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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 27, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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if you love this country, you're working hard, you're paying taxes and you're obeying the law and you'd like to become a citizen, you should choose immigration reform over somebody who wants to send you back. if you're -- if you're a muslim -- if you're a muslim, and you love america, and freedom, and you hate terror, stay here and help us win and make a future together. we want you. >> bill clinton makes a clear contrast between his wife and her republican opponent, donald trump. we'll have more on the former president's mission last night, and whether he accomplished it. plus how history unfolded
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for hillary clinton as she became the first woman to win a major u.s. party nomination, with bernie sanders front and center. and we set the stage for day three at the dnc as president obama and vice president biden prepare to address the convention. it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." good morning, it's wednesday, july 27th. i'm chris jansing live from the democratic national convention in philadelphia with an extended edition of "way too early." well, for the first time, a woman is the nominee of a major political party in america. after a tumultuous week of fracture in the party, the state of south dakota put hillary clinton over the top, sealing her place in the record books. and though the day featured
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plenty of passion from supporters of bernie sanders, it was clear this was the secretary of state's moment. >> eight years ago, our party, the democratic party, nominated and elected the first person of color to ever serve in the white house. tonight, on this night, we will shatter that glass ceiling again. >> for hillary clinton, we give you hillary's lifelong friend, betsy everling. >> on this historic, wonderful day, in honor of dorothy and hugh's daughter, and my sweet friend, i know you're watching, this one's for you, hil. 98 votes. yes. >> 14 votes for the inspiring,
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progressive, bernie sanders. >> 19 votes for the leader of our revolution, which shall contin continue. >> we are elated to cast 36 votes for a truly great man, bernie sanders. >> 66 votes for a great senator, bernie sanders. >> madam secretary, oregon, feeling the bern, casts 38 votes for senator bernie sanders. >> as the roll call concluded senator bernie sanders joined the vermont delegation on the convention floor and to chants of bernie, offered to make the vote unanimous. >> madam chair, i move that the convention suspend the
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procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> all in favor of a motion say aye. >> aye. >> opposed, no. the ayes have it. >> last night bill clinton made his tenth convention speech. he did not mention donald trump by name once, and he did not wade deep into policy as he has in countless speeches before. instead he built his wife as relentless in her fight against the status quo. >> if you believe the measure of change is how many people's lives are better, you know it's hard and some people think it's boring, speeches like this are fun. actually doing the work is hard. so people say, well, we need to
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change. she's been around a long time. she sure has. and she's sure been worth every single year she's put into making people's lives better. i have lived a long, full, blessed life. it really took off when i met and fell in love with that girl in the spring of 1971. when i was president i worked hard to give you more peace and shared prosperity. to give you an america where nobody is invisible or counted out. for this time, hillary is uniquely qualified to seize the opportunities and reduce the risk we face. and she is still the best, darn changemaker i have ever known. >> and joining me now live here on "way too early" is anne
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guerin, political correspondent for "the washington post." it's so good of you to get up and come in. we appreciate it. this was not a policy speech as we said. this was really about hillary clinton, her character, her personal story. what was going on there? >> was a deeply personal appreciation by bill clinton of his wife's political skills, but also her character, her fitness for the job, her history, her biography of helping people. that is what he intended to convey far more than a recitation of her credentials for the job. >> yeah this is a -- a candidate who, and we've talked about this extensively, her unfavorables are very high. people question her honesty. people question her character. something that she's spoken about is personally painful for her. it did seem like a lot of the night was about, we're the people closest to her, we see a different hillary clinton. >> yes. i mean it's an indirect way of
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getting at the trust issue, which is one of her biggest problems if not her biggest problem in going head-to-head with donald trump in the general election. people say they don't like her, but they say they don't like donald trump either. but people say they don't trust in higher numbers than they say that about donald trump, in -- in most surveys. so, what bill clinton was doing here is a way of coming at that without talking about it directly. >> the best conventions build toward the crescendo, right, build towards that last night when the nominee comes out and the place goes crazy. so far so good for the democrats. great night with michelle obama on monday. you had a lot of star -- star-studded lineup last night including bill clinton. have we seen the worst, i guess if you're a clinton supporter, the worst of the -- the bernie opposition, and will the crescendo continue? >> it appears that way. i mean certainly the first night
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was supposed to take care of unifying the party, getting the bernie supporters their night, giving bernie himself his due. that ended up spilling over in to the second day, and the second night with fears of further disruption. there were protests outside the hall. there were people who walked out, bernie supporters who walked out from inside the hall. but it does feel over. >> anne gearan, again, thank you so much for coming in on "way too early." >> thank you. still ahead we're going to talk about a big drop in iphone sales. what's going on there? plus an incredible and horrible story out of france. a priest killed in a dramatic hostage situation inside his own church. and later, my conversation with the women who describe themselves as mothers of the movement. joined together by the bond of loss. you're watching "way too early." hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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we're now in the arizona delegation where we found the honorary chair, this is gerry emmett, 102 years young. that means she was born before women had the right to vote. she remembers being with her mom when her mom voted for the first time. you were overwhelmed by emotion when you cast the majority of arizona's delegates for hillary clinton. why? >> well, i knew for a long time living with my mother, and knowing how interested she was in what was happening in america, and i just was so happy when arizona gave women the right to vote, i think i was 8 years old. and we all went out and said, hurray! >> she told me if hillary clinton's elected she'll die a happy woman but she has her inaugural dress picked out.
