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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that's all. no, here is the thing, that does it for us tonight, thank you for being with us tonight. now stay tuned, please, for the last word, lawrence o'donnel. >> hey, rachel, thank you very much. >> indeed. on friday night at this hour my first guests are khan and his wife in their first television interview after mr. khan's deeply moving speech at the democratic convention. it was the beginning of an extraordinary weekend in which they became the lead story in the american news for three straight days because presidential candidate donald trump decided to attack each of them. they will join us again, tonight, through all of those days donald trump couldn't bring himself to utter one positive word about their son, army captain, who sacrificed his life to protect and save other people's lives, something no one in donald trump's family has
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ever done. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. >> well, that sounds -- who wrote that? did hillary's script writers write it? >> i will keep telling him be safe and don't become hero for me, just be my son, come back as a son. he came back as a hero. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> to launch an attack, as he did, on captain khan's mother, a gold star mother, i don't know where the bounds are. i don't know where the bottom is. >> no one has given more for our freedom and our security than
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our gold star families. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. i've had tremendous success. i think those -- >> those are sacrifices. >> i'm sure, i think they are sacrifices. >> no they are not. they are self serving heart truths who has somehow convinced that sacrifice is the same thing as success. >> there comes a time in the history of a nation where a practical moral stand has to be taken regardless of the political cost. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. joining us now is mr. khan and mrs. khan, the parents of army khan, who was killed in action in iraq in 2004. thank you, again, very much for coming back on this program where you begin what's become a national conversation on friday night after your electrifying speech, mr. khan, on thursday
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night to the democratic convention. i know you've been through a lot this weekend and i greatly appreciate you coming back. >> thank you for inviting us. we're delighted to be here. >> thank you. >> and also, once again, let me begin by saying i'm very sorry for your loss and i'm very sorry that that -- that those are the circumstances, the loss of your son, is what has brought us together in this conversation. i'm very very sorry about that and never lose sight of that. >> thank you for your appreciation. thank you for your care and kindness. >> on friday night's show, you told me that you had given only half of your speech at the democratic convention and you then went on to give the rest of what was on your mind, mr. khan, and specifically you challenged paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to disavow donald trump. they have since issued statements in which each one of them said that your son is a
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hero. they've both said that barring people from entering into the united statetetete religion is wrong and should not happen and it's contrary to american values. but they did not mention donald trump in either one of their statements. was that disappointing to you? >> first, we're grateful that senator mcconnell and speaker ryan kindly issued encouraging statement. but, again, both leaders, good people did not go through what is necessary to fix the problem of this candidacy. this candidate will not -- will continue to violate, compare the senator mcconnell's statement that there is no place for barring a group of people based on their religion in the tradition and in the values of united states. i am paraphrasing. now, look -- compare that with the policies announced and the vote pandering statements made
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by donald trump on that issue. people are banned because of their religion. it's stricter -- is stricter immigration policies, of course. we need to tighten our immigration policies, who we let in and who we don't let in, that is reasonable measure. but just simply saying that we're going to ban all muslims, that is nothing but pandering for vote. that is nothing but selling snake oil that he cannot -- these policies cannot be implemented. these are violation of the constitution of the united states. >> mrs. khan, since we spoke on
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friday night, donald trump came out saying these strange things about you not speaking at the convention, things that we have talked about on this show, about why you didn't speak because your grief was so deep and you couldn't bring yourself to do that. you're afraid you couldn't keep your compose sure together. we went through a weekend, now of donald trump making comments about you specifically. how did that feel for you to be singled out by donald trump like that? >> i don't feel like anything because i don't think that he knows me or he knows about this muslim woman. he doesn't know anything. a person who doesn't know whatever he's saying doesn't matter to me. i said why i did not speak. i said i'm a very strong muslim woman and i -- all my sisters and daughters and mothers out there be strong -- anything -- i show everybody that you are a good strong muslim woman but i don't really care what donald trump is saying about me or about anyone, because i respect myself. i respect my fellow muslims, americans or all the religions. i respect all the human beings,
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so i'm not going to say anything for donald trump any more, and thank you about asking that for me. >> mike pence, i had, was at a campaign event in nevada and he said nothing about you or your son in his prepared remarks. but then he was asked a question from the audience about you and your son, and mike pence then said, your son is a hero. he said what you would expect someone to say about your son. donald trump still hasn't said anything about your son since -- over the course of this weekend. he issued a written statement. his campaign issued a written statement saying, captain khan was a hero to our country. but donald spoke for 58 minutes today and he never said those words and he never said anything about your son.
