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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  August 9, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. >> he beat 16 incredibly competent people in the primaries. it's not my place to tell him to change his campaign style. he fights the fights he feels are important for this country. >> welcome back to "morning joe." it's tuesday august 9th. still with us on set managing
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editor of bloomberg politics and co-host of with all due respect that airs at 6:00 p.m. on msnbc, mark halperin. veteran columnist and msnbc contributor mike barnicle, pulitzer prize winning columnist at "washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson. joining the conversation from columbus, ohio, senior elections analyst, real clear politics, good to have you all on board. >> mika, ivanka trump, if she's giving her father advice, she's not going to say so on the camera there. i thought her response was exactly when it should be. >> totally appropriate. >> you know those kids talk to him. those kids give him advice. i think this week may be a week they are having influence on m him. he has for the past 48 hours
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kept it the middle of the road by his standards. >> he took their advice wouldn't endorse paul ryan, john mccain, kelly ayotte. he changed direction for the khan family, made an economic speech yesterday. i don't know it will work. somebody got to him and said we've got to get on message. >> guys, the bar is so low, we're like, wow, he didn't tweet. he didn't say something unbelievably rude and offensive. oh, my goodness, he's transforming his campaign. >> i don't think he transformed it. somebody did talk to him and he listened for a minute. >> what we've said for everybody who said you put the bar so low for him. this isn't about saying good donald, bad donald, this is about who is going to win the election. that's our job to look at it. when donald trump doesn't blow himself up, donald trump goes up in the polls. when donald trump blows himself up, donald trump goes down in
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the polls. it isn't us that set a low bar for him, it's the measure electorate that set a low bar for him. if he doesn't qualify himself there is movement towards him. that's why polls 10, 11, 12, 13 points, whatever they are right now. if donald does no harm, expect a tightening. there will be a tightening in the polls. it won't be 13 points in the polls if donald trump doesn't blow himself up. >> if he doesn't blow himself up, he'll consolidate republicans, get within hailing distance of her. we'll see what happens at intervening events. he's not close enough now to have a plausible way to get to 270 electoral votes but consolidating republicans would go a long way towards that. i thought his speech could have that effect. >> you've got to multiply it like 20 times over. he's got to do this for two, three weeks. it's hard for donald trump. if donald trump is not in the headlines in a big way, he's not dominating the headlines, then
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he starts to get antsy. if you are respectable and do the sort of things he needs to do, he's not going to dominate the headlines. so then does he have the discipline or two to three weeks to keep playing this role of reassuring people. >> so let's look at these numbers and bring shawn in. election day 13 days away. donald trump waking up to another bruising, bruising poll. nbc survey monkey weekly election tracking poll gives hillary clinton her largest lead yet. 51% to 41% in a two-way race. in a four-way matchup she's ahead by six points, 44 to trump's 38. this after monmouth university poll shows trump down 13 points among likely voters nationally. at 50% clinton gained five points since before the conventions, trump dropped six to 37%. >> brublgts, 13 points. >> the poll shows while trump is doing well among white voters he's trailing mitt romney's
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performance in 2012. trump matches romney on white men without a college degree but trails him in every other category especially among college educated white women, to clbt by 30 points while romney won that demographic by six points. >> this has been a problem all along. you have husbands in the family not offended by harsh language. women have been offended by it and it's shown up in the polls. anecdotally i've seen it, too. a man says i'm going to vote. no way i'm not going to vote for that guy. he's crass. that's why hillary clinton's ads are so effective. >> what do you make of all this? >> he's down about -- there's no doubt he's losing right now. he's down about eight points in the average overall. we do have examples of
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challenging candidates who are challenging the out party coming back, moving the polls eight points in their direction but it's not the rule. generally we see a shift of right now of three points towards the challenging party. he's going to have to do something special if he's going to pull this off. >> what happened? are we past the days of 1988 where after the democratic convention george h.w. bush was down how many points? 18, 19 points? 1 points. gerald ford was down 36 points after jimmy carter's convention and he came back and almost won that? does that not happen these days. >> the bounce tends to be smaller. 2008 john mccain down three points and obama ended up winning by seven, of course, there was a financial collapse in the middle. generally we're in this 24-hour news cycle. everyone is plugged into the internet. the campaigns are now a year and
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a half long. i think these sort of shifts are harder to pull off than they were in 1976 or 1988. >> 1988, joe, and mark you remember this, 1988, big difference there is something that doesn't exist today. the bush campaign had extraordinary discipline. >> it was unbelievable. >> extraordinary discipline. >> every day. >> jim baker running the campaign. vice president on message, on target every single day. you do not have that. >> i've got to say in modern american politics, you've got to put the bush '88 campaign and obama 2008 campaign up. it's the two most remarkable campaigns. gene, every day they had a different message. every week they had a different message. michael dukakis was like mowing his front yard while they were out in boston harbor talking about how polluted it was. it was a sight to behold. >> both those campaigns you cited were the gold standard really. i just -- you know, i don't think you can compare what we've seen from the trump campaign
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with either of those, you know, in a million years. it's just nowhere close. and these are two candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton, who i think people believe they know. so the real question right now,ic, is has donald trump disqualified himself as president of the united states. have the past few weeks made it so enough people just simply cannot see him as president of the united states and cannot support that? and if that's the case, once that switch is turned, you know, can it be switched back? i'm not sure it can be switched back. i'm also not sure that the critical mass has been reached, but it could have been. i think that's conceivable. >> sean, i love what you wrote in one of your pieces recently where you said for any other challenger seven points wouldn't be such a great disadvantage to come over the space of three
