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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> chicken nuggets breaded in captain crunch. >> it is called the nugget spot. >> joe's band is playing at 84th and columbus. sorry about that everybody. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> when i see those nuggets i think munchies. we have breaking news. a terrifying explosion at a maryland apartment building. >> waiting and nobody comes and says anything to us. >> dozens of people injured. up to seven people now missing. the big question, what set it off? we'll take you live in the latest. donald trump with a new hit on hillary clinton over isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary
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clinton. cofounder, crooked hillary clinton. >> and clinton goes after him on his second amendment comments. >> yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments that crossed the line. >> and why exactly was mar mark foley seated right behind donald trump? you to see this, up, up and taken away. new details on a man that climbed trump tower with sungs cups, his bizarre reason for why he did it. >> i would not risk my life pursuing it. >> we'll begin with that breaking news in maryland. right now as many as seven people are missing.
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nbc is live in silver springs. what happened? >> reporter: there is very clearly an explosion here. we see the effects of that behind me. you can see bits of balcony and bits of door frames. it was felt over a mile away over the fire department. they got here and rescued over 30 people. more than 30 people are in the hospital right now. there are five to seven missing. you can see a lot of recovery work going on behind me. it is smoldering. we there is a fire department dog on the scene. >> do we know anything more about thoesz individuals? i'm assuming they were residents. >> we don't know a whole lot about the cause of the
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explosion. they haven't said something. a resident did tell us he had smelled fumes earlier in the week. all of the units have stove top and gas heating. that's an indication it could be gas. nothing official from authorities. i mentioned 30 people taking the hospital. a lot of people have been evacuated here. when you take a look at this building behind me you basically see a three story apartment. it is really that middle row house, that middle apartment that has gone completely collapsed. it has fallen through nothing there but smoldering embers. >> firefighters have their work cut out for them. thanks hans. we have to take a turn to politics. donald trump trying to turn the table. >> everybody came to my defense because there was nothing said wrong. i'm talking about the power of
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the voter. nothing was said wrong and only the haters try todied to grab o that one. >> haters going hate. donald trump not backing down from that one. i want to begin with hallie jacks jackson. mr. trump spoke more than 30 minutes this morning. he is not backing down. what else did he say? >> reporter: plenty. it was a substantial interview as far as time for cnb. >> chip: let's start with trump accusing president obama of being the founder of isis. four times he doubled down on this. i want you to listen. >> do you think it's appropriate to call the sitting president of the yiegts the founder of a terrorist organization that wants to kill americans?
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>> he was the founder of isis, absolutely. he gets the most valuable player award, him and hillary. >> reporter: he is not backing away from the controversy surrounding the gold star controversy either. when asked if he thought it was a mistake trump said you have to define what a mistake is. is he going to pivot? absolutely not. he says he is not going to change. he said either it is going to work or i'm going to take a nice long vacation after it over. >> earlier this week he was slamming hillary clinton for having the father of the orlando shooter sitting behind at a rally. the clinton campaign said he was not invited but last night former disgraced congressman mark foley seemed to be sitting
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in almost the identical seat. it is like circus time here. it seems crazy. >> and you look at the video. i think you guys were playing it here. there is foley posted up as trump was turning around and justuring to the follow -- gesturing to the folk behind him. why was foley there? she a trump support. he spoke with thomas roberts. roberts asked are you a trump support and foley reporting yes, he has been a friend of mine for 30 years and one of my biggest contributors. you saw him there as he was going after sort of the optics of whom sits behind whom at the rallies. >> you have your work cut out for you. we have to turn now to
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hillary clinton. she is responding to the second amendment comments. >> words matter, my friends. and if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous koconsequences. >> there are more details in the latest e-mail continue ver i. -- controversy. it is a type of pay to play scheme. those seeming to benefit were big money donors to the family's charitable donation. kelly is outside where hillary clinton will lay out her economic plan later today. you have republicans pouncing on this. how is the clinton campaign pushing back? >> the clinton campaign points out that this is a case where there were e-mails that did not
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involve secretary clinton directly and the specific conversation going on in these 2009 e-mails, the request for and introduction between the clinton foundation and the secretary, the state department employee, the ambassador, that conversation, that meeting never took place. that's part of what they are saying. we have been talking about e-mail and hillary clinton. this is a different situation. this is not about her private server or all that has gone on with the fbi investigation. it is a separate inquiry and one they have been circling around for a long time. in the years after the clinton's left the white house their foundations doing good works around the globe did raise a lot of money from donors all around the world. when she became secretary of state they wanted to be clear there would be no interaction between that outside entity
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belonging to the clinton family and the state department. these e-mails which were related from an official at the foundation calling out to two top officials of hillary clinton. that's connection here. now, as you imagine trump has been having his own troubles. he wanted to shine a light on this issue. he brought it up in the truly trump way with a little sarcasm at his event. let's listen to that. >> how tdo you think hillary would feel if e-mails were never invented? would she be happy? that is like a truth serum. pay for play. you're not allowed to do it. it's illegal. it's illegal. i would imagine other things would be coming down the pike. let's see what happens. >> whether or not hillary clinton was on the e-mails, the buck has got to stop with her. she is the woman in charge.
