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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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fit's sunday, it's neat press. "meet the press" . good afternoon, i'm sheinelle jones in new york. 3:00 on the east coast and noon out west. just days after donald trump signalled a surprising shift on his immigration policy, running mate mike pence says that policy remains unchanged. >> let's be very clear. nothing has changed about donald trump's position. on dealing with illegal immigration, we're going to secure the border. we're going to build a wall. have a physical barrier. we're going to enforce the laws of this country in san ry ware cities. implement everify but there will be no path to citizen or legalization unless people leave the country. >> jacob, still more questions
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than answers with what exactly trump's immigration policy is at this point. today pence said we can expect a rollout in the next few weeks. what kind of discussions are going on within the campaign? >> so as we go through the interviews today from the campaign. you have mike pence, kellyanne conway. and chris christie, a big surrogate. they all have similar lines on one thing. they say trump has been consistent the entire time but if you listen closely they are talking about no amnesty. no path to citizenship. however when pressed repeatedly on the issue of non criminal undocumented immigrants all three did not have an answer. in fact a couple of them said well you are going to have to wait for what trump says in his immigration speech. we do expect a speech from mr. trump in the next couple of wee weeks, where we expect him to spell out what change if any there is on that policy. we do expect as the campaign manager put it, a softening at least on the issue of deporting all 11 million or so
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undocumented immigrants, instead of just those who are here who are criminals or who have a criminal record. >> and i have do ask. trump continued outreach to minority voters but how was the message received by a primarily white audience. >> it was received well. but as you point out there were almost no african american voters there. they were there in the crowd. we looked for them. we found one who said he was pleased with the message. throughout the last week and a half as misi he's been giving this scripted speech we've asked minority voters their take. i met an independent voter on the fence he wanted to show up in person to see if he thought the minority outreach was genuine and that person was still undecided when he left. so we have yet to see if there is a change. though the campaign does say and we keep repeats this they do
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plan to campaign to make stops in urban areas to take that pitch directly to those voters. >> more on that in the hours ahead. jacob rascon, thank you. for more on trump's position on emigration, we're joined by: good afternoon to all of you. both governor and reince priebus are saying doctor we hear trump's refined positions in the coming week. in the beginning you remember immigration was such a defining campaign issue. do you think they are trying to get away from the topic? what is the deal? >> i think what's happening is it donald trump is realizing that this issue like many facing our nation is a complex issue that has many nuances. and just saying that we're going to deport 12 plus million people from our country is not a policy
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precipitation. it may be a policy. but the devil is always in the detail. and i think donald trump has realized that there are many issues related to this issue that have to be considered about families, about people that are here working and contributing to society. and he's trying to make a play of course for those swing states like north carolina, florida, nevada, colorado that have significant hispanic and other immigrant populations. and i think he's realizing that he has to modify his positions but also keep his base supporters with him through the election. >> pence, priebus and christie all used one very specific word. take a listen. >> his position is going to be tough, his position is going to be fair. but his position is going to be humane. >> we are going to get those breaking the law out of country as quickly as possible to make sure then that you deal with
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people in humane way. >> we will have a mechanism more dealing with people in this country that you heard the word humanely again. it is going to be fair. it is going to be tough. >> by presenting his position as, quote, humane, who are they trying to appeal to here? >> they are trying to appeal to an insignificant and non existent slice of white voters who are supposedly going to be convinced now that the moderating donald trump is not a dangerous demagogue. and i want to be candid about this. donald trump's position that he wants to build a wall and that he wants to create a force to remove illegal aliens from the united states is a completely legitimate position that many republicans have. the idea that now he's going to try to convince people that that plan is less draconian by giving us details makes no sense and from a campaign standpoint, above and beyond a policy standpoint this just makes him look like a flip-flopper to his own voters. he ought to just absolutely lean into who he's said all along and
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continue with it. because he's not going to convince anybody he's got different strategies or different plans. it is not going work for anybody. >> according to a march survey of republican whose did not support trump, look at these numbers. 56% favored a border wall. 64% favored legal status. and only 25% supported a national deportation effort. so can the campaign move enough if you will on this issue to attract more moderate republican support? >> maybe two, three people. here the problem. no matter what donald trump says now there is tons of sound of him saying hateful device things. there is far more sound of him saying this towards immigrants than there is of this new softening that's only withbeen around for ten seconds. even if he chooses to completely make a 360 and go against what his most ardent supporters want,
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then if i'm the hillary clinton campaign i'm playing all that sound that is far more consistent with the position he's held the longest period of time. so that is going to be his big problem. the other issue he has when you look at his outreach to the immigrant community or people of emigrated into this country whether legally or illegally. you have his actions. at one of his rallies a young indian american supporter was removed from that rally. forcibly removed. he then went on tv and said he's not going to continue to support donald trump. when you have those types of things the otherization of these very communities treating them differently as if they can't even be your supporters because they don't look like most of your supporters, that doesn't help your cause either. >> i feel your passion so the good thing is we're going talk again this hour. stay with us. and we'll check in later in the hour. donald trump's running mate
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mike pence defending a tweet over dwayne wade's cousin. >> look, donald trump has a plain spoken way about him. and the tragedy of a mother pushing her child on the streets of clique chicago, being shot and killed. >> and one of trump's leading supporters in the african american community how this controversy could effect his outreach to himinorities. and now weighing in in o colin kaepernick's decision to sit before the national anthem before a game. and the history of athletes standing up against what they see as a social injustice.
