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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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, but... it's only until september 27th. is it bloomin' great here, or what? and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." thomas roberts picks up next. follow us @mitchellreports. i was fascinated during your hour talking about what happened in rio, calling it watergate, it really is. not this crime but the coverup. great to see you and we are going start on thomas roberts live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. it's 1:00 p.m. in the east, but just 2 just after 2:00 p.m. in rio. three u.s. gold medal swimmers are stnded there, all teammates of ryan lochte. this is new video just into us showing swimmers and olympic officials arriving at the police station. the "new york times" is reporting the four athletes
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fabricated their story about being robbed at gunpoint in rio over the weekend. brazilian police officials have reviewed video from the case telling the "times" there was no assault and the swimmers damaged property at a gas station the night of the alleged mugging. these developments come after two of the swimmers were yanked off their planes last night as they were headed back to the u.s. they were taken by police for questioning into this alleged robbery account. police are expected to hold a news conference coming up less than an hour from now. ryan lochte has already returned back to the u.s. and stuck to the basics of his story. >> i asked him pointedly, i said there are skeptics to think this story was concocted to hide some embarrassing behavior. were you with someone you shouldn't be with? he was adamant. he said no, that didn't happen, we wouldn't make this story up, we were victims. >> all right, so we have this
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developing story. keir simmons, what are sources there saying about how the athletes' robbery story is checking out? >> thomas, it's not so much sources as police here openly questioning it. now we have that security camera video which is obviously open to interpretation as all of that material is but i have seen it frame by frame. there you can see one, two, three and there will be a fourth swimmer, it looks like the swimmers, coming out from a bathroom, you can see the attendants from the gas station looking, something has happened it appears then the video moves to the gas station, swimmers try to get into a taxi on the left, they can't. they get into the taxi on the right. if they keep playing it you will see a man approaches once they're inside and he has his
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arm held out. is he holding a weapon? maybe he is. hard to tell. the swimmers get out of the taxi, some have their arms up and some action takes place off camera. there is another scene where they are sitting on the curb side and one producer thinks they can see one of the swimmers get a wallet out and pay money. what the police are saying happened here is that a bathroom was damaged, that the attendants at the gas station confronted the swimmers and that they then paid money then left, how that turns into the story ryan lochte and his teammates have been telling, which lochte has been sticking to primarily while changing some details, telling matt lauer that he did indeed pull up to a gas station rather than the story he told of being pulled aside by people
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pretending to be police officers. people will be watching this and will be stunned that what is effectively an international incident with american gold medal winners, olympians pulled off a plane, how that could happen with an incident like this which according to sources of various media organizations seems to surround questions as to whether damage was done to a bathroom. >> keir, what do we know about the swimmers at the police station for questioning? the two were yanked off the plane but the third never left but he was taken into questioning have they been arrested or are they being held until further developments like this press conference? >> they haven't been arrested. they are having their passports seized. the purpose is to keep them in the country. by the way, brazilian officials openly on brazilian television are saying "we deserve an
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apology from ryan lochte because he brought shame on the country by suggesting something happened that didn't happen." as i mentioned when you look at that video it does for example look as if someone may have a firearm pointed at the swimmers, so this may not be as straightforward even now as it may appear but, you know, whether ryan lochte will be prepared to apologize, what those swimmers are saying now in that police station we will have to wait to learn. >> keir simmons in rio, thanks so much. i want to go to nbc's ron mott. we know the u.s. men's swim team have had this remarkable run but is the controversy around lochte kind of overshadowing the games and their achievementments? >> hey there, thomas. i think there's no question about that. in fact last night we had the incredible clean sweep by the u.s. women in the 100-meter hurdles and all anyone on the ground in rio is talking about
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this controversy going on since sunday. this is the fifth day of this and perhaps by the end of this day we will get the truth and the whole truth. i can tell you having covered this sunday that there were a lot of eyebrows that went up just listening to details as recounted by ryan lochte first published in "usa today." there were things that just didn't seem to ring true so questions, of course, by journalists and others began to surface and mount so rather than becoming a one-day story, the story had to continue to evolve and now we're on day five and it looks like we're getting breaks that might lead to the truth as to what happened here. but it has, in fact, overshadowed u.s. athletes here, the entire delegation for that matter, you have a lot of gold medalists being overshadowed by a story that happened perhaps at a gas station not far from here that haas taken a turn for the bizarre. >> ron mott reporting in rio. we'll have that police update coming up within the hour. i want to turn the msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber.
