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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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2 days to election day. donald trump is fighting back against claims that immigration policy keeps changing. here is what he said in an interview last night after filled had him and his campaign on immigration. >> my stance is strong. no amnesty, no legalization. we're going to build a wall. it's going to be a tremendous, powerful wall. day one we'll get gang members and drug dealers and all of the ople that have illegally crossed and have been in our country, we'll get them out very, very very fast. we're going to stop certain people, criminal elements from coming in. we shall see what we shall see. >> tim kaine following up on his attacks by linking him to white supremacists. here is what he said in a campaign stop in florida yesterday. >> donald trump was the main guy
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behind scurrilous and i would say bigoted notion that president obama wasn't even born in this value. ku klux klan values, david duke, donald trump are not american values, not our values. >> kaine will be more complaining in florida. hillary clinton is off the trail. pence is in virginia for a rally. let's go to the exclusive interview with the doctor who somewhat controversial said donald trump would be the healthies doctor ever. kasie hunt. this is interesting. tell us what he said. >> reporter: it was interesting. long, low week, hillary clinton and donald trump trading accusations of bigotry. there's also rumors about hillary clinton's health and her medical condition. now there's questions about donald trump's bill of health. everything americans know about donald trump's health was
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written in five minutes. >> took five minutes to sit at the desk and write a letter while the driver waited. >> this is the letter from donald trump's doctor for three decades. the 70-year-old republican nominee would be, quote, healthie individual ever elected. bornstein telling nbc news, tried to get it down as fast as possible. >> reporter: the latest twist in a residential campaign that many voters on both side thinks, well, stink. >> garbage. >> rotten eggs. >> trump back and forth on immigration. >> certainly a softening, no path to legalization unless they leave the country. >> reporter: hillary clinton shrugged off questions about whether her family's foundation is a conflict of interest. >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by outside forces. >> reporter: instead changing the subject to race and bigotry putting money behind this tv ads. >> i've always had a great
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relationship with the blacks. >> what the hell do you have to lose. >> reporter: trump firing back on fox news. >> gets worse and worse. all she wants to do is get the votes of the african-americans and hispanics. >> reporter: bags ground friday, again, trying to reach out to hispanics. >> doing very, very well with latinos. >> the question, whether trump can win over new voters without alienating conservatives who have gotten him this far. of course trump, as you said, heading back to iowa for a fundraiser at the state fair. hillary clinton in new york. she's got that intelligence briefing later today. >> she does. we'll get more from you later. thanks very much, kasie hunt. >> good to see you. >> you, too. donald trump is not bking dow on hillary clinton's recordith black voters. in a new interview trump says clinton is simply pandering for votes. here it is. >> all she wants to do is get the votes of african-americans and hispanics, get the votes and then she'll say i'll see you in
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four more years because they are doing such a poor job in terms of education, crime, jobs. you look at jobs, jobs are a disaster. it is a very, very sad things. they want their votes and they will never hear from them again. >> let's bring in jacob rascone. after all this debate and outreach to black voters, why do you think donald trump is heading to a state that is 91% white in iowa. >> that is a major criticism to direct appeal of minority voters. over the last year and a half he's gotten mostly to suburban areas, mostly white, with the exception of mississippi, of course. couple of things, first, campaign manager asked about his schedule a couple days ago. she should what he's been doing this week and last week, those stops scheduled weeks in advance. she says after labor day you'll he'll have a different looking schedule and he'll visit more urban areas in line with appeal
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to minority voters. the second thing to remember about iowa, the polls show it is tied here. of course, it has gone to a democrat the last couple of elections. most -- all but one over the last 30 years or so. to be tied in iowa, donald trump wants to come here and make his messagknown. one anecdote. i was yesterday getting my haircut. the barber was for donald trump but said his wife was for hillary clinton. he said that's very usual in iowa. he wants to get that edge here. >> that is very interesting. when you think about iowa, i think about when donald trump arrived in his donald trump plane. he was giving rides to kids. i think he's going to be doing motorcycle riding. a campaign there, former chris christie adviser to his staff, what can we read into that? >> reporter: sure. the governor chris christie was asked about this yesterday and he didn't want to comment on that. he was asked specifically if he
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had any foreknowledge of this, was asked about it. he said, no, we trust the trump campaign to do what the trump campaign will do. he's going to be dealing a lot with the national director talking about polling specifically. this is a person, though, we know was involved. the connection is not quite clear. in that bridgegate scandal when cristie sort of separated himself from him during that, it's very interesting to see that addition to the trump team we'll see going forward how much of an issue the bridgegate scandal ends up becoming. >> all right. nbc's jacob rascone, thank you for that. joining me associate editor of the hill and gabby, political reporter of the washington examiner. a welcome to you both. begin with you, ladies first, gabby. is there any validity to trump's attacks on clinton's record with black voters. is there room for improvement on her part? >> when president obama took