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turning to terrifying message in the sky. a plane forced to make an emergency landing after losing parts of its engine midair. >> the left engine. souls on board are 99. >> oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. passengers described hearing an explosion and tweeted photos of the damaged engine. >> i looked back and it was gone. i just saw metal flapping. >> i thought it was a terrorist attack. because it was that loud, explosion and everyone started freaking out and screaming. we were definitely grateful that we were still safe and watched over and we had good pilots. >> none of the 99 passengers and five crew on board were injured. passengers were given full refunds as well as $500
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vouchers. and a tropical disturbance could spell trouble for the gulf this week. the system now has an 80% chance of becoming a storm over the next five days. nbc meteorologist bonny snyder has more. how serious is the risk? >> well absolutely we are seeing rain working across florida with an 80% risk of becoming a tropical depression or storm. possibly hermine with the next five days. ine in terms of intensity we'll have to watch very closely but we are anticipating at least six inches for south florida. the path still certain. one to watch for sure. and tropical depression 8 formed right here in the atlantic. it is still 105 miles southeast of cape hatteras but also likely to work close enough to land to have an impact. possibly brushing the outer
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banks. we so you would wind and rain and slowly expect to it strengthen working its way east. in the meantime another tropical area bringing heavy down pours to southeast louisiana and even rain. you can make out the rotation really trying to get organized there. it is just a matter of time i think before we have a named storm with this one. >> bonny schneider, thank you. in just eleven stay days the nfl season begins. the san francisco 49ers are dealing with a controversy, beyond deciding who will start the first game. colin kaepernick says he will now not stand for the national anthem. one fan burned his jersey after the announcement. and joining me now: we've just met for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a conference and now we meet again to talk football. how are you? >> i'm doing all right. how about you? >> colin said he's doing this to
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protest the treatment of people with color. and he's not bothered by the financial effect. he says quote if they take football away, my endorsements from me, i know that i stood up for what is right. the 49ers say in respecting such principles of freedom of liberty and expression we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate or not. starting with the fans, how serious is this to them? >> it depends on which fan it is you are talking about. there is fan whose believe there is ab affront to not just the united states but for those in particular who died to make this country free. they see this as offensive to the military. and sports has wedded to the military in the last in a way where it's understandable people have done down this line. and there are also people who troelt him in a lot of ways and applaud him in the stance he's taken. >> let me read some reaction.
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tiki barbertweeted he's using his brand to do something that is right even if it is met with iron. and another activists changed usa for better to to associate the national anthem with military. stand up. find another way. what doourngs the buzz is from current and form eerer eer play >> it depends again who you were talking to. we've seen some tasteless things who were opposed to what kaepernick. this isn't going to be about player versus non player on this. this seems to be splitting very much so on a line of race and also political orientation that there is a left versus right of this. but the race fissure in this one is pretty strong.
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>> you mentioned the political piece. let's lkhat. this is nlt the first time. in fact coming off the olympics, many remember the moment back in 1968, tommy smith and john carlos giving the black power salute. and more recently at the espys this summer. they used the platform to call for non violence. is it fair to put what kaepernick is doing in the same category? and is there a chance that others will join him? >> i think it is unfair to kaepernick to put what he did in the same category as the other guys. because there was great care taken in the espys not to offend. i work for disney. the refgs is not going start with the mouse. you are not going to ask the walt disney company can we talk on your program and than say something particularly stride. that is now o how the game works. this was a pretty strident opposition to racism and the oppression of black and brown people in the united states.
