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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that is going to do it for me this hour. i'm actually off to run a big race with my sister in portland, oregon. now to chris jansing. >> thank you. 75 days until the election. topping this election now, extraordinary war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton.
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clinton telling her opponent time to wipe the premises. >> from the start donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. and helping a radical fringe take over. >> behave the very latest from reno, nevada where clint yop just wrapped up those remarks. also donald trump's rebuttal, not backing down at all on rhetoric that clinton supporters are calling offensive.kis÷ >> if you want to have strong borders so that people come into our country, but they come in legally through(k÷ ayhl legal p, that doesn't make you a racist, it makes you smart. it makes you an !wtamerican. >> but a new poll suggests that voters disagree with that. and trump's former opponent calling out his immigration policy pivot. >> whole thing%=5j5ñ that donal trump railed against he seems to be morphing into kind of
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disturbing. >> we will bring you more of what jeb bush had to say and talk to a former member of his campaign coming up. let's begin now with our top story and it is a dramatic one. hillary clinton in reno, nevada launching this new attack on donald trump today and linking him to what she called hate groups. >> on david duke's radio show the other day the mood was jubilant. we appear to have takin over the republican party, one white supremacist said. duke laughed. no, there's still more work to . so no one should have any illusions about what is really going on here. the names may have changed. racists now call themselves racialists. white supremacists now call3cmw themselves white nationalists. the' alt right but the hatea8s just as bright. and now trump is trying to rebrand himself as well.
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but don't be fooled. >> the clinton campaign previewed what he just heard from her and donald trump dismissing attackses in advance of her actual speech. >> it s'su the oldest play in t democratic play book. when democraticeûsñ policies fa they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist. they keep saying it. you're racist. >> joining us on the phone from inside the clinton press sa this is a step further than we have ever heard from her before. talk about what hillary clinton had to say and why they decided to go this far. ñc#ñhay, chris. apl jies if we come in and out here. we are moving along in this
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motorcade with hillary clinton. this speech was a very broad indictment of donald trump both trying to connect him to the alt right movement and casting him as racist famous. also calling they1ñalt-right a racist ideology. but really, chris, this speech was aimed in so many waysjnp at moderate republicans in particular. and she seems to try to give people who are members of the p÷ clintons have been back and forth and talking ab%$ç5iu(áu right wing conspiracy answers hitting republican opponents for years. but here she says what we are seaing now from the alt-right and trump campaign is not conservativism or republicanism, it is something else. and it representsi something people should reject and calls it wreckoning that the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. and i think that you heard her address pretty directly this
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pivot that trump campaign is trying to make as they have tried to reach out in recent day and weeks. cue hispanics. cuepp5t and saying no this may sound different but it doesn't actually represent a material difference, chris. >> so where is she off to now? >> we are off back to new york. she will be returning to the east coast after this. she has more fund-raising planned. planning an appearance in ohio next week. but still part of her final fund-raising i#j]ñpush. and we should note that this event was originally planned as an economic one. focussingz2g economy. she acknowledged that in the top of her speech. something of an appearance and dropping into the swing state on her way from california to the east coast and -- [ inaudible ] -- something different here -- >> different indeed. kasie hunt, thanks to you.
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katy tur from trump tower now. we heard a prebuttal to the speech and we knew what was coming. donald trump trying to turn hillary clinton's argument around on her, right? >> absolutely. trying to prebut this idea that hillary will, if not call him a racist directly, link him to white ku)xsupremacist, white nationalists. as they did in that strong and pretty forceful campaign ad earlier today using donald trump's lack of disevow on@1$ dd using supremacists, white nationalists, supporting donald trump. man in a kkk costume saying he supports donald trump. this is something that the campaign does not want out there. this is a narrative they are trying to push back forcefully on i can tell you this is one of the quickest responses we have seen from the campaign itself when it comes to an attack against donald trump. usually trump will go out and twitter and fight back or he
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will fight back himself at a rally but the campaign$or very early on this. almost immediately trying to spin this message. trying to say it was disgutting that hillary clinton was trying to paint him this way. they are clearly sensitive to it. especially at the moment they are trying to make a more forceful appear to black and hispanic americans to get them to support him. he is using language like what the hell do you have to use to those communities. still, it is done in front of mostly white crowds leaving some to wonder if the reality of did donald trump's message is he is trying to appeal more towardsñ moderate gop white voters. women specifically. and not necessarily minority voters in this country trying to turn them out in higher numbers because he realizes that the minority vote might be just too hard to get at this point. right now polling, chris, between 1 and 2% among african-americans that is a
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worst since 1988 except for barry gold water. he doesn't support the civil rights act. and also a little bit, not quite as bad as john mccain was, but john mccain was going up against president obama who became the first african-american president. >> so you have this push back against the idea that clearly he is sensitive to that he is a bigot. and then you've got this pressure coming at him from fellow republicans today including some who have run against him in the past. a lot of ted cruz supporters have had things to say about what his, they say, see as his back tracking on immigration and jeb bush as well.g/xsñ and rivals say he will come pri election. and remember donald trump went forcefully after jeb bush and marco rubio for supporting3htan kind of idea of amnesty for being part of the gang of eight.
