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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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say they don't believe necessary that they were targeted because of their faith but obviously the muslim community is quite conce concerned. we spoke with it. it will become clear. muslims that are walking down the street. they worry that the negative rhetoric by elected officials and people running for office is sometimes going to come back to hahn them personally. >> as i mentioned there were witnesses. police were able to get together a sketch based on what these witnesses saw. they saw one man running away from the scene that acted alone. betty. >> this is really shocking. broad daylight. all right tammie. thank you so much for that. also happening now, historic
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flooding in southeast hughes lose. at least three people are confirmed dead. take a look at this drone footage. flood waters submerging a 7 mile stretch of the south louisiana interstate leaving drivers just stranded. gabe is in baton rouge not far from that area. you have been trying to get to denim springs. what happened? >> all of this is what happened. we are just heading east. you can see the gridlock and the river has overflowed it's banks. and just to get to safety. and rescue so far and these three people are confirmed dead and that really shows the extent of the def nation. that drone video was shot over livin livin livingston paris. and other towns like watson, a 911 center in that area had to be evacuated because of the
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rising waters. the coast guard has been out overnight and you can see some of the video as well. the operations are on going. you hear a helicopter in the distance, national guard vehicles are here as well and people have taken to social media to beg for help. they're trapped inside their homes in some of these areas and yesterday we did speak with some of the people that were evacuated. take a listen to what they had to say. >> we got out probably about 20 minutes ago. >> how bad is the water? >> they is horses and it's up to their back. >> have you ever seen something like this? >> never. i've lived here my whole life up until two years ago. never seen a flood like this. it's devastating. >> i had this much before it got in my carport. 30 minutes later it was coming across. 30 minutes after that it was in my house. i've never had anywhere close. >> rising very fast. so we figured we better get out.
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>> at this point it's neighbors helping neighbors along with authorities. we road along with one person yesterday that managed to rescue a 96-year-old woman from her home. other senior citizens are being evacuated. we just saw a nursing home that was evacuated. really a desperate situation not only here in louisiana but several counts have declared states of emergency. the governor is expected to brief the media with the latest information later on this morning but as you can see a disaster unfolding here in hughes lose. back to you. >> absolutely. a huge mess on their hands there. good that people are helping others. thank you, gabe. now to politics, donald trump lashing out at the immediate yachlt th -- media. this time though it's over those that say there's been repeated attempts by his family to get
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the nominee on track. >> there are no -- with my campaign i'll be honest with you, it's me. it's me. they never call me. they don't call me. but these are the most dishonest people. they have a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad i mean lack of talent, that it's going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. trump's running mate says he'll release his tax returns at some point before the election. his announcement during an terview yesterday came just a day after the democratic ticket released it's tax returns from last year in an attempt to pressure the republican nominee to rehe's his. at a rally yesterday, tim kaine linked trump's refusal to release tax returns to veterans. >> donald trump says i'm going to be great for the vetd rans.
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i'll going to be great for them. forget about the fact that i'm not doing the charitables that i said i would but if you look at a guy's tax return and you find out that he's using every trick he can to not pay any taxes then there's a guy trying to dodge supporting our veterans. >> no one on the campaign trail today. vice president joe biden will join hillary clinton tomorrow and donald trump will deliver a foreign policy speech in youngstown, ohio. halle jackson is following the trump campaign in washington d.c. what else can you talk about? >> talking about this morning already is out on twitter going against the media and talking about the new york times played in that sound bite saying that the new york times never spoke to me. keep saying to advisors that i will change and then trump added this, i am who i am. and to me this is so indicative of where trump is at this moment in this campaign and with he has
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been for the last 14 months, he will not change partly because he sees the success he had and believes he can replicate that success and despite his advisors and republicans are saying. so he is up and talking this morning after coming off the rally in connecticut last night in which he not just went after the media but also doubled down or tripled down or quadrupled down the most controversial statements including one where he called president ball balm founder of isis. here's what he had to say. >> because he failed. he failed to get him out and because he failed to do
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something about it and i said but they wouldn't let that go along, he is going to be presented over the next short period of time with the mvp award. >> and you hear his crowd with that call of response. they have become used to what he says even over the last few days. another one out of the campaign trail overnight. and a rigged system but the only way is if cheating happened. presumably in philadelphia and those other areas so trump continuing to get out on the campaign trails and his rallies. comments that will raise eyebrows across the aisle. >> he's an untraditional candidate. this follows suit. so why is trump pursuing this democratic strong hold? >> trump said all along he thinks he can turn certain
