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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we have just learned from a senior defense official that troops who are advising the afghans are on site at the university. so we have several nbc news correspondents on the story including matt bradley and richard engel here with me in new york. take us through what we know about how this happened. >> the very latest from reuters is that one student has been killed and 14 have been injured. given the nature of this attack, those figures sadly are likely to go up. u.s. troops have been deployed to the university grounds, but they are primarily in an advising capacity. they are backing up the university's own security and afghan security forces taking the lead in engaging the attackers. we really don't know anything more about further casualties. this is a typical attack. we're talking about multiple gunmen with multiple means of attacking including bombs and small arms. one of the things we're hearing is there was an initial explosion on the margins of the campus that was used to allow
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the gunmen to penetrate into the campus. students were jumping out of windows and trying desperately to flee. we're trying to see how much assistance the u.s. and nato are going to be providing. this is the second attack on this university in as many weeks. just two weeks ago, two instructors both at the university of afghanistan were abducted from their cars returning home from classes. neither have been found. all of this is coming against a backdrop of increasing threats against foreigners in afghanistan's capital. in the past few years, aid workers, percesonnel and journalists have all withstood an increase in assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, all of them striking the heart of central kabul. so that's to say nothing of the rest of afghanistan. just yesterday a u.s. service member was killed in one of
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afghanistan's most dangerous places. as we head into the final stretch of this election, it's important to remember that afghanistan is the kind of problem that's going to persist and president obama, he's twice revised on his troop drawdown schedule. he inherited this war to president bush and will likely hand it over to whoever wins in no. >> i want to go to chief foreign correspondent richard engel. you have covered afghanistan and the ripple effect of what terror means for that country. this school was opened ten years ago. you know the geography. how much of a target is it? >> it's one of the biggest targets in kabul, frankly. it's always been a target for the taliban and other extremist groups because it's called the american university. there are american professors there. it represents a kind of american occupation in the minds of the taliban and other extremist
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groups. it is also a very secure target. a very large bomb by the gate in order to get in. they are engaged in a gunfight with them right now. they are still hearing gunfire. americans are on the scene, but it's only afghan security forces that have entered the compound. >> and again, for folks tuning in, it's happening at american university in kabul. this campus is five acres large, opened in 2006, about 1700 full and full-time students in attendance. you were saying there's a school nearby for the blind. >> this is like the american university in cairo and beirut and paris. there are campuses overseas.
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the idea to bring american style education and values to a foreign country. some government officials take class there is in human rights and civil service. and the american professor was teaching mostly afghan government officials civil service. that's typical of the kind of things they teach there. they also teach math and science and art. american professors there, a student we spoke to say half of the professors are americans. right next door, there's a school for the blind. and because this is a complicated situation, afghan forces are also searching that school for the blind. they don't know how many gunmen they are although the suspicion is the taliban. >> no claim of responsibility?
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it could be anything affiliated with the taliban or isis? >> those are the likely two suspects, but no claim of responsibility. there was no claim of responsibility for the kidnapping of the american professors. the suspicion in kabul is it was a criminal activity. someone who kidnapped them for ransom. but there was no claim of responsibility. to understand why this is happening right now, e yes, the target has long been attractive for extremist groups because there are americans there. but what most people haven't noticed while we are focused on the trump election and the trump campaign and the election in general is that the war in afghanistan has been inten intensifying dramatically over the last several months. they relaxed to the u.s. doesn't con train to carry out attacks
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only when american forces are at risk and also when afghan forces are at risk. it expands their ability to operate considerably. for the last several months, there have been many more airstrikes against the taliban and isis nationwide. they are no longer going to be coming home. the troop levels will be elevated for an indefinite period of time. and i think that's why we're seeing this increased level of violence. >> richard engel, thank you. i want to bring in military analyst, a former member of the national security council.
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this happened in held monday province. now we have this attack on american university. what is the state of security in that country? >> richard engel gave a terrific overview. during my visits in and out of californkabul, i have not been campus. i think the big issue, though, there's no question is the war in afghanistan is intensifying. the country is coming apart. the national leadership is fractured between abdullah and ghani and we have to remind ourselves we have only 10,000 nato forces there now. they are way out on a limb. handful of special ops, intelligence advisers. i might remind our viewers, i was wounded twice as an adviser. so i'm always sensitive to the notion that our forces there aren't in combat because they are advising. so the place is a mess.