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what we're learning out of this, to be a good liar you have to have a great memory and not have police investigating you because surveillance video kind of tells the tale that there might have been some type of vandalism maybe in the bathroom that they were trying to get out and the story is a way to cover up or stay ahead of the headlines? >> what we know this afternoon that was not as clear this morning or in the days sprier that there are serious what we woulld leg rly call material discrepancies in the accounts of what happened and that they did not tell the whole story initially. do we know that means for certain there was no other criminal that they could have been referring to? no, we don't. but it doesn't look good, i would say. the whole thing has taken on an almost cartoonish quality in terms of all the different pieces of the pusszzle pall fa t of place but because of in
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brazil there's the belief that something was manufactured or fabricated to allege what they say may have been a fols hood, a fols crime against some mythical non-existent brazilian. legally i will tell you what you have unfolding this afternoon is the swimmers speaking to the authoritieslegally i will tell u have unfolding this afternoon is the swimmers speaking to the authoriti authorities. but certainly the suggestion that the brazilian authorities are using what they have, video evidence and testimonial evidence from the swimmers to fact check the original allegations or story from lochte. >> after this story came out as they're trying to dig to the bottom the judge says okay, we'd like to keep these guys here, let's collect their passports. lochte had already left, he scheduled to leave tuesday night. he kept up with that time line of departure, finnegan was kept. these two other athletes taken off the plane last night. from a legal standpoint does
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brazil have the right to compel or extradite ryan lochte to come back for questioning or can they do that through his attorneys? >> very unlikely. there would have to be serious charges then you go through that international process. lochte speaking in public is unlikely to create anything that would result in an actual crime under local law. to have a crime you need something more than publi allegation, you need a filing of a police report or false statements to prosecutors. more broadly, if you are the lawyer for the american swimmer, these medal winners, it's not good when they take your passport because that raises the question of are you being treated like a victim of a crime or when they start taking passports are you being treated like a suspect? >> ari, thanks so much, we'll keep everybody posted on this. moments ago, the justice department announcing its much-anticipated decision about the role of private contract prison housing federal inmates. justice correspondent pete williams following the developments from our washington newsroom. pete, this is really a controversial topic when it
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comes to prison reform so how does this affect it? break it down for us. >> this is something the justice department is doing, thomas, because it says it can and it needs to. now, the justice department has been using -- this is the federal government we're talking about, not the states -- has been using private contractors for prisons since about 1997 and the government says it had to do it because the prison inmate population expanded so rapidly the government couldn't keep up with it by itself but now it says that has changed, the inmate population is shrinking and private contractors now hold about 12% of the nation's federal inmates so today the deputy attorney general sally yates said the government is going to phase out the use of private prisons by not renewing contracts when they come up for expiration. she says they don't provide the same level of correctional services, they don't save on costs and she says they may not be as safe as the government-run
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prisons. just lack week the department's inspector general put out a report that says prison inmates are 28% more likely to be assaulting each other in privately run prisons and probably twice as often as likely to assault inmates, assault correctional officers in prison. so for all these reasons the justice department says private prisons filled their role for a time but now that role is being phased out and within the next, say, three to five years the government hopes not to be relying on them anymore at all. >> pete williams out of washington for us, thank you, sir, appreciate it. >> you bet. >> coming up next, the newest face in the race for the white house, 2016. we check in and catch up with the man who's thrown his hat into the ring, running as an independent alternative to clinton and trump come november. evan mcmullin joins me live in studio at 30 rock after this. st, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition.