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states that are blue red although he seems to struggle at keeping certain states that red. i think first of all, he'll get crowds there, big crowds and this morning he is tweeting his rallies aren't covered properly by the media because they never talk about crowd size but he is pulling in people in places where he goes. place where is people want to flock to him. if you look at theake up of connecticut, the eastern par of the state is different. it's people that may have that more trump -- more of an openness let's say to the candidate. people that do feel disaffected with the system. people that feel dissatisfied so trump may be trying to tap into that and the other part of it is its a big donor area so there's an opportunity for him to get in there. >> all right. halle jackson for us this morning. thank you. and there are the two party outciders. a new poll offers them hope but getting on the ballot is a huge
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welcome back. new nbc polling shows hillary clinton pulling ahead in some places by double digits but the numbers are also rosy for the libertarian and green party candidates that take home 20% in virginia and 21% in colorado. let's bring in dr. jill stein. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> you're now confirmed on the ballot in 28 states so in the limited time we have left before the election can you get on the ballot in every state and if not, then what? >> well, we have ballot drives going on in every state that
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hasn't closed and we're on track to be with every american. we're on the ballot for 85% of the voters and this time it will be more like 95 or 98%. >> you're confident in that? >> yes we are. >> so we're getting a little more than a month out from the first debate. what will you be doing between now and september 23rd to get on that stage? >> exactly what we're doing now. to let the american people know they have other choices because as americans they not only have a right to vote. we have a right to know who it is we can vote for and any candidate on the ballot for enough americans that they could actually be elected. that they could win the electoral college vote deserves to be known by the american public. so encourage people to come to the website and join our
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campaign to open up the debates and ensure that the american people have a right to know because in this election like none other, the american people dislike and distrust the two establishment candidates more than ever before and are looking for other choices and other voices and we intend to make that possible. >> if you don make it into the debates is your run finished here? >> i don't think so. we still have the internet and social media. it's a different world than it was in past elections. but i think we're not giving up the go here. we're going to keep pressuring until we get in. in past elections, my campaign has worked very hard and the public is not happy at all with two candidates that differ around the margins but weed out critical issues like that we need jobs. we need an emergency jobs
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program. i'm the only candidate that's calling for an emergency program to create 20 million jobs like the deal that got us out of the great depression. it would not only address the crisis of the economy but also it's incredible floods that are happening in louisiana and any evacuation. 5,000 families. >> let me tell you, during the time of evolution, the evolution of slavery they called the new parties spoilers that brought that movement into the political debate and, in fact, one of those new so-called spoiler pears actually won the presidential election. that happened to be abraham linco lincoln. there's no doubt we are at a time of great social upheaval
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right now. we're seeing the republican party, in fact, come apart at the seem with the bushes and the romneys and the meg whitmans moving over into the camp. hilary started a republican for hilary cam pain so we're seeing the republicans come apart and the democrats move to the right and we're seeing the campaign of bernie sanders effectively shutdown by the dnc so we're in a political realignment election and people are clammering for the choices and we intend to give them that. >> let me talk about you in specific. at your party's convention last week one of the other candidates called for a more tie verse nominee calling you too privileged for the role. what do you say to that? >> well, i could say the same with my running mate, he himself is a person of color. has a very active in the human
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rights cal pain nationally and internationally so every party will have it's critics. every campaign will have it's critics. i received over 80% of the vote so there's no doubt that the green party is very solidly behind my campaign. >> well dr. stein you're a harvard graduate, a medical doctor. you have been involved in politics, the list is long with what you have accomplished. what makes you more atuned to the needs of the average voter than trump or clinton. >> well, for one thing i'm the only candidate in the race that is not taking the money of big corporations, lobbists or super pacts so i have the freedom to stand up for what the american people need and that's not only an emergency jobs program to solve climate change but also to cancel student debt. i'll the only candidate saying what we did for wall street back in 2008, bailing out the guys
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that crashed the economy. we're saying we need to do that for the victims of that fraud and abuse on wall street. especially a generation of young people held hostage in student debt and by the way, that's 42 million young people and not so young people. that alone is enough to win a three way race. resistance is futile. go home and lie down. forget it. there's nothing that every day people can do in this election. that's not true. if word gets out that young people have the capacity to come out and take over this election. they can do that. to make public higher education free. to establish health care as a human right and to revise our foreign policy. so that it's based on international law and human rights. >> but you have to get on the ballot in november. that's key here. if you don't get on the ballot, what would you tell them to do.
