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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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still following a lot of breaking news here. that wraps up this hour. i'm kate snow. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. up next, chris jansing picks up our coverage. >> good afternoon. i am chris jansing live in new york. topping the agenda right now, breaking news. that attack on american university in kabul. one person known to be dead. more than a dozen wounded and in the hospital. officials say the situation continues, and we're going to bring you the latest straight from afghanistan. also, italy reeling after a massive earthquake that's left at least 120 people dead. a live report on the ground on how the recovery mission is going so far. and donald trump wrapping up a rally in tampa, florida, where he set out to woo minority voters. >> to the african-american vote
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egreat people, to the hispanic voter who have been absolutely treated terribly, i say what do you have to lose? what? i will fix it. >> so is that enough to move the needle in the polls? let's start with that breaking news out of afghanistan. militants attacking the american university of afghanistan in kabul. witnesses say they heard explosions and gunfire. a student at the university saying two grenades were thrown right into his classroom. security forces combing through the campus searching for the attackers. we've seen ambulances going in and out of the scene. officials saying right now one person confirmed dead. reports of at least another 14 wounded. nbc news pakistan correspondent waj khan is in islamabad. i know you've been to that university. you are very well versed in the region. let's start with what we know about this attack and what's going on right now.
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>> chris, this is an ongoing operation. for all we know it's still ongoing. room to room combat. nbc news is in touch with some of the students holed up inside that campus, they are trapped. they are reporting sporadic gunfire and explosions from grenades. the interior ministry tells me that there is no end date to when this will finish. it's ongoing. we know that it started around 7:00 local time in the evening. there was a car bomb, a vbid as it's call. used to blow up the main gate. that created a passage for unknown number of gunmen to storm the compound. it's built up like any other american college anywhere in the world. seven buildings in total. most of them were taken over by these assailants and the fight continues so far. one killed and 17 injured. >> is this considered to be a
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secure facility? describe it to us? i've seen these reports of students climbing the walls trying to escape. >> that's right. people are surprised that this didn't happen before. this is very high profile campus. it's on a main road in the southern very exclusive suburb of the city. the parliament is down the street. the king's palace is down the street. several afghan ministries are in the same neighborhood. i've been to the area. it's got high walls, barbed wire. two gates. one of them was used for this attack. the bottom line is that this is about as american an institution as it gets. laura bush visited this place back in 2005. khalilzad, the former u.s. ambassador to kabul made the address at convocation this year. he's also on the board of trustees for this college. they sent a lot of students on scholarships to american
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colleges. lots of fulbright scholars from afghanistan go to study in the u.s. so it represents -- it symbolizes the relationship america has with modern day afghanistan. and it's in the center of the afghan capital. >> nbc's waj khan there for us. as this situation develops, you'll be there reporting for us. thank you so much. let's go to that breaking news out of italy where rescue efforts are under way after that deadly earthquake in the central part of the country. the damage is widespread. the pictures are dramatic. homes and buildings have been leveled as far as the eye can see in amatrice. more than 120 are dead. more are missing. hundreds have been injured. all of this happening early this morning while most people were asleep. a 6.2 quake and it followed aftershock after aftershock after aftershock. about 100 miles northeast of rome. lucy cavanaugh joins us from
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amatrice. give us an idea how those rescue efforts are going. >> chris, the biggest issue these rescue workers are facing right now, 19 hours since that earthquake hit, is pulling out people while they still are alive and time is running out fast. now to my left as i look down is one of the destroyed streets. there's a building that's still barely standing and rescue workers have set up these massive flood lights where they believe there are still people who may be alive. rescue officials told us they plan on doing these operations throughout the night. we've had teams from all over italy come here. police, firefighters, army, ordinary volunteers. even special alpine rescue units and sniffer dogs. even the vatican sent a team out here to try to help pull people out before it's too late. we have unfortunately seen quite a few body bags but also miracles, including an
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8-year-old girl. not in this town where i am, but in one of the nearby villages that has also been destroyed. so there is still hope. this is still a search and rescue mission. it's going to take us probably a few days to figure that out. >> obviously the appeal of many of these towns are these beautiful old buildings. some of them from the 14th, 15th, 16th centuries. obviously that makes them incredibly vulnerable. so tonight, as people may be in their homes, what's the concern about ongoing aftershocks? >> there is a lot of concern about ongoing aftershocks. that's something that we have felt here on the ground. those have not been as frequent in the evening as they were this morning. we tried to ask a few of the rescue workers if this is something officials are concerned about. the biggest focus right now is pulling people out.
