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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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gone viral. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> and hillary clinton previewing her counter attack. > >> donald trump has shown us who he is. he is someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> and bill clinton deanying charges that the clinton foundation is corrupt. >> i made it clear that if she becomes president we'll have to do more than she did when she was secretary of state. if you make a mistake there is always an appeal. >> and flip-flop?
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trump, where does he stand on that muslim ban? we are one on one with rachel. >> general policy is what he says. >> it is a total shut down of muslims entering the united states. you should see what he said last monday, from known exporters. >> which makes no sense. good day i'm andrea mitchell in new york. donald trump and hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and taking the attacks to a new level. childrlinton ready to slam trum the wing leader of the alt-right. joining me now is katy tur and
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kasie hunt. kasie, take us to what clinton is expected to do today and what does she mean by propagating her attacks on the so called alt-right? >> reporter: sure. you showed a little bit of the preview hillary clinton gave of the speech, casting trump as essentially embracing and becoming the leader of the so called alt-right movement starting from when he talked about president obama's birth certificates all the way to what he has been saying about muslims, mexicans and other groups. the idea to push back against this pivot where they are trying to show they are reaching out to african americans. they are reaching out to hispanic voters. they want to make sure it's not something they let sink in. you're not going to see her go
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so far as to call donald trump a racist. she always said his statements are racist but never quite gone that far the way trump actually labeled her as a bigot. i think it is also designed to bring this alt-right movement a little more out into the open, try to explain to people what it is. even many conservatives aren't familiar with it. it is a group that tend to be white nationalists. i spoke to andrew wienstein. he is jewish. he was the subject of difficult images supposedly with a gas chamber. that's the kind of imagery the clinton campaign want to make sure they see asoesociated with the trump campaign. he has had link to this, andrea. >> and katy tur, when we talk
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about a pivot we have seen all kinds of moves to be more moderate and soften the tone. he says we'll build a wall. where do we stand now as of this hour, noon, eastern time on the question of immigration? is he moving? is this a new strategy based on kellyanne and the new team? >> reporter: donald trump's terminology is so vague and he has been trying to have it both ways on this issue. he is talking about still building a wall but he is talking about something that is a little more kin to amnesty. he says he will work with undocumented imgranlmigrants to a way for legal status, saying they would need to pay back taxes if they were to pay here.
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it sounds strikingly to the same plan jeb bush laid out in his book a few years ago, the plan that donald trump we vis rated him on. it was one of his major attack lines. it is part of what helped him one in the primary. donald trump softening on that allows him to go after the more moderate republican voter and independent voters. it does run the risk of ali alienating. it is unclear how he will move forward and whether he will backtrack on this. the campaign hasn't been clear. he has said that he'll have an immigration policy speech where he should be laying out a more detailed and coherent message.
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>> let's play a little bit of trump this morning as he made quite the show of photo opportunity as he was meeting with african american and hispanics. >> we have to be. we have no choice. we either have a country or we don't. we either have borders or we don't. the law was very important. i'll be making a speech on that i would say over the next week, laying out an exact plan. i think people will have great respect for them. >> and ben carson who was sitting next to him on the other side was telling me he will be going with mr. trump to african american communities because until now the appeal has been basically in front of white audiences, signaling what it is all about is telling suburban republican women they shouldn't worry about voting for mr.
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trump, katy. >> reporter: he said his message is not for african americans or hispanici hispanics but to appease white whim who maybe the accusations of racism have made them hesitant to be vocal about their desire to have him in the white house. take this for example. yesterday he was speaking in front of a crowd in jackson, mississippi. there were almost diversity in the crowd there last night. the crowd was mostly white. they said the idea they have nothing to lose is condescending. >> thank you both so much. and carlos gutierrez joins
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me. welcome. >> thank you. >> what do you think of donald trump's latest accusations? >> yeah, this is very similar to the experience of governor romney where he had a policy during the primaries that he called self-deportation and then he tried to moderate in the national election, general election. it didn't work. people remembered what he said. not only did he yield a very low hispanic vote but he lost asian americans. he lost the immigrant vote. i think the same thing is going to happen to donald trump. governor romney didn't insult mexicans or muslims. it is a sense that it is an anti-immigration ticket.
