with jobs. we've got to be so vigilant. we've got to be so careful, so strong. and -- >> trump! trump! trump! >> thank you. and you know, today, i was just reading where the united states chamber of commerce is upset with me. they usually go the republican way. they're upset with my statements on trade. and i said let me ask you a question. why? why would you be upset? i'm all for free trade. the problem with free trade is you need smart people making deals. we don't have good deals.
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free trade is killing us. somebody asked me, one of the moderators. how do you describe your view, mr. trump, on trade? by the way, i know every form of trade. there's hundreds of names. so i never really thought this way but now i'm doing it and we are doing so well together. by the way, am i doing a good job? letting the word out. we started with 17. and all of these people were professionals. and they had 218 years of experience. and when they did this stat, i had ten months. so they said trump has ten months of experience. they have 218 years of experience. that's like if you add up on their political years together. and here we are. here we are. not only that, most importantly, in the history of the republican party, more than ronald reagan,
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richard nixon, more than dwight d. eisenhower. he did win the second world war, in all fairness. we have more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. think of it. think of it. and we won 37 states. so you go down the line and you look at what we've accomplished togeth together. and i said to myself, why would the u.s. chamber of commerce criticize what i'm saying. here's what i'm saying. very simple. i'm all for free trade. it's fine. but i want carl icahn negotiating for me. i want the greatest businesspeople negotiating my deals, not hacks. but i'm all for free trade. the u.s. chamber of commerce is controlled by the special interest groups. there's special interest that want the deals they want to have. they want to have tpp,
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trans-pacific partnership. one of the worst deals. it will be the worst deal since nafta. no it will be the worst deal -- it will drain the rest of your businesses out of maine. it will be the worst deal since nafta. and i said to myself, and i talked about it. i gave a speech in pittsburgh, in pennsylvania yesterday, and it was very well received. then you had the tragedy in turkey and that was the end of that speech, which was fine. that's the way it's supposed to be because that tragedy is a disgrace. we can allow that to continue to go on whether it's turkey or anywhere else. that's a disgrace. i said to myself, why would anybody be against what i'm saying. here's what i'm saying. we have to make great deals for our country. and i said to the announcer who asked me this question, to the reporte repo reporter, what's your definition of free trade? well, i'll tell you what i really want. very simple. i want to make great deals for our public. i want to make great deals for the united states. >> yes, but you want free trade? fair trade?
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what's your definition? >> i want great deals. i don't care if they are free, fair, good? i don't care if they are horrendous. i just want great deals. i'll do it all different ways. i didn't understand. but it has to be free. the conservative way. remember when jeb would say he is not a conservative. i said who cares. by the way, i am a conservative. i'm more conservative than they are in many ways. to be a conservative you have to want free trade. but if this country is being drained of its jobs and money because we have stupid people making bad deals, and in some cases smart people who are basically corrupt making bad deals for us, doesn't matter. same thing. then what i want to do is correct that situation i spent $55 million in the primaries of
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my own money. now i'm raising money for the republican party. and we've raised a lot of money. wait until you see the numbers start to come out. they said donald trump's numbers -- i don't why i need so much money. i go around, make speeches. i don't even need commercials. why do i need these commercials? don't forget when i ran in the primaries, when i was in the primaries, everyone said you can't do that in new hampshire. you have to go and meet little groups. you have to -- because i did these big rallies with 3,000, 4,000, people would come into high schools. we didn't have any great arenas there. we had high schools or big auditoriums and we'd pack the places. and they said, wait a minute. trump can never make it because that's not the way you deal with new hampshire. you have to go into people's living rooms, have dinner, have tea, have a good time. i think if they ever saw me in
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their living room, they'd lose total respect. i've got trump in my living room. this is weird. and we would pack the arein as. we'd pack the places and everybody said you can't win because you can't win in new hampshire that way. and i won by a landslide and spent very little money. then they said he can't spent money on commercials. same thing i'm hearing now. i haven't spent, i don't think, $1 on a commercial. so the quinnipiac poll just came out. we're essentially tied. crooked hillary -- crooked hillary has spent on commercials, some people say more than $100 million. i've also heard $68 million on negative commercials. really negative commercials. now in the old days if somebody -- oh, the other thing. she has 900 people. i have 73. no, i actually have more, i must
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tell you. she's got 900. i have 73. she spent $100 million or something. i have friends calling me from other states. man, the air waves are blanketed with negative ads. we don't believe them. she spent over $100 million in some form on negative stuff. i spent nothing. here's the thing. in the old days, if i spent less and had fewer people and was leading or tied they'd say he's a genius. now they say, hillary clinton has more people, has spent more money and they are essentially tied. that's not good. i'm not going to knock them because it's useless to knock them. these people signed the pledge. they all wanted me to sign the pledge. i signed the pledge and they did, too. they don't honor the pledge. amazing what can happen when you lose. no, i have people in all
