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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBCW  July 11, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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eight more. how police improvised to end the standoff. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning, it is monday, july 11th. i'm chris jansing, anchoring live in dallas, texas. president obama has cut short his trip to europe, and will travel here to dallas tomorrow to give remarks at an interfaith memorial. when he was last on american soil he was in a country that was divided over the dialogue of race and policing. but now he's back and his return is met with days of violence and protest unseen in years. last night in memphis, black lives matter demonstrators shut down an overpass, tying up traffic for much of the night. at the same time in baton rouge, 48 arrests so far as police clashed with protesters donning gas masks. on saturday, 100 people there were taken into custody. furious over the death of alton sterling. whose shooting was captured on video. among the detained, one of the
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central figures in the black lives matter movement, deray mckesson, freed with others sunday morning. he tweeted, quote, one day ago, and just last night, we saw the police abuse their power and intentionally pro-veek protesters in order to create and exploit conflict. but police also say one of their own had teeth knocked out when someone from the crowd threw something. else where in san antonio, texas, gunfire hit police headquarters. and in st. paul, minnesota, saturday, protesters swarmed on to i-94 not far from where philando castile was killed. more than 100 people arrested as police deployed smoke and tear gas. 100 officers -- i'm sorry 21 officers from multiple agencies were injured after demonstrators threw rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks. one officer had a concrete brick dropped on his head and suffered a broken vertebrae. >> i want you to touch this badge and see the significant impact of a rock like this that
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gets through from a bridge and hits one of our officers with enough force to -- to crack helmets, and bend a piece of solid steel like this. it's really a disgrace, and protesters last night turned into criminals, and i'm absolutely disgusted by the acts of some. not all. but some. >> but many protests were peaceful, including in atlanta where hundreds warmed i-75, the city's main artery, as the mayor there demanded calm. when you last joined us on this broadcast friday we were only getting the first sense of what happened, and what the man behind the ambush was thinking. but over the weekend, the fbi combed the crime scene, steps apart, searching for evidence, and police now say bombmaking materials and journals uncovered at micah johnson's home show he had been practicing detonations, and he had enough materiel to do far more damage. on the walls of the parking deck in the heart of dallas where his standoff ended just a few blocks
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behind me, they found the initials r.b. written in blood. police don't yet know what that means. and while investigators have still not ruled out whether others were involved, they were careful to note the sophistication of his tactical approach. unusual for most criminal suspects. >> -- such a spontaneous decision to march by the protesters, we had to leapfrog intersections to make sure they didn't get run over by vehicle. and we had to scramble to block intersections, which did expose our officers to this attack. and this suspect took advantage of that, and once he was in a high perch position, officers did not know where the shots of coming from and we are learning some of the positions of our deceased officers, and it was -- they were in a funnel, ended up being a fatal funnel there, and then the suspect continued to move and shoot from different angles. really diagonally, almost triangulating our officers with his rapid fire.
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>> they also confirmed he requested a black police negotiator as the night wore on. and the chief revealed that in the heat of the standoff, immediately after his initial press briefing that you're seeing here, he was presented with a novel idea. using a robot and a pound of c-4 explosives to end the threat. an option he ultimately accepted. >> we had negotiated with him for about two hours, and he just basically lied to us, playing games, laughing at us, singing, asking how many did he get, and that he wanted to kill some more, and that there were bombs there, so there was no progress on the negotiation. >> police believe the incidents in louisiana and minnesota expedited micah johnson's plans to attack police. so we've talked about the man who perpetrated all this. now we want to turn to the men and women who put themselves in harm's way to protect the protesters. this morning we've learned a 13th police officer was shot and another injured.
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but first, here's jacob rascon with more on those killed, and those still recovering. >> reporter: on the outskirts of dallas, at the southwest police division, there are no words. only tears. of the 12 officers hurt or killed, half of them were assigned here. loren ahrens, michael krol and patrick zamarripa were killed. gretchen rocha, iran and jorge were injured. they were a team. >> they knew each other well, and that's what makes it sting all the more, because of their closeness to each other. >> major thomas castro was more than just their leader. he was also their friend. >> they were just loved by everybody that they touched. not just here on the department, but, you know, the outcry and the outpour from the citizens. >> there are no strangers here. this is their community. these are their officers. >> it's just pretty
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heartbreaking that, you know, these three lives were taken from here. >> patrick zamarripa got little more than a scratch while serving multiple tours of duty in the middle east. he left the navy to take care of his daughter, who is now 2 years old. i spoke to his mother and sister at their home and we talked about how much patrick left behind. what can you even say to a 2-year-old? >> there's nothing you can say. because she's already looking for him. she's been asking for him. >> yes. she's asking for him. looking, where's dada? >> she sees his face and she knows that's who her dad is. you know, there's no way to tell her that he's not coming home. >> and new this morning we've learned two other officers were injured, both were el centro college police officers. corporal brian shaw was shot under his vest. according to officials the detective kept protecting the people on the street and other police, not getting treatment until hours later.
