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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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coverage counting down to the start of the democratic national convention. good evening. i'm chuck todd in philadelphia where it is boiling hot outside and unexpectedly hot inside the democratic party. who said that cleveland was going to be where all the action was? there is some intraparty feuding going on right here. and not such brotherly love these days on the eve of the convention, debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the democratic national committee announced today just a few minutes ago actually that she's going to step down as chair of the party right after the convention. listen to that. in a statement announcing her resignation wasaid, quote, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as party chair at the entd oftd convention. i will open and close the convention and address delegates about the stakes involved in this election. earlier today a spokesperson for congresswoman martha fudge said she would be presiding over the
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convention, not the dnc chair. the dnc chair says that vice chair donna brazile will serve as interim chair of the party through november. wow. folks, this is all happening less than 24 hours to the opening convention gavel, a gavel that debbie wasserman schultz would be dropping. the leadership shakeup comes after wikileaks published tens of thousands of e-mails that it says came from inside the democratic national committee. they appeared to show top officials criticizing and even at sometimes mocking bernie sanders during the primary. despite the dnc's public insistence at that time that it was always neutral in the process. one e-mail from a top dnc spokesman read this, wondering if there's a good bernie narrative for a story, which is that bernie never had his act together, that his campaign was a mess. another, from the dnc cfo brad marshall reads, quote, can we get someone to ask his belief? does he believe in a god? i think i read he is an atheist.
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this could make several points difference with my peeps, my southern baptist beeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist. marshall issued an apology calling his e-mails an embarrassment to the dnc. by the way, bernie sanders made clear last year in an interview with his hometown newspaper that he does believe in god. news of wasserman schultz resignation announcement comes hours after sanders renewed his call for the dnc chair to do just what she finally did, step down. >> there is no question but the dnc was on secretary clinton's side from day one. we all know that. the time is now for debbie wasserman schultz to step aside. it's clear she is not going to be speaking to the convention. we had the opposition of virtually the entire democratic leadership in every state in this country. >> we should note it is not clear how wikileaks obtained those private e-mails. the clinton campaign suggests it's the work of russian hackers and the dnc at the time when
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they were hacked seemed to imply that it was russian hackers. by the way, just moments ago bernie sanders issued the following statement on the news of debbie wasserman schultz's resignation and it reads, quote, debbie wasserman schultz has made the right decision for the future of the democratic party. while she deserves thanks for her years of service, the party now needs new leadership that will open the doors of the party and welcome in working people and young people. the party leadership must also always remain impartial in the presidential nominating process, something which did not occur in the 2016 race. let's dive right in. i'm joined by sanders campaign manager jeff weaver. nice to see you, sir. >> glad to be here. >> you guys have been calling for this, i think, you did it maybe even on this show about two and a half months ago. you've been calling for her to resign. why do you think it took until now? >> well, i just think the amount of evidence that came out particularly with these hacked documents i think really put in everybody in black and white
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what had really been going on at the dnc. i think some people before that thought it was partisan fighting, but clearly what we experienced during the campaign was some real bias. and i think the chairwoman did the right thing. >> walk me through how you believe, and give me a couple specific examples where dnc actions cost you votes. >> well, first of all, with the debate remember early on in the campaign there was quite a vigorous discussion of debates. >> the 3:00 a.m. debates. >> yeah. >> the christmas eve -- >> the saturday debates. >> right. you may remember martin o'malley, governor of maryland was also very concerned about the debate schedule. so that was certainly the first example. the second example was when they cut off access to our data in december, not long before the iowa caucus when we had to send volunteers home throughout iowa because we could not contact voters in iowa. that was certainly -- >> do you believe they were policing the rules more with your campaign than with her campaign? >> i don't know about that. >> like, you know, you are being held to a different standard. >> i don't know what went on between the secretary's campaign and dnc, so i can't speak to
