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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 8, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i'm trying to speak and it was in jacksonville, we had this massive crowd that filled up the stadium and the baby is screaming. i said, ma'am i would like to reverse my order, perhaps you can nicely >> the big baby just can't get over the little baby. that's tonight's "last word." a special live edition of "hardball with chris matthews" is next. has trump reached a point of no return? let's play "hardball."
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good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington with a special late night edition of "hardball." big breaking news tonight. senator susan collins of maine, a republican all her life, writes in tomorrow's "washington post" she will not be voting for donald trump. senator collins calls it a matter of basic human morality. she writes of his demeaning comments of senator john mccain, his cruelty and mocking of the vulnerable, all this including his attacks on a federal judge of mexican heritage. mr. trump is unworthy of being our president. senator collins article which appears in tomorrow's "washington post" comes a day after 50 national security experts call trump too dangerous to be president. all this on a monday when trump began a fierce counteroffensive
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against rival hillary clinton. the republican nominee fired up his broadside against a candidate he calls unfit, unhinged, and a dangerous liar. oh, yeah, he called her the devil. he said he didn't think she's all there. he had a speech today in detroit all fired by a ferocious attack on rival hillary clinton again, reminding people not voting for trump means voting for hillary clinton. what a day to begin grounding out the dog days of august. also on tonight's "hardball" late edition, the man running against paul ryan, someone who sounds an awful like donald
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trump, he'll be here tonight. what a show we've got. we begin with katy tur, perry bacon, and howard bacon also with me. thank you all for joining us. i want to start with katy. how do you think he's going to respond? i know it's always dangerous, but trump is on the ropes or on a listing ship that people are jumping from. what's he going to think of the latest person to jump into a small boat, susan collins, who is a nice person? >> my suspicion is that donald trump is going to say he never liked endorsements and doesn't need her endorsement. in the days where he refused to endorse paul ryan and john mccain and kelly ayotte, then had to come back and do so.
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he's referred to himself as a counter-puncher. he hasn't held back in situations that clearly would not benefit him. read the attack against the gold star family, but this is a slightly different situation. he is down in all the polls. the republicans just had -- you don't have to call it an intervention, but it essentially was an intervention. so how he responds will be really telling to see how he's planning to go forward for the next three months of this campaign. is he going to revert back to the donald trump that we've seen over and over again on this campaign trail or is he actually trying to change and to convince republicans that he is somebody who is taking this seriously? >> let me go to perry on this. a couple names here. we have gone over this before. lindsey graham, mark kirk, jeff flake, and now susan collins.
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i think she is a very hard person to attack. first of all, everybody likes her. she's very humble. she's not some big shot, strutting senator. >> she has friends on both sides of the aisle. >> she helped obama with his stimulus package. >> exactly. i wanted to say that too. >> and she also voted for -- >> her state obama won by 16 points, so she is a fairly liberal republican. she needs to be not with trump. one thing of note about her is susan collins was a staffer on capitol hill for a long time before she was senator. she is part of this republican establishment. in some ways she is like the 50 people who also -- she's an institutionalist. she's in the establishment. i'm not surprised she's not with donald trump. >> i will give her this blessing. her whole article, which appears tomorrow, is about morality. he's been indecent to little people, whether it is the gold star family or the judge, people
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who can't fire back. he punches people that can't punch back. in her op-ed she said trump made fun of a person with disabilities and the american judge with mexican heritage and the khan family. well, we'll see. let's talk about the reasons. she wrote, quote, the passage of time i've become increasingly dismayed by his constant stream of cruel comments and his inability to admit or apologize. my conclusion is based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect. an idea that should transcend politics. instead he mocks the vulnerable and attacks ethnic and religious minorities. there will be no new donald trump. just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample
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anything and anyone who he perceives as being in his way or an easy scapegoat. this is a morality statement. >> the thing that makes you strong is also your greatest vulnerability. donald trump is really not an ideological candidate. he is a character candidate, and that's how he put himself forward. it's all about him. it's all about his great character as a builder and so on. and what's happening now is it is on his fundamental character he's being attacked and that threatens to make him someone who can't breakthrough on anything else. people are attacking him on his morality, on his character, on being dangerous, on being a bully, on having deep character flaws that make him fundamentally unsuited for the office. and these are powerful attacks. they're not about trade policy or tax policy. they're about the man himself.