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with just 82 days remaining until the presidential election, the trump campaign remains in the headlines for expanding team leadership and purchasing tv ads in battleground states. donald trump campaigning in north carolina where clinton is leading by nine points in our latest poll. katy tur is outside the trump tower. katy, this is a big development with trump investing in ad buys where the clinton camp has been dominating so far. so how big a development is this for trump to spend money on ads in the general? >> it's a relatively big development for them to spend any money whatsoever. so far the totals we've seen aren't that high. but we haven't seen the breadth of his ad buy quite yet. we'll know later today. still for them to be spending any money at all is a departure
10:16 am
from the norm. they haven't gone on the air yet, hillary clinton has been outspending them millions of dollars to zero in battleground states and despite what donald trump might want to say, that he doesn't need more airtime, he always gets airtime as it is, it's clearly hurting him in all of the battleground states where he's down in the polling. the campaign, though, believes they can turn it around. it's august, thomas and they believe this new change of management will enable donald trump to be more himself. what does that mean? donald trump has been himself this entire campaign. a senior aide tells me he'll be more on proter going forward. a prompter speech again tonight in north carolina. it's going to be a mix of the messages from monday and tuesday on national security and terror. despite what you might think, thomas, i'm told donald trump likes to read from a teleprompter. >> quickly katy, you were with trump in scotland during the brexit vote when that news came down, he tweeted just a while ago "they'll soon be calling me
10:17 am
mr. brexit." what's the meaning there? >> it's not because he wants to grow a mustache after the election. we believe it's because basically he said the brexit poll i polling was a surprise, everybody thought brexit was going to go down, that the british people would vote to stay in the european union. they didn't. it was a surprise vote, they decided to leave the eu and that's why he thinks his message is going to be parallel to that and his appeal will be parallel to that. he's down in the polls but come november he believes that he will be the surprise victor. >> katy tur reporting outside of trump tower in new york. katy, thanks so much. there is another choice for republican voters refusing to get off the never trump train. evan mcmullin continues to pick up steam. ten days ago the former cia agent threw his hat into the presidential ring announcing his independent candidacy and gaining late access to utah and colorado ballots but with only 82 days remaining, mcmullin is
10:18 am
facing legal hurdles to be competitive nationwide. independent presidential candidate evan mcmullin joins me at 30 rock. great to see you in person. you were saying the independent party of minnesota will be having you on that state. >> well, we have a lot going on. we're announcing great news in iowa, an important state for us. we have just launched operations in virginia, tennessee, louisiana will come soon as well. we have a lot of things going on. we'll add states very quickly. and there are multiple ways on the ballots, even ballots that have passed in terms of -- >> like california and texas is an obstacle? >> that's right. third parties are reaching out. they like what we're doing, they want to be part of this and they're lending their ballot lines to us. >> have you chose an veep? >> that will come in a while, not ont. we have a lot of other things we need to do. we're evaluating people. we have a clear idea of what we want. >> but if we think about the libertarian party, green party, we know those tickets, we know
10:19 am
hillary clinton and tim kaine, donald trump and pence. so why won't you reveal at least who you're thinking about? >> i'll say we're looking for a couple of things in particular. we're looking for someone whose interests are well aligned with the american people, somebody who truly understand what is makes this country special. i don't think we see those two things in the two major party candidates. commitment to service before one's self. we'd like to see diversity on some level, we don't see that in the other tickets so these are the things we're looking for, we're looking at industry, government, a variety of people and we're going to take our time and choose someone wisely. >> so diversity you don't mean gender diversity, you're looking for someone more diverse we they are ethnic and racial lines as opposed to hillary clinton being the first female democratic nominee of a major party? >> that is something and that's significant so yes that could be part of it but even more diversity would be good. >> so supporters of your campaign have lunched this
10:20 am
online video. i want to show it to everybody, a brief portion of it, it calls into question donald trump's fitness, take a look. >> turn off the lights. turn off the lights. turn off the lights. by the way, i don't like this mic. get him out of here. get out. >> you see, there are a few things that people of utah know, a few things. we know that we're blessed to live in this beautiful country which is choice above all others. that compassion is more powerful than fear. >> so this ad was not put out by your campaign but that was a hard shift there, evan, from donald trump firing off a few rounds of a gun to the soothing music and you talking about the compassion of the country. do you endorse the theme of what we see in that video talking
10:21 am