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everyone was hyper sensitive about taking this involvement and she was very clear there wouldn't be a connection between the two. so because we now see there is connectivity, we know she has a trust worthiness doesn't it play into the idea that she is hiding something? >> it certainly is something that conservatives will point to to say there must be more there. that's where the clinton campaign is saying no, there isn't. this is an instance where there was no introduction, that hillary clinton was not involved in the conversations. it may be a case where addition gn al e-mails surface but it does raise the question beingbleo have access to top advisers to hillary clinton. the campaign will push back on this. it plays into what donald trump wants to say, highlighting trust worthiness, is there something
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more there? the question that hangs can be damaging in and of itself. >> the question is all that will slow down. the other is no. another throw down every day. >> up next, the trump tower climber, why did he do it? we have new details. plus a shoot out close to the canadian border, this man was planning a suicide attack. how close was he? like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah. nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky... will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well,
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>> what was he thinking? we are trying too figure this out after a 20-year-old man reached the 20th floor before
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they dragged him in. luckily tammy is on the ground. we saw this guy scaling the building spider man style. who is he? why did he do it? >> he is a 20-year-old man from virginia. he is identified as steven rigatta. he had several i.d.'s on him when he was picked up by police. he took his parent's car, drove to new york stichcity. as far as why he did this, he made a you tube video that offers a little bit of an explanation. let's go ahead and take a look at the video. >> the reason i climbed your tower was to get your attention. if i thought this via conventional means i would be much less likely to have success because you're a busy man with many responsibilities. >> we know he wanted a one on
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one meeting with dt donald trum and he did not get that meeting. >> donald has to be saying something. >> reporter: his camp issued a statement. he said this man performed a ridiculous and danger use stunt. there is damage to the building and he caused unnecessary deployment of new york's finest to protect his safety and the safety of everyone in the building. >> do we know if he will be charged with anything? >> reporter: so far no charges but others have been charged with disorderly conduct and tres pag trespa trespassing. >> thanks. stay on the ground. no scaling the building. all right. up next hillary clinton to tackle trump's economic plan with her very own in detroit. why should voters trust her
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imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. all hillary has to offer is the same thing. >> that was donald trump slamming hillary clinton ahead of her big economic speech later today. roger, nice to see you. welcome. >> good morning. >> hillary clinton laid out some of the bullets that we'll hear today. sort of at the top of her list is infrastructure spending. why do we think hillary will make that happen? >> first of all, it's number one on her economic agenda.
