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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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captain, humanen khan. republicans cringing, but trump not backing down. >> i can say this, if i was president, his son wouldn't have died, because i wouldn't have been in the war. if i was president then, there would have been no war for iraq, i can tell you that. because i think it's ridiculous, the whole thing. >> amid that controversy, trump now creating a new nickname for his democratic rival after saying bernie sanders' decision to endorse hillary clinton was wrong. >> made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. [ cheers and applause ] >> meantime, more evidence hillary clinton is emerging from her convention with a substantial bounce. our new nbc news survey monkey online poll shows her with an eight-point lead nationally. falling in line with other polls after the dnc and comes as trump is already saying this election will be rigged.
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so we have a lot to talk about. our political team is here. we want to start with nbc's katy tur in ash burn, virginia, with the trump campaign. katy, day five with the khan family. no apology yet. help us understand trump's strategy and is there concern within the campaign this could ultimately be the controversy that starts to hurt him? >> reporter: donald trump is not backing down from this. the strategy is the strategy we have seen throughout this entire campaign, kristen. which is that if somebody attacks him, he is going to attack back. he has reiterated that in a number of interviews, most recently last night in an interview with the local columbus news, saying he believes captain khan was a hero, but that his father went against him and he will always respond to that. that is the strategy. and they believe that strategy is working. if the campaign is trying to steer donald trump away from that, donald trump isn't moving. what we have seen, though, kristen, and you've noticed this, is governor pence is
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trying to act as the translator, or the collar fire for donald trump, coming off as the more reasoned, more logical, more traditional politician, saying they support the khans no matter what. but trump himself is not backing away from this. he is doubling down. and what i can tell you, kristen, is that i have spoken to a number of voters here, both women voters, veteran voters, and every single one of them said that the khans were asking for it. that the khan family, by going on the attack against donald trump is -- has put themselves in the spotlight and they have asked for donald trump to respond. they believe that they are a pawn of hillary clinton. >> well, and kate, i want to get you and our own kelly o'donnell to weigh in. this happened yesterday at a rally with vice presidential nominee, mike pence. the mother of a service member spoke out and she was booed. let's watch that tape. >> time and time again, trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and veterans. and his disrespect for mr. khan
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and family is just insane. [ booing ] you have a son in the military. how do you tolerate disrespect? >> it's all right. it's all right. >> folks, that's what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like. >> so katy, mike pence pressed there on these comments by donald trump. that mother was booed, though, not the greatest optics. >> reporter: and again, this is what we are hearing from the supporters of donald trump. if you are against donald trump, you are one of them. they're trying to defend him. and they'll defend him no matter who comes out against donald trump. and frankly, no matter what he says. i've asked this question here today, i've asked this question in cities all around this country. is there anything donald trump
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can say or donald trump can do that will shake one of his supporters' support -- their foundation of support for donald trump. and time and time again at these rallies and more so as we have gotten farther into this election, they say no. one woman here said if he sounded like hillary clinton then i wouldn't support him. so -- this military mother trying to push back against governor pence, they don't believe this mother is on their side. so she is somebody who is open to attack from donald trump supporters. how that plays outside of the donald trump world and the rallies, we're going to have to wait and see, because there has been a long standing contract in this country that military families are off limits. >> indeed. and i want to pick up on that final point with kelly. kelly, this is putting republicans in a really tough spot. we haven't really seen anyone rescind their support for donald trump yet. but talk about politically why this is just so difficult right now.
