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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's 8:00 a.m. in the east. 9:00 a.m. in rio. here is what's happening at the olympic games. the u.s. women's soccer team ousted in the olympics in a stunning loss against sweden in the quarterfinals. michael phelps won his 27th medal last night in the three-way tie for silver in the 100 meter butter flooi. and swimmer katie ledecky took home her fourth gold medal. breaking her record in the 800 meter freestyle. the u.s. has won 50 medals so far, 20 of those gold. most of any country competing in the games. we go straight to rio de janeiro to link up with chris jansing has one of the best seats in the house for all of the latest headlines. chris, obviously everyday is getting more and more exciting. give us some of the biggest moments of what we saw in day seven. >> aman it was a thrilling night of swimming. i was there. i got to start with michael
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phelps, the greatest swimmer of all time, in what she says will absolutely, positively be his last individual olympic race. it is, again, an amazing story. he was six seconds behind after the first leg but then the famous kick and a dramatic ending to a storied career, three-way tie for silver. he now has, get this, 26 olympic golds -- 26 medals, 22 gold. after he went to a news conference, he said, yes, this time he really is retiring. another phelps about the phenomenal katie ledecky. obviously what she is doing in the sport is ridiculous. talking in part about her final race last night, the 800 where she set a world record and got her fourth gold and beat the nearest competition by nearly 11 seconds. i talked with her just moments ago. here is what she told me. >> it's a pretty tiring week. i was racing every single day.
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it's a lot of emotions and lot of fun. it's crazy that it's all over, but i couldn't be happier with how the week went. >> i was talking to your roommate, simone who said we're going to have a dance party and really party when we're at stanford because she'll be at stanford with you. what's really partying look like for you guys? >> i don't know. probably swimming a few thousands yards. >> and i'm joined now by another gold medalist, multigold medalist, maya dirado who also knows something about stanford. wow. not a bad haul. >> thank you. >> how does it feel? >> great olympics. it's a dream come true. i just wanted to come in and medal and got on the podium four times, once with the relays. it's a huge honor and still just trying to absorb it all. >> last night, i'm screaming, oh my god, she did it, she did it, she did it, you beat the iron
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lady, a phenomenal rate. >> it was so fun. i was able to appreciate this is my last race ever. enjoy all the moments that go into that. to touch the wall and see i got a gold i was as shocked as everybody. just so excited to share that with my coaches and teammates. >> i'm having fun. i'm having fun. it's so much fun. >> it is. i mean, happy swimmers are fast swimmers. when the team gets going like with this so much momentum you feed off of that and it becomes can't miss. it's so fun to be a part of that. >> among the gold medalists in swimmer here, 31-year-old phelps, 35-year-old. you say it's done for you. not really? >> i'm positive it's done. i'm so excited to just leave with only amazing memories and such good emotions towards swimming. i don't think i could ever top this, so i'm happy to have appreciated these games and done
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my best and go out with a win. >> when you hear that star-spangled banner and you're alone atop that podium, what goes through your mind? >> i was just trying to not embarrass myself in front of millions of people. there were so many emotions. i had tears streaming down my face, but just so much joy and happiness in that moment. >> we were happy watching you. you get a little break. you're going to take a little vacation. you're moving. you're going to take your perfect math score from the s.a.t., great career at stanford and what's next? >> i'll start as a business analyst at mckenzie. >> of course you are. >> lot of hard work in a different way. i'm really excited a about that. >> good luck to anybody who goes up against you. really, it was so much fun to watch and how about team usa swimming? will you be there tonight? >> yes. i get to cheer in the stands. i'm so excited to scream for them. >> maya, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> you were thrilling to watch. >> thank you. >> last night was really something else. history was also made by the way by this guy i mentioned,
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35-year-old anthony irvin in that wild free for all that is the 50 meter sprint. he is now the oldest winner of an individual swimming medal in history until maya beats him. and then history also made in skeet shooting. usa's star, her name is -- sorry about that. oh, kim rhode, of course. i met her four years ago, bronze medal, second athlete overall to earn an individual medal in six-straight olympics but no medal for usa women's soccer, upset by sweden. enough of a story there, but then star goalie hope solo called the winners a bunch of cowards. it's an unfortunate statement and unexcuse bli unsportsman like, but the story overall here ahman has been incredibly positive one. i can tell you, team usa, all the flags, second largest number of spectators after the brazilian here. when you hear them in the
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stands, you hear them in the stands. >> yeah. it's absolutely remarkable. i just remember the look on maya's face yesterday when she finished the race and saw the board and saw she did, in fact, win. it was absolutely incredible, chris. so many amazing moments and we're only halfway through the olympic games. i'm sure you'll continue to keep us updated on so many memories. thank you so much. >> michael phelps last race tonight. >> there will be much more. catch msnbc's live coverage beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern this morning. go to for all streamed events. switching gears to politics. donald trump is once again clarifying what he meant when he said president obama and hillary clinton were the co-founders of isis. here is what he told supporters at a rally in pennsylvania last night. >> it's like i told you about, you know, sarcastically. you ought to see these news organizations yesterday when i
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said obama, right? did you see that? that obama is the founder of isis. he's the mvp. they're going to be giving him the mvp award and she's right there next to him. you ought to see -- and they left the mvp stuff out because then you would know -- but you had to hear, did he mean it? what does it mean? meanwhile, rnc chair reince priebus is pushing back against reports of tension between the nominee and the party, which the trump campaign also denies. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> msnbc katie tur has been following the trump campaign for more than a year now. joins us live from new york. tell us about these new efforts by trump and those surrounding him to get back on message.