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in terms of the residents here. this town has withstood the century centuries of time, age of time, test of time but it's completely flattened. hundreds of families no longer have a home to go to. they've set up these tent cities outside a home where they are. also a lot of tents for the hundreds of rescue workers who have deskeended into this area. still looking for blankets, diapers, food, medicine. we saw requests for blood. a lot of people are injured. some of the statistics from higher-ups here is over 300 people injured. those numbers likely to rise as the night goes on. >> do they feel they have what they need at this point? >> in terms of the actual rescue equipment, it's better now. this morning it was quite difficult. this town is on a high, steep, windy road. very difficult for the rescue
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workers to get the bulldozers they needed up here. in the immediately aftermath of this earthquake we saw people basically using their bare hands and shovels to go through the rubble. now you see people passing behind me. they have more of the high-tech equipment they had been asking for. the biggest thing they'll be needing are donations for materials, for food for the survivors to get through the next few days and weeks. especially those unable to return home any time soon. >> lucy cavanaugh who has been there throughout the day, thank you so much. we turn to the race for president in the united states. for a while and in recent days in earnest, questions have been asked about what exactly is donald trump's policy on immigration. and specifically, what's he going to do to win over hispanic and african-american voters? he just wrapped up remarks at a rally in tampa, florida. >> nearly 4 in 10
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african-american children live in poverty. 58% of african-american youth are not employed. more than 2,700 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of the year. not a long time. homicides are up nearly 50% in washington, d.c., and more than 60% in baltimore. the democratic party has run, as i've said, nearly every inner city in this country for 50 or 60 or in some cases over 100 years. they produce only more poverty, only more crime, only more joblessness and broken homes all over the place. to those suffering and hurting, and the people left behind, i say, vote for donald trump.
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>> our own jacob rascon was there for the speech in the crowd. it sounds to me like he's updating the case he's been making to minority voters. adding some specifics, some numbers. is the basic message largely the same? >> in fact, it sounded a lot the same. recently in the past several days, donald trump has talked about african-american voters saying he wants every one of their votes and something like you have a right to go outside and not be shot. on the street. he said something similar today except he was referring to hispanic voters. he talked about how they have a right to own their home, have a good education. and importantly, these are things that hispanic leaders who attended the roundtable with donald trump last saturday told me that they talked about with him. so it appears that donald trump is listening to those republican, hispanic activists he met with on saturday. he's doing another roundtable tomorrow at trump tower.
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this is a big push by the trump campaign. he's been consistent over the last week and change in reaching out to african-american voters and now more hispanic voters. take a listen to some of what he said recently. >> all americans from all backgrounds have a right to have their jobs protected in their own country. hillary clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant than to an unemployed hispanic citizen, an unemployed african-american citizen or even to a veteran. it's going to be america first from now on. >> interestingly, even though he was reading off of a prompter for now the seventh rally in a row, he took more liberty today going off script where he had some of his funny lines we're used to. instead of saying premeditation, talking about hillary clinton, he said premedication and then
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went on a rip about how much he loved that. back to the old donald trump just a little bit after about a week on prompter. >> jacob rascon, thank you. let me bring in susan page from "usa today." here's a guy who he and his team say he said today i'm doing great with the hispanic vote. i'm doing great with the african-american vote and yet the same lines that have been heavily criticized within those communities he's using again today. what do you make of this new donald trump? >> i think, number one there is a kind of a new donald trump. seven speeches in a row with a teleprompter? that's not something we've seen over the past year of his campaign. and the message is very concerted. but i don't think it's directed at winning african-american votes. it's directed at winning the votes of suburban whites when he's used language that seems
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racist. we've seen some polls where donald trump gets not a single black supporter. in no poll has he been in double digits. that's not likely to improve with barack obama out there campaigning for hillary clinton. the sense he's using racist language has hurt him with republican leaning voters, white, college educated voters, especially women. and that's a group he's trying to get back, more comfortable with and feel more comfortable about voting for him. >> he's going to need to do that. when you use the rhetoric he's used, which is that you're trying to appeal to these more moderate voters, suburban married women, on the other hand, i wonder how much of a risk there is if he softens at all with the people who came to him in the first place because of his tough rhetoric on things like immigration. >> i think that's right. it's been his defining issue from that first event when he announced his campaign. he continues to say he's not backing away from build the wall. that continues to be the favorite chants at his rally. he's had a change of heart when
