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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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state of pennsylvania. shows clinton with an 11-point lead over donald trump. another new poll to factor in this morning, this one out of new hampshire. it shows clinton with a 15-point lead over donald trump. and one more for you this morning. out of michigan. this poll shows clinton leading donald trump by nine points there. now yesterday donald trump insisted michigans among the states, a part of his secret strategy to win. >> now you know the route to the white house for the republicans is much more difficult. you know that. you look at the maps. you look at the maps. and yet for me, not being your typical republican, i guess, we have a lot of states in play right now that will never -- i think we're going to do great in michigan. i think we're going to do great in states that normally you don't really have. most republicans would never even stop for dinner in some of these states. and you know what?
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it's sort of like i feel the same way about isis. i don't really want to tell you what the states are. because they've got a lot of money. what they'll do is immediately start advertising, trump is a horrible human being. >> trump is also dismissing talk of disunity within his campaign amid widespread reports that some of his allies are trying to compel him to reset his campaign. >> i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> as mentioned, just a few minutes ago, house speaker paul ryan was interviewed on a wisconsin radio station. this was his first opportunity to publicly respond to the shocking news, really, of donald trump not being willing to support paul ryan in his primary tuesday. here's what paul ryan said just
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moments ago in response to that. >> the only endorsements i want are those of my own employers here in the first congressional district. that's really what my focus is. and, again, as you know, when i first talked about this, when i did support donald, i said at that time, and ever since then, if i see a situation where our conservative principles are being distorted, i'm going to stand up for those conservative principles. if i see and hear things i think are wrong, i'm not going to sit by and say nothing. because i think i have a duty as a republican leader to defend republican principles and our party's brand. if i think they're being distorted. and so that's what i said i would do back then when i supported him and that's what i'm continuing to do if and when i see these situations arise. >> would there ever be a bridge too far? >> i always have said, of course, there are moments -- i'm not going to get into the speculation or hypothetical.
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none of these things are blank checks. that goes with any situation in any kind of race. >> nbc's katy tur joins us live from portland, maine, where donald trump will campaign this afternoon. another interesting tidbit now, katy, to factor in. paul ryan's response to this nonendorsement from donald trump. obviously, he is up significantly in the polls in his district. doesn't appear he's in jeopardy. nevertheless, the image of all of this, the message of all of this, this battle between the nominee and the speaker of the house, whether they want to admit to it or not, clearly exists here. >> reporter: you know, the idea that donald trump is fighting with politicians is not necessarily resonating with donald trump supporters. they don't really care about that. it's just take that in the context of donald trump's campaign, and his past few weeks as a whole. he's jumped from controversy to controversy, and there's been nothing but negative headlines. so when you talk to donald trump supporters about what they want
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him to do, sort of advice they give him, they say he needs to back away from the controversy. that he needs to get back on message. stop fighting with the party, stop fighting with gold star families. stop getting into it. instead focus on things that work for him, like national security, like the economy, like job creation. that's what donald trump supporters want to start hearing from him. their support remains pretty strong. but there is an acknowledgment there are independents out there, and republicans who may not have the strongest support for him who are being turned off by all of these issues within donald trump's campaign. and within donald trump's ability to interact with other people. temperament issues and temperament questions. so there is a realization of that. and that's why you're seeing folks that are close to donald trump, maybe not stage an intervention, maybe intervention is too strong a word. but try to talk to -- talk him down. try to convince him to get back on message. there is an organized effort among those closest to him to get him to stay away from these
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controversies. as we keep saying over and over again. to reset this campaign. there's a sliver of light right now, according to gop strategists that i have spoken to, and operatives who say that yesterday donald trump pretty much staying on message was a hopeful sign. this is going to be day two of it, the campaign pushing back on the idea that anything is wrong. they're saying that the campaign is going well. they're saying that they don't need the support of the republican establishment, because donald trump has always been the anti establishment candidate. but tamron, you mentioned those polls. he's not doing well right now in poll after poll, and battleground states. pennsylvania, michigan, new hampshire. these are important states. we have a pennsylvania representative, charlie dent, saying he's not going to support donald trump. that is a must-win state for him. so all of this stuff taken in the larger context does start to show cracks in donald trump's ability to get from here, august, to november.
