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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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shift for immigration and deportations. >> we have to be strong. we have a lot of people that want o to come in through the legal process. it's not fair them. we want to come up with a fair and firm answer. >> a short time ago, brand new numbers out of ohio. in that pivotal swing state hillary clint hillary clinton, we are covering every angle. i want to play something trump said about immigration. just within the past year. take a listen.
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>> we're going to keep the families together. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we'll work with them. they have to go. we have a country or don't have a country. >> we're going to have a deportation force. >> are they going to get ripped out of their homes? >> if they came from certain country, they will be brought back to that country. that's the way it's supposed to be. they are going to go and we're going to create a path to get them into this country legally. but it has to be done legal ly. >> you will deport them first? >> they are going to come back and come back legally. >> there are hints that may be changing. >> e we don't know. donald trump pushed back this morning on fox news. .
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he didn't say he's going to get rid of the deportation forces or say he's not thinking about possiblily having a plan. what we know is this has been a keystone of his campaign. he won the primaries off this issue most of all. the idea to build a wall and get rid of the immigrant in this country. you have seen supporters cheer. when we speak to supporters on the ground, it's one of the top thing thas say saying we are going to have a country or don't have a country mimicking donald trump's own words with that. the question is how are supporters going to take what could amount down the line to a moderation when it comes to this issue. are they going to dislike him for changing the tune on something they have grown to really support with his candidacy or are they going to accept him as somebody who needs
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to moderate his message in order to get elected. when i speak to supporters, thap do give him a lot of leeway. the issue for donald trump is not necessarily maintaining his base, which he does need to do. but finding a way to expand his base, pull more voters into the donald trump tent. right now he's down in battleground states. he needs to find a message to appeal to voters and independent voters. >> we have a speech coming up later this week e we think on immigration. >> thursday he's giving some sort of policy speech. we don't know the details are surrounding that at the moment. all we know is that there will be a speech. if we look in the past and talk about the muslim ban, for instance, when donald trump has come out and given a speech, he
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hasn't changed the muslim ban. but he's changed the words around it. he said it's going to be a a ban on territories, not necessarily a ban on a religion. but if you're going to take that as an example, perhaps what we'll see on thursday is donald trump start to change his language, but not necessarily change his positions. he's been vague about a lot of this stuff for quite some time. it enables his supporters to fill in the blanks with whatever they want donald trump to do when he gets into office. it's worked for him so far. >> katy tur following the trump campaign, thank you. a flurry of statements from members of the clinton team this afternoon after newly public e-mails and more from the state department on the release of other clinton e-mails.
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walk us through what we have going on. >> there are several issues going on around hillary clinton's e-mails today. number one, this morning, we learned that the conservative group going after hillary clinton discovered there are 15,000 more e-mails that the fbi uncovered during their probe of hillary clinton's e-mail server that she hadn't turned over to the state department a as part of the 55,000 page e release we got earlier. those have been turned over to the state department. they are going to go through those now. many of them might be personal. in other words they wouldn't be marked for release. others might be withheld. and some might be duplicates. there's now a a meeting scheduled o on september 23rd when the state department is going to figure out a production schedule around those additional e e-mails. but for hillary clinton who is trying to put this issue behind her, it shows this is going to
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continue in the news for at least another month or two. >> if thuf right was trying to urge this more quickly on e releasing some of those. >> this has been attention all along. the judge has been asking to move faster. the state department saying they can't. it's a lengthy review process. they have to look for classified information and look for whether these are even records or personal e e-mails or work-related. the clinton campaign saying they have already turned over what they believe to be work-related e-mails. that was done through a lengthy review process by clinton's own lawyers through doing a word search to look for work-related search terms. they are happy to have any additional e-mails that might have slipped through the cracks. >> and separately to put a button on this, you have another group of e-mails put out by judicial watch today that shows some ties or some e-mail traffic