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it comes to a deportation force. never an idea clearly defined by him but now he seems to be saying that's not going to be necessary. you'll allow some people who are here illegally now, if they've been productive citizens to have some sort of process to stay here. that is a clear change of policy. yes, i think for his core supporters, that may raise some questions about whether he really meant what he said when he got them on board. >> well, to that's point, ann coulter was talking to chris matthews last night. she doesn't seem too happy about any sort of softening of the rhetoric. let me play that for you, susan. >> i mean, there are only so many things you can talk about. why are we talking about softening the lives of law breakers. >> has he lost his confidence? >> i don't think so. >> you think he may have softened up on -- >> i think this is a mistake. i thought he's made other mistakes and i've given him constructive criticism. >> does he take it? >> i guess the question for
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those folks, the ann coulter followers, where do they go? >> well, that's true, although maybe they just stay home. it's not as though the ann coulter followers are at risk of going to vote for hillary clinton. but they've provided some of the energy and core support for donald trump. like any politician, any presidential candidate, he needs to appeal both to his core supporters and people in the middle. that's a difficult task as he is finding out now. >> susan page, always good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, chris. still ahead, we'll continue to follow the breaking situation in kabul. special ops teams engaging with gunmen inside american university in afghanistan. at least one person has been killed. more on this story as we get it. coming up next, can the clinton camp run out the clock on her controversies? her team today calling the latest ap report on the clinton foundation flawed. >> since this report surfaced, it's been widely debunked as
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i'm asking a question about why not do a press conference today as a strategy to help you eradicate the perception there was anything shady that went down. why not put her out today for a press conference with her traveling press corps? >> like i said, we're considering everything every day. she has been answering questions. she's going to continue to do that. >> that, of course, clinton
1:20 pm
compaco campaign manager robby mook defending the number of days it's been since hillary clinton last held a press conference. questions continue to plague the campaign, but a politico report says her strategy is simple. run out the clock. the clinton team believing they can ride out any negative reaction to clinton controversies. politico reporting they think clinton's commanding lead over donald trump in national and battleground state polls gives her freedom to not comment. joining us now, former governor howard dean and former candidate for president in 2004. always good to see you. you've been in the room as these decisions get made. some people would call it ducking and avoiding. other people might call it well thought out, strategic move. what do you think the right strategy is? >> i think she's doing just the right thing. she has no reason to trust the press corps, and so-called e-mail scandal is one of the reasons. look what ap did today.
1:21 pm
they completely screwed up their store. they had 100 appointments and tried to make a big deal out of it. having a press conference, in my view is not the solution to this. you just get more of the same. so i don't think -- i also think politico -- >> answering legitimate questions from legitimate press is more of the same? >> the trouble is the questions aren't legitimate and the press isn't legitimate. look what ap did today. it was a disaster. they were called out by vox, another press organ. that's the problem. the press has gotten to be where it's all about the lowest common denominator. donald trump wouldn't be the nominee of the republican party if the press corps did their job but they focus on sensationalism. they're not -- don't treat people in an even-handed way and that is why, in my view, hillary clinton should not do press conferences. perfectly fine to talk to reporters, and she has talked to
1:22 pm
reporters a lot and she will some more. but the press conference becomes a feeding frenzy, a one-upsmanship on who can get the best story. i'll never forget if my campaign. michael isikoff called me up one time and said i'm going to write a story that said you were engaged in insider trading unless i get your tax return for the last ten years. that's something that nobody should be subjected to. >> i'm not going to get into a back and forth about the press. most of who are tremendously talented and hard working. without getting into that debate, what's wrong with answering questions. is it that you think she -- if she can't answer the questions of a press corps and answer them in a clear and forceful and decisive way, there's a legitimate question to be asked about, what's the role of a president if not to be open with the members of the country and the people in the country via the press who are asking the questions i think a lot of people are asking.
