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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. thank you for your time. kate snow picks thingings up right now. if your hour is anything like the last hour, it's going to be a busy one. >> we have a lot going on this afternoon. thank you. i'm kate snow. several breaking news stories unfolding. as we come on the air shs the american university of afghanistan in kabul under attack. security forces are engaging with the attackers. it's unclear how many students or teachers might be inside. the pentagon says it's still ongoing. and that devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake in italy.
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the death toll rising to more than 100 people. we have a reporter on the ground as search and rescue efforts are underway there. let's start with afghanistan and the attack on that well-known university in kabul. i want to get right out to matt bradley, he is following the news moment by moment. what have we learned. >> one student have been killed and 14 have been injured. that's not unusual. a lot of folks are saying this attack isn't just targeting americans. they are saying this is an attack on education. the taliban put education in their cross hairs. they are saying this is no exception. troops deployed and are there in an advising capacity.
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they are backing up the university's own security and afghan security forces taking the lead in engaging the attackers. we have no word yet on further casualties. this is typical of a complex attack. multiple gunmen including bombs and small arms. the first used to penetrate the walls of this compound. students were seen jumping from walls in a desperate effort to try to escape. the local afghan forces are also engaging the attackers and trying to hear whether or not they are going to be asking nato for help. they exist all over the world and not affiliated with each other. they offer american-style instruction with mostly american or foreign teachers. so as you can imagine it would make for quite a target. this is the second attack on
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this university in just as many weeks. two instructors? abducted from their cars. neither have been found. all of this is coming against a backdrop of some increasing threats against foreigners in afghanistan. they have withstood assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, all striking in the heart of central kabul in sanction wares not unlike this campus. it's easy to see that for the rest of afghanistan and all of this is complicating the situation throughout the country. just yesterday a u.s. silver service member was killed. so it's possible a lot of this is going to get worse before it gets better. >> matt following everything from london. let's bring in richard engel, our chief foreign correspondent here at nbc. he knows this region better than
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anyone in this building. you have been to that region. you have been to afghanistan. describe to us why would this be such a prime target? >> it's called the american university. it's co-ed education. it's a symbol of american values. we have an american university in kabul. that's why it would be a target. why it's being attacked now is because they can. because the taliban have been on the offensive. the war in afghanistan has intensified over the last several months. about six months ago the u.s. relaxed the rules of engagement. . making troops more chovled. they were involved in operations and advising the government. they were only involved in military operations.
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if they were in danger. the rules of engagement were changed so that american troops could launch combat missions even if afghan troops were at risk. so the numb of american bombardments, airstrikes by drones and aircraft in the north and east and south has dramatically increased. this attack possibly by the taliban, most likely by the taliban although no claim of responsibility has been made could be a response to that escalating war. they are trying to help with the response here. >> officially, no. but they don't talk about what special operations forces are doing. this is a compound with american faculty, mostly afghan students. and yes, you're going to hear them say officially every time that troops are in the lead.
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american troops arrived as advisers. but there are american special ops in there. i wouldn't be surprised if there was a much more involved american role because of the nature of the target. >> matt bradley in london, fwook both of you if we get more information on that developing story. turning to italy. at least 120 people are dead following an earthquake that struck the central part of the country. the quake left several towns in ruin, killing at least 120 po people. that number expected to rise. once witnessed described the devastation as something out of dante's inferno. cal perry is tracking that story. >> there are still many people trapped in the rubble. a lot of these buildings very old. you went over the history. we wanted to give you an idea of what it's like to rescue these people. this video in a few moments ago.
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take a look. >>. >> that video giving you an idea of what it's like to get to these villages and keep in mind, we're talking about 100 miles away from rome. a drive that would normally take two hours, now four or five as the mountain roads become unpassable. the other thing i wanted to show you is we have been talking about how the earthquake was felt 250 miles away. that's because the plate that runs underground runs all the way here and into the sea.
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this is one of the major tech tonic plates. >> that video is stunning. there's a woman alive under there. i hope they get her out all right. thank you for bringing that to us. let's turn to politics now. donald trump has been rallying supporters in tampa, florida. talking about immigration, talking about the african-american community and his support there. he wrapped up about a minute ago. that as an ap report raises new questions about the clinton foundation. something republicans including trump, are talking about at length today. we'll have rnc communications director coming up in it a moment. we're following all of those stories. but let's turn first to nbc's jacob rascon, who joins me from tampa. there's a new effort by the trump campaign to attract a larger number of black voters. . did anything stick out to you this afternoon? we just lost communication with jacob. that event just wrapping up.