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saying that undocumented immigrants should get so%@ñ; of illegal or legal status in this country. having him say that today is making many people say that he is basically just adopted jeb bush's plan and jeb bush responded to that flabbergasted and just now on wabc radio. listen up. >> his views are, they seem to be ever changing depending on what crowd he is in front of. sounds like a typical politician where you get in front of one crowd and say one thing and say something else to another crowd that may want to hear a different view. all the things that donald trump railed against he seems to be morphing into. it is kind of disturbing. >> the campaign is not calling this a flip-flop saying he will always uphold0 saying he is changing his language but they are á to call this a flip-flop and refusing to say donald trump changed his position. chris? >> katy tur, thank you very much. now bringing in former chairman of the rnc and msnbc
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contributor. guys, i don't remember a time in modern history where we had this kind of conversation that we heard over the course of just a couple of hours. i mean you've had each candidate calling the other a bigot. openly stating arguments about ray sims, motivation, tactics, hillary clinton accusing donald trump of taking hate groups mainstream. donald trump voicing what a lot of republicans have felt for a long time. that when there's a problem that should be answered with policy. the democrat answer it with charges of racism. i want in the broader politics and where we are as society, michael, i will start with you, what do you make of this? >> i don't like it. i think is very disturbing. it undermines a very importantt argument. we still as a nation need to have all of the questions of race, racism, bigotry, which are very much a part of the american
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fabric. we like to live in this idealic world chris that we sort of got past that because there was a civil rights bill, a voting rights bill. we elected a black man president of the united states. but as we have seen in recent years, the underpinnings of what has really kind of opinion fermenting beneath the surface are still there and still very much a part of the -- of what is going on in everyday life. so when you start throwing around these termsvhq bigot and racist, over something political, to me it takes you down a very important discussion that we need to haveyz when the is real racism and bigotry that needs to be addressed. >> édo&u$an, what do you make of thiärldiscussion some. >> i partially agree with my good/wáí friend, chairman steel. but you have donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot with no evidence and yet here we just listened to hillary clinton's speech where she laid outvt things that donald trump s
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said. people involved in his campaign, his new campaign chairman. the fight he ran. headlines that they ran.@e >> she went a step further. she outlined what she says is a history of racist behavior on his part. went through practices in housing, in employing people in casinos, in the birther movement. mexican immigration. she did a point$@# by point tak down saying this proves, this isn't just my opinion, these are things that prove donald trump is a racist. >> and this gets to the larger point of what i was make. this is amplifies what she was saying in terms of expressing her concern about the tenor and ì(lc% since about february. remember, donald trump, since june 25, 2015, when he announced
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his presidential campaign, he had divisive wlaj language in there. and throughout the year hillary clinton has been making the same arguments about, not just donald trump where she, as you said, outlined and connected him personally to the divisive things, but also very much concerned -- i interviewed her last month, and she is very much concerned about the tenor and tone of donald trump's campaign and what that is doing to american politics. she said, she told me that she thought it was a threat to our democracy and she said it is frightening that someone running for president of the united states wants to show some discord and divisiveness. this isn't just her trying to score political point on donald trump. this is her expressing a real concern for the future of the country. >> trump returned the favor, saying hillary clinton is the bigot. let me play a sound. >> it is time to give the democrats some competition.
