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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 8, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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on sunday, one of trump's biggest supporters had some messaging problems when asked about the high price tag that some analysts have pinned to trump's economic plan. >> mr. speaker, his numbers don't add up. >> of course not. i think historically, no candidate's numbers add up, particularly in the media. >> all right. so we want to start with nbc's hallie jackson in midtown manhattan. still many republicans have trump on probation to prove he deserves being the gop nominee. walk us through what this speech means now and this week for trump's campaign. >> reporter: well, right now, when you look at the policy side of it, thomas, it means that trump is trying to get his, quote, economic vision out there. i'm told by senior campaign adviser that this is intended to be sort of laying out a mix of policies we've already known about from trump, with some new proposals like, for example, the deduction of childcare expenses for parents. the question after the speech is going to be, what are the specifics, number one.
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i don't expect we'll get those sort of line by line in this speech. those will come in the next few weeks, from what i'm hearing from the campaign. how do you make the math add up? even newt gingrich acknowledged this weekend of course trump's math on economics don't add up. according to gingrich, no candidate's does. the second part, how does this affect what happens later in the week? this, in addition to being a policy speech, also a political maneuver for donald trump. he has had one of his worst weeks yet when you look at the controversies over the last seven to ten days. this is a chance for trump to not just turn the page. when you talk to people inside his orbit, a chance he can spend four straight days, basically, on message. remember, on thursday, we started to see him really focusing on hillary clinton, talking about the economy. talking about national security topics that republicans wanted him to be focused on. here's the problem, thomas. we are already seeing the fallout from that week of controversy. the polls, when you dive into some of the numbers, on personality, temperament, trump is far behind hillary clinton.
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and on national security, now, too. clinton leads by a few points. this is significant, because trump has built his entire campaign on the foundation of national security. these are some numbers republicans are keeping an eye on. what happens? we know clinton according to a cbs poll, she is building in virginia with the help of tim kaine, her rng mate. keeping an eye on speeches like the one today, can trump stay on script? >> there are never trumpers out there and they have a voice through the process and some of these republicans promoting a new candidate. we're just learning about this guy today. so what more can you tell us about him for folks that might be interested in what he's representing? >> reporter: and for folks, evan mcmullen. i would bet the vast majority are not necessarily familiar
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with him because he is not a big political name. this is somebody according to joe scarborough who broke the news on "morning joe" will be announcing later today. buzzfeed reporting he should be filing around noon, used to work for the house republican conference we're told by some sources he no longer does. he's not a big political name. when you think of david french, the national review writer whose name had been floated a couple months ago for the never trump movement, he barely had the name recognition he needed. and let's be realistic about what this means. ballot deadlines have past in 26 states. that means the most this independent candidate could get is 244 electoral votes if he wins everything. so, you know, it's part of this long strategy that we have been hearing for months about, this long-shot strategy of maybe you keep everybody from getting 270 and send it to the house of representatives and republicans make some move. it's a quote our political director, mark murray, bordering
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on fantasy that could happen. here is something that could happen. mcmullen has ties to utah, a state where trump hasn't been as strong as some republicans think he should be. so if mcmillionen is able to play there, maybe that will impact utah, which would make the math harder for trump. i don't know if we talk about mcmullen in a week or two months from now. >> so at this point for somebody like that, they need money and mull muscle to make it through and luck. when we look at money, halle, the trump campaign is giving worry about folks with what they were able to pull in for july. >> reporter: right. while it was a gangbusters number for donald trump, $82 million pulled in between trump and the republican party, he had been fund-raising for a month and a half considering he had been ramping up his fund-raising experts at the end of may, this number that would be befitting
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for a presidential nominee. but clinton has had her money machine in place for far longer than donald trump. when you talk about donors, one thing you hear from the never trump folks, when they float these names as some reports have had it, big donors might be interested, the question and concern is, how realistic is that? right? are these donorseally going to go and back somebody who has, you know, virtually zero chance of making some kind of an impact in the presidential race on a national scale. the trump team is still working to court these donors, but the controversies over the last week have made some nervous. to be quite honest. that's not to say that trump won't be able to win them back over when you talk to as i do, republicans outside trump's orbit. one thing you hear is, hey, he's got a window. it is august, vacation time, olympics time. people aren't focusing necessarily on the political race, but labor day is what you keep hearing. he's got to be after labor day when people start paying attention. and if he still making these the
