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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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she lied about the e-mail, she lied about colon powell. he was not happy. and it's -- the whole thing is a scam with them. everything is a scam. and wash with controversy. president obama heading to louisiana tomorrow after facing criticism for not visiting in the wake of the deadly disaster. now the clean-up begins. >> everything in here was gone. everything. and good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump 3.0 ending at a softening of his stance on immigration. as his shadow campaign starts relying more and more on the republican national committee infrastructure. today, the candidate zeroing in on the clinton foundation's recent promise to stop taking foreign and corporate contributions. if hillary clinton is elected. >> number one, they should shut is it down, number two they
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should give the money back to a lot of money that they shouldn't be taking money from. these are very greedy people. these are people that have skirted the law for a long time. it's hard to believe that she could even be running. to be honest with you with the e-mails and the crimes she committed. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. >> joining me now, hallie jackson covering the trump campaign if new york and kristen welker. the clinton campaign saying they are not going to take corporate or foreign contributions, but only if she's elected. and saying that the president, president clinton stopped giving paid speeches as of last november and won't resume giving paid speeches if she's elected president. and the question, not just from the trump team, but editorial writers all over is why was it okay when she was secretary of state to have the clinton foundation taking this money and it would be a conflict of
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interest if she becomes president? >> it's an acknowledgment that this is becoming a real political problem for secretary clinton. they're trying to tampa down the criticism over this issue. they're trying to put it to rest and say if she is elected, they're not going to accept these controversial contributions, but as you point out, it's not just the republicans, you have democrats who are saying, look, this needs to close it's doors if she's elected, and this is too little too late for pennsylvania governor ed rendell among those saying, look, this has to close down. the bush back from the clinton campaign is that the foundation is doing really good work, particularly when it comes to hiv aids and fighting that globally. so that's the pushback, but the bottom line is, and particularly have these e-mails that we just saw in recent days which show some coziness between the foundation and her state department. it's an acknowledge that it's just become too politically difficult. >> and hallie jackson, trump
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team clearly sees vulnerabilities here. it's a big problem for hillary clinton in terms of the polling. in our latest poll, only 11% of those polled say that she is honest and trust worthiness. same time, he's got his problems, and he's trying to fix it with his new campaign team, but isn't moving sean spicer a very experienced republican operative from the rnc to trump tower an acknowledgment they don't have campaign offices, they don't have a real infrastructure within the trump team? >> reporter: right, you know, it's funny andrea, in your introduction, they're relying more and more on the republican national committee. they've been relying on them all along particularly in the ground operations in states like ohio where trump is today. you're right about sean spicer, spending more time here in new york. we watched him walk through these days earlier they are morning and he's going to spend more time at trump tower being a lee you san between the campaign and between the rnc as they look to essentially, frankly, play catch-up with where shint.
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when you talk to folks privately at the company and at the committee. listen, they don't need necessarily these kinds of traditional field offices that hillary clinton has opened in these states. they instead to want make sure they're getting these organizers, these trained organizers that they've been working on knocking on doors and talking with people in order to deliver that trump message. you're right also in that they are taking aim at this latest issue with hillary clinton and the news that her foundation will stop accepting corporate and foreign donations. you've seen the campaign blast this basically all weekend long and trump surrogates have been pivoting to this discussion whenever they're asked about anything relating to donald trump's concerns and controversies that he's dealing with too. >> and then we have the colon powell controversy. you know, this goes back to clinton repeatedly saying for more than a year now that she was excusing her using personal e-mails for state department business saying that colon powell did it too, which the inspector general did report
