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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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extraordinary kids, it doesn't happen. it is one of the healthy aspects. >> will the greatest flip-flop of this election or any other work for donald trump? >> don't raise your kids like the barnicles unless you want criminals. >> happy birthday miller. stephanie picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks. from parenting advice to donald trump. overnight donald trump tearing into hillary clinton with his strongest language yet. >> hillary clinton is a bigot to people of -- she sees people of color only as votes. hillary clinton firing back hard in a brand new interview. >> he is taking a hate movement
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mainstream. he is bringing it to our communities and our country. plus the wow. is he flip-flopping? teeing up on his promise to deport all undocumented immigrants. >> they will pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty. there's no amnesty. >> right. >> but we work with them. and the tragic death toll is rising. nearly 250 killed in italy. eskews still ongoing. a young girl is rescued after 17 hours trapped in the rubble. and a path of destruction, a surprise wave of tornados rips through indiana. >> i looked out the window and seen a funnel cloud coming. we got in the hallway and took cover and ceiling fell on us and it was over. >> we'll take you live to the
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scene. we'll begin this morning with donald trump unleashing a new vicious attack line against hillary clinton calling her a quote bigot. reaction has been fierce. we are covering all of our details. i want to go right now to nbc's katy tur. she is live outside trump tower. katie, i want to start with hillary clinton calli donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot. why go there? >> reporter: the campaign is trying to make headlines against hillary clinton, not necessarily make headlines for himself. obviously it is a very unusual comment to call another candidate a bigot. she refused to call donald trump a bigot. you saw the reaction from the woman behind him yesterday at
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the rally. she was shocked. i was at that rally. even that crowd there took a moment and paused. there was only a scattered applause for that. this is a crowd that only a few minutes earlier was shouting lock her up. it even caught her by surprise. the campaign is trying to paint hillary clinton as somebody who is not good for minorities. it will not champion the causes of african americans or hispanics, somebody who won't offer them opportunity or jobs or education. donald trump wants to be the champion on that. in order to do so the campaign is using strong rhetoric like that. >> another surprise has been donald trump's shift on immigration. during his interview last night on fox it seems like he was almost polling the audience what should we do. take a look.
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>> number one we'll say throw out and number two we work with them. number one. number two. >> what is this like a focus group? >> reporter: he is deciding what he wants to do based on how loud the crowd is. i can't tell you what his immigration stance is at the moment. he is talking about having them pay back taxes. undocumented are paying back taxes but he is not calling it amnesty. it is very muddled at the moment. ally of his are coming out and questioning this. where he goes from here, it is unclear. until we get a policy speech or paper on donald trump his immigration policy is up in the air. >> we want to take you to the hillary camp where he is calling
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hear bigot. listen. >> someone has questioned the citizenship of the first african american president who courted white supremacist, someone who is, you know, very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> kristen, she addressed the clinton foundation. what did she say? >> reporter: she gave an interview last night, the first in about a month. she was pressed on the headlines throughout the week, more questions being raised about whether there was too much coziness. she pushed back hard against that last night and said look, bottom line, there was no quid pro quo. there was no wrong doing. take a listen to what she had to
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say. >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and keep u.s. interest abroad. there is no evidence of any kind of inpro pry at all. >> they continue to overshadow her campaign. in that same ber view she was pressed about the fact that k collin powell is trying to pin it on him. what was interesting, usually when she talks about her e-mails she gives a very long discussion about her decision-making process. she said i want people to know the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine.
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i take responsibility for it. so she is really trying to turn the page. both of those have an acknowledgment that these continue to weigh down her campaign. >> i want to bring in governor howard dean. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to talk with donald trump saying he would work with undocumented immigrants. it is different than what he said before when he would throw them out. do you welcome this change? >> i don't welcome anything donald trump says. i think he is a threat given his connections with putin. you know, i don't believe anything he says and i don't welcome anything he says. you know, this is the problem with his strategy on both immigration and particularly i'm calling hillary clinton a bigot. in order to have credibility and make it charge like that people have to believe that you're not
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one and what people believe about donald trump and the reason he is having so much trouble in the polls is that he is in fact a bigot and he is not directly in bed with putin but has policy -- would alter united states policy to hurt our allies, the ukrainean, is. it is more entertainment. >> while he might not have credibility there are many fed up americans. if he changes his stance on immigration does hillary clinton run the risk? he could start to pull in latino voters. until now it was a nonstarter given what his position was. >> he burned his bridges so badly. we are not talking about african americans. we are talking about asian americans. they don't believe anything he says as a result of what he had been saying for the last year.
