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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc. donald trump will have a rally in portland, maine, this time tomorrow. right now, more news with thomas roberts. trump has a couple things in florida today. >> florida to maine, he has the east coast covered. chris jansing, thank you so much. hi, everybody. staging an intervention, republican heavy hitters prepping to step in after a brutal 48 hours for their party's nominee. we are about an hour away from e seeing donald trump for the first time after a day of news about trouble in his campaign, including moments ago his running mate breaking ranks to publicly endorse paul ryan. >> i'm strongly supporting paul
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ryan, strongly endorse his reelection. he's a long-time friend, he's a strong conservative leader. i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary. i'm pleased to do it. >> so ahead this hour, more on the new attempt to get trump on track led by gop heavy hitters. among them rnc chair reince priebus and two republicans who endorsed and trusted advisers of trump rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. >> in control of the campaign. that's number one. and i'm in control of doing the things that he wants me to do in the campaign. >> a lot of mu details with reporters working their sources inside and outside of the trump campaign. it's been a very public misstep at the top of the republican
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ticket. i want to start with kelly o'donnell in washington. what are your sources telling you about this pence endorsement. context here about speaker ryan. he says i never asked donald trump for an endorsement. >> it's been a delegate relationship since this has all begun. what i'm being told by sources is mike pence who has a long relationship with paul ryan. he served 12 years before becoming indiana's governor. in one of the many conversations he has by phone with donald trump, this happened this morning. sources tell me that trump raised the issue to pence and pence wanted to endorse. we know that trump has sort of withheld an endorsement because paul ryan has a primary against a conservative next week. although ryan is expected to win that, it is a climate in which every kind of contest needs to be taken seriously and this is is more negative press on the relationship between trump and ryan. now what's interesting on this, too, is pence is playing the role which he was cast.
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he is the traditional republican. he is the long-time office holder. he is someone who can open up lines of communication to the republican establishment. he is doing that. i'm told it was pence who reached out to john mccain yesterday. they had a personal meeting in phoenix. so we have the ryan endorsement, mccain meeting and one of the top insiders for the trump campaign, the social media director tweeted out a photo inside the trump airplane watching mike pence on television trying to close the loop saying that wild trump may go his own way on his brand, that mike pence is on brand playing the more traditional republican leader. >> kelly o'donnell in washington, thank you. want to go to hallie jackson who are is in florida. what are your sources telling you about what the other story line is today about an
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intervention and inside circle to help him get back on track. >> it's almost like where do you want to begin after another wild day on campaign 2016 covering donald trump and his campaign. let's start with that intervention. our reporting that indicates that some of trump's top allies are playing to get together in the coming days to talk about moderating his tone, how to get his campaign back on track after a very difficult 48 hours from the campaign. i'll tell you this. paul manafort and governor mike pence have both said they hadn't heard anything about this. in our conversations and my conversation i just had with a senior trump official, they are not denying this is going to happen. and i will tell you another source familiar with these discussions is telling me now the intervention is real and overdue. this is something you're seeing advisers for trump, people who
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stuck with him from the beginning or from close to the beginning now trying to figure out how to put the trump train back on the tracks considering what has transpired over the last five days since the comments of the gold star family. wi know he's not pleased with trump not endorsing his ally and friend paul ryan. i'm told by a source that they have a great relationship with the rnc insisting that it is fine, acknowledging that ryan and priebus are good allies, but adding trump is focused on his own campaign and not going to mess around in a bunch of these primaries. when pressed about the fact that the house speaker primary is not an everyday primary, if you will, the campaign simply reiterated they believe voters will appreciate that donald trump is not getting involved in this so-called washington nonsense. so there's a lot going on when you look at what is happening in the trump campai. he has a rally down a ways from us in daytona beach this
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afternoon and another in jacksonville at 7:00. look for trump to focus on hillary clinton, to focus on this news about the iran deal, to focus on her e-mail controversy, which is exactly what his campaign and surrogates want to see. on another note just because we're here in florida, watch for trump to talk about zika virus. i'm told it's something will likely come up at one of his ral rallies. >> hallie jackson, we'll see you later today and all night in prime time coming from the campaign. donald trump left a short time ago. your sources are telling you what about the staff and any frustration where manafort is out there now trying to calm any
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of the chaotic chatter. >> there's some frustration that donald trump can't seem to stay on message. i'm told multiple people said you have to focus on hillary clinton or your strengths. don't pick a fight with a gold star family. don't counterpunch if you don't have to. s that general election campaign. there's no need to take away from our message. there is a need to stay on message. there have been ongoing conversations with donald trump about that. i'm told by one person close to him there's a very serious conversation this morning to try to get donald trump back on message. but take a glance. donald trump is the outsider candidate.
