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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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me ask you about the timing of all of this. what do you make of it? should anything be read into the timing of it? >> it's about as ideal as possible for clinton. this was going to have to happen so the beginning of the 4th of july holiday weekend there's not a lot of muse coverage or people watching the news. it lets it get as burr rid as possible and on tuesday she is campaigning with obama. that's going to be a huge event that will get a lot of attention. after that she is going to atlantic city new jersey to talk about donald trump's casinos and it comes between the end of the primary campaign and the real earnest beginning of the general election which starts around the conventions so if it was going to have to happen which it did have to happen it's about as good as possible. >> alex stick with us for a little bit our boston globe
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columnist is joining us for this discussion. let's take a listen to more of hillary clinton's interview last night about her husband's impromptu meeting with attorney general loretta lynch. i'll get your reaction to it afterwards. >> it was a short chance meeting that occur and they did not discuss the department of justice's review and some viewed the meeting in a different light and both the attorney general and my husband have said they would not do it again. >> how deep and wide is the fall out going to be? do you think it's going to go way quickly now. >> it just piles on one more thing on to this idea of bad optics and hillary clinton herself said hindsight is 2020. neither of them would have engaged in the meeting looking back on it. it's not the first time that bill clinton has done something on an airport tarmac that didn't
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look the best. i'm thinking back to the time that he held up the lax tarmac for his hair cut and that looked bad and this adds to the criticism that somehow the rules don't apply to them. that said if we take them at their word that nothing happened it certainly means that loretta lynch is going to have to be extra careful to not be showing any prefertial treatment and after it she said i'm not quite rekuzing myself but i'm certainly essentially not going to overturn what the career lawyers at the justice department are saying. so in a way, she wasn't saying she was going to not look at the evidence at all but she almost made a pledge that she wasn't going to overturn what any of her career lawyers were doing.
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>> i am curious to get your thoughts in terms of how they viewed this meeting between the former president and loretta lynch that many find to be baffling in so many ways. what do you make of it and secretary clinton's response last night and what they're saying among the campaign themselves? >> well they were caught off guard by it and clinton has said this in her interview with chuck todd. she found out about it in the news and they want to be very respectful of bill clinton. he is the former president and she the husband of the candidate that they are all working for but this is not the first moment that bill clinton has done something that would not be advised by staffers around them if they could control him and it's difficult to control him because he is the former president. he is so high profile and has very strong opinions that he has earned the right to express so, you know this is not ideal for
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them. critics are going to say that the fix is in if they don't move to indict hillary clinton. but now clinton has offered them a hook to hang all their worst surveillance pigss on. >> we were talking about how donald trump was having a very tough couple of weeks. >> with the election just four months away i'm curious your thoughts of how many lingering effect could this have? >> look, this is very unfortuna unfortunate. >> and a week ago we were talking about polls where she was double digits ahead of donald trump and the latest poll shows that in terms of trust voters consider donald trump to be more trustworthy than hillary
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clinton by margin of 45% to 37%. >> this adds into that and it is critical for her. about 100 e-mails that hillary clinton herself sent contain what has now been deemed classified information after the fact and some 300 e-mails on her server sent by other people contain again what is now after the fact considered classified information so they're going to look at some of the same questions they looked at. i doubt there will be that against them. there's no evidence that we know of that she knowingly mishandled classified information but it leaves an image in the mind of voters and for people pro clinton to begin with this
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isn't going to make any difference and for people against her this is confirming their worst fears so it's about the independents in the middle. >> your latest title, talk to me a little bit about that. what did you find? >> well, this was just before the fbi interview came out and shows why overconfidence is an issue. we have come off the heel of several weeks here where donald trump is in the polls and staffers are leaving and he has financial problems and she got worried that they're going to get cocky and not work as hard and not turn out and donate. they need to stay in this race all the way through november. >> thanks. thank you both for joining us this holiday weekend. newt gingrich is down playing donald trump's vice presidential bid calling it wild speculation.