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that. but i will say i think on a number of occasions we felt treated unfairly. i think we were disadvantaged in a number of ways. that's not any way to impugn the victory that secretary clinton, you know, received in this race. but just as a matter of fact i think it's true we were disadvantaged and i think these e-mails show that. >> did this cost you the nomination? >> no, i'm not going to say it cost us the nomination, no. but clearly we were put at a disadvantage in ways that we should not have been. >> a lot of your supporters are very upset. i hear about it. my e-mail has shown up in one of these things because of one of her complaints. so they're mad at anybody. >> right. >> i get it actually, i get it. what do you tell those supporters? should they stand down? should they keep fighting the democratic party? should they keep fighting hillary clinton? what do you tell them? >> no, we're going to fight to reform the democratic party. i think this is the first step. i think this is an opportunity for a fresh start. we're going to have a new chair, donna brazile, i think, is very different than debbie wasserman
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schultz. i think she's going to have much more focus on the grassroots of the party increasing broadening the base of the party, bringing in new people. i think donna will not be intimidated by that and will be healthy for the party. i would tell people stay involved, keep fighting for the progressive issues bernie was talking about throughout the race. >> you guys have already -- you've already made some progress in rules and platform. so in some ways her resignation is simply -- there's no tangible thing that comes with this anymore, right? it's not like there's anything you guys -- you're done fighting on rules, you're done fighting on the platform. >> but the fight's not done. >> what more should chef stopped -- >> the fight is never done. the fight goes on, the political revolution as bernie calls it goes on. it's going to continue. if he would have been elected president it would have continued. you talk about him mobilizing millions of people on to the mall, that has to happen regardless of who is president. this is what's going to go forward. we have the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. we have major reform of the rules going to reduce the number
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of unpledged super delegates probably by over 60%. but we need a dnc, we need a party that will open its doors, bring people in and help to fight to enact that progressive platform. >> i asked this to senator sanders this morning, jill stein, the presumptive green party nominee, she of course is looking to take advantage of this scandal and say, hey, to sanders supporters, you can't trust the democratic party. come support my cause. how many sanders supporters you think end up green party voters? >> i don't really know the answer to that. obviously johnson is out there as well may get some votes. obviously may be a few people thinking of voting for trump. i hope not because he certainly stands for nothing bernie sand for. i think what the chairwoman signals today is the fact that bernie sanders supporters have been heard. >> i was going to say does the resignation -- should your supporters say this resignation should show you you're welcome in the democratic party, they want you in. >> yes. that you can make a difference. >> as a positive development,
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not a negative development. >> it's a very positive development. it bodes well for the future of the party. >> and bernie sanders tomorrow nothing is wavering him in his support of hillary clinton tomorrow. >> nothing is going to stop him from supporting her for president of the united states. we have to defeat trump. trump is a very dangerous person. in the white house he would reverse many gains we've made over the last decades. >> all right. jeff weaver, what a ride. >> been a long ride. it's not over yet, chuck. it never seems to be over. >> you probably thought it was. >> sometimes i think it is, but it never is. >> we will see you soon. thanks for coming on. ahead of the opening gavel tomorrow and amidst the turmoil of the democratic national committee, the campaign will stump in battleground north carolina which is where i find my colleague kristen welker. correct me if i'm wrong, is it solo or ticket stop tomorrow in north carolina? >> well, as far as we know, chuck, this is going to be a stop only with secretary clinton. she's going to talk to the vfw here.