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months. we don't have data for challengers who have such strong self-destructive tendencies talking about donald trump. sean, what could change the dynamic of the race at this point. we've been talking about the debates here. the first one september 26th, seven weeks away. that's a lot of time between now and then for donald trump to make some kind of turn. >> there's all sorts of events that come up towards the end of presidential elections that are unperceivable. bin laden tape in zero 4. at the end of the day i said this is the one donald trump doesn't come back from five or six times in the election. this does feel different to me. >> unless hillary clinton has a disaster. >> it's a different race than the primary and different race than the general election was in april. he's going to have a tough time but we still have 13 weeks. as you know, 13 weeks in politics is multiple lifetimes. >> sean, to add to your point,
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donald trump is also dealing with a series of bad headlines with members of his party taking steps to distance themselves from his campaign. senator susan collins being honest and taking the high road who wrote last night an op-ed in the "washington post" saying she won't be voting for trump in the fall. writing, "there will be no new donald trump, just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives being in his way or an easy scapegoat." then outgoing virginia scott rigell who endorsed gary johnson two days ago only to outright resign from virginia beach republican party yesterday. and finally, there was an open letter penned and signed by 50 prominent republican foreign policy and national security officials who said a trump presidency would be disastrous. an open letter penned and signed by 50 prominent republican foreign policy and national
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security officials. 50. michael chertoff, tom ridge, john negroponte. >> john. >> a few signers who said they would not vote for trump. they warned he would be, quote, a dangerous president who would risk our country's well-being, adding that he is unable or unwilling to separate truth from falsehood. trump responded to the letter with this statement. the names on this letter are the ones the american people should look to for answers. we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. >> alet of people in the letter, mike barnicle, were responsible for us not having any attacks in this country after september 11th. a lot of people who spent every waking moment working 20 hours a day trying to stop the next
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attack after 9/11. they succeeded. >> general michael hayden signed that letter. he was former head of cia, nsa. if you talk to him or any of the people who signed that letter who were active in the last five, ten years in national security terms, the number of opportunities that people have had, terrorists have had to try to do something here in the united states that have been negated, have been stopped, is enormous. they have done this. they have done this. >> these guys are not partisans out to get donald trump. these guys are republicans who work for republican presidents. >> right. >> mark said in the last hour this will appeal to elite. i think that's true. also critical mass of this level of national security person saying in no uncertain terms donald trump would be dangerous. i think the american people pay attention to that. >> sean, how does that impact the states? actually let's talk about the states trump has to win right
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now. ohio and pennsylvania. there was a lot of talk certainly during both conventions that donald trump is going to be able to make pennsylvania competitive, sort of white working class bastions that allow him to win in states less diverse. what's the latest out of ohio and pennsylvania? >> well, you know, let's be honest. those are states a point or two of the national average. if donald trump is down eight points nationally, he's not going to be within striking distance in a state like ohio or pennsylvania. the problem that he has, yeah, he's running from polls which he very well in registration shifting southwestern and northeastern pennsylvania, blue-collar areas. he's getting killed in the suburbs of philadelphia and that casts a lot of votes. he cannot win this election with white working class voters alone. he has to form a coalition with some other group and he's just turning all those voters off now. >> you lose 5 to 600,000 voters
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if you're a republican coming out of philadelphia, if you don't win the suburbs and then just sweep it west of there, you don't win west of pennsylvania. >> let me ask you something. this is purely anecdotal, nothing to do with numbers in a poll or numbers we have here, commander in chief we hear anecdotally playing an increasing role in people making their minds up in this election. the other thing i cannot recall, maybe you can, mark, maybe you can, joe, i can't recall another single line in an election year that so defined an opponent as mr. khan looking into the camera and saying you sacrificed nothing for no one. that line has resonated among so many people who i even counted, i wonder how it frames up in terms of the rest of the election cycle. >> mark, you had said after the khan speech and fallout over the next day or two chat khans
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speech, it certainly could be one of the defining moments of the campaign. that moment he took the constitution out, held it up, and let donald trump know he would let him borrow his. and now you have trump protesters holding up constitutions. then what is just a bizarre turn, you have trump supporters -- a lot of tea party people -- actually booing people for simply holding up the united states constitution, a document which they have long held to be sacrosanct. >> obviously an offensive act to hold up the constitution. susan collins cited the khans as part of her reason saying she can't be for donald trump. talk about a possible donald trump comeback. talk about discipline object his side, it's also going to take hillary clinton making mistakes. michael dukakis made a lot of mistakes that allowed bush to
4:17 am
come back. hillary clinton right now with the exception talking about her e-mails isn't making very many mistakes and her team is not complacent. they are being extraordinarily aggressive about going after trump for his -- all the things in his background that's vulnerable. he's right, national security stuff and that's why this list matters, national security for a lot of suburban moms. they want to feel their lives are safer and better for their kids on economic and national security with donald trump if they are even going to think about voting for him and the clinton people are not allowing that argument to be made right now. >> sean, when you look at the number that we showed earlier, white women with a college degree going for hillary, breaking for hillary plus 30, while romney wanted -- won the same group by six. there's a 36-point swing there. doesn't that add up to donald trump just getting absolutely
4:18 am
slaughtered in the suburbs of philadelphia and all the other -- columbus, ohio, the i-4 corridor. you pick your favorite swing area in america and your favorite swing state and that minus 36 is absolutely devastating in every swing state. in north carolina, devastating. in virginia, devastating. >> we could have a weird situation in ohio where donald trump is just the third republican since 1932 to carry youngstown and yet he becomes the first republican since 1916 to lose delaware county, which is kind of the wealthier suburbs of columbus. you're absolutely right. you can't carry suburban america losing white women with college degrees by 30 points. you just can't. he's going to have to figure out a way to turn those numbers around and it's really difficult. this khan controversy, it's really important. it acted as an accelerant.
