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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan and our long-time friendship. he encouraged me to endorse paul ryan is and i'm pleased to do it. >> joining us is paul ryan's challenger. appreciate you being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> donald trump has not officially endorsed you. he did say you've been running a good campaign. we heard pence pence endorsing paul ryan saying trump encouraged him to make that endorsement. you said you have had no contact with the trump campaign lately. what's your reaction to all this? >> i'm not surprised in the least. wouldn't you expect somebody who has got a lo good friend to endorse their friend. i don't chalk that up to anything other than these guys having a friendship. >> mike pence you mean?
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>> i have a ton of respect for mike pence. i went to see him the other day. and for the trump campaign and i think kudos to mr. trump for saying, hey, i respect the fact you have a long-time friendship with paul ryan. of course, i disagree with who he selected to endorse. he's all in for the transpacific partnership, which is going to sell our jobs overseas. paul ryan is the mercenary champion for a very bad trade deal. but he's a friend of mike pence. i think they can separate the two of those and that's where it stands. but i'm running on a platform of securing our border and stopping bad trade deals very much like mr. trump did. >> let me ask you about your relationship with donald trump. you're aligning yourself with a lot of his policies, as you just
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said. you have a lot in common. he's had a lot of controversy, as i'm sure you know. the district you're running in went to ted cruz over donald trump by a 19-point margin. are you worried you're turning away voters just by aligning yourself with donald trump? >> absolutely not. in fact, just the opposite. i think people are tired of all of this identity politics that's being thrown around out there. and we need a unified party. as i have said before, paul ryan is a disunifying figure in this party. paul ryan is the one who is injecting venom at every opportunity. paul ryan takes every opportunity to turn identity politics into exactly what the american people hate about government and media, quite frankly. >> paul ryan is also pretty
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popular. according to a law school poll, let me cite e those numbers. >> that's a poll from even before i announced. >> it's back in march. >> this one is from july. >> let me show it. it comes from marquette. they found 84% favorable rating for paul ryan among republicans and independents. so my question is, and i understand we could debate over the poll, i don't know the origins. but my question is if he's popular in your district, if we can acknowledge he has some popularity, douhow do you beat guy like that? >> knocking on doors. we have knocked tens and tens and tens of thousands of doors out there and we're hearing it at the doors. if you watch the polls, great britain would have never got out of the eu. i will leave you with that
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thought for a moment. polls have hillary clinton ahead right now. i'm not surprised because hillary clinton and paul ryan are cut from the same stone. i have no doubt that there are people looking at paul ryan and saying why are you giving our jobs away. why are you pushing this terrible trade deal. as i go from town to town and city to city here, i hear it over and over and over again. paul ryan hasn't done anything for this district. name one time when paul ryan has worked a as hard for wisconsin workers as he's worked for corporate donors. e he has $10 million in his campaign fund. zero of which, i might add, came out of his pocket. i put $100,000 of my own hard earned money. i started in a factory at 18 years old. i have run businesses all over the globe.
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paul ryan gets his money from special donors and they pay better than we do. that's why he votes on their behalf. >> we appreciate your time. the primary is on tuesday. we'll be watching it closely. you're welcome to come back here any time. thank you so much. >> have a great day. i should note we have a request in for speaker ryan as well. let's get right out to jacob rascon. trump expected to take the stage. given the news of the day, what are you hearing about what we might hear out of donald trump? >> reporter: as we wait for him to take the stage, we know from paul manafort he will be focused on hillary clinton and other messages, not on what's been happening the last 48 hours. as we wait for him to take the stage, we talked to trump supporters. it will come as a surprise to nobody that they all believe this, too, shall pass like every other controversy. let's talk to one of them. brenda, you were telling me that you appreciate that trump is a
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counterpuncher and that you believe that a lot of the controversy recently has been fabricated by the media but you also agree it's time to e get back to the issues. >> i think the media distorted things. he has to get back to the issues and just let that issue go. >> does it concern you that people like paul ryan have to come out with statements against what trump says and even trump said he's not ready to endorse him, kind of a hit there for paul ryan? >> it frustrates me. i think we should all stick together, back each other up. that includes paul ryan. >> in other words, you do believe the party needs to be more united than it is now to beat hillary clinton? >> yes, it would help a lot. >> what is trump's biggest flaw that you wish he would not do? >> he needs to focus more and stick to the real issues.