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>> well, they want to get him back onning message. they want to get him away from the unnecessary errors, things like calling president obama the founder of isis. but they're having a hard time. that's because donald trump ultimately listens to himself more than he listens to his advisers. as we know, donald trump often when he travels only travels with a skeleton staff. sometimes it's just his communications director and his social media director, so in an effort to keep him on message, i'm told that there is a rotation of senior advisers that are now trying to accompany donald trump on every trip. chaperoning him, if you will. that includes the chairman paul manafort and also include party chair reince priebus who you saw at the rally in altoona, pennsylvania, yesterday trying to come out and push back against these reports. that being said, there is a strong effort to get him in line mostly because they want to figure out a way to buttress him so they don't lose the senate. right now they are highly focussed on their senate races. they want to maintain that
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majority in the senate and they realize or they believe that if donald trump flounders, if he goes down in the polls, then they are really putting their risky senators in jeopardy. the polling does not look good for donald trump right now. let's run through it right now. the nbc "wall street journal" poll shows him down five in florida, nine in north carolina, 13 in virginia and 14 in colorado. donald trump now trying to change the subject. and making allegations that there could be voter fraud in another battle state, pennsylvania. take a listen to what he said yesterday -- >> but we don't want to see people voting five times, folks. we don't want to see it. and i've heard some stories about certain parts of the state. we have to be very careful. we're going to watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times.
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>> now, donald trump didn't indicate if he's being sarcastic or not when he's talking about voter fraud. it's unfounded, his allegations of voter fraud. this country has not had a problem with voter fraud, really significant game-changing voter fraud in recent history. but donald trump is talking about a rigged election regardless. what is he going to say today in connecticut, ahman, i'm not sure. >> katy tur, thank you. >> good to have you both with us this morning. let's stick with the new poll numbers for a minute, if i can. we're a few weeks removed from the conventions. do they prove that clinton's lead is real and not just a post-convention bounce? >> they do. in the two weeks since the democratic convention ended, we've not only seen clinton
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retain that post convention bounce of about 7 or 8 percentage points but also expand her lead among demographics that are really key to her campaign. this includes non-white voters, college educated whites and women. she is doing better among those groups than she was before the convention. and while donald trump supporters would like to suggest that some of these polls skew democratic, the moves that we've seen the clinton campaign take in the past few weeks, pulling advertising from virginia and colorado and some of the swing states seem to suggest that their internal polling mirrors what we've seen publicly as well. >> neil, you heard gabbie talking about some of the groups that clinton is doing better with. do you think she is doing something different? or what is it that she is doing right to earn the bump in the polls? >> i think it's a lot of what donald trump to be honest with you, ahman. if you talk to democrats, they talk about the fact that trump's candidacy, the fact that hillary clinton is going against trump
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is her biggest asset. that's not to say, mind you, that she doesn't have genuine things that she's doing right. i think she has -- she is showing a basic level of competency and has kept on message especially pertaining to economic matters. she is outspending donald trump by a vast amount of tv advertising. around about 52 million to 0 directly from the donald trump. now, we can all argue one way or another about the efficacy of tv advertising as an abstract thing, but someone is outspending by $53 million, that's got to have an effect, i think. >> gabby, earlier this week trump claimed that president obama founded isis. he did it hours before clinton spoke about jobs in battleground state of michigan. i'm curious to get your thoughts in terms of do you think this was an attempt by trump to steal the spotlight from clinton's speech? could you see this as being a strategy on his part?