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>> well, there are many republicans who i've talked to who say she want to respect the voice of the republican voters who selected trump. we just came off of a gop convention where ted cruz, the guy who came in second, was booed for not endorsinging trump. so there is a strong voice within the republican party electorate that says he is the choice, stand by him. at the same time, you have john mccain, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, others who are saying you can criticize individual instances where he does things that they don't agree with. and still support him as a comparison to hillary clinton. and so that's the kind of tough spot they're in. if you're looking at paul ryan or john mccain, they have primaries this month. >> yes. >> and remember, who is the primary voter in the republican party? it is the most conservative, the most ardent, the kind of people that katy is talking to who show up. and so it's a big risk to go against the party's nominee. >> when you talk to rank and file republicans, how much concern is there about some of
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these down ballot races that what we're seeing at the top of the ticket could actually impact a john mccain, kelly ayotte, some. other people, roy blunt. >> there is concern and i asked that question a lot with those running and working for them. and you certainly see the democratic campaign seizing on each instance of this and trying to tie those republican either incumbents or those seeking the office to donald trump. so it becomes a part of the daily conversation in these races. and they're asked again and again and again, do they support, will they endorse, and it puts them in sort of a groundhog day cycle of having to answer for donald trump. >> all right. kelly o'donnell and katy tur, great conversation, as always. thanks so much for being here. appreciate it. khazir and ghazala khan continue to atalk about the attacks on their family. here to discuss, what gives her strength as a gold star mother. >> i'm a very strong muslim
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woman, and all my sisters and daughters and mothers out there, be strong. show you are a good, strong muslim woman. but i don't really care what donald trump is saying about me or about anyone. because i respect myself. i respect my fellow muslims, americans. or all the religions. i respect all human beings. so i'm not going to say anything for donald trump any more. >> the khans are not the only gold star family coming forward. on monday, families of some two dozen fallen u.s. service members wrote a letter to trump, demanding an apology. and as you know, so far they haven't gotten it. with me now is one of those mothers, summer lipford, whose son died in 2005 while serving in iraq. thank you so much, ms. lipford,
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really appreciate it. and i want to thank you for your sacrifice and for that of your son. >> thank you. and my name is summer mickelson. >> okay. we apologize for that. summer mickelson. >> that's fine. >> thank you. so tell me, ms. mikelson, why did you want to join in this, to send a letter to donald trump, and what is your key message to him? >> i saw the interview saturday morning, and at first i was shocked. and appalled. and this isn't the first time that our grief has been questioned or our patriotism has been questioned. but for him to slam a gold star mother, a woman who walks in our path, even though we are -- don't know each other personally, we walk this path together. how dare he. how despicable of him to even
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mention a religion of any sort when speaking of a gold star parent. or a gold star mother. i'm able to speak today and today is a good day. but there are days that i can't even speak to my family. i can't imagine standing in front of thousands of people and burying my grief. and for him to question her grief because of her religion is -- there are no words to describe. >> and -- >> what he has done. >> i can tell how emotional this is for you. how has this moment impacted auto you directly? >> i -- i am -- i'm never speechless, but i'm in disbelief. and i would ask that every
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single representative that voted for the war in iraq, for every representative that sent our children to a war, for every representative that voted to finance this war step forward. not just for this mother, but for all of our sons and daughters. we have lost thousands of military through suicide, through injury, on the ground. i cannot believe that for a party, for a party that these representatives are going to back -- not back away from donald trump, not stand up and demand an apology from this man, they do not work for him. they work for the american people. they are our civil servants. . not donald trump's civil servants. . and for the crowd to --
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>> yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> no, no, please. continue. >> and for the crowd to boo a gold star mother? you know, does the media not realize that one -- less than one half of 1% of the american people are involved in the military at all? people don't even realize we're at war. you know, the trump campaign is saying that he wouldn't have voted for the war in iraq. when the war in iraq was voted for, he was building the trump towers. he wasn't the least bit concerned. he didn't voice his opinion as a billionaire against the war in iraq. he too profited off this war. >> is there anything he could say or do to make this up to you? to make this right? if he were to meet with the khan family, for example, as some are
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calling for. would that make this okay for you? >> i don't think the khan family would put on a pair of house shoes to meet with donald trump. because he is so far beneath the khan family. and so far beneath any gold star family that it would not be worth their time. he needs to apologize to the united states of america. he needs to apologize to every living military man and woman serving right now. and every veteran that this has insulted. >> well, i know it is not easy for you to come on and talk about this incredibly painful topic. but we appreciate it, and, again, we appreciate your sacrifice, summer mickelson, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. coming up. zika danger zone. federal officials issue an
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an unprecedented travel warning in effect for miami after more cases of the zika virus are confirmed. the wind wood district against growing concern the virus will continue to spread. 14 cases detected in a square mile north of miami. kerry, what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, the cdc, kristen, has an emergency team dispatched to miami. there are more on that team expected to arrive today. they're going to be working hand-in-hand with the florida
7:17 am
department of health, as well as with the local mosquito control district. but this is not really just a concern in this one square mile area. because considering that people come here and visit the area. this is a popular area because of the arts district. so tourists come here. you wander to this one square area and may get bitten to a mosquito. then you travel somewhere else. if that mosquito that bit you has the virus, you're now possibly carrying it and you go to another area in florida, and that mosquito bites you, and then takes the zika virus and can spread it somewhere else. we were out with folks from the broward county mosquito control district, and you can see they were out fogging in the very early morning hours here to try to tamp down the population of mosquitoes that could indeed become the carriers or the next carriers, as it were.
