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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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stephanie picks up the coverage right now. have a great day everybody. /s hi. now mr. trump is firing back. >> i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. new this morning, was it ransom? >> what's going on in this country, how stupid are we? hillary clinton pushing back against allegations that the united states paid to free american prisoners! as far as i know it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat.
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>> this morning the republicans are not backing down. and breaking news on a knife attack. an american come killed and five others injured after a mangos g on a stabbing spree. was it terror? we are live from the scene. we begin with chaos and controversy surrounding donald trump. i want to start with katy tur who is in portland, maine where donald trump will be speaking later this afternoon. katie, we have two more republica republicans, where do things stand? >> reporter: well, charlie dent it's a big deal. it's in pennsylvania. it's a state donald trump wants to win. we got new polling that shows him down significantly to hillary clinton. the campaign realizes they need
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to win. they are workers who maybe feel like the economy has passed them by. they believe donald trump will be able to get their jobs back. it is not working in pennsylvania and to have him come out and say he is not going to support donald trump, it only adds to the issues down there. you also have representativ representative hanna in up state new york. there are a growing number of people try to ing to distance themselves from trump. john mccain is not saying he won't vote for him at this point. they feel secure in their positions and feel secure in coming out against trump. the rest is between a rock and a hard place. they need to spupport the
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republican nominee. if he looses steam it puts the senate races in jeopardy. that is where the gop is focusing energy, making sure they maintain their majority and mainly the senate. >> some of those who support him the most are donald trump's families. people like gingrich, rudy giuliani, it is said they are organizing an intervention with him this weekend to get him on message. what do you know about that. >> reporter: i can tell you the idea that it will be called an intervention, i'm getting serious pushback on that. i think the way to describe it is a loosely coordinated effort to get donald trump on message. so he is taking calls from various people that are close to him. it includes gingrich, giuliani,
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christie. they are trying to reason with him. they are trying to say if you want to win the white house, if you want to beat hillary clinton you have got to get away from these controversies. don't add any fuel to the fire. focus on what works for you. focus on the economy. you have issue to talk about in the economy and points to make. focus on national security. get away from attacking a gold star family. get away from taking a purple heart away from a soldier. get away from even looking like you are arguing with a mother and her baby in a rally. move away and focus on the stuff that matters and try to buckle down for the rest of this campaign season. they are hoping it is going to work. remember, they have been burned multiple times in the past. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us this morning. have a lobster roll up there in main. the white house deanyinying
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accusations that a $400 million payment was a ransom. donald trump seized on the issue to attack hillary clinton accusing her of initiating the talks that lead to iran receiving the money. >> that probably was hostage money to get hostages out for $400 million because it was exact timing. our leaders are incompetent. >> the white house and state department officially say the payment was part of a larger $1.7 billion settlement of a claim by iran over a failed 1979 arms deal. joining us now is kasie hunt. hillary clinton is already pushing back on this. >> that's right. the timing of this is very difficult for them.
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this is something that she is getting pressed on and our affiliate out in denver asked her about it yesterday. take a look. >> so far as i know it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat. it was something that was intended to -- as i am told, to pay back iran for contracts that were cancelled. >> so she addressed it but how concerned is hillary and her team that this could become a much bigger part of the narrative? bigrump supporters like to say you might not donald trump's words be you you should hate hillary clinton's actions. >> i think it plays into the broader narrative on president obama's foreign policy and the idea that he hasn't been as assertive as he should have been. it has been a flash point for
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republicans all the way along. when i talk to undecided voters i spoke to some a couple of months ago. this is where they really focused. they said if i am going to vote for donald trump it is because i don't trust hillary clinton on foreign policy. it plays into the overall narrative. what we are seeing makes the clinton campaign feel comfortable that it isn't the number one story. >> all right. thanks so much. breaking overnight, a frightening scene in london. a mangos on a vicious stabbing spree near the world famous british museum. i want to go to matt bradley. tell us what happened. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy confirmed that the woman killed here was indeed an american.