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it doesn't matter what he says now. i think the damage has been done and i don't think he is going to correct it with what appears to be a very vague policy. the very vagueness of the policy i think scares people. they really don't know what he will do. the people that are advocating for him, surrogates, are people who are well known for being anti-immigrant i don't think it's going to work. >> i want today play a little bit to remind people of what was going on during the primary when jeb bush and donald trump were debating this very policy. this was back in 2015, a fox news debate. >> 12 million illegal immigrants took to send them back, 500,000 a month, is just not possible. what we need to do is allow people to earn legal status, where they pay a fine, learn english and over an extended
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period of time they earn legal status. >> very unfair to the people that want to come into our country legally. they have gone through the process. very very unfair to them. >> that is back when donald trump was talking about mass deportatio deportations, now, not so much. let me suggest to you that if kel kellyanne conway and the campaign are correct, it's not labor day yet. he can pivot, change, soften and there are a lot of people who are not happy with hillary clinton. she has such high negatives perhaps they can think this is a new donald trump and think he is an acceptable nominee. >> i don't -- i can't see the hispanic population doing that. i think his surrogates are going to be defending the comments
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about mexicans and about the mexican judge and about muslims on the day of the election. this is not going to go away. you can't do this the way richard nixon said you did it. you can't do that anymore. the thing that strikes me about this policy, it's so simplistic and super official. the policy we had in 2006 was a 700-page bill. what you realize is that building a wall is not the solution. until we recognize that the problem with immigration is that our laws don't work for the economy, so people -- workers need to be brought in undocumented because if not we don't have a labor force and the bill rubio was trying to pass
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had a quota of farm workers. top 20 organizations, farmers, they will say from 750,000 to a million. where do we get the rest? where do we get the difference between 1,110,000? either we close down the farm, we send it to mexico or we bring in undocumented workers. so the incite here has not been understood. the incite is we have to change the immigration laws. the idea of building a wall is a talking point and will not change anything. >> you come from the corporate world. you come from a lifetime of republican -- being a republican figure and being a republican cabinet secretary. what are you hearing now? >> well, the people who are writing to me are people who agree. i can imagine what people who
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don't write to me are saying. i know it's a controversial decision. this comment about the alt-right, it's not just a buzz word. it is european style, right-wing nationalism. th there is populism, protectionism. that is not the republican party i signed up for and that is not the country i love. and right now what's important to me is the country and not going back 50 years from a social point of view. that is my number one priority. that's why i made the shift and i feel very comfortable about it. >> thank you very much, carlos. always good to see you. >> thank you. up next, the race against time in italy. continuing the search for survivors after the devastating
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the death toll in the ef earthquake that hit italy. there have been some moments of hope, a small girl saved by rescuers. we are live. lucy, as time goes on it seems they must be getting more and more desperate. what is the best hope they have now? >> reporter: absolutely. destruction, disbelief and a desperate search for survivors basically sums up one of the
9:18 am
hardest hit air i can't say. areas. it is harder and harder to imagine people have survived here. one man survived more than 72 hours back in 2009 when an earthquake struck near by. they have certainly not giving up the rescue mission. it is getting more difficult for them to do the rescue operations. they finally have the equipment they need, the bulldozers, heavy machinery. getting the tools was difficult enough. even with the right gear there is a threat of aftershocks, more than 460 of them since the initial quake struck. we felt one about two and a half hours ago. it was powerful. it was terrifying. you heard the buildings shake. you don't know where to run. you felt the ground rumble. you can imagine how dangerous it makes it for the operation here. one building they were working near collapsed.
