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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we inherit donald trump are from you because he has not taken to the microphones yet. we are going to take you to that live image. this is a live look at the podium all set up. donald trump is expected to keep on a scripted message. one that will include the pitch to the african-american and hispanic communities that we have heard before trying to get him elected with that minority outreach. that has been met with skepticism and hillary clinton is betting she can drive that wedge a bit deeper. >>. a lot of klan member members like donald trump. donald trump would be best for the job. >> for president? >> yeah. >> a portion of the clinton campaign video that's out now. in less than an hour, hillary clinton is expected to take to the stage in nevada where she
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plans to lay out trump's ties to the movement loosely defined and contest eed associated with whi nationalists. we are alongside both campaigns this hour. kasie hunt is join iing us from reno. why do they want to tie donald trump to the all the right movement? >> hi, thomas. of course, this has been thrust into the spotlight after steve ban nonwas selected to be the ceo of donald trump's campaign. he's hosted a website that has accommodated some members of what's called the alternative right. many of them have said things about anti-trump members of the republican party. one i spoke to andrew weinstein who is jewish had them put up images of his face over top of
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gas chambers. that's some of difficult imagery and rhetoric around this that the clinton campaign wants to highlight today. they want to pull it into the spotlight a little more and explain to americans what this means. also highlight trump's ties to it. this comes as trump himself has been trying to show that he does want to reach out to african-americans and he does want to reach out to hispanics. that is in some ways also aimed at many of the white swing voters who have turned away from donald trump. polls show he's run ining far behind where even mitt romney was in 2012 with white voters. he's going to have to expand that pool of voters if he hopes to beat hillary clinton. so this speech today, we're not expecting hillary clinton to outright label dtonald trump asa racist. it's something she's shied away from in the past, but they have talked about his statements in that context repeatedly. they want to make sure they are continuing to push through this narrative they have been working
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on. even as trump is trying to give americans a different impression. >> explain the location. reno, nevada, the background for this speech, why? >> partly because it's in between where she's coming from out west fundraising and where she's going out in new york area for more fundraisers. hillary clinton has raised more than $19 million in just the last 72 hours. she held star studded fundraisers across california. nevada has historically been a swing state. that's another reason to have a public event here. >> thanks so much. kasie hunt report iing there in reno for us. a new poll out today has hillary clinton leading donald trump by 10 points right now. 51% to 41%. i want to check in with jacob rascon in new hampshire. how is the campaign pushing back specifically about this new clinton ad that is also tied to
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the all the right argument? >> it was one of the fastest responses that we have had from the campaign. this is new in the last week or so. they seem to have a rapid response team. they respond ed by saying this s a disgraceful ad and talked about how, in fact, after that response from the campaign even had one of their members black pastor who doesn't usually speak on these issue, he did an interview where he called it disgraceful saying it played off the fears of african-americans and said you can't predict always and can't control those groups that support you. he compared it to the black lives matter group calling them a borderline hate group saying they support hillary clinton who is trying to make that comparison there. the trump campaign not happy about this. donald trump expected to, in fact, respond directly to that in this speech. the campaign sent out a memo to reporters wanting them to know he was going to respond directly to that.
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we'll look to that as he takes the stage next. >> jacob, we can see ben carson at the podium. donald trump running a bit late. it was yesterday where ben carson alluded to the fact he worked with the donald trump folks to get into some minority neighborhoods. have we heard any specifics from the campaign about scheduling? >> the campaign has said that they are going to go to more urban areas. we heard from the campaign manager was that the schedule that they are going with now has been in place for a number of weeks. once labor day gets here, they are going to have a new schedule that she hopes and wants to be focused more on swing states and we expect will include some of those visits to urban areas, more urban areas as the campaign has said they will do. >> thank you so much. we'll swing back to the rally when donald trump takes the stage there. ben carson is there warming up the crowd. but here to talk about all of this is msnbc contributor jeremy peters along with "washington post" columnist eugene robinson.