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that colon powell did, but his point is that he used his aol account because there wasn't a comparable non-classified e-mail system at the state department in those days. and that he didn't have a private server, and that she was doing it before this advice that he gave her, which was that it was helpful to him to use personal e-mails in addition to the classified system and in terms of the classified system, he only used that desk top in his secure was a for any classified communications according to him and to the report. now, what is news worthy now is that colon powell over the weekend reportedly told "people" magazine at a charity function in the hamptons quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me, the truth is she was using the private server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. trump today is reacting to that. saying that clinton lies, et
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cetera, et cetera. so, kristen, how do we unpack this? >> first of all, clinton campaign, no reaction. and i think they are trying to turn the page on this entire discussion, but it certainly complicates, as you point out, what we have heard from her is what she testified to the fbi which is that colon powell advised her that this was okay to do on two separate occasionings. he essentially said the advice i gave, and the memo that i wrote came a year after she'd starting using her personal e-mail. it complicates this issue and it goes back to the trust issue, andrea, which is why this whole e-mail controversy is a problem to start with. because it makes it that much more difficult for her to rebuild voters trust in her. and that's what she needs to do. it's her big vulnerability heading into the fall. >> thanks so much from trump tower in new york. donald trump making a direct appeal also to african american voters at a rally in a predominantly white suburb in
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the swing state of michigan. >> look how much african american communities are suffering under democratic control. to those, i say the following, what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump? what do you have to lose? i say it again, what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose? >> trump's attempt to appeal to black voters taking harsh criticism. the third time he did that going to white sections of swing states he was in wisconsin, he was in north carolina, as you saw just there. and he also did it rather in michigan which you just saw. hillary clinton's responded to trump's remarks calling it
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quote, a shocking ignorant pitch to african american voters. joining me now, washington post columnist gene robinson. gene, this is awkward one could argue in the least to appeal to african american voters by going to white neighborhoods. is this as has been suggested an appealle to those suburban college educated swing voters to say to them, you know, he's not as racially insensitive as he seems to be? it's okay, it's politically correct to vote for him afterall. is that the appeal? who's the audience here? >> that i think had better be the appeal because if it's an actual appeal for african american votes, it's the worst in history. you know, to say to african americans, you lead lives of utter despair, you have no jobs, you have no schools, you have nothing, so, take a chance on me, is just -- you know -- i mean that's not just tone deaf,
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that's crazy. and also, every time i talk about this, i have to talk about that, 58% figure. which is a made up figure that drk the african american youth who are in high school. if you counted white youth unemployment that way, you get about 50%. so this is totally made up, it has to be an appeal to suburban white voters around philadelphia, around washington, d.c., around other moe drop lises in swing states trying to convince them that it's okay to vote for him because he's not racist. >> and when you take a look at the polling among african americans in ohio and pennsylvania, i think he was getting 1% of the african american vote. >> yeah. >> north carolina in 9%, florida, 9, virginia, 10%. well, well under what mitt romney and other republicans certainly far under what any of the bushes were getting from the
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minority communities. >> you know, he would have to improve a lot to do as well as mitt romney did running against the first african american president, barack obama. he would have to improve to do that well. and i think after, you know, remarks like the ones he kept making last week, if anything, are going to lose him what miniscule african american support he has. but again, it has to be a part of this alleged or much anticipated pivot to try to bring some republicans home or squeamish about trump, who don't think he represents the party's values. and very clumsy way to say, i can represent the party of lincoln because afterall, see, i care about african americans. >> and at the same time, your colleague at the washington post wrote a piece about some of the
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white supremacist who are supposedly cheered by trump's latest strategy. is it fair to blame him for what fringe groups might be considering or has he in his retweets sent signals to them in the past? >> well, i certainly believe he has sent all sorts of signals to them, and encouraged their support, but he could put an end to it if he wanted to by saying, you know what, i reject the support of white supremacist. i reject the support of the likes of not just david duke, but all these other, all these other groups to really hate groups, i don't want that kind of behavior at my rallies. i don't want those kinds of signs. you know, white supremacists just go away, find somebody else to vote for. and that would certainly be a statement that people might pay attention to, but i don't see it coming. >> and at the same time also is there a real softening of his