9:19 am
thankfully no one from the rescue teams was injured in that inciden incidence. there already a lot of tough questions for authorities. this area is in a known earthquake zone and between two te techtonic plates. >> thank you so much. desperate situation in dead. in iowa and indiana communities assessing damage there after unkppexpected torna in this starbucks employees and customers took cover together in the bathroom, which is why they survived. more strong storms expected this afternoon. coming up, the alt-right, hillary clinton expected to try
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fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ she claims -- my next guest faced anti-semitic attacks. joining me now is andrew for the bob dole campaign. you worked on the hill and wrote to the rnc suggesting that the committee focus on down ballot
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races, not donald trump. what then happened, andrew? tell us what happened. >> i was tracking the letter we sent to the rnc. a site popped up that i didn't recognize. it was headlined with some of the most anti-semitic an and homophobic, holocaust references. i had been work in politics more than 20 years. i haven't seen anything approaching this tone of hatred and anger and bias in my time in politics. since then the flood gates have opened. there has been a steady stream
9:25 am
of tweets. i have had threatening voice mails left on my home machine. i have actually -- the tweets included everything from images of my photo being pushed into a gas chamber or a jewish figure being kicked by a boot labeled trump in an oven with a caption saying get in that oven, andrew. but the level of violence and hatred and direct threats and the communication i received since sending that letter that has been staggering. >> and you shared those pictures with us. it amounts that the imagery is so hateful that we don't want to spread it even farther. we are not showing it as you describe it though. i can vouch for how outrageous these images are. i had one that was the least offensive.
9:26 am
at the same time, how do you connect donald trump to this? tell me what you believe based on your research. >> yeah, absolutely. i think from the beginning donald trump has given a wink and nod to the worst elements in our party, the haters, anti-semites. donald trump has given little whistles here and there from retweeting to using a phrase for the campaign, america first which was associated with a lot of elements in the same century to condoning violence against black protesters to claiming he didn't know who david duke was. each one of those things is recognized by the haters as an endorsement of what they are
9:27 am
doing. i think probably the most direct one, the one that stood out to me was a reporter had done a story about mr. trump's wife that he didn't like. she became the target of death threats from anti-semites and horrible attacks on her. blitzer asked her and his response almost verbatim was i don't have a message for my fans. they heard this. i will actually read you the daily stormer. it is one of the major alt-right sites. donald trump refuses to denounce former troll army. the paragraph in question about that statement, it says that trump responded to the request
9:28 am
with quote i have no message to the fans, unquote which might as well have been hail victory comrades. anyone who thinks his campaign hasn't been sending these signals or these signals haven't been read loud and clear by the haters in the alt-right hasn't been paying attention to what they have been saying throughout this campaign. to top it off, at this sensitive stage in the campaign he goes and places someone in charge of the campaign who is really the poster child. so if he had any concern about the anger he has been aspiring. it has been coming out and he wouldn't have compounded it by hiring someone like bannon. >> we'll reach out to him as well. thanks for telling us what you gone through. i know you have asked the fbi to
9:29 am
investigate and you are not talking about that investigation but those personal threats are disturbing to say the least. >> thank you for having me onto talk about it. >> thank you. and saturday night live star leslie jones personal web site has been taken offline after hackers posted unconfirmed copies of her drivers license and passport. she quit twitter last month over comments about her appearance. katie perry tweeted to her 92 million followers hs standwithlesl standwithleslie. how fast is the zika virus spreading and what we need to do to stop it. and the price of the epipens, the price spiked 400%. is the government doing enough to hold the drug maker
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of cris america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of th, would you? more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
9:33 am
a second non-travel related case of zika. they say the anti body tests has not come through. the department of health and human services sent congress a letter saying they need funding to combat zika. congress is on its seven-week recess until september 6th. thank you very much. you're sort of caught in the middle here. the governor wants help. you want congress to legislate and congress is still having its summer vacation. what do you do? >> right now we are doing everything we can to support florida. we have sent a number of tests
9:34 am
that should be arriving today. it will allow them to do 6,300 of those tests. we are doing everything we can to move $35 million to do the work they need to do. i think folks know we have sent an emergency response team in in terms of investigating these cases and making sure that mosquito control is done. we are doing everything you can but you appropriately point out we are doing it with one hand tied behind or back in terms of having the fund to manage this issue as the american people deserve. that's why we have written the letter and i'm hoping when this congress gets back in september they will very quickly move the funding that will allow us to keep our vaccine research going. making sure we have resources if there are other cases of local
9:35 am
transmission that we are able to support other states and other places in their efforts to combat it. >> do you have for instance about the gulf coast where the incredible flooding louisiana is going to lead to more breeding and more mosquitos there? >> with regard to the mosquitos in the entire gulf area, that's a group of states we focused on from the beginning. 30 states came together and we hosted in april a session so all of the states could put in place bans. we are concerned where there is deep penetration that it is possible you could have local transmission that could occur because a traveler returns and is bitten by a mosquito. >> and mylan respond to go the backla backlash, they say they will
9:36 am
lower the cost for some patients providing a savings card for the cost of two epipens. i have a prescription for this because i have had allergy reactions in the past. i'm supposed to be carrying this but it's mostly the children who cannot be kexpected to inject themselves what should the government be doing to stop what has been described as price gouging? >> one is provide a lot of transparency. one is making sure the drugs, we publish that investigation. we have been doing it for over a year now. one of the most important steps is authority we have asked for so that at the department of health and human services we can negotiate on high-priced drugs.