1:23 pm
>> she has answered the questions many, many times. the problem is, it's not good enough. i don't question that many members of the press are hardworking and ethical. i have had people on this station say that they put donald trump on during the primary as much as they had because their ratings went down when they didn't. we've seen that again and again and again. the press corps because of the enormous corporate pressures, editorial room pressures to get ratings, ratings, ratings, this is one of the failing institutions. n it's going to be fixed eventually by the free market because the internet is a total leveller. but the truth is, i wouldn't have a press conference if i were hillary because the questions won't be fair and the writers won't be fair and the associated press story is a perfect example of that. >> let's look at the facts of what the ap report did expose which is that there are an awful lot of people who donated money to the clinton foundation who
1:24 pm
had access to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. kathleen parker put it this way, and there are a lot of columnists on the left who also wrote about this today. she wrote like a gymnast on the balance beam, hillary clinton manages to stay within narrow parameters of lawfulness without losing her footing. nobody is suggesting illegality here, but is there, howard, a question of judgment? she's not practicing law. she's running for president. trust matters. when you have dozens of people who have been major contributors to the clinton foundation getting access, is there a legitimate question? >> of course there's always a legitimate question. i'm not against legitimate questions. let me give you a perfect example. secretary clinton had a meet with melinda gates. they've given a ton of money to the clinton foundation. also a ton of money to all kinds of great causes that have helped education -- >> nobody is going to dispute her having a meeting with melinda gates. >> that was one of the meetings listed -- >> one of the many.
1:25 pm
>> right. so that's the kind of thing i'm talking about. of course she's going to meet with movers n shakers in the international world. if they happen to give money to the clinton foundation, that's a great thing. the clinton foundation has done a lot of very good things for people. so i really do think this is a witch hunt, and the press has is in for hillary sometimes. hillary has to manage the press. she's done plenty of interviews where she gets asked very tough questions. the press conference turns into a feeding frenzy. i wouldn't have done it. i don't think i got treated very well by the press. >> former governor howard dean. good to see you. are you in vermont? >> i am. >> what a life. thank you, governor. right after this, more on the breaking news we're following this hour. and it is a horrific scene in italy where at least 120 people are dead in an earthquake. the search for survivors pushing into the night. plus, gunmen storm the american university of afghanistan.
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u.s. troops there on site. special forces engage with the gunmen. >> we are in the process of accounting for all chief mission personnel and working to locate and assist any u.s. citizens affected by these attacks. nds a, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood. with that? yeah we don't have an ax. or a fireplace. good to be prepared. could you cut the bread?
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helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. welcome to it all. comcast. welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour. hillary clinton continuing to raise money for her campaign and the democratic party today. she's in redwood, california, right now. apple ceo tim cook will host a fund-raiser later tonight for mrs. clinton. tomorrow she's back on the campaign trail in nevada where she's expected to go after donald trump and his ties to the ultra right movement. donald trump heading to mississippi. this afternoon he was in tampa, florida. his speeches targeting minority voters. that focus on pro-hispanic economy and growth. also attacking what he calls hillary clinton's anti-american policies. in in central italy, that early morning earthquake has killed at
1:30 pm
least 120 people with hundreds more wounded. as night falls there, efforts are under way to set up tents for those who lost their homes. president obama reached out to italy's president commemorating the quick reactions by responders there. an attack at the american university of afghanistan, at least one person is dead. an explosion and then gunfire inside the campus. u.s. forces are advising local authorities there. breaking news coming to us. a large and extremely dangerous tornado on the ground in indianapolis. msnbc's cal perry has more on what's happening. has this indeed touched down? >> it's on the ground in indianapolis. this according to the national weather service as well as local officials. it's going to be in warren park at 4:30 p.m. that's right now. warren park in downtown indianapolis. it's going to move, they said, at about 20 miles an hour to lawrence and cumberland.