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off office, registry slipped, number of african-americans that live below poverty line has grown and race relations haven't gotten better. it is appropriate for donald trump to be out there talking to voters and asking african-american voters especially to perhaps reconsider the policies they have endorsed through voting for president obama in 2012. it is also time for democrats to look inward and reassess some of the policies they have been pushing. i think there's a chance for dialogue to happen with both parties about the change that can be brought to the african-american community through different policies and approach. >> tim kaine assume the role of taking the lead on attacking donald trump. i want to play again a bit of what he said. >> ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values, they are not our values, and we've got to do all we can to fight to push back and win to say that
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we're still about heading towards that north star that we set out so long ago. >> and then trump's national policy director responded saying this. here is the quote. it's the lies and cynicism of hillary clinton and tim kaine versus the hope and optimism of donald j. trump and mike pence. what do you make of this strategy from the clinton campaign? >> i think the clinton campaign is best or most effective when it actually uses donald trump's own words against them. quite frankly, he's given them a fair amount of material to work with there. not just on racial matters but across the board and a lot of controversies. nonetheless, i think what tim kaine said is clearly an attempt to suggest donald trump is emerging from this toxic stew, at right, trying to connect him to the kkk even. that really is to my mind an appeal to white voters who may
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not be that ideological, just saying this guy is really beyond the bounds of acceptability. >> what do you think is the trump campaign's logic to going back to this issue all the time. it's got their own issues dealing with it. >> i think donald trump is down in battle ground states among african-american voters significantly. for him to be reaching out to minorities, it also introduces a change in republican party structure and outreach. republicans have traditionally focused on white voters, not college educated voters. they have not reached out to communities of color and hispanics. he's trying to introduce change in that regard. >> with the exception of the 2000 race which george w. bush did very well with the hispanic population there. niall, your latest article talks about clinton burying trump with tv ads in an effort to kill his campaign.
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is this work instagram do you think trump is ever going to have a response here as a result? >> he's trying to respond. he is on the air with national advertising. before it happened, before he spent a dollar, hillary clinton spent $60 million. when one includes super pacs for candidates, the disparity is greater. i think it's working to a large extent especially when you look at state level polls. it would appear in battleground states, many of them, at least, hillary clinton's advantage is bigger than it is nationally. that would suggest that the tv ads which are obviously focused on those states are, indeed, having some kind of effect. >> and gabby, you talk about the trump campaign finally turning things around and hitting hillary clinton where it hurts. any sense of timing being too little too late? >> that's the million dollar question. also, you know, whether or not he's going to stick to this
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pivot. his previous pattern suggests last two weeks and find himself at the center of controversy once more. right now donald trump in interviews, he's expressed willingness to stay on message. his campaign manager kellyanne tethered him to teleprompter at campaign rallies and he has a lot of material to work with with the new developments regarding clpt foundation and hillary clinton's e-mails. so i think this is an opportunity for him going into september when many voters will start to pay attention to the issues and to the candidates and begin to assess whether they do feel whether hillary clinton or donald trump should be commander in chief. this is the best time to stick to his message. we'll see if it lasts. >> what is your best guess he will do that, i'll take kellyanne's advice and stick to teleprompters. >> based on interviews and what he's said recently in this last week span with kellyanne conway
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and steve bannon heading his campaign i think donald trump does make a pivot that is permanent. >> okay. niall, i know you talked about clinton's healthy advantage in the polls especially hard fought states like virginia and colorado, do you think it's too late for trump to catch up at this point? >> it's never too late, you know, alex. at the same time those deficits in the state you mentioned are now at double digits. that's a big deficit for anyone to come back from at this stage. all of that said there is the possibility of a november surprise. hillary clinton does have vulnerabilities, never say never but it is an uphill climb. >> do you think it hinges on something happening with the clinton campaign for a november surprise as opposed to donald trump making inroads to overtake her. >> he can make inroads but something extraordinary has to happen to knock hillary clinton off track. right now the gap between the two is just too great.