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hard to imagine a federal government bringing together this warring nation and essentially ethnic and religious internal civil war. >> special forces are inside the university. they are engaged with the gunmen. a car bomb was detonated at the main gate of the university. and a number of gunmen had entered the compound. standby. we just had press secretary josh earnest discussing the situation and the president's briefing on this attack from the white house. take a look. >> this underscores the significant challenge facing the people of afghanistan.
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that's not happening by accident. it's happening because of the commitment that the united states and nato partners have made to enhancing the capability of security forces. >> we're talking about the capacity and vulnerability of security forces. who takes the lead in trying to secure this campus and get to the bottom of the attack. >> the afghan forces, we don't have much muscle there on the ground. i might add i'm always amazed we use the word complex attacks. these are hardly complex. these are a handful of taliban operatives who don't expect to survive who use automatic weapons and bombs to bust in and they end up killing as many people and getting as much attention as they can. these aren't battalion-sized attacks. downtown kabul is generally controlled by the afghan security forces, but they can't guarantee anything anywhere in the country.
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so the forces is nonsense. we have been there for 15 years. it's just not going to work. >> thank you very much. we want to check in. donald trump has taken to the microphone in his rally and let's listen in. >> the white house on november 8th. we're going to win. we're e leading in florida. our victory in november will be a victory for the people. it won't be a victory for the pundits. it won't be for the special interests that put up all the hillary money.
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and it won't be for the failed politicians. it will be a victory for you and maybe most importantly for your family, for your country. it will be a victory for jobs, jobs, jobs. we're going to bring our companies back. we're going to have jobs back in this country again. we're bringing our jobs back. manufacturing is down 40%. we're bringing our jobs back and companies aren't going to leave our country so easily. there will be consequences when they do. won't be so easy for them. but it will be a victory also for security, for prosperity and it will be a victory for american independents. so important.
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we will reject the failures of the past and create a new american future where every child where all children can live out their dreams together in peace and in safety. we will bring back our jobs and rebuild our depleted military. we love our military. it's been so badly depleted, folks. at a time when we needed just about the most ever, we are going to rebuild our depleted military and no better people than our in our military. but we're going to rebuild it. we're going to take care of our great veterans. they have been left behind.
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we're going to unleash american energy, restore law and order and we will make government honest once again, which it is not now, believe me. the stakes in this election could not be higher. hillary clinton wants to raise taxes very substantial and send jobs to other countries. that's what she wants to do. we are going to cut taxes dramatically. and bring thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs to our shores. that is something i look so forward to doing. no one can do jobs like trump. if you look at florida, whether
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it's so many of the jobs, we have so many jobs in the state of florida. those people love what we have done for them. health care, we take care of our people. e we have to take care of the people of our country. we are not doing that. hillary clinton wants to pass more terrible trade deals like the transpacific partnerships. we are going to stop the tpp. totally renegotiate nafta, one of the worst trade deals ever made by mankind. we are going to protect your jobs. they are not going to be disappearing from you anymore.
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people in this room 18 years ago were making more money and wages than they are making today. and today they are working ha harder and in many cases to a certain extent because of this horrible obamacare, they are working two jobs. so they are getting older, they are working harder and they are making less. not going to happen that way, folks. not going to happen. >> we are listening to donald trump at a rally in florida. again, playing up the themes of being the law and order candidate. also cutting taxes, playing up the allegiance to our military. also as his projection of protecting american workers, we know e we covered over the s summer, all the lawsuits the investigations that have been launched into the business practices of the trump organizations for low level staffers, whether they are painters or dish washers. the fact he could be low pay or no pay. back in a moment. polo!