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it doesn't really matter what he does. he cannot redeem himself among minorities. my theory is actually one that has been advanced. he is trying to appeal to moderate republicans. he has no vote. >> if you think about the moderate americans when he says things like i'm a bigot, what does it do to them? >> it does not help. it was brilliant of you guys pointing out the reaction of the lady behind him. even his own people were shocked at that kind of language. he is incredibly entertaining. he represents a lot of angry people who were angry with good reason but he is not fit to be president of the united states. i think most people realize that. most people realize he ought not be president. >> and beyond calling hillary clinton a bigot he said that the
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african american voter has been taken for granted, has been forgotten. do you feel like democratics who have had african american support have forgotten those voters? >> absolutely not. can we do better? absolutely. the people who are bringing up -- first of all, african americans play a major role including having chaired the party in the past. african americans have worked their way up the ladder because of the democratic party. they have chosen the democratic party. we have had two african american governors, three actually. we are make progress. we have a long way to go. are we perfect? absolutely not. are we trying? yes, we are and the other side is not except for when they want their votes. >> i know you addressed the clinton foundation and your take on it. i want to stay focused, whether
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or not there was a clear quid pro quo or any laws broken. there is a post that says these discoveries among others may not amount to much in terms of actual favors but they cast doubt on the integrity of hillary clinton's word. when you continue to have a narrative, what does it do? >> well, i don't think it helps. i have to say that. the problem is, it's true she has broken no laws. mul the republicans have used this as a partisan issue. i think part of the problem here is the media has not been as discerning as they might have been. i'm not sure why that is. i do think the press resents her but she can't have press conferences because they turn into a ridiculous free for all.
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so she is caught between a rock and a hard place. i think she is doing fine. i real will do. people bring this stuff up all of the time. the republicans, the press, whatever, nothing has been found. it doesn't help her favorability ratings. >> what about places like vermont? those bernie sanders supporters who didn't trust her, when this line becomes stronger and stronger and donald trump continues to push it, what does it do to those supporters? bernie sanders didn't even mention her name. >> she is doing great up here with bernie supporters. i think bernie supporters will be voting. i always thought the young people would come over. they are very pragmatic. young people really want the country to work. i think they recognize of these two candidates hillary is by far
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the best. yes they will be a small, loud minority. there will be working people who vote for trump. the vast majority will vote for hillary. hillary is up by at least 15 or 20 in vermont. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. all right. turning now overseas where rescue crews are racing against time searching for survivors after an earthquake in italy killing a total of 247 people. i want you to check out this dramatic extraordinary moment, a ten-year-old girl pulled from the rubble alive after spending 17 hours trapped upside down in the debris. desperate for this bright moment bystanders aplouded and cheplaud
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as she was taken to safety. what's the situation this morning? >> reporter: a hectic situation. we have had ambulance after ambulance pulling in trying to get to people who are wounded as well as not feeling well racing against the clock to rescue anyone who might be trapped inside the rubble. this town has been completely flattened. the death toll rising dramatically overnight as rescue workers pulled more and more bodies from the rubble here and the conditions they face are tremendously difficult. we have experienced aftershocks, more than 460 of them since the initial quake. moments ago there was a very powerful one that we felt, 4.3 magnitude. the earth shook, buildings
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rattled. one of the large construction sites where a hotel collapsed, there was a plume of smoke and dust that went up in the air in the aftermath but the rescue workers are still continuing to search for bodies. one of the things we have heard, although time is running out for them they remind us that in 2009 when the earthquake took place, 72 hours after that quake hit they were still able to pull out a survivor. people are still optimistic. >> optimistic is what we all need to be. we have to turn now to central indiana where clean up is underway after tornados touched down causing widespread damage including this starbucks right here. can you see it? this starbucks completely levelled. bill is here. bill, it seems like this tornado
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came out of nowhere, a weather guy's worst nightmare. >> yes. thankfully once it occurred we got the warning. we didn't have any indication we were in for one of the biggest august tornado outbreaks our country has ever seen. usually you can get a bunch of weak tornados. it was like a spring tornado outbreak in the end of summer. the scale goes from 0 to 5. usually ef-3s in the late afternoon shift workers are changing, kids going home from school. it could be a difficult situation. it is a miracle there were no fatalities. we'll have studies done in my community to try to figure out what we missed and what
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occurred. if tornados oh can -- occur they could be in the oklahoma area. florida the rain comes your way on sunday. the tornados, that was like may. for august it is very rare. >> extraordinary there are no fatalities. all right. coming up donald trump signaling he is softening his stance on undocumented immigrants. is it a flip-flop? the executive director joins us next. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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there isn't going to be a wall built and there isn't going to be a ban on muslims. this is all like an alternative universe he created. the reality is that is not going to happen and people have been deeply frustrated and divides will grow in the country. >> today donald trump meets with latino and african american leaders. sure to come up, his changing position on immigration. joining me now is bruce. welcome. this was donald trump last november on "morning joe." >> how do you deport 12 million illegal immigrants? >>. >> you do it. you do it.
