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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a body without proper footd needssupport can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee or lower back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's. very good day. thank you for being with us on this saturday. i'm richard lui in new york. we have breaking news this hour. hillary clinton's campaign confirming the former secretary of state gave a voluntary interview to the fbi this morning about her e-mail practices at the state department. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us live from outside the clinton's residence in washington, d.c. you've been watching it all day
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for us. >> reporter: there's been a lot of activity here, richard. early this morning we saw a motorcade of secret service vehicles leave the residence here. in the way they did it and the posture of the agents it said to us it was likely hillary clinton was inside. she was gone for about four hours. after she returned to her home we had a few minutes. we received a statement from her top spokesman at the campaign, and that made it official after a lot of speculation trying to put pieces together that in fact, hillary clinton did sit for an interview with the fbi. the statement said secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her e-mail arrangements. she's pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview. there's some interesting things. she calls it a review not an investigation. she talks about bringing it to a conclusion. what seemed to match up with
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legal analysis that says that it was probably most likely that she would be last or among the last witnesses asked to provide testimony to the fbi. because you talked to many other people who were involved with the use or had contact with her e-mail practices before you would go to her. now sean spicer, who is the spokesman and top official at the rnc, of course, seeized upo the moment to tweet -- i'm trying to pull it up. here we go. >> right. we have it. >> reporter: i'm running low on battery, richard. >> i know. you've been there a long time. >> reporte >> reporter: i added a little everyone fa sis there. the term voluntary means not subpoenaed. and critics of the clintons, those who do not find her believable or trust worthy, and
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we know that's been a part of her public persona, they look at the word voluntary and think she was sort of dragged to do this. sources tell me she first offered to speak with the fbi about this issue in august of 2015. nearly a year ago. it's a legal distinction to say voluntary. we can tell you, as well, her top aid and someone with her during the state department cheryl mills left the residence. we saw a motorcade depart again. we believe secretary clinton has left her washington home. >> kelly, they're hoping it might be a one of the last chapters in this story, but we have, perhaps, weeks in front of us. when do we expect to hear from them on the decision coming from the department of justice? >> reporter: well, the expectations is that fbi dire director comey would like to get the information wrapped up from the gathering and investigative point of view before the national conventions, which are happening in just a couple of
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weeks. the republicans go first followed then by the democrats. so that sort of a window of time which is a part of what we use to disearn it could be a likely opportunity for her to submit to the interview. but here is, you know, the reality is we don't know what findings, if any, there will be to refer this for any kind of criminal prosecution or the report will indicate that there may have been things not handled properly but they didn't violate the law. we don't know. it's still kind of hangs as a cloud over hillary clinton and those around her. it's also possible that there could be in a violations of law that don't directly affect her. we don't know. we get the sense the timing is within the next few weeks. that's how of her hands now. we're waiting to see what happens. so she doesn't have control over that at this point. the only piece she has control of is the interview she volunteered to give today. now it's a waiting game. richard. >> thank you so much. kelly o'donnell live in washington, d.c. we'll have more on the clinton e-mail investigation later this
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hour. stick around. we're also following bre breaking developments out of of bangladesh. 20 people were kill eed followi a standoff. the state department confirming one killed is a u.s. citizens attending emory university. two foreign-born residents one student from emory and one from berkeley died in the attack. ayman mohyeldin is following the story. >> what we learned since the siege was over, when the be bangladesh police stormed in and rescued them. we learned about the nationality of those inside. certainly, as you mentioned, there have been confirmed at least one american killed. we learned from the italian, japanese, and indian government that they, too, had citizens killed. people asking why there were so many foreigners in the area. it was a upscale neighborhood.
