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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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celebrities that will appear. >> the line is incredible. the roster -- >> you know it's upper west side moms that are the fan girls. >> whatever. >> let's stop audiocassetting abo -- let's stop. what have you learned? >> i think it will be newt. >> what do you say? >> christie. >> i think it's christie. >> it would be the best bet which is why it will be who t not. all right. stephanie picks up live from cleveland. >> reporter: good morning. i am live in cleveland, ohio. we are days away from the republican convention. we are 24 hours from trump
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announcing his vice president. his dating game done in full public view. >> i don't know if he will be the governor or vice president? who knows? >> and who rode a fox anchor's private yet to tlelt. who is staying home. >> plus, caught on tape. >> stop. put your hands on the ground now. put your hands on the ground now. >> the dramatic moments police and fire an unlocked view.
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good morning. we begin this morning when we are 24 hours away from the big reveal. trump preparing to reveal his republican run mating mate. >> i probably am thinking about two. >> we have got it all overed welly, start it off, donald trump, we know he had pancakes with pence yesterday but that's not the only meeting. >> reporter: that's right. i'm told by insiders he has not maetd a decision. he has had personal interaction with pence, beginning rifgingri christie. his tolder adult children are
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his personal counsel. we are down to about a period of about 24 hours. lostistics will take hold at some point. if it's a mike pence it takes an airplane and if there's time to bring family there is a window that will be closing. >> that's not the only airplane. he flew jeff sessions in yesterday too, right? >> reporter: that's right. he was the first to endorse donald trump. i'm told he has been a part of it but is still a he can pring
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some of oi so at time time. >> yesterday i spent the day in two airports. >> reporter: i was told by sources it was fox news host who facile dayed private air travel to travel to indianapolis with trump and his oldest children. we are not in mind of the person that paid the bill but gingrich gave the aparity and opportunity to have that personal section. that's a little out of the
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ordinary but they are saying he paid the bill. >> thanks so much. kelly at the convention center. >> and we just got list of the speakers for next week's republican conviction. tell us. we visit waiting and waiting. >> who is on it? drum roll please. let's talk about beginnigingrice and flin. does that mean pence will take the big sweeping. we'll find out in the next 18s. he said he want to recommit the
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bill. did tim bow? >> not his buddy chltd brady is n set to be here. you have maybe we don't often see her giving speeches. >> a lot of political leaders are not here. mitt romney, not here. >> the bushes. >> bushes not here. and trump is not only losing their support, their donors. there are a lot you don't see here. it's a big change.
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>> this is notable, who is on the stage, cruz, waumer, carson. all of these people would not be here. you do have paul ryan that will give a tweet. the week will be decided. monday will be the make america safe again and that kind of things throughout the week. >> but when you zroehave the mo that zblsh yes. and tense happened with that.
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t t the. >> thanks. the trump campaign might have money coming in but they have a legal battle going on, a battle with a campaign content. donald trump going avenue where you know of his oermer d. >> reporter: well, we have that he isn't trying to silence him. he says it is a violation of his political speech rights. the trump campaign has a good argument that there was a contract here. the trump campaign says they have the right to go to a by strags that allows them to have
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a. it will be up to a judge to decide whether we get to hear more about this and whether it goes to what is winding and dags. ? >> in other haelines. temperature they told bill kneelly the united states has never been serious about defeating isis. >> we wanted to defeat them while the yiet wanted to manage those groups in order kwtopple e government in syria.
