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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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at precisely 1:00 p.m., this is msnbc live and i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. up this hour, donald trump's campaign is defending its latest pitches to african-american voters. critics say his comments during speech this is week insulted black voters and they question why he chose to deliver them in predominantly white parts of the country. here's what trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said about it earlier. >> those comments are for all americans and i live in a white community, i'm white, i was very moved by his comment. in other words he is trying to tell americans that we can do better and i think he said that i think got a great deal of resonance is that maybe hillary clinton looks at you as voters, i look at you as people. >> during a rally in fredericksburg, virginia last night, trump issued this following challenge to his party regarding african-american
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voters. >> i fully recognize the outreach to the african-american community is in an area where the republican party must do better and it will do better. the gop is the party of abraham lincoln [ cheers and applause ] and i want our party to be the home of the african-american voter once again. >> trump is off the campaign trail today as is everyone else. he has a rally in ohio tomorrow and his running mate mike pence will hold an event in iowa. on the democrat side, tim kaine will travel to las vegas for two events during which he'll deliver remarks at the international iron workers convention. let's bring in msnbc's jacob rascon coming to us from our d.c. bureau. another good day, jacob. let's look at these pitches to african-american voters. they were certainly part of his
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speeches all week when he used the teleprompter. i know you had a chance to speak with trump supporters about this new strategy. i'm curious what they're saying and what the likelihood is of no more off-the-cuff speeches. >> as far as the likelihood of no more off-the-cuff speeches, donald trump retweeted a trump supporter who said "it's been a great week, more of the same will get you in the white house." it seems trump is in agreement that what he did last week was good, on the right track. no off-the-cuff rally speeches last week so we'll see if he'll keep doing that. will he ever go back to having off-the-cuff speeches? that would certainly be a reversal, a pivot from the donald trump we've known for the last year. as far as what the supporters think about it, they're encouraged because even the true believers as we've talked about before today were beginning to doubt that he could close the gap in the polls. they believe they hope this change will do that ch.
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>> earlier today kellyanne conway talked about the hispanic advisory board yesterday. did we learn about his immigration policy. . i spoke with another hick pick leader and he told me that donald trump said i want your ideas for what to do with the 11 million undocumented in this country where before trump has come out with his idea that's been very clear that we need to deport, he says, all of the 11 million in this country in this meeting he seemed to be open to the possibility of something other than simply deporting all of the 11 million tune documented immigrants. his campaign manager talked
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about the deportation force trump talked about. >> as weeks unfold he will lay out the specifics of that plan he will implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind you just heard in that soundbite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> to be determined so now this hispanic leader said right now he and the others in the meeting are in the process of giving the trump campaign their research, their numbers behind their alternate ideas for what to do with the 11 million undocumented. trump is expected to speak about immigration later this week and his campaign manager said provide more details in the coming weeks. >> i should note that we'll speak with one of those latino leaders at the bottom of the hour. joining me now, seema mehta, "los angeles times" and holly hooper, congressional reporter
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for "the hill." seema from lancos angeles, i'm curious about your take from kellyanne conway's answer about whether there will be a deportation force. >> that was interesting. throughout this entire campaign donald trump has been talking about cracking down on illegal immigration, billing the border wall. in every rally he still talks about that. he kicked off his campaign by arguing mexico is sending criminals and reapi irapists or dealers so the fact she backed off i thought was remarkable. >> molly, let's talk about the hispanic advisory board. what are they looking to get snout. >> they're looking to tone him down. the one thing donald trump has been steadfast about is building this wall and when it comes to deportations that's a different matter. especially since trump has favored a touchback program and he's talked about being humane and treating the families who
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are here humanely but his big emphasis has been on the border wall and keeping people out. of course he said he wants to send criminals back to mexico and what not but that's different than all of the rest of the 11 million people here in this country illegally. >> seema, he may be listening but how much of an impact do you think these board members will have on immigration rhetoric and policy? >> it's hard to say. throughout the whole campaign -- donald trump was successful because he was himself. he had advisors but he went with his own gut instinct and i have a hard time -- unless this is a reboot, but we've heard about so many donald trump campaign reboots and then he's back to normal. unless there is a complete reversal from everything in the past 15 months i question how much impact it will have. >> what do you anticipate molly from the immigration speech thursday? campaign reboot or something less than? >> in talking to operatives on capitol hill, one of the points