6:21 am
she made clear she will tackle it in the first 100 days. today it is an issue republicans and democratics agree on. they agree on the urgency of infrastructure and agreed on how to pay for it and how to run it. there is probably on opportunity to do this on a bipartisan basis. everybody knows that our roads, our bridges, our ports, arts are in deteriorating condition. she talked about 500 billion for infrastructure and it would create a lot of good-paying jobs and improve u.s. competitiveness. i might add that trump's new plan has not one word in it about infrastructure which is inexplicable to me. >> when she was senator here in
6:22 am
the state of new york washington post said it didn't materialize. she does have a trustworthiness issue. how can americans assume she has realistic goals and will achieve them? >> i had the privilege in working in the efforts to vie vit vitalize growth and anybody who saw -- and mideast new yorkers did, the efforts she made over her senate years knows nobody worked more effective tlichlt that's why she was twice elected to the senate and the second time by an overwhelming margin. she focused on middle income
6:23 am
americans. they trusted her and her and they liked it. she was extrade noirly effective. are you in a position to directly do it yourself? the answer is no. you to get the u.s. congress involved but to the degree that anybody could move the needle on this, she was extraordinarily effective. >> you were talking about how important that middle income group is. talk to us about how you see the economy. president obama says the job number is below 5%. as you see it, as hillary clinton sees it, what does the economy really look like? >> her goal, which is so different from trump's is to get middle income, middle-class
6:24 am
incomes moving up again. and middle class incomes haven't yet fully recovered from the financial crisis of 2008. we are seeing hourly average earnings moving up. they have a long way to go to catch up. that's her goal. >> one of the ways you would start to see the incomes move up or manufacturing happen is to work on smart regulation and have companying spending here and creating jobs. does it concern you in any way hillary clinton tied herself so closely to elizabeth warren who is certainly not a friend to wall street but one who talks about corporate fat cats? you have to work with these corporations if you will create the middle income jobs. >> clinton has a long record of working effectively with businesses. if you ask when she was senator from new york or the businesses that worked with her when she was secretary of state they will
6:25 am
all tell you that. in fact, you know that a major effort has been underway for the past few weeks to recruit business leaders, to support secretary clinton's campaign and it's been extraordinarily effective. i would say seriously that among larger businesses at least about 90% of ceo's in this country are opposed to trump and support secretary clinton. if they thought she was going to be a verse to business they think she will be much better for business than trump would be. you have to look at the two plans. look at trump o's plan. what is it about? massive tax cuts for wealthy americans. he wants to cut the corporate tax freight 35% to 15%. it would cost 5 trillion. he wants to cut the highest
6:26 am
income tax rate from 40% to 33%. >> i will interrupt you because after the commercial i'll be speaking to a trump surrogate about that very thick. new reporting, the head of the rnc threatened to pull resources away, a share from the trump team joins me next. nutrition is a word getting thrown around a lot these days. but do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. mmm peanuts, pecans, cashews. i'll have another helping of science, please! so whether it's energy or heart health you're after, start optimizing your nutrition
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6:30 am
building overnight. the dea will not loosen regulations on marijuana. retail jiebt macy's announced today it will close 100 stores by 2017. it comes on the heels of higher than expected earnings. and a 20-year-old virginia man skilled trump tour seeking a private autoyens. police drags him inside for a west window. and huffing ton post cofounder said she will fe faux kus on a new health and wellness line up. a new fire storm of controversy taking on the when it comes to terrorism.
6:31 am
>> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder. he founded isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> it is time now to bring in national cochair, sam clovis. do you believe president obama founded isis ? >> i think the foreign policy for the last seven and a half years has lead to the creation of the cells around the world. i really do, because of the abandonment because of support of measure imbrotherhood, all of
6:32 am
these have furthered the cause of terrorism and radical islam. >> i would say that's a fair and a reasonable argument to be made that it's about foreign policy. it's not what donald trump is saying. is that not a dangerous thing to say from someone running to be president of the united states? >> i don't think so. i think you have to look at it from the audience perspective. i don't think the audience will have any trouble saying what he is saying. i this the issue is people will get that. they understand what he was trying to say. i don't think anybody looks at the fact that president obama was on the ground organizing meetings or doing any of that. that isn't what was said. the idea is that these policies have lead to a furtherance of the growth of radical islam in
6:33 am
the world. i don't think there is anyone who can dispute that. >> they have the donald trump melt down this week reporting that she is sick of his antics and even threatened to pull funding and focus that rnc funding on senate ballots. do you know that to be the case? >> i'll tell you, sitting in the green room and coming in here and got a communication that that is categorically false. there is no discussion about pulling resources by the rnc. i got that literally seconds before i came in here, stephanie. >> there is something you would probably know. they have said experts and advisers told him to soften his a bit. these are important characteristics. he said, no, i'll become the
6:34 am
next president or i'll take a long vacation. the you think he needs to soften up? i. >> i don't dir if you're running for president of the united states. you have to give people to vote for you. you to have a positive action to fill up that absentee ballot. we have so many things we should be advancing out here. mrs. clinton, i saw the report just before. i was sitting there in utte utter awe. i thought maybe i had been caught in the tornado.