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a posh restaurant on a friday night at the end of a week. you can imagine there were a lot of people hanging out. what we learned from officials who briefered the media gruesome details of how the people were killed. some killed by machetes and some beheaded. that was according to the officials that went in after the siege and managed to rescue some. we know there were about 14 foreigners rescued in the operation. but for now it seems the siege is over with a higher death toll than expected. earlier on when we started reporting the story, there was no clear indication there were any fatalities. the hospitals were not receiving any fatalities. as the operation to rescue the hostages got underway, it emerged the attackers inside were executing some of those hostages they had taken. all of the five attackers have
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been killed, according to the bangladesh police and isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> thank you so much nbc foreig. nbc news learned as a possible lead in the airport terror attack that killed at least 45. a turkish police force tells nbc news a chech chen working with isis is the likely planner behind tuesday's deadly attack. the alleged role hasn't been confirmed by turkish authorities and u.s. intelligence officials have not confirmed his involvement. the treasury department named him as a member of isis in october saying he was part of a group of militants that was planning attacks against u.s. and turkish facilities. after the recent terror attacks we were talking about combined with the july 4th weekend there's extra security put in place across the country.
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we're joined by former homeland security advisor. we got the report from main may mohyeld mohyeldin. all the concerns we have in the united states. what is your level of comfort that we're okay this weekend. >> if you talk to counter terrorism officials from the mta to the port authority here in new york but also nationally. when ramadan first arrived, there was a concern because there had been a lot of information out there if you create martyrdom you would have an enhanced reward. there was a heightened awareness. if you saw the tempo and the pace, you know, paris, brussels, san burn kbernardin bernardino, orlando, you have a lot of attention on this. they've been ramping up and trying to change things. the key with any type of security in a critical infrastructure is to change it
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up. have rapd response teams. >> okay. several airports you don't necessarily see anything different. are things different or are we under more heightened security than previous july 4ths. you deal with it every july 4th. >> it does, obviously, you have a national holiday. it's a concern. two schools of thought. one, they want to succeed. so if we know they're coming, you know, if we're going to prepare, then chances are reduced. you have the combination of ramadan ending and july 4th and all things around the world, it raises the questions you better step up. >> okay. just like we checked blood pressure on a human body. what are some of the symptoms you are watching from a key weekend like this? >> what you're doing is going through a lot of intelligence you accumulate over the last couple of weeks. going to your sources. utilizing a lot of assets you have in the field and saying who
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is doing what. looking for purchases of things you can make an improvised explosive device, fertilizer. unfortunately the net gives you a lot of information. you look at patterns. reports of people moving into homes, you know, in the outskirts of a city just like what happened in istanbul. >> so just here in the new york city area airport, you look at the numbers here, 5.5 million expected to go through this weekend. and msnbc reporter had a chance to talk with the director from tsa. we'll listen to that quickly. >> reporter: you consider part of your responsibility to make sure an istanbul-style attack doesn't happen here. >> absolutely. any time something happens in the world we're starting to adjust our security posture real time. as soon as it flashes across any of our intel networks or any time we get the information, we start making adjustments. assuming whatever happened was terrorist attack. it's getting ready to happen here. we don't know.
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a lot of times you see it happen in waves. two or three places at the same time. >> tough question here, but is tsa equipped to prevent something like install bull? >> -- istanbul. >> you respond to deter and one to reassure. to make sure people traveling understand there is this presence out there. having said that, you know, when it attacks here we are so focussed here in new york, being. we've been through 9/11. we had an increased level of security for a long time. there are other parts of the country that haven't had that kind of focus. that's a concern. what is the level of security in other places. would they go to another soft target? that's the challenge. you've got folks asymmetrical. it's not an army. they're going to pick soft, civilian targets and attack in the case of turkey with committed and trained troops. very difficult to prevent. >> very difficult, tough job. thank you so much. all righty. voters in utah make history by
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selecting the first transgender woman from a major party to be a nominated for a u.s. senate seat. in colorado misty plow right a wrans gender woman is a democratic nominee for a seat in congress. she joins us live.
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welcome back. with hillary clinton poised to make history as the first woman to be a major party's presidential nominee, there are two candidates named misty that are making history along the way. misty snow won the democratic senate primary in utah. she'll run against republican mike leigh in november. then there's misty plowright. she won her democratic primary in colorado and will run against congressman doug lamborn.