4:19 am
trump making missteps but this khan controversy blowing up like gasoline all over him now. >> gene, karma, baby. >> yeah. >> how wonderful is it that in an election cycle where -- i've got guys with pictures of trump that say, why do you talk about muslims so much? a little balance would be good. >> i know. >> how ironic it would be if it were a muslim american family that reversed all the ugliness of muslim bans, and banning mosques, and sending a message across the world that america hates muslims and we're closed for business for muslims. that in fact the world will see instead that it was a muslim american chasing the american
4:20 am
dream that took down the front-runner who was running for president because he was bigoted against muslims. >> yeah, what goes around comes around. i think, you know, what i hope is more -- eventually becomes more significant about the khans emergence as central figures in this election is that people see there are muslim gold star families. and people see muslims -- american muslims in that sort of role. so go beyond their impact on donald trump's presidential hopes, which is pretty devastating. >> their elegance was, of course, beautiful. but that whole part of the convention and all the fallout after was simply brilliant. it really was, because it really kind of took -- went right to the heart of the matter in terms of what's the problem with donald trump if he were to
4:21 am
persevere or prevail. >> it really did, to gene's point, exposed a larger reality. >> exposed something very ugly. >> muslim americans in america come here to chase the american dream. >> that's right. >> they succeed. there are many, many entrepreneurs. we hear it time and again. muslim americans only make up 1% of the population, yet 10% of our physicians are muslim americans. this is a group that should be republican. this is a group that has actually voted republican in the past. there is no need for us to chase away yet another group of people that could vote republican. >> all right. sean trende, that you very much. still ahead on "morning joe," senator dick durbin joins us plus congressman scott rigell forced out of his republican party over his refusal to back donald trump for president. but first --
4:22 am
>> i had multiple sources telling me last night an independent with the backing of a lot of republican money is going to launch today. you guys heard that? you heard that, mark halperin? >> no. >> i could be wrong at 7:04, 11 after, but several good sources told me that people -- republicans from let's just say never trump land found somebody and they are going to put good money behind him. >> looks like old joe was onto something. the newest name in the race -- >> the problem is this guy said he was going to use nuclear weapons to blow up canada. >> no he did not. evan mcmullin joins the conversation. next on "morning joe." let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too.
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welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. . joining us, the latest entrant into the presidential race, evan mcmullin. former cia operative --
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>> bet you're glad to be out of that job. yesterday launched independent bid for white house. >> what are you doing? what's going on. >> why are you doing this? >> i'm running for president because i think americans ought to be able to vote for somebody they are excited about, somebody they support, not somebody who they are supporting just to oppose the other person. we have republicans voting saying they are going to support hillary and others saying they are going to support trump, but it's all avoiding a more difficult decision. i think what the american people deserve is somebody who they can get excited about and actually support. >> what do you say to somebody in utah who says i want to vote for this kid from utah but he's never going to be elected president of the united states. >> kid. >> i'm 40. >> trust me. i've done this before, if you're a grumpy 65-year-old, they are going to call you a kid. what do you say to that person who says if i vote for you, i'm
4:27 am
wasting my vote. >> first of all, it's great to be considered too young for something. >> yeah. >> look, people in utah especially are very disenchanted with their options this year. they don't know where to go. we've had an enormous outpouring of support since weannounced. people are volunteering by the thousands literally to support us, to be active in utah and elsewhere. so we think we're doing a good thing there but we hope to carry that message. >> ku get valid access? a lot of deadlines have passed obviously. ku get on some of those states where ballot access has come and gone. >> there's misconceptions and a lot of people don't know all the details about getting onto ballots actually. there are many ways to do it. one is through petitions. there's still states that we can petition onto. but there are other ways to get on those ballots.
4:28 am
i have a very experienced team that's been studying this for quite some time. we intend to have broad ballot access across the country. >> how about money? you know, we all know contributors, donors, they love to talk. they will talk a big game. >> yeah. >> they went ahead and pushed you off the diving board. is there going to be water when you hit the pool? are they going to give you support you need. >> it's a good question. i jmpd into the pool yesterday and i didn't know if there was going to be water and i'm going to tell you there is. we had a tremendous amount of dollar donations across the country. >> big donors. >> big donors have been aware of this last couple of weeks as i studied it, there were communications. there will be some meetings very shortly. there are early signals of support. >> what's your message? >> my message is this, both of our candidates -- both of our
4:29 am
major party candidates are unfit for the responsibilities they seek. on one side you have hillary clinton who believes that she's unaccountable to the american people, which is highly problematic at a time when americans don't feel they are being heard by the government. so to have a president who believes she's above the law, can take her e-mails and put them somewhere else so the public can't have any oversight over them through their elected representatives, we can't have that. americans need to feel like their government is listening to them. that's one thing. she also has ideas about big topdown government where insiders flourish and hardworking americans -- >> what are your ideas? what's your message? >> my message is this. we need to move power closer to the people. that means there's a bunch of power centered in the executive branch where it shouldn't be according to the constitution. it should be with elected representatives in congress. more power needs to be shifted back to the states. power at the state level is far
4:30 am
more accountable, people can visit -- people can meet representatives much more easily. they may even know where they live. you can show up on their doorstep. if you've ever been a local elected official, you know that happens. that's the kind of accountability we need in this country. that's part of it. donald trump, where do you start? as a former cia officer, i deeply believe that donald trump harms the strength and prosperity of this country. donald seeks to divide us. he seeks to pit us against each other, one race and religion against the other. this is the work of our adversaries. this is the work of vladimir putin. as i say, this is the work of donald trump. >> given clear and strong feelings about donald trump, given the fact you work close with house republicans on policy, were you disappointed paul ryan endorsed donald trump.
4:31 am
>> i have the utmost respect for paul ryan. i believe he's a true statesman. i'll have to let him explain the way he's handled it. but i know that he's in a tough position, given his position. >> would you do the same thing? >> i believe that i would handle it differently, yes. but i would say he is in a difficult situation and i understand how and why he's handling it the way it is. >> how do you account for not just paul ryan but other republicans who stepped out in support of donald trump clearly based on what you know about many of these people in conflict with their beliefs and what they probably feel in private about him. why are so many republicans supporting him? >> i think they do that in response to the enormous frustration among the american peop people. donald trump for all his faults and dangers, he has galvanized and heard the voices of people who are really disaffected. the problem is he's taken that
4:32 am
disaffection and combined it with their deepest fears, not for the country by his own empowerment. the point is we have elected officials in congress and elsewhere representing frustrated people. they are looking for change anywhere they can find it. coming from the background i do, i see the danger in what donald trump specifically offers. we need a change agent that understands what makes this country special and that isn't about dividing people. >> halperin. >> what was george bush's single greatest national security or foreign policy error? >> look, i'll say that i served in iraq and i'm proud of my service there. but i believe that that was a mistake. >> going in originally. >> after that we made many mistakes in iraq. i don't think we should have done that. i understand the reasons. i was close to some of those reasons. i understood. i was at the cia. i heard the justification. i don't think that served our
4:33 am
best interest but i understand it's more complicated than people imagine but it probably wasn't the best decision. but let me say this, i want to make this very clear, george w. bush kept this country safe for his entire presidency after 9/11. he took -- he paid a political price for that. he became very unpopular because he made the tough decisions to keep us safe. president obama is doing the opposite of that. he's serving himself politically by not doing the hard things we need to do to especially defeat isis. i'm ready to step in and do that from day one. i have the firsthand experience. i've been there, done that. i know exactly what we need to do and i will do it as president. >> gene. >> evan, how much money are you going to need to do this campaign and where are you going to get it from? >> well, i believe we're going to have the resources we need. if yesterday was any indication of what kind of resources will be available to us, i have no
4:34 am
concern whatsoever. we have major donors reaching out, wanting to talk to us. those who are aware of this effort and those who are not. then what's most important is these small dollar donations coming in from around the country and messages that come with them. thank goodness someone is doing this. so i'm very encouraged and hopeful that the american people, especially, will continue to support us. i believe we will continue to rally their support. >> all right, evan mcmullin. >> thank you very much. very good to meet you. >> thank you very much. congratulations. >> thank you. coming up live to detroit on the heels of donald trump's big economic speech there. did it give the candidate the reset he was looking for? "morning joe" is back in a moment. don't be. i've got the app, which makes it simple to book a room for... $1,000. sorry. or $500. or $100.