5:13 am
or was this just off the cuff comments that accidentally overshadowed clinton's speech? >> well, you know, i hesitate to say that this is part of a deliberate strategy because we seem to forget that he has been saying this for months. only seems to really caught wave right now. but if it was, it certainly backfired. donald trump instead of focus this week in the media being on the latest state department e-mails to have been released by judicial watch or the justice department's decision not to launch a probe into the clinton foundation, what we've been reading about, what we've been talking about is donald trump saying that clinton and president obama co-founded isis. and once again questioning whether he's gone too far. >> niall, i want to pick up on a point you wrote and earlier this week you wrote that the clinton camp is, quote, trying to frame this election as a referendum on trump. i'm curious to get your thoughts if that poses any risks in terms of a strategy? could it possibly backfire on her? >> yeah. there are possibilities. i think the dangers here are
5:14 am
related to one another. one is that it does not by its nature make particularly positive case for hillary clinton's candidacy. related to that, the danger is that it does not inspire voters to come out for her come election day. when one talks again to democrats at the moment, that is, you know, one of the things that concerns them. yes, they're very happy with the polls overall where they're showing the race, but the capacity or lack of capacity of hillary clinton to generate enthusiasm is something that concerns them. >> gabby, this time usually in an election season you expect candidates to go to states where they could flip those states or go to states that have a significant number of electoral votes. tonight trump is holding a rally in connecticut. a state that hasn't voted for a republican presidential candidate since 1988. what's the play tonight in terms of why he is going there? >> well, other than the fact that connecticut is close to new york and he can possibly spend a
5:15 am
weekend at home in manhattan, it's really unclear why donald trump is in connecticut. i reached out to his campaign. i didn't hear back from them. they're not really giving specifics on why they've chosen to go to a state that's not considered a battleground by any means when he's losing his momentum in key battleground states. the only thing that could be a possibility is that donald trump has organized a fundraiser with the rnc in connecticut in fairfield county where this rally is being held, which is the wealthiest county in connecticut. >> and finally, niall, let me ask you this point that we heard katy tur talking about, this is a new theme, something about voter fraud. he is now signing people up as election observers on his website. what's the goal there? >> i think to be kind the goal is perhaps to motivate his people to come out, this idea that they're sort of besieged on all sides. the last charitable interpretation is that donald trump is trying to protect his
5:16 am
own ego in the event of a loss. there is, as katy pointed out, zero that a clinton win in pennsylvania would be the product of fraud, your our nbc poll at the moment has clinton up by 11 points. pennsylvania is another state that no republican has won since 1988. so the idea that hillary clinton winning would be the cause of people cheating doesn't frankly stand up. >> thank you both for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks. one of donald trump's economic advisers joins me to explain the tax plan he unveiled this past week. we'll ask him, who will benefit most from trump's proposed tax cuts right after this break.