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if we have to cut away, forgive me in advance. eugene, let's talk about the trump train and this current issue with the immigration flip-flop and how he is trying to enhance and establishment protocol here about his feelings on immigration. so we have the clinton camp now trying to tie him to the kkk. so how does this all play out for his minority outreach, especially if he is going to maybe discount all those original supporters? >> well, i think two big questions here. number one, what does he give up in terms of the original supporters. after all, he began his campaign last year, last june with this call for -- kicking out all 11 million undocumented immigrants that now appears not to be part of the trump plan. the trump plan is starting to sound like the gang of eight immigration plan like
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comprehensive immigration reform, which of course, dismissed as amnesty. i think that will not go over well with the original trump supporters. the jury is out whether that will cause a wholesale abandonment of trump, especially since a lot of people really can't stand hillary clinton and may vote for donald trump just for that reason. in terms of the minority outreach, i really could not have designed a less effective way for him to reach out to minority groups. he gets something every stop now and talks about how african-american lives are nothing but misery and poverty and horror. and then he says what do you have to lose by voting for me. that is not going over well. and it's not going to go over well. and in fact, i would assume this
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is more aimed at trying to convince white voters, white suburban voters that he's not a flaming racist. >> he used shocking language in mississippi. i'm going to come back to you on that in a second. jeremy, the headlines from the post and "new york times" talking about the language of donald trump basically utilizing the gang of eight language in their argument about immigration. we know that hillary clinton today is also going to take on in her speech in the next hour the ties to steve banen, the all the alt-right movement. jeb bush specifically, do republicans feel this establishment type tone is better for the trump campaign with just so little time before election day? >> i think it's just a reflection of the numbers, thomas. the fact that when you do the
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math, there's virtually no path to a donald trump presidency with the levels of low basement minority hispanic black support that he has right now. it's not just the blacks and hispanics he's alienating. it's whites. white college-educated voters are walking away from the republican party in ways that we have not seen in recent modern elections. donald trump's support among white college-educated voters is half of what mitt romney got. if he's only getting half of these people and 1% of african-american votes in some polls and no more than 20% of hispanic support, that's a recipe for electoral disaster. you're looking at buarry goldwater numbers for trump right now. so what he's doing here, i think, is more what eugene said than anything else because i think getting minorities on board at this point is probably
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a lost cause. what he wants to do is reassure white voters that he's not racist. >> meanwhile, clinton is putting out this ad that's kind of cure rating all the dog whistles of what they have represented to nationalists within white america. it was last night in mississippi that trump came out with oun of shock jock lines. take a look. >> it's time to give the democrats some competition for african-american votes and for his panic votes. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> eugene, there was this notable pause and shock in the
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crowd. we noticed one woman who was noticeably kind of taken aback by that statement. but is hillary clinton going to be representative or have to represent what it means not to be a bigot based on trump's karksizations or is this something she can push away? >> i don't think she has a huge problem on that. you saw the degree of african-american support hillary clinton got during the primaries. it was overwhelming in many states. we know that especially in southern states and really throughout the united states most african-americans are democrats. they overwhelmingly gave their support to hillary clinton, so i don't think she has a lot to worry about. you saw donald trump delivering this message. he was in mississippi. there are a lot of black people in mississippi, but he didn't go to where black people are. he didn't go to speak to
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african-americans to ask for their votes. and certainly that's the minimum thing you would have to do if you actually expected to get any of those votes. yet, he doesn't do it. and once again, that leads me to believe this isn't directed at black or hispanic voters. it's directed at white voters. >> we're looking at donald trump right now. he has taken the stage. he was thanking the folks in new hampshire for the fact they delivered him his first primary victory. his former campaign manager is also the lead of the state delegation for new hampshire. he tweeted earlier he's going to be there. still receives severance from the trump organization, but let's listen in. >> work hard to get all those people hooked. we're going to work very hard. i made you that promise. you watch. i have developed such a deep affection for this state.