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he will need surgery but he is recovering. officer john abbott was working in that same area and sustained injuries to his legs from flying glass that was penetrated by bullets from the shooter. according to officials he tried to help save the life of transit officer brent thompson, but he died on the scene. one of those caught in the middle of the gunfire during the dallas ambush is speaking out about that terrifying night. shatamia taylor was hit in the leg. speaking yesterday, she recounted how officers kept her and her family safe as chaos broke out around them. >> they -- they stayed there with us. and i saw another officer -- saw another officer get shot right there in front of me. that was two -- i'm sorry.
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>> taylor went on to describe the hurt she feels about the brave officers giving their lives to protect her and others. >> it hurts, you know. it hurts. of course i'm thankful that my babies are okay. but somebody's dead. you just can't get back on it. it hurts. it really does. i'm frustrated. why would he do that? >> meanwhile, the dialogue over law enforcement has split police and law enforcement officials, past and present alike. >> one thing other thing that i've learned about this is that the conversation about policing in this country, this is not sustainable to keep these
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officers encouraged. these officers risk their lives for $40,000. a $40,000 a year. we're not perfect. there's cops that don't need to be cops. and i've been the first to say we need to separate employment with those types of cops. but the 98%, 99% of cops come to work and do this job for 40 grand and risk their lives not knowing whether they come home, get this criticism. that's just not right. and it's not sustainable. >> you said that the black lives matter movement has put a target on the back of police officers. when members of the african-american community see videos as they have this week they feel like there is a target on -- on young black man. explain your response about how they put a target on -- on police officers, how that can match up when people see these videos. >> well, when they talk about killing police officers. >> but they don't -- >> they sure do. they sing rap songs about killing police officers, and they talk about killing police
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officers, and they yell it out at their rallies, and police officers -- >> but mr. mayor -- >> and the reality is -- please, please let me finish. and when you say black lives matter, that's inherently racist. >> chuck, i know rudy giuliani well. he hired me as a federal prosecutor in 1988. i think it's time that we dial back the overheated rhetoric, and we come together. >> as we mentioned earlier, president obama will be here in dallas on tuesday, along with former president george w. bush for a memorial service for the five slain police officers. but it didn't stop at the water's edge. he's already waded into the climate in america that's simmering right now, talking about it while still in europe. >> whenever those of us who are concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system attack
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police officers, you are doing a disservice to the cause. any violence directed at police officers is a reprehensible crime, and needs to be prosecuted. in a movement like black lives matter there's always going to be some folks who say things that are -- are stupid, or imprudent, or overgeneralized. or harsh. and i don't think that you can hold well-meaning activists who are doing the right thing and peacefully protesting responsible for everything that is uttered at a protest. site. as painful as this week has been i firmly believe that america is not as divided as some have
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suggested. americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged by the inexcusable attacks on police, whether it's in dallas or any place else. >> donald trump responded to the president's comments yesterday, quote, president obama thinks the nation is not as divided as people think. he is living in a world of make believe. trump called for the restoration of law and order on friday morning. calling the attacks a coordinated assault. although investigators believe the shooter acted alone. trump later released a video statement in which he said, racial divisions have gotten worse. >> a brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country, and an attack on our families. every american has the right toll live in safety and peace. the deaths of alton sterling in louisiana, and philando castile in minnesota, also make clear how much more work we have to do
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to make every american feel that their safety is protected. too many americans are living in terrible poverty and violence. >> hillary clinton canceled a scheduled campaign rally with vice president joe biden on friday. calling dallas mayor mike rawlings to offer support, and condemning the vicious, appalling attack on dallas police. and spoke about her ideas for reforms to lower racial tensions, in front of an african-american church on friday evening in philadelphia. >> i know that just by saying all these things together, i may upset some people. i'm talking about criminal justice reform the day after a horrific attack on police officers. i'm talking about courageous, honorable police officers, just a few days after officer-involved killings in louisiana and minnesota.
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i'm bringing up guns in a country where merely talking about comprehensive background checks and getting assault weapons off our streets gets you demonized! but all these things can be true at once. we may disagree about how to do all these things, but surely we can all agree with those basic premises. surely this week showed us how true they are. and still ahead on "way too early," live from dallas, the republican national convention kicks off in exactly one week. and buzz is building over who donald trump will announce as a running mate. plus it was a crying shame, soccer star cristiano ronaldo forced off the field during the euro 2016 soccer championship. we have all the game highlights. those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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with the republican national convention now just a week away, donald trump's decision on a vice presidential running mate could come any day now. robert costa of "the washington post" reports that trump did not hold any meetings this weekend with vp prospects. instead, meeting with staff and spending time with family. he returns to the campaign trail today in virginia, with new jersey governor chris christie at his side, who being formally vetted by the trump campaign. tomorrow trump campaigns in indiana with governor mike pence, who is also formally under consideration. an indiana delegate to the convention said the event shows pence has a, quote, 95% chance of being the pick. but a dark horse arose this weekend with reports that trump is seriously considering retired army lieutenant general michael flynn. but the registered democrat raised eyebrows yesterday when he was asked where he stands on abortion.