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if you were a foreign power looking to weaken america, you couldn't do better than hillary clinton's economic agenda. [ applause ] >> nothing would make our foreign adversaries happier than for our country to tax and regulate our companies and our jobs right out of existence. the one common feature of every hillary clinton idea is that it punishes you for working and doing business in the united states. >> all right. up next congressman scott rigell is leaving capitol hill.
4:39 am
>> he's leaving with sort of a flourish. >> yes. but not before bucking his party on the presidential nominee. why are only the people leaving gutsy enough to do it. >> we will ask him of the virginia republican says he's voting libertarian instead. "morning joe" will be right back and we're going to dig deep into that. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. [baby talk] [child giggling] child: look, ma. no hands. children: "i", "j", "k"... [bicycle bell rings]
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ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. as donald trump tries to refocus his campaign party members withhold support. we have republican congressman scott rigell. it's pronounced rigell in france. >> my bad. >> in virginia first congressman to endorse libertarian ticket rather than support donald trump. he expects more elected gop officials to follow his lead and he is with us now. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. tell us why did you decide to go libertarian?
4:43 am
>> appreciate the opportunity to share this. i didn't expect to find myself in this per share. i'm 56 years old. to have pivoted from being my lifelong commitment to a republican candidates all throughout my adult life and now supporting gary johnson proudly as a libertarian, i do so because the nominee for our party, the republican nominee, i'm just convinced is so lacking in judgment and temperament and character that i think he really represents a true risk to our country. i cannot in good conscious support him. the democratic alternative is equally unworthy of walking into the oval office and being called madam president. so i, like so many americans, so many americans caught in this tension between these two
4:44 am
difficult unworthy candidates and going toward the libertarian is the right thing to do. >> so what do you say to paul ryan, speaker paul ryan and a lot of your other republican colleagues who are supportive of many of the things that you stand for, are concerned by donald trump but still are endorsing donald trump? >> well, i hold a lot of respect for speaker ryan. he's a friend. i think he's doing a fine job leading our republican conference. that said, this is a matter where each american has to be true to conscious. i've wrestled with this greatly. i think the facts are clearly in the case that elevating donald trump to the highest office of the land would be a serious mistake, one that would have i believe devastating consequences for our country and children and grandchildren down the road. i can't be a part of that. i respect those with whom i disagree. >> let me ask you about that. i totally understand respecting
4:45 am
paul ryan as a person, but this is a terrible decision on his part, is it not? let's just be frank? >> i've been forthright, frank, however you want to put it, mika, on this whole subject from day one. i do think it's a poor decision. i think our party has made a terrible mistake in elevating donald trump. i don't hold him in high regard in regards his business acumen, and i am a businessman. as relates to his core values, i do not understand what he truly believes. he's all over the map. i think he has a kind of utilitarian approach to decision making. that is whatever someone in front of him wants to hear or whatever is on the top of his mind he says. >> willie geist. >> congressman, good morning. >> take us inside the closed
4:46 am
doors and tell me how many more republicans are like you in congress but haven't come out publicly and said, you know what, i cannot support donald trump. is this a common and popular sentiment in the halls of congress. >> a little hesitancy on trying to characterize each and every one but i'll say this to your point, there is widespread shock and bewilderment and resentment that donald trump is our nominee, that's for sure. i know there are a lot of members that would like to bolt and do something different and frankly i hope they do. >> why aren't they doing it, congressman? if they feel that way. >> each member, each man and each woman has to wrestle with this. there's a fidelity that comes with being part of the leadership of a party. i wrestled with this myself. i resigned yesterday from my local party. i'm still a republican but i had to resign from the local party because of my support for governor johnson. these decisions have serious
4:47 am
ramifications for those who are in office or seeking office. i think the whole nation is stunned we're here. i hear this all the time from political left, friends and family, political right. scott, what are we going to do, look at the choices before us. i'm simply saying now that we have a viable, clear alternative to these two choices. that's governor johnson. >> all right. mike barnicle. >> congressman, a common theme, common thread what you're saying and letter signed by 50 foreign policy national security, people coming out against donald trump's potential presidency, susan collins' op-ed and it's this, he would be dang are you as president, a danger to the country. if you feel that way, and i think you do, you've said that, define danger. why would he be dangerous? >> there is a consequence to what the president of the united states says.
4:48 am
when we hear him say, for example, early on that we're going to go after the families of the terrorists, now, what that means is families are children and wives and brothers and sisters and uncles. so it would become a deliberate policy of the united states to not only take out the terrorist but to kill his family. now, this is a fundamental flip of american policy and our value of human life. now, there are times when you do have -- you do end up taking out families. you don't want to but you have to for the greater good. i get that. >> but if you target them, it's a war crime. you don't target family members. mark halperin. >> congressman -- >> let's go to mark halperin. we're running short on time. >> what's your preference, for hillary clinton to win or donald trump to win? >> no. well, you've asked me a question that i reject the premise.
