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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is involving an age old problem, hillary clinton's e-mail problems. clinton said in an fbi interview he told her to use her personal e-mail. we are covering the clinton campaign and joins us live from the white house. tell us, what is secretary powell saying? clinton was very clear saying it was collin powell who gave us this directive. >> and he said collin powell advised her on two separate occasions once during an e-mail that he sent to her to use a private e-mail server. over the weekend people magazine caught up with the former secretary of state and he said her people have been trying to pin it on me. he also said the truth is she was using the private e-mail server for a year before i sent telling her what i did. this undoubtedly will her account of why she was using her personal e-mail.
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i did reach out to the clinton campaign. i haven't gotten a response back from them. as you underscore this is the issue that continues to complicate those trust numbers with voters. >> yes. >> the complication is the last thing they need around the e-mail issues. i have to ask you about the health conspiracies. at this point it is what they are. we have not seen any fact around it. the trump campaign keeps pushing a narrative that hillary clinton is not fit from a perspective. >> she hasn't had a press conference. fails to point out several signs of illness by her. go online and put down hillary clinton illness. take a look at the videos for yourself! how strong of a hold is this
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narrative getting to google her name. is he really making the argument to us? >> they have got the facts. >> the clinton campaign has responded enough to knock down what they are calling der ranged conspiracy theories. we heard from secretary who again said, look, take a look at my report. she is absolutely fine. this is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. the campaign not saying a whole lot except to say we have said what we have had to say. they don't want to give this anymore oxygen. i think this is the approach we can expect to see from the clinton campaign when you one of these conspiracy theories which is saying this is absolutely ridiculous to try to move on and turn the page. >> we have to go to an issue she
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can't turn the page on yet. now they will change from the rules over there? >> that's right. we are also learning that chelsea clinton plans to stay on the board regardless of whether clinton is elected in november. the clinton foundation saying it will no longer accept donations from large corporations. they are saying isn't it too little too late? shouldn't they have ceased a long time ago? the clinton campaign manager saying look, the foundation really is doing important work particularly when it comes to hiv aids research and that to stop it immediately would ultimately hurt some of that good work that is being done. still, this continues to be a political problem. >> all right. thanks so much. turning our attention to the
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current administration. president obama will visit baton rouge, louisiana tomorrow. donald trump visited on friday. the president was on vacation in martha's vineyard. we are live in baton rouge. people were very upset the president didn't even make a public comment about the flooding. will tomorrow's visit make up for that? >> good morning. yes. people are extremely upset. will tomorrow's visit be too little too late? i don't think so. i think people who lost everything want some assistance out here. this is one house. this family has lost everything that they own. everything is out here in their front yard, soaked. it's not just this house. we'll give you a look down this street. it is every single house. house after house after house. they have all lost everything that they own. >> what kind of support are they getting? if you look at that house after house, 40,000 homes total have
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been damaged. yes, maybe they are getting back there this week but getting back to what? who is helping them. >> when you break it down each house only gets about $33,000. look at this. this is everything that they own. $33,000 is not going to replace that. >> my gosh. all right. thank you. one more note on the flooding. the national institute of waller yes and infective diseases that zika may get worse. they believe it will spread to texas and louisiana especially after the specific massive floods we were just speaking about. five more people diagnosed with zika. up next, an nbc news exclusive, ryan on what happened
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they falsely claim they were robbed at gunpoint. it is what he called an over exaggeration. >> if i had never done that we wouldn't be in this mess. >> so you guys go to the bathroom in the bushes. it is kind of a metal framed advertisement of some kind. you ripped it off the wall? >> yeah.
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i have no idea. i mean i was very intoxicated. i have no idea why. it was immature. it was chielldish. >> did they damage, destroy or vandalize anything in that gas station that night? >> it is me. i am taking full responsibility for everything. it was childish and immature. >> what about the people of rio? >> how sorry i am and my deepest apologie apologies. they put on a great game and my immature intoxicated behavior tarnished that a little. >> joining me now is a host for the upcoming sports podcast. he clearly apologized. he did it on american tv to an american audience. should he not be apologizing?