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the trump campaign is on the road today with a new economic plan. trump unveiled the plan in an address in detroit monday. he said his new policy would simplify the current tax code. >> i am proposing an across the board income tax reduction. we will eliminate the carried interest deduction. my plan will also reduce the cost of child care by allowing parents to fully deduct average costs of child care spending from taxes. no family will have to pay the death tax. >> let's bring in professor of economic and public policy at the university of california and a trump economic adviser, mr. navarro. thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure, sir. how can i help you? >> thank you. let me start with the point that's brought up by the nonpartisan tax policy center. it emphasize it's nonpartisan that examined trump's earlier tax plan. it found that under those tax
5:21 am
cuts federal revenues would fall by 9 $1/2 trillion in the first decade. how much of a difference is there in the plan released monday from what we saw a few months ago? >> well, first of all, the big picture here is that you can't just look at the tax plan in isolation. the mission of the economic plan mr. trump is to double our gdp growth rate from about 1.8, 1.9% to 3.5% which is the growth rate we experienced for five and a half decades up until china joined the world trade organization in 2001. so the mission is 3.5% growth rate will generate trillions of dollars in additional tax revenues. how does mr. trump achief that? not just through tax cuts. also through a reduction in regulation, unleashing our energy sector which we really need and most of all by cutting
5:22 am
your trade deficit a year which is killing our jobs. looking just at taxes is the wrong thing to do. now in terms of the specific taxes, the ones i love that he wants to cut is the high corporate tax rate. for example, if you're a gm of ford in michigan right now, over the last couple of years you've been shipping your business investment to the tune of about $5 billion to mexico rather than michigan. that's partly because of bad trade deals and also because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. american corporation goes offshore, it's like this big tax cut. >> let me pick up on a point you talked about gdp, 3.5% growth. how specifically will donald trump achieve that? >> let's talk about the gdp equation. basically a nation grows with four things -- consumption in government spending. those things are pretty stable. the other two things are business investment and net
5:23 am
exports. so if you run a trade deficit, that subtracts from gdp and your business investment, gm and ford are take 5 billion to mexico rather than michigan, that brings it down. lower the corporate tax rate, negotiate tough trade deals, end china's currency manipulation, what you do is you lower and eliminate the trade deficit, boost domestic investment and gdp rises. now, this is not magic, it's history. we went from 1947 to 2001. we grew at a rate of 3.5% a year. when china joined the world trade organization, which was done by billion clinton. bill and hillary clinton, they got him in there. after 15 years now we lost 70,000 factories, had zero wage growth and got 20 million people unemployed and it's reflected in that gdp statistic that fell to 1.8.
5:24 am
1% of gdp, my friend, 1%, that's 1 million jobs additional we'll create every year. so this is the plan. it's a 21st century reaganesque plan that hits on all four points of the compass here and that's the way it should be evaluated, not by looking at child care. >> let me ask you this point about mr. trump last august. he railed against hedge fund managers say, quote, they make a fortune, they pay no taxes. now those high earners will see their tax rates fall by larger percentage than lower earners. do you think this will undermine his earlier populus message? >> the carried interest raises taxes on hedge fund managers. you have that one exactly wrong. i think what we need to do is get away from this robinhood rhetoric of the clintons. >> the upper tax brackets are going to pay less overall. >> this is simple. hillary will raise taxes, donald trump is going to cut taxes on everybody who pays taxes. that's pretty simple.
5:25 am
let me say this, we run up a debt right now the obama administration of over half a trillion dollars a year. over half a trillion dollars a year. that's not happening because taxes are too low. it's happening because taxes are too high. the people who are in the crosshairs of the obama administrations taxes are the small businesses. those are the ones and it's the big corporations that are now going offshore. i'm asking people now to think globally about the economic plan. hillary's plan is robinhood and it's john maynard kaines. tax the rich and try to spend a bunch of money in infrastructure. you hope things work out. it hasn't worked out for eight years. it's looking in your rear-view mirror. >> let me ask you one last question, donald trump about his personal tax returns. he said he is not going to release them unless the audit by the irs is other. we have heard others like warren
5:26 am
buffett saying being audited is not a reason to release his tax returns. should he release his tax returns? >> i think hillary clinton should come clean on the clinton foundation, on her speeches. >> mr. navarro -- >> understand. my advice to donald trump -- i don't know if he would ever take it, i don't think he should release his tax returns because the only reason why the clintons want that right now -- there's two reasons. one, is they're getting you off the news cycle about her corruption and number two they want to find out how much money he has so they know how much money he can spend in the campaign. >> all fairness, it's not just if clintons asking. that's been the common practice of every presidential candidate in the modern era. >> yeah. but get this, this is really important, my friend, this is important -- he's the only candidate in the last, i don't know, 50 years, who self funding his campaign. and the dynamic here is different. hillary and tim, they throw the chum in the water, everybody in