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mr. khan, would it help now for donald trump to say what mike pence said tonight? >> i assure you, lawrence and your audience, that he will not have the moral courage to say that. those statements -- statements of disingenuous, those statements mean nothing because he does not mean that, those are written by someone else on his behalf. this person lacks sense of empathy. he cannot empathize with the people and their feeling that he wishes to lead without empathy, a leader is no leader. leader cannot become a leader and lack of his empathy is an indication of his
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disqualification. he does not have that basic character of empathy. and it is evident in his ear long rhetoric, his war pandering, fear mongering, making statements that do not show that basic character of being empathetic to the people he wants to lead. if elected, he would be leading people that voted for him and people that opposed him, but he must be empathetic to both groups and be -- and must have capacity to understand and bare the criticism that this particular process brings in this process and i have not seen that patience. i have not seen that caliber. i have not seen that tolerance for criticism when president elected -- when they take -- they're president for all, not one group that supports and other groups that doesn't support. his reply will be, i will fix it then, i will do it myself, i will do it by myself. democracy -- a great democracy like united states, the enemy of the world will learn from us, he is going to fix himself by himself, that is, again,
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pandering for votes. makes no sense. >> i want to take you back to december of last year for a moment that shocked most of the country. and i'd like to know what it was like in a muslim family to hear donald trump say this. this is when he announced his proposed ban on muslims entering the country. let's listen to this one more time. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> mrs. khan, there are two things to react to there and i'm wondering what it was like in your kitchen that day talking to
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your sons, talking to your husband about what donald trump just said, and how his audience reacted to it with cheers? >> we have a very large family here and we have small nieces and nephews. they have asked me, could we finish our schools here or they will send us back? it was so heartbreaking that they're doing their homework and thinking, should we do this homework, should we finish this or are we going back? and whatever donald trump is saying, he's just saying, i don't know, he just think -- he think about it or not and have you heard the words that he's saying all the time, they're not presidential words like a person
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who will be a president and saying and that type of word, i don't know. i don't expect him to be really strong like a president. he act -- he does not even act like a president that will -- that we will choose. >> mr. khan, in your speech at your convention, you asked donald trump asking have you ever visited arlington national cemetery. i don't believe there's any record that he has or he's attended a military funeral. when is the last time you visited arlington and visited
10:13 pm
your son's grave? >> we are there literally every occasion so often we live away from there, but every time we are in washington, d.c., which is quite often, we go there. i go to four or five grave sites that i personally the people that were killed that have had visited us. one person i spoke at his funeral, came at our house, went through the rotc commission, came to our house, held my hand, asked me to show him about the memorabilia that we have for him. i walked him through. i know what he was asking. and there you will see the difference, not that he wanted to look at those things. he felt that i was feeling comfort walking him through those things, talking about my son. he became my comforter. i spoke, he was killed in afghanistan. i spoke at his funeral and i said that to us, he'll always
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remain a comforter that came to comfort us. that is empathy. that is caliber. and this candidate lacks -- he -- if you asked him if he went to arlington cemetery, his answer would be, i have built hotels, i have built casinos, i have filed bankruptcies. i have built big buildings, i have employed this. that is all he can take. that is all he can feel. he has no understanding. >> mr. and mrs. khan, once, again, thank you very much for
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coming back on this program where you started this conversation friday night. i really appreciate it. and, again, i'm very sorry that the reason we're talking is this incredible sacrifice that you and your family have made in the loss of your son. i'm very sorry for your loss. >> thank you, lawrence. thank you for inviting us. thank you for your kindness. and thanks to the entire world that have poured their love, affection and support. we are grateful to every one of them and our hearts and prayers are with the veterans, with those who wear the uniform, we are grateful to them for their service. >> again, thank you, both. good night. coming up, katherine burn, the woman who challenged mike pence about what donald trump said about mr. and mrs. khan. her son is currently serving in the military. captain burn will tell us what she thought about mike pence's response. major general paul eden's father who was killed in action in vietnam.
