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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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charges of plagiarism. >> to know that the only limits and the height of your achievement. >> to know that the only limit to your achievement. >> is the reach of your dreams. >> is the strength of your dreams. >> and the willingness to work hard for them. >> and the willingness to work for them. >> the trump strategy is denied deny deny. they insist that this is not plagiarism, but a source telling nbc news just this afternoon that melania has been humiliated and no doubt heads are going to roll. katie is on the trump and we will have the details on what is going on inside of the campaign next ahead. also on the agenda the convention started with chaos yesterday afternoon, and now the question is are we in store for another flight two hours for now. >> the delegates have had some push back and said that we're going take the voice back.
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they litigated the entire process and they realize that they're only here for the king and pushing back. >> trump's republican enemies at the convention and promising to put on a show when the vote is held to make him the nominee. that's just after 6:00 in cleveland. we're going preview what's going on there and then the agenda and the count down is on for clinton's vp pick. in the last 24 hours one of the names rumored and found to violated a federal law. more of a technicality, but will it matter down the stretch. who is up and who is down as it nears the finish line. we're going begin with the top story, and you talk about a headline that you don't want to see if you're the trump campaign. the coverage of night one and just dominated by charges of plagiarism in melania trump's prime time speech. sources telling nbc news that
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heads are going to roll in the campaign because of this. now, if you have not already seen it yet, here is some of melania trump's speech from last night along with a speech that was lifted from. this was a speech lifted by michelle obama back in the 2008 democratic convention in denver. >> from my young age. >> barack and i were raised -- >> my parents impressed on me -- >> so many -- >> the values -- >> the values. >> that you work hard for what you want in life? >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> your word is your bond. >> and your word is your bond. >> you what you say and it's a promise. that you treat people with respect. >> that you treat people with dignity and respect. barack and i set out to build lives guided by the values and
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to pass them on to the next generation. >> we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. >> because we want our children. >> because we want our children. >> and all children in this nation -- >> in this nation -- >> to know that the only limits to the height of your achievement -- >> to know that the only limit to your achievement -- >> is the reach of your dreams -- >> the strength of your dreams -- >> and the willingness to work hard for them. >> and the willingness to work hard for them. >> trump campaign is defiant in the campaign and they're saying that this is not plagiarism. they're trying to point to relatively minor differences between those two clips and campaign chairman also insisting that this is a play by hillary clinton. >> there's a political in tent to the whole issue and certainly we noted that it was the first
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to get it out there when clinton is threatened by a female, the first thing that she does is try to destroy them. >> the reaction outside of the campaign is overwhelming critical and then the national chairman suggesting that the person responsible for this should be fired and perhaps in a form of political pay back and former trump campaign manager corey said and suggesting that man fore and then in a power struggle in the campaign and lou we suggesting that he should have gone. >> now, i am here. >> you think that louis will resign? >> well, i think that if he bought this on, he would resign. that's the type of person that he is. >> katie is in front of trump tower. absolutely defiant here and no
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plagiarism. it's some kind of clinton campaign trick, but you're hearing that there maybe repercussions in the campaign. >> reporter: let's be clear there's no love lost and anybody on paul's team. there's some frustration internally that corey is feeding some of this sourcing to reporters or to people within the campaign in order to stage a cue of his own campaign. again, no lover lost between corey and paul. that being said, what i am hearing from other people in the campaign is that there's a lot of frustration right now over how this could happen. how melania could possibly get on stage and repeat those words. they're not admitting any guilt as of now. there's one fashion of the campaign saying that we need to apologize. somebody needs to be fired and move on. the majority of the campaign is refusing to admit guilt right now and pushing back on this
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that it's plagiarism. they're saying that these are her words and speak frg the heart and telling the story of how they came to the country and the story of her childhood and donald trump as well trying to add another dimension to the personality. she was the headline er last night, steve. she is not somebody that's comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. that's why we have seen her on the campaign trail and heard very little from her. this speech was a high priority for the campaign in order to get it done and get it done right. nobody wanted to see her go out there and have anything critical coming about her. this is frustrating. i am told that donald trump is furious over that and there are folks within the campaign that are calling for somebody to get fired over this. we do not have the con ffirmati of the speech. we know that melania said that