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you can rise on that and you can fall on that and that's what he's vulnerable on. that's what the bush family has attacked him on, father and son. it's what mitt romney has attacked him on. it's what these six senators have attacked him on. >> let's get back to katy who is with him all the time. his appeal -- and i get it -- is to the little guy, the guy who gets overlooked. maybe the white working guy. the guy who has a factory job or had a factory job and doesn't have anymore. we know who this guy is or woman. now the old question in politics is does he care about people like me. does this get to the trump voter screaming about how much they love him or do they still love him even though he doesn't like this judge or the gold star family or this quiet senator from maine? when did the list get long enough that that might include me at some point, the people he
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doesn't treat well? >> they voted for them. they have gone to congress, and they haven't represented their needs or their values. they haven't kept jobs in their district. they haven't made their lives better, so they believe donald trump could be the person that changes that. will the list get long enough, as you said, so where that sort of support starts to die away? i do think maybe that could be the case. i've spoken to some trump supporters recently who have started to waiver frankly, who don't necessarily think that he is the right person for office and are starting to wonder what is temperament or what do these attacks say about his temperament, really starting to question the man's character much in the same way that these senators and even hillary clinton is doing. do i think that's going to effect his support on the whole? i'm not sure because they are so ferve fervent. they also feel like they have been done so much wrong by the people they have elected to
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office that their best choice is donald trump. he's an imperfect candidate. he's not someone they would have necessarily seen coming, but he is someone they believe will do something different. >> let's get back to the point of who is fading on him. here's the latest monmouth university poll. hillary clinton has picked up five points. she is at 50% right now. he's at 37%. i'm sorry that's down. that's down six. real people who were for him a couple weeks ago are not for him now, so somebody is pulling off. >> hillary is getting more demographics. she is going 80% to 90%. the bernie sanders people are probably coming to her. donald trump is now under 80 in the 75 range. >> he's losing. >> he's losing white women with college degrees. the main thing we're seeing is women with college degrees. who read the paper. susan collins is one with a college degree.
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susan collins said there's no new donald trump coming. what she's saying is i've waited. i've waited. the pivot was coming. there's no pivot. >> this is it. >> and these women, i agree. they tend to be better educated. they are reading the newspapers. they're reading people like andrea paizer, who is a new york post conservative columnist and very tough who said i'm out as far as donald trump is concerned and she cited donald trump's comments about his own wife's appearance, things like that that strike people as crude, as reflecting bad character, as somebody who doesn't have a moral compass, as somebody who could be dangerous. women are looking for safety and sanity, so it's somebody they're worried about. >> do you sense a fading of -- i know it's a narrow group -- of
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suburb women, republicans? >> i do. he has 35% support in our latest polls. there are a number of women who don't necessarily agree with the way that he speaks about women, don't like it. they find him entertaining as a man, as a politician, but at what point does the entertaining aspect of donald trump's personality start to not make up for the fact that they don't like some of the things he says? when you ask them about donald trump saying that women who have been sexually assaulted in the workplace, they should just find a new job, even women who are his most ardent supporters say, oh, i didn't hear about that. i have to think about that. i heard that the other day in virginia and this was a woman who was all about donald trump. there was nothing he could say, according to her, that would
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shake her support of him. but when i posed that question, the woman paused and looked at her kids. there does seem to be a limit even with those that say that there is no limit. and the polls are starting to bear that out. 35% support among women is not a good number and he's not getting better with it. these attacks on a gold star family don't help and susan collins, a moderate republican, coming out saying she can't support him, that doesn't help either. >> one thing i have noticed -- >> excuse me for one second. on the issue of women and what you speak to women that is something hillary clinton is and will stay away from and let donald trump do that to himself. >> keep talking. >> the only way to get that woman that katy was talking to down in virginia back on the trump side is to let hillary
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clinton come and jump on that. let trump do that to himself. >> republican guys like mitt romney and donald trump all make this basic mistake. they get caught up in their own ideology. they think everybody is an entrepreneur, everybody is out there starting businesses. 90% of people are employees. katy, that's what they keep forgetting. most of us work for a boss and it works all the way up. you're aware of that guy or him or her. and that boss is your life. it isn't you just walk away from the job. mitt romney used to make this same darn mistake all the time about employees and employers. most people are employees, and they think like that. >> i still think people fundamentally do like the trump story about how he creates things. he has a big brand. >> but we ain't him. >> i think that speech today was smart in he focused on attacking hillary clinton. he made a commitment. that short circuit comment she made was a gaffe.