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and she's also going to hold an organizing event. we are getting reaction from the clinton campaign, chuck, at this hour to dws and these developments. so let me read you a little bit of the official clinton campaign statement which says, quote, there's simply tho one better at taking the fight to republicans than debbie, which is why i am glad she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign's 50-state program to gain ground and elect democrats in every part of the country and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally in florida and in other key states. translation, chuck f you read between the lines there, that's essentially an acknowledgment that there was a deal struck here, that the clinton campaign saying, hey, you can stay on as honorary chair, but you need to step down. because this is becoming a big distraction. based on conversations with democratic officials, there had obviously been a lot of controversy swirling around debbie wasserman schultz. president obama, secretary clinton had some real concerns about that. and the development of these e-mails essentially gave them a
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fireable offense. and that is why we're seeing this development today. they didn't want anything to be overshadowing this convention. what they want to be focused on is what you were just talking to jeff weaver about party unity and of course this new ticket, secretary clinton and tim kaine. they feel as though the rollout yesterday of tim kaine went very well and they want to continue that momentum, chuck. >> very interesting decision by the clinton campaign to essentially employ her because then that is only going to make some sanders people go, aha, this is her, she owes debbie something and that's why -- it's an interesting decision. it may only feed some conspiracy theories anyway. kristen welker, thank you very much. we'll see you soon here in your hometown of philadelphia. >> looking forward to it. >> we have some panelists with us, "the washington post," robert costa, nbc's kacie hunt, she always claims whatever city we're in it's her hometown. and hallie jackson i think is
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claiming some philadelphia connections. >> i went to high school just outside philadelphia, believe it or not. >> when i saw that statement just now, my initial reaction was, oh, so she's taking care of somebody who took care of her. like that's how somebody who has gone down this road, who believes that somehow the dnc snatched this from sanders, that's how they're going to interpret that. i don't know if that was the best call. >> look, i think that this has been in many ways for the clinton campaign and for democrats unnecessary the way they've handled this. they've repeatedly done small things like this that you point out that have just made sanders supporters throw their hands up in frustration and say, look, this system is rigged here. here is yet another example. and i think, you know, the clinton campaign trying to make sure they can have it both ways a little bit here on this issue. >> well, i do think there is a personal friendship. remember, debbie wasserman schultz, robert, was one of hillary clinton's most staunchest backers back in the heat of the obama-clinton
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primary. so there may be just some loyalty there. >> i think there's a lot of loyalty. you see even with the recent rollout of senator kaine as the running mate, there's been a warmth between the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. talking to delegates in the last hour there's a sense they're ripping the band-aid off. something had to happen, a reckoning of sorts. >> tomorrow could have been really ugly if she were still in h this role. >> and you would have seen the attacks coming not just from sanders supporters but every republican including donald trump who already is trying to portray this as some sort of divide, right, or mirror image. >> i think he pointed out in a tweet, a, reince is tough. >> told you reince is the guy better than debbie wasserman schultz, right. >> nothing probably makes reince happier than to see that now. this is, this is superficial though, this change. really all the work that the sanders people wanted to make, all the change, they've already done it. they've made some progress on the rules and the process and
2:14 pm
the platform. they've made their progress. this really is more symbolic. >> they really got almost everything they wanted from the democratic party platform. they didn't win on tpp partly because from my reporting i would say because the president -- >> the president weighed in on it, exactly. >> the president is supportive of tpp. >> still his party for another six months. >> right. you were talking about this with jeff a little earlier, the reality is debbie wasserman schultz was going to be leaving, the clinton campaign had already effectively taken over the dnc. and she in many ways when bernie made this demand she absolutely must go, in many ways that made it harder for the clinton campaign to be publicly capitulating on that until they had this fireable offense. and the reality is these e-mails played right into everything the sanders supporters have been saying all the way along. >> reinforced everything. >> set the tone senator sanders himself what does he say on the debate stage, does he try to take control of the situation,
2:15 pm