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>> over the next 74 days, that's what we have. it seems like such a long ways. now we're down to 74 days. we are going to win for the american people. h voice has not been heard for many years. we live under a washington regime. it rejects your cries and they are cries for help.
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that always puts your needs first. your needs are going to come first. the real divide in this election is not between left and right, but between everyday working people and a corrupt political establishment that works only for itself. this is a chance for the great majority of decent citizens to end the rule of a small group of special interests. hillary clinton believes only in government of, by and for the
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powerful. i am promising government of, by and for the people. [ chanting "lock her up" ] let's just win on november 8th. that would be the ultimate and that's what we're going to do. because of this fight, we're taking on some very entrenched and well financed interests. money is pouring into her campaign by the special interest, the lobbiests, the
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donors, the people that own the companies that are moving their jobs to mexico and other places. these are the same people who pay hillary $10,000 a minute for a speech. these are the same wall street firms who paid hillary clinton each time she delivered her secret remarks that nobody knows what she said. they are the same people who paid bill and hillary clinton over $150 million for speeches since bill left the office. and who donated countless millions of dollars more to the
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clinton foundation. but you have the power with your vote, and by the way, new hampshire is a very, very important state in this election. and if i win, new hampshire -- okay, when i win. new hampshire is staying right where it is. it's an unbelievable state and an unbelievable tradition. there's a lot of talk of moving you to the back of the pack. that's not going to happen. it's not going to happen.
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with your power to defeat the special interests and put the people back in charge once more like it's supposed to be. this has been a very historic week in american politics. the voters have always known that our leadership in washington, d.c. is corrupt and that the system is very badly rigged, a word that i believe i have used first and has been copied all over the place. it's badly rigged and it's broken. this week the curtain was truly lifted. the corruption was revealed. the veil was pulled back on a
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vast criminal enterprise run out of the state department by hillary clinton. as the associated press documented, more than half of the meetings hillary clinton took as secretary of state with people outside government were clinton foundation donors. hillary's chief of staff received more messages from the clinton's foundation chief operating officer than just about anybody else. 85 donors alone that she met with as secretary gave the foundation $156 million. i know many of these people.
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these are people that want things for their donation. these are people that expect things for their donation. and when you follow it out and you see the people that left their office, you take a look at what those people, those companies and those countries got. believe me, you will find out, it is plenty. on top of that, bill clinton's total speaking fees rose 44% while hillary clinton was secretary of state. often raking in money from people who had business or matters before the state department. very simple. as i said weeks ago, hillary clinton ran the statement department like a personal hedge fund. it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department
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begins. access and favors were sold for cash. it's called pay for play. over and over and over, people who donated to the clinton foundation or who gave money to bill clinton got favorable treatment from the state department. . the examples are too many to name here in full. and i've gone over, i will tell you i look eed at so many, but they include the deal to sell 20% of united states uranium to ru russia. or the very favorable treatment given to ubs.
11:22 am
it includes the exemption of tel come giant eric son. it includes efforts to put a foundation donor with no national security experience at all on to a highly sensitive national security panel that he want ed to be on with access to top secret information. it includes foundation donors getting lucrative contracts in haiti all while the people of haiti suffered horribly and are not, by the way, big fans of the clintons. these are the tip of the clinton corruption iceberg.