9:37 am
having the ability to negotiate, that's another thing we could do. we have a proposal we are taking comments on that will help put downward pressure and encourage hem to prescribe drugs based on their effectively, not cost. >> and heather bresh who is the ceo of this company was on cnbc this morning and was being asked about the price and also her extraordinary salary. >> you have been labeled greedy. >> listen. we have for over 50 years fought for affordable access to medicine. we have fought to raise the quality standards. we have fought to make it a level playing field. it meets the same quality standard. >> heather is actually the daughter of senator joe mansion. it is a little awkward for some
9:38 am
of the members of congress, perhaps. in this case the mechanism has not changed. why is the price going up so much? >> this is a question that i think the company will continue to be asked to answer but i think what we want to do is make sure we encourage as much competition as possible and as much transparency to serve the consumer out there and making sure we are doing everything we can. last year we had a record number of approvals for generic drugs for the food and drug administrati administration. our number one is making sure safety standards are met. we want to make sure we are doing that. we'll continue to do that. those are the steps to make sure we put downward pressures on the price issues. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you.
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what abouthat robot? that is a vending machine, john, give him a dollar. to the african american vote e, great people. to the hispanic voter who have been absolutely treated terribly. i say what do you have to lose? what? i will be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or where ever you are you're not going to be shot, your child isn't going to be shot. >> donald trump with an overture that will insult the many people he is trying to reach.
9:43 am
joining me now for our daily x fix, welcome to all three of you. >> thank you. >> i am struck by the lead editorial in the washington post today against or targeting rudy giuliani who created all of these health issues in his speeches and noting that purely out of concern during his speech he often licked his lips noting it is convention speech dry mouth which can be a symptom of nerve damage. at the end of his address giuliani had beads of sweat and that suggests heart disease. so a whole riff that the washington post went through about whether or not rudy giuliani may have a health
9:44 am
problem. >> right. and it's taking what may have been coming out of the trump campaign and turning it on its head. of course they are ludicris but it sort of highlights what has been said, these conspiracy theories that she needs to be propped up by pillows and sort of basically decomposing before our very eyes, all of these things are ridiculous. >> when you had donald trump with his pivot softening. i don't know what you would call it. this is donald trump -- well, actually going to the audience and saying should we have deportation? should we not? let's watch. >> when i go through and i read thousands and thousands of people on the subject -- and i have had really great great people come up to me and they
9:45 am
have said mr. trump, i love you but to take a person who has been here for 15 or 20 years and throw the family out, it is very tough. i have it all of the time. it is a very very hard thing. >> is this poll testing? >> it is poll testing in realtime. he was turning to the members and saying what do you think? should they stay ? should they leave? he seems to be raffling right before our eyes. he doesn't seem sure whether he supports what enabled him to win the primary. >> and you have been working on this digital series we have today talking to so many republican leaders about what the party will look like after the election, whether he wins or looses. >> and it was a critical point
9:46 am
when we talked to all of the republicans along the republican spectrum. one of the main things we are dividing the party is immigration. there were actually these establishment republicans who were in favor of comprehensive immigration reform stating maybe the party needs to move back closer on immigration and now you have donald trump coming out and softening his position now. it is a mess and the party going to have to clean up after november 8th. >> and it depends which he ends up with. rush was laughing hysterically about who would think it was donald trump to tell amnesty to the republican party after he attacks them during the campaign. >> and trump's apparent reversal fits into a larger orgt ovargumr
9:47 am
