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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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election. topping the agenda is unfit to serve. president obama with a blunt pronunciation of donald trump. >> yes, i think that the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. >> the president's comments coming at a white house news conference in the wake of his war of words with the parent os f a slain service man. it's unheard of for a cityingment to attack on nominee. this forcefully and the president also issuing this challenge to republican leader. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> in just a minute we're going to ask one republican member of
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congress who has said just that about don if he will refuse to endorse him through the election. also on the agenda is a brand new batch of polls on where the trump and clinton race stands now that the conventions are over. >> i see one from cnn when we're down. i think the polls, there's something about the polls and something funny. >> well, it may not be surprising that trump is talking when we look at the newest numbers. we will take you through all of them in just a few minutes. we begin with the top story. president obama handing down the strongest rebuke yet for the nominee. he was brought with conflict with trump and the feud of the parent of a fallen u.s. soldier and the remarks on u.s. relations with russia. president obama calling trump unfit for the white house and urging republican leader to
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resend their support for him. >> i think what has been interesting is the repeated pronunciations of his statements by leading republicans. including the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader. if you're having to say in strong terms if what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party and the standards? >> that was the president this morning at an news conference.
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kill k kelly is standing by and what is the excepts on this? >> well, this is a case where the trump campaign put in a length statement and linking him to clinton and everything from foreign policy to libya and syria and saying that hillary clinton is not fit to serve. this is a quick response in stances where the trump campaign, and it seems to me more campaign driven than the candidate himself based on the timing and also appearing when the president was making his remark s. what is so unusual is that while there's the normal partisan ship that drives a president to criticize, was in a different realm and we have been where there's now a sitting president that's willing to say not just on issues of days agreement and on policy and point of view, but in terms of fitness and temperament, judgment, mind set.
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barack obama has gone further than we have seen a president, and he certainly did at the dnc and that's a political forum, why he was giving the big speech on wednesday night of clinton's convention. this is in the east room of the white house and a much more official setting with the leader of another country and singapore right there at his side. so that's what ramps this up and the campaign pushing back and trying to make the argument that they think that clinton's judgment and the e-mail situation or the efforts on sort of changing regimes around the world, and her work on that. and if that makes her unready to serve. steve? >> okay. thank you very much kelly. >> now, joining me and congressman you supported me in the republican primaries and you have not endorsed don and approximate parties nominees for
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president. you're one of the republicans in a way that the president was tacking about earlier today that's called some of trump's comments up acceptable and over the line. >> no, i don't see that. steve, thanks for having me on the show. i have no plans on making the endorsement or the nominee. i said that mainly because of the excepts and i can go and list them all if you would like from john mccain to the pow's to the disabled and the muslims and know the kahn family situation. also because of the numerous polly statements and they're not enough and the few that we have heard are conflicted or conti e contradictio
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contradictions. so, i had no plans on making the endorseme endorsement. >> we hear that with the president and then with john mccain and paul ryan over the weekend and when they distance themselves from one of the statements and donald trump and then over the line and then something that they don't agree with and the president says he can't square that with still supporting him for president. john mccain still endorsing don and paul ryan endorsing him, does the president have a point there? >> well, the speaker does not have the freedom or luxury of in dependence. he is in a difficult situation than many other republicans are. now, the president obviously, look, he has a partisan interest here and i would expect him to say those things. for paul ryan, he is in a tough