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more than a million people watched my conversation friday night with mr. and mrs. khan. you can also watch the interview we did friday night with tony schwartz who actually wrote donald trump's auto biography for him. he did an amazing job of taking us inside the mind of donald trump. major general paul eden who tweets as muslim marine, because he served in the marines and he is muslim. what powers the digital world? communication.
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right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical i honor all people that were killed as military, or otherwise. i think it's very important to do so. i honor the people that were killed in benghazi, needlessly killed in benghazi. i honor many people for this country, all people, it's very important to me. >> that was donald trump at a local interview tonight in ohio talking about army captain khan, whose parents donald trump spent the weekend attacking. a group of gold star families lost military relatives in battle, sent an open letter to donald trump saying the recent comments regarding the taun family were repugnant and personally offensive to us when you question a mother's pain by implying that her religion not her grief kept her addressing the build.
10:21 pm
akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice. joining us now, one of the signers of that letter, retired major general paul eden who was the son of colonel norman eden. also with us rashid who served as a muslim for five years. tell us about your reaction we just heard donald trump say in this local interview in ohio is all he would say about captain khan is i do honor their son. those are the only words he said about captain khan. he had to go on to say i honor all people that were killed as military or otherwise, and he extends the statement out, he couldn't stop and say something particular to captain khan. >> lawrence, first thank you for having me on. and i'm very proud to share this
10:22 pm
moment marine sergeant rasheed. thank you very much. >> likewise. >> it's -- it is an honor. i will tell you that this is just one more indicator, it's one more data point why mr. trump does not have the judgment or the temperament to serve as the commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states. it's appalling what he is doing and it's just a string of failures on the part of this particular candidate to make himself appear to be a reasonable and viable candidate for the presidency. >> sergeant rasheed, i've been wondering all weekend, your reaction to this, we've talked about some of these issues before, but never with this astonishingly strange attack that donald trump levied this weekend. >> lawrence, i can't add any more than what has already been said about this disspeckble act of donald trump once more.
10:23 pm
what i would submit is focusing on what he's not doing, clearly he lacks the judgment and temperament as the general just said, but what is the solution and i will submit to you that we need to understand that this is not just a physical war but an ideological war, in order to win it, we need to kill the root cause which is ignorance. he's pandering to his base that is ignorant on the very basic believes of islam, as well as the u.s. constitution. so in that effort and try to educate the masses, what the muslim community is doing -- has launched a true islam campaign to try to kill the ideology that terrorists that they use to promote extremism, which is exactly what mr. trump is doing. what i submit to you, we need to focus on the problem and we need
10:24 pm
to focus on the solution and use the proven model as provided by the muslim community under the leadership of his holiness, to educate people about the true teachings of islam and promote harmony and peace between people. >> general eaton. he has no idea even what sacrifice means, even the meaning of the word. i want to take you back in time to your family sacrifice and your father being lost in vietnam, how hold were you when that happened? what is your experience like when you got the news? >> i was 18 years old. i was a freshman at west point. i took the phone call when the charger quarters asked me to come down and asked me to answer a tearful call from my mom on her 40th birthday.
10:25 pm
and what we knew is that my father had gone missing at night while bombing and providing close air support to special forces on the ground. we didn't know that he was dead. we just started a 38-year saga of not knowing the out come until we finally did get accounting on the ground and therm able to recover his -- they were able to recover his remains. >> your response to donald trump building businesses. >> lawrence we've got a pending civil military disaster if this man is elected. general john allen, yesterday, was very eloquent. the things that mr. trump has said about reinstatement of
10:26 pm
torcher, about bombing innocence and killing innocence because of their association with potential or alleged terrorists, this is not a man we can trust with a nuclear code. this is not a man that we can trust with any lead erica -- any leader capacity in the united states. >> michael pence had a rally he did not bring up the khans or captain khan but he was confronted by that by captain burn whose son is currently in the military. let's look at this. >> time and time again, trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and veterans and has disrepresent for mr. khan and his family is just an example of that. will there ever be a point in time where you'll able to look at trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough? >> it's all right. it's all right. let me just say, first, i want to honor your service to to the captain.