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boast are transgendered women. they're the first transgendered congressional nominees from any major party. we're joined by misty plowright from colorado. thank you for being with us, misty. tell us why you're running. >> thank you, richard, for having me. there's a lot of reasons behind why i chose to run for congress and it really it boils down to i couldn't sit on the sidelines anymore. i had to get involved in a very big way. there's a lot of people that don't have a voice or are afraid to have a voice, like i was like that for a long time. >> right. >> i have to try to stand up for all of them. >> misty, what is it the issue you want to stand up for? what are the things you want to talk about that you're saying you are not being talked about now? >> some of the biggest things -- some are being talked about, but they're being ignored by our elected officials. a perfect example is tpp.
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doug lamborn likes to lambaste obama for it but at the same time he voted to fast track it. it's clearly something that is unpopular with the people. the country has been sold out by the trade deals and the tpp in particular sells out national sovereignty. so these kind of issues economic issues trade issues really get to the heart of the issues that i'm trying to campaign on. >> now you don't have an easy race ahead, your district voted for mitt romney 60-39 in 2012, and the current republican congressman, as i was mentioning earlier, won by almost 20 points two years ago. what do you think is going to be the crucial thing you need to do to win? >> well, it's certainly going to be an uphill battle. there's no question about that. i wouldn't be running if i didn't think there was a chance i could win. frankly, now people are sick of politicians, and the last thing i am is a politician. i'm a i.t. nerd, a politics
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junky, i'm a gamer. a lot of things but a politician is i'm not. i'm a working stiff. >> i think you're being very not fair to yourself, i would say, by calling yourself that. you know about misty snow. i mentioned her earlier. transgerned woman running for senate in utah. she spoke to my colleague tamron hall. i want to share it with you, first. >> okay. >> i just happen to be trans. but otherwise i'm a very passionate person. i care a lot about working class people, and, you know, i'm from a working class background. i feel i could be a good representative to working class people in washington. >> so, misty, and i understand you have traded facebook messages with misty snow. have you talked about your campaigns and did you touch base before you decided to run? >> no, not before. i didn't actually know she was running until i don't know maybe
11:19 am
a month or go. somebody said there was another misty running and, i mean, really a kind of echo what she's saying. i came up in the depths of poverty. most people don't realize stilt exists in this country. i don't think there's anybody on the hill that knows what it's like to struggle to bust your butt for 40 hours a week and not able to make ends meet. how many of them have been -- have tried to raise a child by themselves on two or three jobs? that perspective does not exist up there. >> you're also a veteran and so on this july 4th, i want to thank you for your service. candid misty plowright in denver. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you very having me. 16 days until the republican national committee. and donald trump is moving closer to selecting his running mate. one man believed to be on the list, by the way, gingrich speaking today in colorado. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks!
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donald trump may be spending this fourth of july weekend finalizing his vp pick. one potential choice former house speaker newt gingrich. nbc is in aspen for that event. any hints for gingrich today about being trump's potential vp snrks. >> reporter: he called it wild speculation. what it's coming down to is the fact he's one of the front runners we're looking at. donald trump said for weeks he's looking for somebody with washington experience. there's nobody else that, i guess, outside of washington that can still i guess say that. he said he's got get mitch mcconnell and paul ryan on board. in order for donald trump to be a fruitful president of the united states, he has to get these guys in order to come together to pass appointments. what he said he doesn't always agree with donald trump by any measure, he said specifically he called when john mccain's
11:24 am
comments last year about the people that are not -- captured are not heros, he suggested he thought that was crazy. he said the other was on judge curi curiel. those are un-american values putting forth there. you're looking at gingrich somebody who is reliable. he stand up. he did for another 20 years. he remained relevant inside what'd. what we're looking at is newt gingrich. he's been on the phone with the campaign almost daily. gingrich i think we're going to be hearing more from. >> von, thank you. appreciate that. and while gingrich is in the west, donald trump is in new york city today. reportedly meeting with another potential running mate indiana governor mike pence. nbc news learned more about the vetting process. candidates must fill out a questionnaire that includes at
11:25 am
least 110 questions, they must disclose personal, million, and financial information that can reveal potential land mines. for more on the donald trump veep stakes. we're joined by katy tur who has been covering the trump campaign for more than a year. and with us is carly fiorina's -- and washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. what are you hearing about who, when, how. gingrich is saying nothing. >> we're not hearing that. what we're hearing there are four people in the top running right now. that's gingrich, governor mike pence, and governor chris christie that fourth slot could be senator jeff sessions or senator bob corker. there are a number of people being considered the top picks for the vice presidential nomination right now for the trump ticket.