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>> she meant shortcut. >> maybe she should have said i misspoke. >> i think what you're saying is he has to be careful that "apprentice" doesn't turn into "horrible bosses." >> katy, take over. >> i don't know if you guys saw "the new york times" article today by ashley parker talking about donald trump's penchant for fast food. this is a guy who people say over and over again they feel they can relate to despite the fact he is a working class billionaire, one of them. parking l part of the appeal is he isn't eating different food than his supporters. he is eating mcdonald's and kentucky fried chicken, albeit it is with a fork and a knife on a plane, but it is still fast food.
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>> watch me now. everybody out there, i had popeye's today for lunch. do you like me more or less? i love it. the crust is great. thank you, katy. thank you, perry bacon. and howard fineman. fun late at night. coming up, with donald trump's poll numbers sliding and members of his own party looking for the exit door, donald trump is launching a counteroffensive. it's attacking hillary clinton. he filled his economic speech today with a lot of red meat for his party, but he couldn't resist the personal attacks against his number one real rival out there and she's watching him and beating him right now. in just a few hours, voters will go to the polls in wisconsin where house speaker paul ryan is running for re-election. tonight his opponent is coming here to play "hardball." boy, does he sound a lot like donald trump? and trump's overheated rhetoric
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we don't win anymore. but when i am president, we will
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start winning again, big league. there will be no change under hillary clinton. only four more years of weakness and president obama. >> welcome back to "hardball." republican nominee donald trump delivering a major speech in detroit tonight at the detroit economics club where he called for big corporate tax cuts mainly for the rich and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three. he carried on his bristling attack on hillary clinton. >> the one common feature of every hillary clinton idea is it punishes you for working and doing business in the united states. every policy she has tilts the playing field towards other countries at our expense and that's why she tries to distract us with tired political rhetoric
8:22 pm
that seeks to label us, divide us, and pull us apart. hillary clinton short circuited again, to use a now famous term, when she accidentally told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> can trump bring his candidacy back by psychosthrowing red meao the base. joining me now are my guests. steve, you first. what do you make of that speech today? there was a couple of things. it was like when hillary said she was going to give a foreign policy speech to smackdown trump. this race does seem to be totally utterly negative. your thoughts? >> right. sometimes negative works, as you well know, but listen. here's the broader point, i
8:23 pm
think, that trump is resonating with the country. the reason he's resonating is what we're doing isn't working. >> he's 37%. >> listen. for most people, it's not working. if we look at the last decade of growth, we find -- and this just came out. the mckinsey corporation just came out with this report. mckinsey tells us that 81% of americans over the last decade have had their wages reduced over the last decade. we know that. so we have a problem. regular working people in this country are not getting ahead. why are they not getting ahead? it's not because they're not working hard. >> why was his first step is
8:24 pm
saying i'm going to reduce the corporate rate down to 15% and i'm going to reduce the individual rate down to 33%? why is he bringing down the top rate is if his concern is with the little guy? why is that the first thing he does? i'm going to reduce that corporate rate to 15%, get it way down there, and i'm going to take the top rate for the individual taxpayer and hold that down at 33%. the first beneficiary of trumpism, if he were to be elected, are rich people. how does that help the little guy? >> here's why it's a great question and you're exactly right. here's why. because what do american companies do? they have literally trillions of dollars in profits trapped right now overseas that they will not bring home. why will they not bring them home? because they will not pay a punitive tax on those profits. if we give them a reasonable tax and he is saying a 15% tax, if we give them that tax on
8:25 pm
bringing those profits home, what will they do? they will reinvest. they will hire people. >> why not bring down the individual taxes at the top? >> we need that as well. >> why? >> we need all taxes more simplified, more flat. >> here's where i think he made a mistake today. trump coming out against trade and illegal immigration and stupid wars. i think he's had a good argument out there. why is he shifting it to this trickle down thing that any republican could give in congress today? that's what he sounded like today. or phil graham or any republican. your thoughts? >> here's what we need. here's the thing. >> no, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm talking to doug. i made a mistake. >> what was your question? >> go ahead, doug. >> first of all, i don't think
8:26 pm