5:27 am
the news cycle goes for it. yeah, tax returns. all they want to know is how much money donald trump has to win in november. and that's what this is about. it's strategy. it's campaign strategy. and let's come clean, hillary, on your corruption. >> mr. navarro, we have to leave it at that. thank you for getting up this early. i know you're in california. thank you for getting up early for us. take care. >> no problem. new polls show donald trump winning support from 2% of african voters. we'll ask the chairman black republican caucus why is that when he joins us live. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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5:31 am
ledecky's stunning world record performance in the 800 meter freestyle. not only did she win in world record time but she also won by 11 seconds. the u.s. now leads the medal count with 50, all including 20 gold medals. in just a bit, we'll check in with rob for a look on what's on tap today from rio. the other big headlines at the half hour, louisiana under a state of emergency as the state braces for more rain in areas already dealing with severe flooding. the governor is expected to hold a news conference a few hours from now to discuss that situation. the weather channel's kelly cass has the forecast. and kelly, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, there. we're talking about terrible rain along the gulf coast and also we have that threat for severe weather moving into the northeast out ahead of all that, you have the heat and humidity. that is your big story. new york, philly, d.c. actual temperatures into the 90s, but it's going to feel more like the triple digits. along the gulf coast in parts of louisiana and mississippi, we
5:32 am
have picked up a foot to two feet of rainfall in some of these areas around batton rouge that closed roads and interstates being impacted by the high flood waters and it's still raining in this area. so we're talking an additional 8 to 12 inches and that means in total we're talking up to three feet of rain in some of these areas. so record-breaking rainfall and even the rivers are coming out of their banks as well. next we look to the ohio valleys. frontal boundary stalling out across this region. that will interact with some of the tropical moisture. some areas especially missouri and southern illinois could see a foot of rainfall over the next few days. ayman, back to you. up next, the clinton camp putting new pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go.
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5:36 am
their joint income tax returns for the year 2015. nbc's kristen welker is in washington for us following this story. kristen, good to have you with us. i know you had a chance to go over the tax returns. talk to us about what we learned from the clinton's returns. >> hey there, ayman. couple headlines. first of all we learned that the clintons made $10.7 million last year, significantly less than what they made the year before, which was about 28 million. they paid an effective tax rate of 43%. that's combined tax rate. 34 when you look at just the federal. and that would satisfy the buffett rule, which calls for millionaires to pay more than 30% of their tax rate in federal taxes. now, we also learned that a majority of what they brought in came from the paid speeches. about $6 million. and again, you'll recall that during the primaries, secretary clinton did come under fire for some of those paid speeches with calls from bernie sanders and
5:37 am
donald trump for her to release the transcripts. but the broader point here, ayman, this is in part a political tactic they're trying to turn up the heat on donald trump to release his tax returns. secretary clinton talked about this earlier this week when she was in michigan. take a listen. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >> secretary clinton's off the campaign trail this weekend, but her campaign still turning up the heat. they are releasing a web ad that features republicans and conservatives calling on donald trump to release his tax returns. she'll be back on the campaign trail on monday in pennsylvania. ayman, i anticipate we'll hear a whole lot more about donald trump's taxes. ayman? >> kristen welker live for us in washington, d.c. thanks for that, kristen. meanwhile, the trump campaign is beefing up efforts to win over african-american voters. it could be a challenge, though. average of four recent national
5:38 am
polls finds mr. trump with the support of 2% of african-american voters. let's bring in sean jackson, chairman of the florida back republican caucus and jason johnson, politics editor at the, journalism professor at morgan state university and contributor for sirius-xm radio. jason, i'll start with you. trump is polling all of the most recent polls. is there any one issue driving that? >> yes, it's trump himself. there are many, many african-american republicans and african-american conservatives out there committed to the republican party, and he has alienated them. he has alienated them with his comments about muslims. 20% of american muslims are african-american. he has alienated them with his comments saying my favorite african-americans over here. he has done lots of things to turn off those african-american voters and that's why his numbers are so low.