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>> and katy, you make the point and we have seen it in the video when you have interviewed some of donald trump's supporters at these rallies for the most part, sticking with him. but just again a few minutes ago, working to turn this tape around, mike pence campaigning in north carolina, was asked by a young man about having to clean up donald trump's mess. and this comes on the heels of a mother of a military personnel who held her son's picture up. she was being booed. and was asking mike pence about donald trump's behavior as it relates to the khan family. so, you know, in the same week, perhaps to supporters of donald trump in the building asking mike pence about cleaning up his running mate's mess. >> reporter: you know, governor pence has been put into a tough position, or he basically got himself into a tough position of having to be the translator for donald trump. one man here right next to me said the same thing a couple minutes ago. that governor pence is donald
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trump's translator. and that's what you heard that young man ask in that tape that you're trying to turn around. he has broken with his running mate on issues. he supported paul ryan when donald trump has not supported paul ryan. he has come out against the idea of russians hacking into anybody in america's servers. saying that there will be severe consequences if that does turn out to be true. so this is a campaign and a ticket unlike anything we have seen before. and it certainly does not add to the idea that donald trump is presenting a cohesive message, and a cohesive campaign, despite what his aides might be trying to say. >> and just quickly, katy, anient occasion from your sources they are rattled within the campaign by this stream of numbers showing in some cases double-digit leads for hillary clinton? if we reset after rio and intercept near the debate with
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donald trump down double digits, where does the campaign go? where does the support go? >> reporter: you know, paul manafort this morning on cbs said it's only august, not to worry about this stuff. they will be able to come back from this. but the reality is, with the olympics coming in, and taking over coverage, there is going to be little opportunity for donald trump to dominate headlines. so he needs to buckle down and find a way to reach supporters himself. whether that's through actually buying some tv ads. we know he hasn't really done that, but they have raised $82 million last month. we'll see if that money goes to tv ads. it is something that should be rattling the campaign right now, to see him down so much in a state like pennsylvania. that's a state they need to win. if they don't win pennsylvania, they're not able to turn that red, there is almost an impossible path for donald trump to get to the white house. the electoral map is not favorable to him at the moment. unless he finds a way to win new hampshire -- excuse me,
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pennsylvania, north carolina, florida and ohio. and welcoming -- showing to be so far down in pennsylvania right now, that is a major hurdle the campaign has to figure out a way to get over. >> katy, thank you very much. hillary clinton is now responding to accusations by republicans that iran received a $400 cash shipment in january. as ransom for releasing four americans. the white house had already insisted the money was part of the settlement of a decades-long dispute over failed arms deal. secretary clinton spoke to our nbc affiliate in denver about this. >> the so far as i know, it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat. it was something that was intended to -- as i am told, pay back iran for contracts that were cancelled when the shah fell. >> nbc's kristen welker covering
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the clinton campaign for us, joins us live from washington. donald trump talked about this on the campaign trail, two of his events yesterday. it's interesting language from secretary clinton, really specifically saying "as far as i know," "as far as what i am told." what more from her campaign are you hearing? >> look, she is clearly being very cautious with her language, tamron. and this underscores the point that her time as secretary of state cuts both ways. it opens her up to criticism, it also can be used as a strength, as she argues she has experience. she has the experience to serve. in this case, she is essentially repeating what we're hearing from the white house, which is that any notion that there was a tit for tat is just not the case. and i anticipate she is going to continue to get more tough questions about that, and that will be the line that we hear from her. meanwhile, she is trying to turn the page, she is trying to keep the focus on the economy. she has been campaigning in these key battle ground states. yesterday she was in colorado. today she is in nevada.