10:27 pm
captain khan is an american hero and we honor him and honor all gold star families. donald trump supports our soldiers and supports our veterans like no other leader in my lifetime. >> sergeant rashid what's your reaction to how he handled that? >> again, i think mike pence, well, in words said what needed to be said. i don't think he went nearly far enough because the fact of the matter is that mr. trump has not done nearly enough. the way that he attacked mrs. khan was vicious, to say the least. again, it goes back to, you know, the fact that he's absolutely ignorant about the high status of women in islam and the fact that they're considered islam lies under the pair dais. maybe she wasn't allowed to speak is really beneath the
10:28 pm
dignity of a presidential candidate. >> retired army major general paul eaton and retired general rashid thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> that military mother that you just saw confronting mike pence will join us about -- and get her reaction. she'll tell us reaction to mike pence's response to her tonight. , these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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>> here is another look at katherine burn confronting mike pence tonight. >> my name is katherine and i'm military mom. my son is currently breaking in the u.s. air force. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. >> my question for you, mr. pence, is time and time again trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces an veterans and has disrespect for mr. khan and his family just recently. will there ever be a point in time when you're able to look at trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough? >> well, i thank you for the question. it's all right. it's all right. folks, that's what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like, okay. first i want to honor your son's service to the country and your family's service to the country. >> joining us now the military mother you just there confronting donald trump's running mate mike pence.
10:33 pm
boy, that crowd turned on you awfully fast as soon as you announced you were a military mother, you got a cheer from them. as soon as you mentioned the word "khan" you got a much bigger boo from you. did the whole place turn against you in that moment? >> yes, it did. it felt like everybody behind me and, yes, the whole room just -- they talked over me. it all of a sudden just -- everybody booed. >> what did it feel like standing up there confronting vice presidential candidate on this issue? >> well, i knew that it was going to take bravery to mention mr. khan's name in that audience, so i was kind -- i was ready and i was there for a while. but it was my opportunity to ask the candidates questions that are important to me. and if i get those opportunities
10:34 pm
i'm going to do that. i live in carson city, so the town hall was relatively close by and i had the day off, so i was able to make it. >> and you had written out your comments that you intended to ask him, it seemed like you were reading from a piece of paper. >> yes, the question i worked very hard at getting the absolute right question. i'm concerned about respect, in general. >> and have you -- >> and respect for our military. >> have you had a chance to talk to your son in the military about what's happened over the last few days involving the khan' family? >> no, i haven't. our contact i just keep with him is purely personal. i don't really involve in the happenings that are going on outside our lives of just being a mother and a son. >> and what was your reaction watching, this weekend, to the donald trump attack on mr. and mrs. khan just over taking our
10:35 pm
news? >> you know, it was very -- it was really, really upsetting to me. and especially a mother to mother, to comment on criticizing her actions or whatever lack of whatever, is just -- it was really painful. it was painful to me, to listen to all of that and i cried a lot. and it's just really upsetting to me to compare, you know, the level of what your sacrifice is once you lose a child. there's nothing to compare to that. >> and what was your reaction to mike pence's response to you tonight? >> you know, i was very thankful to him that i thought that he was respectful to me as an individual. and i really thank him for that. but basically, that's about all i got, i really got out of that, i thought he was respectful to me. >> so what happened in the room there after you asked your question and your -- and he
10:36 pm
dealt with it -- >> i'm still there. >> yeah, i just took my seat and sat down. >> a bunch of people who don't feel very good about you. >> once i sat down, nobody really came up to me and said anything, you know, hateful or hurtful to me. i got more people coming up to me and saying thank you for my courage. >> so there were some people there then who weren't booing and who privately thanked you? >> right, yes. i was thanked privately quite a bit. >> katherine burn -- >> that it was courage, and that it was the courage. they were republicans they were all trump supporters, you know, that it took courage to do that. >> well -- they are right to thank you for your crage and thank your son for his courage in the military. thank you very much for joining us tonight on short notice, really appreciate it. >> you're welcome, thanks for having me. coming up howard dean and stewart stevens tells us what all of this means on the presidential campaign.