6:35 am
we had been transformed into the wizard of oz. >> i don't want to see you in any red slippers but donald trump says it will get companies, manufacturing here, if he will continue with all of these side games, how could corporate ceo's get behind him and say yes, i'm with donald trump while he continues to call president barack obama. >> i think a lot of issues when you go in front of an audience you get caught up in the moment. i just know i have been at these rallies. i have had a chance to speak at some of these rallies in the past. when you walk into an auditorium that has 25,000 people. if you have never spoken to a crowd that size a lot of times
6:36 am
you will get on a roll. you're not as artful as you would intend to be in the quiet. >> stay inside the rally shlgs what was he doing donald has been a supporter of his for years right after don nad saying it looked terrible for clinton to have the orlando shooter behind her. >> and i'm not trying to nation ral size. they will get these seeded here. i think the con di dat he has -- dang it, we are out of time. you know what that means? it means you have to come back soon.
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thanks. we got to pay the bills, commercial time. >> thank. all right. have a good tim it is one thing to be hot and one thing of dangersly hot. we are getting ready. the has been warm all year ong. leer some of the pete indexes. tulsa up to 110. it is about 50 degrees more. cincinnati cools off. the area that is of great concern is 180 on saturday. we start to worry about the
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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. . >> a dramatic police take down of of a man planning a suicide bomb attack. i will go for more. ayman, tell us more. >> details have been kind of scarce to be honest with you. what they have said is they will give incredible information that lead them to carry out an operation that caused a threat to public security. they say there is no longer any
6:42 am
type of danger. we are learning more ant the identity. >> who is he? >> he is named aaron driver. it is based on information according to canadian police. he was known to intelligence officials for supporting isis in the past. he had a court order against him. he was an individual known to them. somebody that they had kept close on their radar, somebody they were following and tracking. we understand he was taken down yet. we'll ler more than later today. go is canada is a hot bed in any way? >> in 2016 an attack on parliment hill that lead to the death of one police officer. so they have had these incidents
6:43 am
that are some times described as lone wolf attacks certainlyista. >> all right. good to see police taking control of the situation. ayman mohyeldin gjoining me wit the latest. >> coming up gary johnson joins me. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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donald trump and hillary clinton with two of the most disliked presidential candidates in u.s. history. it might be good news for my next guest. gary johnson, thanks for joining me this morning. this is sort of the perfect scenario for you do breakthrough. millions of voters satisfied with either candidate. you're getting close to 15% but you're not there yet.
6:47 am
what do you need too dto do? >> let people know that smaller government is less taxes. taxes, that's money out of your and my pocket we could be spending on our lives, not government knows best, the ability of people to make their own choices in their own lives as long as they don't at versely effect others. it has resulted in a less safe world, not a more safe world. let's bring the world together with free trade and we'll have an impen -- natural defense.
6:48 am
>> you need a bigger platform. you need 15% to get a seat in the first debate. are you in talks with some of the republicans who are no longer supporting donald trump? are you talking to mitt romney, jeb bush? these are big nams with big financial backing, back you could use to get your message out? >> right now is just a poll question. do you support either trump or clinton and 99% of the reporting that goes on around the country just reports that top line. when they include my name second question down, you know, i'm polling 10% plus. >> okay. but gary, hold on a second. that's like a hate the game, not the player. this is the game that you're playing. these are the polls. so do you need to gate mitt
6:49 am
romney, a jeb bush? >> well, it's not those sijs that can make or break the campaign. right now we are reaching 25 million people on social media which is like 100% increase in the last month. so i think we are doing all of the right things. it would be terrific but it is really hard as a former elected official to actually do that and we are seeing those kinds of endorsements. >> a way to kick up your social media impact and even bigger way would be to go at it with donald trump and hillary clinton. kudos to you. if that high road leads you off the track and out of the game then you can't have more impact. you know he isn't going to come
6:50 am
swinging rocks. republican governors, reelected and heavily democratic states, both of us made names. >> well, i would love a lightning round. i want your reaction to these hot bed topics that aren't plaguing the other two candidates, one, trump's treatment of the khan family. >> horrible. >> how about his remarks about hillary clinton and the second amendment? >> horrible. >> okay. hillary clinton's e-mails? >> bad judgment.