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stance on immigration? he met with some hispanic leaders, rather friday, what, what do we believe is real and not real in that new strategy on immigration? >> we have no idea, do we? you know, kellyanne conway seemed to indicate that it's up in the air. there are possibilities -- she certainly seemed to leave the door open to a possible change in what's his bedrock policy. what he's been promising all along. to deport these 11 million people. i'm going to put up a wall, mexico's going to pay for it. and that whole stick it seems to me a cornerstone of the trump campaign. i think it would be difficult to take it back at this the point. talk about pivot, his support verse shown they will stick with him through just about anything. i'm not sure they would stick
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with him through that though. it's just unclear, biel have to see. >> thanks so much, eugene robinson, always a pleasure, thank you. >> great to be here, andrea. the terror attack in turkey. funerals today for the more than 50 people killed in that suicide bombing. the latest on what we know about the child, a child, who may have been behind the attack. that coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports
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tragedy in turkey. turkey burying victims of saturday night's massive suicide bombing, killing at least 51 people. the massacre happened at a wedding celebration near syria. the bomber was a child between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. nbc news kelly joins me now with
9:17 am
the latest from london. what do we know about the alleged bomber and about the origin? we know that isis is claiming responsibility. >> reporter: well, no claim so far, the president in turkey, president erdogan is saying that this looks like the work of isis, but as you know, andrea, isis rarely takes credit for any sort of attack inside turkey. this is thousand happened. witnesses said the bomb was set off close to a group of kids saturday night. they were all part of a wedding celebration in the southeastern city. that's very close to the syrian border. only about 40 miles away. people were out on the street, they were dancing when this blast ripped through the crowd. affecting many -- now, here's what we know so far about the suicide bomber. and aside from his age, not
9:18 am
much, frankly, andrea, investigators are trying to figure out his identity. they're having to do dna tests because of the conditions obviously of his remains. they want to know who he was, where he came from, whether he crossed over from syria, as i said, that border fairly close. and what whether he was directed and controlled by a cell possibly in syria or a cell inside turkey. andrea, lots of questions. also about whether or not this child detonated the explosives himself or whether they were detonated remotely, andrea, that is a possibility. it's something that's been tried by isis in the past. >> thank you, and thanks for clarifying, i misspoke, thanks so much, kelly. and coming up, the rio games, coming to an end, ryan lochte still under fire for his robbery story. losing a big endorsement today. more from matt lauer's exclusive
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and breaking news in morning, speedo announced it is ending it's sponsorship of ryan lochte after false claims of being robbed in rio. we cannot condone behavior that is countered to the values this brand has long stood for. lochte says he is taking responsibility for his immature behavior in an exclusive interview with matt lauer this weekend, the 12-time olympic medallist apologizes for exaggerating his story and for the cover-up that caused a major uproar in brazil and could lead to punishments for the swimming and u.s. olympic committee. >> what i'm trying to get at, the first version you told, ryan, was much more about the mean streets of rio. >> yeah. >> and the version we're hearing now is much more about a negotiated settlement to cover up some dumb behavior.
9:23 am
>> and that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. is because i overexaggerated that story. and if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> and you saw the news coverage of gunner and jack being taken off that plane at the airport, and you knew, and you just said to me, they didn't damage anything. >> yeah. >> in that gas station. you're sitting at home in the united states, safe and sound, how did it make you feel? >> hurt. and angry. i let my team down. and, you know, i wanted to be there like i don't want them to think that i left and let them dry. because i mean, they were my teammates, i wanted to definitely be there. and i wanted to help out any way i could. and so, i just wanted to make sure that they were home safe and before i came out and talked
9:24 am
and, you know, i'm just really sorry about -- i'm embarrassed. for myself, my family, especially those guys. the usa swim meet. the whole olympic games. everyone watching. it's just i was immature and i made a stupid mistake, i'm human, i made a mistake and definitely learned from this. >> and on a happier note, the olympic games ended with a carnival theme in rio at the closing ceremonies and surprise cameo from japan's prime minister highlighting tokyo hosting the next summer games as the united states wins a record for non-boycott olympics of 121 medals. peter alexander has some of the highlights. >> reporter: hey andrea, good afternoon to you. where'd everybody go? the beach is now barren, most of the folks who were here now finally taking off, but what a thrilling punctuation mark at the end of an epic games.