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live pictures now from tampa, florida. donald trump in that mix there somewhere in the middle. he just wrapped up a speech at a rally there. we have jacob rascon back with us joining us from tampa. all problems solved with the ear piece that was falling out. i was about to ask you about the new effort to try to attract a growing number of minority voters. did anything stick o out in the speech about that today? >> so we have heard him talking in recent speeches by prompter that e he wanted every african-american vote during this rally he said he wanted
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every hispanic voter. he reached out to african-american and his ppanic voters. take a listen to what he said here. >> what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? it cannot get any worse and believe me, i'm going to fix it. i'm going to make the african-american voter, great people, to the hispanic voter, who have been absolutely treated terribly, i say, what do you have to lose. i will fix it. will be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you are not going to be shot. >> so they are reaching out to african-american voters with a similar message. we did talk to several hispanic voters here about trump's appeal to them and his flip-flop on
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immigration. and most of them not surprisingly because we heard this before told me that they always expected trump would soften his dotone on deportatio. they always believed he would come back to the center. he was excited about a deportation force. truthfully, there weren't many voters here that is not unusual. it was difficult to find them. those we did talk to said they simply did not believe the poll that showed he had no support. >> jacob rascon, thank you so much. as we go to color bars because the event is ending there. hillary clinton is fundraising out in california today. this as the democratic nominee is facing increase d scrutiny
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today over meetings with clinton foundation donors. the associated press reporting more than half the people outside of government who met with hillary clinton while secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. for more on all this, let's turn to kasie hunt. she's covering the clinton campaign from los angeles. i know she's out there doing a number of fundraisers, but what can you tell us about the ap report and what you're hearing from the clinton campaign. >> reporter: we haven't seen very much of hillary clinton the past couple days. she's been fundraising here in l.a. behind closed doors with quite a few celebrities. justin timberlake, she's in silicon valley today. so she herself has not answered any questions yet aside from a little bit of joking on "kimmel" about this foundation issue. they got the calendars that covered the first two years of hillary clinton's time as secretary of state.
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they went through and analyzed, okay, who did she meet with who wasn't part of the government. with the assumption that would be part of her regular duties and found that many of them had given donations to the clinton foundation. that you had to give money to get time with the secretary of state. now the clinton campaign says that's not the case. that's not what happened in this instance. they argue the ap analysis is flawed because it leaves out so many of her initial duties. they are pointing out that a number of these people that it cherries her schedule to give a distorted portrayal to the clinton foundation. that coming from brian fallon. the clinton campaign said she met with eli wazel, the holocaust survivor, as well as others who won nobel prizes and
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had had work that was much broader or deeper or had connections to the clinton family for many years. then just while this foundation was in sbis tans. they also argue it makes no sense to wind down the clinton foundation now as some kepts have called for because of the type of work they do. to people all over the world, her campaign officials have been out there arguing that if you try to yank that out from under those people, it could be seriously life threatening. so really the clinton campaign in a full-court press on defense today. >> kasie hunt following hillary clinton out in california. thank you so much. former mayor rudy giuliani introduced donald trump at that event we were just at in tampa. he took it as an opportunity to slam the foundation once again. >> i am more than willing to predict when the history of our day is written, the scandal you
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are watching unfold is going to be like the teapot dome scandal was and maybe bigger. it's going to be bigger than watergate. >> with 76 days to go until the election, that's obviously a big focus of the trump campaign today. joining me is shawn spicer, communications director for the rnc. also involved with advising the trump campaign. good to see you. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> first, i want to get to the clinton foundation stuff, but i want to ask you about african-americans and minority support for donald trump. our reporter on the trail with donald trump just asked him in tampa how he thinks he's doing with minority voters and trump said, quote, i think we're doing really great. but the polls all show something different. is the campaign seeing something we're not? >> i think you look at a lot of the interactions that trump has with these groups and his commitment to reaching out and he's buoyed by that.