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missteps, the khan family, labor day and the debate in september. third week in september. those are kind of the key moments to watch. what happens between that stretch. because the next real shakeup point in this race will come as we make the turn from september into october. it feels like an eternity away, thomas. but i think it's going to be here before we know it. >> in the blink of an eye. halle, thanks so much. rick newman of yahoo! finance, the trump plan, the importance of the speech today. the big thing about trump's plan, how it breaks down, one estimate from the urban estimate, a liberal leaning think tank, will reduce revenue by more than $9 trillion over ten years, increase the federal debt over the same amount of time. so how does this plan contrast with that of what clinton is
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putting out there? >> clinton is not proposing tax cuts on that scale. she wants to raise taxes on the wealthy with modest cuts on the middle class. she is the master of policy details. dozens and dozens of details that say here is how she is going to pay for this proposal, she wants to use that tax hike to help pay for building roads and bridges and infrastructure. so hers balances out more or less. that assistadoesn't mean it's plausible. this has to get through congress, what any candidate proposes. broad ideas, tax cuts, everybody likes that. he wants to get tough on trading partners, some like that, some don't. >> newt gingrich's comments, the numbers never add up. >> i think if the guy you're backing, his numbers don't add up, you say that's just true of all candidates. to be honest, hillary clinton's numbers do more or less add up.
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i'm not sure that means anything, because there is likelihood her entire plan will make it through congress. but at least the numbers add up. >> if you look at where the economy is now, the jobs report for the last month, and it seems robust, how is there a way to make an argument for donald trump's plan, as someone to take over, an economy they want to say is failing? >> the way to to it, yes, we have prosperity for some in the united states and some people feel things are getting better and they're pretty good. it's obvious there are pockets -- fairly large pockets of people who feel they're not participating. so the message -- trump has nailed those people and bernie sanders did before him too. so on the republican side, trump has got the attention of those people. i think what he needs to do now, draw in more people who feel like yes i feel like something is broken in washington, broken in the system. i'm doing okay, i would like things to be better because i think this sort of displaced worker demographic is not large enough. there are not enough angry people to put donald trump over the top. he needs to appeal to people who
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are, perhaps, doing okay and tell them here is how i'm going to make things better. >> who is advising trump on a macro economic level. >> he's got some hedge fund guys like john paul son, a guy who runs a bank, andy booel. basically, he has tapped into the financial community. this is basically wall street as we think of it. it's finance ears and many billionaires. interestingly, according to reports, one of the proposal he's going to talk about today is less regulation of wall street, it's difficult to see how that squares with the populist appeal. clearly, that's a kind of thing this group of advisers would love to see. it's up to trump, the pitchman, he's a great pitch mapp, so he needs to make ordinary americans how that might benefit them. >> rick newman, thanks so much. msnbc and nbc news will be streaming donald trump's speech so you can set your phone or your computer. joining me by phone, trump
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surrogate, good to have you with me. let's talk about the case against democratic policies. as i just asked rick here. there is strong july numbers that trump now has to compete against in terms of his economic vision. >> well, i mean, i guess it depends on the numbers you're looking at. look, the economy is going backwards under obama. hillary clinton is going to be a repeat of those failed policies. only 1.2% gdp growth. 94.3 americans are out of work. and under obama, 7 million americans are living in poverty. let's talk about those numbers. clearly, something is not working. >> what we look at the tax issue, trump is proposing and newt gingrich admitting the numbers don't add up, the urban institute, a liberal leaning, and a percentage of after tax income and overall, people get about 7% back under trump's tax cuts, middle income get about
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4.9% after tax income. however, those at the very top are going to get 19% back. so if trump is still trying to go after sanders' supporters, right, those people out there that would oppose a clinton economic policy, doesn't this scare them away even more, especially considering what rick just said, all the advisers of donald trump are the wall street fat cats. >> look, i want to point out something you mentioned in your facts, the liberal leaning think tarvegs. >> fox news, newt gingrich said the numbers don't add up. what i'm asking you specifically, how do these numbers square with donald trump trying to go after folks that -- wants to go after bernie sanders' supporters. if he find -- if those supporters find out everybody advising him are the wall street fat cats. >> the big picture is, donald trump is promising to unleash the american economy by putting
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american jobs, workers and families first. they have been forgotten. we have, again -- >> those are platitudes. >> on life support. that is exactly correct. donald trump -- >> how can you say it's on life support after looking at the july numbers and you probably looked at the dow jones and understand that the economy is actually continuing on a robust trajectory. that the cbo, which is an independent verification office, has predicted since 2012 exactly where we would be today when it comes to the unemployment number. so when you say we're falling backwards, that's just not factually accurate. >> of it is absolutely accurate. how do you explain 1.2% only in gdp growth? hillary clinton tax proposals with an additional 1.3 trillion. she has said in her recent speeches she plans to raise taxes and they will hurt the middle class. she is not putting the american worker and family first. and that's what mr. trump's
