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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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primaries and the general, all the hardcore supporters that i talked to at his rallies said they will always support him. they believe in him but they were starting, many of them to doubt in the last few weeks that he would be able to make significant changes that would allow him to lose the gap in the polls and win and they do believe those that we talked to yesterday and the day before that more scripted speeches, more tempered, a different tone, even more modest will be good for him in the polls. >> let's talk about hillary clinton for a molt. she outraised trump by $20 million next month and is attending more fund-raisers. where is all of this money going? >> tbs primarily and she has been on the air all through the summer and trump has not so the clinton campaign functionally owns the tv airways and investing and organizing voter registration drives for example in a lot of these swing states and that's what she is going to
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be spending the next several weeks doing. this is the quite period. you showed the maps showing hillary clinton is not appearing in public for most of the week. she will do one event out in nevada. she is going to be fund-raising. out in california. she has been out here on the east coast on martha's vineyard raising money this week so you can see the efforts are paying off and the clinton campaign felt like this is the major advantage over a trump campaign that was behind in getting off the ground on this. >> busy morning already. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's dig in more now. joining us is the senior white house correspondent for the hill. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> amy, i'll start with you. let's talk about the hispanic advisory board. what are we looking to get out of the partnership here? >> donald trump is below hillary clinton in the polls and he needed to do something quickly
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to talk to minorities to speak to them, to speak to hispanics in particular and you're seeing him do the same thing with african americans. the criticism is that he hasn't really done much outreach until now. he criticized hispanics and hurt them in some ways. the same with african americans. you're hearing how come he hasn't appeared in black churches. he sees his poll numbers dipping and we're under 80 at as now and entering september this is the serious period of the campaign. he feels like he needs to do that outreach now. >> speaking of, how much of an impact do you think the board members or will they have on the immigration rhetoric and policy and what do you anticipate from the speech on thursday? >> they'll likely have more impact on the way he talks than on the actual policies that he pushes for and part of the reason i think that is trump's new campaign ceo formerly ran bright bart news in the conservative media world is one
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of the most antiimmigration reform publications out there. they worked overtime to push conservative and republican lawmakers away from backing anything that could be construed as amnesty. the fact that he is now one of the two most powerful people in the trump campaign means it's unlike hi trump will change his policy decision on immigration including the idea of a deportation force. that said now that he's more on message his rhetoric will soften but the only question is are hispanics going to buy that he may have taken a different tactic. that's unlikely. >> amy, i want to play for you what trump said in virginia yesterday about the plans to restore voting rights to about 13,000 felons on a case by case basis. >> hillary clinton is banking on her friend on getting thousands of violent felons to the voting
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posts in an effort to cancel out the votes of law enforcement and crime victims. they are letting people vote in your virginia election that should not be allowed to vote. >> you can almost feel the tension in that room. you hear those boos there. what is behind his voter fraud accusations and how does it help with independent voters. >> you saw him doing the sail thing in philadelphia. if they lose the cam pain it's pennsylvania and philadelphia specifically. he's trying the same argument in virginia. i don't think it's working. voter fraud is out there and you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than having voter fraud being committed so i don't think this plays well with independents. they're looking now to -- if they're still undecided they
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want issues out there. they want to be spoken to on issues so wrote think, you know, polling this kind of voter card fraud works with this demographic. >> betsy you're writing about his poor relationship with republican leaders in congress. how much of an added hurdle is this going to be for the charm offensive on capitol hill. >> it's a big one and he essentially endorsed paul neland that went up after paul ryan. he suggested paul ryan was grown in a petri dish in a d.c. think tank and used obscenities to refer to republican leaders of washington. aids, staffers and folks in that world know him as public enemy number one. the fact that he is on board with the trump campaign is not indicative that we can see the
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bridge building to be promising. >> thank you for talking with me this morning. >> shifting fweegears it's the l day of competition at the olympics ahead of tonight's closing ceremony. ron joins u today. good morning to you. >> big day on saturday for team usa all across the city in rio. let's start with track an field. the women's 4 by 400. dominated and owned by americans. they won their 6th straight with the super star on the anchor, allison felix. she won her 6th gold medal. only the third american woman to win at least six gold medals and then on the flip side, the men had a score to settle from london in 2012. bahamas took this event from them and they wanted to get back on top of that event and they did so in spectacular fashion.