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>> regardless, nothing he has said has made you say to yourself, i can't support this man? >> no way. i will support him. >> thank you so much for your time. >> it's hard to understate that same sentiment we get from other trump supporters about the media, how they believe the controversy is fabricated. they don't take it at face value what they see on tv or online and believe like other controversies that this, too, shall pass. kate? >> jacob rascon in florida, there's maybe one mr. speaker before donald trump takes the stage. let's check in with katy tur covering the trump campaign from new york. also kelly o'donnell, who is following developments from the trump campaign in washington, d.c. before donald trump begins, let's drill down what are sources telling you this hour about some kind of intervention?
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>> reporter: party skourss told me they are working on an intervention to tell donald trump that he's going to lose unless he starts getting in line and stop attacking prominent members of the republican party. so far sources tell us that newt gingrich is on that list. rudy giuliani is on that list and reince priebus is on that list. they are looking for more voices that donald trump will listen to. the issue is that they don't think anyone can get through to donald trump until donald trump want s s to hear it. the question is does he want to hear this message. >> we heard pence endorse paul ryan. no endorsement from donald trump. how did that all go down? >> reporter: i'm told from sources that pence and trump have frequent conversations and today it was trump who brought it up to pence, according to sources, that that relationship with paul ryan is something mike pence should protect if he
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thought that was important. he said he want ed to endorse. what i think is is striking here is that trump is maintaining his sort of outsider brand while allowing governor pence to play more of the traditional republican office holder position. that's part of why he's on the ticket, to be able to reach out to the donor class, the elected officials class, to be a more predictable kind of figure. so for pence to endorse paul ryan, which under any normal circumstances would be very propuck pr profunk ri, he reached out to john mccain in arizona and had a meeting in phoenix to just sort of touch pace bases. mccain, the former nominee. he's up for reelection in arizona. a tough race. he's got a primary later this month. so they are in this together all affected by the things that trump says or does not say or do. sources are also saying there are people saying very directly
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to trump that he needs to change on some of these issues. he needs to stop talking about the khan family. we heard paul manafort say that issue is over. so there are strong voices trying to get that message to donald trump that he should focus on things like hillary clinton and one of the things we should expect to see today is more discussion of this payment to iran as a kind of new line of attack for the republican ticket. >> paul manafort was on fox saying he hasn't heard of an intervention. the campaign is in good shape. is it possible he's just out of the loop? or is the campaign in a different condition than he wants to say? >> reporter: it's certainly possible he's out of the loop. the rnc is working behind the scenes to make this happen. i'm told that multiple conversations have taken place between the rnc and the campaign between chairman priebus and paul manafort specifically. and the folks i speak to say the
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trump campaign staffers get it. they understand what has to happen. the problem is they can't control their candidate. there's little effort to control him because ultimately donald trump will be donald trump. and there is a sense within the campaign that it's us versus them. he's anti-establishment and not washington. paul ryan and everybody else are the establishment. it behooves them little to get along with the rnc because the voters like that donald trump is -- the party, because donald trump is the outsider candidate. that's what they like about him. >> kelly o'donnell and katy tur pregaming as we wait for donald trump. we'll come back to you on the over side. important now to get a voice while we can from inside team trump. for that, i'm joined by steve cortez, a surrogate for the trump campaign. as we keep an eye on the box, that's the attorney general of florida speaking right now. if donald trump takes the stage,
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i may have to go to that. but steve, we are reporting, as katy said, that people like newt gingrich, the chairman of the rnc reince priebus, are about to stage an intervention that is going to be a meeting with donald trump over the weekend. you get briefed by the campaign every day. have you heard anything about anything like that? >> i have not. i think using the term intervention is a bit harsh. >> that's the term sources have used. >> there's going to be counsel from people he respects and trusts and certain ly giuliani and newt gingrich fall into that category. but donald trump is not going to take marching orders from washington, d.c. or the republican national committee. he wants to unify the party. when i read and hear a lot of the news headlines, i think there's a media creation going on here that's trying to say that internally in the trump campaign there's all this consternation and division. i don't sense that at all. in my interactions with the