the polls bear out he's resonating with america. he is to reliant on polls. i don't know why he isn't trumping away at polls right now. does he even really want to win because he's acting like a loser at this point? >> he wants to win. come on. you think it's a serious proposition he doesn't want to win? he doesn't want to get his ass kicked. i can tell you that. he doesn't want to lose 60/40. it's fun being bobby riggs takes on billie jean king. it ain't fun getting killed by her. billie is around. never mind. these metaphors don't work all the time. >> he's definitely antagonized the very people that are now energized to go out and vote against him. i just can't see how with the number of republicans who are now moving towards hillary clinton that he's going to be able to cobble together enough people to really form a
8:27 pm
coalition to win. i do think sanity will prevail on election day. >> doug, how do you get to hillary? how did you get to her? >> well, it was one of those things. donald trump became the presumptive nominee, and i realized that he is absolutely the worst person that could possibly be president. i mean, his brand -- >> why? >> absolutely like hillary. >> i'm just surprised a republican likes hillary because all the republicans i meet don't. >> there are a lot of republicans that like her. if you put her in the context of donald trump as the republican nominee, she looks even better. i will tell you something. his brand is blending this hyper nationalism and scapegoating groups. >> i want to speak to that. >> go ahead. a little bit, but not hyper. >> i want to speak to that because that's important to me. i was there in philadelphia, and i heard you at the democratic convention sellout and tell the country that he is a racist.
8:28 pm
you know what? as an hispanic, it bothers me immensely that you said that. you mentioned specifically that people of brown skin that they should be offended that trump -- listen. we don't buy into -- >> all you have to do is listen to his own words. frankly, your listeners that are watching right now can validate exactly what donald trump has said. don't try and tell me what i said was wrong because you know full well that i was absolutely right about his position on ethnic groups, on immigration, on gays. >> he doesn't agree with you. he just said so. >> i'm telling you as an hispanic what matters to me far more -- and listen, trump has said some things i don't appreciate, clearly. and i will admit that. he has said some things that will damage us long term with the hispanic community. however there are bigger issues at play and that is economic
8:29 pm
growth. we have a growth conundrum in this country and we have to grow. whether or not he says something that offends the hispanic community in the micro sense and the fact that you brought that up and went to the democratic convention and said that to their constituency tells me that you are not -- i know you love to -- >> the trouble is there's a piece of element that is truth here. i looked at the african-american vote for donald trump. you know what it is in pennsylvania where i grew up? what do you think the percentage of african-americans for trump is right now? >> i'm guessing it is quite low. >> no, lower than that. it's zero. i mean, they're getting a message that they don't like and it may well be ethnic or racial. i just think he's got to be careful. it may be too late to clarify the record. thank you for coming on. up next, house speaker paul ryan faces a conservative challenge in his wisconsin
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i'm betty nguyen. delta airlines says more than 870 flights were cancelled today due to a power outage that effected its operations system wide. the company expects 200 delays
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effecting tuesday morning departures. the first case of non-travel related zika in palm beach county, florida. zika is linked to birth defects. now it's back to "hardball." so in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. paul ryan. good. he's a good man. he's a good man and he's a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple of things, but mostly we agree and we're going to get it done and we're going to do a lot of wonderful things. >> that was donald trump's endorsement of paul ryan on friday after spending a week undecided on whether to support the house speaker or not. well, speaker ryan is facing a
8:35 pm
challenger in a primary tomorrow out in wisconsin first district from a fella named paul neil. neil has been critical to ryan's positions. neil had some tough talk for ryan over the weekend. let's listen to that. >> paul ryan is the head of the snake. he represents everything that's wrong with washington and politics and the media. never before in our history as a representative been so out of touch with the people. >> ryan has about 84% favorability among republicans and independents while only 49% approve of trump. he's doing better than that. paul nehlen joins me now. thanks for joining us tonight. make your pitch right now to the
8:36 pm
people in that district to vote for you rather than ryan. >> well, the people in our district know that paul ryan doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to trade. and mr. trump's endorsement of him was not an endorsement of mr. ryan's trade policies or his immigration policies. mr. trump read from a piece of paper and endorsed mr. ryan's position. he endorsed the speaker's chair. and i think that was smart. i think that's the mark of a good leader, a strong leader. he was not endorsing paul ryan's policies. >> let's talk about the policy difference. where are you on immigration? if you could write the law and have it enforced as president and have it work, how would you put it all together in a way that you believe in, just you? what would it look like? >> that's a great question. i think we need an immigration policy that works for america first, and that starts with enforcing existing immigration laws. paul ryan has said that we need