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between clinton foundation people and state department officials at the time that it hillary clinton was the secretary of state. >> right, so these are separate from judicial watch going after abedin's e-mails. the e e-mails already released are looking at essentially abedin gave special access to donors for the clinton foundation. so a top official would e-mail her and say, hey, can you get 15 minutes with the crown prince of this country or this top donor to meet with hillary clinton. in these e-mails we have seen today, some of them she does not reply or says there's no time. others she does say she will find a a time. some were forwarded to hillary clinton herself. there's even an appearance by bono, who from an a aid to him
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asking it get a link to the international space station. the clinton campaign on this say ing the judicial watch is a conservative group going after clintons for decades. and the state department also saying that they see no improper relationship between the state department and clinton foundation in these e-mails. >> republicans pouncing all over that headline. thank you for walking us through a complicated day. for some unanimous i'm joined by john heilemann. co-anchor of "with all due respect." i got to tell you. i was in yellowstone, so i was in the woods for five days camping. i come out and i didn't have service. i check my e-mail and the entire trump campaign has turned on its head and there are new people in charge. what do you make 78 days until
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election day. what are they doing? >> it's easy to say that changes in campaign infrastructure and changes in hierarchy happen all the time. they usually don't happen this late. it looked to most of the private polling like the election was slipping out of his grasp as hillary clinton started to establish significant leads in almost every battleground state and certainly nationally. everything that's happened since the conventions has gone in her direction in terms of public opinion. it's also the case there's drama happening where it became clear that trump was not happy being told that he had to run as a more traditional republican. he did not want to make that pivot and he was looking for people who would let him be him in the way that they said let
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trump be trump. he's found people who trying to sharpen the trump message shs but not change the trump message. that seems to be what donald trump wants. >> the co-founder of bright bart, conservative news outlet. chuck todd over the weekend sent an e-mail noting the construction of one of the new trump campaign memos. i don't know if you saw this one, the way it was put together and the phrases they used. one of the phrases they were citing about the clinton foundation. this is public calls to shut down the clinton foundation. even mainstream outlets are calling for the shuddering of the clinton foundation. which sounded like bright bart. is that the way the campaign is going. >> i think it is. if you look at the ad that the
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trump campaign first big ad they put out last week was an ad aimed very much at the base and not a broader more general election. if you hire him to be your ceo and he's been firmly associated with and running bright brt for years. it has the tone it has because it's become what it is. a place where nationalism and populism have flourished. that kind of brand, if you bring that guy in, a fire brand to be sure and a proud fire brand that you're going to seek a campaign that's going to it look like breitbart. it's a message that trump is comfortable with and believes not without cause helped him to get the nomination. the big question is whether that's the kind of message that could help anybody win a general election. >> let me flip over and ask about the clinton campaign.
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a lot of news today about the e-mails. there's two things happening. there are more coming and there were these e e-mail exchanges at the state department and clinton foundation folks. this is the story that will not end for hillary clinton. can't be great, right? >> there's no doubt that the clinton campaign would love to turn the page entirely on all of these stories. they are separate stories. the e e-mail involved in both of them. there are separate elements to this. one revolves around the state department, the continuing efforts on the house republican leadership to press a perjury case and continue to look into the e-mails and counter and argue against the fbi's decision not to indict hillary clinton. there's that. then there's the clinton foundation, which is a separate
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barrel of fish, in a way. no doubt there's among o lot of people in the public that showed that 53% of likely voters find the foreign donations problematic. so there's political vulnerability on that front. the fact that the foundation made the announce mements it's made, bill clinton confirming that the clinton foundation won't be able to take foreign o donations going forward and in some respects, partially shuddered if hillary clinton becomes president of the united states suggests that the clinton campaign, too, knows there's political vulnerability here. the big question on both fronts is whether the people who care about either one of these issues are in the category of persuadable voters. people who have not made up their minds about this race. clearly they resinate very strongly on the right. the question is whether they resinate strongly in the middle of the electorate. that's where both are going to win or lose this election. >> john heilemann, great to catch up with you.
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thank you so much. appreciate it. be sure to catch "with all due respect" weeknights at 6:00 eastern here on msnbc. after auick bak, we'll ask a clinton supporter about the e-mail stories out today. and colin powell takes on the clinton campaign.