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fairness, whether they like me or not. and it was a rough campaign, and i wasn't nice. but they weren't nice either. jeb spent $15 million, $18 million on negative ads. am i supposed to say i like him? but they signed a pledge. there were -- there were people that honored it that would have loved not to honor it. we got great backing. ben carson. we have a great relationship. n chris christie. rick santorum just signed on. we have great people. we have great people. we have amazing people and endorsements. but when you sign a pledge, this isn't, am i changing my mind? this is like legally binding, you want to know the truth. i don't care. i don't think it matters. i don't think i'll get two more
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votes. but you sign a pledge and you're supposed to honor the pledge. i have guys out there, and they are really sore losers. it was a rough campaign. they say it was the roughest campaign ever. might be superseded by this, but we'll see. they say it was the roughest campaign ever in the history of republican politics and maybe in politics. i've heard a lot of the so-called walking heads they call them walking heads or talking heads. usually they're walking heads to me because there's nothing up there with most of these guys. and it was rough. but what you do is you go to sleep for a couple of days and wake up n say, i honor the pledge. i would have honored it. there are people i don't like n people i love on that stage. there's people i don't particularly like or respect. i wouldn't have gone crazy, let's yell it from the loudest building, but i would have honored the pledge. but we have people that have not
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honored the pledge. and that's a terrible thing. i don't care who you are, what your position. you can say what you want. they all signed so that i'd sign because i was the one that was negotiating a little bit. i'll always negotiate for you people. i love to negotiate. just remember this. they signed a pledge saying they will abide, saying they will back the candidate of the party. and now they sit back and the pledge is out there and the press doesn't even go after him on that. they broke their word, in my opinion. they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful. so i said when i saw the u.s. chamber of commerce again controlled totally by various groups of people that don't care about you whatsoever, i said why
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would they -- i even tweeted @real donald trump, but i tweeted, i said why would the chamber, and i have nothing against the chamber. don't know them too well. why would they complain when all i'm saying is this. that if china doesn't make this horrendous deal that we have with them, which is sort of a nondeal. it's only a one-way, one-sided deal, i want to renegotiate a deal. i want to terminate the deal and do a good deal. and that's all i want. i want to bring jobs back to our country. i want to bring money back to our country. i want to get rid of the deficit and start paying off debt. and they're against it. they're saying, how can donald do that. and how can he jeopardize free trade? if you have, think of this. if you have a country where you have a deficit of hundreds of billions of dollars a year forever, it's going to go on forever. it's going to get worse. then they say we're going to
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lose a trade war? we're already using the trade war, folks. we lost the trade war. nothing worse can happen than what is happening right now. we're getting killed. and then you question the chamber. i'm not going to say we'll never deal with china. when china devalues its currency -- they are at 7% gdp. 7%. we're at almost nothing. it's hard to be at nothing. but we're at almost nothing. we have a real unemployment rate that's sky high. we have so many people that can't get a job. you know it up here. but why would anybody fight when somebody says, hey, i want to make the deal better. all i'm saying, i want to make a better deal. why are they against that? they don't us to make a better deal. they don't want us to have more jobs, make some money. let's say we're going to do something. why would the united states chamber of commerce say we
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should leave everything the way it is. i don't understand it. if you think about it, if you think about it, it's pretty s sini sinister. so yesterday in making the speech, i did a few things and made a few points. i'll save some of the points. number one, i'm going to withdraw the united states from the trans-pacific partnership, which has not yet been ratified and which is a total disaster. right? number two, i'm going to appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators to fight on behalf of the american workers and the american people. number three, i'm going to direct the secretary of commerce
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to identify every violation of trade. all of the agreements that a foreign country is currently using to harm our workers. and there are many of them. i will then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under the american and international laws to end these abuses. we are being abused as people. we are being abused. number four, i don't know how anybody can have anything against. we know how bad nafta is signed by clinton, and they don't do anything about it. obama said he was going to do something about it. he doesn't do anything about it. and the reason is that the special interests will not let him do anything about it. it's very simple, folks. hey, i've been on the other side of it. believe me. i go better than anybody. i'm going to tell our nafta partners that i intend to
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immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers, okay? and by the way, i don't mean better. i mean a lot better. if they do not agree to a renegotiation, then i will submit notice under article 2205 of the nafta agreement that america intends to withdraw from the deal, okay? no more nafta. no more nafta. no more nafta. number five, i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. something that should have been done years ago.