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we are getting fresh news from scottland yard. they are saying that the suspect who is in custody is a norwegian national and he came from norway to the u.k. five people were wounded. three are out of the hospital as of this morning. the other new information we are getting is one witness had a commanding view from a hotel room overlooking the russell square behind me. she said she saw emergency officials giving cpr to this american woman for up to 20 minutes and they looked as though they were doing all they could to save her life. they covered her corpse. this attention is due the fact that there's a lot of speculation it might have been because of islamic terrorism,
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radicalization. the police said there was no evidence there was any ideological motivation. this is just another siting of how jittery they are right now. so many are wondering if they will be next. >> how jittery the world is. thank you. in afghanistan an attack on a group of western tourists has left at least hf a dozen wounded. americans were part of the group. it is not clear if they are among the wounded. the group was traveling through when their group was attacked. and new video. i showed you part of the video yesterday and it's extrade nor y extraordinary. it exploded into a fire ball after emergency landing in dubai. the images show some passengers are trying to grab their luggage
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before evacuating. all 300 people, this is what's amazing, on board escaped safely before the 777 erupted. a firefighter responding to the crash did die. >> there is growing talk about republican leaders putting together a back up plan in case they have to replace trump. could it really happen? is dump trump back again? michael steele joins us next. >> and we have more where the zika virus has effected 15 people. we'll have more coming up. dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients
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he draws his strength and
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messages from interaction he has with the public. you try different approaches out. september and october you have your messages honed. the strategy is set. >> that was trump campaign manager trying to explain away concerns about the candidate's lack of discipline. trump may not settle on a message until this fall but it is not clear republicans are willing to wait that long. i want to bring in michael steele. michael, when you see what donald trump has said and done over the last two weeks, do you see this as a man testing out messages as paul suggested and does that happen in the month of august? >> no. i don't. yes. it does happen some times in august where there is low voter appreciation. they are not paying attention to what the campaigns are doing. but this is the problem with this theory. there is ripe fruit that hillary
6:15 am
clinton and the democrats have left on the table that is not being addressed. that's what you test your messages on. that's how you frame that argument about 1.5 or 1.2 gdp growth, how you frame the argument going off to iran. those are the type of subject matters you frame a subject around so you hit the ground running with commercials, with surrogates and ground game to reenforce that message. that's not happening right now. >> is this what he is so mad about? it is reported he is furious, a ais that what he is angry about and does donald trump care what he thinks? >> the second thing is probably the most important thing. the answer is probably not really, but he should be.
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he should be concerned because whether they like it or not both of these gentlemen need each other. trump needs it for money and ground game, to help turn out that vote and certainly the rnc needs trump to be disciplined on message and to carry the fight to hillary clinton. these two have got to work this out. the idea of an intervention. the campaign may be saying we don't have a phone call for that there is an effort underway to make that happen so that everybody can be on the same page at this point because right now they are not. >> donald trump though currently he has huge crowds, die-hard trump fans. they don't care that the other political elite like him or are turning their back on him. he also had a pretty good month in terms of raising money. what is he missing? the latest fox poll, they have
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clinton up 10 points. how is donald trump missing this? >> well, it's focusing on the crowd that's in front of you as opposed to the crowd that's watching you with the crowd in front of you. there is a wide swath of voters trying to figure out where they are going to land on this thing. both of these candidates are highly unpop lafrular. it does matter that your numbers are now reaching double digits in the whole against hillary clinton. he cannot sustain that leading into labor day. if he comes labor day in battleground polling and is double digits down to hillary it becomes a harder fight for him in the fall. you'll see more on the table for
6:18 am
the senate in new hampshire, wisconsin and elsewhere. they are going to back away even more and it becomes a harder campaign to win. >> we are beginning to lock down these numbers in the right direction. >> are we back on the dump trump merry go round? is that he jit in any way? >> it is notal he -- rule nine comes into play when the nominee dies or leaves the campaign voluntarily. there's no mechanism to take the nominee out once that nominee has been chosen at the convention. they focus on the word or
6:19 am