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that is totally different with what you have in carmelo and those guys. if you want to go back to the 1960s i looked at a video clip of muhammad ali basically saying the same thing as colin kaepernick. i have this money and this level of success. but it would be selfish not to use this platform. so the stand is not what he did with the national anthem. he had done this for a while and nobody even noticed. --. how he felt and the fact he said this may cause me everything and i'm willing do that. that part was the stand. the rest of it. if he had never noticed it wouldn't have been a thing. it became a thing really because of the way he expressed himself in defending his position. >> and no question i felt like we're just warming up on this one. twitter was sploezed. but aw for talking to me. thank you for talking to me. republicans in certain
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a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at with donald trump continuing to trail hillary clinton in recent polls there are growing concerns amongst new republicans that trump will have a negative effect on down ballot races and the anti-trump group free the delegates will soon be broadcasting this ad in swing states urging trump to drop out of the race. >> number one, i'm not a masochist. and if i was dropping in the polls where i saw that i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? >> i believe in polls. you know, how many elections do you see where the polls were wrong? not that many. you see them, but not that many. if i were doing poorly. if i saw myself going down --
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>> joining me snow the former deputy press secretary for nt gingrich. andrew it is highly unlikely that trump would drop out no matter the polls. so what do ads like that really hope to achieve. >> good question. i didn't put the ad on the air so i think you would have to talk to them. but the bigger point is that every now is planning for a trump loss in november. and i think the biggest secret in washington is that every one of the campaign organizations. every one of the campaigns in a swing state is trying to figure out not how do they -- but when. so it is going to take place. these campaigns and party organizations include the rnc are all figuring out what they have to do to draw enough separation between them and donald trump to reduce the number of down ballot losses we face. >> on that note you were one of the 123 republicans who called for the gop to shift its funds to down ballot races.
12:24 pm
does trump's recent flip-flopping on immigration increase your concerns? >> oh i think this is the flailing of a -- not a drowning man but a submerged man. these are the last gaffes of the campaign. i expect they will continue and i expect he'll continue to take additional steps his new advisors are giving him to appear more moderate. at the end of the day you have 98% of the vote who are have made up their minds. you have him in behind in pretty much every swing state. and history has shown the polls don't shift that much at this point in time. the people looking at this from a macro perspective t "new york times" and 538 and others are giving him between a 10 and 15% chance, maybe a little more. but at the end of the day that to us is why it is so important to quickly move resources from the trump campaign, which is done to down ballot races where they can still do good.
12:25 pm
>> on that note, john mccain and marco rubio are expected to easily fend off their primary challenges. >> there have been some really interesting candidates out there. mike kaufman in colorado has done a great ad which basically said i don't like donald trump. and i don't like hillary clinton either. and you need to elect someone like me who will be an independent voice to you who will stand up to hillary and for that matter stand up to trump. and that is the kind of triangulation that we should be seeing now from candidates who want to draw some separation from a historically unpopular republican nominee. and as the election gets closer i think we're likely to see even more explicit ads saying don't give hill ray blank czech. we're already seeing that language in e-mail fundraisers from paul ryan and others and i think that is going to continue to become more visible as the campaign moves on. >> with that said i'll end with. no matter the outcome, what do
12:26 pm
you think the gop needs to do then post trump? >> well, this is going to be the single biggest challenge facing our party, possibly since it was created. the gop now is completely lost. and it's divided. and you have people fleeing the party every day because we ended up with a nominee who is so anat ma to so many of the principles the party was founded on. after the election the gop is going to have to do some serious soul searching and i'm hopeful with the right people engaged in the process and the total repudiation of trump and far right supporters that we can rebailed republican party which is open and inclusive and based on personal liberty and small government and a robust defense and international policy. the question is whether or not the party apparatus is going to be ready to have that honest and incredibly difficult conversation after the election. >> that is the million dollar
12:27 pm
question. and we'll be following it. andrew weinstein, thank you. >> my pleasure. donald trump spent the week making a direct pitch to african american voters. but there is one flow many are noticing about his recent outreach. those voters are largely missing from the crowds. i'll ask people leading the effort about the uphill battle he's facing. plus. >> she's done politics for a very long time. there is a lot of things she's had her hands? >> what else is she not saying? >> he's a bully and a loud mouth. >> he has no filter. that he's always gottenis way. >> a panel of voters weigh in on their opinion of the major weakness for donald trump and hillary clinton. what they say each candidate needs to work on, next. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here.