7:18 am
folks who live in this area, are concerned. the warning is, of course, for pregnant women who live in this area to consult their doctors immediately and for women who are thinking about conceiving or who are pregnant, that cdc warning says stay clear of this area. and this applies to men as well, who may want to conceive with their wife or girlfriend, because it can be sexually-transmitteded. kristen? >> kerry, i know you've been out and about talking to folks. and based on some of your reporting that i've seen, not everyone is getting the word, right? how are they trying to spread this information to make sure that the folks there keep themselves safe? >> reporter: well, they're actually going door to door in the community, and they're hanging door tags if people aren't home, trying to explain relying on news media to get the word out. indeed, you're finding many people who come here on vacation. and remember, this is an international city, multiple languages. people come here, come to the arts district. i spoke to a woman yesterday, she was here from spain, had not
7:19 am
even heard about it until i told her. and that was with all the 24-hour coverage and a lot of dramatic attention on this, because of what it poses and really the first here in the united states. >> indeed. all right, well, nbc's kerry sanders, thank you for your reporting and we want you to stay safe out there. and with me now, from miami, is dr. eileen marty, a professor of infectious disease at florida international universities college of medicine and also specialized in in tropical medicine while serving in the navy. welcome and thank you for being here. really appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> you just heard kerry talking about the fact there is now this travel alert for this area in miami, and the cdc is anticipating the number of cases will actually increase. so what are the key things people need to know about zika and how it's spread? >> well, this virus is not a very picky virus. it can be transmitted in a number of different ways. it's not just a risk to pregnant
7:20 am
women. it's certainly a risk to the partners of pregnant women, and those who wish to get pregnant. so both. but also anyone as he noted in his piece, anyone who gets infected can be a fountain of infection for a new mosquito. and not just if they travel to another region of florida, but anywhere. wherever they go with the zika virus. that's the same way the virus arrived here. someone traveled to an area where there is expected zika transmission. one mosquito or more bit that individual and became infected and then laid eggs that were infected. >> you have to think that the folks who are most concerned right now are those who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant and who live in that area. so what is your message to them? what should they do to protect themselves? >> they really -- both the pregnant individual and their partner have to be excruciatingly careful not to get mosquito bites.