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>> incredible jerry emmett. my new hero. let's turn to business now where apple earnings beat quarterly expectations but were still down year over year, mostly from a slump in iphone sales. cnbc's lies is abojesen joins us from london. louisa, good morning. tell us more about what this means for the future of apple. what's going on? >> well, they have to come up with new products. that's what all the analysts are saying. i was thinking about the woman you were just showing and her life and just starting out with no apple and how the world has changed. apple selling just over 40 million phones during the third quarter. the forecast was for 40 million but with lower average selling prices so that to some extent is hitting margins. they say they anticipate the sales will fall during the fourth quarter to between $45.5 billion to $47.5 billion. iphone making up for two-thirds of apple's sales, accounts for very big portions of their profits in general. analysts are saying they have to change something in terms of their product mix in the future. new product area that they need to come up with in order to keep
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the momentum going. but they were also looking at some better results coming through both from ipad, and from mac results, as well. now it seems that wall street is a little bit less sure of a clinton victory compared to a month ago. this is all according to a poll of only 43 economists and fund managers, analysts, put together by cnbc. so it's called the july cnbc fed survey which showed us that just 52% of these respondents, they think that hillary clinton will win the presidential election. that's a big drop from the 80% level that we had back in april, and in june. now, just a 26% they say that donald trump can win the white house. 43% of wall street respondents they say they think that a republican candidate is the best -- the best solution. chris? >> interesting, louisa bojesen, thank you so much. live from london. appreciate that. now let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning my friend. >> good morning, chris. not a lot of big weather headlines. we are going to see some rain in the south where we need it. that's going to move into areas
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of the mid-atlantic and ohio valley eventually. a little area of low pressure that's going to kick off showers and storms already forming in louisiana. arkansas, louisiana, east texas, even portions of mississippi and tennessee, you have a chance are some storms today. this frontal boundary kind of divides now the really hot and humid areas now sunk down to the south. especially in the carolinas. going to be brutal from norfolk to richmond, south into charlotte, raleigh included all the way up to the out irbanks. and then the showers and storms will pop up because of that little swirling low today. little rock to memphis, even nashville, chance of some showers and storms today. tomorrow the heavier rain push into areas of tennessee and areas like kentucky. so, chris, it's still very warm in the east. still very hot. looks like by this weekend things will kind of get back to normal. no more 90s. we'll be stuck in the 80s, where we should be this time of year. >> all right. thanks so much, bill karins. now let's get a check on morning's other headlines. louis burgdorf joins us from
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fill if i already they like to drink early and often. good morning. >> -- is a landmark. we were talking earlier about apple well it looks like apple might be taking a page out of the netflix playbook. the music streaming service just bought car pool karaoke from the late late show. the segment will be turned into a 16 episode series and will stream exclusively for apple music subscribers, but without corden as the host. apple music announced the first tv series earlier this month, a reality show hosted by rapper will i. am called planet of the apps. all right politics may be in the family for the trumps recently jonld trump jr. said he wouldn't rule out a potential run for new york city mayor. and former new york congressman anthony weiner did not hold back when he was asked if he might run against him. we're getting some boos here. we told the new york fox station
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quote the only thing that could make me come out of retirement and run for mayor again is if anyone named trump ran i would come out of retirement just to beat him like a rented mule. now, donald jr. did not take kindly to weiner's strong words tweeting too soon, anthony you probably shouldn't be talking about beating anything ever again. go back to your cave. whoa. those are some fighting words but i have to say that could be a pretty interesting political match-up to see. what do you guys think? i think people might want to see that. last night's democratic convention actresses lena dunham and america ferrera have been vocal clinton supporters for quite some time last night they opened their dnc speeches with some stinging jokes about the man that hillary will face in the fall. >> hi. i'm lena dunham, and according to donald trump, my body is probably like a 2. >> and i'm america ferrera, and
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according to donald trump, i'm probably a rapist. >> but america, you're not mexican. >> and president obama isn't kenyan, lena, but that doesn't stop donald. >> and finally this morning bernie sanders supporters have taken much of the spotlight in philadelphia this week, walking out last night and shouting down speakers all week long. you can add actor randy quaid to that list. he expressed his unrelenting support for sanders on twitter yesterday. >> hell no bernie. we won't vote for hillary. hell no bernie! we won't vote for hillary. >> cousin eddie strikes again. e-mail larry, dnc leak and bernie must disavow. that's all i got for you, chris. but, that's some good video there from randy quaid. >> that's one of the more interesting news casts you've