5:39 am
i don't know with 90 days left in the campaign, go from 0% in ohio and pennsylvania to the 10 to 15% he needs to be competitive. >> sean, in may you told the daily beast, the national republican committee doesn't have interest in african-american voters. how does that translate into votes and what specifically is he addressing that is appealing to the african-american community as opposed to just the general community at large? >> well, first and foremost, i would have to completely disagree with the gentleman just spoke on. mr. trump has not done or said anything for that matter to alienate african-american support. mr. trump has been quite clear and remained on message that he wants to do everything humanly possible to support, promote, protect, defend and rebuild the black community, inner city community. >> how so? specifics. >> that comes simply from his
5:40 am
economic policy plan where he wants to lower taxes, he wants to make child care 100% tax deductible. those two things itself would help black families across the country wholeheartedly. there are several other things as well, but you have to understand, too, that mr. trump has never said one racist thing or one derogatory thing as it pertains to black america. okay? so all of a sudden america now becomes -- >> i want to give jay ston a chance to respond to that. i want to ask you about one point, some of the things that donald trump is specifically saying, what about the issues he is not addressing? maybe some issues of racial justice, criminal justice reform, he has not talked about those issues on the campaign trail. >> that's not true. >> those are issuings that matter to the african-american community, no? >> that's not true. mr. trump just recently put out a video after the last shootings in louisiana and in minnesota where he says that he wants to make america safe again. how do you make america safe
5:41 am
again? by making sure that you provide the tools and resources to law enforcement necessary to help them implement community policing across the country so they can have more of a broader ability and capability of protecting residents in their respective municipalities and communities. he wants to do that for all americans. >> this is why mr. trump is losing. this is why the republicans are losing because they're not paying attention to their actual candidate. look, bob dole got 10%. chris christie got 25% of the black vote in new jersey. it's not like there aren't african-americans -- >> no, no, no. >> it's not like there aren't black voters who vote for republicans. >> the problem is -- >> donald trump associated himself with the ku klux klan. >> that's hogwash. let me tell you something -- >> donald trump consistently said -- >> jason finish your point. >> he consistently said things that alienated the black community. rather than addressing those things and saying, let's reach out to the black republicans and
5:42 am
tell them there's a space for them. they're treated as if somehow black people haven't been hearing what he's saying over the last year and a half. >> hillary clinton has called black men super predators. hillary clinton worked with her husband bill clinton -- excuse me, excuse me. this is my time to talk. excuse me. >> you interrupted me. >> go ahead, sean. >> excuse me. hillary clinton has also worked with her husband to insure she has incarcerated more black men than any other lawyer in the history of this nation to the point where the federal government is having to bill prisoner how many black boys are in third grade. don't tell me this because it was 20 years ago that all of a sudden hillary clinton is no longer being held accountable for her actions. mr. trump has -- >> sean -- sean -- >> one negative thing towards black americans. >> sean, let me ask you this, how do you explain as a republican, how do you explain that donald trump is only averaging -- again, four recent national polls, only 2% among african-americans, how do you explain that? what's the reason behind that?
5:43 am
>> there was no other reason other than the fact that the democrats and the liberal media have done their darnedest. they have done a very good job thus far as picturing mr. trump, portraying him to be a racist and bigot, something that he is not. >> not his words? >> no, no, no no. if we're talking about black america, not talking about muslim american or hispanic -- mr. trump has never said or done one derogatory thing to turn off anyone in the black community. however, what the media and the liberals have done a very good job of doing is inosine ewuating and lying stating that mr. trump is going to send blacks back to africa, which that's absurd to begin with. there's no way you can -- >> i'll say this, i just wrote a piece, gop hires a black suicide squad. the guys working at the rnc, these are great, loyal african-american republicans
5:44 am
been out there doing serious work and their job is being made more difficult because the top of the ticket continues to interact with ku klux klan members, allow people to say hostile -- >> excuse me, that's part of the problem. >> it makes it that much more difficult for kmitd republicans to do their work. when you have guests like the gentlemen who i'm speaking to now, acts as if somehow the liberal media has outsmarted the 15% of african-americans who vote for the republican party, he treats blacks like they're stupid. >> you are part of the ugly discourses -- >> gentlemen -- >> mr. trump has never alienated -- insinuated -- associated himself with ku klux klan members, okay? that's just like saying to hillary -- >> gentlemen, thank you. i know this is a heated topic. we can go on for hours. we'll have to leave it at that. thank you very much for joining us this morning. appreciate it.