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campaign, phone calls and e-mails, everyone is motivated and unified. we just announced we raised $80 million last month. we're going to have all the financial fire power we need to bring the campaign forward. as an outsider, i don't think he needs to be concerned about those headquarters think. . he should not have engage d wit the khans. since the weekend, he hasn't mentioned that topic. >> from the khans, but in the past few days, let me list a few. we have seen riffs between donald trump and the khans. former president bush, the city of harrisburg is angry. fire chiefs are angry. elected leaders like john mccain, paul ryan, senator ayotte, prominent republicans saying they are going to volt for hillary clinton. meg whitman came out last night. there's been a a crescendo of things coming out against donald
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trump. why aren't those republicans supporting donald trump and are you concerned about that? do you need them? >> i'm not concerned. paul ryan does support trump. trump is not endorsed. there's much to do about nothing. he hasn't endorsed anyone. he's just stayed neutral in primaries. so assuming that he does win, we'll have a great relationship to really get this country growing again. that's what i want trump to focus on. i suspect it's what he's going to focus on in his speech. we have got a lot of bad news lately. the american people have not had a pay raise. we need growth policies. he has them. >> so i'm clear, you don't think
12:15 pm
all this talk about turmoil inside the campaign last night one of my colleagues heard from a a long-time ally ofman north. manafort not challenge iing tru mailing it in, staff suicidal was the quote. you think there's no turmoil inside? >> incredibly antagonist ic, bu particularly donald trump. what i'm saying is unnamed sources. i can tell you as a named source within the campaign, i don't e see any of that. i see an energetic and incredibly unified staff that's working incredibly hard to try to get this man elected. >> let me ask you about some more substance. the former cia director general hayden was on "morning joe." it got a lot of attention. he wasn't ready to say he was voting for hillary clinton, but
12:16 pm
he say he couldn't think of anything donald trump could do at this point to earn his support. then he said this. >> what concernhouse most about donald trump? >> how erratic he is. i can argue about this position or that position. i do that with the current president. but he's inconsistent. and when you're the head of a global super power, inconsistency, unpredictability, those are dangerous things. they frighten your friends and tempt your enemies. so i would be very concerned. >> very concerned. you say what in response? >> i would say, look, there's reason to be concerned because of the state of the world right now. the world is largely spiraling out of control and it's because of a lack of american leadership. america is not respected and frankly not feared very much anywhere in the world. so we're seeing some of the
12:17 pm
terrible consequences of that on our very own streets in san bernardino and orlando all over the streets of europe. we need much more forceful leadership, which donald trump will provide. and i would disagree. i know general hayden and would respectfully disagree with him that donald trump has shown us through a lifetime of accomplishments of building things, employing tens of thousands of people and 16 formidable candidates in the republican primary. he's prooumpb that he has the kind of temperament and approach that americans need. but he's an outsider opinion as an outsider, i think he scares a lot of washington insiders. and i'm okay with that. i think the american people are too. >> what they are saying they are scared about is his temperament. there's been republicans who suggested that he may be trigger happy, too quick to make -- too impulsive to make a decision. does that not concern you?
12:18 pm
>> i'll be the first to admit that at times he responds to people when he shouldn't respond. he should be more distribute. he has been this week. and i'm hopeful and optimistic he's going to be for the rest of the campaign. we're going to get disciplined and talk national security and economic growth and very little else. if westick to those themes, we have the winning message. >> you're a finance guy. donald trump suggested on tuesday that americans should pull their 401(k)s out of the stock market. he warned of scary scenarios. is that sound advice? >> to connect the dots what we see is this incredible disconnect and finance have never been more disconnected to regular americans, to the mas s masses. we see that in the stock market. it's near all-time highs. our economic growth is sluggish
12:19 pm
at best. we got terrible auto sales for the month of july out. there's a real disconnect. that's what donald trump is pointing out. the stock market right now is probably richly valid given or underlying growth. i'm confident we can turbo charge that growth and achieve liftoff if we get the right prescriptions from washington, d.c. >> steve cortez, always nice to have you here. thank you. we're keeping an eye on daytona beach as we wait for donald trump's town hall to get started. this is his first campaign event since reports came out about unraveling at his campaign. we'll come right back out of break for donald trump. been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels.