7:21 am
and the information of how to avoid mosquito bites has been put out there. not only to protect their home and environment, to avail themselves of the pregnancy kit that the department of health has -- is providing to pregnant individuals and what's in that pregnancy kit if they even don't want to pick one up, they can make it themselves. the premythran, a substance put on mosquito nets and clothing to reduce the risk of bites from not just mosquitoes but ticks and other things as well. the personal repellant and there are four epa-approved ingredients that can be found in repellants that are particularly good. >> if it's a small child, then we're recommending use of screening on cribs and anything we can keep that child from an area that has mosquitoes. using air conditioning at home, will reduce your risk of getting
7:22 am
infected. making sure your home -- if you've done the drain and cover. and if you cannot drain an area of fresh water, then to put in the bti bacteria that's also part of the pregnancy kit. >> and i guess one of the things that's disconcerting, as i read about this, and correct me if i am wrong, some people have symptoms, but some people don't. so how do you know if you should get tested for this, and are there small symptoms that might be assigned that you have zika? >> right. that's a really important question. and actually, it's not at all uncommon for viruss that are related to zika to have that same situation. so we see this in japanese encephalitis, west nile. this is normal that there are a number of people who get no symptoms at all. with zika, we're estimating about 80% of the people have no symptoms whatsoever. and you're right. it's a matter of whether you
7:23 am
were there and if you were in a zone where there is infection being transmitted by mosquito, we're asking people to wear repellant themselves for three to eight weeks, just to decrease the chance that even though they are asymptomatic, they are a fountain of infection for a new mosquito somewhere else. >> great information on a really important topic, dr. eileen marty, thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. syria, iraq, and now libya. the u.s. expanding air strikes against isis in a region where top intelligence officials believe the terror group is likely the most developed and the most dangerous. we're live at the pentagon with details about how long the air strikes will continue, and what u.s. official fear isis may be plotting next. stay with us. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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first time into libya. the pentagon confirms president obama gave the green light to a request to target isis in the stronghold of sirte. >> we have seen isil's numbers reduced in libya, and we think that this precision air strike capability, this unique capability that we can provide to their ongoing efforts can make a difference in this campaign. >> and our chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski, joins me now. so mik, what can you tell us about these air strikes, how significant is this move? >> only a few minutes ago, kristen, u.s. defense officials have told nbc news there has been a second wave of air strikes today by both manned and unmanned u.s. aircraft. now that would make about a half dozen air strikes in the past two days, aimed primarily at isis targets, tanks, trucks, supply trucks and the like. there's no casualty figures that are available. but the idea here is that in
7:28 am
attacking isis in sirte, they hope to break up what has been the core of isis there in libya for some time, and prevent isis from spreading further throughout africa. they suspect now that there are only several hundred isis there inside sirte, where just a short time ago, there were 2,000. so it will be difficult to track down all those 2,000. but, you know, the u.s. military and government, quite frankly, were ready to do this months ago. but there was no viable government there in -- to back up once the air strikes started. you'll remember that president obama himself said one of the biggest regrets during his presidency was taking out former libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, without having a viable government there in libya to take his place, which opened the way for isis and other militant organizations to get a stronghold in libya. so this time, they waited
7:29 am
patiently until there was a government in place, and that government is the one that made the request for those air strikes now under way. and i can tell you this campaign will be open-ended, and it will be open season on isis. >> yeah, and that is the broader message on the entire campaign against isis, that it is open and jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, really appreciate that reporting. >> you bet. i want to now bring in our brand-new msnbc senior national security analyst, juan zero at a for strategic and international studies, senior fellow at west point, former deputy national security adviser for combatting terrorism under george w. bush and former federal prosecutor. so you can see why we brought him on. >> i appreciate that info. thank you. >> absolutely. thanks for being here. we're really pleased about it. let's just start off where mik left off, and these air strikes in libya. how significant is it that the obama administration has now expanded air strikes into libya,
7:30 am
beyond syria, beyond iraq? >> this is incredibly significant. because it demonstrates that the obama administration has recognized that the war against isis moves well beyond the borders of iraq and syria. and certainly encompasses libya. one of the great concerns that western counterterrorism officials have had is that libya has become a fallback position. safe haven for isis, in particular in the surrounding areas in the city of sirte. keep in mind, isis took over sirte in may of last year. so they have occupied this major city on the mediterranean coastline for over a year, and they have had upwards of 6,000 operatives that they have been able to recruit and leverage. and so the fact that the obama administration is now using air power, saying this is going to be an open-ended campaign and supporting the forces on the ground in libya, demonstrates this is a all-out war against isis and certainly well beyond the confines of syria and iraq. >> how significant is the threat
7:31 am
in libya? you heard mik point to the fact that the numbers are likely reduced at this point. but to your point, they're still fairly significant. >> they are. and the challenge here, of course, and we have seen this in iraq as well as parts of syria is that even as we take safe haven away from isis, their fighters float and blend back into the environment and actually retreat to allow them to fight another day. and i think that's a challenge here, in part because the eastern parts of libya have traditionally been a jihadi playground, where you have had al qaeda operatives operating in places like darrena, other parts of libya. so it's not just about one particular city or geography. it's about securing the entire environment. and, of course, the problem with libya, it's right across the mediterranean from europe. it also is a gateway into africa. and it's precisely why there is more attention by the u.s. government and european forces on what's happening on the coastline there in libya.