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welcome back to "way too early." isis once again being blamed for a terror attack in france. this time inside a smalltown catholic church. two attackers who pledged allegiance to the terror group stormed in during a mass murdering a priest and taking hostages. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel has the latest, and we do want to
2:52 am
warn viewers, many details of this terror attack are disturbing. >> reporter: french police responded quickly and decisively. surrounding the church where two terrorists took hostages. in a suburban town in normandy. but what the militants did inside the church has shocked many in france. according to a nun who survived, the attackers forced the 86-year-old priest to kneel. then performed some kind of sermon in arabic by the altar. and slit the priest's throat. >> i think this is the first time that i man of the cloth has been murdered at his altar in place of worship in europe through an act of terror since the second world war. >> reporter: french police killed the terrorists, and arrested potential accomplices. >> the church attack was profane. it also seems to be a huge intelligence failure. one of the suspects had been charged with links to terrorism,
2:53 am
was out on bail, and required to wear a monitoring anlet. how does this happen? >> this is not someone who went out buying explosives. this is not someone who actually went abroad to another country. how do you track someone, how do you anticipate when someone is going to pick up a knife, or get behind the wheel of a truck, and randomly murder people? >> reporter: isis quickly claimed the attackers as its soldiers. so quickly, experts think the attack was directed by isis, or at least that the group knew about it in advance. the vatican called the attack barbaric. >> that was richard engel reporting. up next my interview with three women who spoke last night at the dnc. but would have given anything not to be there. "way too early" will be right back. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one.
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try not to take things personally. all right. thank you pam. don't let the little things get to you. get your beauty sleep. and use new aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream. with active naturals® blackberry complex. you'll wake up to younger looking skin in just one week. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless®. aveeno. naturally beautiful results® welcome back to "way too early" live from philadelphia. we showed you this a little earlier in our show. one of the most powerful moments
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at the democratic national convention came when nine black mothers who have all lost their children as a result of gun violence or police related incidents took to the stage together. i spoke with the mothers of sandra bland, eric garner and jordan davis just before about becoming public figures as a result of their very personal pain. >> on a deeply personal level for eric and jordan and sandy, what does it mean to have a voice in front of millions of people tonight? >> oh, my god, it's -- it's a -- it's a, to be able to be trusted with the responsibility. because we go around the country, and we meet people who lost children ten years, 15 years ago. who are not able to get up. and then when they see that we're out speaking it's now empowering them to go ahead and move forward and begin to speak out. you have to speak out because someone is paralyzed. and there's something in your mouth to bring them back to life. >> and no one knows what you're going through. >> absolutely. and you know in our quiet moments at night, that's when we really get a chance to sit down and reflect as to who our
2:58 am
children are, to us still, and who they were. no one gets to see those moments. we close the doors. and we take off the makeup. and we take off the shoes. and we take off the fancy dresses. and we get a chance to reflect, look at the pictures, and talk to family, and friends, and to cry to one another. and to cry with our lufd ones because no one allows us to do that publicly because we have to be so strong. we're -- we have to be the mothers of the movement. and absolutely we are that. but we're still human. and so we allow ourselves in those quiet times to be just human so that we can be strengthened and go back out there again. >> we have to empower each other so we can do this. because when we are in our moments, you know a lot of people don't see this. because a lot of times, in public, i don't cry. but when i'm at home, and when i'm alone, when i start reminiscing about the way me and my son was, even though he was a grown man, we still had our
2:59 am
togetherness, a closeness, and you know, that -- you can't take those memories are still there. you can't take that from me. and as i said when the lights go out, i'm there alone. with those memories. >> that's right. and every time i go speak, i tell people, let's -- why do we have to say color? black lives matter. white lives matter. blue lives matter. all lives matters. because guess what? when that person is dying on that ground, that blood is red. you see. and so no matter about the different colors they all still have the same red blood. >> yes, they do. >> your mother's heart is still broken. >> still broken. and pain is still pain. >> no matter who got killed if they have a mother still living their heart is broken. >> and my thanks to them for taking the time to talk to me. that's going to do it for me and "way too early." from here in philadelphia, still to come this morning, big day, vice president joe biden joining us live in philly for an exclusive interview. "morning joe" starts right now.
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♪ >> madam chair, i move that the convention suspend the procedural rules the procedural rules. i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states! >> all in favor of the motion, say aye! opposed, no! the ayes have it! >> it is official. hillary clinton is the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major u.s. political party. >> how exciting


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