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  MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 1, 2016 12:27pm-12:36pm PDT

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the military. we fought very hard to bring the troops home and take care of them. you have sacrificed nothing. a mexican that you want to send over a wall. you know what? you're the biggest racist this country has ever had had and i'm demanding you step down as the gop nominee. >> i don't mean to interrupt. thank you for your thoughts. you're obviously very passionate. we appreciate your nephew's service and your time today. >> thank you. >> donald trump, if you have noticed in the bottom corner of your screen, has begun speaking in clolumbus. he's been speaking about veterans. let's listen to his comments. >> he'd like to do well in this country. i said how are you doing. he said unbelievable. so you're doing a lot of work in the united states not so much.
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you wouldn't believe what's happening in mexico. it's the 8th wonder in the world. that's what he told me. he said they are building a among the biggest plants we have ever built. it's unbelievable. companies are moving out of the united states. columbus, by the way, they are moving out of the used. they are moving out of ohio. they are moving out of michigan. they are moving out of the united states. i said how is the united states doing? he said not so good. but mexico is the 8th wonder of the world. that's going to end, folks. we want mexico to do fine. but we're not going to let him take our jobs anymore. we're not going to let it happen. you look at this area, i have statisticians that love to do
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this. i can't imagine doing it. to me it would be a little boring, but the numbers are horrendous. first of all, i don't know if you saw the number for growth of our country. did you see that? growth. 1.2%. we're sinking. that's oneover the lowest families ever. i think it's the lowest number ever in terms of trying to make a comeback. 1.2%. but in columbus, and i looked at this and this is bad, this is bad. ohio has lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta. bill clinton signed it. and hillary clinton wants it. think of that. hillary clinton's disastrous trade policies are responsible for the manufacturing job losses in ohio and throughout the other states of this country.
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hi i'll tell you the problem with the machine. it totally controlled the press. all day long, trump, trump, all day long. i just want to bring back your jobs and your safety because we're not safe. 550% more people coming in from syria and other territories. and we have no idea who they are and i've gone to the best law enforcement officials and they said there's no way of you telling that they have all sorts of false statements. they stole our passport machine. they make passports better than
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we do. obama is letting in thousands and thousands of people. the people in ohio, the people in the rust belt. everything is rusting and rotting. you lost your jobs. they are moving to mexico. remember my friend with a plan. when you're going to vote, remember this. when you're going to vote, remember my friend with the plant. he says it's the eighth wonder of the world. we're going to renegotiate nafta. it was very funny. i saw hillary clinton saying first time ever we are going to start renegotiating our trade deals. that's been me for years. number one, she won't do a good job of it for a lot of reasons, but one is she's totally
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controlled by the special interests. i'll give you an example. i just saw this number. i just read it coming up here. donald trump has raised $19,000 from hedge funds. i don't know how it got in there. hillary clinton from hedge funds has raised $48.5 million. i have a friend who is very wealthy. he doesn't own a hedge fund. but raised $48.5 million. i have $19,000. probably a nice person. but think of it. here's really what's important to me. so i funded my primary. people were very happy. i'm continuing to fund my general election.
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but we're also taking small donations chrks in the primary wasn't a big factor because we sold hats and things. it was cute and people like it. and people put in small money, but i funded it. i guess i'm into $60 million or soon will be over $60 million but i'm continuing to fund my campaign. we're also raising money from people where they seasoned in a check. small donors. you have sent in a check, who sent in a check. whoa. that's fantastic. we only started last month. she's going to have like a fortune. she's going to have a billion and a half because she's going to be totally controlled. e we talk about uranium, the two gentlemen, great people. she had a lot to do with russian uranium. and got paid a fortune for allowing russia to come in and
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talk about uranium. that's big stuff. so we started around the middle of june. and they were saying donald trump didn't raise any money. we didn't start. >> you have been listening to donald trump. billed as a town hall, although it looks more like a rally atmosphere. we haven't been able to get a sense whether he'll take questions. joining me in the studio now is senior political ed tor beth fuey. maybe not surprising that he has not mentioned mr. khan in these
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remarks. he didn't want to talk about it. is he tries to move the narrative forward? >> one can never tell with donald trump. a lot of times he'll bring up the most news making thing when nobody is expecting it. he's very good at keeping people on their toes. >> talking about job loss and trade and nafta and all the things he typically hits on in his rallies particularly in states like ohio, pennsylvania that have seen a lot of job loss. >> before we came to him and complaining ab bt the fire marshal about keeping people out of the event, there were a lot of people waiting outside. one of the things that donald trump has also got an lot of attention for over the weekend is comments about ukraine. turning some heads. in an interview, he said that putin is not going into ukraine and then he tried to clarify with these tweets. when i said that putin is n