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and she is trying to make the case she is better on the economy, as she courts working-class voters, white male voters, those voters who right now say they are in line with donald trump. today her message is going to be that under her economic policy, there would be subsidies for apprentice programs. yesterday she hit donald trump for outsourcing, including in a new ad that's airing in key battleground states. take a look. >> as a line of clothing. where were these made? >> these were made -- i don't know where they were made. someplace, but they're great. ties, shirts, cufflinks, sold at macy's. >> where are the shirts made? bangladesh. >> good. >> ties, where are the ties made? made in where, china? ties made in china. [ laughter ] >> tamron, campaign officials also telling me today that she is going to hit trump on trump university and argue that he
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encouraged students to max out their credit cards. of course, the trump campaign pushing back against that characterization very vigorously. look, as the clinton campaign looks at these polls, they undoubtedly like what they see. but as we have been talking about all morning long, it is not yet labor day. this is still a competitive race, so secretary clinton's main strategy right now is to try to stay on message and right now she thinks the economy is her best bet for courting those voters. >> let me bring in our panel. dana mill banks, political alcoholi columnist. craig, we are listening to this new interview with speaker ryan in wisconsin. donald trump will be in green bay campaigning as well. i want to play a bit more for you of what paul ryan just said, regarding the gap or divide on certain issues within the party, and with the nominee. let's play that. >> i don't like doing this, i
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don't want to do this, but i will do this because i feel i have to in order to defend republicans and our principles. so that people don't make the mistake of thinking we think like that. >> but there's a gap beyond the pale and a bridge too far for you. >> well, of course, there is. and that's with any situation like this. but i just -- right now, i think it's important we -- we just came out of our convention. and, yeah, he's had pretty strange run since the convention. you would think we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton and all of her deficiencies. she is such a weak candidate that one would think we would be on offense against hillary clinton. and it is distressing that that's not what we're talking about these days. >> distressing and strange run for donald trump. what is -- what are your sources telling you is happening with speaker ryan and how he's trying to juggle all of this? >> well, i think it's baffling, as you can hear, from ryan -- to ryan. baffling to a lot of republicans in wisconsin that on his way
8:14 am
into the state where he's going to be tomorrow night, he picks this fight with ryan when he didn't need to. i think it's been a very aub ward balancing act that ryan has tried to strike with respect to trump. here he's operating from a position of strength, more popular in his state and in his district. and so, you know, we might wonder whether trump's criticisms of ryan have any effect on ryan in his primary next tuesday. you might better ask whether it has any effect on trump in wisconsin. this is a state that was going to be difficult for him to win to begin with. and now he's sort of picking a fight with the most popular republican politician in the state. that happened four months ago in the wisconsin republican primary, and it didn't work out very well for donald trump then. >> dana, at a time where democrats in the clinton campaign are using words that question donald trump's sanity, his temperament, his stability, you have just a few minutes ago, paul ryan, describing his
8:15 am
behavior or some of the things that have happened as bizarre. and distressing. i cannot imagine that paul manafort or donald trump will enjoy hearing those very key words of bizarre, as it relates to some of the things that have happened this week by donald trump's own doing. >> no, it's true, tamron. and hillary clinton has had a problem throughout this campaign of getting a share of the limelight and having some attention. but for the moment, it appears it's just fine for her to stay out of the way, as donald trump self emulates here. it is -- it has been an extraordinary run. nobody can really figure it out. i think the thing we need to watch now, tamron, is whether it's just trump sinking in the polls or whether republican candidates for the senate and house are falling as well. we see trouble for toomey and in pennsylvania, we see trouble for ayotte in new hampshire. and if they start to feel that trump is going to cause them to lose, then it's katy bar the door and everyone in the
8:16 am
republican party will have open season on donald trump. i think we're right on the cutting edge of that occurring. >> and craig, that is truly the weight or the cloud that hovers over speaker ryan, when you start looking down the line in the larger impact all of this has. and people are looking, including scott walker, who continues to support him, who is very, very clear where he stands if this battle goes between speaker ryan and donald trump. but that is the weight, the reality, of what the speaker of the house is facing right now. what happens outside trump. >> yeah, in fact, in green bay, where trump will be tomorrow night, you have an open congressional seat that's actually represented right now by one of the most anti trump republicans in congress, reid ribble, retiring. voted democratic on occasion, very much in play because of trump's weakness at the top of the ticket. you also have senator ron johnson, freshman senator, and russ feingold, trailing in the polls. the real worry for republicans is turnout. and you know, republicans in order to do well in wisconsin
8:17 am
need massive turnout from places in southern wisconsin, like paul ryan's congressional district, that normally do turn out massively, but may not this time around, given their level of enthusiasm for the nominee. >> and dana, we reference or i referenced it at the top of the hour. mike pence is in north carolina, he's in raleigh, campaigning. and he was asked this question by a boy in the audience about softening up donald trump's words and policies. the second time this week someone has addressed mike pence and asked him about his role. let me play what happened. >> i've been noticing that you've been kind of softening up on mr. trump's policies and words. is this your role -- is this going to be your role in the administration? [ laughter ] >> well, number one, this boy has got a future. [ cheers and applause ] nicely done. let me tell you what. i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump, and we
8:18 am
are shoulder to shoulder in this campaign. sometimes things don't always come out like you mean, right? and donald trump and i are absolutely determined to work together. we have different styles. you might have noticed that. >> dana, they're shoulder to shoulder, except for just yesterday, house speaker, paul ryan, with pence supporting him and saying this is a great friend of mine. i support him, have confidence. and donald trump saying that famous line now, "i'm not there yet." >> right, tamron, shoulder to shoulder but facing opposite directions. it's hard to imagine somebody more opposed in temperament to donald trump than mike pence is. i've known him for an awfully long time, talking to republicans who are friends of his. the theory was that he would join the ticket and influence donald trump. he did not see himself playing, you know, sort of mopping up all the messes that donald trump has made. but there is no sign that pence is having this influence. trump is continuing to play the same play that he's played over and over again.