7:32 am
>> and, of course, the obama administration it continues to underscore the fact that the u.n.-backed government in libya requested this assistance. so what role is the government there playing and how stable is the government? >> well, this is significant for three reasons. one, there has been an attempt to bring a political settlement. there has been a split of governments between a government in tripoli and in the east. and there has been an attempt to bring that political agreement together to have a unified government. this suggests that there is some confidence in the government and the government of national authority as it's called, the gna, to actually call in these kinds of attacks and to take over territory. so that's good. it also suggests that there is better information-sharing and intelligence on the ground. the u.s. would not be taking these strikes unless it was confident that we were striking real isis targets. we have struck in libya before, three times in the last couple years, but this suggests we have
7:33 am
confidence that there is more intelligence on the ground. and finally, the obama administration is defendantly aware we need ledge mass see in terms of what we do and do not want any action to appear illegitimate internationally or even in the united states. and so the fact that the government on the ground has asked for the support is very important for the obama narrative that this is legitimate and legal. >> thank you for helping us to understand this very complicated situation, juan zerate, thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, any time, anywhere. warren buffett, the billionaire businessman known as the oracle of omaha, hits the trail with hillary clinton and makes donald trump an offer he can't refuse. or can he? we'll bring trump's words. and if his daughter ivanka were to ever encounter sexual harassment in the workplace. stay with us. we're back after a quick break. after a long day,
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he cannot empathize with the people and their feeling that he wishes to lead witho. without everyone th everyone th a leader is no leader. >> there is growing consensus this morning donald trump's feud with the gold star family is different from his past controversies. many republicans condemning their presidential nominee, but still saying they'll support him. with me now to discuss all of this is national political correspondent for "the washington post" and white house correspondent for the "wall street journal," kara lee. thanks for being here. kara, i want to start with you. this moment feels different. this is a general election. it's not the primary. these are private citizens. they're not elected politicians. they're not public figures. is this moment different? >> it feels different, and in part, because -- exactly that. he's not taking on politicians.
7:38 am
he's not criticizing celebrities. owes criticizing ordinary americans. and specifically ordinary americans who have made an enormous sacrifice. there's also the question of why he doesn't just let go of it, and move on, and he's in a general election against hillary clinton. had he originally answered, by the way, you know, as commander in chief, i would never have put the khans' son in harm's way. if he would have pointed out the fact -- maybe not in the beginning -- but he had ultimately opposed the iraq war, that seems like a much more presidential answer. >> carol, let me get your take and the fact that you have republican leaders condemning the comments, but not pulling back their support for trump. i mean, they're in a really tricky spot right now. >> it is a tricky spot. and it's not clear what they gain out of playing that -- in that space. meaning that you, you know -- if
7:39 am
they were to withdraw their support from donald trump, then they risk alienating the base. but if you're criticizing him without with drawing your support, as say senator john mccain is, you risk alienating independent voters who are more sympathetic with the khans. and i agree with karen that this is -- does seem to have some staying power and i think part of the reason is that what you saw on that stage was a grieving family. and that's something that i think everybody can relate to. >> and if you look at the polls, it seems as though it's starting to take a little poll. our latest nbc news survey monkey poll shows secretary clinton with an eight-point lead. part of that poll taken july 25th through 31st. so that would have overlapped with this controversy. then you see cnn, cbs. she's got a lead here. karen, what do you make of these polls? it's not labor day yet. do these numbers stick? >> i still think we're in the post convention bubble. but i -- i also think that conventions don't mean what they
7:40 am
used to mean. i think that this is probably more driven by the fact -- more driven by donald trump recently. the other thing that was interesting was rather than stepping aside and letting the democrats have their convention, he was constantly in there mixing it up with them. and i think that created a completely different dynamic. and as a result, it wasn't quite viewed as quite just the infomercial it might have been seen otherwise. >> and the other issue that's been dogging donald trump, his taxes. he won't release his tax returns. another billionaire businessman took him on over the issue, warren buffett issued a challenge to him. take a listen. >> i'm under audit too. [ laughter ] and i would be delighted to meet him any place, any time, between now and election. i'll bring my tax return. he could bring his tax return. nobody is going to arrest us. this is not -- there are no rules against showing your tax
7:41 am
returns. and just let people ask us questions about the items that are on there. >> he's a democrat. he's been a hillary fan for a long time. and i think that's fine. >> carol, let me go back out to you. donald trump not taking the bait. this is sort of unprecedented for a presidential campaign not to release his tax returns in modern history. could this hurt him, given we are in this general election? >> well, it doesn't appear to have hurt him so far. again, this is not your traditional presidential election or campaign. and so things that typically would hurt a candidate haven't hurt donald trump. and i think voters probably care less or particularly his supporters care less about tax returns than they do something like we were talking about earlier, like his criticism of a military family that lost a son. but he's clearly not going to take warren buffett's challenge to a tax dual, if you will.