about that he is mentally il and unstable? yes i do but i would say it's even more about his divisiveness. he's trying to tear this country apart to his own political advantage. we need to unify as a country, that's my message. i do believe we're stronger and more prosperous when we're compassionate to each other, when we respect each other's differences. this is what this country was founded on, the idea we will pursue our lives in different ways but support each other's right to do so. that's what makes this country great. i'm fighting against donald trump's rhett trick to the opposite. >> because of your background within our country's military intelligence community, nald trump receiving his first intel briefing yesterday. you called trump's brief ago threat to national security. so as a former cia member and person who has a deep background on exactly what might be in there, why do you think that
10:22 am
that would be a threat, donald trump's briefing. >> well, it would be a threat because he's been co-opted by vladimir putin. he's aligned with vladimir putin, he would not be able to secure a security clearance at even the lowest levels should he apply for even a low-level job in our military or in our intelligence services. the bigger thing is he doesn't know the first thing about fighting terrorism. every time he opens his mouth about it his ideas show he doesn't and his ideas are actually more dangerous, would lead us to be more at risk than certainly the leadership that i would offer. >> from your very own web site under the statement about what you had to say about him getting this briefing, a person, a woman named lin phillips, she said "mcmullin will be lucky to be on the ballot in more than 125 sta -- 15 states. his running against trump, his purpose at this point of the election, is to ensure a clinton victory in the mormon swing
10:23 am
states who dependently vote republican." and the pro-clinton media is happily promoting mcmullin." mcmullin, trump says, is dishonorable. what do you say about just carrying the mormon swing states and you're lucky to get on the ballots of more than 15 states. >> i think we'll be on the ballot of more than 15 but donald trump is losing this election on his own. everyday he says another terrible thing and shows he's not in charontrol of his campai. he's chosen stephen bannon, someone who has a history of promoting racial and anti-semitic rhetoric in our country, dividing us, not uniting us. donald trump will lose because he's a weak man and karnd date. the polls show it. he'll lose because of him, i'm trying to offer a better choice for americans so they can vote for somebody they're proud of,
10:24 am
not just somebody they're opposing. seems like these days people are voting for hillary or trump because they oppose the other. how about somebody that people can vote for. a new generation of american leadership. >> let's figure out your positions on supreme court decisions. >> sure. >> when it comes to abortion, are you pro or anti? >> i'm pro life. >> when it comes to marriage equality, do you think the courts should review as donald trump has said, appoint judges that could overturn obergefell? >> my personal belief is in traditional marriage but i respect the court's decision and i think it's time to move on and i will not seek to appoint judges who would overturn that decision. at the same time i want to make clear that just as we respect these marriage rights that have been given through the supreme court, extending through the supreme t, we need t ensure that people of faith -- >> the supreme court says it's a constitutional right. >> indeed. but i think we need to ensure
10:25 am
that people's religious freedom, those who practice some faith or none at all, have the freedom to do so. so this is part of my message that let's realize we won't agree on everything. my family doesn't agree on everything but we love each other and we are in one as a family and i think it should be that way for the country. we have to get past this idea that we disagree therefore we can't be together and unified. >> when it comes to obamacare, do you agree with what the court did and would you try to do something to repeal and replace? >> well i think there are certain things about obamacare in terms of what it did for people with pre-existing conditions that are good, we need to ensure people who have pre-existing conditions can still get good care, convenience care but we need to do better than obamacare and we can. for middle-class people their premiums have gone up significantly over the past couple of years, access has been limited, i've had those experiences myself, i think we can do better, we need to do better so it's not just about
10:26 am
pushing out obamacare, it's about doing better for the american people and ensuring that we have the world's best health care system period. >> when it comes to citizens united? your position on that? >> i think there's too much money in politics. i'm not sure exactly about how to go about making change in that area. i think one way is to decrease the si of the federal gornment. i'm a firm believer in the 10th amendment, i think more power needs to go back to the states where it's more accountable to the people where they can decide how they want to live. it might be different in one state or another. if we decrease the size of the federal government we take more money out of federal-level politics. >> one thing that goes back to that, federal minimum wage. do you have a position on where that number should be? do you support it being higher? >> i haven't taken a position on that. but i will say that i believe we have to get this economy really roaring again, 2% gdp growth is not going do it. this needs to be an economic opportunity -- an opportunity