8:19 am
that would create a stir every day, a new outrage, dominate the coverage. it worked before, not working now. pence seems to be marginalized and somewhat humiliated. >> you wrote about the fact that donald trump's strategy against ryan may be backfiring. we know he lost wisconsin, the never trump movement strong in wisconsin with the conservative radio hosts there. the reception for donald trump in green bay, what do you anticipate will happen? >> i honestly don't know what it's going to be like. i don't know what the turnout is going to be like. mike pence had his first sort of stand-alone rally in wisconsin, after the convention last week. in waukesha county, the most republican place on earth. where people turn out like mad. everybody votes. and only fewer than 1,000 people turned out. which is really kind of a very low number when you think about how mobilized that community and that part of the state really is. so it will be interesting to see how many people turn out. it will be interesting to see what the tone of the crowd or the tone of the event is. he is more popular in northern wisconsin than in southern wisconsin.
8:20 am
but it's also going to be interesting to see what donald trump has to say about paul ryan, about republicans in the state. he's got this crazy history where he clashed with them and antagonized them in the primary. and then things -- the people thought this was papered over in the convention. and as you heard paul ryan say with kind of shock and astonishment, we're back at it again. >> all right. craig and indiana, thank you both. greatly appreciate you joining me today. in morning, a north carolina man arrested and charged with supporting isis. we have new details on that arrest today. also developing this morning, police in london are stepping up patrols after a man went on a stabbing spree, killing an american and injuring five others. the latest on that attack as well. we'll be right back.
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developing now, a man in charlotte, north carolina, has just been arrested and charged with supporting isis. federal authorities say that man is 35-year-old eric jamal hendricks. he contacted multiple people online, according to authorities, attempting to recruit them to carry out terror attacks here in the u.s. the fbi says he told at least one person he hoped to create an isis sleeper cell. our justice correspondent, pete williams, will give us more details on the arrest and what agents are saying. also developing now, we're learning more about a stabbing spree in london that left an american woman dead and five others injured. officials say they are questioning the suspect, a 19-year-old norwegian citizen of somali ancestry. no evidence he was motivated by terrorism. matt bradley joins us from london. they are saying this may be a mental health issue here. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. the police have essentially all by eliminated the possibility
8:25 am
there was radicalization behind this, and saying there really is no real evidence to point to an ideological motivation behind this knifing spree that happened right here in russell square last night at around 10:30. we spoke with some witnesses, and they were describing scenes of pandemonium and chaos, more than 60 or 70 police officers who were heavily armed, who desended on this square, and really kind of tried to take control of a very, very dicey situation. that's a really interesting development in london, because, of course, here the police are famously unarmed. and now we're starting to see a much, much higher level of policing here in terms of people carrying weapons, police carrying weapons. and that's a jarring development here. again, this is a country on edge after terrorist attacks in france, belgium, germany, all those countries are still reeling from terrorist attacks and a lot of londoners wondering if they're next, tamron. >> matt bradley live in london with the latest on the investigation there. thank you, matt.
8:26 am
coming up, tackling it from the air. florida officials are now spraying insecticide to kill mosquitoes in miami. this as the cdc is on the ground, touring what they call the zika outbreak zone. plus, the u.s. supreme court temporarily blocks a ruling in virginia, allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. it is one of the stories we're updating around the news nation this morning. ra single packs... so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs.