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it was going under the soup eup vision and they did not do anything to fight chris. >> koosilla was fatally shopped. and a powerful message g against gun violence. they each spok about the events about the last wook and called for all athletes to accept is role of uniting communities. anti trump forces trying to change the rules in throwing the
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you're watching msnbc. here in cleveland, ohio. we are four days away from the republican national convention. the dump trump movement is not backing down, pushing for changes to deany tny the meetin. these are live pictures. joining me now is arie. please walk me through the map
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here how the rules work and what they specifically need to change, the dump trump team. >> reporter: i just walked out of the room you showed. these are the rules that will decide how everything works next week. in typical convention years that is a nonissue. this year is different as people have heard and those people in that room are meeting to decide do they keep the rules basically normal which means trump would be the nominee or do these people find a way to get alternative rules that could loosen the hold in the nomination? he won the delegate majority. one of those ideas is a conscience clause. all of it, bottom line, is whether 28 people in this room, would vote for some snominority support besides moving forward that on the floor there should
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be one last chance to take a big breath and say are we sure we want to do this or do we want to change precedence and open up in some way? i told you i spoke to a senior official this morning. other people say they may get the votes. that is what is setting the table for last dispute before the convention can actually begin. >> surely a trump official believes they have the votes, do you? >> yes. there is no doubt there will be a clause on the floor. the delegates can vote their conscience. we believe if they are allow today vote their conscience trump will not be the nominee. >> what caused the judge to rule the delegates? >> the state law cannot bind the association. what the judge specifically said is you cannot pass a state law that says delegates are bound in
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any specific way. it opens up the delegates to vote their conscience. >> who is going to step in and run? you're missing a punch line. >> build it and they will come. the reality is that until there's a clear pathway i understand why other nominees aren't stepping forward. i truly believe, i talked to several individuals that if this passes people will step forward and donald trump will be challenged. >> like who? >> it could be anybody. >> of course it could be anyone. >> who knows? >> no. i'm not giving you who knows. this is what you're working on. who do you want run ong tning o republican ticket? >> this is a longer-term issue. i mean one thing trump has done is pointed out so many flaws in the process.
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as far as who is going to run, could be walker, tom coburn. there are a lot of people that would do what's right. >> what about the unintended consequence? clinton's message is that we are united. here we are in ohio. it is not a united movement. >> trump has done more to divide the party than anything else we could do. this effort is to find a candidate that will unify the party and move forward and win in november. >> did he really divide the party? people voted for trump in the primary. if you don't like trump you have got to look in the mirror. the republicans brought us here. >> donald trump only received 9% o. registered voters in the country. i mean if you want to talk about the will of the people the will of the people is 50% plus one.
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even polls today, 52% don't want him. when you talk about upsetting the american public, the american public clearly wants somebody other than trump. >> but they didn't want him or they would have voted that way. >> i mean donald trump, we can go through the reasons he is the potential nominee but at the end of the day they are the only authority of the republican party. that's a historic vote. >> all right. good luck. >> thank you very much. much more from cleveland straight ahead. you're watching msnbc. plus, dramatic new video, you have to take a look at this, police shooting an unarmed man but this time the video is from the policeman's point of view. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats
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california, release add video captures a fatal shooting last month. cal, tell us more about the shooting and how we got to video. >> yeah, the video came out yesterday evening, the fresno police released it themselves. it raises questions on when they have to be released. june 25th there were reports of an armed man driving around fresno. police pulled over dylan noble. i want to warn our viewers we have edited out the point at which he act which willy geuall. take a listen. >> get on the ground now. >> so the part of the video where he is being order today
6:24 am
l ordered to lay on the ground is the key part of the video. you can see his right hand behind his back. there were reports the person was armed. police took it he was armed. it turned out of course he wasn't. he was holding a scontainer ful of clay. there has been a lot of coverage on social media. the question becoming when should police have to do this? does it set a precedence. should they release this kind of foota footage? >> brutal. a thanks for showing us this. here we are almost 24 hour ace way from donald trump announcing his vice presidential pick. we have new information on who might be his pick.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. it's time to give you the morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. trump met with mike pence and nut gingrich. trump will be announcing his pick for vice president tomorrow morning in new york city. clinton holds a 3 point lead in iowa, a 9 point lead in pennsylvania and tied with trump here in ohio. clinton will speak to the league of latin american citizens at their national convention this afternoon and then meets with senate democrats. neely got a bizarre
6:29 am
interview. assad said the united states has never been serious about defeating isis and allowed them to grow in syria. seven people gunned down inside their cars or walking in their home. they say all of the victims are innocent bystanders. trump's big announcement is set for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll find out once and for all who his running mate will be. joini i want to start with what trump said he is looking for. he spoke yesterday on fox about what his running mate needs to have. take a look. >> i just want to pick somebody that is very good. i want somebody that is solid and smart. i am not looking for an attack dog. i'm looking for somebody that understands what we we're talking about. >> ben, who is that candidate?