otherwise as sort of an operating clause and maybe we can sneak something through the back door. look, this is our nominee chosen during the primary process. we have got to help make him a better candidate for the fall. that's what the bottom line is. for those that want to give this race to hillary clinton that's their choice. for the rest of us it is a fight we think is worth fighting. we need donald trump to get on and make this thing happen. >> you agree with that? >> agree with thwhat? >> that donald trump needs to get on message, that's it? >> it go es a long way. going back and looking at it this way, the response they gave after obama went after him was the kind of response they need to do continuously. >> thanks for joining us this morning, michael steele. the director of the cdc
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new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. a pregnant woman is in miami and not the only one terrified of the zika virus. there are 15 cases linked to infected mosquitos. todayhe cdc director is touring the area. kerry is live. pregnant women and their doctors are officially scared. i want to show you what one on
6:24 am
ci zblsh. >> i am scared for my patients because the recommendations change daily and i know how scared they are. >> obviously pregnant women in miami are getting tested. women are getting their eggs frozen. what's it like there? >> it is not panic but it is certainly high anxiety. the governor announced they will provide free tests for pregnant women. they can go to the department of health and get those free tests. there are not enough testing kits. there will likely be a rush today. the department of health offices open at 8:00 a.m. people are just hearing this news. there is going to be a rush and people waiting to find out if i can't get it done by the department of health can my own personal obgyn take care of it?
6:25 am
they can but there's a fee involved. it could be as much as $600. many insurance companies have said it is not something they are going to pick up. that's lot of questions about that. while all of this is unfolding here this morning, we also had under a cover of darkness we had a plane, men in hazmat groups loading a chemical and at sunrise it began to fly over the zika zone and beyond. the zika zone being one square mile. it began laying down a chemical mist. it is effective against mosquitos, specifically the type of mosquitos they are trying to fight here that may be carrying the zika virus. they have been spraying with an agent and not as effective as they hoped.
6:26 am
it has drifted down over the area and beyond. it will take some time to determine whether it is effective. interestingly, the plane was flying over when people are getting ready go to work. they say even though it has been used for than 50 years people shouldn't spend a lot of time outside unless you're dashing to your car to go somewhere. people who mow yards, all of these sort of people are out abdomen about. they like to get it done before they start hitting 90, 91 degrees there. they said the reason it is permissible to use is because in the doses being used it should not cause my problem for people or their pets. >> it is certainly a reason for the high anxiety people are facing. head inside, please. up next, new reporting this
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plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. welcome back for good morning primer, everything you need to know to start your day. we start with a knife attack in london which killed a woman and had five others wounded. arrested at the scene. police say there's no connection to terrorism. former ohio congressman died wednesday after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. he was 62 years old. >> on the eve of his 55th birthday president obama committed the sentence for 214 inmates. obama commuted more sentence than the past nine presidents combined. a school board in virginia
6:31 am
can prevent a transgender male from using a girls bathroom at his high school. a continuing effort to expand online sale is in talks. the one-year-old digital retailer could be valued as much 3 $3 billion. giuliani reporting that key republicans are plotting an intervention. >> i find the word intervention completely out of line. it wasn't me. i meet with donald trump all of the time. i spent two and a half hours with him. we talk about issues. some times we make changes. some times he makes changes. it is an evolving campaign. he is a new candidate. it adds more of a learning curve than would normally be the case. >> joining me now, two men that know the inner workings, trump's
6:32 am
senior adviser barry bennett. michael, i know you have signed an mba with the trump campaign. please help us understand. there have been reports that campaign staffers are suicidal. what are you knowing there? >> i'll tell you. i can't speak to trump campaign staffers all of the time. mid-level, junior level. nobody is talking about jumping off. what happened in recent weeks is a lot of people have been let go. paul manafort is getting rid of some and hiring others in that do fit his campaign plan. i think some of his former employees are out there try to go create media pressure. things are fine in the campaign. everybody i talked to is moving
6:33 am
forward. it is difficult but running against hillary clinton is a very tall order. >> why? what do you think? many people say it's a gift to the republican party because she is such an unlikable candidate. >> you know, the truth is donald trump has been such a powerful message certainly in my generation. you know, he delivers it fearlessly. >> i think they have done a great job. the problem is he has been lured down some rabbit holes. >> it is such a powerful message but he is bringing other people in. where is the confusion? what is paul trying to do?