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she wrote it and we know that she had a team around here. we don't know if the main campaign staffers had any involvement in it. >> all right katie, outside of what i am sure inside is a very busy trump tow i. thanks for that. when ever you think of trump, it's fair to say that day one of the republican convention yesterday was the most unusual opening in a long time. let's take you through what is happening and it began with chaos at the time. yesterday afternoon the antitrump forces trying to shut down and they were shut down by the trump team and rnc. as a result of that there were loud protests and accusations of cheating and a walk out from one delegation. then there was the skeptical of gordon hump friday. he is a former u.s. senator and said that the convention was
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being ran by fassett. >> this is a meeting of brown shirts. >> reporter: what do you mean by that? >> people that act like facets. they act like that. >> that's how things started yesterday afternoon and they settled down but when the prime time hours began, they got off to a slplugish start. then suddenly things did seem to come alive at 10:00. that's when the largest television audience starts to tune in and then first former rudy giuliani brought it to life with this speech. >> the vase majority of ans today do not feel safe they fear for the children. they fear for themselves. they fear for our police
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officers who are being targeted with a target on their back. we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agent that's out tonight protecting us, black, white, latino of every race and every color and every creed and every sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white. they just come to save you. what happened to those no black america or white america? there's just america. what happened to it? >> so that seemed to bring some energy into the hole. there was a wwe style entrance by trump to introduce his wife. that's the conversation today and then the speech by melania
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which was very well received in real time. when she walked off the stage, it looked like trump and his team despite all of the early speed bumps in the day pulled off a descent first night. within minutes the revelations that are the story of the convention and so far. joining me to dissect everything in the last 24 hours is the former secretary and then bush thank you for taking a few minutes. let me ask you. you have been in the communication business and the response that we're seeing from the trump campaign to this. i should note by the way some news in the last few minutes and telling me about the washington post reporting that there's a memo here and outlining the strategy to deal with this. the strategy is to basically try to hang it on the clinton campaign and have a hand in this. to say this is what happens when a woman comes up with clinton. that's the theme that we have been hearing today and what do
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you think of that? >> well, i think that frankly this should never have happened and it's not property organized. we tend to look at ourself and judge us by our own intentions. i think that people are making a mountain out of a mole hill by a woman that's not going the president of the united states. it did not get the press coverage that melania got. it should not have happened. >> a lot that we're hearing is people that seem sympathetic saying that she was not well served by the trump campaign. >> that was my point by the campaign. this should not happen. on a well ran professional campaign, there's a triple scrub. these things cannot happen. they're not organized from the top down. i think that people want to make this the lead story and get over
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it. we're in the age and we're under attack. we have american police officers getting killed in the police and this is the lead story. >> so just going forward, what do you think that the trump campaign should do? we have reports that there's heads going to roll and that's to the reporters being told and you think they should go that route and say that someone somebody responsible or there's nothing to see here? >> well, they need to hire a smarter, better senior level of people and donald trump needs to spend more money to grow the campaign. it's still too small. that's the solution going forward and then otherwise have a big night where nothing goes wrong and change the subject because this is not the most important thing. >> yeah, attracting that and a lot of people don't want to go to work. >> yeah, he beat the professional world and republican world that i'm apart. he is showing the outsiders that
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won and they have a chance for that. he needs to build a professional operation and whether he gets it from and works for him what he has is not catching the mistakes like this and then the tweet that came out with the jewish star. these are mechanical things and a good campaign that never gets out the door. >> the other thing that struck me and this will not cost a lot of votes but the professional m professionalism. you had the speech from melania and then flint come out and then a rising star from ohio and the key swing states and there were 2,500 people left in the billing. >> yeah, this is the republican's frustration and this is a conventional look at a campaign for someone that's not a conventional candidate. most are on terrorism and protecting the police and we're here talking about the states and who is speaking and what time slot. i just don't think that's where
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the american people are. that's where we the insiders are and how you have the same in 2008 and 2012. >> the biggest picture not so much in the stage craft but just the fact that your former boss george w bush not here and father not here. you only have one former republican nominee bob doyle that's at the convention. what does that say when the big names from the republican party cannot stand it? >> it says the obvious. he has split the republican party. the people like me preferred to win over trump did not win. he did win. there's so much about him that i don't like, but i will go for him any day over clinton. it's going to be a huge skprob the question is can he offset it when wing a blue color democrats