does he make a definitive stand against the party? he sets the tone even if supporters are angry here in the streets of philadelphia. >> ironically didn't just play into the hands of bernie sanders supporters all along, it plays into what donald trump has been saying all along that the system is rigged. and as he has said bernie is not essentially getting a fair shake or fair deal. this is reinforcing not only the worst perceptions of democratic side but republican side as well. >> by the way, this steps on the tim kaine rollout a little bit. >> it does. >> yesterday was a good day for the ticket. they did a good job. you would normally want one more day out of it. they're not getting it. >> that was unfolding actually in front of us. >> yes, it was. >> i was down there in miami. they didn't really make a big deal of the fact that debbie wasserman schultz was going to be speaking. they almost didn't really say anything about it. and then as she was getting onto an airplane to come here about the same time we were, that was as this was all unfolding. and of course she's been underground since. >> i want to play a clip, it was about six weeks ago when i asked her multiple times whether she
2:16 pm
would step down for the good of the party. here it is. will you say definitively you're not leaving this job before the end of november, period? >> no, i am going to continue to be focused on making sure we can elect a democratic president. >> one of my producers isn't fully clear, you plan on being the chair of the dnc through the election in november? >> i am planning on continuing to focus all the way through the election to the end of my term on making sure that we can elect democrats up and down the ballot. >> so you're not -- >> especially and including the president of the united states. >> what was interesting there, you did get a sense she knew she might not finish. >> i think that you did. and, look, reality is debbie wasserman schultz, somebody who's very, very committed to the party, been very successful at particularly the fund raising aspect of this, she saw the writing on the wall. she wasn't going to let it go i think at the end of the day without fighting back. >> she personalized this a little bit. >> yes. >> i think that might have created some unforced errors at the dnc. >> and my colleagues at "the
2:17 pm
washington post" have been reporting for the last few hours she was reluctant to do this. that debbie wasserman schultz did not want to go, that it took the white house and perhaps even the president himself to put his hand on his scale a little bit to make this happen. >> it was so coordinated, hallie, when it finally happened. boom, boom, boom, president obama, hillary clinton, i mean, this is for something that happened fast, it also seemed to be thought through. >> and it was planned. it was sort of executed with ninja like precision, if you will. and it's different from what we have seen frankly in some of these instances of crisis control on the republican side. but i will tell you this, the gop almost gleeful about this. you know they're holding a briefing right now down south in philly, the communications director, sean spicer is telling one of our colleagues absolute chaos is going to reign at the convention. for all the problems everybody talked about last week in cleveland, it's going to be way worse in philadelphia. this is the reaction right now from them. >> right. i don't know if bernie sanders is going to do a ted cruz speech. >> but he already endorsed her. he already did. >> and he doubled down again today.
2:18 pm
i don't think it's going to be a ted cruz speech. >> no. he's going to take longer i bet than his allotted time as someone who has covered bernie sanders. >> i will say this, i think he's not happy that he's got a 9:00 slot instead of 10:00 slot. >> be taking note how many times he actually mentions secretary clinton. >> all right. i think you guys are sticking around for a little bit longer because i'm not going to be hot here alone. we'll have more on today's breaking news, debbie wasserman schultz has announced she is stepping down as dnc chair following the convention which ends on thursday. and in the wake of the news can hillary clinton bring the democratic party together? in the city of brotherly love, not a lot of love today. i'll have reaction to the dnc e-mail leak and more from clinton campaign senior strategist next. we're coming to you live from philadelphia. is there a better backdrop in america than independence hall? ♪
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what the resignation of the chairwoman signals today is in fact the people that support bernie sanders have been heard and that we can effect change. we just have to keep working. >> we are live here with the best backdrop you can have in america, independence mall in philadelphia. that was sanders campaign manager by the way jeff weaver just moments ago on this set reacting to the resignation announcement by dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. with less than 24 hours until the convention gavel drops, democrats are suddenly battling multipresidele fronts of party discord. joel benenson, welcome back. >> thank you. >> let me start with why did secretary clinton decide to give debbie wasserman schultz a job, a chair title here on the 50-state campaign when you're trying to bring the party together and a lot of sanders
2:23 pm