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a live look at what's taking place in florida as donald trump is hosting his rally there in tampa. and it is on the campaign trail in florida where we have donald trump using his time to sozero on what is a controversy potentially for hillary clinton, her calendar when she was secretary of state. he spent a lot of time focusing on his opponent and accusing this pay for play system while she served as the secretary of state. take a listen. we have information from this new report that did examine the secretary's nonhad-government meetings and found there were more than half with donors that had affiliation to the clinton
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foundation. we have reporters out covering the campaigns and the legal implications on the latest development. jacob rascon is inside the trump rally. you have covered a lot of trump rallies. how has this line of attack about the clinton foundation resinating with supporters? >> reporter: this attack fits perfectly into the argument trump has been trying to build about a rigged washington system. the nickname given to hillary clinton over the past several months crooked hillary clinton, the campaign seems to love this story. they have been using it repeatedly. yesterday they said this is the type of behavior that it threatens american democracy. . we're like a third world country. it's not a new attack, but he's hitting it hard. right now, i want to point out that he hasn't mentioned that yet. e we expect him to. he has mentioned minority voters. i want to mention the trump
11:21 am
supporter in a crowd who is holding up a shirt that said "no amnesty for illegals." so somebody not happy with trump's softening on this stance. that person has been ignore d. >> real fast. we know some of the first cases has been reported. has that come up? >> we have asked the campaign about this. whenever he's in florida, he's been here several times since the sooe ka outbreak. no real spelled out plan on what e he would do as president. >> jacob rascon, thank you. . wement to check in with kasie hunt, who is out west. that's where hillary clinton is
11:22 am
fundraising. how are they responding? what are they saying in the campaign regarding the numbers and how they are able to chris cross her callen der with those that support the foundation. >> the campaign very much acutely aware of every detail that's playing out with this ap story and pushing back very aggressively in a way that, frankly, they weren't a couple days ago on clinton foundation issues. there's a couple ways they are pushing back. this doesn't take the situation into context. essentially ap looked at a slice of these meetings with non-government officials and outside of her official duties as secretary of state. they are pointing to the -- take a listen on "morning joe" defended the campaign on this
11:23 am
point. take a look. >> by our count, there were over 1,700 other meetings she had. she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly. so to pull all of them out of the equation, cherry pick a small number is pretty outrageous. >> the other half is and talking about other presidents and presidential candidates who are involved at charitable foundations. she was running the red cross receiving a salary and george h.w. bush had a foundation while his son was president. >> thank you, kasie hunt. hope you get time to enjoy
11:24 am
yourself. trump used a lot of the descriptions, terms of the relationship, pay for play because of hillary clinton's time in that tenure and the do dmagss that went with clinton foundation. while he would like to be chicken little with the skies falling over this. is there anything there? this is not a revelation that people pay or donate money whether you're on the left or the right. >> a lot of this comes down to normal policy disagreements. how do you fund a charity or a campaign and we have seen debates about that throughout the political process. what we're e seeing where the legal arguments meet the political strategy is an attempt by donald trump and allies to try to get a whiff of criminality going. it was closed out as an investigation so the call for a new prosecutor, a new criminal inquiry, the idea to create smoke there. but legally if you break it down, there's not the kind of
11:25 am
evidence here that suggests government corruption, misuse of government materials in exchange for money. any of those things. then you hear racketeering. racketeering is an act or threat gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion or drug dealing. so even if you look at the kinds of things donald trump says are wrong with cgi, he's not to my knowledge, said that there's an arson of fire, of murder spree, a drug dealing going on. they are throwing around terms that aren't even supported by the allegations they are making. that part is a reach. >> we looked back at the nra,
11:26 am
it's donations to right wing elected members of congress. it's the same theory. they are donating to keep them afloat to say we don't like this policy. do something about it. >> look at the way bernie sanders made this case. i don't recall him saying the people that took money were criminals or were up for racketeering. he did say strongly he thought it was a problem. he thought there was too much money. not that anyone who disagreed with him were a criminal, but on policy, on politics, there's too much money in the system and people should change that. that's certainly a legitimate debate. the political question, are you winning people over with accusations of crimes if you don't have the evidence. >> he's donated to the clinton foundation. >> sometimes you have to investigate yourself. >> we'll see if he does that. thank you so much. we want to go to the other big story we have been following.