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our party needs to do better. we haven't done great. trump clearly understands that and is continue iing the outrea. go to places and talk to groups and talk about the solutions that these communities face. the good news is we need to do better and the candidate himself is at the forefront of understand iing that and doing what it has to to ask for the vote and earn the vote of these communities. >> he's polling worse among african-american voters than any other top candidate and the only exception was barry goldwater. how do you turn that around is my question? how do you make that appeal? >> last cycle, we got 6% of the black vote. 2008 we got 4%. so we have to do better. we need to go out and earn that vote, talk about how we want to champion the issues that are important to some of those communities. that's first and foremost. as republicans, we haven't gone
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to places. we haven't had those conversations. we have seen donald trump over the last several weeks make an appeal and meet with groups that are important to show that we care about those issues and want to get to their communities and talk to their leaders. part of this is just showing up. and democrats have taken it for granted. if we look at where we are, we need to do better. but i think trump understands that. he wants to go out and earn it and we have a real shot at going out and earning and respecting that vote and growing from what we had the last couple cycles. to answer your question, i think we need to continue to meet with folks. he's going to meet with another group tomorrow and a group the day after. part of this is continuing to show that we respect and want the vote of those key communities. >> let me ask you about the clinton foundation. it's your favorite topic of the day.
12:22 pm
brian fallon was on earlier. let me play what he had to say and i'll get your response. >> what is at issue is a reprehensible attack on a charity that just shows the double standard that hillary clinton is being subjected to here. you did not see similar questions raised or attacks launched against george w. bush. you didn't see attacks on bob dole while his wife was running the red cross. because these are charitable organizations doing important work and the idea that they would be dragged into a political back and forth and used as weapons for attacks is completely absurd and beyond the pale. >> he's insisting this is nothing more than a political attack. your response? >> i'm sure he is. they have been using the same line going back 30 years. it's always the right that's to blame. it's always republicans. this time you have the fbi that
12:23 pm
called for various field offices calling for an investigation. here's the interesting thing. for 263 days, he's yet to face the press. instead of sending a spokesman, why doesn't she talk about what the work is they have done. answer some of the questions. this is a $2 billion political machine that they have created. they do some good work, but in large part when you track what the ap found, there's always a quid pro quo. the crown prince couldn't get a meeting with secretary clinton through official channels, but he was told to go through the foundation and after a $32 million donation, would you like to meet with the secretary? you tell me what that looks like. >> as you know, the state department has said it's not necessarily a quid pro quo. it's not a pay-to-play, this is what happens in washington. you meet with people who you know. you meet with people who happen to be donors to your foundation. >> they need to dust up on their
12:24 pm
latin. i think that's the definition of a quid pro quo. they told them to go through the foundation. he gave a donation and they wanted to meet with them. i really do think they need to study latin a little more. that's the definition of what a quid pro quo is. >> i was about to quote anthony kennedy. he wrote that ingrashuation and corruption is not -- just because they had access doesn't mean anything untoured happened. >> it's a $2 billion political enterprise. i recognize if there was one instance, you could make an argument that say oefrs the course of taking in $2 billion, 40% from foreign country, there was this one instance. but it's not just one instance. it's consistently creating this political corruption enterprise to funnel money to trade favors in access to the government for contributions.
12:25 pm
so this is not just one instance where the crown prince paid off $32 million for a meet and greet. there are several instances where it's stuff that happened in haiti where there was access granted or decisions made after a key decision or donation to the foundation was made. but there's a whole host of issues with this foundation in terms of women's and human rights violations. they are taking 40% of donations from foreign companies. they continue to hide and the fact of the matter is this foundation just proves what everybody believes about hillary clinton. she's the insider's insider. it's pay-to-play. >> i have covered two trips to africa with the clinton foundation. i went to africa twice as a reporter to cover those trips. i have to tell you. we saw a lot of great things happening. we saw medical clinics for children. we saw people growing root vegetables to help their communities. this is good work that they do.