people don't trust her? does she have a real role in the campaign? >> well, look, chuck, i think the important thing that happened today is debbie wasserman schultz made a decision in the interest of the democratic party. we've worked so hard in the last couple of weeks between the two campaigns toeach agreements on the platform, to reach agreements on the process. and we're going in with a united front here. that's really what the most important thing that's coming out of today is that nobody in the democratic party wants to do anything that gets in the way of making sure we have a unified front to make sure that hillary clinton is elected president and donald trump never gets elected president. >> you know, i have not seen anything though from the campaign sort of condemning the tone of the e-mails or the various things. and by giving her a job, are you condoning the behavior of the dnc officials? >> look, chuck, we had a vigorous campaign here. i'll let the dnc and, i think we all are agreed, we'll let the dnc conduct a few review of what happened with the e-mails -- >> wait a minute, you're going
2:24 pm
to trust the dnc to do their own review? >> chuck, i'm sorry, i think there's going to be a temporary chair who will take over the party and be the chair. and it's right that this review has to take place, chuck. i think you're gliding past what's really going on here right now, which is that we have people starting monday night including bernie sanders, including people like corey booker and first lady michelle obama and people like president obama, joe biden, president bill clinton who are all going to come and make a very forceful case to the american people about the vision that hillary clinton's advancing for the american people who want real change, real differences in their lives and we're the party that can deliver that led by hillary clinton into the fall. that's what this campaign is going to be about. that's what this convention is going to be about. >> how do you make it so the convention is about that? a lot of sanders people upset. trust me, there's crowds of them out here. they're very happy about the news, but they're not ready to get onboard, it doesn't seem
2:25 pm
like they're ready to get onboard and work hard for her. how do you win over skeptical sanders supporters who are really angry about the treatment they got from the party? >> look, i think those supporters are going to hear what they heard from bernie sanders a couple of weeks ago, a full-throated endorsement of hillary clinton. i think he's going to lay out hopefully the stakes that are -- as he has through this campaign for working people. and he's going to be out there campaigning for hillary clinton. and hillary clinton is going to be talking to bernie sanders supporters all through this election. look, we're going to compete for every vote. we think we're in a very strong position because anybody who watched the chaos, the divisiveness, the dangerous rhetoric, hateful rhetoric coming out of the republican convention last week who considers themselves a progressive has to believe that our path from now to november is to make sure that hillary clinton gets elected president and not donald trump. >> you know, you've been defending tim kaine as a progressive this morning on my
2:26 pm
show bernie sanders would not call him a progressive. said his views are more conservative and he would have preferred elizabeth warren. do you need a little more support from sanders to sell tim kaine to the progressive lean of the party? >> no, i don't think so. look, tim kaine is a person who's governed at every level, he's been an executive. he has been a champion starting his career in law fighting housing discrimination cases, taking on some of the biggest financial companies in the country who were engaging in disgraceful red lining. he's got 100% of approval rating from planned parenthood. he's been a champion for voting rights. i think he's been against the keystone pipeline, which is an issue that senator sanders used throughout the campaign. is he in lock step with every democrat? no, but no democrat is in lockstep with other democrats. but that's the kind of party we are. we don't denigrate people we disagree with. we listen to each other. we advance the causes on which we have common ground. and that's why we are the party of progressives.
2:27 pm
we are the only party in this race. and hillary clinton is the only candidate in this race with tim kaine who's going to be advancing progressive agenda to improve the working lives of working americans. >> you gave a tough description of the republican convention, but early indications are that donald trump got a bump. what do you make of it and why do you think he got a bump? >> i'll tell you, chuck, i've been through five of these conventions. i think the way you measure where people are in terms of bumps is aboten days to two wee after both conventions. they came off their convention, i haven't seen any bump. i'm not sure what you're referring to. i think what happened at their convention was alienating to the people they need to reach. people beyond their base. i think if you're a big fan of donald trump going in, you came out a big fan. i think if you heard him scream at you for 90 minutes during his announcement speech, i don't think there are a whole lot of moderate middle of the road voters who respond to that kind of hectoring from a guy who's preaching some divisive rhetoric. >> all right.
2:28 pm