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here's an event people don't know about. this is the 1500 meter run. he took gold for the u.s. the first in this event for the united states since 1908. been a long time. his family in the stands went absolutely crazy. his father and sister loved that molt. we also broke new ground in the triathalon. she cried when she crossed the finish line. this is the first gold medal for the united states ever in that event and then here for the hometown faithful for brazilians here. they got what they wanted which is a gold medal in men's soccer. shoot out. dramatic fashion. people went crazy. you could hear people singing and chanting throughout the night last night. let's take a look at the medal count if we have it. united states with a run away lead. 116 medals. china 2nd place at 70. great britain in 3rd at 66. there will be more medals up for grabs today. a chance for the u.s. to pad the
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lead. good hopefuls in the marathon that just got underway. and men's basketball against serbia. and she goes for another gold. back to you. >> it's so exciting to watch. i'm here in new york city. i can't imagine what it's been like for you in rio. but it's almost time to come home now. >> almost. it's been great. >> catch the closing ceremony on nbc or stream it online at nbc that begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. still ahead, ryan lochte issues an apology on camera. >> i left details out and that's why i'm in this mess. i left certain things out and i overexaggerated some parts of the story. >> hear more from his exclusive
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>> you said we are victims and in the police conference they said they're not victims. they're vandals. >> it's how you want to make it look like. i'm taking full responsibility for it because i overexaggerated that story and if i had never done that we wouldn't be in this mess. >> that was part of matt lauers exclusive interview with ryan lochte about being robbed in
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rio. joining us, let's start with your take on the situation. >> whether you think the best face you could have put on it is a shapeful caper and think of what he did as entitlement. it's a black eye for the olympics and looked poorly on ryan lochte and the brazilian authorities jumped on it as a convenient change of narrative. the olympic versus been rather unsafe. it's hard to make a city inherently not as safe or up to american standard saves even if you deploy 85,000 troops so they used this a little bit to get the pressure off of them but that should not change the fact that it was really stupid and wrong. >> let's focus on him for a moment. how much does this episode hurt him in the long run? >> i don't think his brand was ever going to be the cadillac or wheaties box of endorsers. those are the ledeckys and phelps and simone biles.
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he played on an episode of 30 rocks a oneel of years ago himself but they called him sex idiot ryan lochte. we heard him say he overexaggerated. some of our broadcasting brethren aren't that much better but there will be a act, a goofy guy that asks for forgiveness. if i know america we'll find him clownish and forgive him wenchts do forgive. what about u.s. swimming? does it hurt the brand? >> i don't know. this is one guy. the united states dominated the pool. this is one person. we're also seeing the dynamics of sports because he was much older than his younger colleagues and much better and went in the subculture of any sports team, even an individual sport like swimming you get to see how the older person and more accomplished person holds sway with the younger once and remember that when other things
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happen in locker rooms or with sports team. >> let's zoom out. let's talk about the other disappointments. first of all, i'll ask you for your top three and then we'll end on an up note. let's start with your disappointments. >> hope solo. i'm not saying she was a disappointment because the u. s. women lost to sweden. that happens. it was afterwards. she talked about the swedes being cowards. they played a very smart system. pack it in on defense and hope it got to penalties and it did. she revealed herself to be the hope solo a lot of people knew about. really problematic player that doesn't show great sportsmanship. now speaking of other athletes not showing great sportsmanship. you had the someone that fights in judo refusing to shake the hand of the israeli and there
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you're seeing the still photo. in real time what it looked like is the israeli was one pole of a magnet and the egyptian was the same pole. so the israeli went toward him and he just retreated. he was pbooed but this goes mor to the heart of the lifrices than anything else. we have russians rowing against ukraine i can't. they invaded georgia and played in beach volleyball. the point of the olympics isn't we get along except when countries are at war. we do these sporting competitions in lieu of war and maybe another disappointment would be there was a cuban wrestler named perez that was taken away some points after a video review. very cute thing in wrestling you throw a little mascot on the map. they did and the american wrestler was rightly awarded
6:17 am
points and the cuban didn't like it. walked off. wouldn't complete the match. >> we're almost out of time. i have to end on a triumphant notes. >> biggest winners? >> the female huddlers that swept the medal stand. a polish hammer thrower that out threw any american. any man. and i think the americans win today in men's basketball good on them because what did they do except have something to lose but they enjoyed the olympics. so great for the american men basketball team if they win. >> we just squeezed in a lot there. >> tried to. >> thank you for talking with us this morning. you can see more of matt lauers interview with ryan lochte monday morning on today. >> adding up the damage following historic flooding in louisiana. how people are trying to get back on their feet, next.