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>> i think abortion, i think for women, and these are difficult issues, but i think women have to be able to choose what they -- you know, that's sort of a right of choice. but i think that that's a difficult legal decision that -- and i think that women are so important in that -- in that decision-making process. >> flynn's comments were rebuked by anti-abortion activists while some republican delegates are looking to make the vice presidential choice themselves. buzzfeed was the first to report on a proposed rule change to make it easier for the convention to select the running mate, regardless of trump's choice. that change will go before the rules committee this week in cleveland. let's turn to business now where asian stocks are soaring, buoyed by friday's positive u.s. jobs report. cnbc's hadley gamble joins us from london. good morning. >> good morning, chris. a lot of green across asian markets, and some here in europe, as well. of course they're buoyed by the fact of that u.s. jobs report
2:50 am
released last friday. but also the weekend victory of japanese prime minister shinzo abe. we watched oil slipping off a bit early this morning in trade. of course that's off the back that there could be an increase in u.s. production. another story is boeing. the aircraft manufacturer has basically said that if congress moves to block a multibillion dollar deal that would see them supplying air craft to iran, they say other u.s. suppliers are going to have to be blocked as well. this is a big story going forward especially as this economy looks to open up to the world. something to definitely keep on watching. >> hadley gamble live from london. now let's get a check of the weather with nbc meteorologist. >> good morning, chris. an early wake-up call for many in the upper midwest here this morning. waking up for the alarm clock goes off because of the roar of thunder. check out these thunderstorms in northern minnesota, just north of the minneapolis area right now. and there are some severe storms out there. so be careful on the morning commute into work this morning. there may be some downed trees and you may not have power
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either. so be ready for that today. anywhere in this yellow shaded box, you're getting showers and storms today, some of them severe. i have lightning strikes plotted, as well. we've seen that count come down just a little bit. so the storms may be weakening temporarily. there will be another round of storms later on this afternoon. and some of those will be severe. look at that, 91 in the twin cities for this afternoon. baking in the desert southwest. 109 in phoenix. meanwhile in the northeast, get ready for a gorgeous day. we finally flushed out the humidity. it will feel awesome today. new york city down to d.c., tomorrow on the lookout for severe weather from st. louis up towards the chicago area, where temperatures will be in the 90s. meanwhile, one constant in the forecast the heat across the south. temperatures in the 90s and triple digits. ice cream, pools, beaches will be packed here this week. chris? >> thanks very much, steve. time now for sports, and the conclusion of the soccer euro 2016 tournament. to saint dennis, france.
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portugal in trouble early against the host country after star player cristiano ronaldo collides with an opponent in the eighth minute. the real madrid forward appeared able to play on after the knee injury. but collapsed again in the 17th dropping to the ground in tears. ronaldo returned to the field after exiting briefly, he would not remain in the game much longer. being stretchered off the field in the 25th minute. the match still scoreless. but despite dominating the game, france could not find the back of the net. antoine degreesman missed his golden opportunity to put france on the scoreboard sending a header over the bar in the 66th minute. the deadlock was finally broken in extra time. the game winner in the 109th minute, lifting portugal to its first-ever major tournament victory, defeating france 1-0 to claim the european championship. still ahead in the wake of last week's police shooting, people across the country are looking for hope, and answers. the girlfriend of philando castile shares her message coming up next on "way too early."
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welcome back to "way too early." diamond reynolds, the girlfriend of philando castile who was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop last week in minnesota calls in to pastor t.d. jakes church service yesterday to talk about what made her livestream the events that followed after her boyfriend was shot. take a listen. >> to get it on camera, the immediate aftermath was not for
2:56 am
anything other than to be heard for justice. because at the end of the day, people that are here to serve and protect us, we call upon them when we are in need. but when the officers are the ones that are hurting us, who do we call? so i posted that video so everyone across the world can know that we don't do these things to ourselves. these things are done to us. >> and back here live in dallas, many of the streets downtown that have been blocked off will reopen today. county offices will be open, as well. people will be coming in for the first time since the shooting for work. but, of course, it will be anything like business as usual. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," the latest on the protests around the country. following last week's shooting that left five police officers here in dallas dead. how president obama plans to help americans heal following a violent and divisive week.
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oh, pretty morning. good morning, it's monday, july 11th. welcome to "morning joe." 11th. with us on set we have the host of "politics nation" reverend al sharpton and also has a national action network and had a busy weekend but did watch soccer. >> i watched joe on twitter tell me what was going on on soccer. in between all the stuff i had. joe was my connection. >> that's nice. >> msnbc political analyst and school of public policy, former democratic congressman, herald ford jr. >> good morning. >> morning. man managing editor and co-host of "with all due respect" mark halperin. >> the circus returns with some good cameos. >> are we showing some of that this morning?


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