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>> okay. good to see you guys. appreciate it. let's get to weather headlines in the midwest, certainly major concern as torrential rain inundated the city. in indianapolis flooded streets and intersections trapped several drivers. just remember, everyone, a foot of water can float many vehicles. joining me now nbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. we're keeping an eye on this. >> we've been watching this 99-l. frustrating for meteorologists. we've seen models frukt wait. quite a journey. tropical storm gaston forecast to be hurricane. brand-new invest as of late last night. 91-l tropical disturbance in mexico. those aren't expected to form but bringing about thunderstorms
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along gulf coast for example. this the one we're watching most 99-l. the next name will be hermine. we may still see that. information for the 8:00 advisory and looking at no changes from 2:00 a.m. this morning. only a mere 20%, a low chance in the next 48 hours we'll see this low pressure system turn into something tropical. we don't have circulation. hurricane hunters canceled their mission for today because of that. the wind shear, warm water temperatures coming together to see something in the gulf. we'll be watching it as we go into sunday and monday. regardless this is a rainmaker for florida and unfortunately for areas along the gulf coast that really don't need the wet weather. future development, keep in mind watching for rainfall. we're seeing it right now all the way through lafayette and into lake charles, louisiana, where we don't want to see it.
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dry in florida but the rain will pick up. we could even see up to five inches in parts of florida. that's without a name and even if the storm stays in the gulf. just a lot of tropical moisture enhancement. >> what's in a name there. thank you so much bonnie schneider. former iraq war champion to the list of neo-cons who say they may vote for hillary clinton. we'll take a look what's behind this thinking. ♪ ♪ alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive they're going to hold on to everything the disease steals away.
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for clinton. bring in editor of the atlantic. first of all wolfowitz, how much of a surprise is this to you? >> not a surprise at all. hillary clinton is known to be the kind of potential national security president comfortable sbrvening in national security issues and that's where neo-conservatives are on a more conservative tilt on that line. that's not surprising. there will be others like robert kagan of the ilk that will support hillary. what's interesting, those that continue to support trump. some say never trump, nemp hillary. more and more diversity particularly those on national security side lining up against hillary. >> that's got to be interesting in the coffee break room. do you think we'll see more
5:20 am
traditional republican right abandon donald trump? there's been a number of neo-cons jumps to hillary clinton. >> not only neo-cons but james glassman head of george w. bush institute and under-secretary of state for public diplomacy, a hard in the wool, dyed in the wood conservative, not neo-conservative, but very solidly out for hillary clinton. i hate to put it in this term, but those people who think deeply about national security and equities involved on the republican side are increasingly saying what they are seeing come from donald trump is too uncomfortable for them. they are either deciding to not vote for anyone or line up behind her. >> add to the list secretary of state armitage, he's on that list. >> definitely not a neo-conservative. >> exactly. do you think hillary clinton really wants an endorsement from
5:21 am
wolfowitz? do you think that might hurt her either to attract progressive wing of the democratic party? >> no, i think hillary clinton is a big tent-type leader. as doris concerns go-- kerns goodman wrote she will bring a tent of rivals. she wants people to come together and wrestle with each other. i actually don't think -- despite wolfowitz's controversy over iraq, i don't think she's going to reject that kind of support as long as it's a thinking person's gesture, not quid pro. >> speaking of thinking person, your article on the biden doctrine. you spoke with him, wrote about his foreign policy contribution. tell me what impact do you think the vice president has had on the country's foreign policy? >> i wrote this piece because joe biden is very much part of
5:22 am
the obama/biden national machinery and he's not given a lot of spotlight on that. i've been with him and looked at patterns and i think he's played an important role. as he said to me, he gets the stuff that has to be dealt with every day. when lou at joe biden readout, poroshenko of ukraine, prime minister of iraq, prime minister abe, he has nearly daily contact with these leaders. he's carrying the lemons of foreign policy. he's not going to win the nobel peace prize for what he's doing but husbanding it for years. that's a vital part of the foreign policy game. it's not all glamor. joe biden has been moving along and tending not glamorous things. he just went off to turkey to try to deal and under ravel deal with erdogan and turkey. >> a lot you write on based on