4:49 am
the question is who is the best candidate to serve as commander in chief. >> i know who you're supporting. in all likelihood one of the two major party members will win. what's your preference between those two. >> i truly don't have a choice between what i see as two vipers, you know. i really mean that. and i'm not prone to hyperbole, i'm not an official prone -- >> vipers moving up to the line, when you call politicians -- >> they should not serve as president. we have another choice. >> gene robinson, a man no one would call a viper. >> you might, congressman, because i'm going to ask you the same question. look, you know as well as i do the next president is not going to be gary johnson. it's just not going to happen. it's going to be donald trump or hillary clinton. don't you feel a responsibility to take a position on that, because you're going to get one or the other? >> well, let me push right back
4:50 am
respectfully, but also in absolute full candor. i do see a path. and i'm a rational person. you can check my record. i'm a politically, mathematically reality driven candidate. >> if you're reality driven what are you doing on our show? >> here is the key, we need to get governor johnson in the debate. the american people, there are such pin up demand i don't know if you're seeing it, i'm hearing it every day. there is pin-up demand. there is one. >> and what about evan? what do you think about him? >> i don't see him -- i don't know much about him but he is certainly not qualified than a two-term governor who also picked a two-term dwgovernor. there is a track record with
4:51 am
governor johnson. he is the real deal. he is solid on job creation. he created a thousand jobs himself and got reelected twice. he is the right guy. >> all right congressman. thanks for being us with. >> appreciate it. we'll be right back with more "morning joe." not reality based. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now.
4:52 am
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4:55 am
up next senator susan collins announces she won't be voting for donald trump. >> you like susan collins, right? >> i think she did the brave thing. will more republicans follow suit? >> i don't think that's necessary. >> you tell me and under what -- on what planet does paul ryan and mitch mcconnel and mccain have any hope in that donald trump will follow through on even the fact that he is republican. they are caving to pressure. the american people aren't going to buy it. in the long run it is going to hurt them. i'm sorry. you all have said it. >> i have got one right here.
4:56 am
>> it's why people hate washington. >> i'm a little uncomfortable. is anybody uncomfortable here? >> it is very different that his old economic plan. today is economic plan. >> let's get back to do charts. >> let's not. >> so why don't we compare trump's economic plan of today which is not like his economic plan of yesterday to hillary clinton's, which has been the same. >> she is a little wired right now. steve is here with charts. we'll be right back. >> and it's pretty. ve. like broncos or colts. (cashier) cool. (peyton) ah...18. the old number. ooh. i have got a coupon for that one. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket - only on directv. and watch live games anywhere.
4:57 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
4:58 am
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5:00 am
how to make network great again especially for those who have the very least. >> this is from a guy who has said he knows more than the generals about isis so he is not only putting our national security at risk he is putting our economy at risk. >> good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. >> it is already 8:00 a.m.? >> yes. flown by. >> with us onset we have mark halperin. we also have former treasury official and "morning joe" economic analyst, steve ratner
5:01 am
and political analyst, eugene robinson. >> it's waking up to another breezing poll. it gives hillary clinton and her largest at 51% to 41% in a duoway race. in a four way match up. this month after a university poll shows trump down 13 points among likely voters nationally. at 50% clinton gained 5 points since before the conventions. trump dropped 6 to 37%. >> wow. okay. >> do you have factors? >> well, they are all going -- they are going to the wrong direction. mark, as we were talking about
5:02 am
yesterday, he needs to have a really good speech. knob wat nobody watched that speech, knob. people who decided who hay a aare they are going to watch is bigger. he has everything turning against him. he has the big moe against him as george h.w. bush would say. a guy would cause hick huge problems in utah. it could make all of the difference in the world. are you hearing anything from the trump camp on what they are going to do? >> they lost susan collins. >> august is not the best time far come back in the olympics but he need to have a good first debate. he needs to bring republicans
5:03 am
home and avoid distraction. >> he is not doing that though. >> and every single day, again, willie and i would hold up the papers and say it's moving time. it's getting closer to that first republican nomination. i feel like we need to start saying -- >> it's over. >> it's august 9th. he is running out of time. >> you know, we are going to see more endorsements for clinton. it may not be huge national figures. >> what about the 50 foreign policy republican leaders? that's devastating. >> these people who have way in their states, a florida state legislature, these people will drive a lot of news coverage in their states.
5:04 am
i think after susan collins did what she did it could be a lot more difficult for him. you'll see more in florida and ohio and with national standing. >> even with the speech yesterday in detroit. he said we'll have details for you later. even as he laid out the policy proposals they difred from the ones in september. people say do you remember what he said about that? what do you think is the right thing? it felt like he made a tel a teleprompter speech. >> and we said this before the conventions began. the numbers are going to get locked in after the convention. nothing really is going to happen of significance that will move voters opinions until the first debate. here we have one poll after
5:05 am
another, the most recent after 13 points. it seem to me unless he does something terrifically dramatic he will be stuck until the first of may. >> yeah. think of what it means when donald trump does something dramatic. it's not necessarily a great thing for him to do. >> right. >> you know, look, this is a big problem for him because everybody is paying attention to the olympics. you watched lily king last night. people are talking about that. if the presidential race remains until september or until the first debate it is in the wrong place for donald trump. these sort of losses, this is not a good cycle for him. >> among the factors contributing to trump's slump, a
5:06 am
deficit among white women. the poll also shows clinton -- >> wait, he is down by 30 moints in a group that romney won by 6 points? >> yes. >> and clinton solidified and trump has 79% unchanged. so as we just mentioned donald trump is dealing with a series of bad headlines taking steps to distance themselves from his campaign. there was senator susan collins. you need to read this. in the washington post saying she won't be voting for trump in the fall writing there will be no new donald trump. again, there will be no new donald trump, just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives as being in
5:07 am
his way. >> what do you think of that? >> i know it well and i'm proud of her, if i may say, for standing up, for anything that pressures her. she is right. paul ryan knows everything she is writing is correct. the republican leaders who kind of sit there in the middle kind of supporting him but not liking what he is saying knows she is right and don't have the guts to do the right thing which will hurt them in the long run but more importantly they are not doing the right thing and they know it. >> and mark kirk's numbers after he came out against donald trump. >> usually justice prevails. you know what i'm saying? >> no. i thought of you. she is writing what you had been saying. she has a lot of influence not just in maine but a lot of republican members of congress
5:08 am
will read that. >> i hope so. >> and think maybe what you have been saying. >> you know, going back to, and going back to what bill clinton said -- and we use to say this to explain donald trump in the republican primary, better to be strong and wrong than right and weak. you can say that with donald trump winning the primary you can say it now with the republicans who are being wishy washy. better to be strong and wrong and get out there and be like susan collins. >> i have heard a bunch of you guys that have said in traditionally red states it is hard for someone not to be for trump. >> yes. it is a risk particularly in a house district that is largely republican. >> but you to do the right thing.