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spot. i cannot speak for the colleagues, but they have to look in their own hearts and souls to determine how they want to move forward given what's happened in the resent weeks. >> what would you say to people and republicans and conservatives that are talking about the interest of party locality in keeping hillary clinton out of the white house. they say that somebody like you that's refusing to get on board with trump and even if you're not endorsing him and not supporting him, you're supporting clinton? >> well, first of all i'm not suppo supporting and then serving in the white house and then the way that she handled classified material. i can assure that you that if i did something, that's like maintaining the security clearance. with that said, i joined the party of abraham clinton, ronald
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reagan and george w.h bush and as republicans we have to do soul searching and a more traditional view of conservatism. i thought that meant things like change, evolutionary progress, disamine, order, control, temperament statements and measured tones. i thought that's where we should be and want to be. donald trump has also done something that's actually useful in that he is helped pull back the curtain and reveal and they're not and many republican voters and primary voters are some what conservative. there are not on every issue and many of the people supporting donald trump know that he is not pure. we have had a lot of folks in the party who have designated themselves as the head of the security police and critical of
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guys like me and others that say that we're not doctrine or ridged enough and then condemn us. then when we have a nominee that's ideology and unteethered, it's fine nor them to jump on board and then condemn the rest of us. >> well, we have two pieces of news just coming in this afternoon involving one of donald trump's top supporters on the side chris christie the governor of new jersey. he had a press conference today and without directly criticizing donald trump he distanced himself from don o don ald trume war of words. >> i am a father, and i cannot imagine the pain of losing a child under any circumstances. for mr. and mrs. kahn to lose the son while defending the
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country is unfathom so they geet to see at what they want. >> christy saying that she have a free form without having someone go after them. the other bid of news and this in the last hour maria comelia one of his aides is saying that she is voting for hillary clinton and not for donald trump. she is not the first one to make the declaration and that's a step further than most have been willing to go. do you think that we will hear more republicans say what maria said this afternoon? >> it's quit possible. i cannot speak to others and only for myself. i heard what chris christie said. we must honor the sacrifice for those that have given their lives and devotion for the country and then the parents and then they're grieving.
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we must honor them and their sacrifice. there's nothing that you can say expect when your a political candidate, you can be criticized from time to time. sometimes you have to take the lumps. during the convention, there was a grieving mother smith that had harsh words and at that time, you have to take the lumps. i have been to the funerals of many soldiers that are in the conflicts in iraq and afghan tata stan. this is difficult to do. i cannot imagine getting back and forth with a gold star family given what they have been through. >> your home state of pennsylvania has emerged as the pivotal battleground and then the trump campaign made no secrete to flip it from blue to red. looking at pennsylvania now and knowing the politics and which of these two candidates right now is more likely to win
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pennsylvania, trump or clinton? >> well, i cannot make predictions but i think that pennsylvania is a competitive situation. i think that trump will perform well up state and the up earn in order to west and the t of pennsylvania and then across the northern tear. clinton will perform well in philadelphia. the bigger ones is where hillary clinton sees that she has an advantage and 40 percent of pennsylvania's population is in the five counties and the force surrounding. that's the battleground and i suspect that donald trump has some weakness where clinton has strength. with that said, donald trump has a lots of areas of strength there. the population growth has been the south eastern counties and much less so in the southwest and so. so the shift is more in the area where clinton is expected to
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perform before. >> okay. congressman from pennsylvania thanks for taking the time. appreciate it. >> hey, thank you steve. great to be with you again. still to come the conventions are over. now the delegates have gone back home, and we're going to have the first reading of the state of the race that's truly and totally after the conventions. the general election match up is set and 55 days way and from the first debate, we're going to take a real read on where it stands. also, we talk about donald trump and what right now would be the narrow path to victory what about the other side of things? what if everything breaks clinton's way and not donald trump's way. what would a clinton perfect scenario look like this fall? we're going to tackle that. zika in florida. they're warning pregnant woman to avoid a specific neighborhood because of the disease.