6:34 am
>> i don't know who is firing. i assume it is just for the convention. i don't know that there is firing going on. they are adding so many people now. they are very close and money will not be a factor. fundraising is going along without missing a beat. we have to get to that very powerful message and deliver it every day relentlessly. >> he didn't delivering it every day relentlessly. does he have control? can he actually lead him here? >> donald trump in florida, two different rallies delivering that message. the most important message is are you ready for change or do you want eight more years of the same?
6:35 am
the talking points going out to the media are very different from what the trump campaign is putting out there. >> hold on a second. you know what? i'm not going to allow that. >> oh, you're not? >> not here, not right now. you're saying the media is only covering what hillary clinton wants. these are donald trump's words day in and day out. they have nothing to do with hillary clinton. donald trump went after the khans. donald trump is the ones -- >> he didn't. >> he didn't? >> no. look at what he said. he was confronting the khans. he did in the attack them. the attack word is in every set of hillary clinton talking points that goes to you and every other reporter across this country. so therefore he attacked him.
6:36 am
>> i'm going to let you know i don't get any talking points from anyone. donald trump questioned if mrs. khan was allowed to speak? >> no. i think it was a fumble. he was asked a question. he tried to answer it. the answer should have been mr. and mrs. khan have made the ultimate sacrifice and i support them. that's the answer far gold star parent but he is not a professional politician. he didn't know that. that's the question. why didn't he know that but he certainly didn't attack mrs. khan. >> and if someone takes a swing at him he feels he will always take a swing back. here is my question, warren buffet who is also a significant character out there, he took a swing. he challenged donald trump.
6:37 am
he said i'm being audited. you're being audited. let's look at our tax returns and let people ask us questions. mr. trump hasn't even mentioned that challenge. is it only punches down. he doesn't punch up? >> i think this is what he's got to do. he has got to forget about the last four days and think about the next four days. talk about people in ohio who can't find jobs. talk about the 107 people who committed overdoses in akron, ohio in the last week. talk about the va hospital in which is approaching four times budget and still isn't onnerable. don't get in fights with anybody. talk about your message. >> and the fact that he is not doing that at this point, does that make your wonder if he is listening to manafort who does
6:38 am
understand professional politics? >> i'll tell you, we have seen paul and mr. trump interact. he takes it very seriously. it is a campaign still in a learning mode. we don't have a professional politician at the helm. i think you'll see a campaign that's more clearly on message and more specifically on the issues talking about the things barry because talki barry was talking about. there is still time to move this ship in the right direction. take a look at the fundraising. they are nearly on parity. when the gun goes off donald trump will be positioned well and he will be talking about the issues. he will be victorious in november. >> if his message is so clear and about the economy and threat of terror why not get that message out today? >> you know, i think labor day
6:39 am
is a traditional start. this morning they announced new unemployment claims exceeded 3,000 more than last week. that's the number i would be talking about. this is a sign of the obama economic policies. 1.2 economic growth last quarter. people in toledo, they cant take it anymore. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. next, breaking overnight, police connecting another shooting to a phoenix serial killer. seven people have been killed. we'll take you live to phoenix, arizona. plus starts the olympics off right. you won't believe what the crowd was chanting to taunt the u.s. goal goalie. that's next. you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana
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say there was another shooting in phoenix, arizona, connected to a serial killer there. nine people shot and seven fatally. police think it is the work of one gunman. we are live from phoenix. brian, police have released a picture of a suspect. do they have any idea if the victims are connected to him and what the motives could be? >> reporter: they aren't releasing a motive but the one connection here is that all of the shootings have been at random in different parts of the valley, mostly the west valley and near downtown phoenix. the latest case they released just happened about a month ago on july 11th in the neighborhood i'm standing out. the shooter went by, he shot at it. inside was a man and a baby. neither were hurt. over a month seven people died and two have been shot.