joel benenson, it's getting loud in that hall. i'll let you go. >> it is. a lot of sound checks going on. >> all right. four score, thanks very much. bring back the panel, costa, hunt, jackson. well, you know, little defiance there. >> little bit though i loved how he said debbie wasserman schultz made her decision to step down. i'm going to climb out on a limb and say that was not her decision necessarily. i think she was informed that this was what was going to happen. >> what kind of review does donna brazile need to do? >> she is someone who's so trusted going back to her time with president clinton, especially with al gore's campaign. and she's a seasoned hand. and i think there's a lot of political -- go back to dukakis, she has the roots and trust not only to be someone who's a place holder but somebody who can reassure these people who have been rattled. >> it's interesting, hallie, she's been the backup plan for about a year now as -- >> when you were asking debbie wasserman schultz about six months ago. >> right. you talk to democrats say can't
2:29 pm
they just have donna do it, because she can calm the waters. >> but i do think she will have to be very careful to go above and beyond what probably anybody else in this situation would have to do to make it appear -- i mean, you question joel benenson on the independence on the idea how do you have an independent investigation if the dnc is doing it itself, but the perception has to be there otherwise i'm not sure bernie sanders supporters will look at it and go, okay, i think the system is okay again. >> if you're thinking donna brazile, don't you think you'll make a tulsi gabbert and sard a chair. >> look, there's not that many officials who've really ever jumped onboard with bernie sanders, but there are a few. and she is absolutely a rising star in the party. i think she in particular has been very frustrated by how the party has run things. the seniority system on capitol hill, all that stuff that democrats have been tagged with, i think the question will be can donna brazile as someone who is trusted widely with long-time democrats reach out to people
2:30 pm
who are new to the party apparatus. >> robert costa, sean spicer at the rnc is having a gleeful few minutes here today. come november 9th, which political party going to have more unrest about who leads it, the dnc or rnc? >> a lot depends on who wins the white house. i think chairman priebus -- >> there's festering things on either side. >> oh, sure. what's unique about the situation and both parties the chairman in these situations have been in the position for extended period. usually party chair for a year, maybe two at best. >> one could argue they both ended up there for too long for whatever reason and then maybe that's why over time just people want to beat them up too often and then they don't have -- >> it strikes me too that when you're running or working on the trump campaign there before the grace of god do i to a certain extent. >> when the battleground state of pennsylvania -- let me say that again. democrats didn't think we'd be saying battleground state of
2:31 pm
pennsylvania, both hillary clinton and donald trump are making their pitch in a place like the keystone state. pennsylvania governor tom wolff joins me to discuss his state's key role this november and much more live from philadelphia's beautiful independence mall right after this. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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he's the only one on that side that understands trade. he can't do anything about it, because that's not his thing, but he has been gamed. he has been -- it's a rigged system against him. and what happened with the choice of tim kaine was a slap in the face to bernie sanders and everybody. i was shocked. >> that's donald trump stirring -- trying to stir the pot a little bit in democratic politics. we are back here on historic independence mall in philadelphia. that was donald trump in my interview this morning "meet the press" which by the way you can see in its entirety right at the top of the hour at 6:00 p.m. right here on msnbc, also a very, very interesting interview with bernie sanders as well. trump by the way was seemingly trying to exploit these democratic divisions ahead of the convention. protesters already showing up in greater numbers. the governor of this battleground state governor tim wolff. good to see you. >> apparently i have to come to
2:36 pm
independence mall to see you. we were here before during primary season. there was a lot of concern in cleveland and boy today brought in people from the outside, walk me through. what did you see cleveland did well? and how coordinated has everything been? >> well, the coordination i think is really important. the state has done a lot coordinating between different agencies, the state police, the national guard, homeland security,meency management agency, even the department of transportation. then we're also coordinating with the city of philadelphia, the safety and security folks and the folks in washington. >> how many outside law enforcement are coming in from out of state? there was 23 i think states participated in cleveland. >> a lot. a lot. >> and one of the things in cleveland that they deemed most effective, police officers on bicycles. it was very nimble and they were able to stop things quickly. how much learning went back and forth between cleveland and
2:37 pm