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for african-american votes and for hispanic votes. hillary clinton is a bigot. who votes. not as human beings. worthy of a better future. >> but we also know and in bringing up the teleprompter there, michael, a lot of this is driven by his kpu new campaign staff. a lot from kellyanne conway. very smart polster. new poll out from quinnipiac that says 59% of likely voters feel that the way trump speaks plays to bigotry. how does this argument play out for the electorate. >> i think that that is something they need to be very concerned about. to be quite honest about it. i think if you've got a significant majority of americans, some who may even like you or who like to like you or maybe even support you feeling that you're kind of
1:15 pm
playing to this dog whistle, using this dog whistle on race, you do have to correct it. igch1r think is appropriate and overdue toãhave thehrir conversn on the republican side,t1+ the presidential level, and consistent way about how we are going to work with african african-american communities and other communities of color on big issues that are important to them. but it does matter how you say it. it is very important how you frame it and you have to deal with past rhetoric, unfortunately. you can't walk away from that.21 and i think though that the otherkr[ side of that coin is te is some evidence to suggest that when convenient and when opportune, and i know this firsthand as having been a candidate for office, democrats do conveniently play this card, whether hillary clinton going and adopting, effecting a southern draw when talking to black folks, plays the other way. this goes back it my first point about how both parties tend to
1:16 pm
manipulate these questions and issues around race in a way that they think is add vvantageous t them in the moment. i think it undermines the serious argument we need to have, or discussion we need to have. >> gentlemen, we're out of time. important and provocative conversation. michael steele, jonathan capehart, thank you both. we will talk more about this, about the alt-right movement and donald trump. we will speak with the ceo of the anti-defamationégñ( league. and trump went after jeb bush in immigration plans but hisço new approach sounds an awful lot like jeb. and "snl" leslie jones recently took a break from twitter over attackes.a+pc >> what scared me is a gang of people jumping against you for rá is so mean. with the right steps,
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alt-right is short for alternative right. defacto merger between breitbart and thel+k" trump campaign represents a landmark achievement for this group. a fringe element that has effectively taken over the republican party. >> that is hillary clinton with a warning that the06txalt-right taken the republican party over, with donald trump's embrace. how threatening is that tovk÷8 party and what exactly is the alt-right movement? i want to bring in jonathan from
1:21 pm
the adl. this is found owned fighting hate. you study hate. you understand hate. pour people not familiar with this term, that is often just used within political circles, what is alt-right? >> so alt-right is short for alternative right. it is a movement of radical extremists who are not conservative. they areñ#?< what you might cal x conservative or fundamentalist conservative. they base their ideology on white supremecy. these are valid racist, anti-semmites, anti-immigrants. they believe there is a conspiracy against white identity perpetrated by not just the left but by conservatives as well. they are quite dangerous. >> some people pushed back on that and said it isp push everybody into -- who is in the alt-right movement into this racist category. is it fair? >> well, look, the same people that have this ideology were burning crosses 40 years ago. m.á ing crosses 40 years ago.
1:22 pm
twitter but we see the same anti-semitism, bigotry, and racism that characterized the extreme right for decades. >> so trump pushed back hard on his personal association with the hate groups. his campaign saying that no candidate can choose who supports him. he has not in any way endorse these folks. but let me play for you, if we have some sound, what a lot of people criticized from donald trump dating back to earlier this year. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want him vote. >> so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. i don't know anything about you are talking about with white supremacy or white supremacist. i don't know. >> what did you think when you heard that this is. >> i remember when this came up during the campaign. know there is anyo america who doesn't know who yo david duke is, to be perfectly frank with pu. i think this is a real problem
1:23 pm
and extremists and ideology penetrating the mainstream. let's be clear about one thing.s there are folk in the preside presidential campaign on both sides who have racism. paul ryan came out but it has been troubling to see these ideas mainstream and energized during season. >> i want to lookcqz at this in broader context. i don't remember in a president bl campaign maybe dating back to 1963 in george wallace when we have heard the issue of race and racism discussed in dwight this way. george wallace for people who may not remember and evowed segregation and not drawing a parallel to cdidate here but these kind of conversations that so directly involve hate. i don't know, have we? have we had these kinds of conversation since then? as you/z>vz said b
1:24 pm
been tracking these foçñer a b hundred years. to be perfectly honest with you, we thought we had marginalized these voices. but i think there are two things happening today that brought out to mainstream. number one is social media. so these folks who are on the fringes now find way to connect with the4ih(ñ country. >> a lot of it is done on-line, right? >> a lot is doneahí[ñon-line. they have gone after journalists and press on-line. we see hatred with journalistes who they identify as jewish using echo symbols that is a very troubling phenomenon. second thing that is alarming is their language and rhetoric has found its way into the mainstream. anti-immigrant discussion. anti-muslim discussion. means like six-pointed star which you might remember. that literally can -- >> another controversy involving donald trump. >> it literally came from a user on social media and suddenly became a topic of conversation. >> so if you are an employee or
1:25 pm
anybody who thought that well not racism was dead and now the thought/]cú we had come furthern we maybe have, from the time of george wallace, what do you do about it? >>r whether in social media ory:a+ public scare or op-ed pages or everywhere we canlçíu making su everyone knows that racism is real. anti-simmism is real. and if you don't work for what you have earned over decades, we will lose it. this is a reminder to all of us that no matter what political party you belong to, to focus on fighting hate. >> jonathan greenblat, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> after the break, incredible video of a store collapsing during wednesday's tornado in indian. if can you believe it, everyone survived. but the damage today is extensive. plus, frantic hunt for survivors continues in italy. 42 hours of that massive earthquake. more than 200 people already pulled from the rubble.