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well, life is returning to normal in cleveland and philadelphia. the confetti and balloons are gone. both parties national conventions are in the mirror and with the clinton and trump match upset, we thought that that it would be a good time to take the step back and take
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stock in where the race for president stands right now. it's the bounce and the convention bounce. who got the bigger one? well, the monkey poll shows clinton moving before a lead and then all the way out to an eight point lead now and that's a bounce of seven points for clinton and by comparison that some poll showed no bounce after trump's convention. a new poll gives clinton a 12 bounce and that's down three percent before the democratic convention and ahead to nine points after it and then a swing for clinton there. that's bigger than the ten point bounce that cnn found for trump after his convention. we we want from seven down before the convention to three up after it and that's there in the cbs poll shows a bigger bounce for clinton than for
1:19 pm
trump. the polls have come out and all of them have hillary clinton in the lead and the harrell gin ranges three points on the low end to nine points on the high end. get this, it's part of a bigger pattern and there are 26 major national polls since the start of july and clinton has lead in 22 of them and not a few polls immediately after and trump has consistently trailed in the race. that's true now that the dust has settled in the convention. now, this does not mean that trump is out of it and he has high negatively scores and like the ability and trustworthiness. he did show in the convention that he is capable of winning over more voters and temporarily. the problem is that the numbers are worse than clinton's. neither of them have a great image now, but clinton diddo more to improve the image during
1:20 pm
the convention than trump did. there's one more chance for the candidates to shake up the public o pin kbrion in a big wa. it's september 26th and that's when the first debate is set for. joining us now is dan balanceds and talking big picture and state of the race, clinton could be the favorite entering the fall stretch of the campaign and if donald trump wants to reverse the poll numbers, what are the important steps that he has to take? >> and he is wasting his series of a day and if he hoped that he could take advantage and the bounce that clinton got, he has done the opposite. it would suggest that he had no sense of a strategy and mean
1:21 pm
thag he had some opportunities coming out of this and one, the very growth numbers that came out of this is secretaries clinto clintons. we could have talked more on what we did overall. he has done none of that and instead got into the fight with the gold star family. you would think that those people who are advising him and other republicans would be yelling at him by now to try to straighten this out and get it focus in the right direction. >> that's what i hear from the republicans that totally have given up on him and frustrated by this turn of events. they say that it's bad enough from the damage of the last couple of days and then what worries them more and that donald trump is not capable of being a different candidate. >> well, i think that we have known that for a long time.
1:22 pm
there's always a volatility and he thrive on that. he is a chaos candidate and likes to disrupt things. we need to be cautious on the conventi convention polls that come out. we need to give the race a couple of weeks or through the august through the olympics before we have a sense of how competitive it's going to be. >> what about the republican leader and president obama calling on republican leader not just to criticize donald trump for the statements but to resend their endorsements of him. you saw paul ryan has stopped short of doing that and john mccain a length and harsh statement. is there any serious risk of the republican figures taking the step? >> well, i don't think that we're there yet, but it could happen in the future. i think that the more president obama urges them to do it, the
1:23 pm
less likely to do it in the short run. depending on what donald trump has to say about things or has to say about the rest of the republican party, you can see the level of discomfort growing. there's no question about it. >> when you look at clinton right now and leading in the polls and we're not looking at a double dig it lead here. she is still certainly donald trump within striking zis tan distance. if you have to say that there's one big vulnerable for clinton, what is it so far this fall? >> it's do people trust her enough to in trust her with with the presidency. you're right, this is not a lead of ten points or something like that at this point. we know that this is a very divided country. we know that this is a country that there's a tremendous number of people there's a tremendous number of people that distrust
1:24 pm
the political establishment and she represents that. if donald trump can ex ploitd that, he can win the election. so far he has r hnot been able do that. she has got to figure out how to make sure that she keeps him off balance. that's the major goal of the clinton campaign. that and to try to lay down an economic argument that plays more favorable to her. >> dan with the washington post. thank you for the time. >> thank you steve. trump today in virginia and he avoided the mention of the kahn family, but the feud with the gold star family has brought to the surface his own record of military service and not having the military service during the vietnam war area. we're going to speak to a
1:25 pm
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now, the headlines at the half hour and then the strongest yet of donald trump and calling the republicans nominee unprepar unprepared. trump's back and forth with the american muslim soldier and he we want on to criticize those that endorse trump and denouncing the excepts like they did over the weekend. clinton raising $63 million in july. that's the best month to date. that's also nearly double what trump says the campaign brought in the same period and clinton taking in $600 million for the
1:29 pm
national commit tee and then bringing it to just over $90 million. and then after 15 reporters there and then to avoid traveling to a small area of south florida. it's the states and territory of $16 million to combat the spread of zika. sanders is in the section of miami, and that's the heart of what we're talking about with the details on this. kerry? >> reporter: well, we're talking of one more person making it 15. the most significant aspect is the person that got the zika virus came here but does not live her in wynnewood. it has a matter of fact, they live outside of the region. that's three cases and those
1:30 pm
that come here and left the area and found out that they had zika. it's really about the visitors coming here say the authorities. they think that they have isolated the mosquitos to this one square mile north of downtown called wynnewood. this is a very poplar area. people come here to see the arts scene. there were tourist buses opened air and double deckers and exposing people that can get bit by mosquitos and then leave the area and then they're a carrier of the virus. with that virus in the system. well, if it bites them somewhere else, it can get passed on. so the concern is trying to get rid of them. in florida that's an age old battle and to give you an idea that the people have, we have rain here almost everyday and this is a standing water that we had from an afternoon rain.