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they beat us on currency manipulation. they are grand masters of currency manipulation. nobody has ever done it better. japan does it well. nobody has ever manipulated currency like china. any country that devalues their currency in order to take advantage of the united states will be met with very, very sharply and swiftly. and sadly, that will include tariffs and taxes for their goods coming in. i'm sorry, folks. that's what we have to do. that's what we have to do. you know, some of the -- some of the stupid people said, oh, he's going to charge tariffs or taxes to china. if they devalue their currency, you ever notice we're starting to do better and then all of a sudden, china has a big devaluation, boom, sucks the air
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right out. it happens all the time. it's happened for years and years and years. some of the biggest devaluations they've ever done have happened not so long ago. so we have to protect ourselves and very simply, you know, i see where this country where they try and keep companies in our country so they offer all sorts of incentives like interest-free loans and low-interest loans. that's not what that want. there have to be consequences if a country, as example, like mexico. great respect for the leaders. they're outsmarting our leaders, like china. oh, we're going to build a wall. don't worry about it. we're going to build the wall. we're building the wall. and by the way, the latinos, the hispanics, this poll that came out today, i was at 33%. the latinos that are here legally, they don't want people pouring into our country taking
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their jobs and taking their homes. believe me. so remember they said i'll be in the low whatever numbers, right? and i'll be way, way down at nothing. so it comes out today. well, this is a surprise. with the latinos, i employ thousands of latinos. i employ thousands. tens of thousands over my lifetime. they're phenomenal people. and let me tell you, the people here legally want protection. a man who owns a radio station in new york, all hispanic calling in. they call in. he was in television a month ago. he said i don't believe these polls because everybody that's calls me and they're all hispanics calling up, latinos, he said they're all hispanic calling up. they love the guy. and i feel that, too. remember, thousands and thousands i have. i do business with them.
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but they don't want people pouring in illegally to our country and taking their jobs and taking their homes. so the poll comes out today, and i'm not at 6% and i'm not at 3% and i'm not at 1% i'm at 33 which is six or seven points higher than mitt romney. they were saying mitt romney had 27. that's a sad situation. but let me just tell you, i'm higher than romney. everyone is saying, look how high he is with the hispanics. i was not surprised. when i won the state of nevada, they have a high hispanic population. and they did exit polls. and i won the exit polls. so i wasn't surprised. everybody else was. we're going to do great with hispanics and latinos. we're going to do great because
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they want jobs. i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. we're going to do great with the african-americans. they want jobs. they want jobs. african-american youth has a 59% unemployment rate. 59%. obama has done nothing for african-american youth. we are going to do great with african-americans. you watch. you watch. these people want jobs. i want jobs. latinos want jobs. everybody wants jobs. we got to bring jobs back into our country. and we've got to bring safety -- safety back to our country. make america safe again also. okay. number six, i'm going to instruct the u.s., very important. i'm going to instruct the united states trade representative to bring trade cases against china both in this country and at the
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wto level. you can get him out. get him out. ] you have the nicest protesters in mean. i said get out and he just said, yes, sir, and left. we don't even need our police. can i tell you? we should give a special round of applause to our police. they have done an unbelievable job in this country. unbelievable. they're not appreciated like they should be. i tell them all the time, you have no idea how much the people
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love you. they don't get treated properly. china's unfair subsidy behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance to the wto, and i intend to enforce those rules. they're already there. now seven, very important. if china does not stop its illegal activities. i'm not going to stop trade with china. but if they don't stop their illegal activities, we're going to do a number. i've done very well with china. made great deals with china. we can do great with china. i don't have anything against chinese leadership. i don't have anything against the leadership of japan or mexico. they're just so much smarter than our leaders and they're taking advantage of us. i have a lot against our leaders because they're grossly incompetent and don't know what they're doing. so if china -- right? so if china does not stop its illegal activities, including
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its theft of american trade secrets, they're stealing $300 billion a year, some people say, of trade secrets, i would use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes, including the application, excuse me, of tariffs, consistent with section 201, consistent with section 201 and 301 of the trade act of 1973, and section 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962. now think of that term. think of that term. the trade expansion act. you know what? we got the joblessness and they got the expansion. there's no expansion. there's no expansion. so the story is this. i love you people. so important in november. you get out and vote. we're going to make this thing
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into something that nobody has ever seen before. they've already said it. they've already said it. >> trump! trump! trump! thank you. i love you people. i love this. we don't win anymore. we don't win. and i say this. when i was young, we won everything. they used to brag, america's never lost a war. we lost -- since then, we only lose. we are going to start winning again. our military is depleted. it's going to be rebuilt.
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we have old obsolete equipment in our military. our jet fighters. we get our parts from the plane graveyard and museums. that's how bad it is. seen that. we're going to take care of our vets properly. our vets are not being taken care of. we're going to win at the border and build the wall. it's going to be built and paid for by mexico, by the way. we're going to win at the border. we're going to have a wall. we need the wall. we have to stop the drugs from coming in bad deal. we get the drugs. poisons a lot of people beyond our youth. so we get the drugs. they get the cash. not a good deal. do we agree? and it's pouring through our border. we're going to win with common core, which we're going to terminate and bring our education local.
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we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. repeal and replace obamacare. we're going to save our second amendment. so important. we are going to make the greatest trade deals in the history of our country and maybe beyond that. we're going to go from the stupid people that don't know what's happening to people that are thriving again. we're going to bring back our jobs. we're going to bring back our wealth and our money. we're going to bring back our pride. we're going to make america great again. thank you, everybody. i love you. thank you. thank you. >> you're watching donald trump in bangor, maine, delivering his characteristic stem winder, taking aim at everyone from his former 2016 rivals to hillary clinton, touting himself, patting himself on the back for being right about the brexit vote saying mexico willay