9:25 am
this carnival themed celebration. the closing ceremony last night. simone biles, five medals in all as she walked in trying to hold on to that flag as it blew in what was a windy night here. also a memorable moment when the prime minister of japan, shinzo abi gets ready for the games in tokyo arrived disguised as super mario. these games coming down to a final strong finish for team usa. the men's basketball team blow egg out serbia to get another gold medal. carmelo anthony emotional announcing his retirement from olympic play. in boxing, clarissa shields winning her second straight gold medal. no american has won two golds in more than a century. dating back to 1904. kyle snyder in wrestling, he is now the youngest wrestling champion for the u.s. in it's history. but the brazilians also have plenty to celebrate as well. this is a soccer crazed country and finally got that gold medal
9:26 am
that they have so badly wanted after losing to germany in the world cup in the same stadium just two years ago. they won in a dramatic shootout on saturday night. so, as the olympics get ready to move to south korea for the winter games, we finally say good-bye to rio, but there is one more team usa to root for, that's the paralympic team, their games begin here september 7th. andrea, we'll see you home soon. >> yeah, we miss you, come home, peter. president obama visiting louisiana tomorrow for historic flooding has killed at least 13 people, leaving thousands displaced. we'll go live there next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better,
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9:30 am
this that was louisiana's governor told the white house not to come last week because it would interfere, they said, with rescue operations. joining me now is louisiana republican congressman garred graves. thank you for joining us. tell me first of all how is the recovery going or not even at that stage yet? >> well look, some houses are still absolutely under water. others where the water's gone down. you saw thousands and thousands of volunteers out there helping property owners across the southern part of the state, cleaning up the mud, removing all the sheet rock and ripping houses down to the drive for tens of miles throughout this region and see ten-foot high piles of debris outside of every single home in this community. >> now, how many people do you think have been affected made homeless or had such severe damage that it's going to be an enormous rebuilding project? >> well, the estimate that
9:31 am
approximately 110,000 homes have been affected by ut disaster. so you can do the math and certainly approach quarter of a million people or more that are affected. many people are in shelters or staying with friends and relatives around the state as they work to try and clean out their homes and figure out what they're going to do right now. >> and, we had been told as of last week that at least the fema response was timely and effective. what is your assessment of that though? >> you know, look, i think there's going to be plenty of time for us to do action reports. i will say looking at the river forecast models based upon the high water mark was 1983 flood, we had here. and it was pretty devastating. and this one was very clearly recognized to be substantially higher. so i do think that there could have been better evacuations and better kind of forwarded in some of the resources needed, but, you know, it's really easy to say at this point we're really
9:32 am
focussed on doing all the recovery work that's needed right now and i think we'll have plenty of time to come back and look at lessons learned from this disaster. >> and one of the criticisms has been that the national media did not pay enough attention to this which is the worst natural disaster since sandy. for a variety of reasons, perhaps because it was not in new york or new jersey next to the media capital of the world. the advocate among other newspapers down there complaining about the coverage. i know we had a lot of people down there, but your assessment of whether or not enough attention has been paid to whether louisiana is suffering. >> well, andrea, i've got to be honest. i've been out on the ground pretty much every day, around the clock meeting with people and trying to make progress on the recovery. i will tell you that discussions with fema, their metrics indicated that this flood got one-half the media attention that the south carolina flood did, and while it's never, never good idea to compare disasters because they're so personally
9:33 am
impacted, this one -- i think you will find was much, much greater. this in effect was a 1,000-year rain event. just to give you a quick number. we received 31 inches of rain in some regions of baton rouge. 31 inches of the national, annual rainfall for the united states. >> wow. that is, that is extraordinary. well, our thoughts go to all the people down there, thank you for what you're doing to help them. please let us know what more we can do and we'll be talking to you again. >> thank you. and classes starting today at louisiana state university in baton rouge, while the campus escaped any significant damage itself. number of students have been affected of course by the devastating floods. joining me now is the president of the lsu. tell me about the students and those students who have not been able to move in for the first day of classes. >> well, we actually stayed on schedule all last week and moved most students in last week
9:34 am
really wednesday through sunday. so they've been trickling in. we broebl have about 8,000 on campus and about 34,000 in classes today. we haven't had to alter our schedule because we've been really fortunate, we're on high ground here. we got our dining halls opened early. we are able to turn our field house into a medical evacuation center, we're just taken in a couple hundred sick elderly patients that we currently have about 74 in hour field house, and i just appreciate the work that our faculty, staff, and students have done in volunteering throughout the area. most of the affected area is about 20 minutes from the campus, we have about 20% of our employees, faculty and staff that are indeed impacted. and we're just being as flexible as possible with our faculty and staff and students trying to make an assessment on how many are impacted, but currently campus is up and running just like it normally would, and we'll just have to assess it each and every day. >> and what are your needs and what are the community needs in terms of the larger, the rest of us around the country can be what more should we do doing?