the future of the party. some argue he used this issue. it was the issues that the voters cared about and now we have to get closer on the issues. other think the party doesn't need to make serious changes because it just shows trump can do anything. it was more of a celebrity issue and they will follow him before they like him. it doesn't matter the specifics of his policies. it is a big debate we had as well. >> and jonathan, hillary clinton today, giving a speech against what she is talking about, a movement, the alt-right movement, she fears according to the campaign is attempting to normalize what has been conveyed and some of the rhetoric and some of the language that has been tolerated if not by donald trump at least by his
9:48 am
supporters. >> and they released an ad that puts it all into perspective from the campaign's perspective of what this alt-right movement is, the statements involved in that movement who express openly the support of donald trump, how he is basically bringing them out of the shadows but also then brings in donald trump and his deanyi denying that he even knows who david duke for a ku klux klan member, claiming he doesn't know who he is. i think it is trying to make it difficult for donald trump to make the rhetorical shift he has been trying to make in his so-called pitch to say he could change the way he can change things and express for once some sort of concern for the african american community or for
9:49 am
latinos for that matter tlchlt is one year and two months worth of rhetoric and position and supporters who will basically show that what he is doing isn't meant to favor with african americans. it is meant to give a certain cast of white voters enough to click the lever for him in november. >> thank you. your digital piece is up on our websi website. >> thank you. in kabul, 14 people killed on the attack on a university. we have details how the gunmen were stopped and where afghanistan goes next. you're watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. ♪
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i want to bring you up to date on the deadly attack in
9:53 am
afghanistan. at least 14 killed and six students including one professor. a stanford grand planning to return to the u.s. in a few weeks. militants armed with a car bomb descended on the campus trapping more than 150 students and staff. no u.s. citizens were killed or injured. we have richard here with us. i met with a lot of women students who found this to be a safe place. >> there's really nothing like this in afghanistan. it is a co-ed school, attracts the best and the brightest. you saw the professor who was on
9:54 am
his way to the u.s. this atracktracted elite studen who wanted a better life. we are hearing a lot more details about what went down. it frankly could have been a lot worse. there were three attackers, first a suicide bomber blew a hole in the gate and then two other gunmen rushed in. pretty much all of the people were killed in the initial phase then the gunmen went through and tried to get into the classrooms. there was one assembly hall where about 40 students were gathered. they piled all of the desks and chairs. they heard the gunman shaking at the doors but they couldn't get in. one of the gunmen was killed in the first hour of the assault. the second gunmen went up to the
9:55 am
top of the staircase, bare dricd himself. he managed to kill three security officers. he threw seven or eight grenades down then they eventually killed him. that's why it took so long because he held himself up there and was picking off the security people. >> and we have a statement now from laura bush who wrote on my first trip the afghanistan i met with teachers who were being trand. my hope was that girls could obtain a good education. their dreams will not be stifled by violence. armed with their education they will continue toir to transform their country. mrs. bush was just such a sort
9:56 am
of inspiration and energy in helping to create this. i was over there with them. it is so tragic. this is the story of afghanistan. it is one step forward, two back. >> this school is one of the positive legacies left by the us preps. it would be an absolute tragedy. if american professors were no longer able to lend their time there and teach there. so far no claim in responsibility but the office of the president in afghan staid said it was organized in pakistan, the attack which suggests that's where the suspicion is at this moment. >> thank you so much. more ahead right here. we'll be right back. just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled.
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that does it. follow us on facebook and twitter. craig is up next. >> andrea mitchell in the flesh. great to see you. >> thanks for being here. donald trump speaking in new hampshire. today trump continues trying to move the needle on minority voters or at least convince his mostly white supporters he is not racist. we'll have more on that in a minute. team clinton coming at trump today. >> a lot of what he believes we believe in. donald trump would be best for


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