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that they make is, again, and this is a point i think one of your previous guests made, donald trump isn't necessarily looking to get african-american votes, hispanic votes. he's trying to appeal to the undecided housewife in lookfield, michigan who doesn't want to vote for a republican seen as a racist. he's trying to appeal to the woman vote, undecided who doesn't want to vote for somebody so volatile and has seemingly intolerant policy proposals so, again, this is not necessarily an effort to turn votes around in those minority community, it's more so to reach out to women voters who are on the fence right now about voting for donald trump. >> okay. seema, i've been reading your articles, you've been talking about the campaign shakeup a lot so i want to focus with you on breitbart's steve bannon's influence on the campaign. what do you think was behind trump's calculation to bring this guy in and what should we expect under this new leadership? >> breitbart has been so -- an
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incredibly pro-trump very favorable coverage of him this entire time. steve bannon doesn't have any campaign experience but he does have a reputation as a street fighter. that was an indication that trump wanted somebody who would let him be trump. that said kellyanne conway is a long time gop operative and i think people are hopeful that she'll let trump be trump, to keep the essence of his personality but smooth out the rougher edges so he can reach out to suburban women or establishment moderate republicans who are concerned about his red rick and tone so i think people hope kellyanne will let him be himself but smooth out the rough edges. >> what about the lingering issue of his failure to release the tax returns, molly? we'll play what kellyanne conway has to say about that. >> this audit is a serious matter and that he has said that when the audit is complete he'll release his tax returns. i also know as a pollster that
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what concerns people most about "taxes" is their own tax liability so we appreciate people being able to see hillary clinton's plan and donald trump's plan and figure out who will get the middle-class tax relief. >> is that an accurate assessment, molly, of how voters feel considering the transparency issues both nominees have? do you think voters should be satisfied? >> well, i think for now they're going to have to be in part because once donald trump puts his tax records out there i think the big fear among republicans is not necessarily so much that it will be transparent, it's more so that you'll have a bunch of deep yays in the united states poring through every line of his tax records and looking for inconsistencies that could influence the outcome of an autodid, thiaut audit, things the irs missed. so obviously the campaign must feel the opportunity cost of not releasing the tax records is greater than releasing them. as far as people are concerned
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across the country, you know, i can't speak for those folks but i know personally, you know, i want to know the tax plans, that's what i'm interested in and mike pence said he was going to release his records. donald trump hasn't served in public office so it's a little bit of a different issue wrad when you have somebody like hillary clinton, tim kaine, mike pence, they've all been in government, you want to see where they've made their money. >> but to that point, molly, the fact that donald trump has touted the fact that he's worth $10 billion time and time and time again, if the tax releases proved that to be wrong or amend it, would that be of interest to you? basically truthfulness? >> well, a luteally. it would be very interesting. i don't know how it would affect a vote. when it comes down to it, it's seeing the tax plan, what he wants to promote.
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would that help him? would his tax proposal enrich his family members? i can see that being very interesting. at the same time, people want to know about the clinton foundation, they want to know about other areas of transparency as well. since steve bannon is now involved, this could come out in the debates coming up which will be interesting. >> right you are, first one next month, batter up, here we go. molly hooper and seema mehta. ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. the governor of louisiana calling if more help as the flood stricken state enters its recovery stage. he described donald trump's visit as helpful clarifying reports he dismissed the trip as a photo-op. president obama heads to louisiana on tuesday but he was criticized over not cutting his vacation short to make a visit earlier. >> the president and valerie jarrett asked me when would be a good time for a visit, i asked them to let us get out of the response mode where we were
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still conducting searches of houses, still making rescues, i didn't want to divert resources and assets to providing security for the president while they were needed in this region to undertake those response activities and i asked if he could wait until the response was over. >> charles hadlock is in baton rouge, louisiana, where the president is stopping by next week. charles, with a good day to you. let's talk about the situation where you are right now. what's it like other than a huge mess behind you? >> it is, alex, when the president comes here on tuesday he won't have to travel far from the airport to see this. this is one of dozens, perhaps hundreds of neighborhoods throughout southeast louisiana affected by the floods. last friday, a week ago, on august 12, this area received more than 30 rinches of rain, a year's worth of rain deluged