6:30 am
>> reporter: any one of the three would be perfect, i'm sure. we g he talked about an attack dog as a quality in the vice president. what you want them to be is someone who the american public looks and says that's a good choice of an individual so he has a variety of people and he is going the pick the most comfortable with. who is the best? can you break it down? >> we are hearing that tramp's children are -- so in my mind i think of gingrich that he was house speaker. trump sees him as a winner in some way.
6:31 am
when you find out he has all of the pistmillions of dollars he thinking i need to fund my campaign. he is kind of somebody that is a conservative that republicans will look at and say this is somebody we can deal with. i still think kbigingrich keeps floating to the top. >> and that's just one checkbook. a big checkbook but one. in terms of fundraising, gingrich is knowing as as having a good -- pence isn't necessarily a fundraiser. who helps him the most? >> reporter: look, the fundraising in a presidential campaign always depends on the person at the top of the ticket rather than the vice president. so just as a matter of law you two governors in there.
6:32 am
if you're a governor you're not allowed to raise money from the financial sector, the pay to play laws. that means someone who is a bitting bit of a draw back? >> i want to talk about how it relates to this convention. the enthusiasm at the convention is often what brings out big donor dollars. can you te me what i w-- donald trump has really given it to them to do. >> reporter: even more than that. romney and trump ran different campaigns. romney developed a rebust fundraising to get through the primary so there was sort of a
6:33 am
taylor made, republican fundraiser in place from the day he ook the nation. it does put much more drawing people in. >> how dangerous that donald but because he country the money he has almost a graed grounay grou. >> reporter: of course he was able to rise above 16 republicans. that was a completely different race. the fact that people already
6:34 am
know him. i interviewed some voters who see him as the first reality tv president and there's an electorate there. some of it will come down to the personality. in the media we don't want to talk about that. we don't want to say they will look at trump or children to liy i like this guy more in some ways but the fact that they are 10 to 12 states he needs to get his money together because clinton has a lot of staff. clinton understands battleground states. i i trump, once he comes on odd where ever that pick is, that's what he is going to be doing too.
6:35 am
>> when you put on a $150 million super pack. some of those doe alreadies. those are big donors. >> reporter: yeah, but the other side of that is clinton and her super pack dumped about $30 million in unanswered adds over the. the polls donald trump improving. the dollars amount is not great as being able -- it was apparently not successful. >> tell us what matters to
6:36 am
donald at the convention. most clearly this rules committee meeting matters. he didn't have a big presence there. what matters to donald? >> reporter: i think what meatemea matters is what the american people will be, how unified the c convention is, how his family presents himselves, how well they succeed in building the story. that's what people will come away from the convention with. it is fornt building that foundation but they are not near to be top that people will look or look out abdomen want to present. >> thank you both for being here. it is hot and humid and severe storms could be on the
6:37 am
way. steve is here. >> bogood morning. it is air you can wear here in the northeast. it is ammunition for thunderstorms later today. some will have heavy winds and heavy rainfall. right now it's so humid. it is 78 degrees. if you think that's bad way until you see the hot weatherst sup poeed to be. this is how it really fills, 101, 102 tomorrow. how do you keep cool in this kind of weather, whether it is going to the mall, pool, beach, whatever. it is tough heat to take. >> mid-to upper 90s with humidity. that is delicious. >> it's july. >> difference.