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dwayne wade's cousin. a mother of four was gunned down while pushing a stroller friday. the two suspects have been identified as dash win srwin so jr. and his brother darren to. two have criminal records. >> this was about b just noth worthy because of a famous family member. it is note worthy because that two offenders are repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot. >> two united airlines pilots have been arrested after officials say they were allegedly intoxicated as they prepare to fly from scotland to new jersey. the men were taken into custody as they were making their way to the cockpit. the flight which was headed to newark was delayed for 10 hours as the airline waited for replacement pilots.
12:32 pm
both men are due in court tomorrow. >> political polls have consistently reflected high negatives for both donald trump and hillary clinton. according to the latest quinnipiac poll, trump's unfavorae rating is 61% compared to clinton's 53%. now to get some insight behind the numbers. researchers at the university of pennsylvania sat down with a group of wisconsin voters whoa have supported both a republican and a democratic presidential candidate in the last 16 years. here they were asked to weigh in on each candidate's major weakness startling with hillary clinton. >> still so much els that's been given a lot of media attention which hasn't been addressed appropriately like the e-mail server and benghazi. i don't really now how she could restore her trust on those issues. >> i also think it's to do with
12:33 pm
like what is she covering up still? >> like this is just one thing that's come out years after it happened. she's been in poll fix tar very long time. there's a lot of things she's had her hands? >> what else is she not say sthg. >> also no filter. he just says whatever comes to mind and that could end up burning us as a country in the long run. i know that he has advisers, but he currently has advisors that he doesn't listen to and then fires them. so i don't trust somebody who doesn't listen to his advisors if those are supposed to be the people who are giving him advice. >> he has to understand that this isn't a boardroom. everything he has says as a candidate for the american presidency is taken and it can be construed thousand ways. whatever he says in a boardroom of board of directors stays in the boardroom and handles business and economics. but everything he says as the president is going to be seen in a different light. >> he's a bully and a loud
12:34 pm
mouth. but at least you know that's what he is. so the unfiltered. i'm not saying i like it or i agree with it. but what you see is what you get. >> just blurting out the other day that hillary was a bigot. it was like, why would you say that? maybe she is. i don't know. but on national television as a person running for the presidency, that is just not what you do. >> and so what did it tell you when he blurts out hillary clinton's a bigot? >> it tells me that he has no filter. that he's always gotten his way. he can say anything he wants to do b, he can do anything he wants to do and he's never had to have a filter before. >> republican vice presidential nominee mike pence doubled down that hillary clinton is a bigot today by accusing her of casting her supporters in the same light. >> she's put some sort of racist intention on those americans. i think that's deeply offensive.
12:35 pm
>> joining us now is cleveland pastor darrell scott helping lead trump's outreach to minorities. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> i want to play a little of what trump lad to say in iowa just yesterday and get your thoughts. take a listen. >> now is the time to put a new agenda into action that expands opportunity, ensures equality. and that protects the rights of each and every citizen including african american citizens we have to help, we have to stop the crime. we have to stop the bad education. we have to help with housing. we have to solve our inner city problems and we will. i will fix it. >> trump says he can fix it. specifically how is he planning do that? >> well i've had this confirmation with donald trump. over a year ago. and we talked about the plight of inner city urban america. he talked objeabout providing t
12:36 pm
incentives to stimulate the economy of the inner city. to business owners or entrepreneurs. something about common core, doing away with common core. repairing america's crumbling infrastructure, which will provide jobs. and a number of other sentives that he has. we have several projects that we've discussed. we've had projects dealing with restoring exfelons back into the workforce and, you know, getting them back reacclimated to society. we have another of other programs that we've discussed that are in the process of being fine tuned. so he definitely has a plan, among other plans. trump wants to be a benefit to all americans, not just one particular segment of society. he's not going exclude any segments of society that might have some special or exten uting circumstances. >> the critics are saying look trump is making this appeal to
12:37 pm
african american votes to white audiences argue he hasn't been to the inner cities. has he come to visit your church, for example? >> no. but he will. >> you can see what i saying. if you are in his circle and you are talking to him. how can he look at across at you and not even stop by to visit some of your members? >> i haven't invited him. if i invite him he will come. first of all trump never speaks to one audience. whenever he speaks, everything he say, if h hiccups,s the going to be national news. however, you know, you have to remember mr. trump tried to go. he went to chicago this a rally. and it was a very hostile environment. there were riots outside. and to be honest the rioters bragged about shutting his -- >> but this would be your territory though. this would be your church so obviously your members are going to listen to you. could you in this moment say
12:38 pm
donald trump i want you to come? >> my members wouldn't be the ones protesting. but what i'm saying is for him to just go to any african american community, you know, sometimes if you sense in advance that there is going to be hostility there, why would you walk into a hostile environment which can prevent you from getting your message across. >> well he's going president of the united states. >> you have people there trying to grandstand. those that would try to grandstand. if he has a -- he's getting criticized for that. you have people that try to grandstand or disrupt or prevent him from getting his message across. listen. he's got some african american churches, mine included on his schedule that are upcoming. one of the reasons i don't want to announce is because they are going to do the press release but -- in very, very near future he's going in african american church asks utilizing african american platforms and tayloring the message to an african american audience. i promise you that. in the very near future. >> trump also has the support of former kkk leader david duke.