12:26 pm
i think you could probably acknowledge that. it's not glamorous. why shut that down? >> i would absolutely agree. the clinton foundation has done some work. there's no question you're going to do good. but the problem is this is the issue with the clinton. it's always whatever they determine the greater good to be that they can evade rules, have a set of rules for themselves and one for everyone else. the problem is that they have traded so many favors for access that they are arguing they are the only ones to do this good and this is what comes along. . you have to take the baggage with the good. there are other foundations that have done a great amount of good without the level of damage and political corruptness and access for pay to play that they have. to assume they are the only ones who can do this and you have to take the baggage, it's not acceptable. there's a lot of good. it can be done the right way. >> shawn spicer, great to see
12:27 pm
you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> a quick programming note. tune in to "the rachel maddow show" for a one-on-one interview with trump campaign manager kellyann conway. with 76 days to go, donald trump scrambles to make an appeal to minority voters and break free of the label that's dogged him for much of the campaign season. the label racist. this as polling shows his support among african-american voters far behind support for hillary clinton. team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america.
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12:31 pm
lucy cavanaugh has made her way to one of the hardest hit towns. tell me what you're seeing firsthand. it looks like they are still hard at work. >> reporter: that's right, late at night but still a search and rescue operation. what i can see down the road away from me is a large building that's been largely collapsed. it's lit up by flood lights. search and rescue workers are busy trying to get to the bottom of the rubble to see if there's still any people trap ped beneah those fallen bricks. all day we have seen search and rescue crews come here. they have had sniffing dogs, special alpine rescue groups. we know a lot of people have lost their lives. the death count continued to go up. one of the core of engineers said earlier that 86 people believed to have been killed in this area alone.
12:32 pm
unfortunately those numbers are likely to rise as they are finding more beneath the rubble. one of the hospitals is an unstructurally sound building. they weren't able to use it for medical facilities anymore. we saw the doctors pulling out cots treating the patients out there. people have been dazed, confused, roaming the streets. they are no longer allowed to be in this part of town. it's too dangerous in light of the aftershocks we were experiencing. but there are hundreds of people now who are going to be left homeless with no idea as to when they will be able to return or any homes to return to. this is, as you mentioned, one of the hardest hit areas. this is also the worst earthquake that italy has seen since 2009 when the earthquake claimed 300 lives. the fear is that the death toll is going to continue to rise to similar levels. >> lucy, it's just devastating to see those images. thank you so much. for more on the difficulties facing the are rescue
12:33 pm
operations, i'm joined by the director of the american red cross's international disaster team. tracy, it's nice to see you again. you have some crews already on scene. they were based in it live. how quickly are you moving other teams in from other parts of europe? any american teams going over? >> the red cross has been starting their operation from the moment the earthquake hit. and i want to be clear of our real condolences to the people affected. these are tragic and frightening situations. they are providing hot meals through mobile kitchens, comfort to families and sheltering options. >> you and i were both in haiti after that earthquake. it's been less than 24 hours. . you have been through this before. in the early stages, what's the biggest concern? >> the biggest concern right now is absolutely search and rescue.
12:34 pm
there's a 24-72 hour window to find people to extract from unstable and heavy. and to provide medical assistance to them. so absolutely search and rescue is the priority. but a very short order after that is medical care for people injured. and may have some life saving needs according to crush injuries and impact like that. obviously, after that is shelter and safe water and comfort to be very honest with you. after an earthquake hits, you have concerns about aftershocks and so there's absolutely safety considerations. this is a holiday region where i think the amount of people in this area doubled over the last several weeks because it's august holiday time.
12:35 pm
so it's a frightening experience. >> i want to quickly ask. anything americans can do? >> absolutely. so the italian red cross is providing assistance. if people are concerned about their families who might be american, they can go to the state department. >> thasy, thanks so much. up next, we head back to politics and talk with the writer who is reporting on trump's new campaign strategy to fend off claims he's racist. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. donald trump within the past hour in tampa making a case for african-american voters to support him once again with that tag line he's been using what do you have to lose. it's a story line flushed out in "the washington post" today. they call it inside donald trump's new strategy to counter the view of many that he's racist. joining me is one of the authors
12:39 pm
of that article. good to see you. so let's start there. start by explaining what that strategy is all about. what did you learn from your sources? >> based on both public polling and private polling done by the trump campaign, they see real vulnerabilities for the republican nominee when it comes to african-american voters, latino voters, and murnty groups across the board. though trump has an unusual coalition, a nontraditional coalition of populous, nationalists, different kinds of working class, to win he has to expand that. that's why you're seeing this average to african-american voters who have shown trump to be unpopular down in the low single digits. >> we heard sawn spicer say they are working on it. but i go back to what donald trump keeps saying. he said again an hour ago that line rgs why not take a chance.