7:42 am
and it's just -- it's not clear to me that this is something that's really going to resonate in this election cycle. >> one other topic that is making headlines, resonating today, karen. donald trump was asked, what if his daughter evonca were the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. what would she do? her response was, well, she might get another job. she's a tough woman, she wouldn't be subjected to that. his son weighed in on that this morning. let's take a listen. >> frankly, ivanka is a strong, you know, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be, you know, objected to it. and by the way, you should certainly take it up with human resources and i think she definitely would as a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. and i think that's a point he was making. and i think he did so well. >> so, karen, eric trump. did he make the situation any better? >> sexual harassment is more about power than it is about sex. and the idea that the daughter of the owner of the trump empire
7:43 am
would have been subjected to the sort of thing that maybe an office assistant might be subjected to is sort of a silly heist hypothetical. >> karen, just to weigh in on this point. he's already struggling with women voters. and what strikes me about this, here we are talking about these three trump controversies. there are things that we could be talking about with hillary clinton. but he seems to overshadow the news cycle every day with another controversy. doesn't that hurt him more broadly? >> well, it certainly makes the clinton campaign happy. because rather than talk about -- and it's also something that really aggravates republicans. because when instead of talking about hillary clinton, they're talking about donald trump's comments about sexual harassment. donald trump's comments about a military family. donald trump's comments about russia. and that's -- the clinton campaign largely is happy to sit back and kind of let that happen. and republicans, who want donald trump to pivot and be a better
7:44 am
candidate are increasingly irritated by it. >> all right. great conversation, karen tumulte and carol loee. the deadliest air balloon accident ever in this country. plus -- >> whatever you do he's doing on facebook! >> an airline pilot comes to the rescue when an unruly passenger threaten thes the flight crew. the moments captured on video. when we come back. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®.
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"see what's possible."
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now to breaking news out of california. five people are dead after a charter bus swerved and crashed into a pole that then punctured through the center of the bus. the total of 30 passengers were on board. five were prone to nearby hospitals. according to california highway patrol, officials say the bus was headed to sacramento from southern california. there are new details about the pilot of the hot air balloon
7:48 am
that crashed in texas on saturday, killing all 16 people on board. court records show alfred "skip" nichols, had a trouble past, including two stipts stints in a prison. nichols was a recovering alcoholic, who had been season sober for four years. investigators believe he was trying to land the balloon when it struck high voltage tension power lines and blurts into flames. they have not yet determined whether pilot error was involved in the flash. this incident caught on camera by a fellow passenger. take a look. >> sit down. sit down! enough! you don't put your hands on my flight attendant! enough! >> yep. >> you hear me? >> yep. >> you stay right there. you stay right there. >> airlines pilot last month after allegedly attacking a flight attendant and threatening to break her jaw. kerr is free on $25,000 bail
7:49 am
after appearing in court on charges, including assault and intoxication. the court ordered that kerr cannot fly on commercial airlines and must not make contact with the flight attendant he's accused of attacking. back after a quick break. stay with us. most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. incr...think it wouldotection in a pwork, but it does.dn't... it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super... ...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks. the search for relief often leads... here...