8:37 pm
to change existing immigration laws. i have people here in wiscons wisconsin's first district who have emigrated here legally and said we do not want amnesty. we did it the right way. we love this country. we're already doing good things in this country, and we don't want everybody pushed ahead of us. there exists right now a legal immigration method. the fact that people choose not to get on that legal immigration path and break our laws that doesn't mean we change the laws. we need to enforce the existing immigration laws. >> look, everybody agrees with that. the liberals and conservatives have different solutions. we have 11 people here who don't have papers. what do they need to do? >> they need to get on a legal path. >> how does that work? >> we need to build a wall. we need to build a mechanism and in some places it will be a wall or humans and other issues
8:38 pm
because of geography. you can't deport somebody from this country right now, chris, without them coming back. we have a 25-year-old that was shot in the head by an illegal immigrant. he spent four times in our prison system. you can't deport people that are criminals and expect them to say out. it doesn't happen. >> i think the conservative argument is i believe the market works. people come here for the market. they want a job. as long as there is a job, they're going to come here and get it because there's a job in a kitchen in a chicago. they're going to do whatever it takes to climb over a wall, get in a boat, get on a plane. what are you going to do an employer who hires a person illeg illegally? >> we should have e-verify in
8:39 pm
place everywhere. >> why? >> because the administration -- >> who is stopping it? >> our congress is weak. >> why haven't republicans stopped illegally hiring? they're for the magnet. i'm asking a simple question. are both sides clean on this? >> absolutely. >> they want cheap labor. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> okay. >> there is a group of democrats and a group of republicans that are absolutely working together against the american people. they want cheap labor in here because that's what their donors want. i called paul ryan, the head of the soulless snake, global snake, because paul ryan wants cheap labor in this country. chris, there's 5.5 billion people in this world that make less than the average mexican worker. what are we going to do? are we going to open our doors to 5.5 billion people to come
8:40 pm
here? >> i hear you. trump has been tough on people from the arab world, the islam world. where are you on that? >> we need a security policy that secures america from anything. no matter what your -- >> that's general. somebody wants to come here from pakistan. what would you do? they're islamic. what would you do? >> they need to be vetted. paul ryan is sitting on a wonderful bill that brian babbin wrote. he's had that bill written. it's got a bunch of co-sponsors and paul ryan won't put it forward for a debate just like he won't put forward for debate an authorization to use military force. >> an 18-year-old brilliant kid from bangladesh or india or somewhere else islamic and she wants to come here to go to
8:41 pm
harvard or the university of minnesota. how would you let that kid come into the country to study or would you let them come into study? >> i would vet them. >> how would you vet them? >> i don't know. that's for brian babbin to answer. >> good luck tomorrow in the race against paul ryan. i like people to run for office. we need more people running. good luck. >> thanks, chris. >> make it tough. give the guy some heat. it's good for the world. thanks so much. >> i'll bring it. you've got it. >> running tomorrow morning against paul ryan. that's tomorrow morning at 7:00 central time. that's when they open. get up early. up next, donald trump has used over the top language to attack hillary clinton and tonight hillary clinton is firing back, hitting back, if you will. she hit back. you're watching "hardball."
8:42 pm
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comcast business. built for business. unstable hillary. she's really pretty close to unhinged. she's like an unbalanced person. she is a dangerous liar and you saw that with the fbi director. honestly, i don't think she's all there. he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. >> welcome back to -- it's like he's throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. today at a rally, secretary clinton herself didn't miss a chance to hit back at donald trump. let's listen to secretary clinton. >> today in detroit, he's got -- i don't know -- a dozen or so economic advisers he just named, hedge fund guys, billionaire
8:46 pm
guys, six guys named steve apparently. and so they wrote him a speech and he delivered it in detroit. now, they tried to make his old, tired ideas sound new, but here's what we all know because we heard it again. his tax plans will give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy just like him and the guys who wrote the speech, right? >> joining me right now are my guests. i think everybody -- by the way, everybody is into the same gestures now. bernie did it. trump does it. you can almost do it by sign. question, hillary clinton making fun of trump, but you know he is guilty as charged. this is supply side stuff again.