9:35 am
the red cross, who are the main players there? >> the main player is the red cross on widespread distribution. we have an program set up to help our students as well as our faculty and staff. so if people -- and many institutions, south carolina included, have been very generous in support and sending us supplies and others that we're redirecting to more permanent or evacuation centers that are holding thousands of people throughout the area in north baton rouge and east baton rouge and downtown. sop we're all doing our part and the good news is we have thousand us of students just wanting to help and that spend weekends, their free time helping others in need throughout the area. >> and we know you have a celebrated football team, lsu football players are also now helping with service. we've seen pictures as well of them helping victims. >> it's all -- it's our baseball team, volleyball team helped set up the beds in our medical evacuation center. when we flipped it in four hours
9:36 am
and had great support from the state and the federal government, in turning that over, basically redoing the whole facility into almost a mash hospital that we have set up thanks to the help of our athletic teams, many of the student government organizations and others that have been here just looking for ways to help people who haven't been as fortunate as we are on campus, which we haven't had to deal with some of the damages that many of our faculty and staff have dealt with over the last eight days. >> and in solidarity, your arrivals in south carolina, they're band played the lsu fight song to show a little bit of that. >> they certainly played the fight song -- ♪ ♪ >> so that's kind of cool. not something you would expect or see every day, president alexander. >> that is fantastic and their president remembers the efforts
9:37 am
that our fans put forth and the whole state has been maybe reached out with the open arms, sending supplies and they're marching band that just returned the favor that we did for them last year. and we appreciate their memories, we appreciate all of the support they've been giving everybody in louisiana. >> thank you so much, thanks for joining us from lsu today president alexander. and coming up, reversal on immigration? could donald trump be softening his tone on the most consistent and uncompromising policy since day one of his campaign? more next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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9:41 am
a path where we can get them into this country legally. okay. but it has to be done legally. we're dealing with people, we have to be very firm. we have to be very, very strong. when people come in illegally. no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a really fair, but firm answer. >> donald trump's positions on immigration and deportation throughout the past year including this morning on fox news as the debate over the proposed deportation force starts heating up. joining me now for our daily fix, chris alyssa, founder of the washington post fix blog and our msnbc contributor. thank you so much. first to you, maria theresa, what do you think is happening here? is there a softening of his position or not? >> i don't think a softening. his first ad out of the gate was a highly anti-immigrant ad and it was very reminiscent of sharon angle used that lost her
9:42 am
the election to senator reid in nevada in 2010 and then also what pete wilson used in 1993 when he basically helped solidify california as a blue state. he may be wanting to pivot slightly because he's realizing how unappealing and racist his ads are and his rhetoric is so that he can appease more perhaps the independent voter, swing voter who may not be bought into the hillary clinton agenda but doesn't want to vote for that racist. >> at this stage also, the trump people, chris alyssa going after hillary clinton big time on these e-mails. there's a hearing today, judicial watch's lawsuit and pushing hard at the state department to release these additional e-mails more quickly. the stuff is going to keep trickling out and hounding her. >> they would be smart, andrea, if that's all they talked about. you know, unfortunately we have lots of other things that donald trump is tweeting out, and that rudy giuliani talking about
9:43 am
hillary clinton's health. unfortunately what they're doing here with if you're a republican is con flating a totally fake issue, which is hilla clinton's health, with real issues, clinton foundation donations and their policies, the fact that 15,000 documents have been unearthed. what do they say? are they personal or professional? those are the places that donald trump could go in a unified messaging way that would have real impact to try to reach some of those voters, maria theresa is talking about her. not for him, but not for him. some of the things is pushing our kind of distracting from that message. this is a story that campaigned for donald trump so far. >> and at republicans on the hill, they have got unified message. this is jason chaifts on morning joe today. >> the documents are overly classified. we're going to call on the fbi this week to give us a version where there's non-classified,
9:44 am