12:40 pm
he talked about people being shot as they walked down the street. as you know, these lines are not being taken well by some in the african-american community. he expanded it to include hispanics this time around. is he use iing the right messago win those votes? >> it's an unpolished raw message from donald trump. some have seen it as insind ware and inappropriate. he has had heavy criticism and even some republicans for not approaching minority voters in the appropriate way. though the trump campaign believes that though trump is not speaking as many other politics would, because of his positions on trade and immigration, he could make an argument to them. i have been most strucken by how often he mentioned labor statistics in his stump speech. he's coming armed to rallies not just with talking points, but with statistics, whether that's a compelling argument to voter
12:41 pm
who is have been skeptical we'll have to see. >> "the washington post" fact checked one of those statistics and found it was a bit inflate ed. he was exaggerating unemployment numbers for african-americans. >> we have also seen some willingness from trump to go into urban areas. ben carson has been talking about his eagerness to bring trump to his hometown of detroit. trump has been working with african-american pastors. they had a conference call with his outreach director last thursday working with the rnc. what we have seen with hillary clinton is the democratic nominee has deep roots within the minority community going back to her husband's presidency and her own work throughout the decades. so that foundation is powerful for clinton as she turns to the last 75 days. >> we'll watch to e see what donald trump does. robert, great to see you. thank you so much. when we come back, the 2016 impact on other races. some republican incumbents are
12:42 pm
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yoyeah, i do.e? you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww...
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wow? what wow? there is no wow. we can do well a week from now. we're going to do well. not great, but we're going to do well. we're going to win. and then we're going to win in november. >> that was senator john mccain last night at a campaign event in arizona. in the senator's own words, he thinks he's going to do well but not great in the primary against former senator kel ri ward. if mccain does win the primary, he still has a long battle to win his seat in november. polls show mccain with a narrow lead against the democrat. we should point out mccain's seat is relatively safe compared to his republican colleagues. anti-trump republicans are urging the rnc to stop spending so much money on helping trump and shift resources to senate and house races. 123 republican leaders sent an
12:46 pm
open letter to the rnc chair that read, we believe donald trump's wrerecklessness and record-breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a democratic landslide and only the shift of all available rnc resources to vulnerable senate and house races will prevent the gop from downing with a trump howard fineman em blazened anchor around its neck. let's bring in the organizer of the letter. former spokesperson to house speaker newt gingrich. strong words, i think we can say n that letter that you wrote. are you and your colleagues worried about a shift in the house or the senate? >> absolutely. i think every conscious republican out there who is following this election should be worried about the same. the senate, i think, is literally a flipped coin right now and maybe worse. the house depending how things go if it's a trump landslide at
12:47 pm
the end of the day, the house may be at risk at well. that's why we had so many people come together who have worked in republican politics who have been republican elected officials including ten former members of congress signing this letter to the rnc pleading with them to stop focusing attention and resources on a candidate who is almost certainly going to lose and shift those resources to the winnable races we have in the house and senate so we can protect congress and make sure there's a block on hillary clinton. >> let's talk about the senate. we mentioned john mccain. there are others whose names you hear all the time. their analysis says democrats have a 60% chance, that's the odds they are giving it, of taking back control of the senate. still enough time and which of those races are you sort of most worried about? >> without going through it race by race, the clock is ticking.
12:48 pm
every day we wait is a day the democrats can further tie trump around our necks and hurt those senate and down ballot house candidates as well. this guy is the titanic. he's hit the iceberg and he's sinking and right now the rnc has decide d to lock everybody n the boiler room and claim we are going to make it to shore. what we should be doing is putting out the lifeboats. there's a way to do that that will save down ballot candidates. you're seeing candidates in colorado using effective advertising to try ang late between trump and clinton and making clear he doesn't like either of those choices, but that he's going to serve as an independent voice for colorado voters. and there are other equally effective messages we need to be deploying now with the support, hopefully, of the rnc and party organizations to make sure that those down ballot candidates are around after november. >> thank you for being with us.