5:23 am
personal relationships when it comes to foreign policy. he gets that. >> you can say kissinger thought that way, nixon thought that way. joe biden knocks it up a notch. i've never seen anyone who thought as deeply about the bandwidth of leader and what they can do and can't do. thug or friend, joe biden has taken it to the art of a science, if you will, that there's something much more deep about the personal connections. not just because somebody is going to come along and do something against their country's interest but it gives them leverage that a lot of other players don't have it. interestingly, it's not a strategy barack obama uses. it's one of the really interesting contrasts between the vice president and the president. as i write, it's one of the things hillary clinton were to win or donald trump, that dimension of dealing with foreign leaders at a time when the world is fragile, doubting american power is going to be something they are going to have to acquire one way or another.
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>> we'll see you again soon. thank you so much for this chat. one of the greatest players reacting to the mother of a chicago mother gunned down while pushing her baby in a stroller. it is someone he knows very well. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them inur subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. my eyelove is making ♪"allsomething unexpected.ays my eyelove is girls' night out. my eyelove is the september issue. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the half hour now, here are some stories developing this hour we're monitoring. the latest satellite imagery of the disturbance in the caribbean. it's still moving west northwest and could become a tropical depression in the next day or so. means south florida could get heavy rain and flash flooding lash this weekend.
5:31 am
events in italy, death toll for the earthquake is 290. once again a series of aftershocks, strongest measuring 4.2. italy observing a day of mourning, which includes a state funeral for some of the victims. italy's prime minister and president are attending. a story at home, arrest in mississippi in the shocking murder of two nuns. they were found brutally stabbed to death at their home after they didn't show up to work at the clinic. it happened in the small town of durant. charles, good morning to you, right in front of that house where the tragedy took place. tell us about the man who has now been charged with those murders. >> reporter: hi, alex. police arrested 46-year-old rodney earl sanders of
5:32 am
kosciusko, 20 miles from durant. it happened in the house behind me. he's been charged with two counts of capital murder in the death of sister margaret held and sister paula merrill, two catholic nuns who lived in the area last 20 years or so. not only lived here but served here as well. they were nurse practitioners. basically the only medical people in the entire county. this is holmes county, one of the poorest counties in the entire nation. certainly the poorest county in mississippi. their loss here will be felt by many. here what is a lot of people had to say, a typical example. >> they were the most beautiful women that have ever drawn a breath into their bodies. >> shocking is not a good term. we are devastated. it's a small, sleepy community. >> as we said, they were nurse practitioners at the town of lexington. a lot of people knew them. a lot of the poor and indigent people would go to them for
5:33 am
help. they would administer medicines and shots for people various times throughout the year. a lot of people come to them for help. not unusual for them to take in the homeless in the home here behind me to help people get bag on their feet. the fact this man has been identified as a drifter in the area. he possibly new the sisters and he possibly knew them as well. memorial mass in lexington at the church where the nuns attended and also diocese of jackson, cathedral there. on monday a separate service will be held. >> something else that these two wonderful women were credited with, we heard from a pharmacist who said they would often pick up the cost for people's medicines. they were extraordinary women and certainly didn't deserve this. >> certainly were. one other anecdote, the care taker of the house said this community doesn't yet know what it has lost in these two women. they heard the call to come and
5:34 am