5:45 am
>> thank you. >> thank you very having me. now michael phelps breaks record, another u.s. swimmer has done something no other american can do again. we'll tell you about that. stay with us. i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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allyson: come on chloe! bounty the quicker picker upper here is a live look at the olympic torch in rio as day eight of competition at the summer games already under way this saturday. week one of the olympics was one for the history books, to say the least, for many american athletes. swimmersy moan manual became the first african-american woman to medal in an individual event. she spoke about the experience. >> i think that was why it was emotional for me. throughout this whole process of even starting swimming, it was tough fitting in. so i hope that i can be an inspiration for someone else because i know the journey wasn't always easy for me. >> joining me now, rob has been following it all week long. rob, good to have you with us. that was quite a moment to say the very least. talk to us about what else is on
5:49 am
tap today. >> nice to see you first of all, ayman. it's an amazing first week, especially in the pool for the united states. you talked about simone manuel and her landmark win. michael phelps, he was beaten last night, had to settle for a silver for a change, but he has one more shot at gold in a relay that will be tonight on nbc. also katie ledecky set a world record in winning a gold medal in the 800 meters last night. she will also have another shot at gold. we have to look at what happened yesterday with the u.s. women's soccer team. that was certainly a big story. disappointing story for the united states. they failed to reach the semifinals for the first time ever in a major international competition. they will not medal for the first time in olympic history since women's soccer was reintroduced to the olympics back in 1996. so that was a disappointing loss for the u.s. some controversial comments also by hope solo after that match as well. so not a good story there.
5:50 am
but today, ayman, we have a big day of coverage on msnbc. 9 1/2 hours of coverage here about to get going. we can enjoy some women's team sabre fencing where another interesting story, the first muslim american to compete in the olympics while wearing ahijab, she will be on the u.s. team and is favored to win a gold in fencing. we will have that for you today. we'll also have track cycling where the usa women have a strong shot to medal. and we will have water polo and volleyball along with a lot more. so a big day on msnbc. then tonight in primetime over on nbc, what might very well be the last race of michael phelps career has he goes for gold. his 23rd olympic gold medal in the 100 meter relay. so, it all starts when you guys get off the air in a few minutes. don't be late. we'll see you here. >> yeah, it certainly does at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. catch all those highlights throughout the course of the day
5:51 am
on nbc and msnbc. thank you very much. well, it's a moment in the presidential campaign that bothers majority of americans and that donald trump may regret the most. that's next. we'll tell you about it. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone.
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♪ all right. it's been another busy week on the campaign trail. hillary clinton pulled ahead in several key battleground states and trump arguing the election is his to lose. here now with the five most important numbers of week, steve shepherd, campaign and elections editor at politico. steve, good to have you with us. >> good to be back. >> let's go through these quickly. you picked out a couple points. what are they and why? >> well, in north carolina, this was sort of the most eye-popping result. hillary clinton up by nine points. she leads by seven points on the white voters with a college degree, 47 to 40. this is really, really something. barack obama struggled to get to 30% among college whites in 2012
5:55 am
in north carolina. it's hillary clinton running very well among them or perhaps more accurately donald trump is repelling more educated white voters in a way that really threatens his candidacy. look at virginia nearby in the nbc wall street mare ris journal poll, 13-point lead. colorado another high percentage with educated white voters. hillary clinton is ahead by 13 points. this is driving her advantage right now. >> steve, you looked at the various scandals that have affected each of the candidate's campaigns. which ones have had a lasting impact? >> this is interesting, bloomberg politics and their poll this week, they listed nine gaffes or misstatements or scandals for each candidate and asked how much does it bother you. and we found that more than 60% that the number one thing for trump was -- it was his statement -- first of all, we have the khan family in the waning days after the republican convention.
5:56 am
you have his statement that i alone can fix america's problems at the convention. but really it was his mocking of a disabled reporter, a new york times reporter earlier in the campaign. that's what bothers them the most. and that is why you've seen the clinton campaign and supporting super pac advertising on this. it's the most effective. >> right. they played that ad specifically. let me ask you really quickly, the number you highlighted that clinton no voters. tell us about that real quickly. >> well, look, hillary clinton, her scandals we've talked about, too. these candidates are not very popular. one of the things we're seeing is that donald trump's voters, they're not voting for donald trump. they're voting against hillary clinton. we talked about how energized his supporters are. 56% of people who say they'll vote for donald trump in florida, ohio, pennsylvania this week in the kwien pea yak poll, they're doing it more to oppose clinton than to support trump. trump's support is leaning away from him right now. >> thank you very much, steve
5:57 am
shepherd for your insights. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." stay with msnbc for live coverage of rio. have a good day. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. michael phelps is going to do it again! >> he did it! ♪ rio de janeiro, a city known for its beautiful coastline and mountains, now welcomes day eight of the olympic games. the u.s. has a total of 997 gold medals all time, and number 1,000 is expected to hit at some point today. from our msnbc olympic studio in stamford, connecticut, thank you for waking up early, especially on the west coast, where it is


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