10:27 am
economy and we do that. the only way to do that is through higher gdp growth. so i'll pursue policies that encourage that on tax and regulation and elsewhere so that we have growth in this country that everyone can benefit from. >> evan mcmullin, great to have you here. i really appreciate your time. independent presidential candidate. we'll keep a post on where you get movement for other state ballots. coming up next, control, alt, delete. donald trump looking to reboot his campaign. blue the new faces taking charge help lead him to victory in november? where the numbers stand and what trump must pull off to become after the break. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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10:31 am
trump in both states by nine points. new campaign manager kellyanne conway said she's not worried about the flagging poll numbers. >> i think it helps us to be a little bit behind, and we are. it lights a fire under us and reminds where you say what we need to do to get this done. hillary clinton's fundamentals are so poor, it's not as if a majority of americans say "i like her and trust her." i don't know that she has many places to go. in other words, she's a very defined individual. >> moments ago, suffolk university issued a new poll on another battleground state, nevada. her two-point lead matches previous polls there. hillary clinton at 44%. mark murray joins us to hash out trump's problems in more of these battleground states. we also have these new poll numbers out of quinnipiac covering colorado and virginia and iowa. what is the telegraph showing? >> i think the headline shows that hillary clinton is leading
10:32 am
in several states. some by small margins, some by large margins. the quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton with double digit leads. conversely, we have smaller contests in iowa, three-point lead for hillary clinton according to quinnipiac in iowa. our nbc "wall street journal" poll had a four-point lead. in nevada hillary clinton is leading by two points. what is going on here is that hillary clinton is doing incredibly well in states with diverse populations as well as those that have a very highly educated, lot of whites with college degrees smaller leads in which you have a lot more white working class voters. >> so mark to win in certain battleground states, the ground game is so important here. we saw kellyanne conway talking about part of her job is taking an assessment of the field operations for the trump team in
10:33 am
certain states, talking about trump is good at these retail politics situations. so can they really take retail politics that trump could be good at and broad than out to help expand their numbers when it comes to the electoral college? >> thomas, i'd argue now is late in the time to be assessing where your organization is. the clinton campaign has so many more organizers and field offices than donald trump has so that's a very big disadvantage for him. there is one way you can have retail politics that matches ground game. states where you have early vote, you can hold big rallies, you tell everyone to go to the polls. we saw president obama do that in 2012 where you would have rallies right next to voting centers. you end up getting 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 people to vote and say right next door is the voting booth and you lock down those early votes. so that's one way you can merge big rallies with a turnout
10:34 am
operation. >> we saw this tweet from donald trump earlier about, you know, they'll be calling me mr. brexit, making a reference to the brexit vote that was a surprise about the fact that england wanted to leaf the e u.r., are there historic contexts where polls have just gotten it wrong and there can be a big bounce for a candidate down like trump right now? >> the best historical comparison is probably 1948 when trueman upset dewey, remember the famous headline duewey defeats truman. in the modern era, a lot of political scientists have looked at this, if you are ahead leading in a presidential conteco conte contest, you always go on to win the popular vote since 1952.
10:35 am
there are always exceptions but you at this stage of the contest would rather be ahead than behind. >> and real fast the tv ad buys of trump, you said it was late for kellyanne conway, is it too late for trying to invest money in certain important states? >> well, the numbers are trickling in, the trump campaign is going up with a tv ad buy but the clinton campaign has a two-month head start on all of this. the clinton campaign has owned the airwaves for two months. now trump campaign has two and a half months to make up the margins there. >> mark murray, great to see you. we continue to watch breaking news out of rio, we have members of the u.s. swim team speaking to police there. these are live pictures outside the police station. there is intense media interest on this and exactly what police investigators will announce, we'll have that on msnbc live.
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yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. i want to update you on the flooding in louisiana. more than 80,000 people have registered for help from fema, the agency saying it shoes far approved $3.7 million for temporary rental assistance and home repairs. in the next hour, homeland security secretary jeh johnson will tour the damaged areas and give an update on ongoing response and recovery efforts. this as the state's largest newspaper calls on president obama to cut his vacation short and visit the state. these before arou-and-after pic are from denham springs, louisiana, a few miles east of baton rouge. one of the hardest-hit areas.