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economic vision will do. >> when we talk about taxes here, specifically, haylee, donald trump's taxes, does it bother you as a trump surrogate the candidate is refusing to release his taxes before election day? >> it doesn't bother me? >> why not? >> there is more information in what he has given in terms of his financial disclosures in order to run for office than what will even be found in a tax return. all the information is there. >> why would you say that? do you think -- the skeptics would say or people would point out, one, it's going to prove he's not as wealthy or he's not paid taxes or there could be some type of russian money in there or all three of the above. should americans be given access to the information about what is the business background of donald trump that's the foundation of what he's running on? why not release the taxes and prove everybody wrong? >> he's already proven everyone
7:14 am
wrong. as stated, it's in the full campaign disclosure report. it's comprehensive and very traent. he's been traent from day one. the skeptics should be geared towards hillary clinton. >> but he said it was disqualifying for any candidate not to release their taxes. he hammered mitt romney, said it was a disqualifying gesture not to do it. so why do you think he feels now when it's him, it's not a disqualifier? >> again, everything in the campaign disclosure that he has released is comprehensive and transparent. there is more information found there that's public information that will be found in a tax return to begin with. mr. trump's not keeping any information from the public along those lines. >> haylee bumgardner, great to have you on. i'm sorry to get you on the phone when we couldn't make the visual work out. we appreciate your time, and thank you. >> thanks for having me. so as donald trump looks to turn the page, it's now hillary clinton who is trying to get back on message after, again, raising eyebrows while
7:15 am
discussing her e-mail server. >> told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited, and for that i, you know, will try to clarify. >> so coming up, the new line of attack that her comments are churning from donald trump. and then, a deadly accident on the world's tallest water slide still under investigation this morning. what authorities are saying that the possible cause could be, and new questions being raised about safety at that water park. plus, some delta flights have resumed this morning after a system-wide failure forced the airline to ground all flights worldwide. we'll have an update on the travel nightmare affecting tens of thousands of travelers this monday. and after a very strong weekend in rio, team usa is currently leading the medal count. we're going to have more live on that coming up with a report from rio as the olympics' competition will resume at noon.
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they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a bett california. the reach for the white house continues to intensify as more and more republicans from the private sector to public service are joining the fight against donald trump by coming forward ask saying they will vote for hillary clinton. and soon, hillary clinton may have another republican added to that list. former new hampshire republican congressman, gordon hump free, who joins me now. sir, good to have you with me and you called donald trump, former senator from new hampshire. i'm sorry, sir. when it comes to trump, you have called him mentally deranged. millions of people within the
7:20 am
party voted for him and he got from a very tough primary process. so do you think that words like that about the gop nominee are doing more harm than good within your own party? >> well, i think we're long overdue to speak the truth about donald trump. he is deranged, in my opinion. his psyche is sick. he is to a degree mentally ill, and it would be the height of irresponsibility to give him the powers of the presidency. it would be an act of recklessness to give him the office of commander in chief. this needs to be said. and there's a growing census in agreement that donald trump is mentally unfit to be president of the united states, and the rnc on that account this week or next should revoke the nomination and choose a candidate who is experienced, but at the same time, of mental
7:21 am
soundness. >> does that mean you're going to be casting your vote for llary clinton? >> i would only do that in the event that she's neck and neck here in new hampshire and that it's close contest in new hampshire. otherwise, i will either abstain or possibly vote for a third candidate. >> does -- >> in fact -- >> mcmullen. are you going to look into mcmullen, chief policy director of the house republican conference, launching an independent presidential campaign? is that someone that interests you? >> well, i've learned of it only today. sounds like a fine man. yeah, it's interesting. my first choice would be for the rnc to revoke the nomination, which it can do, and could do, and should do and must do in the national interest. that can be done. and i think we have a much greater chance of success in defeating hillary clinton with a new nominee than we have in opting for a third candidate. >> have you reached out to
7:22 am
reince priebus or anyone in the rnc if that's something they're truly investigating? >> i've talked to a number of members of the rnc, i haven't talked to mr. priebus, no. but i'm advocating this in public, as i am, thanks to your invitation this morning. and hopefully that will bring about some action. you know what would be really helpful, thomas, is if former presidents bush, both of them and mitt romney recusing himself from 2016 would make this public call to reince priebus at long last to address the fundamental issue in this campaign. put aside policy pronouncements. those are secondary. the primary issue in this campaign is donald trump's sanity. and it's time to address that, it's time for the republican leadership, including mitch mcconnell and paul ryan to demand that reince priebus convene the rnc and replace this defective nominee.