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a public mem more kbrorial will be held today for one of the officers killed in the ambush attack in dallas, texas. the family of the shooter has spoken out. they have a new message for those effected by the tragedy. tammy is live with us in dallas. tammy, let's talk through this. the parents spoke and they really have a new message for the victim's families. take a look. >> i would say to the victims, to the family of the fallen, i know you're grieving. i know your pain. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. what more did she tell the blaze? clearly this is a difficult time
6:42 am
for shooters families and obviously the victims. >> reporter: that's right. we know micah johnson's parents say they saw a change. it was not enough to tip them off to what he was planning a week ago. he kissed them and told them he loved them. let's listen to what he had to say about that night. >> he says i'll be back and he says i love you. i said i love you. i said you did take a bath and get off spifed up, right? he said, yes, mom. i sad okay baby, i love youch. his parelast words were alovi l. >> reporter: his parents are wondering what other steps they could have prevented this
6:43 am
tragedy. >> what else is planned? >> reporter: the army is launching an investigation into john so johnson's military discharge. there were sexual allegations launched against him. >> in that interview that his parents did with the blaze, they said that woman that had the allegations had a relationship with him after he was in the mill tafrmt they said she slept dover r over. >>. >> reporter: that's right. we know she did take out an order of protection against him. she asked that his mental status be evaluated after this. >> so many questions. thanks for joining us this morning. tammy in dallas, texas.
6:44 am
indiana governor, mike pence appears to be the front runner for donald trump's running mate. the question is who is governor pence? we'll take you to indiana to learn about the man who down the country's number two. you're watching msnbc live. we are in cleveland, ohio. year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a one-thousand dollar volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 jetta.
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with mike pence not on the convention guest list it is very well he could be trump's pick for vice president. many people may be asking who is mike pence? good morning, guys. first we want to show a bit of video soon after pence met with trump and his family. here is what he had to say. >> we need change in this
6:48 am
country. i believe trump represents the kind of leadership that restore his place in the world. >> what do you two say about mike pence. >> go ahead. >> reporte . >> one more time. >> i think it would be good for trump. donald trump can be a bit bombastic pence is much more moderated influence. i think he would be good to maybe pull trump off of that ledge. >> the odd couple that works, would you agree? >> i would say that mike pence fits bill he is the calm to
6:49 am
trump's storm. mike pence is 100% republican and offers that balance to trump. >> if he is attractive on the national state why is he working to get reelected? >> reporter: the joke is everybody loves you except for the people you live with. no. he has been good with people on the economic stub. you know, mike pence, he did have challenges on some of the social issues such as work issue. all of the stiff -- but it did hurt the governor here at home. >> he brings up the religious freedom bill. it makes me question, is mike
6:50 am
pence ready for the big stage, the national stage when he was thrust in last year he real got raked over the cannot. he has more of a problem than -- here at home than anybody realizes. he has angered so many different fractions of our society that it's hard to imagine that he would be successful anywhere else. and he needs this from donald trump, because he's not going to find success in indiana. he's angered teachers, he's angered the lgbt community. there are still those who in the business community do not believe that he has the strength. i think the economy here locally has followed the trend of america. but i don't think that mike pence has had very much to do with that. >> i will respectfully disagree and say that mike pence and his team have had everything to do with it. but, like i said, that's --
6:51 am
neither here nor there right now. >> well, mike pence and his team, abdul, were also backing ted cruz from the beginning. can they actually just say, oh, you know what, it's not ted, it's donald now. when ted cruz himself hasn't endorsed mr. trump. >> actually, i think they can. and one of the little known stories about this entire process has been part of what got mike pence on their radar screen was the endorsement. a lot of people gave the governor grief, saying i can't believe that halfway endorse ted cruz. but didn't say things about donald trump. what was that going on. i was talking to folks about a local watering hole not too far from where we are. and they were kind of thinking that same thing until they realized that, hey, you know, pence was actually very gracious and believes in the 11th commentment, you don't say bad things about another republican. that's just his nature that got him on the radar screen and him possibly be the vice presidential nominee. >> real quick before we go. amber first. do you think he'll be the pick? >> i definitely think he'll be the pick. he brings everything to the
6:52 am