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even talking about the paul ryan stuff, there's sense behind the scenes that's not necessarily as big of a deal as the fight with the khan family. they don't believe fighting with paul ryan is going to resinate. it's not part of what matters to them. it doesn't paint trump in the light that his lack of empathy for a grieving family might do. so there's an us versus them mentality in the campaign right now. if you're not on our side, you're against us. there's no reason to back someone like paul ryan or john mccain. >> just some new fundraising numbers out as we look at this. hillary clinton now having $91 million. i want to bring in the national
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political correspondent for "the washington post". i stayed up last night. i was in bed at 10:30 reading the full verbiage of your sit-down with donald trump. it was hard to get through. i'm not going to lie. it was fascinating to hear the type of distracted interview this was and with you trying to get him to give answers not only about the gold star family issue and being attacked, but also about where he was in virginia and what that meant and who was going to be the people that send people to the white house. so i'm sorry, it was a a tough read. pu paul ryan, trump told you that i'm not quite there yet.
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paul ryan did not seek his endorsement. does it matter? >> it matters in so far as this is a a typical step. it's what the party leader does. donald trump is now the leader of the republican party. he's the nominee for president. paul ryan is his party's top elected official, the speaker of the house. it's pretty extraordinary that trump is not willing to endorse paul ryan in his primary and i think the reason it's such big news right now is it speaks to the terrible discord and disy disunity within the republican party at the moment. these leaders cannot seem to get on the same page and here we are two weeks after the convention in cleveland that was designed and choreographed to showcase party unity and we're just given a fresh reminder that trump is not an agent of the party. he's his own man. he may be the nominee, but trump going to do what he wants to do.
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>> but for donald trump to stay on message and for republicans that are worried about him and certainly ones that are critical of him, what was the biggest standout moment for you in that sit-down interview about the campaign he's running and the road ahead for the next 90 days? >> there were a lot of interesting moments. one i would point to is the end when we started talking about what is his plan to win the white house. we're 98 days away from the election. what states is e he going to n win. he started to say, look, there are a lot of battleground states, but nobody knows what those states are. he wouldn't tell me what the states are. this is pretty unusual, because if you're going to target a state, that means you're campaigning there.
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>> we know nbc news has its own battleground map. only so many up for grabs. >> it's a game of simple math. he's going to go up to maine tomorrow. i have been looking a at polling out of colorado where hillary clinton is about to go up with ads. that state has gone from purple to blue. did they not define what their true strategy is of how they feel they can make end roads where there are areas to gain votes? >> he's not slicing and dicing and trying to target certain voters. he feels like he's creating a massive movement in the country of voters angry, frustrated, who feel left out by the plolitical
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system. if he can continue that conversation and stimulate those voters, then he can win everywhere. that's what he has faith in right now. had it does not match up with the math. it does not appear to be working in the polls that we're seeing. he's betting that we're looking at it the wrong way and surprise us in november. >> it also doesn't match up with the bounce. now we're looking a at the post convention bounce. there were a bigger bounce for hillary clinton. it doesn't include polling about any u of the headlines over the last 48 hours. phillip, thank you. nice work. interesting read. we've been asking people in today's pulse question with 97 days until the election, is it too late to replace donald trump? check it out. the people voting so far, 46% say yes, 54% say no. more results coming up. the white house pressing back that $400 million was handed to iran in return for those four jailed americans released back in january.
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among them, "the washington post"'s jason. paul ryan adding to the noise that the american people deserve answers from the obama administration. clinton supporter barbara boxer is going to join me with her thoughts on that. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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was this money ransom for the folks released? >> no, it was not. it's against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages. this came to ahead at the same time because we were addressing and resolving long-standing concerns with behavior. >> so we hear there from white house press secretary josh ernest pushing back against the
11:18 am
"wall street journal" reporting which sources u.s. and european officials in which the united states air lifted $400 million to iran in the same time frame as the release of four detained american americans,. donald trump took to twitter to connect the report to hillary clinton. our secretary of state hillary clinton was the one who started talks to give $400 million in cash to iran. scandal. joining me is barbara boxer, senior member of the foreign relations committee. good to have you with me. republicans are seizing on this report, including paul ryan releasing a statement in part saying, quote, if true this report confirms our long standing suspicion that the administration paid a van sm for americans in iran. to sell this dangerous nouclear deal. jason was released this year with the other hostages.