12:39 pm
tell me this, as a pastor, how do you reconcile that with his attempt to gain the support of african americans. you just say kkk and it gives people goose bumps. it is scary frankly. i think a lot of people see you as an african american man a pastor and are thinking what is he thinking? >> when you say support. support for me implies help. he's not receiving help. he doesn't have participation in his campaign from this david duke, whatever the guy's name is. however, we fail to neglect hillary clinton's past kkk connections. with bird. we fail to promote this guy -- has endorsed her as well. americans are americans. they are going to vote for who they want to vote for. they are going to be vocal for their support if they choose. when you say he has the support of the ku klux klan he doesn't have the support in the sense he's engaging their help.
12:40 pm
they are white supremacists and white nationalists but it sure took barack a bam a long time to disavow the black. >> -- people don't have to agree but it can be healthy to have the discussion and hear each other's point of view. >> absolutely right. thank you for talking to me this afternoon. >> thank you. >> for mor of trump's efforts to appeal to minority voters. let's talk about it. shall bedig in guys? my goodness. tara, let's say that you are advising donald trump. what would you tell him he has to do medical record to really resonate with the african american community? >> well, if you want me to be very candid at this point. >> i'm trump.
12:41 pm
i'm donald trump. look at me. what would you tell me? i'm. >> i'm not in the business of advising donald trump but if i were to do it i would tell him to stop being condescending towards the african american community. to stop patieinting the african american community with one broad brush. >> is he going to churchings? >> that's a problem. he's had here the pastors on board quite a while. so you are saying you don't want to go to chicago because you are afraid for your life. first of all he's had protests had gone -- gotten pretty ugly in cities where there are no black people. and he said the university of chicago, actually university of chicago is not -- there is a small black population at that institution. so that is something that should be corrected but with respect to donald trump i would tell him to stop acting as if all black people are takers, doing poorly. we make contributions to this country. and approximate he wants to really appeal to black people, which i don't think he does. but if he did i would say that
12:42 pm
you want to respect and first of all learn about the black community. learn about our culture, our history, our contributions to this country. and then speak. ask us what matters to us. and then speak. >> let's listen to some of what e had to say yesterday. take listen. >> almost 40% of african american children are living in poverty, abject poverty. including 45% of children under the age of 6. in detroit, half of its residents do not work. >> jason, what have you found in your reporting. how is trump's message being received by black voters? >> they don't care. here is the thing but it is not just black people. specifically black republicans. the thing i keep pointing out is chris christie, john john kasich, ted cruz, jeb bush, there are plenty of republicans
12:43 pm
that do well with african americans. 10, 15% of their own states. donald trump is at zero. david duke is polling better with black people in louisiana than trump is national. first i would say stop using people like pastor darrell scott. if you can't even go visit the church of your own surrogate you clearly have no interest this talking to african american voters. he needs to lean in, work harder and i would go to places like north carolina and ohio and say give me all the voting i need because i need to turn out white voters because i'm not going the get any black and brown once. >> we all know trump rose to political prominence by questioning whether the first african american president was really an american. and has continuing to question that even half president obama released his long-term birth certificate. and also suggesting obama's
12:44 pm
transcripts. what if he addresses that in order to reach out? does he have to do something like that as opposed to just talk then, you know, take an issue and address it and say, you know, what? i don't know i don't think he's going apologize for it or take it back but what do you think? >> well tone and rhetoric do matter. absolutely sheinelle. and i think what would be for the remaining day of the campaign and donald trump and the campaign to really pivot one not sow much on policy but on rhetoric. including to be a little more humble. and that is to go into communities that really are desperate for help but to listen and to hear what people have to say what their concerns are, what they want from a president going forward, rather than going in there with one size fits all. both opinion, rhetoric and solutions. i think if -- if the trump campaign were to do that and to take that tone, of would have been listening of being a little more humble, one of humility, to go into various communities around our country, to hear what