7:23 am
>> but senator, what -- when you bring up the bush name, we've got george p. bush, son of jeb, who over the weekend, being a texas land commissioner, came out and asking texas republicans to investigate. saying on saturday -- he said from -- that it's a bitter pill to swallow. but you know what, you get back up and you help the man that won and you make sure we stop hillary clinton. so is that -- >> i don't agree with that -- >> -- for george p. bush to go against maybe his ankle and dad and everybody else within the bush family who said they can't -- that's not a pill they're willing to swallow. >> listen, thomas. these are issues that are not even secondary. they're so far down the list. this man, trump, is sufficiently unbalanced, rash, impulsive, abusive, vindictive, to get us into a nuclear confrontation. we're talking about the incineration of our families. this is far more important than whether a member of the bush
7:24 am
family agrees with his brothers or uncle, as the case may be. these are minor things. people are not talking about the primary issue of this campaign, which is donald trump's unsound mind. he's not -- it would be risky in the extreme to elect this man president. he's dangerous. >> former u.s. senator, gordon humphrey. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. to another story, the travel for delta now lifting the order, grounding flights around the world after a systemwide computer outage. but the airline still struggling with that domino effect, creating an update on the travel nightmare next for you. and then the accident that happened at the world's tallest water slide. the 10-year-old son of a kansas state lawmaker. coming up, what investigators are learning about what may have caused his death. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents...
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. breaking news right now. a story we have been following all morning. delta air lines lifting the ground stop after travelers were stranded due to a systemwide computer outage. passengers were forced to sleep on the floor at delta's hub in atlanta after 300 delta flights-plus were cancelled. that's where we find nbc's gabe gutierrez now. let's talk about the delays and the ripple effect for passengers who were trying to get back on track. >> reporter: hi, thomas. good morning. we asked, as you mentioned, delta said 300 flights have been cancelled. the line here in atlanta spined out considerably. we have talked to a couple passengers right now who have had their flights cancelled. sir, what's your name? >> will faganen. >> reporter: so what happened? >> my flight was cancelled. and i just found -- got a notice it was cancelled.
7:29 am
>> reporter: so you saw the news this morning all these flights were delayed. and you showed up earlier than usual? >> a couple hours, yes. >> reporter: as you look around, it looks like any other typical monday here in atlanta. but earlier this morning and overnight, you could see the lines frwere extremely long, no just here, but around the world. how has the experience been for you the last few minutes? >> delta has been nice, but the communication -- i used to do everything online and everything has been shutdown. >> reporter: your mobile pass on your phone not working at all. >> right. it didn't give any upstates until a couple minutes ago. >> reporter: we'll let you get back in to rebook your flight. we can see from london's heathrow airport, travelers on the plane and were deboarded. there are issues over the last few hours and here domestically and places like pittsburgh, a ripple effect that will take a
7:30 am
long time to clear out. but delta is offering a travel waiver for any passengers that need to be rebooked. but again, they're urging travelers to get to the airport with plenty of time, because this -- these cancellations and delays could ripple throughout the day. thomas? >> gabe gutierrez reporting at atlanta hartsfield. as donald trump is set to deliver an economic speech this afternoon, hillary clinton will counter with her own speech in the city at the same spot later this week and it comes as national polling shows her lead of trump solidifying after his tough week. but she's the one now tumbling to get back on message. we'll explain that, after this.