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the former house speaker made the comment at an event yesterday. good morning to you out there. talk to us a little bit about what else did he have to say about this. >> sure. what's interesting is he is now one of the finalist and being vetted for this position but at the same time when i asked him and talked to him and said would you like to take this position. he said like is a strong term. here's a bite from the speaker yesterday. >> i haven't had any conversations about this. i have no idea -- my working assumption is a lot of detail because it really messes up your life. >> at least trump has said over and over he needs a vice president that understands washington because he knows he doesn't. >> for a guy that's being vetted to be the vice president it was far from a resounding vacuum of
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donald trump. he said several of the comments over the last year have been totally way off base. he said if only donald trump cut cutoff the last 10% of what he says. he said in order to get anything done he has to work with the senate majority leader but at the same time he has the ear of not only donald trump but also speaks for paul almost daily and speaks with ivanka and ivanka's husband on a daily basis. he is seen as almost a campaign advisor of sorts and a go-to but the question within the campaign is is newt going to continue as the vp? we'll see where it goes from here. >> very quickly. i know that the governor of indiana met with donald trump yesterday in new york. do we know if similar meeting has taken place with newt gingrich or is there already a familiarity with each other that a one off meeting is maybe not
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necessary. >> newt gingrich continues to insist he never talked to donald trump about the vice president sy but we should expect a meeting between the two. >> all right. live in aspen colorado, appreciate that. well, the very latest on what the u.s. is learning about the terror attacks overseas that could help homeland security back here at home. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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two bombings in baghdad. many of them children are and many wounded. lucy is monitoring the situation from london. what can you tell us about what happened? >> not a quite week at all the.
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two separate bombings as you say in baghdad. one in the shia area. the other much bigger attack was in the neighborhood that's a fairly upscale area. police say a suicide bomber detonated a truck of explosives outside of a busy shopping center. malls in iraq are just as popular as in america and this was after midnight. families were out and about breaking their ramada fast. it would have been incredibly busy at this time. among the victims, at least 15 children, 10 women. those numbers unfortunately likely to rise. eyewitnesses say dozens of people burned to death or suffocated and just to give you a sense of the scale of the devastation, at dawn this morning iraqi firefighters as you can see in the video were still struggling to extinguish the blazes a very chaotic seen
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and one that's all too familiar in iraq. one thing that struck me in having worked there and just how much of a new twisted normal this has become friends of mine say they drive with the windows down in their car so they will at least not get shards of glass in their face. we're seeing growing anger at the government. the iraqi prime minister visiting that blast site today only to find his convoy surrounded by an angry crowd. people were calling him a thief. they started throwing rocks and shoes and lack of security one of the biggest issues in iraq along with corruption and as iraqi forces continue to push further into isis territory we are unfortunately likely to see this group lashing out with attacks like this one.
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>> director good to have you here sir. an extreme attack today. i'm curious to get your thoughts on how dangerous are they to the stability of the country and more importantly to our efforts in combatting isis? >> they are dangerous. we have been doing well on the battlefield in iraq and syria for the last few months fallujah falling and so forth but there's still a long way to go and isis is doing the best it can to spread uncertainty and panic by the attack that occurred yesterday. they'll continue to do that. >> we were talking about two other deadly terrorist attacks both connected to isis but not confi
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confirmed. what is your takeaway about what isis's takeaways are now? >> they will go against almost anyone that's not one of them. they killed a lot of italians and japanese in the attack in bangladesh. minority muslims so they are going after everybody and they want maximum shock and fear. that's what they're trying to spread because they want submission from us and the authorities in iraq and syria. they're starting to get it. people are rioting because of the situation. >> but from an intelligence standpoint if you can put on your former trek tos hat for a second and tell me from an intelligence perspective what are you worrd about with this environment that's hapning even beyond what we're accustomed to seeing from isis? >> the president continues to refuse to call this a war and
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we're not organized to fight a war or working at it as if it is a war. he won't say these are islamist terrorists. it's politically correct but not accurate. >> what does that change? what is it going to do to prevent something like this happening. >> it looks cowardly to refuse to say that someone who is at war with you is at war. it makes us look like we're trying to avoid the issue and i think that it's bad for morale of the people on our side and it's a slap at those trying against odds to defeat an enemy. a bitter enemy. we didn't pretend that the joop these were just violent extremists. we killed the organizer of pearl
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harbor. we're at war with -- with isis and the isis derivative and believes and we will not win as long as we look like we can't even talk about it. >> let's talk about the implications of the attacks back here at home in terms of what intelligence officials and homeland security officials can be learning in terms of what they're gathering. what can they be learning to prevent attacks at me? >> what they need to do is work with -- government needs to work with the business and corporations that get solved in in moving data around and observing data. i'd say that google and amazon know more about you and me than the federal government does. they have huge amounts of data and some other groups help put it together. getting it legally from open