5:09 am
>> what's harder is being in the middle ground so then the trump people hate you because you're not assertive enough and then college educated voters hating you because you're for trump. the dccc is voting for kell kelly ayotte and every hateful thing donald trump said, guess who is endorsing it? kelly ayotte. >> and put aside doing the right thing, from a purely political point of view a lot of them would be better off taking a stand against trump than trying to keep the trump supporters. >> it's risk. >>. >> i think the worst case scenario is being in the middle. if you're for trump you're all in for trump. it's the media that hates them and the pointy headed bureaucrats that hate him.
5:10 am
it is the new york times. th go all in if that's what you're going to do. if you're not going to be for trump burn the building to the ground, salt the earth and stomp all over him until he doesn't move again in your district. you can't be in the middle. these guys who are in the middle who think they are being too clever by half. i'll say it right now. paul ryan wants to be president of the united states. he will never be president of the united states if he stays in the middle. >> all right. >> he has got to assert himself. he is either all in for trump, which is fine. >> he is either all in for trump which is fine or he will tell the truth about trump. he will say it. >> ryan is a prime example. let's see what he does after he
5:11 am
wins this primary today. but you can look at him and you can see and listen to him and you know he doesn't like donald trump. he doesn't want to support donald trump. he is not fooling anybody. he feels he has to support him. you know, i don't think there is a middle here. >> no middle. >> there is no middle. >> you're endorsing donald trump and you either own that or you go to the other side. i don't think you can be in the middle. >> so are all of these guys who are in the middle just stupid? >> they are making a really bad choice. >> they find themselves in a position they have never been in before where the nominee is so toxic. they haare not exactly sure. >> this is an easy choice. >> i'm hoping they can figure it out. like i said, just pick a side. like in northwest florida maybe that side is for the candidates to be 100% behind donald trump. in wisconsin it's not.
5:12 am
>> to be the best case, does anyone at this table think john mccain has anything other than eye rolling distan for donald trump and who he is? he is -- >> these guys -- >> let's say two things about susan collins. she didn't say who she is voting for. that is the problem. are you saying you're voting for hillary clinton? >> maybe she is waiting for this third option. >> but john mccain and paul ryan at their dinner tables and in intimate conversations with friends, this is what they are doing. you know what? that's patheticment th. >> that's quite a dinner party. >> or they are going to admit they are going against their
5:13 am
minut principals. i can't imagine the things that donald trump has said aren't repugnant to -- i'm going to assume paul ryan doesn't like racism. i will assume -- is paul ryan against banning muslims in our country? i will assume john mccain thinks insulting war heros, being insulting, i will assume -- >> you don't have to assume it. >> i'm telling you. at dinner parties -- >> if you're paul ryan and you're the speaker of the house what are you really going to do? are you going to walk away or stay with him? is it going to be caveated? >> if he says he wants to ban muslims -- >> then he shouldn't endorse
5:14 am
them. if he was a democrat -- and he could be. >> let me correct you. this candidate, and here is the most bitter of all ironies. he has been a democrat his entire life. he has contributed to democrats his entire life. he contributed to hillary clinton i believe three times. he said in 2008 that hillary clinton would be a great president. i think he said in 2010 or 2011 she would be a great secretary of state. she can negotiate well. she a lifelong democrat. we have two new york democrats running against each other right now, two. >> he may have been a democrat but his speech yesterday was not a democratic speech. it was a wildly republican speech! and this is the fun, lots of fun
5:15 am
predicting what donald trump will do. again, the thing is, if you're paul ryan this is the quote of the general election cycle you say everything he said apitti s miezs racism the center cannot hold. >> and that cannot go away. >> it is a tattoo, not a stain. still ahead, donald trump rolls out his latest tax plan and hillary clinton hits right back. >> he announced he has a dozen advisers. he has a oil barren, a former chief economist. he has six men named steve, and, you know, they all care about the same things he does, how to avoid paying their fair share.
5:16 am
>> that's not fair because "morning joe" has only one economic adviser named steve. six? our steve has brought charts and they aren't from the eye doctor. first let's bring in dick d durbin. he has two healthy eyes and it was packed with questions about a possible run for governor. >> you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. ♪ if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases. seriously... double miles...
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5:20 am
he basically adopted but he proposed a 15% of tax on business and created this kind of loophole -- >> wait. what are you talking about? >> he is allowing all businesses -- >> wait. i get a check across my desk every two weeks. >> yeah, but you can change that. >> yeah. >> do you believe that? 56% in taxes in connecticut. >> it would cost between 7 and $9 trillion. clinton imposed the so called
5:21 am
buffet rule where you pay as much taxes as your secretary. >> so the buffet rule we have heard before are people that are billionaires pay at least 30%. is that what she is adopting? >> and a surcharge and -- >> a surcharge on their income? >> yes. >> instead of paying 39% they pay -- >> 4% more. >> that's what americans need more, higher taxes. get more people out of work. let continue on the deficit. both would increase spending. trump has over a trillion. a lot of it is because of the deficit. hillary clinton wants to provide more money for education. trump talked about our
5:22 am
infrastructure but he has nothing in his budget proposal. i can't talk while you two are talking to each other. >> i was telling him to shut his pie hole. keep going. >> oh, okay. >> and then finally trump is going to make deficits great again so his tax plan would ad 7.5 to $10 trillion. >> it has been scored -- >> this isn't -- >> it is not just me or just the hillary clinton talking points these are independent analysts saying her tax increases match her -- >> willie -- >> the clinton number seems a little low. >> well, that's the net. she has tax increases -- >> what is she proposing for ensite lmee
5:23 am
entitlements? >> zero. >> oh, my god. >> is she going to raise taxes on the middle class? >> no. >> she said we are -- and she dropped and trump took it and said we are going raise taxes on the middle class but if you listen carefully that's not what she was saying. >> it's not in her proposal. >> it just sounded like it. >> it sounded like she will raise taxes on the middle class. >> if you play the record backwards it says turn me on dead man. i don't know what to believe anymore. >> hillary clinton's plan wouldn't make your deficit problem worse but it wouldn't make it better. trump's would make it much worse. trump runs around talking about the $19 trillion in debt and
5:24 am
talking about adding more dead. >> that's your guy. >> so if trump is president whose taxes go up? >> nobody. i'm sorry what? >> they liked trump's speech more than you did. >> everything but the trade stuff. what's driving the day on wall street? business before the bell is straight ahead. plus dick durbin on his pick for 2016. "morning joe" is coming right back. ♪ you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts.