7:31 am
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all right. with the countdown clock on, 92 days it, until election day. both candidates turning a corner, so to speak, as we get through the summer here. economic speeches with donald trump in detroit in less than
7:34 am
two hours to lay down his economic vision. and hillary clinton will head to the same spot, doing the same thing on thursday. she is still riding her post convention bump, posting solid leads in several national polls. if history serves as a guide, clinton has one more week before numbers normalize. that's assuming, of course, both candidates avoid the distractions from last week. nbc's kristen welker in orlando where secretary clinton will hold a rally this evening. let's talk about the message coming from inside the clinton camp today. she has two of her own events coming up later today. but has she gotten past that little foible with you on stage at the convention last week of nhbj and nhhj? >> reporter: she is trying to turn the page on. that last friday i asked secretary clinton about her response that james comey said she was truthful and consistent about her answers in the e-mail issue.
7:35 am
that got a lot of criticism, because, of course, james comey weighed in on her answers to the fbi, but not necessarily what she said to the public. so in her effort to clarify that, she said that she had short-circuited her answer a little bit. republicans pouncing on that word, short-circuited, and the clinton campaign clarifying, saying, look, secretary clinton was pointing out that james comey said she was truthful in her answers to the fbi. and she is arguing that what she has said to the american public is consistent with james comey's testimony and with what she told the fbi, namely that three e-mails she sent were marked classified at the time but e-mails were not properly marked. so difficult to determine they were marked as classified. a recent poll, interestingly enough, thomas, showing she is starting to turn the page on the broader trust issue. the "washington post" poll showing 46% of voters saying she
7:36 am
is more truth worthy than donald trump. 43% saying trump is the more trustworthy candidate. she will try to turn the page here today in florida. she has three events and is going to be hammering donald trump and really prebutting his economic probably he's going to lay out later today. she is going to argue that proposal will cost millions of american jobs, pointing to a study that was done by economist mark zandi. >> nbc's kristen welker on the road with the clinton campaign in orlando. thank you very much. joining me right now, cristina and cory shockey. cristina, deputy commissions director for hillary for america. a democrat. >> yes. >> her sister, cory, is a former defense strategy adviser to president george w. bush, currently a professor at the u.s. military academy at west point, a republican. yesterday was national sisters day, cory. and i understand also your birthday. so happy birthday, first of all. belatedly. >> thank you. >> and we're about to have a pretty epic sisters moment here. because these two have aligned.
7:37 am
cory, you're now voting for hillary clinton. >> yes, but only with deep reservations. because i think donald trump is a genuine danger to the country. >> so let me ask you, cristina about the donald trump, you know, effect that's been taking place for a lot of americans in this country right now. he had a tough week clearly of his own making. secretary clinton kind of able to capitalize on that by staying mum to a certain degree. but she and tim kaine actually answered questions about the e-mail controversy over the weekend, so take a look, a little reminder. >> i think it was badly hurt and i think it was -- i think it's very disunited. if they were together, they could have gotten something, and maybe something very good. but you have two factions and it's very disunited and really troubling. >> that's not the sound bite of
7:38 am
either tim kaine or hillary clinton. that was a sound bite of 2013 that i was going to put as a question to cory. >> as long as we're doing corrections though, can i point out i'm at the hoover institution. >> this is obviously mistake day. let's go off that sound for a second. that was 2013, donald trump talking about the disunity within the republican party. not the disunity within my own control room. because i'll kill you all later. but the fact that he was able to capitalize on a vulnerability in recognizing the party was in trouble. a year prior to that, he had trade marked, make america great again, obviously putting together a coalition to make a run here in 2016. do you think that the party was just vulnerable for a hostile takeover for someone like donald trump and that's the reason why you are seeking a different leadership, as you say, you're begrudgingly voting for hillary
7:39 am
clinton? >> yes. i think you're right. that we conservatives have failed to address the concerns of a lot of american voters. and we really need to have some soul searching about how our policies are affecting the very people we are attempting to help. d we haven'tone a good enough job of that and i think that is why there was an opening for trump. he speaks to the disaffection that many americans are feeling. bnchts that disaffection, what's the responsibility of republican party leadership if some people say, you reap what you sow, and leadership of folks that you have worked for? within the bush family? is or also now in leadership with speaker ryan being able to say i still endorse him, it hasn't gone far enough for me just yet? >> you know, i think this is an extraordinarily difficult and painful time for our republican leaders and republican elites,
7:40 am