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>> 60,000 home versus been damaged and they're trying to dig themselves out of the worst national disaster since hurricane sandy. president obama is visiting on tuesday. charles, good morning, what does it look like where you are? >> hey, well the misery is piling up on the streets of baton rouge and surrounding communities here using the break in the weather and bring out the debris. the water was up to the eves of the house. that's about 10 feet high across this area. the river spilled out of its banks. that's about a half a mile away from here. a hot of these homes are in the
6:22 am
flood plane but only about 20% of the people had flood insurance. yesterday we met a woman named gloria crum. she and her daughter were cleaning out her home. she found her pink prom dress in all the rubble and talked about the misery they now face. >> i'm so glad we were able to pull each other and help each other. one don't have water and the other one does. one don't have gloves, the other one does. and i'm not crying for the material things. i'm crying for what god has done for us. no matter what the devil meant. god will turn it around for our good. >> back here in baton rouge you can see the piles of debris up and down the streets. it's like this not only on this street but in this neighborhood and neighborhoods all acro southeast louisiana. as many as one third of the homes in this region have been
6:23 am
damaged by the flood. >> it's a contrast of what's right in front of you. thank you this morning. >> coming up, something surprising about tonld trump's base of voters. energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here.
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80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day. >> new reaction on whether donald trump will follow through with a deportation plan if elected. he signalled a shift during a meeting with his advisory board yesterday. here's what his campaign manager said moments ago. >> what he supports and if you go back to his convention speech a month ago what he supports is to make sure that we enforce the law. that we are respectful of those americans looking for well
6:27 am
paying jobs and that rewith fair and humane for those that live among us in this country and as the weeks unfold, he will layout the specifics of that plan that he would implemented as president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force. the kind you just heard in the sound bite and he talked about during the republican primaries. >> to be determined. >> meantime, a new poll shows hillary clinton pulled 9 points ahead of donald trump in florida. it's the largest lead she's held there since the first general election poll was conducted one year ago. let's bring in patrick murphy that carried out this latest poll. >> good morning. >> before we get to the polls we just heard trump's new campaign manager suggest he might soften his stance on similar grags. could that be a big boost for him? especially in a state like florida. >> i'm not sure because one of
6:28 am
the things drawing voters to nald trump is his authenticity and he has taken a hard line on this as far as most of his followers see as his position on ill gra immigration and i'm not sure that he's going to convince anybody that he's sincere. that's one of the problems. people start saying i'm not sure that i believe any of what you say about your position and that's more of a danger for him than actually soften his stance. >> let's dig into the numbers here as we get closer to election day. are the polls more activities vat? how confident are you that clinton will go on to win florida. >> they will get more accurate as we get closer to november 8th. the most accurate poll will be on november 8th itself. what's happening now is now that we have gotten past the two conventions, those are starting to peter out which means we're restabilizing so hilary lynn on the's numbers have come down a couple of points over the past week. that suggests she is going to
6:29 am
continue to hold a big lead. some of the things that we think are stable they could change and then there could be the october surprise. some of the key starts, we put out a poll that shows her with the big lead in florida but perhaps others in swing states, colorado, virginia and new mexico a-- new hampshire she ha been holding on to a double digit lead for quite sometime now and takes those states off the map and the clinton campaign can concentrate on solidifying places like florida and pennsylvania. >> can she win out florida or can trump for that matter? >> she can. it's unlikely that trump could. that's just the way the math adds upright now. if he loses florida he would have to win a whole bunch of states that don't like lie they're anywhere going for him at this point in time such as michigan. >> let's talk about money for a
6:30 am
moment. trump dropped more than $1 million on his first ad buy in florida. how much can that do to change his poll numbers? how much of a correlation do you see between ad spending and the polls? >> this year it's probably 20% of people that could move around. they're going to mean something but probably going to mean less than the trump campaign attacking clinton than for the chin on the campaign attacking trump an that's because all the attacks against clinton in our polling are showing that we already know that about her so that information is coming out in the trump ads. it's just reinforcing what people already know. it's not changing anybody's minds where as what we're seeing with the attacks on trump coming from the clinton campaign are things like i wasn't thinking
6:31 am
about that or i was trying to keep that in the back of my mind because i wanted change but i'm not sure now that i keep seeing this message over and over again that trump doesn't have the right temperament that that's going to be the deciding factor for me. >> one surprising result that trump is leading with white voters by just 5%. how do you explain that after all we heard about his strong bay base of white voters. >> the voters that came out for trump in the primaries and caucuses and coming to his rallies, voters already voted republican. they're more excited this time arn. he's not bringing anybody new out for the general election. he's using white women with a college education. romney won by five points. we have him down by double digits to hillary clinton and that's saying i don't like the way he acts. >> patrick murray no one can say your job is boring my friend. thanks for talking with us this morning.