6:44 am
the fbi and phoenix police have now boosted that reward up to $50,000. >> and they are just connecting it now. people are an edge. it has been going on for months. >> reporter: it has been going on for months. they have a checklist that they go through. there was a scare that happened in san diego with a pursuit. a patrolman thought it might be connected but they have to see if all of the cases are related. it took about a month for the recent incident. even though people are on edge it is bringing them closer together. there has been a lot of neighborhood watch meetings and police meetings where police are meeting with police in the community. mostly they are at night or early in the morning. make sure they are jij la--
6:45 am
vigilant. the mug shot you were just showing a little bit ago, that has been displayed on social media and different neighborhoods here in phoenix. >> brian, thank you for joining me from phoenix, arizona. next, two more republican congressmen, they say they will not vote for donald trump. one of them mr. trump's biggest supporters from the swing state of ohio will be with me next. you're watching msnbc. . or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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i'm stephanie. the list of republicans turning their back on donald trump is growing. on wednesday adam and charlie dent said they simply couldn't vote for him. i am joined by jim who is supporting donald trump. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> to be fair neither congressman said they would vote for hillary clinton, just said
6:49 am
donald trump crossed too many lines for them to support him. what do you say to them? tho >> those are my colleagues. they can make the decisions they want to make. they are not happy with the direction our country is going. it is a simple choice for me. i am supporting donald trump because i know he will change the direction of our country. i was a businessman as well when i first got into congress five years ago. i had the hurdles i had to get past. it is hard to get into the political world as a businessman. donald trump is going through some of those poiains. >> i would rather be with donald trump than hillary clinton especially here in northeast ohio. here in my district we got out of a poll showing donald trump
6:50 am
is winning. people like the mine workers, auto workers, many of the union workers are very unhappy with the country, jobs, the economy, these are the things people in f donald trump saying i'm going to take care of the economy, i'm going to change the economy. they're hearing a message of hillary clinton saying we're going to keep things going the way we have been for the last eight years. and quite frankly, 1.2% gdp groerth is not the direction this country should go. >> then do you wonder why donald trump doesn't stay on that message, jobs, economy, national security. issues that do have so many americans upset or feeling uncomfortable. instead, he's been veering into many other areas recently which one could argue how reckless he is. >> the word reckless could be used for hillary clinton as well. i try to stay out of the politics. as a business guy, i had to work with republicans and democrats. but we could call many of the
6:51 am
things hillary clinton has done reckless too. other comments about benghazi. these are all reckless, as well. what we really need to do is stick to the issues. the issues of jobs and the economy, and national security. that's what american people are concerned about. that's what donald trump has to stay on message on. >> stick to the issues. how about sticking together. why in your opinion wouldn't donald trump back paul ryan? >> again, every -- one thing great about this country, everybody can make their decisions and opinions. i support paul ryan, and donald trump, i think, in the end will always support paul ryan, as well. but i think at this stage of the game, you know, we just need to be able to continue. when you get to democrats, i see the same thing, as well. i see democrats -- i've had many democrats come to me and say i'm not going to support hillary clinton as well. >> where. hold on a second. >> where? >> you said at the end of the rnc, you could see the republican party really coming together. if you compare the rnc to the
6:52 am
dnc, the dnc was notable democrat after democrat standing beside hillary clinton, saying i'm with her. we didn't see that at the convention, and now we're seeing more fracturing. >> when you talk about notable, i would rather talk about the american people. the american people are frustrated with those notable people. they're frustrated with the establishment democrat and the establishment republican. they want the america of the people. and, again, the american people are so frustrated, you keep going back to the establishment people who said i'm supporting, i'm supporting. i think the american people are the ones we should be talking with. >> are there enough of those people who simply want change or simply don't want hillary to support donald trump, making it through this election? >> well, i think when the american people start to look at the differences of where we're going and when 70% of the american people say i'm not happy with the direction that this country is going. if you take that 70%, if they're not happy, they see hillary clinton taking us in the same direction. they see donald trump going in a