11:27 am
the search for survivors buried under rubble in central italy. a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck overnight. the quake reducing two towns to piles of debris. the hardest hit is where dozens of died have remained trapped. the clock ticking to free them and get them help. this as aftershocks are continuing in this area. some felt as far away as rome. that's 100 miles from the epicenter. lucy cavanaugh is on the ground. explain what we know now about the uptick in the death total as they are going through for search and recovery. >> thomas, it's now 18 hours since this devastating quake shook this region. one of the italian corps of engineer officials told nbc news they believe 86 people killed in this area alone. and it's a larger area that's
11:28 am
been affected. no statistics about how many wounded. this is very much an ongoing search and rescue operation. we do have alpine experts, dog sniffers, bulldozers trying to go through the rubble to pull people out. we witnessed several people both alive and dead. there's a rather morbid area near the church where they have been putting people in body bags and keeping them there to transport them to a different location. hundreds of people lost their homes. it's going to be difficult for them to return to this area. homes have been flattened here. you might see the pictures of the devastation, but i can tell you there's this heavy dust and sand that's in the air from those buildings collapsing. it feels very post apocalyptic. one of the things we know is the full scale of the destruction is not yet clear. there are certain hamlets around this area where rescue crews have not been able to get to as
11:29 am
easily because the roads have been damaged. this is one of the epicenters of the quake, but the aftershocks, the damage, all of this, the cleanup effort is likelydays. >> nightfall makes it more difficult for search and rescue teams. also the aftershocks. when was the last one felt and have you been feeling them while you are on the ground? >> we felt them as early as when we arrived on the scene. you sort of see this destruction around you and feel the ground shake beneath you. we were stand iing near a buildg and workers rushed over to try to push us away and get the point across that a lot of the structures here are not physically safe. the last one i personally felt was an hour ago. but we adopt know how strong they are. we don't know how much of a threat they pose. most of the residents have been cleared from the area. search and rescue teams are still on the ground trying to get to the people trapped inside the rubble. >> lucy, thank you very much. stay safe with you and the crew.
11:30 am
back to the other big story out of kabul. we have senior u.s. intelligence officials telling nbc news that they do have these reports of attackers getting inside the campus compound of american university in kabul. we'll get more on that, after this. hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. welcome back. want to get you the newest details out of kabul. one student was kill ed. 14 other wounded when a gunman opened fire attacking american university in kabul. this was a campus compound that opened in 2006. a mix of full-time students and part-time students along with those that work on the campus. they are advising troops now on scene the at the university. it was moments ago the state
11:34 am
department responded to news of this attack. take a listen. >> condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. an attack on a university is an attack on the future of afghanistan. our embassy in kabul and nato koupt parts are closely monitoring the situation, as we are. we understand the situation is ongoing. we do understand there are small number of advisers who are assisting their afghan counterparts as forces are responding as the situation develops. these advisers are not taking a combat role, but advising afghan counterparts. >> joining me is cal perry and our foreign correspondent. you have been following this. american university in kabul is a target. specifically just because of the name. but what more do we know about the history of this campus and why it is so right for this type of attack. >> the name does stick out. it's a high profile target.
11:35 am
it's going to garner this media attention. it's a well guarded place in kabul. really the two places that are the most thoroughly guarded is the u.s. embassy. we heard from the state department there are u.s. troops there on the ground in an advisory role. that gives us an indication of how seriously this attack has been taken. the military is doing everything it can to hand things over to afghan special forces. not just in kabul, but across the kocountry. we have seen an uptick in violence this month. things are getting worse. on august 7th, we had two professors kidnapped. but there's really this void in the afghan government that the taliban is taking advantage of. this is something that the u.s. has long worried about. right now, afghan special forces you see them on the screen are sweeping this campus. unclear if this incident is
11:36 am
over. it's ongoing. certainly the casualty numbers probably likely to rise as the hospitals are receiving a number of the wounded. >> just to update folks, the new reports coming from reuters, one student was killed in this attack. 14 others were wounded. we had original reports that five had been injured and take on to a local hospital within the area there. but this attack happening on the campus of american university, which is referred to as a compound in kabul. i want to bring in aimen mohyeldin. we don't have a clim of responsibility from that earlier kidnapping of the two professors. we don't have a claim in this attack. who are the bad actors that are the likely sc lly suspects? >> the two operating in afghanistan capable of an attack with the will to pull this off would be isis.