1:31 pm
this is the breeding territory for the mosquitos. the authorities are out and fogging and trying to sweep the water out. it's an end less battle that you're not going get ahead of and because of the were weather and environment. so the biggest question is with the things that have not been affective as they hope to be, will they along with all of the other efforts be enough to swatch this? it's a fight here in wynnewood. >> all right. kerry sanders down there in miami. thank you for that. kerry, appreciate it. turning back to politics and a rally today in ash burn, virginia. donald trump did that not serve said that he received a purple heart. >> something very nice just happened to me. a man came up to me, and he handed me his purple heart.
1:32 pm
>> new york city i said to him is that like the real one or is that a copy? he said that's my real purple heart. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> again that's in virginia today and this coming as trump faces another day for that feud he's had with the kahn family and then the draft de furments and hthen for years he said tha it was a lottery number that kept him for serving in the vietnam but the records that were obtain bid the new york times suggest otherwise. joining me now is an author of that story and steve, thanks for taking a few minutes. let's take a step back before we get into the specifics with trump. i remember with bill clinton and
1:33 pm
george w. bush and they were common in the politics. that generation is now fading off the stage and trump still there. take us back and just set the scene for the late 1960s and 1968 donald trump and finishing up college and he would be eligible for the draft. what was being subjected to this. give us the big picture to what is happening? >> yeah, if you go back to 1968, it's a period of the war that a large number of the men are being called to serve and here we are in the spring. doon don has graduatesd from wharton and it's time to serve and get the physical exam. what he told me in that period is that he had a heel issue. called heel spurs. he had gotten a letter from the doctor at the time and that was enough to give him a 1 y status.
1:34 pm
that was a disqualification that stayed in place until 1972. this was the period before the lottery, so that's where things get interested when you talk to the lottery period. >> yeah, so in other words, he said that this lottery took place in 1969 and he got a high number and that meant that he was not going to be called. he said that his number did not come up. he said before that, he went to a and the doctor told the military that look this guy has an issue with the heel and cannot serve. >> yeah, that's what you're explain. from a 14 month period there from the fall of 1968 until the lottery in december of 1969, he had a medical deferment from serving in the military. what we understand from a
1:35 pm
researcher that class approximate if i ca classification did not go away and so essentially he would have been vulnerable at the time of being called. >> if you go back ten or 20 year it was common and politicians having to answer the questions like this about what happened to them in the vietnam area and had bill clinton famous in 1992 and a letter emerged and helping him to avoid the service and then george w bush and joining up with the national guard. what you're talking about here and detailing here with this heel issue and the bone spurriers and one of the kr criticisms and the certain people is that they found excuses to avoid service. >> sure, it was hardly unusual to try to find a way to delay the service and avoid the
1:36 pm
service. a lot of folks had the student defurment of course and mr. trump had them during the college years and then people were looking for letters from doctors to try to find a way not to be drafted into the vietnam and into the war. >> the question is does this have the same that it did a generation ago when it was fresher in people's mind what happened during the vietnam area. now we're at a point of talking 50 years in the past. i wonder if it's the same with people? >> well, that's a great question. you will sort of see how the people react and one of the questions with trump and the campaign and then the remarks or comments about the veterans in the latest episode involving the sacrifice. this episode has popped up in the campaign and just like i had
1:37 pm
did many years ago. >> okay. steve, thank you very much for that story and donald trump and the draft story. >> okay. thank you. coming up next is donald trump laying the ground work for how you talk about losing the election in november? >> i'm frad the election is going to be rigged. if i did not win by a massive land slide. think of what we won in new york, indiana and california 78 percent. >> donald trump talking about a land slide there for himself. we looked at some of the things that could put him in the white house. what states he needs to win and voters. what if everything broke right? what could the map look like? we're going to dive into that with the most important number of the day. (lionel) ♪it's peyton...