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that don't like litthillary and warming to him. >> the question that i'm hearing is has he maximumed out and the strategy is maximng out and that's the blue collar. >> yeah, when you're looking at the polls hillary is in the low 40s and that tells you and adds up to 85 or 86 or 87. this remains a fluid race. trump is the underdog. i think that it's likely hillary wins. this year has been the most unconventional of the year and people like you and i need to judge everything from a conventional lens because trump is changing the way that politics work. if he is successful or not is up to the voters. >> okay. thank you for the time. >> okay. straight ahead a look at tonight's big headline ers at night two and including two of trump's former rivals and two
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party leader and two of trump's leader and what they're calling make america work again. that's a big theme and there's another vote on the floor just a short time from them and what are and could be when ever trump forces is final and then that's how they warm up the routine in cleveland. next the most important number of the day why the post convention balance is not what it used to be. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time
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the rnc hoping for a tam er beginning today after the wild start to the convention yesterday afternoon and tonight's theme at the rnc they're calling it make america work kban and then a heavy doss on the economy and speakers are watching closely and a close eye on paul ryan the house speaker who endorsed donald trump and the story is how publicly comfortable. what message is he going to bring do that tonight? it's something to keep an eye on and then chris christie the new jersey governor tonight he is going to be speaking as well. he was just a finalist for the vp slot on trump's tickets and a lot of supports that it was a family member his son that veto chris christies selection from the trump ticket and christy is
1:21 pm
speaking tonight and says that he is disappointed and over it. let's see what message he brings. four years ago it's the republican convention and the speech was notable because he basically did not mention myth romney. let's see if he talks more and then another speaker myth mick con nel and unlike ryan, he did get on board after trump became the nominee and then the wild card with mitch mcconnell and it's going to depend on a lot of blue states and a lot of swing starts and it's up for re-election and then they're facing a lot of challenges because donald trump is at the top of their ticket. how will mitch mcconnell handle that balances act tonight? we will keep an eye on it tonight and including the dana white and natalie gulbis and
1:22 pm
then ben carson and two trump family members and then children going to be taking the stage tonight and no doubt that they're remarks will come under strutny on the hill of the melania dah bokle. and then not necessarily in the speeches but the roll call of the states. that's going to begin in less than two hours from now and 6:00 p.m. eastern time and this is where trump is nominated as the republican candidate for president. states are called on one at a time and they give the votes and somebody reaches 1237 and that person is donald trump in this case and becomes officially the nominee and we saw it yesterday skparch that chaos on the floor and there are hundreds of delegates that do not like donald trump and want to cause trouble for donald trump and want to emerge with someone other than trump as the candidate. that's not going to happen. what trouble can they cause?
1:23 pm
well, one thing is where is the trouble going to come from? pay close attention to colorado. when they do the roll call, they do it in abc order. this is the heart of the never trump movement. will the delegates there, will they try to have the votes of every individual delegate at the convention called out and every individual on the record. that's now how they have done it before. it's a long process and trump people want to avoid it and trump organizers and fight for the see what happens out of the delegation and then the roll call starts. colorado had the walk out yesterday and we will see if they or other delegations do that as well and then move to the magic number. some drama on the road to 37 two hours from now. tune in and we will have full coverage of that and then on the convention floor and jacob, it's
1:24 pm
a little quieter and calmer than it was when i was talk to go you 24 hours ago when all of the drama for day one was going on. now, day two and roll call of the states. what are you looking for? >> well, i could barely hear you yesterday. i want to give you the key words that's we're listening for tonight and that's an indication of any protest to emerge from any state delegation via colorado and otherwise. these are the words. you will see the leader of the state delegation come up and they will say i challenge the votes and i request under the rule 37 b. with that it's a public challenge of the delegate counts so that every vote in the particular delegation is read and they want to embarrass donald trump by reading out loud every person within the
1:25 pm
delegation that does not support donald trump. does it mean that he is going to challenge as a nominee? no. is it mike pence as the nominee? no. it's about stopping him and it's about a public show of the disunity and disapproval of the satisfaction and the way that it's held. iowa is another one to have states that it's going happen. iowa is a disappointing state and then he argues that it's not coming that bad. trump seven and rubeio seven and ben carson three. we may see very well steve in states that donald trump did n win an individual count if they can do that. this happens at the discretion of the chair. that happens up there. paul ryan is up at the podium and will be the one to recognize the different delegations and the chairs of the delegation. will he call on them? most likely not and what happen
1:26 pm