6:19 am
what's your preferred alternative? >> well, we expect to be on the ballot in just about every state. so if there is one or two state where is we're not, we encourage people to write in and we'll be having the write in campaign in any state so that just about every voter has in this election the potential to stand up and we're not just deciding with a kind of a world we'll be but in fact this is a moment we're deciding whether we're going to have a world or not going forward in terms of climate change and expanding wars that are taking up half of our discretionary budget and almost half of your income tax are creating failed states and mass refugee migrations. >> i have one last question for you. does your campaign have any sense of how many bernie sanders supporters turned to you after he dropped out of the race? >> we know this. the very night that bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton our fund-raising increased about
6:20 am
1000%. social media went through the roof and thousands of new people began pouring into our campaign so we are plan b for bernie sanders. we're going to continue the amazing work that that campaign did and ensure that we will be at it until we prevail. >> plan b for perny sanders she says. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> celebrating a milestone, the american women's medially relay makes history in a triumphant way. that's ahead. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase,
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so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. welcome back, everybody. two big developing stories for you. we are following all of this at this hour. rescue crews are underway across southeast louisiana after record flooding that left three taed. parts of southern mississippi were made under a state of emergency. now the mayor says the city is calmer after a violent night. police shot a man fleeing a traffic stop. and at least four businesses were burned and police made three arrests. the officer involved in that shooting will be placed on administrative duty as a standard practice. now the incident is under investigation. of course we will follow both of
6:28 am
these stories. now, today 9 of the rio olympics already underway. at a 8 left it's mark in history. simone manuel took home her second individual medal of the games. afterwards she joined the women's relay team helping win america's 1000th gold medal in the history of the u. s. summer games. and michael phelps swam what may be the final race of his career winning gold and three others in the men's 100 meter relay. so far the u.s. is leading all countries. chris, you know, day 8 was a huge one for the u.s. so what else happened? >> it was huge. michael phelps and there is only one michael. here's what he was talking about after being part of the winning relay team he now has 28 olympic
6:29 am
medals 23 of them gold. more than most countries. ten more than anyone else in history. a games he once said he wouldn't compete in he won six of those medals. five gold. >> i think that's a good thing. being able to, you know, look back at my career and say i have been able to accomplish everything i wanted to. and i think it was a challenge getting back to this point. this is the cherry on top of the cake that i wanted and couldn't be happier with how things ended. >> this week for american swimmers exceeded all expectations. 33 total medals for the team. tying them for the most ever in a single games. part of that goes to cody medic miller. he won bronze earlier in the
6:30 am
week but he looked a little wobbly after the race. he said i just needed some gatorade. simone manuel leads the games and another trailblazer. the first american woman to compete in hijab with her fencing teammates taking home the bronze. >> a moment in my life i will never forget. i still feel like we worked so hard for this and i feel like for us it's been a long tile coming. we are team usa and what better country to compete, you know, for and to show how diverse and how amazing it is to be an american and to be able to represent the stars and stripes. i'm hoping that my position here as a minority member of team usa and as the first woman to compete in hijab i challenge a lot of the stereo types and
6:31 am
misconceptions people have about muslim women. >> so the team told me besides the fact that they were hungry that he hoped to send a message to little girls. be strong and don't let anyone tell you can't do something just because you're a girl. >> absolutely. what should we be watching on day 9 of competition? >> a major day. i'm telling youful men's and women's gymnastics expected to add to their medals. simone biles could get another gold in her vault. that would be gold number three. we also have madison kochian and gabby douglas and two u.s. men qualified in the floor exercise. men time, talk about unexpected. venus williams in mixed doubles finals. she has already won four olympic gold medals. if she wins another she'll be with her sister serena and track and field. this is the premiere match up.
6:32 am
the same gold justin gatlin. he likes to mock his greying hair. he has the fastest time and is back saying i'm feeling hungry. game on. >> we'll see. the old man, huh? >> yeah, 34. >> exactly. thank you. well we do invite you to watch msnbc's live coverage of the summer games from rio beginning at 1:00 eastern today and from a complete schedule all televised and streamed events go to nbc back to politics now and new reaction within the hour from the trump campaign over attempts from staffers and his family to get him on track. >> times where trump unplugged that trump is very plugged in. he is very connected. >> all right. so yojoining me is molly.