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and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors, indoors and in the car. now that i work there, i value dothe food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. florida officials are now using planes to fight the zika virus. this morning insecticide being sprayed over the area of downtown miami. known as the zika zone, home to the only known locally transmitted cases of the virus in the united states. today cdc director tom frieden will tour the area. the pentagon now says 41 u.s. service members, including a pregnant woman, have contracted zika. that number up from what we were
8:30 am
told yesterday. and concerns over zika have also prompted governor rick scott to order free zika testing for all pregnant women across the state. nbc's kerry sanders joins us with the latest now from miami. kerry. >> reporter: well, let's start first of all with that aerial spraying. the reason they began the spraying this morning is because what they have been doing on the ground has not been that effective. so as you see the plane here flying over the windwood area, they have decided to drop a chemical over a ten square mile area to go beyond the one square mile area where they believe these mosquitoes are. of that's to supplement what's going on over the ground where they're using a biological agent, again, an agent that has not been as effective as they hoped. let's talk about the women who are pregnant who fear they may have zika. or at least fear they have traveled in an area like wynnewood and maybe came into contact with a mosquito that could be carrying zika. as you said, the department of health in florida ordered by the
8:31 am
governor to pay for free tests for zika. there is, of course, a logistical challenge here. the state does not have enough kits, and there are so many women in the state who are pregnant who, of course, need these tests. so what the governor has decided to do is to start sort of a concentric circle. people who live in the affected area or near the affected area or who have traveled to this area will get number one on the list for the department of health to get the test. there are 29 counties in the state where people have travel-related zika. where they left the country and got zika and came back home here, or have just traveled from there and have zika. they will be next on the list. and then after that, it will be all 67 counties. the challenge, of course, the governor says is, is trying to balance all of this and not create a panic or a fear, especially in a state that does not have a state income tax and relies on tourists to pay for
8:32 am
the budget. this is what the governor had to say here in wynnewood, just a short time ago. >> we're telling everybody, this is a safe state. let's think about this. we have one square mile -- one square mile north of downtown that we think we might have locally transmitted zika. we're not seeing new cases. people should come to our state, i was in disney world last weekend with my family. you need to come to our state, enjoy our beaches, weather, people, food. >> reporter: and, of course, there is the challenge the cdc has put out, a travel warning for this part of miami. the cdc, tom frieden, director, will be here in this area today. we expect to hear a little bit of his analysis. but we already know that he has told the "washington post" that travel warning could remain in effect for a full year. so there will be an impact. in fact, some of the businessmen in this area say since this has become sort of topic of concern, they're seeing fewer residents
8:33 am
and fewer outsiders, tourists, coming here, supporting the businesses. so they're already feeling the effects of the zika fear, and the home-grown zika threat. >> all right, kerry, thank you very much. and coming up, our team says donald trump could not have picked a worse time to have a disastrous week. the question now, how will his campaign react as more polls are expected to show him trailing hillary clinton? it is part of this morning's first read in politics. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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8:37 am
we have several polls yesterday as part of his secret strategy that he's yet to reveal to win. nevertheless, we are seeing a storyline at this point. >> well, absolutely, tamron. earlier this week, it started to look like there were early indications hillary clinton had a decent convention bounce out of philadelphia and the last 24 hours definitely shows that hillary clinton has put together what looks like a pretty sturdy lead. a fox news poll out last night showed her up ten points over donald trump. and we have new swing state polls in pennsylvania, clinton up 11 points. in michigan, clinton up 9 points. in new hampshire, clinton up 15 points. so you're seeing i think the effects both of the convention and of the disastrous 48 hours that donald trump has had as we wrote in first read, could not have picked a worse week to have a sdraft rouse week. clinton putting together the
8:38 am
pieces of a post convention bounce and he has exacerbated that with the khan family and breaking with republicans and paul ryan. he had a bad week and it's starting to show in swing state polls. and by the way, a lot more oh polling in the next week, interesting to see how a candidate who often points to his poll numbers reacts to those new pieces of data as they come out. >> and carrie, it will be interesting to see if these are republicans who abandoned donald trump, hillary clinton bringing in bernie sanders supporters. what's behind the shifting of these numbers. and i know that we'll have our own polling out very soon. let's talk about july fund-raising dollars. a good number for donald trump as far as july. we don't know what will happen in august, though. >> right, exactly. this is sort of a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark beginning of the week for donald trump. they raised $80 million compared to clinton's $90 million. of course, that's the campaign plus party efforts for both candidates. but compare also the amount of money that both of these