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they constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise. you know it, the government knows it and she knows it. she created a private -- [ chanting "lock her up" ] she created a server in order to hide her corrupt dealings. that's all it is, folks. very simple. she knew what she was doing 100%. she did so knowing full well it would put american lives at risk by making classified information highly vulnerable to foreign hacking. that's what happened. and by the way, people did 2% of
11:24 am
what they did. their lives have been destroyed. but she didn't care as long as it helped her get away with her crime. no risk to america was too great. then to further cover up her crime, she deleted 33,000 e-mails to keep them out of the hands of the authorities and the american public. as a further element of the criminal coverup, she claimed under penalty of perjury that she turned over all of her work-related e-mails. we now know this to be one more massive clinton lie and
11:25 am
decepti deception. the fbi found thousands of work-related e-mails she failed to turn over, including the new discovery this week of 15,000 more work-related e-mails she did not disclose. what is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in american political history. it's watergate all over again. it's watergate. the corporations and foreign governments betraying the public trust, putting innocent lives in
11:26 am
danger and then she went to great lengths to hide, delete, destroy and lie about the evidence. just like her lie that she never sent any material marked classified. lie after lie after lie. this is the corrupt e we expect to see in a third world country, but not in the united states of ameri america. just imagine the damage to our security, to our sbintegrity, t our standing in the world, and believe me, the world is laughing as they watch. if hillary clinton is allowed to
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sell the oval office in the same way she sold her office as secretary of state and she can't help herselves. she cannot help herself. we cannot let this happen. she's being sold to the highest bidder. vote to save your country. so important. so important. you folks have no idea how important you are in this room and in this state. so important. and by the way, folks, if you're looking at the poll numbers, we're doing very well.
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you vote to protect your family. vote for honesty, integrity and accountability. now as all of these revelations have been discovered, some this week, many this month, hillary clinton has been hiding. she's been hiding. where is she? but instead to make one of the most brazen attempts at distraction in the history of politics. now, i'm not seeing what hillary is going to say. but i've heard about it.
11:29 am
and in a sense, i don't want to dignify her statements by dwelling on them too much. but a response is required for the sake of all decent voters that she is trying to smear. the news reports are that hillary clinton is going to try and accuse this campaign and all of you and the millions of decent americans at record levels and this event was set up late last night and look what happens. look how many people?
11:30 am
it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. it's a tired, disgusting argument. and it's so totally predictable. they are failing so badly. it's the last refugee of the discredited democrat politician. they keep going back to the same
11:31 am
well, but you know what? the people are becoming very smart. they have heard it too many times before. the well is dry. the well is dry. this is the year the american people who believe in much better and much more honest politics. say the word, enough. this is the year that the people who have been betrayed by democratic policies including millions and millions of african-american and hispanic american citizens reject the politicians who have failed them over and over and over again for 50 years, for 75 years without
11:32 am
break for even, in some cases, 100 straight years. they failed them. you're going to vote for a change. it's time. as i have discussed for many days now, democratic politicians have run nearly every inner city in america for the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years. their policies have produced only more poverty, total joblessness and failing schools. every policy hillary clinton supports is a policy that has failed and betrayed communities of color in this country. but she doesn't care.
11:33 am
she's too busy raking in cash from people and rigging the system and taking the african-american vote and the hispanic vote and saying we're going to do a great job and right after the election it's bye-bye, i'll see you in four years. nothing happened. nearly 4 in 10 african-american children live in poverty. 58% of african-american youth are not working. more than 2,700 people have been shot in chicago this year alone. these are the consequences of hillary clinton's policies and the policies and has brought nothing but pain and heart ache and broken promises to your
11:34 am
inner cities. on top of that, she wants to raise taxes on african-american owned businesses. >> he's been asking for his own special investigation for impropriety between the clinton foundation and state department. donald trump being a donor to the clinton foundation donated $120,000 so asking for himself to be investigated about what type of influence he was able to buy with that kind of money to a donation to the clinton foundation.