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we are waiting for donald trump to take the stage in daytona beach, florida. the political background here a whirlwind of reports surrounding his campaign throughout last night, this morning, this afternoon. his team is pushing back against claims that those in his inner circumstanle might be plotting intervention and an attempt to reset the campaign. they are pushing back on that. joining me is beth fuhy and ari melber. beth, let's talk about where we're at. it's 97 days until the election. as we wait for donald trump to come out, we're waiting to hear what he say this is afternoon because this is a really critical moment. >> it does feel like a critical moment. we haven't seen this much panic autoof the republican camp ever throughout this campaign. even when donald trump would hit other controversies along the way, there would always be a
12:24 pm
flurry of concern and then people come back around to him. now we're hearing on the record, off the record from republicans across the spectrum saying they are very concerned about where things stand now. he's the nominee. that's the main thing. he's the nominee. he's supposed to be reaching out to a broader audience to make his pitch to those voters still making up their minds. he's barely talked about hillary clinton at all. he's been bogged down in other controversies. republicans want to step in, help fix the problem, stem the bleeding. >> as you say, he's the nominee. but ari, people have begun to wonder, is there any way that he's not the nominee? and we should be clear that donald trump has said nothing about leaving this race. but if someone were to intervene and convince him it's for the good of the party to get out of the way, can they do that? >> it's possible. this is obviously a far-fetched
12:25 pm
scenario, but there's a lot of heartburn. i'm reminded of the folk song "how can i miss you if you won't go away." part of the feeling here it may not be let's get rid of donald trump, but for folks running campaigns or looking at the post bounce on the democratic convention, can he at all find a way to either be on message or pull back. he may be coming out. but all these questions, the republican rulebook says he's 100% normminee. the only way is if he withdraws or death, but in those events the rnc could name someone else. it's not that this is about to happen in any way. i don't think that's the takeaway. but there's a a concerning conversation for this party when there's this much talk about intervention. this isn't supposed to be an
12:26 pm
addiction-related event. >> steve cortez who was just on balked at that word. he did you want like that word intervention. but that's what sources have used in describing what they may have to do. >> he didn't deny that trusted advisers are going to come in and do what they can to advise this candidate to take a different attack. >> is there enough time? enough time for a retool in a typical campaign season. >> we have this funny situation that conventions usually are at the end of the sum you are and are immediately go into the gallop toward the fall. we have this funny month, this extra month because the conventions were early. so all sorts of mischief can happen.
12:27 pm
>> most campaigns are a caravan. there's people all over the place driving together. that's why usually when you cover campaigns sometimes they have a hard time pivoting. there's no caravan here. there's a motorcycle here. he has revolutionized the way you need to do paid media. so there are things that he's done on the motorcycle that have worked, but going into a general election have a multifront fight including a brave military family and leaders of the republican party and hillary clinton, it's very hard to do that all on a motorcycle, in the wind, when you can't hear anyone. >> i like the motorcycle analogy. >> i spent a good hour trying to sort thu what had happened in the past 24 hours. first read, they summarized what
12:28 pm
happened. but i say this in all seriousness. this has been head spinning like no campaign i can remember. to have this many news items happening in a 24-hour period with people taking on donald trump or him exchanging words on all these different fronts. >> he seems incapable of staying on a path toward -- like you say, it's a caravan, but ultimately the -- >> it's a motorcycle. >> but either way it's usually driving toward one goal. this is a binary choice. we have a couple independent candidates. but for purposes of this argument, his main goal is to defeat hillary clinton. he keeps talking about so many other things that have nothing to do with hillary clinton. he's talking about the purple heart. he's offending military vet rans by saying he's happy to get this
12:29 pm
heart handed to him. he gets mad at a baby and kicks the baby out of the rally. >> he may have been joking. >> none of these topics have anything to do with hillary clinton. e he has to get back on message and explain why he would be a better president than she is. that's gone so far down on the list. >> let's see what he talks about in florida. there's been a bit of a delay. the attorney general of florida spoke maybe five minutes ago and stopped. the music started playing again. we thought donald trump would come out on that cue, but he's not there yet. we're going to fit in another quick break. stay with us. we'll go right to florida when we see donald trump. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. let's talk democrats. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail in colorado today where she's expected to talk about her plans for jobs and the economy. the campaign also out with a new pair of ads that will begin
12:33 pm