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this area, flooding the neighborhood with 10 feet of water here. people are taking advantage of the clear skies here today although it's been raining off and on adding insult to injury to take out the contents of their houses. everything they own, the sheetrock, carpets, flooring, everything on the curb so the city can start picking it up on monday but it will take months to clear all of this up. one of the people we talked to yesterday, gloria crumb, she and her daughter were going through their house yesterday and they found the daughter's pink prom dress and they talked about the recovery they face ahead. >> i'm so glad we're able to pull each other's hands and help each other. one doesn't have water, the other one does. one doesn't have gloves, the other one does. i'm not crying for the material things. i'm crying for what god has done for us, no matter what the devil meant for either, god turned it
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around for our good. >> just a devastating situation here in southeast louisiana. 13 people died in the storms that happened over a week ago, more than 60,000 homes are in this kind of shape, destroyed, damaged and more than 100,000 people have applied for fema assistance but they're hitting the cold, hard fact if they don't have flood insurance -- and only about 20% affected by this storm do -- that the cap for the fema reimbursement is $30,000. not enough to replace this, not to mention damage to the homes. back to you. >> so painful that figure, charles, do you mknow specifically the president's plans? where he'll head in baton rouge on tuesday? >> we don't know. we assume he has to fly to different areas because it's such a vast area. several hundred square miles of area affected by this. he wants to tour as much of it as he can and meet with several
10:16 am
people involved in this so we assume he will be flying by helicopter across the region tuesday. >> charles hadlock, thank you very much. the time is drawing near to bid adieu to rio. how the games of the xxxi olympiad are wrapping up next. men. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel.
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get a good look as we give you a good look at rio de janeiro on the final day of the summer olympics and that beautiful calderon there. the u.s. dominating here, topping the medal count with 117 medals overall. that number could go higher. let's get to ron mott in rio for us. first up, let's talk about last night's highlights and what you think about today, ron?
10:20 am
>> skies are gray down here. it's a little sort of a misty day but the spirits are bright here in rio, final day of these great olympic games and last night for americans on the track it was outstanding, especially in the 4 x 400 relays these two events belong in the united states of america. the men had a score to settle because bahamas won the gold four years ago in london so they had a chip on their shoulder, these u.s. men. they ran very well. bahamas was in convention but finished with the bronze. jamaica finishing second. on the women's side, it's so fun to watch these ladies run. allyson felix running the anchor leg for the usa ran away with the gold again. this is the sixth straight olympics u.s. women have won the 4 x 400 relay. here's the incomparable allyson felix afterwards. >> i think just knowing where we come from. we have such a rich history in this event and we want to keep
10:21 am
that legacy going on so i think we all know about that and it's also a lot of fun. come out here and close the olympics out. >> allyson felix winning her sixth gold medal. she's only one of three women in the united states who have won that many. so already this morning look at the results today. u.s. men and volleyball taking the bronze medal against russia. it was a comeback victory. a surprise in the marathon, galen rupp finished in third with the bronze medal. he was one of three americans who were contenders in this race the front-runner finished the race in 33rd which is unusual for him. he finished fourth several years ago we have a boxing gold medal match clean claressa shields.
10:22 am
she's fight someone from kazakhstan and behind me at 2:45 eastern time the u.s. men's basketball team the united states expecting to win gold but this will be a hard fought victory if they get it. the big finale, a carnivale themed closing ceremony. simone biles, who won five medals here in rio is going to be the flag bearer for the united states of america so what a bookend. michael phelps on the front end, simone biles on the back end and medals in between for the u.s. >> you've been our gold medallist in terms of reporting and bringing the information to us. ron mott, great to have you in rio, appreciate it. >> thanks, alex. >> he's mastered the art of the political tweet but one type of tweet donald trump is sending less of frequently these days. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief
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slide in many polls, you might have guessed he's probably not talking much about polls these days although he did tweet today about a tracking poll that shows him up by two. the web site 538 did digging and showed that trump is tweeting far less about his standings in the polls, he's done so only five times. in 538's chart you can see how the tweets have tapered off with the highest number of them more than 100 in october. and what happened during donald trump's meeting with his hispanic advisory council? why do reports indicate he may soften his approach to undocumented immigrants? one of the leaders in that meeting joins us in just a moment. and it's the new zika hot zone in florida. the new efforts to combat the spread of the zika virus coming up. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go.
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welcome back, everyone. let's go to the first meeting of donald trump's newly formed hispanic advisory board.