help years ago and they fear now no one will be here to help poor and indigent with health care. >> the whole thing is heartbreaking. thank you very much charles hadlock. murder in some parts of chicago is sadly becoming so common it barely draws a headline. one yesterday is catching attention for a couple of reasons. the victim a 32-year-old cuss in of nba superstar dwyane wade. nykea aldridge was just an innocent bystander when she was shot dead while pushing her baby in a stroller near an elementary school. poli say t mother of four was walking with a man when two other men approached and shots rang out. >> she was just leaving the school, walking down the street. as she was walking down the street some type of altercation occurred that did not involve her. shots were fired during this altercation. aldridge was shot in the head and arm. the baby fortunately not hurt. police say they were questioning one of the males who fired a
5:35 am
shot. wade released a statement on twitter and said my cousin was killed in chicago, another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. #enoughisenough. well, with politics now republican presidential candidate donald trump again lashing out at democrat and what he says are their policies towards minorities in this country. >> i can tell you they have done and she has done a terrible job for african-americans. you look at their numbers, what's going on statistically, 40% in poverty, 58% of african-american youth can't get jobs. it's a terrible job she has done, terrible job the democrats have done. they have run inner cities for years and look what you have. they are like war zones. in many cases war zones. in many cases worse than war zones. >> let's bring in reverend william barber, president of naacp, national chair of naacp
5:36 am
legislative pac. good to speak with you again. thank you for joining me on saturday morning. >> i'm so glad to be with you here today. >> reverend, let's talk about your reactions to donald trump. have democrats ignored minorities in this country. >> donald trump is engaging in such a revisionist history. when you know the history, alt-right, nothing but in carnation of nixon southern strategy. with when kevin phillips said when you find out who hates who, we can make the republican party the party of whites, democrat party the party of blacks in the south. we can turn them against each other, use coded language. remember strom thurmond led democrats into the republican party. the goal was this southern strategy. what donald trump is doing is actually misreading history. because every since '68, in actuality extremists in the republican party have been against the kinds of policies that would uplift
5:37 am
african-american communities. they have been chief obstruction. donald trump came to north carolina, talked about election, didn't say anything about a state and governor engaged in intentional governor suppression andntentional racism. when you claim to be the party of lincoln but your policies are totally different than the policies of lincoln. when you fight against health care, when you fight against living waynes, knowing that 54% of african-american make less than a living wage and 64 million americans make less than a living wage. when you fight against public education and push voucher programs that create more resegregation and high poverty schools. when you don't talk about the fact that there are 8 million more poor white million than african-americans and 97% of the counties that have the poorest counties are in so-called red stat states. he's trying to engage in
5:38 am
revisionist history. it's wrong and systemic classism and racism. >> you've certainly given lots of evidence to support your theory there. let me ask you about the democratic party in general and hillary clinton attached to it. have they done enough to support the african-american community, minority community in general. is there any concern they are taking the vote for granted. >> you know, that's a great question, alex. the reality is african-americans have had to be among the most sophisticated voters. the reality is we've had to challenge both parties. that has been our history. when you look at a preponderance of the evidence, particularly stabbing white southern strategy and continuing in carnation of it, what you can see is that the republican party in general has been more of an obstructionist. who has led the effort to suppress the vote? they have. who has tried to fight to restore voting rights act and
5:39 am
fight against voter suppression? it has been democratic party. no party is perfect. all people in america know that. that is why not only do you vote for people but you have to push them. but preponderance of the evidence is that the republican party, and particularly this extreme element that trump is representing have been the chief obstructionists to advancement in civil rights, advancement in voting rights, advance mens in health care, advancements in living wages, advancement in criminal justice reform. for the most part african-americans and democratic party have tried to work in that regard. let me say this, what he in essence is saying that african-americans are gullible, which is a deep insult, especially to black women. the highest voting ethnic group in this country are black women. so what trump is saying is paternalistic and subtle racism and not so subtle racism that we are gullible.