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welcome back. hillary clinton says the country is at a moment of wreckoning where we must denounce paranoia. trump telling a rally in new hampshire she is accusing supporters quote of being rat racist, which we're not. he says it is the oldest play if the democratic play book. a tornado truck a town in indiana yesterday afternoon. clean-up is now the focus. buildings were lifted off their foundations pf tens of thousands
1:30 pm
are without power. news surrounding ryan lochte doesn't pair to be going away. olympic swimmer will be summoned to brazil to testify before a judge following claims of being robbed at gunpoint in rio. lochte later admitted swroefr exaggerating his story. police in brazil closed the case but0 recommending prosecutors take it up. lochte is currently in the u.s. if he doesn't show up at the hearing the brazilian officials say the process will continue without him. >> 14 people killed at the university in afghanistan in kabul.?ñ attackers sent off a car bomb grenade and shot automatic weapons during nearly ten-hour long siege. around 160 students and staff rescued by a special police unit. officials there saying the two suspected gunmen were killed np no americans were killed or injured but so far no claim of responsibility. and in italy a race against time to find survivors of wednesday's earth dwak. 250 people are are now dead but.
1:31 pm
after beingmjfc&led from the rubble. this is all happening as aftershocks continue to rattle the central part of that wsl!yrrñ one rescue involved a 10-year-old girl. she was stuck upside down in a collapsed building for more than 17 hours.a. >>. [ applause ] >>óm rescue teams found her ear this morning. it is believed hundreds more like her are buried across several towns. now the worst damage is in the town of amatrice=blf about 100 h of rome. ñ where we november. i'm sure this is an energizing moment for rescue crewes who must be exhausted. where are they now and where are they focussing their energy? >> chris, the focus is still here on amatrice. there is another nearby town that was very hard hit by the
1:32 pm
earthquake. authorities have called off the search and rescue.û operations. all ice, all energy, all focus is right here on this area. there is a hotel in the center of town that has collapsed in the aftermath of that earthquake and the rescue officials believe there still could be people trapped underneath. there are still people missing and unaccounted for. that is why they are not getting up despite the fact that time is running out. obviously we are nowm(.? more t 40 hours into theb gy aftermath this quake survival is getting increasingly difficult. one of the things that local officials say is hey back in 2009 when the other devastating earthquake took place in that region, one man survived for more than 72 hours. they are not losing hope. they are continuing with these efforts. the big focus now is going to be what will happen to all those folks who have lost their homes. where are they going.
1:33 pm
they do now have the gear they need. but the bigger issue is aftershocks more than 460 of them since wednesday. we had one hours ago, 4.2
1:34 pm
magnitude. ground shook. buildings rumbling. we didn't know where to run. holding on to one another. terrified. you can understand what the staff must be feel wling when t are in the most dangerous part of the area. some of the residents i have spoke to said they are pretty happy with the support they are getting in terms of blankets and food and clothing in the immediate short term.÷ they are concerned what happens when the camera crews go home, rescue workers go home. what happens in theñólong-term. chris? >> lucy kavanof in amatrice, italy. coming up, bush's former communications director will join us. >> his views will change based on thez;f.ñ feedback he gets fr crowd or you know what he thinks he has to do.