6:32 am
we're also watching the zika outbreak in miami where five cases are reported in south beach. tammie is in that section of miami beach. good morning to you. the area is a very popular tourist destination. what are officials doing? >> they're out here every morning spraying and they're mopping up any standing water and despite these outbreaks people are still flocking to south beach. three cases were locals, two were tourists. they weren't discovered until they returned home to new york, texas and taiwan. they pinpointed these cases in a 1.5 square mile area of miami beach. a couple of weeks prior there were 25 cases in the neighborhood of wynwood which is just across the bay from miami beach. about six miles so that community has really been hit.
6:33 am
it's taken a hit with businesses. people aren't coming over there as much. it's still left to be seen whether they'll be effective in that way. we spoke with the mayor to find out what they're doing. this is what he had to say. >> we're concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our residents and tourists. this is something that we can contain. we're working with the county to make sure that we eradicate these mosquitos. it's a very big beach and we'll do everything we can to make sure that we get through this. >> you hear him say that it's only a very small area but this also is their tourist hub. this is where all the outdoor caves are, the expensive hotels, the beautiful white sand beaches and lots of shopping. >> thank you tammie. i was just there a couple of months ago. that's a big tourist destination so i know they'll take it seriously. >> the obama administration and state department are under renewed scrutiny over the time
6:34 am
ofg a $400 million payment to iran in january. made at the same time the iranian government reduced american prisons. it was conditional. congressional republicans claim the administration paid a ransom for the release of the americans. >> back in january, the president talked about this transition and then recently he kond sending said we didn't pay ransom but that $400 million would not have left the united states had there not been prisoners released. >> what do you make of this timing? >> it's difficult to describe i as a ransom but it was a quid pro quo and the state
6:35 am
department spokesman said that last week and i think this is what is really problematic is the obama administration knew this was going to be bad optics that's why they didn't talk about it the way they did back in january and it sets a bad precedent. >> how do you think that the iranians see it and what implications could it have with further dealings with iran. >> iran has continued to take more hostages. marly dual national citizens so iran has learned and frankly been doing this for many decades. remember the iran hostage situations in the 1980s that capturing americans or holding americans hostage or other western citizens provides leverage for them to get things out of the u.s. or other
6:36 am
countries even if they were due to them at some point in time. they get them early or they get them on better terms or they get them in cash on a plane so this is something that they are learning and the administration wants to keep the deal going at all costs. >> the argument continues to be made by the obama administration that this was iran's money to begin with and needed to be returned to them under an international agreement. the question remains how this could impact negotiations for americans that may be held by other countries and terrorists groups. does this set a precedent? >> i think it does. we had a long history of hostage negotiations in this country and the ba the obama administration is only in power for another six months and the iranians know the deal now. if they want to get perhaps a
6:37 am
better earlier term on the funds or other restrictions lifted they could potentially use hostages but there's a huge question of how president clinton or president trump would act in the same way so this gives a window and starts back over in january. >> in an article you wrote last month you spoke about the military forces. a defensive approach or expand outside of the country. do you expect to see a shift in the iranian military strategy? >> the iranians are debating this and making significant changes because they're facing very difficult challenges in syria and iraq and fighting sunni extremist groups. at the same time they're recalculating it based on how much of a threat the u.s. is going to be to them and i think
6:38 am
that's going to be the big determinant is if they think that the u. s. is still going to have a strong posture they'll continue to build more forces and terrorist groups in order to fight the u.s. if they think the u.s. is pulling back they're going to create a more classic conventional force. they'll also have a mix of both. >> something you'll be watching. thank you for talking with us this morning. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton and donald trump don't see eye to eye on much but they do agree on one issue that could greatly effect the economy. in a moment. actress evangeline lily tells us what she is doing to oppose the transpacific trade deal. >> trump's smears might backfire on him. joy read talks about that with the former michigan governor on am joy.