11:35 am
we have no word of any type of prosecutor set up. but also went to the point about talking about a smear campaign from the clinton team. this new ad out today linking trump to the right groups as they put steve banen as ceo of the campaign. and also saying that the democrats are using the oldest play in the democratic playbook by calling them racists, which we are not. also saying people are becoming smart and that we're becoming much better and more honest about our politics saying hillary clinton has been in hiding. as you see on the lower side of your screen, hillary clinton is speaking coming up in the next 25 minutes in reno. last night she appeared on another cable news channel in an interview where she was asked direct questions about the ongoing questions about the state department, her e-mails, which she took full responsibility for and also
11:36 am
basically said that there really is no bad behavior that was taking place between the clinton foundation and the good work it does and the charitable donations that were given to the foundation during her tenure as secretary of state. so she's not in hiding. she has this event coming up in the next 25 minutes after donald trump finishes there in new hampshire. we have reporters across the country. katy tur is here in new york. jacob rascon is there in new hampshire and kasie hunt is in hiding with hillary clinton in reno. >> we're right here. >> let me start with you. real fast because donald trump, this teleprompter message, the campaign seems to have found some words and some phrases that it really likes. they hook ed into something mor tangible for the present time? >> they do. they believe that they are able to undercut hillary clinton's
11:37 am
credibility by trying to link the clinton foundation with her state department saying they were pulling the wool over the eyes of the american public, that they were trading favors for jobs. a kwquid pro quo. and that's a relatively good argument for the gop. they have a lot of photoer for that argument. the issue that donald trump is running into is what he's been saying this past 14 months. all of the inflammatory statements, the non-traditional campaign he's run, that's continuing to drown out his message. also last night donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot. it's something that even that crowd in mississippi was a bit stunned to hear. there's a woman that was standing behind him who opened her eyes very wide and dropped her jaw. she couldn't believe that. so donald trump is stepping on his image continually. but at the same time, they are trying to make a very concerted
11:38 am
effort, at least with donald trump's words to appeal to the african-american and the hispanic communities. today he held a roundtable with up and coming gop youth leaders to try to figure out a way to do effective outreach in minority communities to get them on board and under the gop tent. donald trump is continuing to tailor his message to african-american communities basically saying over and over again what do you have to lose. cities under democratic control have not been good to african-american communities. they are living in poverty, he says. they have no jobs, he says. they have bad education system, he says. the issue with that, though, is that when you go into these communities and you talk to these people, people that african-american people, they say this is a condescending message to try to get them on board. they do have a lot to lose. so the question for donald trump, which many are raising, is is he trying to get the
11:39 am
minority vote or is he trying to make white women, suburban women more comfortable and turn them out in larger numbers? >> katy, standby. let's go to jacob. we heard the chants of "lock her up." but when it comes specifically to minority outreach and immigration policy from the trump campaign, we know he's copying the playbook of the gang of eight. senator flake was on that. he is someone who has not been a fan of donald trump but put out a tweet talking about the fact that he is kind of pleased by the language of donald trump about what he's saying. he likes the immigration softening. thinks of it as a pos sign. the folks you have seen inside that hall in new hampshire, do they like the potential donald trump flip-flopping on that point? >> so thomas, perhaps surprisingly most of the supporters that we talked to say
11:40 am
they are okay with that. many of them say they always expected that he would come to this point. when he announced he was going to have a deportation force and get everybody out, they knew he was starting a negotiation with the american people, a couple people have put it to me like that. there may be a way of those undocumented immigrants who don't have a criminal record to stay. there are a couple of supporters that i have talked to who have said that i wish he would have stuck with what he said at the beginning. one supporter said i have lost a little bit of unnews yasm, but will never vote for hillary clinton. but just in the last minute when we were talking with katy. right now they are chanting "lock her up." but donald trump said, what do you have to lose? then you heard him go after directly a prebutt tall to the speech saying this is an old, tired argument of the racist
11:41 am
criticism that it's when democratic policies fail shs that's all they have left is, you're a racist. so going after that directly and continuing his appeal to voters here. >> jacob, thank you. let's go to kasie hunt, who is there in reno in advance of hillary clinton's remarks. and it is the image or the commercial that donald trump said was really a smear to this campaign and didn't want to dignify the statements with a response. he did and as we heard there, going to the old democratic playbook. so the speech that hillary clinton will deliver today, what kind of insight about how long, how detailed and the connections she's going to make with donald trump and the american nationalists? >> we have new information here for you. they have let us know a couple of the exerts from this address she's expected to make shortly
11:42 am
here. from the start she'll say donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia and helping a radical fringe take over the two political parties. that's what we're expecting to hear from her that ek e koes, comments made in that interview. and frames for you what we're expecting the framework of this speech to follow. she's going to talk about how this speech is different -- or excuse me, this republican party is different from john mccain in 2008, who as you might remember called out someone in a town hall who said that president obama, then senator obama was a muslim. then said, no, senator obama is a christian. hillary clinton, of course, going to try to draw the contrast between that from john mccain and what we have seen from donald trump. she's also and this is pretty interesting, the second excerpt
11:43 am
talks about the alt-right. she says in an explanatory way, it's short for alternative right, "the wall street journal" describes it as a loosely organized movement that rejects mainstream conservatism and promotes nationalism. they feel like they have to do explaining to americans and want americans to understand this better. >> thank you very much. great work getting a few of the excerpts in advance of hillary clinton's speech. we appreciate that. coming up, we'll have more about that speech where clinton is expected to go after donald trump and make these ties to the alt-right movement. and benji is here and we're going to talk with him about his report into the alternative right. their views on race, gender, immigration, foreign policy and religion. and why white nationalists feel left behind.