table that donald trump needs. he secures the ejanuary gel california christians. >> abdul, if amber is right, can he deliver indiana? >> i think indiana is going to go donald trump because donald trump won the primary. mike pence actually got more votes than anybody else in the entire ballot. so indiana will definitely be in the donald trump column. >> we will find out at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. thank you both, abdul and amber, joining us this morning. cleveland police here are doing their very best to prepare for next week's convention. we're going to get behind the scenes look at just how they are trying to avoid this town coming to new chicago. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back
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6:56 am
before the republican national convention. with those changes and details, nbc's jacob rascon, also in cleveland, has the details. >> reporter: [ no audio ] >> 20 million of that is going toward equipment. you see the body cameras being worn by this one officer here. a lot of the officers will have something like that. you're going to have dozens of these officers on horseback. part of their job will be crowd control. and as we walk over here, a big part of the crowd control, as well, officers on bike. they bought 300 or so of these bikes that are able to go, of course, on the grass, on the sidewalk. they'll be riding along with the crowds, and if groups are hostile toward each other, they'll be getting in between them. one of the tactics is to pick up the bike and hold it against
6:57 am
some of the groups if they're toward each other, getting hostile. and then, of course, you have the bigger motorcycles. you have a few dozen of those, and they just got these brand-new mbw bikes, as well. a few that can go, again, on the grass, or on the street or wherever the crowd is. part of the complicated issue, where will the crowds go, will they stay on the streets, go into the parks, use all of the above, and where will they be hostile, if they are. and then, of course, the bomb-sniffing dogs. the the bomb squad showing off their robot, their suit. this is -- you might recognize this. this is one of the -- they call it v.i.c., named after one of their old chiefs. in fact, if i could take a moment, sergeant. >> sure. >> what are we showing here? you guys -- do you feel prepared for this? >> absolutely. as a bomb tech community, we're totally prepared. we're with the fbi locally here in cleveland, and they've got us ready to go. for a cleveland application, we're ready to rock and roll. >> reporter: what are we looking
6:58 am
at here? this is a brand-new suit. >> this is one of our brand-new suits. we got funds from the rnc, an eod-10, a newer model, lighter, will help keep us comfortable when doing bomb operations. >> reporter: you do this from a distance, of course. you would be in your truck. >> right, right. >> reporter: it takes a while. >> yeah, so i would be in a bomb truck far away from the actual event, and i would operate this through the five cameras located on the vehicle. and i would do bomb squad operations through the cameras and the robot. >> reporter: great, thank you. you can tell here, we've got some of those officers on bike riding around. and then let me point out, lastly, over here across the street, you're going to see some more of that fencing that's just stacked up. so overnight, they have been setting up more and more of that, around the entire secure zone. and lastly, about 5,000 officers we're talking about from all over the country. they'll be swearing them in as special officers over the weekend. and they have the first protests that are scheduled this weekend.
6:59 am
back to you. >> first protest this weekend, thank you our own jack object rascon. that wraps us up. i will see you again tomorrow from cleveland. right now more news with chris jansing. good thursday morning. we're continuing msnbc's live coverage of the republican national convention now just four days away. cleveland will be at the center of the political universe. from the cavs to the convention, the q transformed into a political arena. we've got teams of correspondents beginning today and through next week. but up first this morning, we are very close to getting an answer to the question that everybody wants an answer to. who will be donald trump's running mate? nbc confirming that this process is in the final stages, and news on just who trump has picked.
7:00 am
obviously, could leak out at any moment now. we know the presumptive republican nominally will formally announce his pick about 24 hours from now. newt gingrich says it's down to him and indiana governor, mike pence. but just as trump himself advised, no one is printing the bumper stickers yet. trump calling new jersey governor chris christie. also this morning, we now know who will speak. and maybe as importantly, who will not speak at this convention. next week, we'll hear from lawmakers, governors, religious leaders, athletes, even a former calvin klein underwear model. as you can tell, this promises to be anything but your run-of-the-mill presidential convention. our correspondents are here in cleveland with me and all around the country, in fact, this morning. let's start with nbc's kelly o'donnell, with me here in cleveland. kelly, you've been working your sources. you actually worked here in cleveland for a while. tell us where things stand on a running mate. >> reporter: well, what we know, chris, is that the decision has not


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