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i can't look my children in the eye and tell them i voted for donald trump. if the race in florida is close, i will vote for hillary clinton. that's from sally bradshaw. she's a top adviser to jeb bush and she was one of the coauthors of the republican party's 2013, so-called autopsy report that said the republican party was going to have to change and appeal to hispanic voters if it had any chance of winning, along with a lot of other new ways of working with the republican party. joining us now, republican strategist, stuart stevens he is the author of the innocent have nothing to fear, the best political beach reading of the summer. stuart, sally bradshaw, a serious republican party player, not just coming out and saying i will not vote for donald trump. but saying since she lives in the state of florida where votes matter, that if it's close, she will actually vote for hillary
10:41 pm
clinton to try to put her over the top. she won't go go libber tearian. >> she represents millions of women. if you look at the numbers all the polls i see is breaking even or may be ahead one. sally is just a demographic there of represented by a lot of people. and i think that -- these are people who would like to vote for a republican candidate, have voted for republican candidate but can't bring themselves to vote for donald trump. >> and it is about explaining it to your kids. one of the biggest responses i've ever gotten to a tweet was today when i said, even if you don't have children or grandchildren, you will spend the rest of your life explaining what you did to stop trump. it's not going to be a comfortable answer ten years from now, 20 years from now, to say, oh, i voted for donald trump. >> i don't think there will be many donald trump voters to be had at thanksgiving dinner this year.
10:42 pm
one of the most troubling aspects of this cycle is sort of this effort to normalize donald trump. i get the triebl of politics is different for most folks for better or worse. but he's not a normal candidate. and if you just look in the last 72 hours, you see this incredibly, erratic, unstable person who has no core, sort of flailing around. it's one thing to be a candidate like that and it would be extraordinarily dangerous were he president. >> we saw torchered responses
10:43 pm
from republicans, john mccain puts out a written response very strong against his treatment of the khan family. then he's asked in an event today, public event and he said to an audience question, i'll support the republican nominee. paul ryan was asked on this program friday night by mr. khan to repew yat donald trump. he never mentions donald trump. and then tonight, donald trump tweets something favorable about the republican tea party challenger to the speaker of the house in a primary there next week. is there -- do you see a smarter way for paul ryan, mitch mcconnell to handle this, or is it just day by day, figure out each one of these as you go along, there's no smarter play for republican congressional leader? >> look, i personally think that rnc should withdraw support from donald trump and ask him to step aside.
10:44 pm
i think what he's done in the last 72 hours is disqualifying. let governor pence take the top of the ticket and fill the ticket with his vice presidential choice. this can be done. this mechanism is in place if the top of the ticket were to step aside and become disabled. i think that would be a smarter play. i think it will be better for the party. i think it will be better for the country. is it likely to happen? no. but this is a year in which we say there's no rules, so why shouldn't we say there's no rules about something like that this. >> if it's the smarter play why is there no republican and the leadership making that play? >> you know, there are very -- they're in very difficult positions they not only represent themselves, they represent their conferences. i can't imagine the pressures -- the cross pressures that they're under.
10:45 pm
and i wouldn't be critical of them. i think that they have to decide what's best and i really think that it's just an incredible difficult position that donald trump has placed so many people who are republicans or want to vote republican, in. >> all right, we're going to bring howard dean into the conversation coming up. but first, warren buffet who is thousands of times richer than donald trump has a few words to say about donald trump.
10:46 pm
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>> according to donald trump, he is rich because he is so very, very smart. what that means is warren buffet is astro namically smarter. >> our families are doing well.
10:49 pm
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let's listen to a little bit more of warren buffet who was appearing at a campaign. warren buffet is infinitely richer than donald trump. >> he can't do it. he can't release it because he's under an audit. i've got news for him, i'm under audit, too. and i would be delighted to meet him anyplace, any time between now and election, i'll bring my tax return, he can bring his tax return, nobody is going to arrest us. it is not -- there are no rules
10:52 pm
against showing your tax returns and just let people ask us questions about the items that are on there. [ applause ] >> donald trump would cry his eyes out if he ever saw warren buffet's tax return. he's the kind of rich that he can dream about. stuart steven and howard dean will join us in tonight's campaign "war room." businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. like bundling home and auto coverage, which reduces redney. tape, which saves money. when they save, you save. that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view,
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98 days to go in election campaign war rooms where they're now studying the results of latest post convention polls. cnn poll shows hillary clinton up by nine and one on one poll against donald trump. in a four way race between green party candidates it shows hillary clinton ahead by eight points with 45% donald trump and 37, and gary johnson and jill stein at. >> cbs shows hillary clinton ahead by five and three way poll.