6:22 am
because they are here illegally, you do it. >> let them pay back taxes. the good ones can stay. is he flip notary publ-flopping immigrati immigration? >> donald trump has had many meetings with the faith-based community, african american community and had numerous meetings about certain issues. as you go fthrough a campaign yu learn. essentially he would work for the people. it is not uncommon. you learn a lot about what's going on and some times you have to alter different plans to accommodate what the people are asking for. i don't see it as, you know, anything bad. if anything, you know, our health and human resources have been, you know, under tremendous amount of strain over the years. you know, republicans and democrats have put this off for so many years.
6:23 am
>> just so i understand whether it is bad or good, he has now met with many people and you do think he has changed his position so it's no longer simply deport those 12 million. he is going to say they can stay? >> yeah. it's just like they said, we had millions of people, children, families. you know, mr. trump doesn't want to displace families. in terms of getting a con sen sis sus of this. so, you know, like he said, stay tuned. it will be more and more in terms of, you know, learning a lot of what's going on that will help the african american community. >> if he is opening his heart and mind what happens to his base. ann culter said there is nothing
6:24 am
he can do except changing his immigration policy. if he changes that policy what happens to that base he has? >> i represent -- i work with hundreds of thousands of ethnic groups across the country. i can't really speak for ann, but it has been neglected for so long. >> donald trump said the rules in place are good. president obama is doing the right thing. the idea, get the bad ones out and keep the good ones here, i believe that's what the current policy is. >> you know, i think -- you know, i do know in terms of like you said earlier, you know,
6:25 am
there's a situation with back taxes and a lot of things that, you know, have undocumented workers that have put a tremendous strain not to mention the money paying to medicaid -- excuse me, social security, etcete etcetera. >> donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot last night. do you think she is a bigot? >> well, you know, as an african american -- and i do remember the clinton days they courted the african american vote. she referred to us as super predators. you know, for getting the african american vote they came with the clinton crime bill which was the biggest mass incarceration of african americans in the united states. >> do those make her a bigot? >> she referred to us as super
6:26 am
predators. >> and donald trump, you think she is more of a bigot than things he has said in the past? >> yeah. the actions speak louder than the words. she referred to our community as super predators. >> all right. thanks so much for joining me this morning. bruce lavell joining me. >> thank you. we'll go live to indiana to survey the damage there. the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get althier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, oconfusion. ask your doctor if you'r tresiba ready. ♪ tsiba® ready ♪ we will begin with this devastating earthquake in italy. aftershocks are shaking the country as 247 people are now confirmed dead with that number expected to rise. 14 people killed when militants stormed a university in afghanistan yesterday setting
6:30 am
off explosions and opening fire inside classrooms. nks despite repeated warnings they came within 300 yards forcing it to change course to avoid a collision. retaken a major air bas near mosul. >> hope solo suspended for six months from the u.s. womens national team for comments she made following the olympic loss to sweden. she called the womens soccer team. don't be sore losers or at least vocal ones. a tornado touched down in ohio tearing near by houses to
6:31 am
shreds while a starbucks was levelled to the ground in indiana. absolutely no one was killed by this storm. it seemed to catch everyone by surprise. tammy, what can you tell us? is damage looks terrible. >> reporter: yeah. amazing. 15 people injured across the area but no one killed. when you take a look at this starbucks you really see how amazing that is. the employees and the worker hid in the bathroom here. that is just about the only thing standing. that employee being called a e hero today. the tornado was about 138 miles per hour. eight tornados across the state. three of them touched down. we got a chance to talk to a couple of people that survived those. >> all we have are our clothes. i want them to know their dad is
6:32 am
okay. his name is randy arnold. >> the police came to our apartment and told us we had to leave. everybody had to leave due to the fact that power lines and stuff, it's not safe. >> and just about 20 minutes ago we got a chance to tour one of the neighborhoods that was hit very hard. dozen of houses destroyed. nothing left, roofs ripped off. it's amazing no one was killed and same neighborhood was killed less than three years ago by another series of tornados. coming up hillary clinton heading back to the campaign trail preparing to call out trump and what her campaign believes are his extremist alt-right. coming up we'll have more on what we can expect from the
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>> a movement uses culturism. hillary clinton will try to make that in her case in reno. kasie hunt is standing by. what is all of that about? >> reporter: hi. this is about trying to make sure from the clinton campaign's perspective that donald trump doesn't change his tune or isn't able to change his tune on many of the statements that he has made in the past that the clinton campaign labeled as racist. this alt-right, this is something conservatives haven't been terribly familiar with. he talked about it. he called it conservative.