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5:26 am
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>> how do you respond that they are calling you dangerous and you'll put the country at risk? >> i would say i would have loved to be involved in the campaign. look where the country is now and national policy. look where we are in defense. look at the mess we are in. >> all right. joins us now from detroit, katy
5:29 am
t tur was there for the big economic speech. what were some of the changes from previous? >> he did change his tax policy a little bit going up 25% from the top bracket up to 33%. it lines him up with the house republicans. that was a new thing. he also said he wanted to have a tax deduction for child care for all families. those were the two big headlines from the policy speech yesterday. when it comes to the deduction it wouldn't benefit a good portion of people who do not pay income taxes. a relatively meat and potatoes policy speech that did go after regulations saying once again that he would renegotiate trade deals. >> did you see the whole thing?
5:30 am
>> yes. >> so what are you getting from inside the campaign? are you sensing everybody is holding their breath hoping this turn, this slight, this ever so slight pivot continues another 12 to 24 hours? >> i think they would like him. there is a feeling they would like him to stay more on message. that is the overwhelming thought outside of the campaign. within the campaign there is debate over how well donald trump will do with sticking to a profrper. it wasn't quite the voter trump has come to enjoy. there is a debate over whether it's a bad thing to turn that off entirely. he is running against the washington establishment. that is very much how some on his campaign feel that he has gotten this far by shunning the
5:31 am
leaders in washington by saying he will go it alone and his new turn towards trying to appease people like paul ryan or the rnc isn't necessarily going to work for donald trump because it's not true to donald trump but there is a lot of polling out there. you guys have been talking about it all morning that suggests that donald trump needs to do something in order to change the base of this race because right now, you know, polling aside when it comes to hillary clinton, he is at 35% with women which is a huge problem. >> thank you so much. >> i want to put the tweet back up that katy made reference to. here is the tweet. i'm running against the washington insiders just like i did in the republican primaries. these are the people that have made the u.s. a mess. that is a perfect tweet for
5:32 am
donald trump to put up. that is a perfect tweet for donald trump to put out. he is not attacking his party. he is not doing anything personally. he is talking about how washington messed things up. he didn't have to say -- >> dint think -- >> as he said they all wanted to work for me. that's a lie. none of them wanted to work for you. the part of it that was good, even though we disagree with it, these are the people that messed up america over the past 20, 25 years. i wouldn't take their endorsement even if they gave it to me. you look at a hint here and a clue there, that tweet is on message and that is the message that actually gives him a fighting shot, mike, to tighten this race up and actually win in november. >> his track has always been against washington. that tweet is right on. he is basically saying they gave
5:33 am
you a wrap. they gave you the middle east you have today. >> you think that's a better tweet than loser susan collins. i didn't even want her support. >> that was a bad tweet. >> that is much better. if he can stick to that. >> and the test is does he lash out at susan collins? that tweet suggests they get that. >> yeah, why go after susan collins? there is a lesson i learned very early on. somebody said never punch down. so if somebody writes a lousy letter to the editor, right? don't do a screaming that draws more attention. if somebody attacks you online don't go on tv and respond. so donald trump has spent most of his campaign punching down. he doesn't need to. he needs a general message.
5:34 am
he is running against washington d.c. >> and two hours ago the word for donald trump, discipline. can he maintain discipline? >> no. he can't. we can pretend it is a big cliff hanger but it's not. and with us now is senator dick durbin. we want to know whether we'll be calling you governor in a few years. >> no. i have a great job. folks here on this election, i am not aspiring to governor's position. it was kind of a story that caught fire during the democratic convention within our delegati delegation. i'm happy where i am. i enjoy serving the state in the united states senate. >> you're happy where you are. would you consider running for governor? if they needed you to do that would you consider it? >> let me tell you, i'm not sure
5:35 am
where i'll be in 27 months. i'm not going to speculate about something that far in the fuf. i'm focused on the united states senate. >> so it's different when you said i'll talk it over with my wife and said i'll make a decision. >> i did that and she -- >> and she gave you that answer. >> that's right. >> tell her that's a good answer. she said you have got a good job, are you crazy? she is exactly right. >> she should provide good answers to donald trump. >> so we have been talking about donald trump. let's talk about hillary clinton right now. honest and trustworthy numbers still very low. a lot of americans see her as the lesser of two evils. there has to be concern among even nonpartisans that whoever gets elected will operate over a
5:36 am
divided government where nothing happens. what do we look for? where is there hope that republicans and democrats can start working together again? >> i am hopeful there will be a democratic majority in the senate. i won't be 60 votes. we'll need people like susan collins who will step up and work with us as long as we are doing things consistent with her values and principals. the fact of the matter is we'll have a challenge. the house is a long shot. it is possible we can take the majority there for the new president. it will be a battle to make sure we come up with bipartisan approaches. >> and senator, i guess that's my question, if hillary clinton is elected president there are a lot looking at her and they want to know hillary clinton will be able to work with the senate and the house in a way that barack obama was not. what can you tell us? >> well, when you take mitch
5:37 am
mcconnel saying our goal is to make sure he is a one-term -- >> your going back eight years. i can also tell you if you finish that sentence he also said -- but he said if he is reasonable and he works with us we can get along. >> i can tell you, i was there during the entire seven plus years. i don't want to dwell on that history but if we can get a more positive and cooperative approach in the congress it will be good for congress but more importantly it is good for america. take a look at where we are today. we are in a situation where the united states supreme court has eight justices for the first time ever -- >> senator, i understand all of this. people that watch the show understand all of this. my question to you is is it all
5:38 am
the republicans fault? if it is you've felling me republicans and democratics will be pointing at each other for the next eight years. >> i don't think that's true. they control the agenda of the house and senate. can we find a path to achieve some goals? yes. we have had dramatic increases in medical reser. . it is a bipartisan effort. i can point to the republicans. we have seen efforts that are successful moving forward on criminal justice reform. to think they are both on the same major piece of legislation trying to bring it to the floor is an indication there is an effort underway. >> okay. so let's say hillary clinton does win are we going to get a supreme court justice by the end of the year? >> that's mitch mcconnell's