5:40 am
think what he's saying to mostly all white audiences in the south. he wasn't talking to african-americans or reaching out, engaging in old type of dog whistle politics in the 21st century. >> do you get any sense that members in your community still have an open mind, that their vote is still malleable, they are not quite certain where they are going, or do you think minds around you are made up? in other words, for hillary clinton to lose the african-american vote it would have to be -- >> our people are open minded about policy. we've always had to be. even when we've voted for democrats, have down through history, it's always based on policy not just personality. black people are open to this. where do you stand on fully funding public education and rending resegregation and high poverty schools? what kind of policies do you support that will engage and
5:41 am
bring economic justice that will lift the poor out of poverty through living wages? where do you stand on health care? all over this country, the governments and legislatures blocking medicaid reform are doing it in a state where six out of ten black folks liver. hurting african-americans. but they are also hurting whites. in my state 346,000 people who would benefit from medicaid expansion are white. it's an old play, an attempt to split black and white people. it's an old play. where are you on criminal justice reform, immigration rights, where are you on protecting an expanding voting rights? ask donald trump, where is he on restoration of voting rights act in a period of time we have seen the worst attacks on voting rights since jim crow. that's what african-americans look at. not just party but policy. racism is not so much -- systemic racism is not what's in
5:42 am
your heart but in the heart of your policies. we look at the preponderance of the evidence and that's how we make a judgment and that's why african-americans have tended to support democrats particularly since '60, '68 and all because of the policies. donald trump is wrong on policy. >> reverend william barber, it's always a thoughtful conversation you bring to the broadcast. thank you so much. >> thank you. donald trump met twice in the last week, what has he accomplished, i'll speak with coordinator for rnc. coming up, angry voicemail left by paul dupage that led to calls for his resignation. that story live. [announcer] is it a force of nature?
5:43 am
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5:46 am
influence in america finds there are currently 27 million u.s. hispanics who are or will be eligible to vote in this election, making up 12% of the total u.s. electorate. hispanics favoring el cajon, donald trump's statements on deportation and immigration have raised concerns in the hispanic community. let's bring her in, outreach coordinator during 2012 election. it's good to speak with you. you've written comprehensive-based article on the reason why this is the worst election of your life. why did you title it that way? how are you feeling? >> well, you know, i think the headline says it all. as you say, i'm a republican operative, i've been in republican politics my entire life, worked on three republican presidential campaigns.
5:47 am
i'm the undecided voter. i'm one of the people i once courted. a lot to do with the tone and rhetoric on both sides, republican and democrat. i feel very uncomfortable with the things donald trump has said and his careless remarks on women, hispanics, minorities, immigrants, refugees and myself as a mom, a woman, a first generation american who is the proud daughter of mexican immigrant and political refugee. a lot of things make me uncomfortable. i think it's clear from the polling i'm not the only person who feels this way. there's a lot of disaffected republicans who aren't happy with the tone of the campaign. and i'm optimistic. i'm a republican. i'm not going to support hillary clinton. but what i do want to see a change in the trump campaign, i want him to reach out to people that look like me and do work to reach out to these communities. i know it started but there's a
5:48 am
lot more work to be done. >> you say not only are you uncomfortable, you're physically uncomfortable. that's making a statement there. yet you say you won't vote for hillary clinton. does that mean you are going to vote for donald trump? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think that was the point of the article. in the article i clearly laid out my concerns. hillary clinton is not an option for me. i think there's limited options on what i'm going to do with trump but he has to earn my vote. just because i'm a republican doesn't mean i have to vote for the republican nominee. i'm hoping the trump campaign will do more things to earn my vote. i don't like his statements. i don't like how he's attacked republican leaders. i don't like the things he has done. i think it's clear -- i've gotten a lot of support since i've written the article from other people who reached out to me. like i mentioned, polling kind of reflects this. there's some polling that shows he's only getting 72% of
5:49 am
republican women. he's doing really badly with minority groups, hispanics, affirms, asian voters. talking from michigan where in the poll from the detroit press, he was only getting less than 2% of african-american voters in this state. that is a problem for him and something he needs to correct. >> i still am so curious about you. you are a republican operative. you are the first hispanic outreach to go out there and try to court hispanic voters. >> i wasn't the first. i will say the republican party has had a long history of doing this. >> in this one community. so i'm looking at you as a voter. someone who really has been involved. are you, then, considering either a vote for gary johnson or a vote for dr. jill stein or abstaining from voting? i think that last part would be really hard for you. >> i don't vote -- i'm not going to vote for jill stein.