11:26 am
it could come, the decision could come as early as next week. ultimately it's donald trump's decision. who does he feel most comfortable with? that's usually when it comes down to when nominees are picking their running mates. so far chris christie has been the most loyal of his surrogates, soldier, if you will. after endorsing him in texas, chris christie has been nothing but complimentary toward donald trump. he hasn't criticized him once. gingrich has come out and said he doesn't agree with the judge curial comments. he had more of a mind of his own. you have governor mike pence initially endorsed ted cruz. that's a point against him. ultimately all of these candidates, potentially give donald trump a lot of experience when it comes to navigating washington and legislative experience. none of them give him that much help, it is. pence a little bit in ohio. >> and this week, though, potentially next week or this
11:27 am
week, we're saying. >> potentially. potentially the end of this coming week. >> it's not traditional. >> usually it's a few days before the convention. they had a string of bad news cycles and sidelines. they are working hard behind the scenes to get in the gop establishment to fall in line. this could be seens as a way for them to make amends, make peace, show there's progress, and change the subject. >> yeah. to a different topic. sara, what is your thought on the four that katy is reporting on here. that helps offset the weaknesses or the gap that donald trump has? >> i'm not sure that any one person offsets all of trump's weaknesses, but mike pence surely helps the most with conservatives. he's seen as someone within the movement. a true believer. that being said, he's not well known nationally, unlike a newt gingrich or chris christie. i think k trshe's on to somethi with christie being a close
11:28 am
friend and loyal supporter. and in the end the vice presidential picks come down to that. >> lynn, the question might be if it's chris christie, they have similar temperaments, at least on the campaign trail. does that work here? >> no! it doesn't work. it won't happen. chris christie could be a chief of staff or perhaps an attorney general. but you don't need two bombastic personalities there. so i would think that gingrich, if -- gingrich was vetted when he ran in 2012. i think there needs to be another look to see what he's been up to since then. certainly he could still be part of an administration as a strategies or advisor. so he doesn't necessarily have to be a vice president. so i would think the profile that works the best is either pence or gingrich because you need somebody that has experience and can go down to the chambers and work with the members because the senate, remember everyone, will have all
11:29 am
the former presidential candidates there. none of whom spoke highly of trump during the primary. >> and gingrich could potentially be a good pick for him. he's known as a deal maker in washington. he has deep ties there. a lot of ability to be politically persuasive and a history of going after the clintons, much in the same way that donald trump has been going after the clintons during the impeachment, certainly, in the '90s. gingrich has a lot of negatives as well. he's not a very well liked to i guess it. there was a lot of fatigue over him in the '90s after he was speaker, in 2012 when he dropped out of the race he was the most disliked politician in america. between the two of them, there would be six marriages. it doesn't help donald trump's pitch to women now. there are positives when it comes to gingrich's ability to work in congress. but there's a lot of baggage when it comes to him as well. >> i had to smile here. we look at unfavorables.
11:30 am
that's what donald trump is bringing to the party here. sara, have you have this mix as described here, gingrich plus donald trump is it going to hurt that they both have high unfavorables? >> you know, the one hand it would seem very obvious that having high unfavorables for both candidates would be not ideal. on the other hand, donald trump has proven with hillary clinton's unfavorables nearly equally as high, he can break some of the traditional rules. gingrich brings a lot of personality to the table. a lot of policy proposals to the table, and i think he's certainly been the best able to garner his own media cycles, unlike chris christie or pence relied more on trump when they been supporting him. i think he's attracted to him because that have. >> let's not forget when it comes to chris christie, you have the controversy over what is called the bridge gate and nothing is settled. it will be the subject of a lot of commercials if he was on the ticket.