airing this week. one of the ads hits donald trump on his manufacturing record outside the united states. >> where were these made? >> these were made dish don't know where they were made, but they are great. >> it's ties, shirts, cuff li links, sold at macy's. >> where are the shirts made? >> bangladesh. >> we employ people in bangladesh. >> these are beautiful ties. the ties are made where? >> china. >> the new campaign ad by hillary clinton's campaign comes just as she's touring the knotty tie company in denver, colorado. a small tie and scarf business that manufactures in colorado. that's very much on purpose. for more let's turn to kasie hunt. she's covering the clinton campaign from commerce city, colorado. what's going on? >> we should note that knotty
12:34 pm
ties, it is a company that makes ties here in the united states. you played that ad. this is all part of what's been an ongoing message. we were with hillary clinton through the bus tour this weekend. this was entirely the focus. she was talking about how bill clinton was wearing a shirt made in redding, pennsylvania. compared to what heavy seen from the trump campaign today, the hillary clinton campaign privately feels and is trying to project the image of having their campaign buttoned down. being on message. proceeding the way they planned to proceed. that's what we're e seeing from them across the board. on colorado, i should note that they are dedicated for this state as a swing state. no longer up on the air here. that should tell you about how strongly they feel about that. >> kasie hunt out in colorado with the clinton campaign, thank you. for more, let's me bring in harold ford jr., former
12:35 pm
congressman, visiting professor at the university of michigan. he's supporting hillary clinton for president. nice to see you. you and i knew each other just going through it 13 years ago when i covered capitol hill. >> i think maybe 15. >> i was pregnant with my first child. let's talk about the last 24 hours. the republican party choose your adjective. people think it's in disarray, people are saying it's crazytown. you're snickering, but will hillary clinton mention it, will she go there or will she let them have their situation and keep on plugging away? >> i think what she's doing today is demonstrating the contrast between these two campaigns. when the speaker of the house has an opponent and the presidential candidate for the party can't endorse the speaker of the house, let them do what they have to deal with.
12:36 pm
if there's more dysfunction shs let them. basically taking his message from him. this is about making america stronger by producing things in america, employing and encouraging entrepreneurship. if i were her, i would not wod until that area. i would stay right on message. let mr. trump and the republican party do whatever they have to do over the next several days. >> you mentioned creating jobs in this country. she's at this tie factory on purpose. they do their work in colorado. but it's not as simple as all that. the president yesterday made the point we live in a global economy. it's difficult to take labor cheap enough to have a big factory. how is she going to bring jobs back? >> i think a lot of this is a contrast what trump is talking about. he's made the case that he is against the trade deal. he is for making america greater, but history as a
12:37 pm
business person flies in the pace face of that. i don't think clinton misunderstands the global supply chain. but i do think it's important. if you're going to brag as a presidential candidate that you produce items and sell items in america at the highest level, you should be able to explain why you don't make those goods in america. if you don't, how does the consumer benefit? >> what's her argument for her? >> she's supporting entrepreneurs. there's a reason that tie company manufactures ties in america and colorado in particular. we had to find out those things. her economic platform calls for that and figuring out how do we scale that? fewer taxes, what is it in colorado, which is one of the friendliest business states in america. what should the government be doing to support job creation? >> what do you think -- i
12:38 pm
hesitate to ask this, but i want to think her biggest weakness is right now. you're describing a lot of weaknesses in the republican party. what's hillary clinton's biggest weakness? >> i think two things. one, she's got to hone and sharpen the economic message, which she clearly is doing. tim kaine to the ticket helps that. two, there's no doubt these numbers about honesty and trustworttrust wor think great angst. >> and the e-mails caused people heartburn. >> i wish she had said the matter is behind us and i made a mistake and not much more i can say about it. the more she stays on message, i wouldn't wade into trying to talk about the dysfunction of the republican side. what she's doing is in colorado today is what the campaign should be doing over the next several weeks as we prepare for this first debate. >> do you think democrats use speak to, folks in your circle,
12:39 pm
do you think they are going to walk away? >> the people i'm closest to recognize that every time we have written donald trump off, he's come back even stronger. there's something happening in politics that i don't grasp. it's depressing that trump can say the things he says and doesn't seem to be punished in a meaningful way. . curious to see polling over the next several days after the convention and khan go back and forth and even after republicans are expressing ways to remove him from the ticket. we'll get more data, but this is going to be a fight until the very end. anyone on my side of the aisle who believes we're going to walk away with this is kidding themselves. >> congressman, it's nice to see you again. thanks so much. let's take another quick break. we continue to watch the event in the lower part of your screen. that's donald trump's event, another speaker there, as we
12:40 pm
await the candidate. we'll take a quick break.