10:40 am
david gutierrez, how does this compare to what you've seen and update us on the recovery efforts? >> as you can see there is devastation as far as the eye can see. we have been in louisiana since the rain started and this has been an ongoing situation. that rain -- record rainfall through the weekend devastated livingston parish and denham springs, the city of wattson got more than 31 inches of rain and now that that water has moved out of here, moved south this is the cleanup effort we're seeing here. we're talking to the mccleary family throughout the morning. er in busy cleaning up their home which had roughly four or five feet of water when they saw the water rising on saturday, they had to get out, they were only able to return about two days ago, now they're cleaning up. the current problem right now, though, thomas is that all this water is flowing south. there are some voluntary
10:41 am
evacuations happening near lafayette, south of lafayette and in the parishes closer to the gulf of mexico. the story here, however is all this clean up as the waters have receded. but as you mention, tom mahomase has about 370 inspectors so far and some 80,000 people have already applied for federal assistance. 20 parishes have been declared federal disaster areas and local officials expect that number to grow but some residents are frustrated that the president is on vacation here but the white house has said that there is a -- the homeland security secretary is visiting today. also the fema administrator was here in louisiana and well and fema says they are doing everything they can to get these residents some help. again 80,000 people have applied for assistance. >> we know fema is trying to act as quickly as they can. i saw your interviews of folks trying to clean up and rebuild
10:42 am
already. i haven't seen the "advocate" headline but when you ask if the president should come they say yeah, he should. show support, be an eyewitness to this devastation. gabe gutierz, thank you, sir. it's a very different story out west today where the drought conditions coupled with triple digit heat, wind and low humidy are adding fuel to a half dozen california wildfires. one of the more devastates is the blue cut fire in san bernardino county which has consumed more than 30,000 acres. the governor proclaim ago state of emergency as several areas remain under mandatory evacuations. steve patterson joins me from oak hill, california. steve, i understand there are 1500 firefighters dispatched to beat back these flames. explain how efforts and containment levels are going. >> thomas, when you talk about the fire and combatting flames, the first thing you have to mention is the size. it's hard to wrap your head around the magnitude of this thing. you mention 32,000 acres, 49
10:43 am
square miles, bigger than the size of the city of san francisco in a fire spread out throughout these communities and canyons in san bernardino county. but i want to talk about what the effort is like. there's a new picture that's in, firefighters battling back against the flames, that's what they've been dealing with for 40 plus hours. some of these guys working round-the-clock combined with air drops trying to pear this thing down. it's only 4% contained in the last 48 hours. it's a huge, huge fire, to give you a good example, i have to show you this, we are in what is considered the summit inn, a huge landmark off route 66, famous people like clint eastwood would frequent this, elvis presley and now look at it. i'm standing literally in ruins. this should be one of the rooms and you can see airspace. inside there maybe a kitchen unit. i can't tell what some of this stuff is. it's so badly charred as we pan
10:44 am
around here. this is just one example of the damage. crews don't really know the extent of how bad these homes have been hit, they haven't been able to get back there because they're still batting the flames so that's the work that's going on today assessment crews with cadaver dogs. is but also take account of just how bad the damage is they expect high numbers. they're going to bring in c-130s to battle over the air but if it's an uphill battle, that's an understatement. >> steve patterson reporting in oak hills, california. thank you, sir. we have ryan lochte and other members of team usa being accused of lying about the story that they were robbed over the weekend and the lie was to cover up a gas station mishap.
10:45 am
joining us from the gas station at the center of the case is nbc's gadi schwartz. can you talk about what you're seeing on the scene and if you had an opportunity to speak with folks on site where we've gotten the surveillance video at the gas station? >> yes. the video will be crucial to what happened. we've seen bits and pieces of the surveillance video. we've seen the cameras and camera angles, the owner of the gas station didn't want to talk directly to us but he talked to many of the local media in portuguese. he told us that ryan lochte, gunner bentz and a couple others were that that night. they stopped to use the restroom but they were described as belligerent, at least in local reports in brazil and there may have been destruction to the gas station property. there may have been destruction to the bathrooms then these local media reports right now are stating that as they left they tried to get back in the
10:46 am
taxi. the taxi driver didn't want to leave because security was telling them to stay. two of the swimmers took off down the road, one security guard went after them, brought them back. there was an altercation, we see what appears to be a gun pulled and you see hands go up from the swimmers and then you understand that there's some sort of negotiation going on, we are being told that that is negotiation from somebody that spoke portuguese and english. everybody was waiting for police there, the gas station called police but they did not arrive so eventually thereas money exchanged and the swimmers were allowed to go but clearly this is a very different picture than the one painted earlier this week and the three swimmers still in brazil are now speaking with investigators who are trying to reconcile all these different stories. >> we know ryan lochte returned to the u.s. on tuesday hard to
10:47 am
miss with the color of his hair as you see him right there coming out second of that bathroom, but gadi, from talking with folks on the scene at that gas station and the security guards that brought back two swimmers that ran away, do they admit these security guards would have weapons? that they would be carrying a gun on them for security of the gas station? >> and that's where things get tricky. because right now the security guards are the gas station, they have not spoken and the owner of the gas station has been very careful about where he basically stops the story when he's talking to the local journalists here. however, there are some police reports and we're hoping to get them at a press conference coming up that has been released to the local media and in those reports there's a little bit more of a description and there are also conflicting reports right now that it was either a possible security guard that had
10:48 am
the gun or maybe a patron who was an off duty officer who pulled the gun and told them to stay until authorities arrived, at this point that is still relatively unclear. >> gadi schwartz reporting from rio. thanks so much. we will have more. again we expect investigators to come out from the police department with new information that will hopefully give more light to the story connecting the dots between these four american swimmers and what police investigators have figured out and determined through surveillance tape video and another go-round talking with the swimmers. we're back with more after this. . these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america!