11:31 am
and it's got to be a factor, too. i think of all the people we're talking about the one to take off the table is chris christie. >> and christie has a 26% approval rating in new jersey. >> thank you so much for stopping in ckatiy tur. up next more on the breaking news. hillary clinton meeting with the fbi today about her private e-mail server. attorney general loretta lynch's role in that investigation after her controversial meeting with bill clinton. viagra single packs... so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs.
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11:35 am
staff broke the law by setting up a personal e-mail server. many republicans now believe that 30-minute meeting between mr. clinton and miss lynch could influence the investigation. lynch says the 30-minute meeting was a social chat and they didn't discuss the social investigation. she'll let careered prosecutors and the fbi director decide that case in the end. in the past, secretary clinton also maintained she has nothing to hide and is fully willing to make public all her correspondence. there's a lot of it. just look at some of the facts and figures on what has been found and what secretary clinton disclosed, according to the new york thyimes. there are 30,311 e-mails released or made public. none marked classified when they were accesent. since being sent, though, 2,028 have been classified as
11:36 am
confidential. the lowest classification. 65 have been classified as secret. then the e mails that were disclosed by clinton but not released as of yet. of those, 22 are known to have "top secret" information. 18 other e-mails not released are correspondence with president obama. those are not be released until after he's out of office. of the e-mails handed over by secretary clinton, are there more not included in the disclosure so so far. the state departmenter inspector general said there are. the washington post reporting 160 e-mails found not in clin n clinton's disclosure to the state department based on potential future e-mail disclosures and findings, this story could go on for months. joining me now is -- this is something that you have dug into
11:37 am
here. and the focus has been on the e-mails as well as just the e-mail server itself. we were laying out the details behind it. we were talking about it for so long. folks may have forgotten. >> yeah. i think people forget where it started was in the benghazi select committee. that the benghazi investigation, eight so far, one of the things we did discover through the benghazi process was the private server that the secretary of state had. now i think it's great you laid out the numbers about the volume of e-mails. we're talking about the ones undisclosed. many of the people receiving the e-mails, recipients were using government e-mail. that's how they're able to discover them. there are two side of the e-mail chain. she was e-mailing on personal e-mails and recipes and things e-mailing to work. the recipients would have had their e-mail discoverable because they were governmental. i think it's a proes sufficient picking apart. if your g-mail had been discoverable and you had to find them it would take some time.
11:38 am
>> i want to get back to the e-mails in a second. i want to talk about the development of the fbi meeting. we talked about it at the top of the hour. not planned. our reporters on the ground only got a heads up when something was happening. they didn't. >> what is happening now you're seeing the comey investigation coming to an end. usually when you have an investigation of this source, the biggest person involved, would be hillary clinton, is usually the last person to be interviewed. i think this signals on the good side for the clinton campaign this is coming to an end. once hillary clinton is interviewed i can't believe there would be much more. unless something in the interview causes more people to be interviewed. >> jason, your thoughts. it was not another good week for donald trump, but this was not necessarily what secretary clinton wants to be talking about now. >> this is an amazing race to the bottom. every single time we think hillary clinton is going to do something to offend the public and remind people why they don't trust her.