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couldn't you say maybe he did it to shore up his american fan base? >> that was certainly a part of it. i'm sure he regrets that it all happened. since he really got nothing out of it why wouldn't his regret happen? i wouldn't recommend he go down to brazil. i wouldn't want to trust myself with the court system there. i sense there is a lot of court anger. we want to full rending of gar mets. but details are coming out. u.s.a. today that it does seem to comport with the truth. if it was a robbery or a shake down for money and the other thing i would say, when we say how would he not have known that it is going on in ryan's brain. his brain is not especially well intoxicated. >> so one can make the argument,
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you're almost saying, well, she is a dope. he shouldn't have known better? >> no. think the entire international community has come down on him. the brazilian police are using this for political reasons, using it to detract attention from the horrible state of murders. it wasn't lochte that made them meet americans with signs that said welcome to hell. this guy is the classic clown. >> what about punishment? they said he should be suspended through the 2020 olympics. that means his career finito.
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>> the days after would be the worst to take away. he has given a lot to the olympic team. he is a valuable member of relay teams. you could suspend him for a few races. if details come out that a lot of what he is saying comports with what he saying will be a huge punishment. >> these other baguys are young. they don't have their olympic legacies set just yet. >> i hope they can get back some of their reputation. i think we should take it as a lesson about the subculture of sports. it isn't even a team sport but you see the pressure he can put on younger people who haven't done anything wrong who just get sucked along into the decisions an older athlete made.
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know that dynamic can go on. >> what about the historic olympics? when you thought about the swim team it was about the 28 gold medals that michael phelps has won. we are wrapping up the olympics. did it tarnish the whole olympics? >> i think as we get distant the medals stay. nothing will change what ledecky did in the pool. the entire team which overshot estimates and crushed everyone and you add all of that up and it's a weird blip that i don't think, you know, was the bill clinton legacy tarnished by what rob lowe did? there are weird things that happen along the way. what really matters is the stuff you put in the record books.
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>> i think -- >> he earned back his reputation. >> thank you. breaking down ryan lochte. did donald trump really flip-flop for undocumented immigran immigrants? i'll speak to a round table where trump supposedly softened his stance. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. it's the big steak & crab herebash...back, you get half a pound of sweet, snow crab legs... ...paired with our new, tender,center-cut sirloin...
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. welcome back. it is time for your morning primer. more rain over the weekend in louisiana as more than 100,000 people begin to return to their flooded homes. 13 people there have died. more than 3,000 people remain in shelters. five crews in the state of washington are battling a wild fire. two homes and five other structures have been burned. any minute now a news
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conference is about to start in milwaukee that lead to protests. we'll bring it to you live. and new nflgs on the death -- information on the iconic singer prince. pills found ind side his pailly park home were mislabeled and labeled fentenyl. and olympics came to an official close highlighted by the british prime minister. tokyo will host the 2020 summer olympics. turning to turkey, a devastating suicide bombing at a wedding where 51 people were killed, 69 others injured. what's worse, the bomber was a child, no more than 14 years old. kelly is following the story for us. a child 12 to 14 years old did
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this? >> as disturbing as it sounds, yes. that is what the turkish authorities believe. this is a tactic isis used. they indoctrinate them, potentially dressing them in a suicide vest and sending them to this wedding party. witnesses said the bomb does set off very close to a group of kids standing apart from the adults, all dancing in the street. this was a traditional party where women paint their hands and feet. people were pouring into the street. the adults dancing when the blast ripped through the crowds of women and children. the government said 22 of the victims were children younger
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than 14. the suicide bomber between 12 and 14 years old. the question is where did he come from? it is possible he came from across the border. it is about 40 miles or so. but isis is also known to have cells inside turkey. we are try to go we have to turn to miami where children across southern florida are going back to school today. five more cases have been diagnosed. terry sanders is on that beach. what are parents taking to protect these kids?