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now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. a federal judge urged the state department to move more quickly in releasing more clinton e e-mails. 15,000 more e-mails uncovered by the fbi are being reviewed and could be out by october just before the election. for more, let me bring in steve
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israel. he's supporting hillary clinton in this campaign. nice to see you again. a couple stories happening. previously unseen exchanges we mentioned before the break between huma abedin and clinton foundation members. we looked through them. there are exchanges between top state department aids to clinton talking to people who work at the foundation, arranging meetings for hillary clinton. any question about whether there were inappropriate connections between the state department when she was secretary of state and people at the foundation? was it appropriate for them to be arranging meetings? >> the state department rejected that allegation. most have rejected that allegation. the fact of the matter is this. hillary clinton released all of the e e-mails that she had in her possession at the time. we're going to sift through
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these additional e-mails and she's said clearly if they are work-related, she wants them turned over. donald trump is hiding his tax returns in a vault. why is he able to sit on his tax returns and have these right-wing groups saying hillary clinton should continue to turn over e mals. let's turn them over. but i want donald trump to turn over his tax returns as well. >> the state department is saying that it's going to take some time to go through all these and may take until october. we should note it's 15,000 e-mails, some of which they are saying may have been released previously. is this constant drip, drip, drip a problem for the clinton campaign? especially if it all comes out in october? >> it's not drip, drip, drip. it's house republicans doing nothing on infrastructure on immigration and zika because they are trying to drop, drop, drop one bomb after another.
12:20 pm
this is what it's going to be like. every day these conspiracy theorists will have another allegation. meanwhile, hillary clinton will continue to turn over, as she's said, what needs to be turned over and focus what counts to the american people. new jobs through infrastructure, comprehensive immigration reform, we have to stop zika virus and protect the american people. >> the former secretary of state colin powell talked with hillary clinton on how to use private e-mail. he's spoken out now to "people" magazine saying her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is she was using the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a a memo telling her what i did. he's saying he never recommended a path to clinton and the campaign is trying to pin it on him. >> well, i wasn't privy to those conversations. hillary clinton at the outset said that she was wrong. took responsibility for this. apologized for this.
12:21 pm
so any conversations that may or may not have happened are irrelevant. she's taken responsibility. she wants the e-mails turned over and wants to talk about issues that count to the american people. donald trump continues to sit on his tax returns. >> let me go back to the clinton foundation subject. this is also in the news today and as we reported last block president clinton put out a statement this afternoon clarifying what they would do if hillary clinton wins the election. a lot of people are asking should those changes already be happening now? should the foundation be disbanded? should it be separated completely from the clinton family? >> i'm not associated with the clinton foundation. . i do know this. this is a foundation that has done controversial things like try to deal with disease and impoverished areas. try and help innovate new it cannologies to help poor people around the world.