because we have failed to do a good enough job to address the concerns of our voters. and i think we're all struggling with that right now. >> and when it comes to concerns, cristina, and hopefully we have the sound ready to go, of what is a constant question about how secretary clinton or now the vice presidential nominee deal with questions over the e-mail issue? take a look. >> don't have it. >> thomas, let me just say -- >> why -- wait. >> i know what you were going to talk to me about. >> wait. so why is there an issue with how hillary clinton addresses what has been a persistent problem, and that she can't just say, i made a mistake, and we have moved forward? >> but she has said that repeatedly. she has apologized, said she regrets the decision and she will take those lessons going forward. >> but does she regret the fact she was caught or regret the
7:41 am
fact there was judgment that went into it? >> she regrets how she has set this up and repeatedly said so last week. i think what's important here, we have someone -- i'm very proud of my sister today. she my sister is a conservative republican, proudly served in the bush administration, a conservative scholar at the institute and this is a serious decision for her. she spent months analyzing these two candidates. this was hard for her to come out and say she is endorsing a democrat. and she is doing that because my sister's primary concern when she casts her ballot is who is going to keep this nation safe. and who is going to respect our men and women in uniform. and looking at these two candidates, she said that donald trump is erratic and dangerous and hillary clinton is the knowledgeable, steady, strong leader we need right now in this very complex and dangerous world. and i have to say, i never thought this day would come. my sister and i would vote for the same candidate. but i'm proud of her. i knew my sister was a principled person, but to come out and say that on the issues
7:42 am
she cares about, keeping america safe, that hillary clinton is the right choice. >> so cory, we had senator gordon hump free on a segment before and talking about what he feels is donald trump's erratic behavior, his issue with giving him access to the nuclear codes and said this really is about a potential incineration of our families, of getting into any type of nuclear conflict under a president trump. do you feel the same way or do you think that senator humphrey was going too far in making such a statement? >> i share the view that donald trump's erratic behavior and the kind of foreign policy statements that he has made call his fitness to be commander in chief deeply into question. and i think if he were elected, it would be genuinely dangerous to the united states. and even the kinds of things he is saying on the campaign trail about america's allies, about gold star families are dangerous
7:43 am
and bad for the country. >> and so what are you going to do, other than use your vote to vote for hillary clinton? but are you actively going to campaign for her? are you going to be working with your sister? who is -- >> no, actively -- i'm going to be actively campaigning for republicans, running for congress and running on down state ballots. because i think it will be really important to have a check and balance of a republican congress. if hillary clinton is elected. and i actually think it will be really important to have the balance of a solid republican congress if donald trump gets elected. >> i know in colorado, there are certain folks that are running, saying that. you know, i don't agree with donald trump. i want to be elected so i can keep a check on a hillary clinton presidency. so cristina, what is the campaign outreach to certain republicans at this point, where there already is a steady flow of folks that have come out
7:44 am
voluntarily to endorse and there are others that won't even go that far that just say they can't support donald trump but also say they can't support hillary clinton? but is there active route reach? >> there is. we want them to know they are welcome on this campaign, that hillary looks forward to working with them. part of the reason i'm so proud of my sister, she came forward and said how she was going to vote. elections are choices. you have to choose between two candidates and she believes the stakes in this election are -- >> that's why a lot of people don't believe some of the polling. and some people will say in secret circles, yeah, i'm going to vote for donald trump that are democrats. and there might be republicans that say, oh, yeah, i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. so it's a whicsper campaign crossing the aisle. >> i think you're exactly right. you know, in the british referendum that polling was off by 12 points. and i think the crazy nature of this electoral cycle, the polls could be wildly inconsistent with people's actual votes. and that's one of the main
7:45 am
reasons i was willing to make my support for clinton over trump a public issue. >> right. and with brexit, we know there has been some buyers' remorse and with david cameron stepping down and the ushering in of the new prime minister, they have got a lot of issues to deal with. >> the stakes in this election are so high, that's why someone like my sister who is a really proud republican came out to support hillary clinton. she loves me, but he's not doing it for me. >> yeah. e never -- >> it's true. this is the first time cristina and i will vote for the same candidate. >> this is such a symbolic symbolism of siblings. and cory, just so you know, you will never live this down. never. >> i know. >> she's going to have this over your head forever. >> donald trump has certainly made our thanksgivings better. >> our thanksgivings were always good. >> i can't imagine what this november is going to be like. ladies, thank you very much. cristina and corey, appreciate it. >> nice to see you, chris! >> a virtual reality of seeing
7:46 am
each other. we've got some updates for you. this is some news and information about the death of a boy at a water park. he was 10 years old, riding the world's largest slide. that slide remains closed today and it's unclear how the victim who happens to be the son of a state kansas representative died. we've got a live report, next. t you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. and programmers i teach them to, so yeah, ge is digital and industrial. so it's indigital.