12:49 pm
>> thank you. our jacob soboroff is near a naval station in florida talking to military families, a crucial voting bloc, about which way they are leaning. he's up, after the break. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved
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donald trump in tampa, florida, this afternoon for a campaign stop in the pivotal sunshine state. both he and hillary clinton are courting the key swing voters. and an important constituency there, military families. so who are they leaning toward? msnbc's jacob soboroff is on the hunt at a naval station mayport in jacksonville, florida asking them just that. who are they going for? in his latest installment of "up for grabs." what are you hearing? >> this is a very complicated decision for members of the armed forces, particularly members of the navy here at naval station mayport right up that waterway and around the
12:53 pm
bend. a place for 34 different giant naval vessels. there we went to their neighbor. if you look over here, this is a local fishing company. it's a local retail outlet where people come for shrimp, fish, lunch. a lot of former military folks right inside there. and we asked them, who are you going for? this is what they told us. >> wow. that's a king fish? >> king mackerel. >> june, july, august. >> what way is he voting? >> he'd want the regulations to stay in place. he'd go democrat. >> we've co-existed with the military. the coast guard station is our neighbor. and the navy base, the back gate literally backs up to our business. >> do you feel like this area is as important to the election in november as everybody is saying it's going to be? >> yes. >> this is pretty up for grabs? >> i would bet it would go towards trump? >> you do? >> yeah. stronger military.
12:54 pm
that's the perception. >> so the perception, and these are your customers you see all the time. >> all day long. >> and your employees. former military? >> all of them, yeah. i think there's a silent trump thing going on. people that might not want to admit it. >> who are we looking for? >> ex-navy here. >> what's your name? >> dave. >> nice meeting you. >> you are former navy? >> yes, sir. >> what are you making? >> snapper, haddock, mahi and grouper. >> have you decided which way you're going to vote yet? >> i'm indecisive right now. >> which way? >> a little towards trump. >> former military? >> air force. >> i've got to ask you. big election. former air force. do you know which way you're going to go? >> yeah. >> which way? >> i'm going to vote. >> for? >> for? trump. i don't like trump, per se, but i despise hillary more than i despise him. >> why is that? why do people not like hillary? >> why? because when you don't tell the
12:55 pm
truth, i have a problem with that. i don't know whether to believe you. >> that's my manager ivan. >> i'm jaicob. you're a military family? >> military family. >> big election coming up? >> i believe in a strong military. >> would you put yourself in the same category? >> trump. >> is it because you believe he's going to have a strong military? >> strong military make america great again. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> kate, you get the sense when you talk to some of these folks, particularly the former military, folks in this area, that they're going for donald trump. when you talk to active duty, interestingly, a lot of them will -- have told me off camera because they don't like to appear on camera in uniform, are going for hillary clinton. the husband was a civilian, the wife active duty and they fell into that category. if you look at our nbc news/survey monkey poll, donald trump holds a lead in military
12:56 pm
households. i don't know if you can see it but the choppers flying overhead. this military base is, like i said, the third largest in the country. lots of military families here. very important constituency if donald trump wants to make up the lead at hillary clinton has here in florida. >> so interesting. jacob, i have to tell you something. i've been following you on snapchat as you travel all over the country talking to voters. you've been my inspiration. i just joined snapchat just today because of you. >> kate, snap me right now. >> i'm going to. >> filter your face and leave all kinds of weird conversations. >> i think that works. i'm not very good at this yet. >> amazing. this is amazing. >> it's tv kate. >> just snap me. i'll snap you back. >> is that how you say it? i don't know anything. >> we'll do a training session. >> stop laughing, joey. if you live in a swing state, jacob wants to pay you a visit. invite him over. use #up for grabs msnbc and he
12:57 pm
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♪ tresiba® ready ♪ still following a lot of breaking news here. that wraps up this hour. i'm kate snow. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. up next, chris jansing picks up our coverage. >> good afternoon. i am chris jansing live in new york. topping the agenda right now, breaking news. that attack on american university in kabul. one person known to be dead. more than a dozen wounded and in the hospital. officials say the situation continues, and we're going to bring you the latest straight from afghanistan. also, italy reeling after a massive earthquake that's left at least 120 people dead. a live report on the ground on how the recovery mission is going so far. and donald trump wrapping up a rally in tampa, florida, where he set out to woo minority voters. >> to the african-american


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