11:19 am
hillary clinton was already finished with her time as secretary of state well before he was taken hostage as a reporter. are you concerned about how these implications could backfire for hillary clinton, someone who is so ingratiated herself in the obama legacy? >> not at all, because, thomas, if anyone looks back and takes a minute to go beyond a tweet, this whole dispute with iran goes back to the '70s when iran made deal with america. $400 million in exchange for weapons. the weapons were never delivered. the $400 million of iranian money was placed in a trust fund. so iran has been try ing ing to back that money. there was a dispute.
11:20 am
it was decided they would work it out themselves. finally, it got worked out. according to admiral at the state department. it probably saved american tax pay ers billions of dollars had this gone forward. remember this is iranian money. it was in a trust fund. and as the relations warmed a little bit with iran, this is what happened. the deal was cut, the settlement was made, it's over. and by the way, isn't it great we got back the hostages. i think as people look at this, they are going to look at this as a win for america. without a doubt, in my mind. >> with josh earnest confirming we don't pay cash for hostages, connecting the dots to where this goes back to four decades ago. we can see, though, how this could play out in 140 characters or less with donald trump and this tweet, but we watched the
11:21 am
republican infighting that's reached a a fever pitch right now. despite all that, trump is within striking distance of being nominated president, even though republicans are concerned about his behavior and certainly democrats are. what is your take on the latest go around of what it means to witness a donald trump campaign? >> listen, there is reasons hillary clinton has pulled ahead, and we have a long way to go. the fact of the matter is all you had to do is look at their convention, which i called kind of midnight in gotham city, the most pessimistic candidate i have ever seen and the most narcissistic candidate versus the democratic convention, which was about stronger together because donald trump has insulted three quarters of the american people. that's why i don't see they are going to vote for someone who has really been hateful towards
11:22 am
so many of our neighbors, our friends, to women, to veterans, to disabled people. so the list goes on to hispanics, to muslims and this is not what america is about. i think the democratic convention, i was so proud to be there and speak a couple times. i think it showed the difference between the two parties at this moment in time and the two candidates. one, i think i would have to say pessimistic, hateful. the other with the world needs now is for us to get along and love each other and care about each other, support each other and we get stronger together. >> barbara boxer of california, always nice to have you on. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. coming up next, hillary clinton's campaign handing over the cash for a huge tv ad campaign targeting voters. the plan to take aim at donald trump's business record. that's next. ♪
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>> where were these made? >> i don't know where they were made, but some place. but they are great. tie, shirts, cuff links sold at macy's. >> where are the shirts made? >> bangladesh. we employ people in bangladesh. >> these are beautiful ties. the ties are made where? >> china. >> so that was a new hillary clinton campaign ad on outsourcing his jobs for manufacturing. in that instance, clothes. it's aimed at voters in the rust belt. this is the campaign and her allies prepare to roll out a $100 million ad blitz. trump and his allies are way behind reserving less than $1 million worth of ads. clinton is going to be in colorado later today where she's going to hold a rally focused on the economy. that's where we find kasie hunt
11:27 am
in denver. we see that clip. the clinton ad is going to be out there against donald trump. what is her speech expected to highlight? >> hi, thomas. it's all part of the same message. while on the one hand we're watching donald trump's campaign flail a bit. hillary clinton and her team has been pretty relentless in addition to putting that ad out. she's going to visit a company called knotty ties. it's a company that makes ties right here in the united states. that is designed to back up that ad that you just played. interesting, though, that ad is not currently airing in colorado. this is traditional ly a battleground state, but it's one where democrats feel more comfortable than recent yairs years. i talked to republicans who privately say they think donald trump is running a campaign that's all wrong for colorado. i think that the fact that democrats are willing to pull down their ads in this state really tells you something about the state of play here.
11:28 am
i think you're right to highlight the rust belt. this ad squarely aimed there instead. we're looking at states like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, potentially wisconsin, the places where trump would need to expand the map. right now, the clinton campaign is just trying to stay out of the way of the trump campaign. >> we know that they have successfully done that right now. there's a lot to cover on the right-hand side. but when it comes to colorado having been a purple state before, the speculation now is that it is going to be blue. this selection going to prove it moving forward. curious if hillary clinton is going to start wearing all american made clothes. >> that's actually an interesting question. i know when she was on her bus tour, she was talking a lot about how bill clinton happened to be wearing a shirt made in pennsylvania, a place we drove by on that bus tour. i don't know what the labels say. it's obviously a subject that has been much discussion over many years.