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7:50 am
german means insane. people ride down at a speed of 65 miles per hour. there is no word yet on exactly what malfunctioned on the ride causing the 10-year-old, caleb schwab, to lose his life. we are hearing from people who were at the park earlier and report problems with the ride earlier in the day. >> the lady in front of me said that multiple times she rode the ride today and the front harness did not work any of the time she rode it. >> reporter: the water park not commenting on that now. we have a statement from scott schwab, a state representative here in kansas. saying that as we try to mend our home with him no longer with us, we're comforted that he believed in our savior, jesus and they are forever together now. no word yet on when this park is going to reopen. again, a full investigation now under way. thomas? >> blake mccoy there in kansas city. blake, thank you very much.
7:51 am
appreciate it. we're going to talk now about what's taking place with the olympics, as team usa, gymnastics, is the team to beat in rio, nearly sweeping the whole thing during qualifying rounds. just as impressive, usa swimming michael phelps and his teammates picking up a gold in the popular 4 x 100 relay and just getting started. we take you to rio and check in with our chris jansing, after this. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy.
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♪ just as everybody hoped, a very exciting start for michael phelps, and team usa in striking gold from rio. chris jansing joins me now from the site of the 2016 olympic games there in rio with a preview of today's events. but we cannot forget what we all witnessed last night, both with will he ledecky and michael phelps in the team. >> reporter: michael phelps, it was a question if he was going to swim the 4 x 100. he does the second leg and what happens, they win a gold medal. not bad, right? number 19 for the best swimmer
7:55 am
of all-time. making her way to the best female swimmer of all-time, katie he c katie ledecky, are team phenom. what does she do, win a gold with the world record. people saying she is going to maybe gold medal in every event she has left. then let's talk about women's gymnastics, the best team of all-time, came in one, two and three in the preliminaries. simone biles is just other-worldly, does tricks the men can't do. she was incredible last night. aly raisman, who is returning from 2012, along with gabby douglas. so look for them to do very well. back in the pool today, you're going to see those two big superstar men's gymnastics, as well, and look for serena williams on the tennis court of the. >> sounds like a good party behind you. pop music? >> reporter: there is always a party, you're in rio. >> are you having fun yet?
7:56 am
>> reporter: i am having the time of my life. come on! are you kidding me? it's the olympics! >> don't you dare me, because i've got a passport stamped with a brazilian visa. >> i dare you. >> done! we're back after this. staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a one-thousand dollar volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 passat. all right. thanks for your time. that's going to wrap-up this hour of msnbc live. i'm thomas roberts. my colleague, kate snow, picks up things now. we were talking about the opening ceremonies. >> did you watch? >> yes, i watched that. and i haven't been the best about watching most of the coverage. >> yeah, i've been outside most weekend. it was a beautiful weekend. but the opening ceremony, wow. >> fantastic. >> this country just needed a break, don't think? >> i thought so. and michael phelps, a baltimore man like myself, and we couldn't be prouder. >> big expectations for him. >> thomas, great to see you. we have a lot of news before we get back to the olympics.
8:00 am
i'm kate snow here in new york this hour. a new conservative alternative to challenge donald trump? nbc news has learned that 40-year-old former cia agent, former goldman sachs employee, evan mcmullin, is planning to launch an independent run for president. key players are backing mcmullin who has never held elective office. several state deadlines to file for an independent run have long past. political editor, mark murray, digging into this, joins me now. mark, when we checked earlier this morning, evan mcmullin had 125 twitter followers, not exactly a household republican name. >> reporter: here's the good news. now up to 2,500, according to the check i had recently before going on air. this is one of the difficulties for running for president, as an independent. not only do you not have the name i.d., but it costs a tremendous amount of money to get on the ball.


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