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i don't know what to believe. this is all game. he doesn't -- his views will change based on the feedback he gets from a crowd or, you know, what he thinks he has to do. éoñ political to6w do it, that's w politicians do in this country. that's what trump is trying to do right now. i find it abhorrent. >> trump's apparently giving new ammunition to one time opponents.#q]? cruz saying, i told you so. the man you worked for a year ago, jeb bush, saying trump will
1:39 pm
leave voters feeling betrayed. >> it isn definitely a betrayal of donald trump supporters and i think that's the point that jeb was getting across and you know, i miss that guy. i think he nailed it in that interview. on the intro, the big lie of donald trump's whole campaign and you know, i've talked to you about this as long as a year ago, chris is this idea that he is a truth-teller or saying when a really thinks, when that was never the case. what he always does is he says what he thinks people want him to say. and so in the primary, i think dealing with riled,>u÷ crowds ad immigration and doing it in a w>d way that is inexcusable. now in the general trying to change his view and it skrust won't work. >> a lot of people say that the plan he talked about with hannity, working with noncriminal undocument etl÷v, rr
1:40 pm
what we heard from jeb bush -- >> that sounded familiar with you, huh chris? >> as someone on the campaign trail for many months, yes it was echoing it. but why not say, i'm a republican, this is the leader of my party chosen by a strong majority vote of republicans. he is starting to sound like someone i can get on board with% >> he is not the heard of the party. he is)y/i full of it. just making it up as he goes along. here is the thing, senator from nebraska wrote a post about a m ago that said we don't have to accept fundamentally dishonest leaders. in fact it is incumbent upon us to not accept fundamentally dishonest leader. unfortunately we are stuck here in 2016 with two fundamentally dishonest people as nominees of the party of both parties. so it is an unfortunate j([ situation. but we don't have to get on
1:41 pm
board with somebody because now he is saying when a wants to hear. he has demonstratedor time he is a liar and conspiracy theorist. >> is he in your mind a racist or at the very least someone you believe is courting the alt-right groups? >> the latter i think for sure. and just so disturbing to me to have+q to sit and watch hillary clinton's speech here as i wait to come on. because we should never have put her in the situation to give hillary clinton has been exposed by national news outlets over the last week of putting herself and her own political interest before the national security of the country. she lied about her e-mails. this should be a campaign on the merits where hillary clinton's trust is called in to question and i think is one we would havn won with not just jeb but a bunch of other republicans and we are stuck now and we have to ek+ru&y i think condemn donald
1:42 pm
trump and the alt-right who are are a bunch of insecure and hateful individuals that must be condemned. i think the only silver lining can i see from the speech is racists out hate will nwbm. get any closer to victory than now because there will be a landslide victory in november. th outspoken as jeb bush and others. ifitt an opportunity fight0vt us. and like i said, i sure&ywish earlier in the year we could have stopped donald trump and8 lot of republicans out there doing it and of course i wish would he have had more, but i think this is a fight and we will have more. >> still to come, chelseaeíh÷ clinton plans to stay ont
1:43 pm
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a few words on then)0 teleprompter won't change that. he says he wants to make america great again but more and more it
1:47 pm
seems as though his real message seems to be, make america hate again. >> more than half the meetings hillary clinton took as secretary of state with people outside government were clinton foundation donors.w >> donald trump and hillary clinton taking what is a different tone on the campaign trail today. joining me now in;. studio is phillip, political reporter with the washington post. in manchester where donald trump just spoke, political reporter with the boston globe, thanks so much for)]-( stopping in. phil, let me start with you. i thought that donald trump was very much on message. reading what was written on the tell propteprompter when going hoint. going point by point over what that story had to say about donors and access. now we're! conversations that the clintons
1:48 pm
were going to move away from it, chelsea clinton for example will stay as part of the clinton foundation.s some questions about other sort of clinton activities within the foundation. where does this go? >> that's a good question. part of the answer is we don't knowhat the missing pieces are particularly from that ap report. we don't know when money was given. we don't know when meetings were taken. >> is the best way to address this to be very clear and very separate and what hillary clinton was doing if she becomes the president of the united states? >> i think that they have been as clear as you -- as they can be which is that they would wined down what will happen obviously we get calls now for them to do that sooner rather than later. i think that the recurring problem she will have with the clinton foundation is the same up withes with e-mails and constantly something new coming out for she has to respond. i think that is a challenge.