11:29 am
but i do think that we should also highlight that there are a lot of prominent republicans or independent who is have come out for her in the last couple days. we have seen this billionaires club emerge. the latest is mega meg whitman. >> i am not interested in the fashion choices i am in the manufacturing choices of where those clothes might be coming from. kasie hunt reporting there in denver, thank you. we'll see you shortly. a live look in florida. this is daytona beach. donald trump expected to take the stage at 3:00 p.m. eastern. his first rally since new reporting of the dire state of his campaign and the growing tension behind the candidate and the party. what could and should his campaign do. more on that, after this. en lea. here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power
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stage right there in daytona beach, florida, as anxiety grows within the republican party because there's been a series of missteps over the last 48 hours, which has stunned republican leaders. sources close to the trump campaign telling nbc news that trump's family will wield enormous influence over what happens next. jacob soboroff is live in florida for us. and what are supporters say iin about recent activity of the campaign and if they are concerned about their candidate? >> reporter: you probably won't be surprised that as a result of the last 48 hours they are not going to vote for donald trump. but it does give them pause and wish he'd get back to the issues. i want to bring in one of these trump supporters. this is joanne. you were telling me that you think that this will pass like all the other controversial moments we have had. >> definitely, it's going to
11:34 am
pass. i feel the democrats drove things into the media to distract everybody. trump has to clean up the mess. even though he's saying the truth, what he feels about things. just like with the khan family. they pulled the muslim faith into it to deter that he's against them and it's not true. >> reporter: there's a lot from trump supporters that this is fabricated by the media. sure, trump responded but was unfairly reported. >> you think he'll get over that? >> he will. >> does it give you pause when paul ryan has to come out with statements saying he's doing self-destructive things or don't support what he's saying. will that hurt trump? >> it's not going to hurt trump. they are trying to smooth things out a little bit. trump is just saying how everybody feels. sometimes it might not come out directly as he would like it to come out and they do try to smooth it out, but he's not out to hurt anybody or destroy
11:35 am
anybody. >> reporter: thank you for your time. it cannot be understate d how bg of an issue that is when talking to trump supporters that the media, they believe, is exaggerating and fabricating what he is saying. so they are not concerned, just like they weren't concerned in the past. they think he will go on and this will pass. >> jauk jake in florida where donald trump is expected later tonight. getting a little wave there. thank you, sir. for more we're joined by a democratic strategist. presidential campaign, good to have you both here. let me start with you. as someone who has been through campaigns before, how would you advise the trump camp when the narrative has been we have heard this that let trump be trump. >> boy, that's a great question. i'm not sure i'm smart enough to figure out how to coach or
11:36 am
advise donald trump. the problem he has and i think the campaign has, but it's obviously him. he still is in a primary republican mode. and what he has not come to t m terms with when you get to the general skplex talking about key battlegrounds where the pool of voters that you're trying to win over that are going to decide whether you win those critical states like virginia, pennsylvania, ohio and florida, those tend to be more the moderate independent swing type of voters. they can vote both sides. when they look at donald trump and the last few days he's had, but really the last months he's had, the erratic statements, the troubling statements, the devoi divisive statements, not only gives them pause, it gives them alarm. i can tell you we have done focus groups in ohio, las vegas and it's one of the things that undecided voters bring up again and again. his rhetoric and the fear they
11:37 am
have that he's not ready for the job, which is in stark contrast to what they say to hillary clinton. so until they get a handle of that, and i'm not sure it's possible. it doesn't seem like he has that in him. i think we're going to have a repeat of what we're seeing again and again and again right up until election day. >> let me talk to you about this. u know you're not a fan of donald trump and you have worked to try to make other folks be the nominee at this point. we know nbc news saying they could be staging an intervention this weekend. i think in chris's point about we expect to pith in the general, he's not the typical candidate. e he has no experience doing this and has wild success because of this. when someone shows you the first time, why would anybody in the republican party and trusted advisers that want to intervene think they could staeer him in a different direction.