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moments from it now, we expect to see hillary clinton there in reno to give her speech where she is expected to go on the attack after donald trump making connections to his campaign in the alt-right movement and people who feel left behind. feeling more akin to white nationalists when it comes to race and agengender. we're also following other big stories and breaking news out of toronto. we have reports of a deadly stabbing attack. cal perry has been watching this story. >> these pictures you're looking at live is the eastern section they call the scar bo row neighborhood. we understand originally reported to police as a stabbing attack. but when police arrived on the scene, this scene, they found a cross bow and what they call, quote, other items that could have been used. that's one of the remaining
11:48 am
questions in this. what other items did they find. they have one person in custody that is the soul actor of this attack. but there's still no motive to the attack. and the police have just put out this statement that says, quote, we just don't know what we're dealing with yet. we're keeping a close eye on this as we see pictures from the eastern section of toronto. >> thank you very much. we have an update from italy where it's been two days since the earthquake there devastating central italy. this desperate search for survivors is becoming more urgent with each passing minute. the sad news of the destruction there. there's positive news where hundreds have been rescued including this 10-year-old girl. with the crock winding, hope is dwindling and the death toll now stands at 250 people killed. so just how difficult the rescue
11:49 am
operation is, you can clearly see from this drone video from above at what these rescue crews are having to go through. many houses just reduced to piles of debris. just nothing. adding to that danger, this morning a large aftershock struck near the epicenter. lucy cavanaugh is on the ground and has been there since the beginning. what can you tell us on the search and rescue efforts? >> reporter: thomas, time might be running out, but hope is not. we have spoken to local officials. search and rescue operations here will continue through the night. we saw army trucks bringing new flood lights to some of the locations here. the reason they are continuing these operations is they have reason to believe there are still pockets of the city where residents may still be trapped. but a new update for you in one of the local nearby areas just a few minutes away here. fushls say they are officially calling off the efforts there.