5:50 am
i think there's limited options. i want to vote for a republican. i really do. i need trump to earn my vote. i think that i am someone, as you mentioned, that has dedicate add lot of my life to reaching out to minority voters. it is a sad fact that half of this country eligible voters do not vote. half of hispanic voters do not vote. this election is making it really hard to engage those people on all sides because they are seeing nasty rhetoric from republicans and democrats, the name calling. every day they are going to be less likely to vote. i think we need a campaign that's really focused on policy. it's focused on positive vision for this country. i think there's millions of voters who feel like me that right now we're standing in the sidelines and it's up to the candidates do engage us and make sure we go out and vote. right now it is a very frustrating experience. >> i can imagine. it's clearly something you're communicating here. thank you so much.
5:51 am
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hillary clinton's speech on the alt-right rounded out a week of racially charged attacks she exchanged with donald trump. here is part of it. >> a fringe element that has effectively taken over the republican party. the paranoid fringe now calls it's self alt-right. there's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics. a lot of it arising from racial resentment but it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national mega phone until now. >> senior adviser joins me now, vp for bipartisan policy center. good to see you, robert. before i get to the clinton
5:55 am
speech. you heard my earlier conversation with reverend barber. he's a clinton supporter. he said democratic party far better for african-americans. you're a republican. do you agree? >> i agree with 99% of what the reverend said. 0.01, arguably african-americans are the most sophisticated voters the country has seen. they do -- we have a choice, independent or libertarian folks out there. when you take a look at the juxtaposition of the positions donald trump has taken over the last year and a half arnold hillary clinton has taken over the last year and a half i could make the argument a lot of folks would lean towards hillary clinton. not because she's right on the issue but at least substantive on the issue, at least a vision on the issues. last time i checked, i actually went to donald trump's website and i can't find anything as relates to child welfare reform or raise in minimum wage or
5:56 am
talking about an agenda in the inner city. i can't find that. >> some of those things reverend barber was talking about when he was making his strong push there. independent that. can i ask you quickly about hillary clinton's speech with regard to the attacks from donald trump against her. did she go too far by connecting him to white supremacists? >> well, i don't think so. the reason why. let's go back for a second. alt-right that a part of. i've been watching it for months. very strong opinions about african-americans, women, jews and so forth. i've looked a couple of months ago and i remember seeing the star of david emblem on alt-right websites and that's e eerily similar. donald trump has pushed back on david duke but embraced some stuff, dog whistle politics. i'm not saying donald trump is
5:57 am
part of alt-right movement but i will say donald trump hasn't pushed away from alt-right movement which, again, sends a mixed signal that he's flirting with them. even flirting with them at this stage is very, very dangerous. >> do you think this speech may have long-term damage for donald trump? >> i think so. i think it's one of the best speeches hillary clinton has given in her career. notice that was given in reno, nevada, which is a swing state. hillary clinton people are sophisticated. they know the data. it was in front of a huge american flag. also, red and white behind the backdrop and she was wearing blue and reading from a teleprompter. i expect we will see this in a campaign commercial over the next couple of days. >> you're right on that. good to see you. that's a wrap of this hour of "msnbc live." maine governor dupage apologizing for a fiery phone call. i'm alex witt, i look forward to seeing you again on "msnbc
5:58 am
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