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kicked a baby out of his speech today. sometimes you wonder who the baby is. >> tim kaine taking a shot there at donald trump. going to take you now to the most number of the day. it's 391. what is that all about today? and that path right now is kn r narrowing for him. there's the issue on what happened if it broke donald trump's way and then what happens if everything breaks hillary clinton ways instead.
1:42 pm
that's what takes you to the number. it's the road and going to show you what that means. this is the map and what it looks like. president obama won 302 and romney 206. what if we started and we have been talking about trump would have to win some of these blue states and what if clin on the holds all of the blue states and if president obama won and then that's ohio and pennsylvania and florida and what if she added to that. what if she made the roads and states that mitt won. that's the question and there's polls to the states that suggest that could happen. what i'm going do here is take you through states that we have the polling data right now that suggests hillary clinton is within striking distance of donald trump. some of these is that the demographics are more favoritable and putting together and more with college educated and then a rising latino
1:43 pm
population. let me take you through the states. the red states and there's a couple of polls out and showing her within striking distance. let's take you to north carolina and that's the democrats and there's the poll that is have her ahead right now. how about georgia? there's a state that no democrat has carried since clinton did it in 1992. then there's a dead even race in georgia. it's one that clinton can target. she has a fighting chance. then there's the polling out of virge virgets. she is done to donald trump and then strikes distance. we have seen the polls that are dead even and how about this one? this is the biggest shock on the board however. there are some particular reasons that we need to see more to make sure that this is the case. the most resent number out of utah and the state of utah ask the number is more than a month
1:44 pm
old, but it's a dead even race in utah and then there's one more twist to this. they do things funny in the state of nebraska and then there's a certain number for winning the states and then there's two. you get one for every district that you win. guess what, there's one district around omaha where clinton is definitely within the striking distance. she was out there campaigning and it's one that president obama carried back in 2008. she could pick up an extra vote out of there and have 390. if everything broke her way could jump up to 391. that's the flip side of all of the scenarios if donald trump could win this state and that state. the flip side if he won the states, here is where she is having a chance to do the states if everything broke the way, she is up to 400 votes.