10:55 pm
a new poll shows that after the conventions, 45% of americans made them more likely to vote for hillary clinton, 41% say they're less likely to vote for her. 36% of americans say they're more likely after the convention to vote for donald trump and 51% say they are less likely to vote for him after the conventions. this is the first time a gallup poll showed that convention less likely to vote for a nominee, donald trump. joining us now howard dean, former dnc chairman, hillary clinton supporter and also back with us stuart stevens, howard dean is that about the best you can hope for in tonight's polls after the convention? >> i have trouble dealing with all of these polls because they're so early. i don't think they matter much until after labor day and i don't think they really matter until about three weeks before the election.
10:56 pm
i think it clearly reflects the well orchestrated democratic convention and the not-so well orchestrated republican convention. the republicans stepped on their own message three days out of four. the only day they really got ted cruz being booed and mrs. trump copying her speech from michelle obama, which was of course continued by trump's denial. it was pretty disastrous handling of the whole thing, i thought. >> stuart stevens what do you make of these convention polls? >> i i actually do they think matter because they revert back to the mean that were before the conventions. donald trump is still running against donald trump. to be a credible candidate you have to have your favorables a lot higher. hillary clinton has not been great but they're starting to get better. so if he's in the 30s with favorables, it's just -- no one
10:57 pm
has ever been elected president with those kind of numbers. >> the gallup poll did one of those polls that makes you feel like, oh, okay, the world isn't completely crazy. it's about the acceptance speeches of the nominees. it showed that 44% thought hillary clinton's speech was excellent or good, 35% thought donald trump's excellent or good. they're about tied on just okay, 17% and 18%. and then on poor and terrible, 20% thought hillary clinton's was poor and terrible and 36% thought donald trump's poor and terrible, so donald trump scored higher -- more people thought his speech was terrible than thought anything else about it. howard dean, the world starts to make sense when you look at a poll like that. >> that, i do think matters. that's basically his unfavorables that's a very strong numb ger and bad. once people think you've -- you're in the terrible category is really really hard to win them back, of course, trump is
10:58 pm
not the sort of person that might be prevailed upon to have the kind of discipline that's necessary to do that. but that is a very bad number. that is likely to persist until election day. >> and stuart, i mean, so much for the convention working like a commercial, which is the basic design of a convention is a four-day convention that's all positive, that is nothing -- there's no counter message built into it. it just sales your candidacy and there's the biggest number reaction to trump's speech was terrible. >> yeah, you know, one of the big dynamics here and any sort of generic situation, who comes second. whoever comes second has a great advantage which is why the party in power seems to go second. if you get a bounce, it seems to get sat on by the next convention. i thought that donald trump
10:59 pm
gaifr a remarkably dark, pessimistic speech that just didn't real lie jive with the way most americans see america. and i think when you get that kind of disconnect it's hard to make people rise up to the cause because i think lot of them at best are just scratching their heads. >> it reminded me of his first speech and i remember my reaction, that is the most anti-american political campaign speech i had ever heard. everything in america was bad. the military was bad, there's no border. it was just the most negative thing i had heard and he's kept going in that direction. >> yeah -- you know, of course, i thought his campaign has been dead once a week for a year and a half and haven't been right. but, you know, to attack the military, the military today is -- if it's not at the top, it's very close to the top of the most respected institutions in the country.
11:00 pm
i don't see how he continues to do this. i really don't. >> howard dean, stuart stevens thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. my guest tonight, khizr khan and ghazala khan. this is "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. my special guests tonight are khizr and ghazala khan whose son gave his life in iraq to save his fellow american soldiers. these two u.s. citizens have been the target this weekend of the republican presidential candidate, donald trump. they are here to respond and give their testimony on what america means to them. with the sacrifice of their son, a captain in the united states army, means to those who loved him and cherish his memory.


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