12:22 pm
so it's proper for them to not accept any donations from any foreign entities if and when hillary clinton becomes president. meanwhile, the contrast is you have donald trump who won't release his tax returns because they may tell us what kind of business dealings he has. his campaign manager was dismissed because of his entanglements. then you have trump supporters in relationships in order to enhance their bottom line. there's a big difference between the two. >> congressman, clearly a clinton supporter, thank you for being with us today. coming up, miami students heading back to school in a neighborhood hit hard by zika virus. what can parents do to keep their children from getting infected. . that's after a quick break. why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal
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parents in miami are sending their kids back to school today amid-fears the zika virus is spreading there. the popular south florida
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tourist destination miami beach is the latest location to be hit with an outbreak last week five new cases of zika virus were confirmed there. officials continue to battle the mosquitos in two areas of florida as more than 7600 students return to school for the first day of classes today. tr more on the spread of the zika virus, i'm joined by dr. natal natalie azar. this is scary. now we have it not just one neighborhood, but now in miami beach, kids going back to school. are there any special concerns for parents or for people traveling and visiting there for children? >> to this point, we don't have any information that would let us or lead us to believe that children by virtue of them being younger are more susceptible to having a bad outcome from getting zika virus. so we always talk about the 80%
12:27 pm
of people who get asymptomatic. we cluster children into that category too. we don't think there's anything at this point specific to the pediatric environment to make them more susceptible. but let's remember, of course, the developing fetal brain and brain tissue is the greatest susceptibility. >> pregnant women. and now that we have two areas instead of one, it makes people wonder whether it's going to spread and there have been officials who said, watch out, it could go to other states. . >> we talked about a few weeks ago should there be a larger blanket of a zone to tell people not to go to because of this. i think the short answer is that people move. people are the ones who hijack
12:28 pm
this virus and go to different areas. then a mosquito bites a person and transmits to another person. that's how we're going to see these small local outbreaks. most experts are comfortable saying we're not going to see the degree of the epidemic we have seen in other countries simply because of the infrastructure in this country with air-conditioning and awareness. >> i know researchers are looking at vaccines. i talked to the head of the nih and cdc a couple weeks ago. that's not going to happen fast enough for this season. >> we always hope it's going to happen during a current epidemic. the human trial of phase one started a month early. it started in the beginning of august. we should have by the time december comes, we should have pretty good information from that and hopefully be able to launch a phase two trial. but in terms of actually practically seeing a vaccine to start administering to people this fall for this outbreak, i
12:29 pm
think that's premature. >> same advice. if you're pregnant, stay inside? >> we have interviewed a lot of women who say they are only going outside to go to doctors appointments. a couple weeks ago when we first started hearing about this if people have the capacity to relocate, i know people are thinking about doing that. is it unreasonable, i don't think so. not all mosquitos are infected. but we just don't know the actual incidents. that's if you get a bite that is infected with zika, what's the number of women who actually are going to develop zika virus. we just don't know that number yet. even now we haven't been able to demonstrate the mosquitos are carrying the virus because it's so hard. someone said it's like looking at a needle in a hay stack. wear long sleeves, stay indoors,
12:30 pm
wear rerepellant and do erg you can. >> dr. natalie azar, thank you so much. president obama will arrive in louisiana tomorrow to tour the aftermath of historic flooding in that state. the president has been on vacation in martha's vineyard and has been criticized for not visiting sooner. at least 13 people have been killed there. 60,000 homes damaged in what the red cross is calling the worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy. tammy leitner is in baton rouge, last, ahead of the president's visit. >> this homeowner was nice enough to allow us into her home to show you what they are battling out here. the water came up about two feet, but they had to take the sheet rock all the way out. she has a lot of possessions here in her house. she told me she was hoping she could salvage things, but the one thing you can't see here in this house is the smell of mildew. it is rampant throughout the
12:31 pm
entire house. everywhere you walk, you can smell mildew so it's unclear if she's going to be able to save a lot of these things. she's z lived here 15 years. they have never had a flood here before. she didn't have flood insurance. most of the residents out here did not have flood insurance. they are not required to have flood insurance. so they are all turning to fema for assistance. the maximum any household can get is $33,000. but if you look around, there's a a lot of damage here. she's not the only one. all of the people up and down the street said they don't know if they can rebuild and start over with that amount. they think they are going to need a lot more. >> wow, thank you so much. when we come back, i'll be joined by a trump campaign surrogate. i'll ask him about comments the republican nominee made in an attempt to appeal to african-american voters. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic
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no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow. just in the last hour, the associated press released a story examining the social media feeds of more than 50 kurnlt and former trump campaign employees. the title of the story is "racism and talk of religious war: trump staff's online posts." the author of that article joins me now. jeff, thank you for being with us. this is just come out. explain what did you find in the investigation? >> sure, so we spent about a week or so just scrolling through facebook and twitter feeds of trump's current and former staffers and found some
12:36 pm
opinions that would be well outside of the mainstream in terms of race and religion. in particular african-americans and latinos and also a strong visceral dislike of islam. >> are you absolutely sure that all the posts were real? these were actual people employed by the trump campaign and they themselves were responsible for these positions? >> we wouldn't have them in the story if we had any doubt. a a common response was a sense of a e regret. these are passionate, devoted people. they it love donald trump. they are perhaps getting involved in politics for the first time. they are the outsiders to the campaign. but some of them also sort of seem to have opinions that are aggressive in the extreme. sometimes even sort of borderline violent. suggesting hanging john kerry or talking about sort of it's us
12:37 pm
versus them in terms of america's relationship with muslims. >> you examined in the article more than 50 campaign employees. people who are paid by the campaign. has anyone been fired because of what you found? >> we have tried to presented this stuff to the campaign. we have not gotten any response whatsoever there from the official trump campaign. so it's how the trump campaign deals with it if they choose to deal with it at all is still an open question. >> we have also reached out to the campaign to get a comment. we have not received a response yet. you have not received a correspondent yet either? >> nothing. >> can you give us a little bit better understanding of with what you found? you have given us general statements, but what are some of the specifics? >> let's break this down into
12:38 pm
three categories. one of them would be sort of straight racist stuff. so for -- i can't even get into describing some of the stuff. one example would be posting stories about black on white violence. instances in which african-americans killed or raped white people and then those posts would be very frequently accompanied by declarations that the mainstream media is suppressing news of this. tallahassee conspiracy is under attack. in terms of race, there's a lot of stuff and jokes about how muslims should be required to eat bacon by gun store owners before they are allowed to purchase firearms. bacon being not allowed by the
12:39 pm
religion. and the general sense of aggressiveness that comes for the hanging of secretary of state kerry or sort of the response to radical islam in general. and one that needs to get potentially more violent. >> how much was vie will not ideas? >> it's a range. so calling for someone's hanging it doesn't seem like anyone is planning on organizing a lynch mob, but a lot of it in terms of tone and preparedness, this felt ominous to me was one gentleman talking on an organizer in florida talking about how he really hoped that we weren't headed for civil war in this country, but so be it if we
12:40 pm
were. which again, i understand we're polarized and a divided country. and actually expectations we may be headed for civil war seemed it would be off the skicale. we couldn't find stuff like this in clinton staffers. >> you say you reviewed public social media accounts of three dozen employees of hillary clinton's for larger campaign and didn't find similarly inflammatory statements. >> exactly. that material just simply was not in there. and nor was this sort of a thing that there wasn't violent suggestions about police or anything that really would kind of be on the same scale or be anywhere near as, i suppose, confrontational. >> a reporter with the associated press, they reviewed the accounts of dozens of people who are paid staffers of the
12:41 pm
trump campaign. 50 current and former campaign employees. these are the results that they found. thank you for being with us on short notice. we should note one more time that we did reach out to the trump campaign. as soon as we get an official reaction, we will certainly bring that to you. we did have lined up to talk with a trump surrogate who we have on very often. i want to turn to him. he's been listening to the exchange. steve cortez is with the trump campaign. let me start there. i know you're just hearing about thrks but this is a new article that's out from the associated press looking at social media feeds of people who are paid members of the trump staff. are you concerned about ha you just heard? >> it's concerning on its face. i haven't read the article so i can't comment in any in-depth way. i would say this personally and on behalf of the campaign we don't condone racism. i have been proud of donald
12:42 pm
trump. i have been proud as a person of color that he's made in the last week some very deliberate and concerted overtures to minority communities. asking for african-american votes and trying to encourage them and purr suede them we have answers to some of the problems in that community. i think the trump campaign is headed in the opposite direction. i hope folks that made these statements will retract them or i fear they can't be part of our movement. >> if they are paid staffers, would you advise they ought to be removed from staff? >> i think so, but i don't want to comment because i haven't read the article. >> for our viewers, we'll post a link to this associated press article so you can read it for yourselves. but you just mentioned something else i wanted to ask you about which is the reaching out to different communities. let me start with immigration.