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sourc sources and they can help if the government and business will work together on these issues they can have minimum intrusions on civil liberties and minimum intrusions on security because we're cooperating in a joint venture but that's not what is happ happening. >> do you think homeland security officials could prevent attacks? >> they could do a lot better. this data is amazing the amount that is available. >> nsa is not doing that already with all the stuff we heard about in the past? >> part of it is they're blocked from it. we decided, the government decided it was a great reform to keep the nsa from being helpful even with me at a data. not tracking individuals but tracking groups and such. >> always a pleasure to have
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happy 240th birthday america and ohio's largest fireworks display lit up downtown columb. it was the celebration of red, white and boom and americans are more optimistic about the future despite financial and economic concerns. >> it's amazing here when your question to the response and for all the other exceptions that the poll reveals there's a widespread belief in optimism that feels distinctively of america. >> the poll is part of this week's issue of time magazine titles 240 reasons to celebrate
6:24 am
america right now. let's switch gears to the weather. clear skies here in the northeast but that's not the case for a lot of the country. don bonnie has the latest headlines. >> you're right. we're looking at a lot of rain coming through. there's flood warnings for flash flooding across missouri and kansas. the next 72 hours the flood threat doesn't go anywhere. we'll still see this tomorrow possibly over 8 inches in some area. that's a lot of rain. that's why we're seeing the flash flooding now. however as we go into the early part of the week we'll watch for the storms to push east ward. west virginia remember the flooding there not too long ago they'll be under the gun again for flooding. what about the 4th of july with storms pushing east ward it will impact some people's fourth of july celebrations we're looking at a 70% chance of storms on the
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west lawn of the capitol but i hope the storms don't interfere with the fireworks. in chicago your forecast calls for a chance of a shower or storm but mainly partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 70s. dallas temperatures here 100 degrees but by tonight 85. good-looking weather for the fireworks. the 4th looks good with some exceptions. beautiful in the northeast but hot and sticky across the south. you'll feel it today and here is what is interesting. you'll feel the heat into next weekend. brace yourself for dangerous heat. little rock, new orleans, columbia, tallahassee and tampa. the heat index is how your body interprets the temperature. it will feel like 100 degrees or hotter than that in some places. heat add size ris in parts of louisiana, texas and south carolina. >> thank you for that update. the msmbc exclusive interview with hillary clinton.
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chuck todd asks her about her interview with the fbi. a lot of that talk next. stay with us. hing a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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>> welcome back. the race to be donald trump's vice president appears to be in high gear with confirmation from the trump campaign that at least three contenders are being formally vetted. new jersey governor chris christie and indiana governor mike pence and newt gingrich. at the aspen ideas festival in colorado saturday he offered his theory on why the gop establishment has been so antitrump. >> if you're part of an establishment that goes to think tanks and comes to aspen and has conversations appropriate for corporate board rooms guys that talk at fourth grade levels and speak in the language of a good working class bar will drive you crazy and if they succeed they really drive you crazy because they disrupt everything you thought you invested your life
6:30 am
in. >> meanwhile in washington hillary clinton saturday down with fbi investigators to answer questions about her e-mail practices while she was secretary of state. a spokesman said the interview was voluntary on her part and lasted 3.5 hours. my colleague spoke to secretary clinton by phone after her meeting with the fbi and got her thoughts on the highly anticipated interview. here's portions of the conversation. take a listen. >> the central question here is whether you violated the law and the handling of classified information. unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents or material. why do you believe you did not violate this law? >> let me just repeat what i have repeated for many months now. i never received nor sent any material that was marked classi
6:31 am
classified and material should be classified. i do call that retroactively classified. therefore it would not be publicly released. that does not change the facts i explained many times. >> who advised you that it was legal to have a private server? who gave you that advice? >> i'm not going to go into any more detail than i already have in public many times as you know out of respect for the process that the department is conducting. i'm not going to comment on the further review but i have been answering questions now for a year and i released 55,000 pages of my e-mail for the public to
6:32 am
read for themselves. i will continue to stand by it. >> we talked about your problem with voters and trustworthiness but how does it feel to have ro voters believe donald trump is as straightforward as you are by a 2-1 margin. >> chuck, look, i have said that i am going to continue to report my record. what i have stood for. do everything i can to earn the trust of the voters of our country. i know that that is something that i am going to keep working on and i think that's a clear priority for me. >> news reports out there
6:33 am
indicate that it looks like no charges may be brought against you and a final decision in a couple of weeks. were you given that indication today? that no charges would be filed and are you con fireworks den no charges will be filed? >> chuck i am not going to comment on the process. i have no knowledge of any time line. this is entirely up to the department. >> that was chuck todd with the first interview with hillary clinton after her meeting with the fbi. let's bring in the former pennsylvania governor. he's a political analyst and cnbc contributor and clinton supporter. good to always have you with us. you heard secretary clinton saying she knows she has a problem with public perception of her trustworthiness. this is something constantly dodging her throughout this campaign. will this meeting do anything to change that you think?