sns the same thing as yesterday. they want to be called upon because they're challenging the delegation. is it as dramatic as yesterday? probably not, but they want the voices to be heard. >> quickly. there's an issue of who is going to be placed in the nomination. we know that trump will. right now it's trump but the rules are if you get them from eight states another one can be placed in nomination. i know that there was buzz on the ted cruz supporters trying to get in. is there anything happening at all? >> well, one of the big things who yesterday very noticeably threw the credentials on the ground after not being able to advance the role call vote and he said publicly that he will not be protesting and told us that earlier today. at least that takes one of the delegations and one of the leader and delegations in virginia out of the running. there are certainly other ted
1:27 pm
cruz supporters here. as you said we're told there are several hundred antitrump supporters in the room, so it's not out of the realm of the possibles. >> all right. a lot of actions to unfold after 6:00 eastern time. you will be in the middle of it and stick around for that and thaings for now for that. still to come what did last night's speeches say about the trump platform? chris is going to join me. >> also you're taking a look at the protests outside of the hall. we talked yesterday so much what was going on inside, and there's a lot of activity outside of the loans arena as protestors make their opinion known. we have a live report on that next.
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and welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour right now. we're about two hours away from the rnc roll call of the states. that's when state delegates are going to formally nominate donald trump for president. now, he is accepted to get the nominee and he already has the necessary number of delegates and the trump movement may try to throw a wrench and cause some troubles on the floor and during the role call not every state is going to vote for trump. ohio committed the delegates to vote for john kasich.
1:32 pm
the favorite candidate that won the primary in march. michelle obama keeping quiet at an event and not weighing in on the connection of melania trump and the speech at the 2008 convention. that was after melania's convention speech had some very identical portions from the now first lady speech in 2008. looking ahead to after the convention the university in ohio withdrawing from hosting the first presidential debate. the school sites security cost and the money needed to host the debate. it's going to be moved to long island. two new york candidates debating in new york. the olympic committee is seeing whether to delay the russia team from the olympics.
1:33 pm
they will explore the legal options and weigh the merits. they antedoping agency said they masked over 300 positive tests. those are the headlines at the half. to reset we have the republican convention reconvening less than two hours from now. a wild day in day one. it seemed like a subdued start to the evening and rudy giuliani brought things to life and then the controversy of melania trump's speech over shadowing the entire fist day. from all of the fall out and what to expect, let's bring fwl the founder of the washington post live the fix. we were talking about this a while ago and the response here from the trump campaign, and i guess in one way it's
1:34 pm
predictable. donald trump never apologizes and never admit that is he makes a mistake. any difference now? you think that they can keep with the lying on the plagiarism story? >> i think that it's hard, steve. you're right about not admitting mistakes. he takes pride in it. this is his wife, and i can't imagine that he feels she has been done wrong with by. she had a group of people helping to write the speech. any that come in to help and then the idea that this is going to slide or dismissed as well. look, cal that works for me and tracing this all the way back and then out of work and not long and a reporter and i know that there's the reporting that you have is that trump is furious. we have not seen some action and you're right that he does not
1:35 pm
like to fire people, but he is desissive. this is someone that he loves a lot and clearly has been done wrong by some sort of staff involvement. >> putting the melania trump thing aside and i know that's the big story, but could you separate the rest of the convention from that moment and then the controversy from it. what do you make of the convention and the show that we saw and the trump campaign put on yesterday? >> well, i will give you the read when i went to bed last night at 12:30. i put melania trump as the first winner. i thought that she did a good job. told the story of her life and that's compelling. telling of her version of donald trump and rounded up the edges. i thought that the night program was relatively strong. some weird spots. i thought reliant flint was not
1:36 pm
very good. i thought joe was good, but it was too late. there were some planning problems, but if you view the melania trump speech as the focus of the night, it's quit a good speech. giuliani helped and marcus. i thought there was some good stuff in there and then as a professional wrestling fan his entrance was absolutely epic, and that's not totally over shadowed because of the thing with the plagiarism. i was waking up to change my wing ers and losers. it's very hard and trump is mad at that too that this first day that was pretty well produced and now we have spent 4:30 in the afternoon and we spent the day talking about something entirely different. >> yeah, i am not a wrestling fan, but i thought that people were going to be talking about
1:37 pm
that today. >> yeah, it was. that's the thing and twitter spike and thing that people are talking about. that's the clip that they're going play that if over night this does not pop off. that's not a terrible. that visual for trump is fun is not bad for him. it's the showman. >> yeah, it's like he is the canidate that would have the movement. then obviously completely over shadowed by what we have learned. we're out there in cleveland and thanks for the time. >> thank you my friend. do well. >> okay. staying in cleveland and crowds gathering outside of the convention home and many more officers than we have seen and jacob monitoring the protest, and joining us now from the middle of them. jacob, you're a few blocks way. tell us what's going on. >> reporter: steve, inside of public square just nooex to the arena, we're having a lot more people than we usually see.