11:39 am
donald trump does something even more offensive and terrible. i think from a pure campaign standpoint, i've never thought that the e-mail scandal was much of a scandal. all it does is play upon believes you have about hillary clinton. if you don't think she's trust worthy, most polls show they don't think she's trust worthy it reinforces that. if you don't think she's reliable it reinforces that. at the core $7 million have been spent to basically prove nothing. either both in benghazi or her e-mails. it's not clear she did anything that actually endangered america. that's the only value to the whole investigation. >> we did know about the meeting. i misspoke. we did have a heads up they were going to meet today. but all the e-mails, jason, themselves is it the e-mail server we should be focussed on and that's the topic or the e-mails that we spend time describing here? >> i think it's a mixture of both. if there was definitive proof if e-mail servers got hacked and got hacked in some way that
11:40 am
government servers don't get hacked. we have cyber warfare going on. if she released information that endangered our soldiers, endangered national security, then that would be an issue. but so far there hasn't been much revealed that shows secretary clinton actively engaged and knowingly engaged in behavior that endangered the country. unless it's the case, the republicans had the smoking gun but they have not been able to hit a target. >> "joy," quickly. do they want this to be done before the convention? >> yeah, of course. i think the clinton team does. i want to expand on one of the things jason said. what republicans were looking for when they had the a ha moment of discovering hillary clinton had an e-mail server was proof of a conspiracy they had. that the secretary of state at the time of the benghazi attacks had real time information that she hid, that she lied
11:41 am
definitively and conspired to lie about the cause of the attacks or there was some sort of stand down order where the obama administration ordered the military not rescue our people in libya. so that is what they were looking for. i think part of what you're seeing is a classic clinton scandal in the sense it's republicans with a conspiracy theory. they try to prove it and discover she's got the private e-mail server. they go on a phishing expedition looking for that. proved she did something wrong specifically related to benghazi. they adodon't find that. but then it expand to what else is in the e-mails. is there a smoking gun that proves she's the criminal we believe she is. somewhere in the e-mails it must be there. what winds up happening, as what happened with her husband, bill clinton, when you get ann interview with the fbi it's a position of jeopardy. anything you say to the fbi could be fruits of the own investigation. i think there's peril for the clintons because it's a classic clinton scandal. there's been nothing so far that
11:42 am
proves she did anything wrong. you can catch "jojoy. it's great tv. jason johnson we'll be talking to you in a bit. >> thank you. millions of people are forced into slavery in the u.s. and around the world. next the impact businesses are having in fighting human trafficking. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour.
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the state department has a new report revealing the actions to tackling the abuses of human trafficking, also known as modern slavely. a business of about according $150 million. 20 million people left their homes to become labor slaves in the last year. 27 countries gotten worse in tackling human trafficking. 20 countries got better. thailand is one of the countries. after criticism for the fishing industry, some experts are asking why it was upgraded. just back from the region is e. benjamin skinner.
11:46 am
welcome, ben. >> thanks richard. >> let's talk about the united states. we're ranked in the top tier but we have some issues. >> yeah. right here in the united states, according to best estimates by the justice department, there are between 14 and 17,000 trafficked due to slavery every year. that's one new slave every half hour. >> you're watching our purchasing activity. what we can do as americans. >> yeah. so the issue of modern day slavery touches all of our lives. by virtue of the stuff that goes into our products, the labor that go boos our products we may be buying the products of slavery and not know it. >> you brought a study, a different study, to my attention. this one is about tech companies and how they're doing their production process. their supply chain is what you often like to say. they looked at 20 companies.
11:47 am
these eight here ranked above 50 out of 100. what will you watching with tech companies? >> what we're watching is not only codes of conduct and compliance regimes, but also how well they understand what is coming into their products. all the way up stream from the sourcing of the raw materials in many cases, the raw materials may come from conflict regions through the manufacturing. >> your focus is on business. why do you think that's the big whale in modern slavery? why is that important? and your business is focussed on this. a unique business model. >> first of all, i have to cite the name of the report you mentioned. it's put out by no the chain. kno kno it's so important because governments can take ten years to think about taking action on these issues. businesses, particularly big corporations can make change in
11:48 am
48 hours that ultimately affects the lives of tens of thousands of people. >> are we getting better or worse? >>over all, i think we're getting better but that trend has to accelerate. it begins with the consumers. >> ben skinner, thank you so much. expert in this topic. thank you for coming by on this weekend. >> pleasure. donald trump changed the rules on running for president. next how he could be totally reshaping the allegiances of millions of voters. it's in the quiet moments when you see why she does this. for hillary, it's always been about kids. and when millions couldn't get health care, this first lady worked with republicans and democrats to fix it. creating the children's health insurance program, so that every child gets the health care that child deserves to have. now eight million kids are covered. that's the kind of leader she is. and the kind of president she'll be. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep
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we're being destroyed by trade. we're being destroyed at our borders. tpp will destroy you folks. it will take any message we still have left in our country. it will destroy you. people are sick and tired of being ripped off with our jobs leaving our states. with our jobs leaving our country. with the money. they get the money, they get the jobs, we get nothing.