6:53 am
different direction. i think the goal has to be for donald trump to get to those 70%. >> as an ohioan, how do you feel about the fact that your state's governor hasn't backed donald trump? >> well, look, in the end, our governor is going to continue to work for republicans. he's going to continue to work for senator portman. he's going to be throwing blocks, as i said, at the convention. we need republicans throwing blocks, even though they might want to be the one getting into the end zone. i think our governor will throw those blocks. he's going to help senator portman. in the end, he's going to support donald trump. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining me this morning. next, the olympics kicked off last night as the u.s. women's soccer game won their first game. why was the brazilian team heckling solo? minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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the u.s. women's soccer team has won its first olympic game, beating new zealand 2-0. but despite the shutout, one of the star players took serious abuse from the fans in brazil. nbc's ron mott is live in rio de janeiro. team usa is off to a beautiful start. i love this, but my girl, hope solo, getting heckled every time she touched the ball from the brazilian crowd. >> yeah, it was a little bit surprising, but as far as team usa goes, they walked away with a victory, play france on saturday. the game up. actually, new zealand aggressive with the americans, perhaps thinking that was the only way they would stay on the field. they won the first and second half. and as one of the players said, able to wrestle the second match. a 2-0 start. one distinction they want, to become the first women's soccer team to win a gold medal after winning the world cup, which, of
6:58 am
course, usa did last year. as far as hope solo goes, she put some pictures out on social media, wearing a head mask to stay away from the zika-borne mosquitoes and had a picture of deet on the bed. so every time she touched the ball yesterday, the gave her a little bit of bronx cheer, if you will, booing and at ultimate times yelling zika to the crowd, but didn't affect the outcome. france is going to be a pretty strong match on saturday. that's saturday afternoon. >> yelling "zika" is this brazil showing their national pride? >> well, obviously, hope solo is a huge name in the business. and have i have to tell you, i've been here a couple days now. i haven't seen one mosquito. the first thing i did with my bag, put some deet on and then took a nap for extra
6:59 am
precautions. i think what people are trying to say to hope solo and others here, the virus obviously is a serious thing, but it is -- the mosquito population way down from what it is. >> ron, you know you just jinxed yourself, don't you? >> i know. >> ron mott joining us from rio de janeiro where he has yet to see a mosquito. that's going to wrap us up for the hour. i'm stephanie rhule. coming up right now, more news with kristen welker. >> right now on msnbc live, sending the did he say tress call. of panic over the unprecedented behavior of the presidential nominee. sources within the rnc within key members, staging a high level intervention. even more republicans defecting from their standard bearer after a week of numerous controversies. trump's very public fight with the parents of a muslim-american
7:00 am
soldier killed in iraq. trump's campaign chairman saying this morning, not to expect an "i'm sorry" from the candidate any time soon, if ever. >> i think the sentiments about what he feels towards that family and what they went through, he's expressed -- just because he doesn't a the words everybody wants, he has said he is sorry for what they have gone through but keeps going back to the main issue and the main issue isn't this family, it's the cause of suffering of this family. this is a time in august, as you know, george, you have been through this, we have tried different approaches out. september, october, you have your messages honed. the strategy said, hillary clinton can't change her position in that content. our political team up and ready across the country this morning with all of this covered. we want to start with nbc's katy tur in portland, maine, where donald trump will be later today. kate what are sources telli


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