the unclassified material and the classified material redacted so that that can be out there in the public. i think that's the right thing to do. there's new information. a lot of this that they claim is classified, is just flat out embarrassing. it's not -- there's nothing classified about it, it's just embarrassing. >> at the same time, the fbi has said to the hill, don't leak this stuff, although stuff is already coming out. and reince priebus tweeted today and put out a statement on the e-mail saying public disclosure of clinton's e-mails should begin before early voting starts and e-mails should be in released in full before election day. to try to keep on their message maria theresa, that is troubling to the campaign. >> it's absolute lly troubling. the clinton foundation has done a ton of good work. and it really makes you wonder, everybody knows how incredibly ambitious hillary clinton is. would she really jeopardize giving out favors in lieu of foundation money? i find that hard to believe, but i think chris is right, they're
9:45 am
complaining to issues, one is the e-mail issue and the foundation or whether it's her health. i actually think that republicans are trying to basically swift vote her health to make it an issue that are not then, then the republicans have a hard time, when it comes to the e-mail inquiry, they have dodged so many bullets, but they've basically come out cleaning saying they're trying to do a witch hunt. i think it's a difficult thing to grasp, but to basically don't hold on to, but that said, hillary has to -- the sooner had she come out sooner and said look, this is what happened when this came to the e-mail us. i should not have that, she would have put this to rest. >> indeed, the health issue, i have to tell you, we've gone all through it and the video that they put together, the fake doctors letter from her doctor, which is a complete fraud, just i don't know why rudy giuliani keeps doing this -- >> swift voting, again. >> andrea, honestly, if it's a strategy, it's a terrible one in
9:46 am
that it distracts from real issue that hillary clinton on honest and trust worthiness, she has problems with that. she continues to struggle on the e-mail front and the colon powell blow-up. every time you talk about her health, you don't spend a moment talking about things that could actually sway people outside of the rock-ribbed conservative base, independent swing voters that he needs. >> and in fact, take a look at their new general election ad that they put out this morning, this is what they see as his vulnerabilities, let's watch. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of him, would you? >> clear thinking. >> i know about isis more than the generals do, believe me. >> and calm judgment. >> and you can tell them, to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> because all it takes is one wrong move. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> just one.
9:47 am
>> chris alyssa, even if a frank luntz focus group that was on face the nation yesterday, showing in pennsylvania that previously trump supporting voters now have different views because of these kinds of comments. >> yeah, i mean that ad is obviously brutal. ads that are effective in this day in age are ones in which the candidate himself or herself is saying it. they don't believe hillary clinton saying donald trump is bad, but donald trump saying things that donald trump has said, tough for him. >> maria theresa and chris, thank you both very much. and coming up, leverage or ransom. whatever you called the $400 million sent to iran is causing a lot of controversy. new details next from the reporter who broke the story. right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered,
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we're learning a lot of new information about the timing of the barack obama
9:51 am
administration's secret air lift of the $400 million of cash in iran. coinciding with the release of four americans. here is what john kirby told "morning joe" on friday. >> first of all, this was iran's money. okay. it was money that they were going to get back anyway. i mean, second thing that was going on here, joe, there was a team working to get our american citizens back. that was a separate track. and it's true that with the nuclear deal done, these two tracks were kind of converging and coming together. we took full advantage of that and we make no apologies. we were worried that they were going to somehow pull a fast one. so i think we did use it as leverage, and we make no apologies about that because now our american citizens are back safely. >> joining me now is jay sullivan. who broke the story on the cash air lift. his new book "the iran war:spy games, bank battles, and secret deals that reshaped the middle east is out tomorrow." thank you, congratulations on your book on all your reporting because, we knew the money was
9:52 am
going to be sent back, their money, okay, from decades ago. but until you reported it with kara lee, there was no knowledge that was simultaneous and the follow-up report that they held on to the money for maximum leverage until the americans were out of iran. >> correct. i mean, the day they announced this $1.7 billion, i think a lot of people thought, well the timing is odd. there was nothing discussed at the time about the mechanics. and we really digged down and, you know, basically saw that it was time. the americans were waiting in teheran, the iranians sent in their own cargo plane to geneva, and basically there was a standoff until the americans were all accounted for and on this plane in geneva. the americans wouldn't hand over the $400 million in cash to this iranian play in geneva. it was sequenced antedid come down as a spy missouri or some sort of hostage negotiation.