1:31 pm
they are calling this a large and potentially dangerous situation. they are asking anyone in the area to take cover. they are asking people to find shelter, and this tornado is strong enough it will likely cause flying debris which can be deadly to anyone caught outside. you're seeing a very powerful storm right now in indianapolis. >> thanks so much. i know you'll continue to watch that for ucal perry. we go back to the ongoing story in kabul at american university. we're joined by military analyst, retired colonel jack jacobs. good to see you. obviously, a horrible situation there and an ongoing one. no one has yet claimed responsibility. what's your sense of what happened here? who is to blame? >> well, it has all the hallmarks of either isis or more likely the taliban that conducted attacks like this in the past. it's interesting it was a fairly complex arrangement. you had bombs. you also had small arms and
1:32 pm
automatic weapons. this would indicate a fairly high level of preparation and training and that would probably point to isis or the taliban. it also is in a facility which is -- it's not the most built-up area. i mean the american university itself. but it's a fairly soft target for the area. it has high walls. and the fact they can get inside, know what the area is like and so on would indicate one of two things. either they had help from inside or they themselves had been inside but it's clear that it required a great deal of preparation in training before they launched the attack, chris. >> as you well know, earlier this month, two professors at that university, one was an american, they were abducted from a vehicle near the campus. they've essentially disappeared. what does this tell us about the situation in kabul right now? >> it's interesting you should
1:33 pm
bring that up. one was american. the other, i think, was australian. for a long, long time, whoever was the president of afghanistan was called the president of kabul because his influence, his strength, his capability to contain isis and the taliban outside kabul was dimminimous. but it would appear kabul was a fortress. what the militants have demonstrated, in fact, is that kabul is not a fortress and just about any place can be a target, even in kabul. it casts great suspicion on the capability of the afghan government to secure kabul and great -- a great deal of concern about whether or not the united states through mobile training teams, special forces, special operations forces, even with
1:34 pm
those, can be able to keep taliban n or isis at bay, chris. >> let's go back to the situation as it is. and it is an ongoing situation. a couple of hours ago, the pulitzer prize winning photo jourmist hassani reported he was trap inside a building there. he heard an explosion, he wrote. this may be my last tweet. so, obviously, an incredibly intense situation. and then an interior ministry spokesman said elite afghan forces have responded to the attack. who are they? did we train them? did the u.s. train them? >> yeah, these are special operations forces trained by the united states and continue to be trained by the united states. and it raises a very interesting question about american involvement in what's going on on the battlefield. we don't have any forces in combat, the administration says. but we do have training teams. training teams for standard
1:35 pm
military forces inside afghanistan, but also for special forces and special operations forces. and it's kind of a folly to think that because we're not actually in combat, against the enemy, because we're only trainers that we're in fact not going to be in combat. nothing can be further from the truth. i and lots of other people were on training teams, advisers in vietnam and indeed in other engagements since vietnam and all of us can tell you the same thing. if you are an adviser, it does not mean you'll not be shot at. >> or hit. >> colonel jake jacobs, thank you. up for grabs. jacob soboroff continues his tour through florida. and today he's outside wone of the largest naval bases in the country as donald trump tries to lock in the military vote. stay with us. the right things working together
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38 past the hour. we saw donald trump campaigning in florida today. an important part of that, military families. so who are they leaning toward? msnbc correspondent jacob soboroff is asking them in the latest installment of his series "up for grabs." what are you finding out? >> i'm just in the waters off naval station mayport, the third largest navy base in the united states. donald trump leads military voters by 10% according to the nbc news/survey monkey online poll. but we came here to figure out what the folks on the ground think, and this is what i found. >> wow. that's a king fish? >> king mackerel. >> king mackerel. that's a pretty fish. >> what way is he voting? >> he'd want the regulations to stay in place. >> we've co-existed with the military. the coast guard station is our neighbor. and the navy base, the back gate literally backs up to our business. >> do you feel like this area is as important to the election in
1:40 pm
november as everybody is saying it's going to be? >> yes. >> this is pretty up for grabs? >> i would bet it would go towards trump. >> you do? >> yeah. stronger military. that's the perception. >> so the perception, and these are your customers you see all the time. >> all day long. >> and your employees. >> yeah. >> former military? >> all of them, yeah. i think there's a silent trump thing going on. people that might not want to admit it. >> who are we looking for? >> ex-navy here. >> can we grab him for a second? >> yeah. >> what's your name? >> dave. >> nice meeting you. >> you are former navy? >> yes, sir. >> what are you making? >> snapper, haddock, mahi and grouper. >> have you decided which way you're going to vote yet? >> i'm indecisive right now. >> which way you leaning right now? >> a little towards trump. >> former military? >> air force. >> i've got to ask you. big election. former air force. do you know which way you're going to go?
1:41 pm
>> uh-huh. >> which way? >> i'm going to vote. >> for? >> for? trump. i don't like trump, per se, but i despise hillary more than i despise him. >> i keep hearing that. why is that? why do people not like hillary? >> why? because when you don't tell the truth, i have a problem with that. i don't know whether to believe you. >> that's my manager ivan. >> i'm jacob. you're a military family? >> military family. >> big election coming up? have you decided which way you're going to go? >> i believe in a strong military. >> a lot of people around here are leaning donald trump. >> donald trump. >> would you put yourself in the same category? is it because you believe he's going to have a strong military? >> strong military make america great again. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> i did talk to active duty military folks off camera who are very supportive of hillary clinton, but they didn't want to appear on screen. this place can accommodate up to 34 naval vessels. right now there aren't that many in port. back to you. >> thanks, jacob soboroff.