12:43 pm
take a listen. >> as the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that e he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that include a deportation force? the kind you heard in the sound byte and he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> a lot of people reading into that that donald trump is changing his position on whether there needs to be a deportation force or forcibly removed from the country. should we expect a change? >> i think so. or at least there will be a nuance to it. i think in my opinion he's been accused of flip-flopping. i think this is real leadership. what he has said time and again is two things that are nongauchable. one is that we must secure the border. and by the way, a lot of hispanics here legally respect that position. the second thing is amnesty is off the table.
12:44 pm
you can't be rewarded for breaking the law. there's a lot of room between amnesty and mass deportation. along that spectrum, there are many policy options. what trump did is he asked la tee know leaders, tell me where along that spectrum is the most sensible description and how do we move forward. >> the other big topic this weekend was the appeal to african-american voters. let me play a clip of what he said on friday. >> why do you have to lose were you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> as you and i know, he's polling badly in the african-american community. one of our polls showed 5% in ohio and pennsylvania. is he making an appeal to african-american voters or do you see that as him trying to
12:45 pm
assure other voters that he cares? that he doesn't have any ill intentions? >> i don't think it's binary. it can be both. i think it's a real shame that the party of lincoln is as unpopular as it is with black voters. we need to work hard. but i'm so glad that trump is doing this. even if he doesn't convince them, it's the right thing to do. i'm sitting in chicago right now a couple miles west of where i am. it's practically a war zone on the west side of chicago. my entire life this city has been controlled 100% by the democratic party. and the african-american community has found itself further and further alienated from the american dream. that's a shame. one-third of all minority children in america live in poverty compared to one tenth of white children. so we have a serious problem with far too many people of color being left out of the american dream. what we're doing presently is
12:46 pm
not working. we have answers to solutions and we ask people to give us a chns to give us their votes and we can improve their future. >> steve cortez, surrogate for the trump campaign. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. over the weekend, police stopped an attempted suicide bombing in northern iraq. they pried a belt off a 14-year-old before it could detonate. the boy was kidnapped and forced to carry out the attack likely by isis. join iing me now is senior news editor cal perry. it sticks in my throat to say a 14-year-old boy. >> he's telling officials this was out of the hands of isis. we see this slick propaganda frommist skpis review tapes all the time. these are the caliphate cubs. a number of think tanks have been studying the use of isis's
12:47 pm
in exactly these propaganda v videos. this is coming from the center for research in london. one of the more frightening statistics, there are 31,000 pregnant women right now living within the caliphate, within board es of the islamic state. that has many people concerned about the future. we're talking about the indoctrination of these kids. we're talking about teaching them in school how to do these things like weapons training. two statistics i want to share with you before we go. 80% of all syrian children right now are living in a place where they are affect ed by the conflict. that's some 8.4 million kids. 3.7 million children have been born since the conflict began. so 1 in 3 children inside syria have only known this war. if we go back to the first graphic, if you add up the population of children in the ten most popul list cities in t united states, that's only about
12:48 pm
6 million kids. so out of the 10 most populous, you don't even reach 8 million. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. all this week a special series "alep "aleppo's children" will be featured. we'll be right back. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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our new nbc news battleground map shows hillary clinton surging past donald trump. right now the states in hillary clinton's column add up to 288 electoral votes while trump is at 174 based on the polling. 74 electoral votes are still toss-ups in states like florida, georgia, ohio, iowa and nevada. my next guest has traveled through a number of those states heavily supporting trump and some that aren't. some that are toss-ups. i want to bring in alexandra, the author of "the gilded rage," a wild ride now donald trump's america. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you traveled all over the
12:52 pm
place. you were in arizona, wisconsin, pennsylvania, west virginia, new mexico and california. and what's interesting is that you go beyond the rallies, right? you go into people's homes and off the beaten trail. what do you learn? >> as reflected in the title, there's a lot of anger out there which i don't think is going to shock anybody. what i was trying to figure out is where that anger is directed. what i found was, without generalizing too much, 13 million people did vote for donald trump, and i was trying to get away from easy stereotypes. for the most part in my experience, that anger is directed up, not downward, not laterally across racial lines. i don't think this is an ethno nationalist or -- >> you say up, you mean the upper class? >> middle elites. people who run the financial system. the people who are benefiting from these trade agreements. >> is there a particular story that stands out that