6:51 am
>> all right. how about the story out today alleging that hillary clinton engaged in pay to play? >> i'm afraid it trues. appears to be true. >> is hillary the founder of isis? unintentionally. >> unintentionally. so you would agree it's a policy issue, it's their policies that led to the rise of isis? is that what you're saying? >> yes. and it wasn't intentional, but you can't make it up when they go in and support the opposition in libya and syria and the opposition is aligned with isis and we arm the opposition and they lose those arms to isis, un unintentional unintentionally. >> all right. back to basics. if it you're around 10%, you're not at 15, which will get you into the debate, some of your main tenets, legalization of weed, these are hot bed issues for many, many americans out there. would you consider bending in
6:52 am
order to get more broad-based support to stay in this race? >> you know what, i think that -- i think what we are saying is representative of about 60% of americans. it's just that they're not hearing that message and that just gets back to what you were talking about right at the top. resources, the ability to actually communicate to a broader base, what it is we are saying. 60% of americans don't even know that we exist right now, so that is an issue of resource. and no, it would not be about bending the issue as much as people just understanding what it is that we are saying. keep government out of the bedroom. keep government out of my pocketbo pocketbook. i think we're all skeptical about our military interventions with regard to regime change. look, there is a positive message out here. life has never been better in america. we communicate better. we get along better. kids are smarter than ever.
6:53 am
number one law enforcement tool we have is our smartphones and black lives do matter. there's an issue for you. >> all right, gary? >> all had our heads in the sand against blacks. >> i've got to go to commercial. before we do, really quick. are you concerned at all -- you mentioned when i talked donald trump earlier. you said horrible, horrible. are you worried you could end up being the ralph nader in this election and actually end up helping him get the seat? >> stephanie, i would not be doing this if i didn't think i was the best choice for the country. and a wasted vote is voting for somebody that you don't believe in. if you vote for somebody you don't believe in, nothing is going to change. vote for johnson/weld. you know what, there's a change there, and it's an optimistic one. >> who doesn't like a little optimism. gary, thank you so much for joining me this more. governor gary johnson. >> thank you. we're going to take a quick
6:54 am
break. coming up, athletes go to the olympics with gold on their mind. so why are the divers in rio seeing green? that's next. ♪ i love that dirty water marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising.
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6:58 am
gold medal, oh, this was so much fun! she now has three golds and a silver racing eight times in just five days. the other big buzz? all about kristen armstrong. she turns 43 today and yesterday gave herself an early birthday present, winning gold in cycling in nasty weather conditions. later she told me that being a little older can actually be an advantage. beating young whipper snappers. >> they're young, they're vibrant, they recover quicker than i do. but i have so many years experience, and i love putting my mental strength and my experience all together, and going against the best, no matter the age. >> working mama getting her third gold medal. all right. tell us, what are some other must-see events today? >> reporter: okay. two great american swimmers, stephanie. michael phelps versus ryan lochte. these two superstars racing for 12 years. this may be their last duel in
6:59 am
the pool. a and simone biles and al aly raisman. one bobble, one fall and the results could change. they are favorites. >> i love that phelps and lochte are roommates at the olympics. before we go, what's with the green pool? >> reporter: okay. is it safe for athletes, everyone wants to know. some athletes are skeptical, stephanie. they actually say it's like leaping into a swamp. they say there's a chemical imbalance. they claim it will be fixed. >> it's gnarly, but it appears to be safe. all right, chris, stay safe. have fun. enjoy gymnastics tonight. and guess what you can do? you can catch all of the olympic coverage starting at noon right here on msnbc. you know what i'll be doing this afternoon. that is going to wrap me up for the hour. of i'm stephanie rhule. coming up right now, my friend, thomas roberts. >> but that solves our mystery, why they were showering from the
7:00 am
synchronized diving. >> they always do. i saw the divers today. they love the green pool. they did. >> maybe kermit got a swim in there. >> they won silver. they're feeling good. >> they should. stephanie, thanks so much. great show. we have a full hour of msnbc live. jam-packed. i want to show you what's going to take place coming up shortly in miami beach, florida. the live shot where donald trump is going to be speaking before the national association of home builders convention. that's going to be about his proposed economic policies with a focus on the american housing market. it's unknown if trump is going to go off-script and address controversies over his recent rhetoric involving hillary clinton, president obama and isis. but he did talk about all of those things this morning with our colleagues at cnbc. and trump was 100% unapologetic. >> on the second amendment, everybody came to my defense, because there was nothing said wrong. only the haters tried to grab


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