10:30 am
members met yesterday in new york with the candidate. the big question today, did donald trump signal a shift in his immigration policy? joining me on the phone is jose fuentes, the former attorney general of puerto rico, he was present at that meeting. jose with a welcome to you, you were there. what did mr. trump say? >> thank you for inviting me, alex. well, he didn't say very much, actually. the idea of the meeting was that he wanted to listen to us and our ideas and it was a very open and frank discussion she was very engaging, very thoughtful, super nice and very well prepared. he understood all the issues very well and we were able to bring up any issue we wanted and we spoke about everything important to hispanics. >> what was your biggest takeaway on what issue did you want to press him most and do you think he got it? >> well, the most important
10:31 am
issue we wanted the press was the importance of economic devel development job creation and protection of small business. that for us was the number-one issue. we did talk about immigration and he brought up the issue of how to deal with the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in the country. >> all right, to that end i want to play what this morning was said by his campaign manager kellyanne conway talking about the possible change on deportation. let's get to that and i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force? the kind that you just heard in that south bund r bite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> jose, can you give us any
10:32 am
insight as to the point you believe got through to mr. trump? anything you think he said that you can give us a preview? >> well, i mean, like i said, he was the one who brought up the issue and i think that what that signals is that he understands the importance of addressing this issue. and he was very clear that it has to be something that is is fair, that is humane and that is legal and this when he says fair, fair for everyone, right? everyone who stood in line for years to get into this country legally. everyone who suffers the consequences of an open border i think he understands how important this issue is for hispanics and that it needs to be address, he will be addressing it, what he'll say,
10:33 am
you need to wait until he talks about it or the campaign is more specific. >> do you get a sense he's going to change on his many times over statement about deporting these 11 million estimated undocumented immigrants? >> i don't think that there's a change. i think he's still understanding that, you know, there's going to be some tough measures to deal with it. but it has to be humane about has to be fair. i don't think it's a change of heart as much as an understanding of the importance. once we are able -- what's happening now is he's seeing that the whole discussion about the wall has dropped and he asks us why aren't you bringing up the wall? well, it's not an issue. we understand that if we are going to be a nation we need to control our borders or we don't have sovereignty and that's the
10:34 am
first thing we need to do and this is a very compassionate country. once we control our borders be it a wall, manpower, electronic means, we will be able to deal with the 11 million people that are here without documents and i think it's a realization, not a change of heart. >> help me to understand why the wall is not an issue right now. he has said time and again he's going to build a wall and has hadd e added mexico is going to pay for it is. that not his intent. >> hillary clinton when she was in the senate she voted for a 625 mile double wall and now she's pandering. no, controlling our borders is important. if we don't control our borders, we're not a nation. it's part manpower, part electronic surveillance, we get it, it's not a problem.
10:35 am
we can not allow the criminals that are taking advantage of immigrants trying to get across the border and what's happening to them is devastating. >> jose fuentes, the former attorney general of puerto rico, thank you for phoning in. appreciate that. >> thank you, alex. >> as the race for 270 electoral votes gets closer, new analysis shows hillary clinton has new analysis to what she needs to win the white house come november. and joining me now, larry sabato, the university of virginia's central politics. i'm trying to get to the number crunching but you heard that interview i did with jose fuentes. give me your take on trump's potential change of heart as it's being bantered. >> it didn't matter. that's my take.