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between now and election day the trump team feels it's never too late. 80 days remain and a new politico article lays out the blame at a lost summer for trump
10:52 am
it talks about his setting up key infrastructure. ken vogel writes for politico. ken, let's talk about the piece by one of your colleagues at politico and what it discovered about the summer of trump. >> we discovered that the alarms were going off last month that the campaign was not headed into that direction. it was tiesing plans, battleground state, staffing and even collateral as we call which is like yard signs and bumper stickers. so alarms were being rung by people high up and paul manaf t manafort's orbit, the campaign chairman, however the messages of alarm and need to turn things around and invest in the
10:53 am
campaign were not heeded, the solution as you saw just this week was not to embrace manafort's plan or his sense of urgency but to bring in new people who have a different course. >> so he has a new campaign manager in kellyanne conway. a republican pollster, dynamic female we've seen on tv for a long time. this is how she characterizes what the trump research will be to minority voters. take a look. >> i'm told i'm the first female republican campaign manager in presidential political history. that tells you a lot about donald trump and a great deal about him that he never said that to me. it was pointed out to me, i didn't know this, that i'm the first female republican presidential campaign manager. i didn't know that nor did donald trump mention it to me. >> how do you think that that will play with folks tuning in now between today, election day and think he may have a problem with the female voters now that he has someone with a kellyanne conway at the hem. >> this is not really a hope and change election anymore.
10:54 am
especially for people of color and women. people are looking for results. if you're looking for symbolism, you're looking at the first female candidate for president, not necessarily at a campaign manager. it's great that this has happened and i think liz conway is qualified but i think what you have is, you know, a little bit too late effort to try to push effort to say hey women, we're paying attention to you. but your policies are not anything women are interested in. so i think it will have limited shelf value and i think really -- not going to help all that much. >> and we have the other new face being added to the trump team in bannon he resigned from
10:55 am
breitbart being ceo, that's chief executive officer, he's john bow testa's equal? it's a much more busy title than you find on the campaign but the take on him is what? people surprised or people think it falls in line with who trump is and what he led as a campaign nominee. >> it definitely falls in line with who trump is that's the point of both of these bringing in kellyanne conway and steve bannon. these are folks who will embrace and encourage trump's instincts. confrontational nationalistic ain't establishment populist tone that has been -- that he road through the primaries but has continued to fall back on in the general election not to great effect. so it seems to be something of an acknowledgment that if we're going to losehis campaign we might as well lose it with trump being trump.
10:56 am
that to me is mutually exclusive will letting trump be trump and the bannon hire in particular seems to suggest that letting trump be trump is the approach they'll take. >> i want to give my quick prediction about reading into this. i feel like this is lining up for trump media, ailes is on board, hannity is on board, radio, internet, tv. i'm saying it first, okay? >> he hired two executive producers. he didn't hire a new campaign elite. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. jamil, ken, thank you. brazilian police about to issue a statement on their investigation on what happened the night four members of the u.s. swim team claim they were robbed at gunpoint, ryan lochte said a gun was pulled out, cocked, put to his head. what will investigators say? we'll have more on that in the next hour. i'm thomas roberts.
10:57 am
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they're going to play the star spangled banner again. >> in rio the olympic games are sadly winding down but that means the stakes are getting higher and higher as semifinals and gold medal matches loom straight ahead. hi, glad you can join us on msnbc. today we'll have live coverage of the show down between the netherlands and france in the semifinals of


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