1:38 pm
you're going to notice that right here we have a couple of rows of officers and separating this protest and that's by the revolutionary party from some of the others and then i'm going to walk around here and show you how to probably have the entire square a couple of a thousand people. there are for more media and officers than protestors. you will see the row of bike officers. they have separated it into three parts and maybe four. they're making a space in between and then you have other groups with messages and then the ones with the large signs. those are the bible believers, and this is what they plan for in the case that you have the protests groups that started to argue, and that's what started all of this. you had alex jones from the new site info wars arguing with
1:39 pm
another crowd and the chief was here and they helped to break up the crowd and then we had dozens and dozens of more officers show up and then the protestors here. it should be clear from the pictures that far more officers and media but this is the most packed that we have seen public square. beyond the shouting matches, it's been this. steve? >> okay. jacob out there in cleveland, and thanks for that. how about this, the convention bounce. this is how it used to work and show up and take off on polls and that's been changing recently and then the question with donald trump that we will answer in the most important number of the day. will he get any bounce? be sure to catch the live special prime time coverage and that's going to start at 6:00 p.m. eastern as the role call of the state gets under way here on msnbc.
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all of those know in the o approximate pinion of the chair and the eyes have it. >> that was the chaos yesterday and 24 hours ago yesterday on the floor at the republican convention and raised the question that the convention are going to showcase the nominee and they're supposed to get what they call a bounce and that's a big jump in the polls for after the convention, and you watch that and wonder will there be a convention for donald trump and then it's the republican con skprengs then it's the number of the day and the number of the day is 11. what does that mean? well, that's a bounce what it used to look like. is this what used to happen and going ahead by six and came out ahead and then it's 11 point back and then he came and up by
1:44 pm
four and then 11 bounce for skbush that's what used to hawaii it's been changing in resent years. not many minds change in the convention and you look at 2004 when kerry was the condition date. that's a point there and it's less than one percent. george w. bush got a big bounce and the numbers are small this year. mitt barely got a point. look at the convention that donald trump is having on the first day. the scene on the floor and then the controversy and then how the bounce is not where it used to be. if you average the polls trump about three percent behind clinton. look how the bounce is disappearing in the past and you have to ask yourself will donald trump get any bounce out of this convention? in the old days he would have
1:45 pm
been ahead and everybody would have assumed that. not anymore. we will see if he takes the lead in the polls after this week. that's the most important number of the day. any way, our most important number of the day and the coudo and it's on for clinton and who tops the list and that's days to go. >> last night in cleveland was surre surreal. i kept thinking what is this like? then i thought when i was a little girl i went to see when they reissued it the movie the wizard of oz. a lot of sound and furry and even a fog machine. when you pulled back the curtain, it was just donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. at the beginning of the 21st century, the earth needed to find a new way to keep up with the data from over 30 billion connected devices.