1:42 pm
jacq jacob wants to visit you. if you live in a swing state, let jacob know using #up for grabs msnbc. you may never know. he just may pay you a visit. donald trump insisting hillary clinton sold access as secretary of state in return for donations to the clinton foundation. a top trump supporter calling it bigger than watergate. plus a petition to remove the judge who sentenced an 18-year-old only to probation after he was charged with raping to unconscious classmates. critics say the sentence is too light and the teen's lawyer is defending is saying that putting him in jail would have destroyed this kid's life. the story getting a lot of attention. we'll be talking about it coming up. with the right steps,
1:43 pm
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i am more than willing to predict when the history of our day is written, the scandal you are watching unfold is going to be like the tea pot dome scandal was in the 1920s and maybe bigger. it's going to be bigger than watergate. >> donald trump supporter rudy giuliani and donald trump himself in tampa, florida, this afternoon, on message attacking hillary clinton. i want to bring in jennifer jacobs, national political reporter for bloomberg politics, victoria defrancesco, professor at the university of texas. it's always interesting to see rudy giuliani.
1:47 pm
jennifer, a little quiet during the primaries but he's taken his prominent role in the campaign in recent days. you heard him. he's been somebody going after hillary clinton's supposed health problems. comparing the latest troubles to watergate as we saw in that clip there. what do we think of this, i guess, newly strong relationship between donald trump and rudy giuliani? >> i know that they have always respected each other. they've been close throughout this campaign, but it does seem like giuliani is taking a more front of the arrow kind of an attack these days. he mirrors what trump says, accentuate what trump says. also a cheerleader for trump. gets his confidence boosted up. talks about the big crowds are an indication of how he can win. that's important for a campaign. hard for it to get supporters out and do door knocks and some of that necessary work when they're really down in the polls if spirits are low.
1:48 pm
giuliani acts as someone that says we're going to do this. and we accentuates everything donald trump does. >> there haven't been a lot of people who donald trump would listen to when there were critics who were saying, you have to moderate your message, on and on and on. get your ground game up and going. what do you make of the, i guess, influence in what we're hearing is that increasingly, he is one of the people who donald trump will call on a regular basis whose opinion he will take. what does that mean for the campaign? >> i think rudy giuliani is going to be an attack dog as we go forward. we've seen trump wear a couple of different faces where he tones it down and pumps it back up and tones it down. i think he may be looking to 75 days left until the general election and tone it down, stay on the teleprompter. but in doing that, he loses that charisma so classic to him.
1:49 pm
this is where giuliani steps in and can be very vibrant, charismatic and they have the same persona. tough new yorkers. they tell it like it is. i think this is going to be so critical going forward where i don't want to say good cop and bad cop but loud cop and more measured cop. >> i don't think there was a lot of measuring when we heard from donald trump today or what we heard in his immigration plan even though there's been talk about whether he's moderating it. congressman steve king was on snen sayi cnn saying he thinks it would be a mistake if trump shifted on his plan. let's play a little of that. >> there's much more out there that says he's going to follow through on his commitments on immigration. >> if he did move off this position, you think it would be a mistake? >> oh, i think it would be a mistake if he moved off of the position. >> so the whole idea of deportation and having a group that gets 11 million people, 12
1:50 pm
million people out of this country, and the idea that we hear from people like steve king and earlier from ann coulter about their concerns about him moderating that position, is this what he's doing? does it have anything to do with courting the latino vote in your mind? >> it does, chris. he knows what he has the republican base locked down. that's where he's going to stay true to his call for building the border wall. he's looking at the same polls we are and knows he needs to capture a larger percentage of the latino vote. in order to be competitive, he's going to need at least high 30s, low 40s of the latino vote. right now he's at 22%. so he's trying to have it both ways. he's trying to lock down his base by pumping up the wall. at the same time, speaking to latinos and making moderate republicans say, mass deportation, i've talked about
1:51 pm
it, but we're not going to do it. we're going to go with a more humane approach. i wouldn't be surprised if he brings up the cost of deporting so many folks and why he's backing off the mass deportation. he's going to try to have it both ways. >> how is he doing walking that line trying to bring in the latin vote but trying to keep those in the base who loved what he said originally so much. build the big wall, the beautiful wall. mexico is going to pay for it. >> a dual message. his new campaign manager said this week would be immigration week. he's been talking about that. also appealing to minority voters, hispanics. he talks about how he predicted in tampa today how he thinks that refugees, illegal immigrants will be pouring across the borders. and they'll be doing bad, bad things. and he talked in tampa last night about how immigrants in the country illegally have killed children.