12:53 pm
encapsulates what you found out there? >> there's a lot of surprises in trump land. i met people i did not expect to be trump supporters everywhere i went without trying to find them. in west virginia, one of the leading anti-coal activists is very depressed part of the country devastated. apocalyptic part of west virginia. a grassroots anti-coal activist and trump supporter. and, you know, people like that are all over the place. >> did you find that they were accepting of trump's positions entirely, or have questions? you're nodding. not universally? >> that was another surprise. often people have this idea of these fanatical trump supporters, uncritically supporting every aspect, often extreme aspects of his platform, especially as expressed early in the campaign. there's a lot of self-awareness and critical thinking that goes on, even among people who go to a rally and look one way on
12:54 pm
camera and you get them outside of that environment and talk to them over a few beers and they go, that's absurd and i maybe don't feel great about cheering that, and i know it's not right, but, you know, this is my way of expressing displeasure and anger at what's been done to me and my community. >> it's an interesting read called "the gilded rage." alex, thanks for being with us. after the break, u.s. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte loses his first sponsorships after the week-long saga that followed ing his false allegations that he and three of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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to learn more. go long. toand care ♪ for the things we cherish and the ones we love each and every one of us has a natural, human instinct to cover. covering is caring. because covering heals 5 days faster. band-aid brand olympian ryan lochte. following, as he awaits possible sanctions and charges after lying about being robbed in rio. his sponsors are leaving the olympic swimmer high and dry today. three companies announcing they are parting ways with lochte. speedo released a statement saying we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the
12:58 pm
values this brand has long stood for. we appreciate his man achievements and hope he moves forward and learns from this experience. for now -- for more i'm joined by the nation's sports editor dave zyron. >> great to be here. >> 32 years old, right? might have been his last olympics anyway, but is this a fatal blow to his career? >> well, he would have been the oldest gold medalist in history if he had come back in 2020 in tokyo. ing this was his last hoorah of commercial relevance with these olympics. and he would have been going out as the second most decorated swimmer in history, male or female behind michael phelps. of course, it's a terrible blow for ryan lochte. if there's one silver lining, it's that speedo is taking its fee it was going to give ryan lochte and give it to the save the children charity in rio. at least that's something out of this. >> you wrote an article that got a lot of attention in the nation. you discussed some of the issues rio had, describing brazilians
12:59 pm
as the ones who feel like they're sacrificing to stage this on the outside with their faces pressed up against the glass. what's remarkable is the u.s. swimmers have managed to do something, this group, that no brazilian political official has been able to do which is unite brazil's olympic critics with brazil's olympic organizers. they were so infuriated at the swimmers. >> it's like that expression, nobody can insult my idiot brother except for me. i just got back from rio, and even people who hate the olympics had respect for the volunteers, the oftentimes unpaid or underpaid workers fighting so hard to keep it together. in the context of brazil's worst economic crisis in decades, they are still staging the olympics and working hard to make it happen. that's something lochte and company were able to do. offend their host by dredging up one of the worst stereo types about rio, which is a place that's so lawless, even the police will rob you at gunpoint. >> dave, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. that's going to do it for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow
1:00 pm
afternoon. up next, my colleague chris jansing picks up our coverage. welcome back. >> thank you so much. good afternoon. i'm chris jansing live in new york. a new target in the ongoing hillary clinton e-mail controversy. nearly 15,000 undisclosed e-mails and documents from her tenure as secretary of state have been found by the fbi. their existence emerging in court today as the state department combs through the e-mails to determine whether they are personal, if they are duplicates of e-mails already released or potentially new previously undisclosed work e-mails. the clinton campaign responding. we are not sure what additional materials the justice department may have located, but if the state department determines any of them to be work-related, then obviously we support those documents being released publicly as well. now also today, the conservative watchdog group judicial watch released some documents they have uncovered claiming 20 new hillary clinton work exchanges along with e-mails from


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