6:37 am
it is a really difficult and troubling unit. his name is andrew winestein. he was subjected to images showing him and his face in a gas chamber. this is the kind of thing that the clinton campaign wants to push out farther to explain. we don't expect that she is going to call donald trump a racist the way he called hear bigot. they pinned it more on the rhetoric. they say the statements are racist, for example. that's kind of the tactic you'll hear her take today. >> thank you. i want to go to new hampshire. what's he going to be laying out in his speech this afternoon? we know he was aggressive last night.
6:38 am
>> reporter: yes. they have a prebuttal where he tries to stick to his message. the big talk among supporters here in line and online is immigration. we are hearing different language from trump. we want to talk to a few supporters we found here in line. randomly chosen, tell me, when he uses the language he is using, a softening of what he talked about a year ago what is your take? >> i think he is mostly into negotiations. he has to go way to the extreme so he has room to negotiate down to something better. >> reporter: so he was never actually going to go -- >> not someone was going to rip them away from their families, but if he puts the laws into effect people will eventually start leaving on their own
6:39 am
because there's no money. >> reporter: what about you guys? are you happy to see this shift? >> it doesn't matter to me how he says it but i know he is going to do what he says. >> reporter: except that he is not going depart all of them like we said last year. >> right. we have a tremendous amount of laws no one is enforcing. he will enforce them. we will be better off for it. >> reporter: it doesn't bother you he is using a different tone? >> no. i think he is learning, just like all of us. he was dropped into a situation. he is deeper into it and he is learning all of the aspects of it. i could see where positions or anything would change. the more you learn the more it effects your decisions. >> reporter: thank you. happy with the evolving candidate. there are some who do not agree, but most supporters say they are
6:40 am
okay with it. >> thanks. they are okay with it but he is going hard on hillary clinton calling her a bigot last night. when we come back i'll ask the former chair of the congressional black caucus if hillary clinton looks at the african american community sz more thas more than just a vote. life looks great with tampax pearl it's built-in back braid lps stop leaks by channeling back into the core
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including preservision areds 2. doctor said eservision areds 2 has e ext nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate todvanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> that was donald trump last night calling hillary clinton a bigot. the line was skicripted ahead o time, part of the attempt to appeal to communities. i want to bring in emmanuel
6:44 am
cleber, beyond calling hillary clinton a bigot he did say he looks as the african american community as nothing more than votes and they have been taken for granted for years. what do you think of that? >> i have been an african american for years and i have known hillary clinton for years. consider her a friend and i think that when i hear donald trump making that kind of statement it is pure unadulterated ignorance. it's an affliction that he has and it's actually insulting to african americans. he is saying 97% of african americans are ignorant and i know what's best for them and they don't know that the woman who they connected themselves are a bigot.
6:45 am
it absurd this man would come on television and read a comment like that and then try to pretend that it is outreach to african americans. it is an insult to african americans. >> well, he continues to point the finger at hillary clinton on more things than bigotry. he will continue to pound away on her e-mails but specifically the clinton foundation. though the clinton foundation does a ton of great work should they shut it down? there is so much hair on this thing. >> well, i do think that the foundation merits a very deep discussion among the president, bill clinton and chelsea. i think they need to look at what they can do to make it as pure an involvement as possible. i think they are in the process of doing that. look, i have to tell you, i think it is a difficult deal.