9:53 am
>> now, at the same time, reporting new information about the redline that the president decided not to, not to enforce basically against syria after the chemical weapons attacks, you know, three years ago. exactly three years ago. it was labor day weekend when he did not take military action. he had a lot of reasons he said at the time and secretary kerry said that the russians helped us get rid of the chemical stockpil stockpiles, but the bottom line, there was an iranian component. >> yeah, to write this book, i went back to a number of areas, this money or the redline that wasn't enforce toad try to get more information and if you go back in time, when the president announced his plans to attack and then pull back, it was exactly the period in time where american negotiators were meeting with iranian negotiators secretly to get the nuclear agreement. and u.s. and iranian officials
9:54 am
have both told me they were communicating that if the u.s. starts hitting and iran's closest arab alley, sort of the ability to project their power through the middle east and lebanon and the palestinian territories. they cannot conclude. the revolutionary guard would not accept a continued engagement with the u.s. if their closest ally was being hit. >> one of the arguments made all along during the negotiation was they were going to be benefits. side benefits for the so-called moderates or for the foreign minister and the others who were pushing back against the revolutionary guards and those who were supporting terrorists, if you can divide those critics saying you can't. but what is your reporting telling you about the economy in teheran now that the money is beginning to flow? >> well, the iranians are angry, they publicly stated they're not getting enough benefits, that a lot of their banking relationships are still kind in bad shape, but the economy is growing again. it contracted in 2013, it's
9:55 am
projected to grow by 5% next year. oil exports are basically back where they were, but the supreme leader, he's very cautious about letting this kind of flood of foreign capital come in, the people who negotiated this agreement and you've seen in the last six to 12 months the supreme leader has cracked down and he's, he's kind of got a situation now that i think he's comfortable with. and the moderates wanted to cause real reform are in check. >> does this become something which is political fallout? does it hurt the democrats in this campaign? does it hurt hillary clinton? >> you know, i don't know. this $400 million cash was conducted three years after she left the state department. so it's a bit hard to tie that
9:56 am
to her. she was supportive of the agreement. she greed with the general approach. so i think she will be hit, but it's hard to tell if iran itself is going to play that big a role in the next three months. >> jay solomon, your exclusive reporting the iran wars, congratulations on the book. and thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet. and up next, more right here on "andrea mitchell reports," stay with us. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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10:00 am
come out as soon as october. this while donald trump hammered clinton on this specific issue that will not go away for her campaign. >> she's a liar. she lies. she lied about the e-mail, colon powell, i saw that -- he was not happy. and it's, the whole thing is a scam with them. everything is a scam. like rifters. >> well, we've got you covered with reports and analysis on both campaigns. kristen welker is covering the clinton campaign in washington. we're going to start with her. walk us through this. this new news from the fbi. explain it to me. i thought the investigation was over. james comey clearly had aggressive words for hillary clinton, but it seemed like it was over and done with, now we're back? >> look, we're learning that we should point out that we knew that there were, as you said at the top, thousands of e-mails that have not been made public. so what are these e-mails? these are e-mails that have been


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