here? >> well, we're -- we've actually learned more, i think, from our own experiences. we had the papal visit just last year. >> that's true. independent convention. >> convention in 2000. so we've actually gone through this before and a lot of built up experience. >> let me go to politics here. pennsylvania, i think a lot of people didn't really -- is it a swing state, is it not? now everybody's treating it as a swing state. the issue of trade, how much does it resonate particularly in the t when you talk about philadelphia, pittsburgh -- philadelphia, of course, and in between the so-called t. >> i think the issue that resonates is fairness. as governor i've been focused on things like education, minimum wage and things like that. and i think both hillary and bernie have focused on that. and i think that's because this is the party, the democratic party is where you talk about those things to try to get those things done. people in pennsylvania, i think people in the united states are worried about fairness. that extends from the minimum wage to education to trade. and they're looking for people,
2:38 pm
candidates who can focus on those issues of fairness and deliver. and i think hillary is the one that we can rally rararound who will do that? >> do you think these free trade agreements have hurt manufacturing in pennsylvania? >> well, it's an interesting question because i've actually manufactured. >> you're a business guy. before you got into politics. >> what i found was there was an initial -- and the ceo of general electric said the same thing, there was an initial rush to take advantage of lower labor costs, but i think what companies have learned, what i understand the way i did this was american workers really can compete. so i sold kitchen cabinets. and i competed with the chinese. not only in quality but i was much better, but on price. >> did you have any of your manufacturing overseas? >> no. >> you did everything here. >> in the united states. >> and what -- what was it? was there ever a point where you felt as if, geez, this is
2:39 pm
unfair. here i'm trying to do the right thing, keep jobs here and i'm having to compete against people that are 10% of the labor, 10 cents on the dollar. >> that's my point. i think we actually can compete. we need to recognize that and not just reflexibly say i've got to go to countries manipulating the currency or go where they're taking more casual attitude toward regulations for paying their workers a lot less. we can do a better job here. we're more productive. our workers are better. and we can compete. >> what does hillary clinton need to do to stop, prevent trump from winning the state? he's keeping it closer than i think a lot of people thought. >> well, i think she needs to focus on the fairness issue. same thing with bernie. we need to say we're the party that can deliver on fairness. we have disagreement within the party we will have robust conversations and debates about what level of minimum wage we ought to have. i get that. they didn't even have a conversation about minimum wage. we're talking about it. we're going to leave here with
2:40 pm
an agreement. some people will be happy with it, some people won't on what that minimum wage ought to be raised to. but we're going to have had a discussion on minimum wage, something the other party has not. i think that's something that will resonate in pennsylvania. >> i know you've been heavily involved in national politics, but the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz appropriate? >> that's above my pay grade. i think the party has to get together. the party has to be unified because we have to push our ideas of fairness when it comes to the november elections. we can't be distracted -- >> you had a tough primary for your governor's race. and i'm sure there were some open wounds. why did you guys -- how would you -- you were able to heal things so quickly. >> i really think it's because people are looking for someone who is substantively and seriously addressing the issues of fairness. they like the idea of minimum wage. they like the idea of investment in education at all levels. they like the idea of protections for workers
2:41 pm
regardless of sexual orientation. or gender identity. they're looking for those things because that's who we are as americans. we want a level playing field. we want fairness. and then looking at the democratic party to produce that. they're not looking for -- >> before i let you go, tell me the one area that's not pittsburgh or philadelphia, not in this market, that we should be watching that will tell you hail la hillary's got this in pennsylvania? where do you think she should be focusing outside those two regions? >> probably pennsylvania has the reputation of being pittsburgh and philadelphia and then this -- i'm from the t. >> or as carville likes to call alabama. >> alabamans might not like that either. >> governor wolf, i'm going to stop here before we get into a state civil war back and forth between anything. thanks for coming. >> good to see you. >> have a good convention. keep it safe. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. democrats aren't the only ones descending on philadelphia this week. the chairman of the republican
2:42 pm
party reince priebus and trump campaign chairman paul manafort are holding an event here in philadelphia in the next few minutes. if there's any news from it, we'll bring it to you. meanwhile the fallout from the rnc continues. here donald trump is responding to critics of his speech. that's next. plus, in the next hour my interview with trump from just before today's dnc news broke. you're watching msnbc live from philadelphia's historic independence mall. before i had the shooting,
2:43 pm
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do you think it was a little dark? >> no, i thought it was very optimistic. to me it was an optimistic speech. >> what makes it optimistic? >> because we're going to solve the problems. in other words, sure, talk about the problems, but we're going to solve the problems.