6:46 am
in some kind of way maybe they with give it to someone with else, maybe warren buffet, someone they can trust, to manage it until clinton is out of office. you know, there is nothing they have done wrong and nobody has been able to prove anything and republicans are going to overreach on this as they tend to do. it will reduce a lot of the sting from it because they are going overboard on it. >> there is a sentiment that hillary clinton is unlikable. many people don't trust the clintons. your state a red state. when there's a candidate that has gone from being in debt to worth over 100 million bucks, ho do you assure your state it is a-okay and she is the right
6:47 am
candidate? >> there are a lot of us who realize what has happened to hillary clinton is a process that has been in place for over 25 or 30 years. i know her personally. i sat around yesterday with leaders from around the country, african americans, in a room in new york and we talked about hillary clinton. i trust her to do exactly what she is going to do. i trust her to do the right thing and trust her to put all minorities on center stage of her work as she will all americans. so i trust her for that and i think that's what i'm seeing ate hom at home. had it never come up i would have been perfectly happy. it has come up and i think they are dealing with it. when i hear donald trump talk it is apple sauce. i know the people of missouri
6:48 am
listening to him and saying there is something going wrong. the reason he can't, you know, say the right thing is because he doesn't think the right thing. >> congressman, what if he softens his stance in a real way on immigration. you said there is no way he will get the african american vote but the white american vote, you have a lot of those voters in missouri, a traditionally red state. donald trump might not take it. if he does soften on immigration, if those meat and potato voters start saying maybe he isn't so unreasonable, could he shore up missouri if he gets a little softer? >> well, hillary clinton is within one point of donald trump. let me just tell you this -- and this is one of the things that turns me off. i have been in this business a long time. we are saying people should pivot. in other words what they said in
6:49 am
the primary wasn't true. they were lying. now i love black people. i love mexicans. i love immigrants. i just think it is so silly that most americans are going to be turned off. ann culter, for example, she is talking about she may have to withdraw her book she just released talking about donald trump's opinion on immigration. he is killed by the radio talk show host levine last night. it's not going to work because he already has worse on the record of how he feels about musli muslims. i think he could do all of this so-called pivoting or lying and it's not simply going to work. we are not crazy people. >> all right congressman. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you.
6:50 am
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now to donald trump's campaign and the money trail. way back in 2000, trump followed "forbes," quote, it's possible i could become the first presidential kpaebt to make money on it. reportedly showing that may be happening. joining me now is campaign finance expert, paul s. ryan of the campaign legal center. paul, let's bang this out. the figures here, astonishing. i want to start with the rent being paid at trump tower by the campaign. that's where headquarters are. huffington post reported back in march they bade 35,000 bucks in rent. in july, when they had gop dollars, that number skyrocketed to $169,000. now, they took more space, but there is less employees. is that normal? >> it is unprecedented for a
6:54 am
candidate to rent this much office space for this much money from the candidate's own companies. >> is it legal? >> it is legal only if the campaign is paying fair market value for the property actually being used. illegal, for example, if they're paying more than fair market value or for space the campaign isn't using. >> is anyone evaluating if it's fair? >> donors probably don't like it, the federal election commission's job. but the fec is asleep at the wheel, aren't really doing their job this cycle because of partisan gridlock. >> wow. i want to talk overall campaign payments to trump or trump-associated companies. vice reports more than $7.5 million bucks have been paid so far, including $1 million in may and $800,000 in july. huffington post reports more than 100,000 to his golf clubs, $125,000 to his restaurants, using trump ice, trump water,
6:55 am
his vineyard? is this normal? >> the extent to which the campaign is using trump businesses for the provision of goods and services is completely unprecedented in u.s. politics. >> legal? >> it is legal, only if the campaign is fair market value for what it's getting and that the campaign itself, that mr. trump himself is not pocketing any profit as a result of these campaign transactions. >> now, there is a daily beast report that says trump used campaign donations to buy $55,000 worth at barnes and noble in books. his books, 3500 books purchased, given as a gift, in the gift bags at the convention, paying retail, not wholesale, saying these books were given as gifts. normal? >> really common for a candidate campaigns to buy books written by the candidates. >> pay retail, normal? >> i don't know about paying retail, but we can skip ahead to the law part. it's only legal if mr. trump himself for goes any royalties.
6:56 am
>> do you think there will be an investigation, seeing this is all unprecedented and they're big numbers? >> unfortunately, no. again, the fec, not really doing its job. add these items to the list. unlikely investigations, however, by the fec. >> and you, paul s. ryan, are from a nonpartisan group, correct? >> that's correct. >> paul, thanks for joining me this morning. big, big numbers. coming up, donald trump's meeting with members of hispanic and african-american groups, any minute now. plus, the latest from italy as the death toll continues to climb from yesterday's devastating earthquake. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows. we have some of the fresst juice in town.
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7:00 am
young black and latino voters at trump tower. this face-to-face coming on the heels of a trump reversal of immigration. coming from a depore talgs force that would ship undocumented immigrants to their home country. now allowing immigrants to stay. and as trump continues reaching out to black and brown people, one of his fiercest reports yet against hillary clinton last night. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings, worthy of a better future. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. and we ought to believe him. he is taking a hate movement mainstream, pedaling big owe tree and pa


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