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extra protection from light... outdoors, indoors and in the car. still keeping an eye down in florida waiting for donald trump. it's the first appearance from the candidate since reports started surfacing about the state of his campaign. we'll bring you that as soon as it happens. a few hours from now in miami-dade county, they are going to begin conducting spraying operations to contain zika virus. >> reporter: actually getting word as you're reading the details of the flight they have decided they are going to hold that flight. it's not going to go tonight.
12:44 pm
it may go tomorrow morning. they are holding off. weather appears to be the problem. they had hope to put the plane up, but they had a rainstorm. a lot of water dropped. concern about the dropping of a chemical with a lot of water that it may dilute it. the plane is going up in the coming days, weather permitting. as i see the cloudy skies, the plane does fly extremely low over homes so that's also an additional issue in terms of making sure they are completely clear skies. dave is here with us from the cdc. the first question, the centers for disease control is now working directly with the florida department of health. your teams are on the ground doing what? >> you have the emergency response team and spread out between tallahassee and miami-dade doing lab work with our partners doing senior medical communications as well. >> the experts are here and
12:45 pm
folks who are pregnant who have not come here since they heard about this. but remember, i came here three weeks ago or a month ago, what should they be doing? >> we put the date at june 15th. people who may have visited and are worried, they should see their physician. you can get a test for it and put their mind at ease. >> i might add here for those that don't have physicians, if they are medicaid patients, they do get that assistance, including actually you can get the strays and all of that provided to you in the overcounter solution. the last question is do you believe from your experience and what you see going on here that it will be contained here. patient number 15, we now have 15 patients. it appears did not get it in this area. they just don't know where. >> 15 was outside of this area. i do believe it's going to be difficult. it won't be easy, but based on our experience, i think e we
12:46 pm
will contain it. >> thank you very much. that's really on the front li lines. a lot of work going on here. hopefully the weather is going to cooperate to get that spraying down to get rid of more of the mosquitos that may have the zika virus. >> that's a shame they are not going to get up today. thank you so much from florida more than 5,000 people have t t tested positive. that staggering number has led ebola response coordinator ron clan to wonder why congress can't pass more fund iing to combat the virus. a recent op-ed he wrote, global epidemics are shifting from rare, historical events to be more like recurring dangers such as hurricanes or tornadoes. because global health leaders underestimated ebola in 2014, thousands died. i'm joined by the man who wrote that. former ebola czar, now talking
12:47 pm
about zika. how severe is the situation and why are you so worried about not having that funding? >> i think we're sitting now for the first time transmission of zika in the united states. there are thousands who have zika virus. they got it overseas, but now we're learning people can get zika virus in the u.s. we are also seeing sexual transmitted cases. so we have an outbreak on our hands. could it become an epidemic? possibly. we need prompt action to nip this in the bud to slet research and better tests. president obama sent a a plan to congress in february proposing ways to control mosquitos and accelerate research. >> speaker ryan said the money president obama and the democrats already have is basically enough. the white house has only spent a sixth of what they have on hand.
12:48 pm
so what is it you're asking for? why do you need so much more? what about the republican argument that you've got it? >> speaker ryan is wrong. the head of our infectious disease control, one of the highest civilian honor from president bush, went on tv yesterday and said they are running out of money. they are slowing down research on a vaccine. they don't go to phase two without additional funds. speaker ryan wants to take money away from the remaining efforts to squash ebola. that's robbing peter to pay paul. they want to cut other health care programs. that shouldn't be a political issue. congress passed the ebola response in 2014. 43 days after the president asked for it, there was no hassling. there was just prompt action. that's what we need now. president obama put a plan before congress. it should be passed on a a bipartisan basis.