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♪ there was pomp and ceremony at the white house just a short time ago as president obama greeting the prime minister of singapore. they're now meeting in the oval office before holding a joint news conference next hour. and that is where we find nbc's ron allen. ron, tell us the purpose of this visit. what's the headline today? >> reporter: well, the main way to think about singapore is it being an anchor nation in america's eyes of the southeast asia region. and those nations, as a counter balance, to china. militarily and economically in that part of the world. this is central to the obama doctrine, if you will, of the need for american foreign policy to focus more on asia and the
7:53 am
pacific rim than europe and the middle east. our traditional focus. that's why the leader of singapore is here. he and the president have a very close relationship. they're part of the global coalition against isis and the trade deal the administration is trying to push through. mostly, this is about obama's lega legacy, focusing more toward asia and the pacific than the middle east. >> ron, i have to change gears and ask you a much fluffier question now. >> reporter: not very fluffy, actually. >> a steak dinner. well, i look forward to hearing the details. can you tell us what is going to be on the menu tonight? >> reporter: well, i feel like a waiter in had a fancy restaurant. i could tell you, it's just starters, some salad, beef and dessert. but, of course, it's symbolism and it's maryland blue crab as a first course. then there is a local tomato salad with cucumber, pickled man goes and. the main course is american
7:54 am
beef, that succulent kobe beef and peach sangria dessert drizzled with white house honey. so it's -- and, wine, of course, for each of the four courses. a wonderful meal. and, unfortunately, we are not invited. >> ron, you have a job as a waiter. you did a fantastic job there. thank you so much. it sounds excellent. appreciate the update. well, three days and counting. olympians are streaming into roe ahead of friday's ceremonies. all of the latest olympic details next from rio.
7:55 am
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or any of its ingredients. most people using stelara® saw 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. and we are just three days away from the commencement of the summer olympic games. but the drama surrounding the unknown fate of the russian athletes continues. nbc's keir simmons is in rio with more.
7:58 am
>> reporter: this morning, brazil's incredible coastline, the stunning setting for this year's olympics, has many athletes arriving in rio overwhelmed. mike like the u.s. as's volleyball team who say complaints of unfit accommodation haven't hit them. >> the village has been wonderful, the food has been great. just the scenery with the water falls, the pools, yeah, it's wonderful. so far. >> reporter: but russia still doesn't know how many of its athletes will be allowed to compete. its track and field team among those already banned after a doping scandal being investigated by an ioc committee. overnight, the ioc president defending, not banning, the entire russian team. >> this decision is about justice. justice has to be independent from politics. >> reporter: a final decision may come today. nbc news was given a toll of a world anti doping agency lab at
7:59 am
london's kings college. >> just about to inject a sample now. >> reporter: where many russian athletes' samples were tested. one of the world's top anti doping scientists saying new ways of doping are always emerging. >> more times than not, we are ahead of the cheat. >> reporter: you're competing with the cheats. to catch them out. >> that's an unfortunate part of the process, yes. because it's not the sort of competition one really would like to have. >> reporter: but other athletes getting into the spirit of the olympics this morning, enhancing their bodies in a more fun way. ryan lochte dying his hair blue. or is that silver? the dramatic change already causing a splash as team usa's athletes prepare for their moments on the world stage. >> and all eyes will be watching. keir simmons, thank you for that update from rio. and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i'm kristen welker in washington. tamron hall picks up our coverage now.
8:00 am
>> reporter: good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. right now we're waiting for donald trump to hold a rally in the battleground state of virginia. a state president obama won by a narrow margin in 2012. virginia is the home state of democratic vice presidential candidate, tim kaine. it is also home to case khazir and humayun khan. the khans' emotionally charged plea to donald trump at the democratic national convention has arguably proven to be a major turning point in this presidential race. we are waiting to see if donald trump will address the khans in virginia, given it's their home state. but last night, trump continued to play defense. >> i was very viciously attacked, as you know, on the stage. and i was surprised to see it. and so all i did -- i have great honor and


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