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>> there is a need because they may be bitten by a mosquito and it may be spread to a mother who is proeg nant. 36 total cases known between two total cases. >> and across to winwood which is about a 1 square mile area. there are about 7,600 students going back to school today. in an effort to help calm some of the concerns the school board and health department have been handing out bug spray, a rel pel lant and telling them to wear long sleeves. for some students they gave out free uniforms. this is florida. a lot of people don't have long sleeve shirts. they wear short sleeves all of the time. the reason is mosquitos won't get them. the big part of the problem here
6:23 am
is kids line up at bus stops in the morning and then in the evening is when they are also active. there is a fair amount of attention and concern. while parents are concerned they shouldn't be overly concerned. at least until this point there is no thaeevidence it could cau problems. >> thank you. we'll take you back to politics now. donald trump holding a weekend meeting with his hispanic advisory council. he appears to be softening his position on 12 million undocumented immigrants. just a reminder, here is what he has been saying over the past year. take a look. >> how do you deport 12 million illegal immigrants? >> here illegally you do it. >> are you going to have a
6:24 am
massive deportation force? >> you will do it humanely. >> you to keep it together. >> we will either have a country or we're not going to have a country. >> we are going to create a path where we can get them into this country illegally. let me bring in jose fuentez. it started when kellyanne conway said plans were to be determined. so just this morning i want to share what mr. trump said. >> no. i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a fair but firm answer. it has to be firm. i want to come up with something fair. >> you were at the round table meeting over the weekend. if he said over and over 12
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million we simply must get them out. kellyanne is saying it is to be determined what can we guess other than flip-flop here? >> well, he invited us to his home to talk about all kinds of issues that we want today put on the table. he came here to listen. that's what he invited us to do. we gave him a lot of ideas. some of those yideas were very valid and needed to be understand better and needed to be considered. it means that he understands how difficult it is and he is willing to listen to other people. i think it's very good. >> does listening mean he is changing his stance though? based on what kellyanne conway could one infer he is going to change this very hard-lined
6:26 am
position which many of those strong nationalist support ers have been felt very good about? >> he always said it has to be fair, that it has to be under the law. it has to be compassionate and has to be firm. i don't think that's changed. we have 150,000 people in this country who came in through the border with a criminal record. we need to find those people. >> fair to whom? there are citizens of latino decent who don't feel donald trump has been fair to them from the beginning. going after the mexican judge, the wall to mexico. the list goes on. when donald trump says he needs to be fair, who is he looking to fair to? >> he is looking to be fair to everyone, not only the people in this country without documents
6:27 am
but the people who stood in line for 5, 10, 15 years, to the people being impacted on the border. >> it has to be fair to everyone. >> i am very sorry. i don't want you to think we are being unfair to you. we need to turn to a press conference taking place at this moment in milwaukee, wisconsin. the police shooting involved one individual man and left several businesses burned. let's take a look. >> finally i want to reflect on law enforcement. we will leave no stone unturned to get to the truth in this investigation. like the people in sherman park the vast majority of law enforcement officers served every day. for those hard-working public servants the need to use deadly
6:28 am
force is a traumatic act they hope to avoid when they go to work. i hope i join all of the voices that are urging calm to the events. i'm also urging patience to give us the opportunity to complete a thorough and comprehensive investigation, a thorough and comprehensive search for the truth. we are not in a position to die verge details and i'll explain why in a moment. we cannot and will not be discussing the information. the most common request has been for the release of the videos, of the body cameras. we will not be releasing those at this time. first, the body camera video is one piece of information among many sources of information. they give only a narrow glimpse
6:29 am
of the overall picture. it will not answer all of your questions. your questions will be better answered when they are viewed in the context of all of the information gathered in the investigation. more importantly release of the videos would compromise the integrity of the investigation as we are searching for the truth it is some times necessary to confront witnesses with information they didn't know or they didn't know we knew. we are still collecting information and we will have follow-up questions for some of the witnesses who are interviews already. we do not want to create the worst case scenario that charges might be appropriate and cannot complete a successful investigation because we let the investigation get compromised. we will not do that.