6:33 am
just a few moments ago trump tweeted the failing new york times that never spoke to me kept saying that i am saying to advisors that i will change, false i am who i am. never said. what's with you getting on what's going on behind the scenes in that campaign? >> well, the sense i get about what's going on is people that are generally in the political world and run campaigns look at it and say, we have no idea what's going on in that campaign. this is being run very differly than most campaigns in the past. it's unconventional year. he's an unconventional candidate. a business person and, you know, it's hard having a candidate that is so successful in another industry and trying to get into the traditional mind set. especially since he is winning with unconventional means so it's very difficult from what i understand and the people i've talked to its very difficult to reign him in and he's going to
6:34 am
do what he's going to do and that's what he is going to do. >> he is who he is is what he says. does trump winnie votes by calling out the new york times as opposed to focussing on his opponent which is hillary clinton. >> this is trump calling them out to some degree and complaining about the media saying the new york times is being unfair to him. that's popular with conservative audiences. they love that and eat it up but does it help get him votes taking on hillary clinton? probably not and to some degree he is still running very much a primary campaign when he should have pivoted to the general election a long time ago. he still gets the crowds going and everybody excited by doing things like criticizing the liberal new york times but does that help him win independents or does it help hill go after hillary clinton? it done. >> that worked for him in the primaries so among the thinking
6:35 am
within his campaign is if it worked before why won't it continue to work? >> that's the case that donald trump made the entire timeful him being him, won him a very surprising victory in the primaries turning out more voters in republican primaries than ever before and he feels he can do the same thing and replicate that in the general election. he is facing a split primary field and you can do that and win off of white male votes and the general election there's not enough white people left in america. you need to form a coalition and appeal to latinos, african americans and find ways, more women. he's not looking to build those bridges. and just in pure numbers there isn't a way for him to turn ou enough people to win this election unless he begins to build those bridges. >> the new wall street journal poll shows trump is losing in battle ground states including
6:36 am
must win florida. your colleague points out that the campaign is expanding it's efforts by opening up 25 cal pain offices and putting 200 paid staffers on the ground by labor day. trump has one campaign office and he hasn't run a single general election ad to date. so instead of massive rallies to energize tens and thousands of supporters, he changed this a little bit because this is not what we are seeing in the past from presidential campaigns really focussing on florida, correct? >> well, i was actually floored to read that he only had one campaign office and has been operating that way since the beginning. this is a big deal. the trump people point out that he does have 67 counts and ties there but he has run this as a campaign and his win in the primary was surprising so when the trump people see these
6:37 am
polls. when trump sees these polls and he is hearing people tell him he needs to change he thinks, or at least this is my understanding he thinks why would i need to change if they thought i wasn't going to win in the primary and now they're saying i'm not going to win in the general. why do i need to change if i had a winning strategy despite what everybody said at the time. so it's unclear how he will do in florida. he'll need marco rubio. there is a senate campaign going on in that state which could help him given that marco rubio has organization left over from the presidential campaign but he needs that especially in in a f florida. >> why focus on blue states like connecticut where he was yesterday. >> it's a really strange phenomenon that he was in connecticut and look, connecticut, particularly the county where he was yesterday,
6:38 am
there's no way that donald trump is going to make up that difference and flip that particular county and i'm not, i don't think hillary clinton is worried about connecticut so the question of why are you campaigning there is really a strange one when he is in trouble and needs to do actual campaigning in other states, red states like utah or arizona. north carolina and these are states that are reliably red but trending democratic at this point so his choice of campaign that he uses is actually really strange but that just goes to his organization in general. >> he's an unconventional candidate and continues to prove it. thank you both so much. we do appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> he is exhausted. he is frustrated and he is be wi wildered. three descriptions on the campaign's inability to control him. is it a lost cause?
6:39 am
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>> nbc sports has a look at what's coming up on all of our nbc networks. >> okay. thank you. it's a busy day 9 coming up they're looking to stay undefeated in these games. they're in action against china. the men's group team takes on france at 1:00 p.m. eastern on nbcsn and here on msnbc our coverage gets started at 1:00 p.m. eastern with men's water polo and then in primetime the big track and field show down, bolt going for a third consecutive win in the 100 meter sprint. the american may be the only one that can stop him so it shapes up as quite a compelling day and night on the networks of nbc. betty, we hope you'll be watching. >> absolutely.