5:39 am
decision. i hope he get as chance before the end of the year. mitch mcconnel has to make that decision. >> and we have heard democrats say over and over that donald trump is dangerous. some republicans say he is dangerous. are the checks and balances in our government not in place to prevent him from becoming dangerous? in other words, why do you believe he would be a dangerous president if you do? >> can you imagine his finger ton button and putin doesn't like what he says. what are we going to have in decisions that involve the lives and future of america. those are the question that is go beyond whether congress can override a bad decision by the president. this is a situation where he has the authority of commander in chief. can anyone imagine donald trump
5:40 am
as kmantdcommander in chief of united states. among them tom rich, a man i was elected to the house with, a proud republican who has served under republican presidents. he said no. i cannot accept this man as a leader of the united states. that is a tell of how bad donald trump would be. >> okay. thank you very much. good to have you on. let us know if your plans change. >> thank you. a costly monday for delta after a computer disaster that is turning into a costly tuesday as well as hundreds more cancellations. business before the bell is next.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
he has kcrescent on his mouth. all right. following yesterday's system outage. tell us more. >> the company already cancelled around 250 flights today as it looks to take care of some of the customer that is are stranded. a lot of reports of delays across their network. yesterday's system-wide outange. delta is saying they will offer $200 in vouchers for those on a delay of more than three hours. >> how does your computer system go down? i don't understand. do you not have any back ups? was there like a cat that chewed on a plug?
5:45 am
>>. >> i'm over here as a back up plan. >> it should be, right? there are a lot of questions about whether companies, not just delta but all companies are looking at this kind of business continuity plan. why didn't they have something in place where another computer system went off? we are watching what's happening there. a big thing for me, watch it. it will only be around for -- whopperito. >> what the hell is that? >> a blend between a burrito and a wlhopper. >> a blend between a burrito and a whopper. what's wrong with them? >> i once was lost but now i'm
5:46 am
found. >> are you going to eat one? >> the journalist in my is going to try one. >> have you ever heard of nugs? >> no. >> we are trying them on friday. it's chicken nuggets. they are doing well. >> all right. >> i like the burrito whopper better. >> are they different than normal chicken nuggets? >> i don't know. we'll find out. >> hey, dominic, thank you so much. we are going to burger king right now. she spent summer binge-watching.
5:47 am
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pretend like you're afraid of me, okay? i'm feeling a little insecure because oil wondering whi'm won would be going wrong on a day we could see m.j. hip and hop her way back to icm if best case you two are managers in the valley
5:51 am
and worst case you're a freak show performing at the santa monica pier. and nobody has ever heard of -- >> nobody acts like that, right? >> no. >> she a little different. >> this book tells you what happened in tensile town. it the called power house. joining us now is the author, james andrew miller. power house c aaa, from people t in the business, why is this story so fascinating? >> caa follows us all day from the morning through the night. when you watch j.j. watt on the football field you go into a
5:52 am
chipotle caa is involved. >> talk about it. >> michael was the youngest of the five founders of caa and the least experienced and he wound up within six or seven years being the most powerful man in hollywood. >> why? >> because he had a drive and because the way the market was caa could impose its will. >> he liked being feared. it was part of how he accomplished things. >> you say ari doesn't really want to be feared, he wants to build a company, right? >> they all have their way of keeping score. it was about power, influence being feared and building a huge company. i think it is a different kind of climate. he really wants to make it into this colasis.
5:53 am
>> and how he grew about himself, magic johnson says, geez, you should be running a movie stud you and michael ovitz says what? >> i am running them anyway. the decline list was unbelievable. that was part of their strength. it was also a seller's market. it was easier to get movies financed. >> was it greed that brought him down? >> for ovitz? >> yeah. >> i don't think so. he wound up being not as aware of himself as he was about clients in the business. he flew too close to the sun. >> so it is way more to start this agency. in 1995 they all splinter. ron myer goes another way. what was behind that break up at
5:54 am
that point in 95? >> those two wanted -- they were burned out. they had done it for 20 years. a whole new generation of five guys took over. it has been 21 years. they have been there longer and they branched it out into marketing, investment banking and they are highly successful. >> he has a story he wants you to tell. >> it was pretty brutal. mike called him -- his father worked for seagrums. asked him to keep him on. called him back and said your dad is safe. he is at his desk and kept his job and years later when it was time to go he had to say, look, we hear that your father is not doing too well and we think it's
5:55 am
time to go and the punch line is -- >> ovitz says he can keep him on for $1 a year for health insurance. >> right and he said it is time that you took care of your dad. in fairness to ovitz he doesn't remember it that way. >> you only scratched the surface. thanks. congratulations. for those of you in new york stop by barnes and noble you can join james and me for a conversation. >> cool. coming up next, what, if anything, did we learn today? both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere.
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5:57 am
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it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. welcome back. i learned the letter from 50 republican national security experts by saying these are the washington insiders who got us here. >> what did you learn? >> she is bringing chicken nuggets tomorrow. >> they are called nugs. >> what did you learn? >> it is like a time capsule with willie here. >> yes. but he won't give me a yes on
6:00 am
something really important. i'm begging you. go ahead. >> i learned there are few republicans that are standing up than speaking out for what they believe in. all right. if it's way too early what time is it? it is time for "morning joe." stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> i don't know if willie is right. donald trump hasn't responded to warren buffet saying let's look at one another's tax returns. we are still waiting for that. i'm stephanie. a key replib can senator claims she is not voting for trump calling him unsuitable for office. they say he would be the most reckless president and donald trump is hitting back hard this


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