10:36 am
the time for hispanic advisory council is long past. donald trump and for that matter hillary clinton have very ill-designed images, personas, issue positions are key issues are well nobody in the hispanic at latino communities. they've gotten what they need to get from donald trump but i need to go to the numbers because they matter. >> let's go to it. >> he is receive the lowest percentage of the vote among latinos ever reported for a republican presidential candidate. he's in the teens. go to the great polls being done by gnat know decisions and other rorgss remember, gore gore in 2004 got around 40% of the latino vote. mitt romney did very poorly in 2012 but he got 27% of the
10:37 am
hispanic vote. hillary clinton would get around 80%. compare that to barack obama's 71% which was a very high percentage in 2012 yet it shows you how poorly trump is doing and i don't think it's going to change. >> with 79 days to go, no change because why? this is baked into the cake or there's nothing you foresee hillary clinton doing that could mess things up? >> that's a great metaphor. we use it all the time. if the cake isn't finished baking, that part of the cake is baked, yes. remember, that was his first message back when he announced and believe me hispanics paid attention when he talked about rapists coming across the boarder. >> i am looking at a great map you put together in which you specifically mention new hampshire which puts hillary
10:38 am
clinton over the 270 mark. why have you switched from having that state leaning democratic to likely going to the clinton camp? >> new hampshire is one of those states that has evolved from being at one time a solidly republican state into now a likely democratic state, you can look at the progression of percentages for democrats over recent presidential elections. we've had a series of very well-done polls that have shown that new hampshire is almost out of reach, really, for donald trump so we waited, we could have done this a month ago. we didn't because new hampshi hampshirites are very independent by nature and they can switch on you but i think there's been enough consistency now with those four electoral votes she goes from 269 to 273 a likely and safe democratic electoral votes and you need 270 to win. >> and i'm looking overall at the history of what you've done
10:39 am
with the crystal ball. since march you had the number at 347 electoral votes for hillary clinton. you've given her one more because of the second district in nebraska that you have put into your column. you're not waivvering at all on this, larry? >> in march we felt the same way that we feel today which is that given the structure of the american electorate. given the hillary clinton campaign and persona we know and donald trump's campaign or campaign, i should say, there have been three of them, and persona we know it seems hillary clinton was headed for a substantial majority in the electoral college. you can argue about the popular vote. i think she'll end up between barack obama's 4% plurality in 2012 and his 7% plurality in 2008 but she's probably headed for a substantial majority in
10:40 am
the electoral college. we've been the rock of gibraltar as far as we're concerned. we haven't had a single day where we've had donald trump ahead. we don't believe in changing the forecast overnight. >> all right, mr. rock. we'll have you back again and see if that changes at all, my friend. thank you very much, larry sabato. >> thank you, alex. >> ransom or leverage? the implications of that $400 million payment to iran. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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10:44 am
they're putting pesticide pellets in the sewage drains and mopping up standing water. people are concerned but not so concerned they're staying away from the beach. five cases in the last week, two locals that got infect ed three tourists, those weren't detected until they got back home to texas from new york and taiwan. the mayor of south miami beach says this is what they are doing. well, when i talked to him he told me they're not that concerned, they are taking every precaution, they want people to keep coming out and he emphasized this is contained to a 1.5 square mile area of miami beach. while it is contained, we don't know if it spread to other neighborhoods and that's why the health department is saying it takes longer to detect so there could be other pacts here that
10:45 am
haven't been detected? >> tammy leitner from miami beach appreciate that. let's go to the obama administration and starmts which are under renewed scrutiny over the timing of a $400 million payment to iran in january made at the same time the iranian government released american prisoners. the state department acknowledged the payment was conditional on the release of the detapes. donald trump speaking in virginia last night lashed out saying the administration was empowering iran's military. >> they're doing this with their disastrous deal that puts iran on the path to nuclear weapons and gives them another 150 billion not to mention the $400 million in cash which turned out to be a reasoned soansom paymen all, just like i said. in other words our president lied to us. >> let's bring in the president of ploughshares found, a global security foundation.
10:46 am
joe, good to see you. you heard what donald trump said did president obama lie? was this ransom for prison release? >> i'm not surprised that donald trump believes that repaying a debt that you owe is ransom but this was not a ransom, it was not secret, it was smart tough diplomacy. eight months ago in the middle of january we concluded a nuclear deal with iran that stopped' iran's bomb program. we repaid a debt we owed them for pennies on the dollar and got american prisoners released. this was a national security trifecta. if a republican president did this, they'd be praising him for being smart and tough and so they should. there was nothing wrong here. everything went right. >> hauow about from the iranian perspective? do they perceive this deal to be an exchange of prisoners for cash? >> they were exchanging prisoners that they seized for prisoners we had in our prison.
10:47 am
this was separately negotiated, it was a prisoner exchange also separately negotiated was the settlement of the 37-year-old debt. the two occurred on the same day but they were independent. here's what happened. when it looked like the iranians were delaying the plane that carries our prisoners and were maybe doing monkey business with the release we said we won't release the money yet. we'll hold up our plane as well. that's the leverage the state department was talking about, that was the right thing to do, that was smart and that's the only connection when the prisoners went in there air then and only then we released but it wasn't ransom. it wasn't paying them something they would have gotten. this was their money, we were just holding it to make sure everything went right with the prisoner exchange. >> so a couple things. the timing. you can see how this looks suspicious that's what everybody has questioned the whole time.