6:43 am
must see tv. thank you. we do invite you to watch as well. stay tuned to msnbc. we begin our coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern. so saving donald trump from himself. a report in the new york times says a two month rescue effort by his cal pain has failed. so what's next? ahead next hour, the dnc hacking, why it may be worse than first thought. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief
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am i depressing anybody. >> thank you for being with today. >> well, in terms of going into connecticut, it is just -- he's engaug engaging in improv. he is a performance artist who happens to be using politics as his strange canvas. >> is this reality tv for him. >> it is reality tv and he
6:48 am
doesn't want to change in any way and do what is necessary to get elected. and democrats is making a mistake if they think he has no chance of being elected. when you get a major party nomination, you basically automatically get more than 40% of the vote. that is just the way that -- this is what history tells us. but he's not out of it. and there is a long time between now and the election. >> there is. >> this is an eternity in american politics. and he is playing on a different field. everybody else is playing baseball and he's playing football. >> whatever you want to call it. >> it is not destined to fail. >> you don't think it will backfire? >> it will very likely fail. but the idea that he cannot under any circumstances succeed is just wrong. >> well his criticism of the media backfired because they are at it and he is at it and the campaign is at it against "the new york times" and let me read you a little bit saying that the
6:49 am
trump advisers and his family are struggling to keep him from getting embroiled in controversy, what is the party supposed to do when you have a candidate you can't rail in or control. >> they were supposed to have a meeting in orlando on friday, a intervention and come to jesus but they have some polling data that sheds light on this on whether or not the trump strategy will work. this week we released the information about 45% of likely voters surveyed say that trump is his own worst enemy and 29% point to hillary clinton and 20% to the media. so while trump is trying to make the media his whipping boy, it is great for the base and they love it and the red meat but other voters are pointing the finger at trump that he needs to get himself together. >> but jonathan, maybe with this unconventional candidate we should think out of the box and
6:50 am
maybe control ability is overrated when it comes to a candidate. >> if you are kind of going rogue -- which is what he's doing -- he might as well double down. i don't think he's making a mistake by not becoming a conventional candidate. it is too late for him to do that. he has to do something totally different and appeal to nonvoters, people who are registered and never show up and try to get them to come back. it is not an impossible task. he is taking down our democracy in the process. he is taking the threads of our democracy, our fragile democracy and unraveling them. we don't do this kind of thing in the country, banning the press from events sand trying americans -- no, she has not withdrawn the credentials. >> she roped him off and refused to do press conferences. but let's look at trump in terms of strategy. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we saw this photo of the
6:51 am
press being roped off and kept away. >> she was told not -- it is a very different thing. >> i agree that trump says outrageous and troubling things, but his strategy into connecticut, will this work, and he was reported this week as saying i don't think we need a get out the vote effort. if people want to vote. >> they are going to jump up and vote for donald trump. >> i have my doubts that a 100% media strategy is going to get him across the -- >> but if you look at the national polls and in the battleground straightates, hill clinton is pulling ahead. but should donald trump and his campaign focus in and get the voters that are out there that are truly going to be on his side. >> i think he is right to try to expand the field and be in places like michigan and it is just that connecticut is not a viable place for him to go right now. but there are other places where he is not done yet and not
6:52 am
cooked. he is only about five points behind in florida. that could change in two days. >> right. >> and he has more than 80 days before the election. so there is time for him to get it together. i agree, strongly, with amy that it doesn't help if you just throughout the rule book of how to win elections and don't do get out of the vote -- >> and he's done very little in florida. >> and it was also reported that he asked the rnc to open up campaign offices in all 50 states and political experts will tell you that is a waste of resources. focus on where you have a chance to win. >> focus, focus, focus. that is what his campaign is trying to get him to do. that is the topic of the day. thank you both. we appreciate your insight today. and that will wrap up this hour of "msnbc live." ayman mohyeldin will up next and will bring us the story of one u proud athlete making history yo because of her apparel. i'm betty quinn and i'll see you
6:53 am
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breaking news out of milwaukee where protests turned violent after police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a stolen semi automatic handgun and fleeing a traffic stop. it is not clear if the man had his weapon drawn
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