11:38 am
>> i think it's a little unrealistic. if i were advising donald trump and thought that donald trump would listen to any advice, i would just say look, shut up. get off the road, go dark for a few days, don't do speeches, get off twitter. just be quiet for a few days and sort of regroup. this is a time he should be focusing on very serious things like debates that are coming up where he's going to be tested on significant policy issues. >> we can't even get him down on debate schedule. do you think that will happen? do you think he will not attend debates? >> i do think ultimately it will happen because i don't think he realizes how ill prepared he is. and hillary clinton is going to be a tough debate opponent. that's what he should be focusing on. not worrying about all of this back and forth and defending himself from every slight that gets launched against him. >> what do you think about paul manafort's future here? he was on fox news earlier
11:39 am
trying to deal with questions about the campaign chaos and that intervention question specifically. does it seem as if there's a loss of control of this campaign? >> what control has there ever been? the reality is donald trump is the campaign strategist, the communications director, the field director. he holds every position in that campaign. and i have worked with candidates that are somewhat self-centered. no one has ever come close to this, especially at the presidential level in such a self-destructive way. and you're talking about an intervention. you're not talking about a shift in strategy. we should move resources from colorado to ohio. you're talking about a candidate that is seemingly looking mentally unstable. this is real life. we're talking about the presidency. and the reality has the control.
11:40 am
if nothing else over 7,000 weapons. someone who is this thin skinned and this erratic is deeply concerning. i don't say that as a democrat. i say that as an american. i think that's where republicans are and republican leadership is and that is where a lot of moderate, reasonable americans are looking at him and going, my goodness, this man has a chance to win the white house? i'm not sure an intervention goes to the depths of what needs to happen here. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. a california cgresoman calling on the gop to require trump to take a mental fitness test. representative karen bass, who is spear heading this effort will join me next. first, the pulse. 97 days until the election. is it too late to replace donald trump for the gop? results so far.
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with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. welcome back. i was on the phone trying to confirm this ourselves, but we have this from the associated press and politico that trump casino in atlantic city announces it's going to be closing after labor day amid-a strike by workers, which is on the verge of becoming the longest in the 38-year history of atlantic city's casino era. i want to check out this story. it's about california congresswoman who launched an online e petition calling for donald trump to undergo a mental evaluation. it started on by karen bass, suggest iing that trump could have narcissistic personality disorder. it reads in part i call on mental health professionals to publicly urge the republican party to conduct an evaluation of mr. trump and determine if he
11:45 am
is mentally fit to lead the free world. karen bass joins me from los angeles. just forgive me for doing a little cleanup. i want to make sure that everybody knows the resorlt properties we were referring to about the closure coming up after labor day, the trump organization went into bankruptcy over those. it's been taken over icon enterprises, so that's not actually currently under their portfolio. so it has the name, but it's not something run by the trump organization. but back to the petition that you have. it's about 180,000 who have signed on so far? >> it's just been up for a couple hours. just 180. >> i wanted to make sure there wasn't a mistake in the teleprompter there. the reaction you have gotten to this. do you think this is a logical petition to put up or are you being partisan? >> no, no, i'm really serious about this.
11:46 am
i have a health care background. i haven't been in health care for a number of years, but i have been shocked that the health care community is is not raising the alarms. and all i'm saying is that if you google the definition of narcissistic personality disorder, you really only need to meet half of the criteria. every sing is l item on the criteria is a perfect description of donald trump. >> but how could you work with anyone in washington? most of those folks that you call colleagues would probably fit some of these descriptions because there's a lot of politicians who have a little bit of this personalty disorder. >> you mention ed a couple key words. if you go down this list, he goes down the list. but let me just exchange. he is running to be the president of the united states with the power to launch a
11:47 am
nuclear war in that position i think it's completely inappropriate. you can have a lot of personality disorders and function very well. he's a successful businessman. you can look down at that criteria and see why he's successful. >> why is that disqualifying to be elected to president? >> i think the power of the presidency, one, in our country, but also in terms of dealing with international leaders. it is a completely inappropriate diagnosis and disorder to have to be the president of the united states and to lead the free world. he has demonstrated this and has no ability to have empathy. he clearly is out of control even to his own detriment. he can only deal with people who admire him. if you give him any criticism, he comes unglued. that is not the trait of somebody to be the president of the united states. and that's the fundamental
11:48 am
difference. a lot of people have this characteristic or that characterist characteristic. very few people you can go down that list and say that they have every single characteristic. e he has demonstrated over the last few days all of the coverage that you have been doing all morning about how had his campaign is unraveling, there's clearly nobody that can bring this man under control. and to me, that is why mental health professionals need to step up and need to share what i know that they already understand. that's the cause. >> you did not consult with a physician specifically about this petition? >> absolutely have talked to psychologists and psychiatrists about this. >> this petition specifically? >> this petition specifically. i have also heard on your show lauren o'donnell did it last night where he went down each aspect of the characteristics of and had a psychologist on. i think there needs to be a widespread call for the
11:49 am
republican party to say we need to bring this under control and maybe somebody needs to do a check. we know they are talking about doing an intervention political politically. i'm saying an intervention from the health perspective. this is a very serious matter. i'm not joking here. this is very serious and that's why the public needs to be involved. >> congresswoman, we'll continue to monitor how is goes. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. we have breaking news to cover out of the capital where the first officer accused of trying to supportistst has faced a judge. the fbi claiming the transit officer tried pulling it off using gift cards. plus growing fears amid-a sooe ka zone in florida. this is outside the contaminated area. we'll take you there live, next. pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me...