6:30 am
so the investigation is ongoing and it is done only when the prosecutor is satisfied that the investigators have given them all we can. until a decision is final there could always be follow-up. where is the investigation at? all critical witnesses have been interviewed at least once. we'll take you to own yoown blake mccoy. he joins us in milwaukee. it is all about the body cam. >> reporter: the mayor came out immediately after the shooting and said both officers involved were wearing body cameras and the cameras were working at the
6:31 am
time of the shooting. we do know he had guns and he refused to put that gun down. that's when police say they were forced to fire fearing for the officer's safety. the officer is black himself. this shooting, of course, prompted all sorts of protests and riots here in milwaukee. officers injured. a gas station was burned to the ground which many of us saw last weekend. they want to provide context for the video. >> what's the number turn around? when you hear the argument by his family you could say, sure, let's see it. how long does it normally take the police to release something
6:32 am
like that? >> totally depends on the city that we are talking about. in some cases we had a police shooting about two or three weeks ago where the video was released that same week. police were so confident and because of what we have seen popping up across the country police wanted to get ahead of it. they said we were justified here. it depends on the locality. there is no federal rule that says you have to release it within a certain amount of time. >> clearly a tense time and police want their city safe. we are going to take a quick break. we'll continue our conversation as well as covering more rain hampering the clean up effort over the weekend. i'll be speaking with the lieutenant governor and if president obama's visit is too late.
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apologies. i want to go back to our conversation. i was asking you about donald trump being fair. being fair to whom. >> being fair to everyone. being fair to those that are here, become fair to those who stood in line to get here legally being fair to those who are on the border and is creating all kind of chaos for them. has to be fair for everyone. and part of your role right now, to bring on more latino supporters. help me out. he had had so many picks. the list goes on. sell it to me. how are you winning over other
6:37 am
latino voters. right now he is only polling at 14%. >> i think the main issues for us miss hispanics which are skbr jobs, homeowner ship, schools, health, are all main street issues where donald trump has much better ideas than hillary clinton. >> like what? >> if you think that the last eight years have been very good for you you're doing great, you're very happy the way the country is going you have to vote. if you think we can do better, that job creation could do better, that schools should improve, that obamacare -- >> jose, mr. trump needs to be more than just not hillary clinton many americans could simply stay home.
6:38 am
kpektly, jobs, the committee. what is it that appeals to the latino community? >> the one that is staying home is hillary clinton, not donald trump. he all right started giving very specific speeches on what he is going to be doing. he will be giving a speech next thursday. >> so please tell me. >> he'll talk to hispanics. they need to protect their small business businesses. he has a great plan. >> what was it? >> he is talking about bringing back to the country jobs that have left. hispanics are stuck in the jobs that they have. we have to change that. we can't continue that path. we can do better. >> without a doubt we can do better. people want to do better. as you were try to go win over more people in your community, specifically from mr. trump's plan. what is it that he is offering
6:39 am
to do that appeals? >> well, let's take nafta. it was created 25 years ago to help two countries in our borders improve their economies. it worked. now it's time to renegotiate that deal because it's killing our job creation. it is costing our economy too much. we need to negotiate those deals. when we do jobs in america are going to improve. everybody is going to make more money. everybody will be better off. that's the kind of thing he is talking about very specifically. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. coming up, mr. trump visited louisiana. president obama is going there tomorrow. are these visits helping or hurting? we'll speak live with the lieutenant governor of the state of louisiana. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience.