6:34 am
secretary clinton has been the subject of negative attacks for 23 years. i don't know anyone in american politics or not in american politics that could with stand that battery without the minds of the government but the presidential campaign it's so intense, they're under such intense scrutiny she'll have a chance to demonstrate her knowledge and experience and vast command of the issues but she has done the right thing and faug for people that have no champion and that will come out over the course of the long fall campaign. >> you talked about her being the center of so much scrutiny over the past 23 years and this criticism. that image of her though as untrustworthy has been around for many years. why do you think it still hangs on? >> it ebbs and flows.
6:35 am
when she was secretary of state her approval rating is well over 60%. the public approved of her and thought she was doing a good job and thought she was trustworthy. so the fall campaign will give her another chance to demonstrate who she is and what she believes in and what she fought for and she is someone that can be trusted by the american people. >> she says she has been offering to do this for months now and it finally comes weeks before the convention. is that significant at all? >> no i was a prosecutor and prosecutors want to do things. and i think this does and it's
6:36 am
more than that. >> happening before the convention and if that will have an impact on her campaign at all? >> not necessarily but if it happens at sometime in july and august it will allow the secretary to concentrate on other things and other issues and her record and comparison between what she has done and what her experience is and donald trumps. >> let me get your thoughts on the bill clinton meeting with loretta lynch earlier this week when it happened, how do you thinthat has played into all of this? >> it was a mistake on both of their partsment they shouldn't have done it. they should have been cog aniza of what it looks like. if there was a conversation going on between president clinton and attorney general
6:37 am
lynch they wouldn't have done it on a tarmac of a big airport. they would have done it by phone. not the best judgment but clearly anybody that uses their head knows that there was nothing wrong with him and nothing sinister about that meeting. >> former pennsylvania governor, it was a pleasure to have you on. happy holiday. >> thanks. same to you. >> thank you. >> is tighter security making most americans feel safer in the wake of recent terror attacks? the result of a new poll, next. . oh yeah, hebrew national. their all-beef like yours but they're also kosher. so, not just any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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>> i just live my life day-to-day and try not to. >> meanwhile a new poll university poll shows 62% of americans believe antiterror policies have not gone enough to protect the country. 26% however think they have gone too far in restricting civil liberties. >> he was known as one of the greatest humanitarians. a holocaust survivor that dead kated his life to making sure that the world never forgets. he passed away yesterday at the age of 87. we look back at the life. >> he was called a messenger to mankind. he witnessed the worst of humidity and dedicated himself to making the memory of the holocaust eternal and speaking out against inhumanity everywhere. efforts that earned him the nobel peace prize. >> we must speak. we must take sides. for neutrality helps the
6:42 am
oppressor and never the victim. >> born in romania he was a teenager in 1944 when he and his family were deported. his mother and younger sister were sent to the gas chamber and killed. among the 6 million jews to die in the holocaust. his camp was liberated in 1945. he first returned nearly 35 years later to confront his memory. >> i was literally taken from my books which speak of humanism and beauty and truth and into the kingdom of hell. >> he taught timeless lessons about hope and dispair. warning of the perils of in difference and focussing the world's attention on in justice and suffering.