11:50 am
i couldn't do that with my mac. i love that we as humans can go to the top of the world. it's the durability...the's incredible.
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11:52 am
breaking news with a police officer in the washington, d.c.,
11:53 am
metro transit system has been arraigned. he was charged with providing support to isis. the 36-year-old is the first u.s. law enforcement official to be accused with helping the terror group. according to the indictment, young is accused of purchasing at least 22 gift cards to help isis communicate overseas. officials say young met on 20 separate occasions with an fbi source posing as an isis fighter. there was no credible threat o to the d.c. metro system. to florida now and the new signs that the zika virus is spreading. a 15th case has been confirmed in florida. this time outside the miami neighborhood where the initial 14 cases were found. keri sanders is in miami. i know they were trying to do an insecticide spray this morning but they couldn't. >> reporter: they are planning on later. some time around dusk or early morning.
11:54 am
the insecticide comes down over homes. it's very hot here. it's about 87 degrees. they don't want to have it come down when it's hot, because a lot of it will evaporate. that rain was a problem not tonl to fly in but mixing the insecticide with the rain water would also dilute it. the hope is to hit not only this one square mile area where they believe the mosquitos are, but they are going to expand the territory about ten miles around here to see if they can hit the area a little larger. that patient number 15 that you mentioned is believed that that person did get zika virus outside of this area, but health officials are yet to determine where that is. that's why we can't tell you where in south florida that person may have gotten mosquito from a home ground mosquito. >> keri sanders, thank you. we appreciate the update. coming up after the break, we'll talk more about what the big question has been today with
11:55 am
that 97 days until the election and do you think it's too late to replace donald trump. we'll check out the results in a moment. polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! i want my blood sugar i to stay in so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin.
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come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection. welcome back. here's a look at your responses to our pulse question for today. 97 days until the november elections. so do you think it's too late to replace donald trump? that's some of the conversation that has been popping along today with inside republican circles. 35% think yes, 65% think no. the pulse is live. go check it out. that's going to wrap up coverage for me this hour. kate snow picks things up right now. you're laugh iing at me as you' on the phone during the commercial break. >> waiting on a confirmation about the breaking news that that casino resort and trump properties is going to be
11:59 am
closing after labor day. they are going to be e-mailing me a statement here. calling in commercial breaks. >> i anchor full service. >> but please let us know if you get that statement from them. i am kate snow. if you've been out of the loop the past 24 hours, you might want to sit down. there's so much happening even at this hour following a whil wind few days following campaign chaos. at any moment we're expecting donald trump to take the stage in daytona beach, florida. he does so amid-all this talk of a gop civil war. several republicans at odds with the normminee, perhaps most notably paul ryan. trump has not endorsed ryan in his primary fight, even though his running mate did just a short time ago. >> i strongly support paul ryan and endorse his reelection. he's a long-time friend, strong
12:00 pm
conservative leader. i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan and our long-time friendship. he encouraged me to endorse paul ryan is and i'm pleased to do it. >> joining us is paul ryan's challenger. appreciate you being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> donald trump has not officially endorsed you. he did say you've been running a good campaign. we heard pence pence endorsing paul ryan saying trump encouraged him to make that endorsement. you said you have had no contact with the trump campaign lately. what's your reaction to all this? >> i'm not surprised in the least. wouldn't you expect somebody who has got a lo good friend to endorse their friend. i don't chalk that up to anything other than these guys having a friendship. >>


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