11:50 am
so some positive developments here, but not necessarily across the region. several towards ripped through indiana. mike pence taking a break from the campaign today to survey damage of the state u and there have been no reports of serious injuries or deaths. tammy leitner is on the ground with details for us. the tornadoes really sprung up so quickly the folks there didn't have a lot of lead time about this. the forecast was not on the mark. >> that's correct. and that's what's so remarkable that there weren't more serious injuries. especially when you think about that this used to be a starbucks behind me. there were customers and employees inside at the time. they took cover in a bathroom and managed to survive. let me show you the path that this tornado took. it left the starbucks, knocked
11:51 am
downpour lines and crossed the interstate and hit that neighborhood over there. it hit it hard. several dozen homes destroyed, completely gone. we got a chance to go through there. we have turned to the red cross for shelter. >> so we can see just some of the destruction from the aerial shots. explain power for folks. when is that going to be restored? do we have any timetable for that? >> no, at this point it could be several days. there's still 14,000 homes without power. homes and businesses. we have been traveling in the area and still a lot of the businesses are dark. you go up and knock on the window and they have no power. it could be days to come. >> tammy leitner there on the ground in indiana, thank you. want to take you back, though. mike pence is off the trail today, but donald trump is at that podium in new hampshire where he continues to rally that crowd there and his tones
11:52 am
against hillary clinton and pay-for-play as secretary of state. >> when you spend your time hanging out with foreign dictators in their lavish palaces and homes. and it's easy, no doubt, for hillary clinton to turn a blind eye to the ravages of crime when she has her own personal armed security force. now she wants to essentially dismantle our second amendment. i think the first thing she should do is call up washington and immediately request that her great secret service agents drop all weapons. let them walk around with no
11:53 am
weapons and let's e see how she feels about that when she wants to take away your guns. but this is how the system is rigged. for decades the american people have demanded that their immigration laws are enforced and their jobs be protected from out of control immigration. but the special interests who only want cheap labor have stopped it from happening. they have totally. stopped. they are putting up tremendous amounts of money. for years the american people have worried about letting radical islam spread within our shores, but the elites who only want to raise more money for global corporations ignore the concerns of the american voters. very simple. for 50 years, people living in our inner cities have suffered under the democrats' failed policy regime.
11:54 am
but the democratic politicians who only want to please media executives and wall street donors do nothing but expand the hurt and the suffering that our inner cities and our country is going through right now. it's time for a new day and a new dawn in america. on november 8th, we will end the rule of special interests. and we will begin the rule of the people. i am asking for your vote so we can break free and create a new american future. i am asking for your vote so
11:55 am
that we can achieve amazing things for the american people. we can be greater than ever before. and african-american citizens and latino citizens will have the time of their life because we are going to create jobs like you have never seen. we're going to brung our companies back, we're going to bring our jobs back and we are not going to allow these companies to fire all their workers, make their product and sell it back into our country with no retribution. believe me, those days are gone.
11:56 am
so i'm asking for the vote of every african-american to see for the first time ever a better future and a future that begins with jobs, jobs, jobs. and also education, education, education. we are going to bring back great education for our inner cities and for our country. we will fix our disastrous trade deals and stand up to the countries that cheat of which there are many. we will e lower taxes and create millions of new jobs as a result. companies will come pouring in. we will eliminate job killing
11:57 am
regulations destroying our businesses. we will repeal and replace the horrible disaster known as obamacare. we will enforce our immigration laws and we will put rules in place that hire american workers first. and that includes african-american workers. we will end the era of nation building and instead work in partnership with our allies to crush and destroy isis. we will keep radical islamic
11:58 am
terrorism out of our country. we will promote the values of tolerance, justice and acceptance. we will steadfastly reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all of its ugly forms. america will be one nation, united in calm. we will have a nation the likes of which this world has never seen before. we will have dreams and they will be common dreams and we will have a purpose. we have no purpose right now. our citizens will proudly promote our values and our system of government as the best anywhere in the world and they will be proud of it and they
11:59 am
will believe it. not just say it. they will believe it. we will do so without apology. together, we will make america prosperous again and wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make very importantly america safe again. friends, citizens and fellow america americans, we will make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you and god bless you. thank you. thank you. >> so we have been listening to donald trump wrap up his new hampshire rally. the common theme song we continue to hear "you can't
12:00 pm
always get what you want." but they are talking about his pitch to american and latino citizens. he would be the one to bring back jobs by lowering taxes. also talking about the fact that they reject bigotry and hatred and oppression. and said that he would be the one to crush and destroy isis and end the era of nation building and deliver this nation to a time that it's never seen before in terms of sending him to the white house. and the connection he's try ing to make of his portrayal of pay-for-play as tenure and anything that may have happened with donations for the clinton foundation. hillary clinton is expected to speak within this hour in reno. it was during this speak that donald trump said she was in hiding, but she's yet to come up to bat. we have the camera ready to go for the next


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