8:39 am
candidates now have in the bank. hillary clinton has $58 million. donald trump has $37 million in the bank. compare that to the end of may, when donald trump had about only $2 million. less than $2 million cash on handled. he has really caught up and cut that difference by a wide margin. that is very good news for the trump campaign, especially as we go into a general election, where hillary clinton is already planning, along with her allies, of launching a $100 million ad blitz through november. donald trump has to compete with that on the air and on the ground, no matter how this campaign has changed the rules and regulations of how campaigns are run. he's going to have to spend money and it is a very good sign for him that he has a little bit more money to play with now. >> just quickly, carrie, we know his campaign is trying to shift the focus to hillary clinton. this issue with iran and the $400 million and laundry list of things. but he's back in wisconsin tomorrow. inevitably, people will ask about speaker ryan, this ongoing
8:40 am
back and forth with them. speaker ryan just did an interview on the radio, local radio, there. so he's going essentially into the very neighborhood he's trying to avoid in some ways. >> well, yes. that's right. he's going to be sort of in paul ryan's backyard. one thing i would point out in donald trump somewhat wading into the ryan primary race taking place next tuesday is that that's kind of a tougher area this way. in the wisconsin primary that took place earlier this year, donald trump got beat in paul ryan's congressional district by ted cruz and paul ryan is exceptionally popular there, especially with republicans. and donald trump very much more mixed reviews in polling within paul ryan's congressional district, even from republicans. i'm not sure how much influence donald trump is going to have on paul ryan's home turf as much as he's trying to engage there. >> we'll see what kind of reception he gets there. already big crowds in florida. may or may not be the same in wisconsin tomorrow. thank you, carrie.
8:41 am
nbc's pete williams has more news on the north carolina man arrested this morning and charged with supporting isis. plus, the u.s. women's soccer team starts off strong in the olympic games, crushing new zealand last night. men's soccer begins today. we're going to take you there and get the latest on the eve of the opening ceremony. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually. you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call.
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down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? hurricane earl downgraded to a tropical storm after making land fall in belize, our stories around the nation this morning. earl made landfall, as a category 1 near belize early this morning, bringing 80-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rains, causing widespread power outages, as well. the storm is expected to continue to weaken as it moves further inland into central america and mexico. and the u.s. supreme court says a school board in virginia can prevent a transgender student from using the boys' bathroom at his school.
8:45 am
the supreme court blocked a lower court order that would have allowed the student who was born a girl but now identifies as male to use the boys' room starting this fall. the school says it will next ask the supreme court to completely overturn the lower court's decision. and developing now, we're learning more about the arrest of a north carolina man charged with supporting isis. prosecutors say the suspect tried to recruit people no train for attacks in the u.s. nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams, joins us with more. what can you tell us? >> 35 years old, tamron. from charlotte, north carolina, eric jamal hendricks. and the government says it got on to him last year after a man in ohio was charged with buying a weapon from an undercover federal agent. in interviewing him, this man in ohio said he was in touch with hendricks and that hendricks was trying to recruit him to be part of a sleeper cell that would carry out attacks in the u.s. the government says it began to
8:46 am
monitor hendricks' communications that he was in touch on social media with a number of other people, including the two men who were behind the attack in garland, texas, last year on the draw mohamed contest. they say he was in touch with a number of people by social media, trying to recruit them, trying to get them interested in doing some kind of attacks in the u.s. but nothing ever came of that, and among the people he was in touch with was an undercover operative for the fbi. so he's been arrested now and charged with material support to isis, and he'll appear later today in federal court to face the charges, tamron. >> all right, pete, thank you very much. and we'll be right back with a live report from rio and born in the usa. your medication... your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation
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the opening ceremonies for the olympic games in rio now just a day away. the olympic torch arrived in rio by boat yesterday. but team usa already in action. the u.s. women's soccer team its
8:50 am
first win with a 2-0 defeat of new zealand as it looks for its fourth straight olympic medal. ron mott is in rio de janeiro, and ron, set the stage for is i de janeiro and, ron, set the stage for i guess what we'll see tomorrow. >> well, hey, there, tamara, i pulled the short stick somehow and got this assignment. i'll try to bear this. great start for these olympics for the u.s. women's team. they're going for their fourth gold in a roll, fifth overall. the only wrinkle is hope solo, the superstar goaltender for team usa didn't quite get a red carpet entrance from the crowd here because every time she touched the ball she got booed and jeered. this was perhaps way. look at pictures from her social media account just a couple weeks ago she was preparing to make her trip down to rio and she showed off her zika kit, if that's the right way to describe it. she had the mask on her head and a bunch of aerosol spray cans so