11:37 am
they now have established footprints in afghanistan operationally as well. and the taliban have been fighting international forces for the past 15 years since 2001. they have the capability to do so. they certainly have the resources not just in kabul but all across the country. they have taken over big parts of the country. that's posed a security challenge for the central government. the two actors are isis and the taliban. >> want to bring in an msnbc terrorism analyst and author of defeating isis. and again, i want to say as we're getting these updates about the injured and at least one student dead reported by reuters about this ongoing situation there, we don't have a claim of responsibility. so what is the breakdown in terms of the security forces and the operation needed for american troops to e eventually withdraw position from
11:38 am
afghanistan. >> it's going to have to be significant. the national army is not ready to secure all of the provinces in afghanistan. the operation resolute mission which is providing security force advisers, which is also operated according to nato has to build better capacity within the ana in order for them not only to defend their compounds, but to defend these provinces. and now a slightly rising isis force inside afghanistan. one thing. these attacks are almost common place in afghanistan. they are very easy to execute. they only require one person or two people or a small group of people. the international global observation of an attack like this. whereas the regular day-to-day grinding war of afghanistan is almost an afterthought.
11:39 am
>> we just had the reports yesterday and reporting on the tragedy of the american service member killed outside of helmand province. this was the first death since january in the area. is it naive to think that the u.s. can have a contraction one day of force from inside afghanistan. we know that was the president's desire, but it is not something he's been able to achieve. >> again, it's like i said earlier. we have to build the capacity of this country to defend itself. and we have to put in the institutions, the personnel, they have to work through their experience. >> the very people that are going to be doing that. >> well, the taliban themselves have their own entire organization where they can flow in without going to school. they just learn to become come
11:40 am
pat ta bat tants. they are full scale combatants. the army is building that like the iraqi army. we're building its capacity so its constitution liezed to maintain security and control of the government of afghanistan. so it doesn't descend back into a taliban-led government. >> malcolm, thank you for your time. reuters reporting that one student dead, 14 injured in an attack on that campus. this takes place in florida. donald trump making a pitch to minority voters on the campaign trail. >> to the african-american voter, great people. to the hispanic voter, who have been absolutely treated terribly, i say what do you have to lose. i will fix it. >> we have heard that line many times over the last several days.
11:41 am
what do you have to lose for voting for trump? we'll drill down on his plan and how it could be a tough sell for certain american communities, after this. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now.
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back to donald trump's rally where he's attacking hillary clinton and connections as secretary of state to the clinton first dooundation. >> so many of these people made contributions. she even delete d 33,000 e e-mails to hide evidence of her crimes. it's impossible to tell where the clinton foun dags ends and the state department begins. she then lied about her crime to congress over and over again she
11:45 am
lied to congress. i don't know if congress is going to do anything about it. i'm so look of seeing and thinking. she lied to congress 100% everybody agrees and it takes so long for them to fact. you're beginning to say what happen happened. let congress act immediately. the fbi did not act. i am so disappointed. i am so disappointed. i have high respect. how did they let that happen. she was so guilty. she was so guilty. the world is laugh iing at us,
11:46 am
folks. . and then you have bill clinton meeting with the attorney general in the back of an airplane for 39 minutes. he said they were talking about golf and their grand kids. give me a break. and very importantly, bill clinton, after all of that and after the beautiful gift he was given, bill clinton essentially called the fbi director james comey a liar when he said the fbi director was spouting bull. can you imagine? they don't realize that they owe the fbi director their political lives for refusing to recommend prosecution for hillary clinton's many, many crimes. and then he calls the director a
11:47 am
liar. he saved healthcaillary clinton facing justice for her illegal and corrupt actions. they were illegal and corrupt and the fbi saved her. i would imagine many people within the fbi are extremely embarrassed. remember, bill clinton was impeached for lying and obstructing justice. hillary clinton created an illegal server, deliberately, willfully and with total premeditation. could be the first way i was right actually. you know, i might like the first way better.
11:48 am
i love that. she did so to cover up a vast pay for play scheme. her actions made our enemies vulnerable to foreign hacking and we are vulnerable. that's what's happening. we have become so vulnerable to foreign hacking and betrayed the security and safety of the united states our military and all our people. her actions are criminal. they are purposeful and calculated. she knew what she was doing. that's why i have called for a
11:49 am
special prosecutor to look into this. the problem is with the administration rigging the system, it's a rigged system, folks. to protect her vast criminal behavior, the real jury is going to be the american voter on november 8th. hillary clinton thinks she's above the law. she has nothing going. she has nothing going. there's nothing there. there's nothing going. there's nothing for you.