1:49 pm
there will still be more coming out on the foundation and more on the e-mails. that makes it hard for her to put it in the past. i don't know that anything she has about the foundation after 2017 will settle that because something else about the foundation will come out in a couple ofç weeks. especially some people are suggesting well this is the gift that hillary clinton because it gives her a way to pivotgkñ=ñ a from her own problems and hit donald trump on the issues of whether or not there are racist tendencies by him and his campaign. >> in a way he did pick the base from hillary clinton responding directly to her speech. i will say the good
1:50 pm
of this speech in new hampshire was him responding to hillary. however, if you look at it in totality, much of the speech was owe vice rating her. in a critical moment in this campaign. he add very bad august. she add very bad week. he is starting to bring back some poll numbers in a couple of states. but obviously looks like it is her campaign to lose. her campaign to lose. looks like we are in the moment
1:51 pm
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the website hacko is currently vichbt gated by the department of homeland security according to officiales. jones personal accounts were hacked with what appeared to be new photos of the actress on that website along with pictures of her driver's license and passport. she had been the target of internet harassment just last
1:56 pm
month from abreitbart who encouraged remarks at the actress that forced her to quit twitter. they banned her and jones returned. now we have this hack which isn't just meant to embarrass her but when you put information like addresses it is a personal threat. now mary who covered the 2016 rio games with me a couple weeks ago, you spent a lot of time there with leslie jones. she has been in the middle of this and i wonder without violating any confidentiality, did you have conversations about this with her? and have you been around public figures long enough to know what this kind of thing can do to somebody. >> you know, chris, we were in london together for the olympics there four years ago. here is gabby douglas. 16 years old. unbelievable gymnast. doing these remarkable things.
1:57 pm
everyone is celebrating her except morons on the internet saying that they don't like her black hair. she was confused. she said, they don't like my hair? now go back to rio just a couple of weeks ago. here is good old gabby. again doing remarkable things. she gets in trouble all over the internet because when the american flag went up she didn't put her hand over her heart. are you kidding me? this is -- it is not only racist, it is sexist. and you know, i just got to meet leslie over in rio. i got to spend time with her. all she want do is make people smile. all she wants to do is make people laugh. she was over there, full of joy, full of wonder. really enjoying herself. what has happened to her is dangerous. it is mean-spirited. it is hateful. it is creepy. she's a grown-up. she will probably know what to do with this. but again, the young kids that gut bullied. i'm convinced, chris, that most
1:58 pm
problems in the history of planet earth have been caused by bullies and to see it happen heing to someone i consider a friend, again, she knows what to do with it. i'm heart broken by the fact she has to you go through this nonsense. >> she created a hashtag to support gabby with what she went through in rio. i should disclose fully i have known gabby douglas and her mom and family for at least five years now. i find them to be extraordinary people. i'm a huge admirer of gabby douglas. so i'm just going to go out there. and this kid is strong. i mean, she is doing what they do and anybody who reaches the olympic level, as you well know, what they've had to sacrifice. and then to be the target like this, to me -- >> exactly. >> -- there's no explanation for it but hate. but trying to pull somebody down who has been up there. leslie jones, achieved this
1:59 pm
great personal success. rip her apart. gabby douglas, not just becoming a gold medallist in london but what very few gymnasts have done, comes back with another gold medal, let's rip her down. >> that's exactly right. four years ago, i think she was genuinely confused by what happened to her gabby. and then four years old, not surprised that a 20-year-old has to be hardened by that. the fact that human beings act this way. and it is terrible. just a terrible thing. i don't know how it gets better. i really hope that leslie and gabby and everybody else who is a victim of this stuff, again, knows that these are just cowards. the power of cowards that can tear people down. >> and good to know the state department of homeland security is looking into it and we are very aware of the impact of
2:00 pm
cyber bullying. because folks, celebrities, no matter how famous they are, no matter how many accomplishments or gold medals they have, they are people too. their families are people too. they hurt too. mary, thanks for coming on me. >> even i stand with leslie. >> and i stand with her and gabby. i'm chris jansing. "mtp daily" starts now. >> next thursday, gop future in flux. >> tonight, hillary clinton on the attack, accusing donald trump of a steady stream of bigotry. >> donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> trump pushes back. >> they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> plus, will trump supporters stand behind his stunning flip-flop


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