8:47 pm
the rich are going to get rich. but after they get rich, you'll get some crumbs. >> they've discovered the secret sauce they think is to get under his skin. he cannot let an insult go unanswered. >> by way, twist a little bit. distort a little bit of what he's doing and then he'll get really mad. >> he spent next three days off message because he has to answer it over and over and over again. he has to dig it out and say, no, that's not right. >> why does he attack everybody back? >> i have no idea. i wish somebody would take his smartphone, but it's a mystery. i don't know. that's one thing we know is not going to change. there is no pivot. we have talked about this. there is no pivot. this is trump. this is who he is. the question is does hillary continue to -- does she have the ability to play this game and continue to attack him in that
8:48 pm
way? i don't think she has the ability to do it. i don't think she has the stomach to do it. but i don't think she needs to. >> she doesn't need to. >> the bear behind the cage. she just rattles the cup along the cage. >> she's going for the empathy card. what's so striking about this campaign is unlike previous presidential campaigns there is almost no talk of empathy. there is no empathetic figure who is running. >> yes, but we felt that for the khan family and we felt empathy for them and the judge that he called a mexican bad guy basically. >> and hillary is picking up on that. she is winning, like obama did over romney. he's not a guy you look at and say he gets the struggles of someone like me. >> i disagree. >> i think they think he's the only guy standing up against the
8:49 pm
establishment for them. he also doesn't look like the nicest guy in the world. >> he doesn't look like the nicest guy in the world. it's a question of who do you want to have a beer with. i think more people would want to sit down with donald trump the billionaire than hillary clinton. >> why? >> i don't know. there's something about him. even though he doesn't have the same socioeconomic -- he's not in the same socioeconomic bracket as us we would rather sit down with him. >> because you think he would be more candid. he is more candid. hillary would be very guarded. secretary clinton warned donald trump's economic plans would throw the country into another recession. let's watch. >> here's the deal. he can't escape the math. you know math can be kind of inconvenient if it doesn't add up the way you want it to, and economists left, right, in the
8:50 pm
middle all say the same thing, that trump's policies would throw us into a recession. the last thing we need. >> so you know, i was looking at that and i don't know if that's true or not. >> that trump's policies would equal a recession? >> i don't know if cutting taxes at the top throws us in the recession. i don't know. maybe not. it's not fair. >> his policies are so undetailed. you don't really know what he's going to do. he has very broad stroke, broad brush ideas. you try to score them they add trillions and trillions to the deficit. >> why is he trying to sell this crap? now he is sounding like any supply sider out there. >> she's throwing all the criticisms at him that she can, whether or not he's unhinged or a suitable commander and chief.
8:51 pm
the basket of critiques that the democrats have to throw at him is so large and stuffed full that they have a lot to pick from. >> it is just beginning to sound like mondale versus reagan to me. it sounds trickle down and the usual stuff. >> i think the one place where trump has been more successful than hillary is on the economy. people trust him more with the economy than they do with her. i think he needs to continue to talk about it, but he also needs to make sure that he pushes hillary further to the left because that's where bernie put her. if he can keep her kind of in the smurf village of socialism -- >> are you going to vote for trump? >> i am going to vote for the nominee and trump is our nominee. >> like he is going to vote for the speaker, who is paul ryan. i get your point. up next, three these people are going to tell me something i
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
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welcome back to "hardball" roundtable. jeremy, tell me something i don't know. >> in the latest poll trump had only 83% of support among republicans. that may sound like a pretty high number, but it is not. in order to win the presidency, you need to have upwards of 90% with the people who identify in your party. so the last person to get anything near that was ronald reagan and he got north of 90%. trump has a long way to go. >> thank you. we don't have time for the rest. we're coming right back after this. icient... and save shoppers money. genius! (smoke alarm sounds) oh no... charlene? charlene. no. charlene.
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