11:50 am
got nothing going. come november the american people are going to prove that she is not, she is not a person worthy of becoming the president of the united states. i have been watching so carefully over the past month. hillary clinton doesn't do press conferences. it's been almost 300 days. she doesn't do rallies of any kind. they never our arenas packed, but they should show her arenas that are empty.
11:51 am
people don't know where she is. her supports have really -- her supporters have little enthusiasm. the only people enthusiastic about her campaign are hollywood celeb tis, in many cases celebrities that aren't very hot anymore. and wall street donors, special interests, lobbiests, that want to control government not to the benefit of our country, but to the benefit of their wallet. even her protesters don't have the spirit that bernie protesters have. we had some protesters last night. we had a massive rally last night and we had some protesters. it's like they raised their hand and they are so nice. the cameras don't even cover her
11:52 am
protesters. then they finally show how many people we have at these things. her protesters have so little enthusiasm for her. they are so boring that the cameras don't follow them, so it's sad when you think about it. i like the bernie protesters better. they had enthusiasm. by the way, a reminder to everyone here. register to vote. you have to register to vote. we have a movement going on, folks. this is a movement. i'm going to mississippi in a little while. we have tens of -- >> we are listening to donald trump at his rally there in tampa, florida. we saw he had an issue with premeditation in reference to clinton's private e-mail server in her home. the fbi clearing her of any wrong doing. loretta lynch not pursuing charges. trump continuing to hit her over
11:53 am
this behavior. but we did hear the crowd chanting "lock her up." jacob rascon is inside that rally. how many times has that chant broken out? >> reporter: at least a half dozen. they were chanting it while rudy giuliani was speaking. we hear that chant dozens of times at every single rally. notably trump usually will ignore it. there was a moment before he started doing these rally speeches on prompter where he said i'm starting to agree with you but then went back and said, no, let's beat her in november. since that time, he hasn't fed off that chant at all. he ignores it and still hitting her on the e-mails and the foundation. >> jacob, thank you so much. in addition to the familiar refrain about hillary clinton in that speech about her e-mails,
11:54 am
he also continued a familiar and new message trying to attract minority voters. >> we're going to fix our inner cities. i say to the african-american parent, you have a right to walk down the street without having your child shot. that's what's happening right now. to the hispanic parent, you have a right to walk outside without being shot. >> according to the campaign and insiders of it, trump will take his outreach on the road visiting areas heavily pop lulad by minority communities. still if you look at the numbers, recent polling would suggest he's going to have a tough sell getting support from minori tity communities. joining me now is james peterson, msnbc contributor.
11:55 am
and raul raez, good to have you with me. james, you hear from donald trump and his new line about what do you have to lose voting for me? obviously, we see he's been the scrappiest gop nominee in history. we have a new director of african-american outreach. this is the sixth time he said, what do you have to lose? do minority voters think this is sincere or just political survival? >> i don't think it's sincere. most folks are reading this as not political survival, but political tactics. we know from reporting around the country on the trump campaign that essentially they have metrics that are suggesting that if he can slam hillary clinton on her support of the 1994 crime bill, he may be able to make greater appeal in the african-american community. i'm sure they have also dialled
11:56 am
down and looked at specific states where even if they peel off a percentage point, it may work in their favor. here's the reality. this is a cynical approach to politics. how to appear to be pandering less and to be more compassionate with their thinking. so some of the broad strokes black communities is going to be with which he's painting the diminishing his effort to make a compelling message for them. >> we're trying to figure this out. we're waiting for real detail on his immigration policy. his website has the same hard line about how to make america great again. the immigration plan that anything less than getting everybody out of the country who shouldn't be here means amnesty. can he pivot or change positions on this and be believable at this point? >> i think at this point, for any presidential candidate, it
11:57 am
makes sense to do outreach to minority voters including african-americans and la ttinos. what doesn't make sense for donald trump is when and how he's doing it. especially for latinos after 15 months from day one of demonizing latinos, now to make what could potentially a huge pivot is really be like way too much. he doesn't have the credibility with the latino community. for all this talk of the pivot, that's all murky. we haven't heard it definite from him. . there's nothing on the policy positions. he's still running the ads showing illegal people pouring over the border and did bring on the head of breitbart. >> he still wants to build the wall. he was supposed to have a speech tomorrow in denver. that was cancelled. we're going to see when that's put back on the schedule. thank you very much. we have our microsoft pulse
11:58 am
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