10:48 am
was there anything that the administration or the state department could have done to avoid this timing issue? >> they could have explained this better. if there's anything they did wrong it's clumsiness in the way they explained it. the "los angeles times" has an excellent editorial on this. of course it's not ransom they said but the two were connected and the administration should have been more forthright. you can understand why obama didn't want to do that he doesn't want to create the impression that we'll give money for hostages. you never pay ransom, once you start you can't stop. but they could have been more forthright and by not being so it created the political issue today. this is not a policy issue we have here. this is political football cooked up by far right senators who leaked it to the "wall street journal" and finaled it into the trump campaign. >> but is it factually based?
10:49 am
is it unequivocal that the timing of that incident that it was iran balking first? they were saying "we're going to hold up this plane" and the united states responded by saying "we're going to hold up the money"? do we know that forrern? >> all we have is what the state department said and what was told to senators who leaked it to the "wall street journal." so we have no independent corroboration of the exact timing but no one has disputed that so it appears to be the case. >> joe cirincione, always good to talk to you, thank you so much. >> thank you, alex. >> in just a moment, examining donald trump's foreign policy. one of the experts who took part in last week's foreign policy meeting joins us next. ...clear for take off.
10:50 am
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in addition to meeting with hispanic leaders trump is also ramping up his foreign policy
10:53 am
creds. also the same day he received his first intelligence briefing. joining me is dr. karen skinner a foreign policy expert who attended trump's foreign policy meeting, and we should add the only women in the room beside trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. we welcome you here. i'm curious what you stressed to mr. trump during this meeting. >> i talked about what he's already talking about, which is the importance of the global war on terror, characterizing it perhaps in that way as much as a might against radical islamic extremisti extremistists. this is indeed a global conflict. one study found between 2002 and 2015 worldwide about 33,000 people have been killed by terrorists. and 80% of those since the development of isis. in 2013. so this is much more of a global
10:54 am
conflict and he's already been talking about that. but i wanted to contribute to that understanding. that that is a global war on terror. and what i found interesting in the meeting is that there was a much more comprehensive discussion b about combatting terrorism. the military side. the kinetic side. cyber, financial warfare. a whole range of tools including diplomacy that will be needed, so i was reassured that there will be much more coming from mr. trump in a comprehensive way on how to combat radical islam. >> but how about military? >> was there talk of more military action in these countries like syria and iraq? and do you expect retooling of the strategy to defeat isis around the world? >> what i really heard was a discussion about the u.s. military more broadly. making sure that it is strong. making sure that we have a more robust navy with more ships. we're down in terms of
10:55 am
shipbuilding in terms of the army. there was a concern that the army have robust support in the cyber arena. and we know that the army stood up a cyber branch a couple of years ago. but in terms of specifics on using military power against isis, i did not engage in that conversation. i don't remember that being the focus. >> do you have any takeaway from this meeting that there is still areas of national security and foreign policy that he needs to beef up on before the upcoming debates? >> that is important. this is what i took away. for most of the president usual race, especially during the primaries, donald trump was the lead problem identifier. and then he got the nomination. now it is up to him to help provide a lot more solutions. and when i say problem identifier. when you think about it. the major issues now going into the general election, many of them were put on the table by
10:56 am
donald trump. immigration, brexit like concerns of americans, the global war on terror, job creation. some of the candidates both democrat and republican were not making those center stage. now he has the heavy lift of saying what are me plans in these big problems that i've identified that connect -- >> and get details. before i let you go, your reaction to the criticism trump is getting over his recent appeal to african american voters. are critics making valid points? who do his comments signal about the direction his campaign is taking? >> i think this goes back to my earlier point. when you talk about job creation. and then you don't talk specifically about african american, i think there is a disconnect. job creation is race neutral. and i think he's now saying the dignity of work and the opportunities that have many african americans in the urban areas have not been given is
10:57 am
something they care about. whether he's got critics or not, the fact that he's having the conversation. whether it is coming out in ways that people like, i think it is central that a presidential candidate go on record. and i fully expect more details from him. >> okay. >> and i think he's going to enter is the black community in a way wii haven't seen before. all right. >> so i'm excited about the future and i think it is vital that the republican party do what mr. trump is trying right now. >> thank you so you have. that is a wrap of this hour. coming up next hour, regrets only? what about apologies from donald trump? richard lui isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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