11:52 am
>> donald trump friday railing against america's trade deals and the plight of the u.s. worker in an increasingly globalized economy. polling suggesting that message is resonating with white working class voters. some of whom who have traditionally voted for democrats. joining me now to discuss that is a democratic pollster fred yang, jason johnson politics editor of the and s r sirius xm radium host. thank you for staying with us. we look at the numbers here, it is among white voters with no college education. and the numbers show 450i% voting for donald trump. 31% going for hillary clinton. you're the numbers guy. you do polls like six ways of sunday here, fred. are we discovering something new this election cycle or is has it always been here? >> no, i think it's all been here. i think it's been here, frankly,
11:53 am
for decades. and i think what is happening now, in this campaign, is donald trump is giving voice to a lot of those people. >> the voice of what is the voice donald trump is giving to the voters, in this case we're talking about white voters with no college education. you're thought on that, sara? >> well, i think what donald trump has particularly done is take a lot of democratic votes away from hillary clinton. in the polls i've seen about twice as many democrats are defecting to donald trump than republicans to hillary clinton now. which is a huge problem considering her already existing issues with the bernie sanders vote. so i think that, you know, mitt romney won white voters by about 20 points in 2012. donald trump will have to probably do even better than that among white voters. right now she has a problem in her own party. >> he will have to do better. if he's going to focus on white working class voters. you saw in what he said. he was focussing on jobs and
11:54 am
putting it together with tpp. the transpacific partnership. that seems to be resonating now. is it the whole switch of allegiance he's been able to bring on because of the messaging? >> no. i think donald trump has been very consistent in his messaging. the problem is he can't expand it. donald trump's whole message all along has been it's basically the opposite of brexit. it's an economic message he's mugged by talking about race. if donald trump stayed on "we've got bad trade deals and i'm bringing back jobs." and laid off of attacking every other group he probably would be doing better in the polls. he cannot win -- he can do as well as he wants with white voters. he can get 65% of white voters. he cannot win if he doesn't do with hispanics and african-americans. they need jobs, too. he's not speaking to them. >> if you look at the number among those white and college
11:55 am
educated, then we see the difference. donald trump 43%. hillary clinton 44%. so that's where the dynamic is flipped >>well, look, i think, you know, part of that is, you know, topic we're talking about, you know, economic optimism or pessimism right now, you know, of the president, hillary clinton, democrats are doing well with the latter group. let me go back to the former group. democrats, and i know the clinton campaign is focussed on getting every vote. there's clearly lot of folks in america, trump voters, sanders voters, who feel like whatever economic progress happened isn't reaching them. look, i think because of how bellicose he's been, he has a loud megaphone now but anger can only get you so far. i think that's what we're going to sew the clinton campaign sort of articulate an economic message.
11:56 am
>> are there more white working class voters than are being represented in the polls so far that we don't know about. jason is saying there aren't more? >> i agree with jason. i think a presidential election is usually the highest turn out elections of any election. i think what is happening with donald trump, to give him credit, again, he's giving a voice to a lot of voters who feel that they've been ignored. but i think in terms of are there hidden votes coming to vote. i don't think so. >> sarah, some are saying there are. >> thing are. i think donald trump has been able to lead on an issue that hillary clinton has unfortunately, for her, very weak on. she was for tpp before she was against it. donald trump has not only been able to capitalize. he comes off authentic. his supporters not only like it but he's able to build it it into further support for an issue of other people that come to economic stability in their areas, globalization. it's the one part of this election i think does mirror
11:57 am
brexit, a little bit. >> thank you all for joining us on this saturday. that's all for me today. thank you for joining us on msnbc. ayman mohyeldin takes over here. he'll have more on the terrorist siege. we learned one of the victims was a u.s. citizens. od. oh yeah, hebrew national. they're all-beef like yours but they're also kosher. is that a big deal? i think so. because not just any beef goes into it. only certain cuts of kosher beef. i guess they're pretty choosy. oh, honey! here, have some of ours. oh! when your hot dog's kosher, that's a hot dog you can trust. hebrew national try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. it's a fiber supplement that helps support regularity, and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmm, these are good! nice work phillips'.
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