1:52 pm
he pulled parents on who had children who are killed. then he goes on and makes another pitch to hispanics and talks about how they have the right to have, you know, not live in poverty and own their own homes. live in great neighborhoods. he called african-americans great people. he's got this dual message where he's speaking to both. i know from the campaign that the grassroots folks have been calling and e-mailing and blowing their doors off saying don't let him change on his deportation position. and they have noted, and to be fair, it is true that he's always called for following the law. he's always said rule of law, enforce the law. deport but do it humanely. i don't think you'll see him move off that point of enforcing the rule of law. >> jennifer jacobs and victoria defrancesca. catch the "rachel maddow" show tonight for a one on one with kellyanne conway tonight at
1:53 pm
9:00 eastern on msnbc. what's being called a large and extremely dangerous tornado has touched down in the indianapolis area. already reported damage in kokomo which is about 50 miles north. part of indianapolis is currently under a tornado warning. we're just learning governor mike pence, the vice presidential candidate, has boarded a plane taking off for indianapolis from a campaign event in north carolina. he's heading home. when we come back, we'll have a live weather report on what exactly is happening there on the ground. we'll be right back. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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learn how at a star high school athlete
1:57 pm
accused of sexually assaulting two unconscious female classmates will not spend a day in prison. this case is getting a lot of attention. 18-year-old david becker assaulted the two 18-year-old women at a party in massachusetts in april. they recommended a two-year prison sentence. instead, he got probation and his conviction could be dismissed altogether. joining me chief legal correspondent ari melber. advocates rights groups are saying this is going to have a chilling effect on women coming forward after they've been sexually assaulted. >> lieuac at the seriousness. two sexual assault crimes and probation, not even any jail time. a drug and alcohol-free he has to be. an evaluation for sex offender treatment and no contact with those two victims. >> but he doesn't go on a sex offender registry? >> correct. as long as he comploies with ths
1:58 pm
probation. he'd not have to register as a sex offender. the other thing i'll note is one of the two victims said she didn't think he should serve jail time but the real point here, the legal point is the prosecutors were pointing for two years. he essentially if he complies with what i just went through, gets none. >> the argument made on the other side by his lawyers? >> that he should have leniency as a young man, as a recent jewel ni juvenile that this would interfere with him having a normal college life. the reason these bring up the double standard, the leniency arguments are valid. we'd hope in a system of laws and equality they'd be validly offered to all. it seems very curious in these cases people who fit a certain background, a young white male, star athlete, is somehow getting a type of leniency we don't see and far lesser cases. i cover a lot of cases where
1:59 pm
people on drug crimes which aren't completely victimless but are not rape. on drug crimes, people are going away to jail for one, two, four, five years. this is someone not formally convicted because he basically copped to it, but for two sexual assaults of unconscious young women. >> ari melber, thanks so much. that large and dangerous tornado in indianapolis on the ground after another was reported in kokomo. tell us what's going on? >> we've seen damage reports coming out of indiana. a starbucks destroyed around kokomo. moving to the east. still a tornado warning in effect. tornado warning in effect. this storm moving through at this hour. frequent lightning and dangerous situation. this would be the second tornado spotted this afternoon. damage already reported. large, damaging tornadoes moving through. severe weather threat continues
2:00 pm
for indiana and portions of ohio as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. very dangerous situation there. chris? >> raphael miranda, thanks so much. i'm chris jansing. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's wednesday, cracks in the clinton foundation. tonight, the clinton conundrum as trump ramps up his attack to the clinton foundation. is it a question of ethics or optics? >> hillary clinton doesn't have a conflict of interest with charitable work. >> plus, trump's awkward pitch to african-americans and hispanics that may have nothing to do with winning the votes of african-americans n hispanics. >> i'll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you're not going to be shot. >> and gunfire and explosions in kabul.


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