12:49 pm
we should get these mosquitos under control and accelerate our research. that's what needs to happen. >> as we wait for donald trump in florida, maybe he will talk about zika virus. but i want to mention an article in the "boston globe" that quoted a miami-dade official for donald trump saying -- this is donald trump person in miami-dade saying we have bigger mosquitos to squash than zika virus like isis and afghanistan. he called clinton sophomoric for taking on such an insignificant issue. that's a donald trump local official in miami-dade. your reaction to that? >> that's just horrible. we have 5,000 people already in the u.s. in its territories with zika virus. that number grows every day. it's increased in puerto rico a few weeks ago. seven babies have been born with microcephaly. it's a horrible disease. we're going to spend sums of money taking care of the babies and the humanitarian
12:50 pm
consequences. we should fight all these thin its, but we have a plan to fight zika virus. we need to do that. we need to protect pregnant women. 33 of our service members nowzi one pregnant soldier. we need to take care of the american people. we need to protect them from this public health threat. there's a plan to do it. congress needs to come back from their vacation. congress should come back from its vacation, pass the zika response and let the public health professionals get to work. >> ron claine with us, formerly the ebola czar there, raising a red flag. appreciate your time. as we get ready for daytona beach, florida, again, looking at speak tlers. lieutenant general michael flynn getting ready for donald trump. he was supposed to start at the top of the hour, 3:00 p.m. eastern time. running about 15 minutes behind time but we'll be right back with more.
12:51 pm
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and i'm going to continue to peek. i hate to have my back to you because all you -- everybody in here, i mean, i am so proud standing up here to be an american right now. i am unbelievably proud. >> that is retired army lieutenant general michael flynn. you may remember his name because there was speculation he might be on the short list for vp for donald trump. he's making a surprise appearance down in daytona beach, florida, where we're expecting the candidate himself, donald trump, any moment now. he was supposed to appear about an hour ago. so they're running a little behind schedule. this the first time we'll be seeing donald trump since reports started surfacing last night and early this morning
12:55 pm
about disarray within the trump campaign. people questioning the way forward for donald trump. we're very interested to hear what he has to say as soon as lieutenant general michael flynn introduces him. but for the moment, let's move on to another big story today -- oh, okay. i'm sorry. let's go to jacob rascon who is down in -- sorry, jacob. i'm losing my way here. we're really delayed here. do we know why? >> you know, it's pretty common that he'd be late. an hour late is semi unusual but we haven't been told why. we know he's in the building and next up. as you might expect as we talked to trump supporters getting ready for the daytona beach rally, all of them are confident this controversy will pass. but many of them do say they wish that donald trump would stick to the issues. they say while they appreciate that he's tough in their words as a counterpunch ewhen paul ryan or senator mccain come up
12:56 pm
with a statement condemning his words that he'd come back at them. they're not surprised and they appreciate his toughness. but even with all of that, they really hope, many of them say, that he'll get back to the issues. that he needs to get back to the issues to win. you heard earlier on msnbc talking to a few of the supporters who wished that the party would unite a little more. that they had some hope that would happen a couple of months ago but that hope has been shattered a little bit. regardless, they say they're voting for donald trump. this is his base of course. but it is notable that even they, some of his base, his most passionate supporters hope that he'll focus on the issues. paul manafort earlier today said he'll do exactly that today. he'll focus on hillary clinton. he'll focus on iran and the news out of there today. it is not uncommon for him to stay focused on those things during the rallies but then in interviews later with "the washington post," with "the new york times," or an interview on fox news.
12:57 pm
that's when he's asked about the cons or other issues a s -- kr other issues. rather than saying let's move on or let's talk about something else. we know what to expect. everyone wonders what the fallout will be with his base. we're getting what we expect. here he is. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:58 pm
>> wow. what a crowd. what a crowd! florida, we love florida. and we love nascar. right? we love nascar. what a great crowd. so you have 3,000 people coming in as we speak. this place is packed. thank you. thank you. thank you. so i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we startod june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we're doing incredibly well. we're leading in the state of florida.
12:59 pm
you saw the poll. we're leading in ohio. we're about tied in pennsylvania, but i think we're going to be leading the next time. so i think we've never been this united, and i just want to thank everybody for being here. this is incredible. this is incredible. so remember this, and it's really pretty incredible, i got up this morning and picked up the papers. and then i turn on the news and i see $400 million being shipped in cash. and it's being shipped in different currencies, and it's being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. you know, we have a president who, frankly, is incompetent,
1:00 pm
okay? incompete incompetent. we've been humiliated by president obama and his policies. we've been humiliated by the iran deal to start off with where they get back $150 billion. we've been humiliated as a country when they took our sailors. they forced them to their knees, and the only reason we got them back is because we hadn't paid the money yet. and that's the only reason we got them back, otherwise they would have had to wait until i became president. believe me, they would have come back fast. they would have come back very fast. you look at our numbers, just take a look at the numbers. homeownership, the lowest number, the worst number that it's been in 50 year


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