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president obama will see deadly flooding in the stage. more than 1,000 have registered for aid. national guard members have been sent out. we have billy on the phone. first, i want to express how sorry i am for what you and the residents of louisiana are going through. how is the clean up going? >> well, thank you. it is going as well as can be expected. we have a long way to go. the critical factor as people are able to go back and start gutting their homes realize that the maximum coverage and the average is probably 5 to 7,000. it will take a lot of volunteer and a lot of donations to get
6:44 am
these people whole. unlike a hurricane where everybody along the coast has flood insurance, these people never flooded and didn't see the need for flood insurance. >> the bp oil spill, let's talk about this flood. is it the worst disaster you have seen in this state? >> it is comparable to katrina. it spread across 22 parishes where a hurricane usually hits one corner of our state everybody can help that one area. here we were rescuing heem along every red river and creek across 22 parishes. the volunteers did a phenomenal job. now we have this disaster spread across the middle of louisiana. it's a larger area impacting a larger area.
6:45 am
it's every bit as bad. >> it is calling for massive resources and attention and outreach. was his tour a net positive for the state? no doubt the people of louisiana need the attention. they need some positive reenforcement here. is that what they got? >> absolutely. i think any attention you can get bringing light the people of the united states and across the world are giving we need their . and i'll tell you, it was great exposure for the state. he toured, and when he went into the neighborhoods, you could see just the fact that someone running for president cared enough to go into those neighborhoods. it lifted the spirits of the people. and he also made a sizeable donation, which is very unusual for someone coming here for political office. so he also brought with him some resources and donations to help out the cause. we appreciate that.
6:46 am
>> president obama did not come last week, he did not make a public statement. and we heard from officials from your state, they didn't want him to come. they said it would cause so much attention, take so many resources, better that he stay away. do you think he should have come last week? he is coming tomorrow. >> well, i understand he's coming this week and i welcome any figures that will come in, elected officials, that will bring attention to how serious this problem is. so i welcome the president's visit. i had an opportunity to meet with him several times during the oil spill, and when he came down, we got a little bit more national attention. so i think any visit is a positive thing for the state. and i welcome him. >> lieutenant governor, thank you for all of the work you're doing. and we send our best to your state of louisiana. >> thank you so much. coming up, massive dust storms fueled by 40-mile-an-hour winds create havoc in arizona. the incredible scene, next. ♪
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check this out. a fast-moving dust storm rolled through phoenix, arizona, sunday. the storm also called a haboob, was fueled by wind gusts at 40 miles per hour, visibility reported lower than one quarter mile, causing serious trouble on the highways. this next story might make you dizzy. better to see it than experience it. okay, ready? the world's longest, highest glass bottom bridge now open to visitors at a national park in china's hunon province. two cliffs and more than 1,000-foot vertical drop. that's a holy cow. and you've got to look at this one. this one blew my mind over the weekend. okay, a 31-year-old man arrested, amazing, in the state of massachusetts over the weekend. he tried to elude police by disguising himself as an elderly man. are you ready? that is a public at your of the
6:51 am
fugitive, sean miller, on the left. on the right is how police found him. they pulled off the mask. it was a mask, that's all it was. this man had been on the run since april, wanted on drug trafficking charges. an incredible mask makeup job. i basically when i come in at 6:00 a.m., i look like the guy on the right. so it takes serious makeup artistry to do this. pretty impressive. unfortunately, this guy did get arrested. it was his time. coming up, we'll talk to an infectious disease expert warning that florida is just the beginning for zika. be the you wr your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer.
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the presidential race and an apparent trump turn-about. this morning, a short time ago, the candidate himself insisted there's no change to his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. trump's comments coming a day after his campaign manager said the proposal surrounding just how to handle 11 million people is, quote, to be determined. >> what he supports is to make sure we enforce the law, that we are respectful of those americans who are looking for well-paying jobs, and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. so as the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> kellyanne conway. his most significant policy shift. our political team here this morning, with all of the bases covered. we start with hallie jackson, just outside trump tower in new york.
6:56 am
all right. do what you do so often for us. fact from fiction here separated. what's the real deal, what's the story? >> reporter: real deal, we separate fact from fiction. let's separate what donald trump himself is saying from what members of his team are saying. his new campaign manager, seeming to maybe open the door that
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