2:46 pm
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welcome back to our special msnbc coverage live from independence mall in fill dell e -- philadelphia. up next, my interview with donald trump and bernie sanders. trump, you'll also hear him try to put the meat on the bones of that speech, the muslim ban. he says he didn't back off, he
2:50 pm
expanded it. as for bernie sanders, you'll hear what he said about debbie wasserman schultz before she ended up resigning. all of that is coming up on a special rearing of "meet the press" starts right here on rea press" in 10:03 literally. nbc news and nbc news analyst kasie hunt and hallie jackson. let's switch over to trump. you covered him. you covered him as thoroughly as anybody. what did you make of the donald trump that i had on "meet the press" today? >> we saw on his convention speech and subsequent interview with you, really underscoring of national security, an expansion of this emphasis on it, heading into the general election. you see him being unapologetic about his positions. >> it was interesting, hallie. it is -- he really -- everything is now connected in very much a nationalist message. america first in different ways. you know, he took every
2:51 pm
question, still has some questions about nato as far as the treaty, meaning it's a two-way street here. took after mitch mcconnell for criticizing him, you know. and he believes he has the high ground here and looks at it and says, hey, who won this nomination on the message that he won it. >> on. >> what's remarkable to me, you talk about the idea of coming back to national security and protecting the united states, fundamental part of his message, you pressed him on the muslim ban. this question has lingered since scotland and that press conference where he began -- as everybody kind of says and frankly, at the risk of putting the words in the candidate's mouth, his advisers saying this is what he means by that. no one knows what he means until he comes out and says it. you said this may mean a lot fewer immigrants from places like france. he said maybe that's the case. >> does hillary clinton -- i think one thing that donald trump is betting on is what the
2:52 pm
last three weeks have looked like, anxiety, insecurity. some criticism said his speech was too dark and he said look what happened, basically as if munich and afghanistan happening within two days of his speech reinforces his message. >> i mean, i feel like we've been waking up way too many mornings the last few months with news from some part of the world or some part of america that is very difficult to watch. and whether it's terrorism, the tensions here at home. and i think that trump is acutely aware of that reality and is playing into it. i think the clinton campaign is also acutely aware of it. it's something that played into their selection of a vice presidential candidate, quite frankly. they're looking at -- you talked about this with the governor. voters in ohio and pennsylvania, particularly white men, who are responding to what donald trump -- the very things he was telling you today. >> we look where we grew up. philadelphia suburbs. those suburbs here in philly went from bush in '04, when national security was at the
2:53 pm
fore of the national debate. obama in '08 and '12. democrats have to get over the party unity issues but hcan the speak to those voter concerns? >> consultant who has been doing some focus groups. i want to play two excerpts here, one is a reaction to the america first comments from donald trump and another is an undecided critic of trump. wait till you hear what she says. here they are. i am going to play them both. >> he talks about america first, how many -- what's the reaction that folks have to when he says that? what's the language? what's the reaction to that language? beverly? >> i really like it. i'm an american and it's good to be put first for once. >> that we shouldn't strive so much about being better than everybody else but just get ourselves in our best placement and for ourselves.
2:54 pm
>> i mean, he threw all mexicans under the bus, including mexican-americans. he doesn't like muslim-americans. he doesn't respect all americans. i think his idea of americans are white men. >> so, let me ask you again, how are you undecided? >> because i don't think she's any better. >> how about that? there it is in a nutshell. what does she do to make people who don't like trump think she's better than trump? >> i think the campaign thinks she needs to present a version of hillary clinton -- they need to tell her story in a more human way. they know that's something that's a major problem for them and they have to fix it. contrary to what you saw from the trump convention, very focused on the anti-hillary
2:55 pm
clinton. you'll see more pro-hillary clinton. his idea of american is a white man. >> then why are you undecided? because i don't think she's any better. that's striking. >> what she just described about hillary clinton, i have been hearing about that, that that's what hillary clinton -- if you just -- they need to get to know the real hillary clinton. it's been a difficult task for people who worked for her over the years. >> it's so baked into the public perception and it's tough to course correct, if you will, if that's the right phrasing for it. >> the clinton campaign don't pretend this is something you can change. they do buy into this like, look, it's baked in. they have to make this about -- not about personal issues, but about professional issues, essentially. >> and also it's about the moment for secretary clinton. in spite of all this drama here in the democratic party today, in a few days, the party is prepared to nominate the first woman to be the standard bearer
2:56 pm
of a major american party. and they want to -- >> it's important you bring that up. i don't think people realize, us in our business, how important that moment is on thursday nigh night. >> when she finally received the nomination, when she beat bernie sanders. >> that's all for tonight. we'll be coming to you live from all this week from philadelphia. keep it right here on msnbc tonight for previews of the dnc with steve kornacki. my guests include republican nominee donald trump and vermont senator bernie sanders. that will get these guys fired up. i approve this message.
2:57 pm
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this sunday, the democratic na this sunday, the democratic national convention gets underway here in philadelphia after a ruckus and unpredictable republican convention that ended with the nomination of donald trump. >> i am with you. i will fight for you and i will win for you. >> this morning my sitdown with donald trump on his convention speech. >> the only negative reviews were a little dark. >> on whether he's backing off from the muslim back. >> i don't think it's a pullback. in fact, you could say it's


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