8:51 am
the crowd reminded her they didn't take too kindly to that. i've been here a couple days, i haven't seen one mosquito. men's soccer getting under way today. unfortunately the u.s. men's team is not here in rio, they didn't qualify. big ceremony tomorrow, opening ceremonies. we don't know a lot about the details of that. they try to keep that under wraps so we can all watch on television it's usually a spectacle. one of the reasons you want to get into the olympic games. soccer is already under way. smaller events getting under way before the opening ceremonies and by saturday tamron it's on in earnest. u.s. women's soccer will be on the pitch against france on saturday. the win over that match will probably lead that group to head on to the quarters down the road. so good start for team usa and the weather could not be any more spectacular than it is this morning. tamron? >> it's beautiful behind you. thank you so much, ron. time for our series idea
8:52 am
born in the usa" highlighting american business success stories. today we're shining the light on a company that brings music to underserved communities. chords for music. at about the time, 17% of u.s. public schools required music courses. he tackled that disparity through a social enterprise strike that strikes the right note merging music, design and passion his company launched an innovative line of sterling silver bracelets, herings and necklaces that incorporate guitar picks. the proceeds go towards music funding through a charity partnership helping more than 30,000 students and the founder is with me now. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> that number, 17% of schools in the country require music for their curriculum. i mean, listen, i remember playing the clarinet -- poorly -- in middle school but
8:53 am
music always being a part of my public school experience. 17% now? >> that's nothing, right? >> that's nothing. >> that's nothing. and it's really something we need to tackle and when you look at the numbers they're even more interesting numbers. i mean, when you bring music into the school curriculum, normally the dropout rates for low socioeconomic students in america is 22% but when you bring music into the curriculum it becomes 4%. that number is huge, five times less. that's something i think we can really do a lot better with. >> we've had this debate and discussion for so long about music. there have been other organizations that have shined a light on this but you've done it in such an interesting way through fashion, through jewelry. how did you merge those as a musician yourself? >> my background is luxury so i started the luxury business and did a masters in arts administration, started doing museum work and one day i realized i wanted to bridge t
8:54 am
the -- bring everything together. i'm inspired by companies like thom's and other companies that have the double bottom line model which is make money but do good. business can do a lot of good so i took a chance and decided to be more entrepreneurial and do that. >> you partnered through music. how does this work with? >> when people want to know how the money is used. >> 10% proceeds of the brand -- i hope to make it more one day. we make 10% to our charity partner. we work on sustainable music schools in new york city and we're looking to expand domestically so we're hoping on a national market. >> good place to start. >> our strategy is focusing on
8:55 am
music cities and where people -- we know sales will be bigger so l.a., chicago, seattle, those are music cities, new orleans, so we started in nashville, starting a partnership with a charity on there soon. >> we should look at minneapolis, minnesota. there's a good music there. this is one you've given to me. i love it that you gave my favorite color which is white. >> and goes well with your outfit. >> we didn't even know that. congratulations on this. i'm going to get my man man hands inside here. i should have practiced this. >> i can help you put it on. >> thank you very much, nichola nicholas. >> this is made in the u.s., we manufacture everything in rhode island, the jewelry capital of america. >> there you have it. congratulations on this. we'll follow you on social media. >> also
8:56 am
>> love it. thank you very much, congratulations on this. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at now that i work there, i value cadothe food even more.s. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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8:59 am
now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. thank you very much for watching this hour. i'm tamron hall. see you tomorrow, right now, msnbc's "andrea mitchell reports." >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the reset button. trump's allies plot an intervention but can the candidate change? does he even want to? >> so i just want to tell you, the campaign is doing really well. >> everybody's deployed and working. we raised a record amount of money last month, $80 million. >> i'm not filling up stadiums because of populous, i'm filling them up because people don't have jobs. >> paul ryan gets the backing of running mate mike pence. he sends this warning to trump. >> if i see a situation where our conservative principles ares be distorted, i'm going to stand
9:00 am
up for those conservative principles. if i see and hear things i think are wrong, i won't sit by and say nothing. >> coming up, the candidate who's challenging paul ryan and backing trump, paul neilan. and trump's disastrous week has supercharged hillary clinton's pos post-come vengs bu post-convention pump in the polls. >> so far as i know it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat, it was something that was intended to, as i'm told, pay back iran for contracts that were canceled when the shah fell. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. after a week of bad headlines,


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