1:45 pm
that's the wide range and question showed you that and here is the clinton side of the range. it's the most important number of the day and this is -- i did that wrong. i just screwed the board up. it was almost a perfect ten. some news to tell you about. this just coming in and this is amazing dwoevelopment here from the washington post. donald trump is saying that he is not backing house speaker paul ryan. that primary is coming up next week and saying that he is not quiet there yet. also saying in this interview that he is not supporting senator john mccain out in arizona. mccain is having difficulties and has a primary to deal with and asusuming that he gets through that, he has to face a general election match up. so donald trump and these are warring words with republican
1:46 pm
leader. here is senior white house correspondent and elliot johnson and amy, let me start with you and the news of donald trump, paul ryan, john mccain. this is not going bring the republican party together any time soon. >> yeah, it's stunning and coming on a week that donald trump could use some help. paul ryan actually -- speaker ryan threw him under the bus with the kahn comments and so did mccain. he is signaling to them that i can one up you guys as well. this is what is happening. >> yeah, it's interesting. obviously john mccain and a lot of people thought the potential threat was on the mind when they issued the criticism, and they did not go the extra step and endorsing, and they're con souse of their own re-election problems. they don't want to voters riled
1:47 pm
up against them. >> call me crazy, but donald trump does not seem capable of getting beyond his own personal issues with the members of the republican caucus and the house and senate. i'm not surprised by this. it's uncomable to watch the republican house members and senators sort of uncomfortably stand by them. if the house just gets everything out in the open and break with trump, so be it. >> yeah, that's interesting and we were talking about this earlier in the show and what is the breaking point for the republicans that have separated themselves as much as they can from trump without saying that's it. i'm not endorsing him anymore. do you think that this what he is saying now is the extra nudge? >> yeah, if trump comes out and says he is going to do it and then going to back john mccain,
1:48 pm
they have all of the excuses that they need to break with him openly and, you know, so much the better for, you know, better if for the republican party. it was the nt that said what he heard was not republican or conservative. and so much for these guys and the general election to distance themselves and not feel any obligation to stand by as they openly insults them. >> yeah,'m trying to think of what the move from paul ryan would be. now, the district in wisconsin and the republican president nomination and paul ryan we want for ted cruz and did not go for trump. if you're paul ryan, that's the good news. not from a trump district. if paul ryan gets clear of this primary and survives it, do you think that he comes back to washington and says that's not it. i'm not playing the game and not supporting him anymore? >> maybe. he is in a curious situation
1:49 pm
because he is close to pence. what does he say to his friend the vice presidential candidate? i think that puts him in a spot. maybe he could have a heart to heart with him and he could sort of convince him to stay in this regardless. i'm curious to see how it unfolds. >> now, we talked about him calling on leader and how is that message received? >> werll, i thought that it was chartable and i was just waiting for the other shoe to drop and just sort of beating the republicans over the head with trump because most of the d democrats have been trying to tie him and hope that they suffer for having trump at the top of the ticket.
1:50 pm
that's what the president did today. >> okay. elliot johnson and amy, thank i don't say for joining us. arriving in brazil and then the opening ceremonies for the olympic games. and then it's shaping up. stay with us. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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well, it was a rocky day on
1:54 pm
wall street and now for the cnbc market wrap. >> yeah we did see the markets closing lower. the dow closing 91 points down and the s&p off 14 and the nasdaq by 46 points. that's it for cnbc first and business world wide. one unfortu on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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1:58 pm
kerry saying that he is practicing just in case. you will see the games here on msnbc and family of networks. as they arrive, there's questions if they're able to compete. some being investigated for possible doping. we're in rio with more. >> brazil's incredible coastline and the stunning setting has many olympic athletes arriving overwhelmed. like the usa volleyball team saying that the complaints have not hit them. >> the village is wonderful and the food is great. the scenery and the pools, yeah it's wonderful so far. >> russia still does not know how many of it's athletes will be allowed to compete. the track and field team banned after a doping scandal being investigated by an i oc
1:59 pm
committee and banning not all of the russian team. >> this decision is not about justice. justice has to be independent from politics. >> a final decision may come today. just getting the sample ready. >> nbc news was giving a tour at the lab at london king's where many samples were tested. >> many of them have had their stuff sampled here. >> more times than not, we're ahead. >> you're competing with the cheats to get them out. >> yeah, it's a competition that we would not like to have. >> other athletes getting into the spirit and enhancing the body in a more fun way. ryan dying his hair blue. or is that silver? the dramatic change already causing a splash as team usa
2:00 pm
athletes prepare for the moment on the world stage. >> three days away from the opening ceremonying and reporting from rio. that's going to do it for us this hour. mtp daily starts now. if it's tuesday, is this the end of the presidential campaign as we now know it? are the issue debates now over because the temperament is going to trump all. this is mpt daily, and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good evening i am chuck todd. are witnessing the complete unravel of the donald trump campaign and the truths. trump's fight with the parent os f a american soldier is the tip


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