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>> artists and musicians are holding shows around the country to get the information out about the transpacific trade deal. we should mention this is not connected to my political candidate or party. joining us is evangeline lily. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so i prepped for you here and decided to start with the acknowledgment that if i were to go out on the street and ask someone their thoughts on the tpp they probably wouldn't know what i'm talking about and for those that know a little bit about it they're not sure of the details so i'm going to ask you and try to keep it simple. what is the tpp and why should the average american be concerned about it? >> well, the transpacific partnership is a trade deal between 12 pacific rim nations including the the u.s. and canada and to make it brief and give it 101 the thing the most
6:43 am
concerning about it is that it gives multinational corporations, thousands of multinational corporations from these 12 nations the rights to sue states for loss of profit. if things like asbestos ban or food and safety standards get if the way of their profits, why it's so disconcerting at this moment a lot of people relaxed about the tpp seeing trump and hilary is opposed to it. we can all relaxed. this is going to leave but we still have a little bit of time before then and we don't get our congress people to publicly come out and oppose the tpp obama could call for a lame duck vote and whoever that president is could be strapped with this toxic trade deal. >> president obama says it would be a boom to american businesses and workers and give us a leg up on economic competitors inlewding china. why tow not agree? >> i'll not alone in not agr
6:44 am
agreeiagre agreeing. the u.s. international trade has predicted that the tpp will create $21.7 billion increase in the job killing u.s. trade deficit. it has been unilaterally proven that these trade deals, the wto and nafta that mirror the ttp have been a massive detriment to u.s. jobs and the u.s. economy. >> this is a way to get attention. let's talk about how these concepts are helping you get your message out to peel. >> what is wonderful is that music and art is a big connector and we have been to many different cities with incredible artists. we've had the comedian with us right now and people come to hear the music and what is wonderful is that once they hear about the tpp, once they hear
6:45 am
the tpp message i think so far we have seen that people are fwr dpr grateful they were told about it. it's the dirtiest trade deal you never heard of and i think that's changing because of the rock against the tpp road tour and many others involvement to try to get the word out and we're grateful to talk to get the word out and so we're very grateful to be able to go out into the streets and talk to people about the tpp. >> i started with giving you a mission and we got that out there, whether you agree oro pose, we'll here more. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you so much. in a moment, an issue where clinton and trump disagree. taxes. we'll size up the plans to see which one helps the middle class the most. little less g-rated.
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. an examination of the trump and clinton plans by the associated press found out that despite this unconventional campaign season they have produced two conventional plans. let's bring in it reporter for the associated press covering employment and the economy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you wrote the assessment. the tax plans may be the only conventional thing about the campaign. first how do the candidates differ in their approach to high earners. >> that is probably the biggest difference. for high earners, the top 1%, donald trump's plan would be a big tax cut from 40% to 33% and some analysis find that would lift the income of the top 1% by more than 5%. so it is a pretty big difference. meanwhile hillary clinton would raise taxes for the wealthiest.
6:50 am
there could be a surcharge for people earning over $5 million a year. she would add 4% on top of the 39.6% top rate and also talked about a minimum tax of 30% for those earning a million dollars a year, so-called buffett rule and that is the different between the candidates and a different outcome for the wealthiest americans, depending about who wins the election. >> and let's talk about middle class and reducing the number of tax brackets to three and low earners would see an increase but things remain unchanged in the clinton plan so which plan is likely to benefit, in your opinion, middle income earners? >> neither would benefit them a whole lot. the trump plan would cut some income taxes for some middle income earners from 15%, some folks paying 15% bracket would go down to 12%. and a few paying a bracket of
6:51 am
28% might go down to 25% and an analysis by the right-leaning tax foundation found that for the bottom 80% of taxpayers that might raise income by a half percent or less and hillary clinton tax plan would have little effect. she's talked about tax cuts but has not released any kind of specific plans. some of the plans on things like childcare would provide some credits or other ways to have some targeted tax cuts for middle income people. but most -- for the bottom 95%, hillary clinton's plan would not make a tremendous difference. >> and i have time for one more. and trump said he will cut the corporate tax rate to 15% from the current 35% and the secretary will leave the rate unchanged. what does this mean for the average worker in this country? >> that is a good question. and it is not a totely clear --
6:52 am
totally clear in the corporate tax rate like trump is talking about. it could be more companies stay here in the united states or maybe more profits and maybe they would reinvest and hire or grow more. and that is a good thing. and he also talked about so-called pass-through partnerships and law firms and private equity firms that would pay a tax at a low 15% rate and that could lead to people trying to reclassify their income and might waste time of people trying to re-jigger their income and that goes to the wealthy 1% and have limited benefits for everyone else. >> we taxed taxes on a -- we talked taxes on a sunday morning and we made it clear. that is an accomplishment. thanks for talking with us. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. up next on "am joy," the down ballot blues that republicans might be singing in november. i'm chanel jones. have a great day. and no colors from artificial sources.
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