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you have been with him in virginia. he says that he's too boring. >> and i love that about him. he has never lost an election. >> governor. >> he was a world class mayor, governor and senator. >> clinton defending tim cane from virginia and a question there from charlie rhoids and that answer there and the strong defense that selects the defense
1:50 pm
has a lot of people talking and was clinton showing the hand there. does that theen that maybe she is leaning to tim kaine? you see his resume there and not the only one in the mix and here is the final decision on the running mate pick and then in the mix is tom and he is the secretary now and then he briefly ran for president in 2008 against clinton and dropped out and endorsed her. the loyalty of the clintons matters to hillary clinton as she makes the decision. tom perez is at the top of the last. he would bring the diversity of the ticket. we talk about the latino vote to the ticket this year and tom perez could be in the vote. there are other names out there as well and the indication is within days of making the decision. a lot of people looking ahead to
1:51 pm
friday. donald trump will give the acceptance speech on friday. will they try to steal the thunder with a vp pick then? that's something to keep an eye on. something that we're keeping an eye on is the floor at the republican convention. we're just over an hour from now and the formal vote of making donald trump the nomination, and it could be chaotic. more on the latest when we come back. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" ♪
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>>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit :pulling donald trump in charge of the economy would be
1:55 pm
devastating. a economist left, right, center all agree. we could go back into a recession and wipe out three and a half million jobs. i don't know about you, we can't take that. whip out three and a half million jobs and add $30 trillion to the debt and more give aways to the rich. that's not what we need. >> you can call that a prerebuttal. the economy is going to be a topic of emphasis tonight at the republican national convention. clinton offering trump on the economy before it gets under way for day two. for more on the panel cake and national political reporter and aassociated editor and kaitlyn, where the trump campaign goes from here. we talk about the controversy
1:56 pm
over melania and donald trump himself is furious over there. what do you expect the trump campaign to do the rest of the week now? >> well, they have to change the don v conversation. when she was introduced last night it was the debut. she was going soften the image and get away from the controversy, and instead it created it's own. they have to change the conversation, but judging from how the campaign is handling the fall out, it's not clear how they will do that. interestingly enough tonight's program is going to be focused on more conventional themes and paul ryan is going speak and mitch. i will expect them to change the conversation as far as the republican party is concerned to talk about the agenda and perhaps that's something that the trump campaign can look forward to. >> yeah, that's an interesting question there and with
1:57 pm
mcconnell to a less er event. he has been so uncomfortable around the summbject of donald trump. what are you looking for in the speech to want? >> well, what does paul ryan show. he has very divous about donald trump. yesterday in cleveland he talked about a different part in the party. i they the speech is going ton that decent and frankly the events from yesterday evening and kaitlyn has spoken about are going calm any republican nerves on the campaign. >> yeah i guess the broader question is are the republican party unity and how at 6:00 there going to have the roll call of the state and they're going to try to do something. we're not sure what that's going to be, but in terms of the goal
1:58 pm
the goal of the convention is to unite a party and then donald trump is in for take lar need of the republican party this year. did they take any steps in the first day and day in a half. >> ? >> well, last night it was interesting and you saw a lot of conservative base themes and what's not going reach out to the in dependence and they were themes in terms of the national security and in terms of clinton and then trying to make that case to attract republicans and ignite them there. we're going to hear them from the lawmakers and ted cruz is going to be really interesting to watch later on in the week and then scott walker another donald trump rival is going to be speaking and interested to see whether they use trump's name or whether they use the opportunity to promote their own careers further on.
1:59 pm
>> right. that's the thing to look for there. we were talking to a minute ago the states and clinton giving the speech out in las vegas and she has a decision to make. some saying that maybe she has made that decision with tim kaine. do you think that kiane has it or do you think that she will pull a doll out of a hat? >> yeah, i they he has that. this really underlines the concerns that people have about a amateur of the trump campaign. that to me increasing the changes of a safe bet and that's certainly how tim kaine is seen. no need to go out on a limb. she could just take the guy that's got a solid political safe pair of hands. >> yeah, very quickly how about you? >> well, who do you think it might be? >> well, i think she is going want to take a lesson from
2:00 pm
donald trump. they're going to have a programmed roll out that we expect and trying to take control back of the narrative about the convention and create excitement for it. >> all right. caitlyn and they're in cleveland. thanks to both of you. that's going to do it for this hour. i will see you back here at 6:00 for the role call of the states on the rnc. live from cleveland starts right now. good evening. i am chuck todd for day two. it's my most great day and the roll call of the stakes. this is what i love. that's not what we're talking about. at times this convention is on the brink of sprirling out of control. welcome to


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