6:43 am
>> no one has more than el elie wiesel. his life is a symbol. his life is testimony that the human spirit endures and prevails. >> a passionate supporter of israel he wrote more than 50 books. his most favorite night, a haunting chronicle of his experiences. >> often felt abandoned by god and betrayed by mankind and yet i believe that one must not estrange themselves from god orman. >> he built the foundation for humanity and even though the organization lost most of its money in 2008 wiesel vowed to carrie on his life's work. teaching new generations about a dark passage in history and emotions ploeri imploring them to never forget. >> nbc news new york. >> president obama is remembering him calling him one
6:44 am
of the great moral voices of our time and in many ways the conscious of the world. >> the lee kbal burden they both create. we'll ask the former assistant attorney general, next. ♪ uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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are you confident no charges will be filed? >> chuck, i will not comment on the process. i have no knowledge of any timeline. this is entirely up to the department. >> hillary clinton there speaking exclusively to msnbc after her interview with the fbi over the use of a private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state. let's bring in a former assistant attorney general for the nixon and ford administration and also served in the carter administration. sir, good to have you with us. you heard the secretary making
6:48 am
reference or not wanting to comment about the issue of a timeline. but i'm curious to get your thoughts, this fbi interview, what does this tell you about the timeline that we're nearing an end. >> we have to be. what typically happening in an investigation, it is with the pyramid, you start with the basic knowledge of those who know what is going on and you move from the middle to the top and she sits at the top. you don't want to interview somebody at the top until you've had all of the information you put together first so it is a intelligent and fair interview. given that they've just interviewed her, it is a sign the investigation is coming to a close. >> and the investigation was if any classified information was mishandled. what kind of legal jeopardy does she find herself in as a result of this investigation, is there anything from a legal perspective that she could find
6:49 am
herself in trouble with? >> there is. there is the civil side. the inspector general handled that. he came out with a report last week that was pretty critical, very critical. in itself, it doesn't impose criminal sanctions, that is not his job but he did make findings with relation to criminal justice and the first is of the code of the misdemeanor statute and it says if you pull away or remove documents that are classified or -- and you do that knowingly, without authority to do it and the inspector general said she didn't have authority and didn't know she had a server, then you could be fined and imprisoned for up to a year, that is the first statute. most people, on the face of it, most people think that has the most application. but on the face of it, i think a
6:50 am
case could be made against her, based on the knowledge we know she had the server, but no statute is ever brought strictly on the face of the language itself. there is always precedent and there are court decisions, there is policy and there is discretion, so-called prosecutorial discretion. >> and that is where the investigation is at. >> absolutely. >> and that is what they are delivering right now. that precedence and all of that stuff. >> exactly, you and let me get your terrorism on the phoenix meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. i'll get your reaction after this. >> it was a short, chance meeting that occurred. and they did not discuss the department of justice's review. and i know that some, nonetheless, have viewed the meeting in a different light. and both the attorney general and my husband have said they would not do it again. >> how big of a misstep was
6:51 am
that. do you think it will have an impact, a., on the investigation, and b., on the campaign. >> it will not have an impact on the investigation, but it will on the campaign. >> as a washington veteran who is part of the watergate investigation, how would you rate this seriousness of this hillary clinton e-mail controversy. is this serious or exaggerated? >> before i get to ten. at this stage it is in the five to six zone, meaning watergate was about a sitting president and this is about a sitting campaign and there are consequences from it because if there is a finding of a violation, it is a criminal finding and that is going to have an impact. what will be done with that as it happens, as general saxby said why guess if you have to be right. but let's guess any way. i think hillary clinton would not probably quit the campaign. there would be pressure if she
6:52 am
was indicted or charged. if it was a misdemeanor, it is one thing. if it is a felony another. so 20/40 different permiations here. >> always a pleasure to have you. >> glad to ber here. >> that wraps up this hour. up next, in "am joy," i'm ayman mohyeldin, i'll you next on "msnbc live." all behind. don't you dare ask what's next. introducing the first-ever cadillac xt5. ♪ ugh. heartburn.g ] sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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welcome to the beginning of the end of the e-mail-gate. the final chapter in the endless saga that is the search for clinton malfeasance regarding benghazi. after the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server, the agency finally had a long-awaiting interview with the presidential candidate. yesterday clinton was questioned for three and a half hours at
6:56 am
the fbi washington headquarters as the bureau looks to wrap up its probe into whether or not she broke the law by using a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. clinton spoke later about her fbi meeting in an exclusive interview with
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