12:45 pm
the challenges are. i think you would see a change in the campaign and in the rhetoric surrounding this whole election cycle. >> there is some time. thank you all for talking with me this afternoon. up next more mixed messages on immigration. how much does he risk turning off his core base of supporters? and my colleague richard lui will have more on how donald trump is prepare trg his first debate with hillary clinton and the unusual approach the campaign is taking in debate prep. hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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12:49 pm
do wha do they mean. >> i suppose he means we're not going to round people up in the mill of t middle of the night and deport they will. but that seemed to be his position earlier on in the campaign during the primarily. >> i want to show an event from february in clinton. take a look. >> i'm scared because of the deportation. i'm scared for -- >> come here, i'm going to do everything i can so you don't have to be scared. and you don't have to worry about what happens. >> how damaging will these types of clips be to donald trump and what can he do to counter it if he's claiming or proclaiming that his immigration policy is indeed fair or humane. >> one of the things is because they touch the emotion and most
12:50 pm
people don't think things through first. they are reached through heart that is through emotion. and the democrats have been better at story. the only way to counter is have your own story. the only debate in this donald trump and hardening and softening is when he tried to soften, his core base wouldn't let him. so he's backtracked on that. so he has no opportunity to expand. but the way to do it is to tell stories on the other side is how immigration hurts people. he's tried to do that showing some sanctuary cities and some victims of illegal immigrants who are here who are criminals. you can certainly do that. but he also needs to talk about, you know, the jobs and economic opportunities that he claims that are lost due to immigration. so it's the lack of story telling that's really hurt donald trump. >> well, we have 72 days now until election day, so if you are sitting at the table with donald trump, what is your biggest concern about his immigration position? and is that how you think he should handle it?
12:51 pm
>> well, his immigration position isn't my position. he had a very hard position, unworkable position through the primary. and then, you know, he seemed to change it during the -- or try to change it. actually seemed to change it right there on the fly in the interview with sean hannity with the town hall. and then remarkably sort of polled the audience on what he should do. some people give him credit for that, others criticized him. and i think rightly so because it seems that after all this time donald trump doesn't really have a nailed down policy on immigration. we saw something in writing that was basically the jeff sessions plan of immigration, which was a good plan. but his own words contradict it. >> we'll have to see what happens in the days and weeks ahead. rick tyler, thank you for talking with us this afternoon. >> thank you. great to be here. up next, crews have begun clearing rubble after the town left in ruins after massive earthquake in italy. investigators now searching to
12:52 pm
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bulldozers are starting to clear the damage in italy's quake-devastated town of amatrice after last week's earthquake killed 290 people and left three towns in ruin. now italian authorities plan to investigate whether negligence in building codes contributed to the high death toll. nbc's lucy kavanof has the latest on that, louis si. >> sheinelle, good afternoon. authorities are looking into launching possible investigations, possible criminal and even homicide prosecutions for whether folks took shortcuts in building up their homes, for example using more sand than cement. essentially using shoddy construction. whether they were responsible criminally for the deaths that took place, but right now the focus is still on recovery. as you mentioned heavy bulldozers were removing
12:56 pm
materials from amatrice, one of the most hard hit areas. they are still recovering bodies but of course nobody's been found alive since wednesday now. so the hopes are all but gone for finding people still holding out there underneath the rubble. now, today we took quite some time to visit certain off limits areas. for example, a neighborhood -- a small village that was completely flattened in the quake, this is a so-called red zone. the reason they callt that is it's quite dangerous for anyone to be there. it's a mountain top small hamlet. if a powerful aftershock hits, this area could get completely destroyed. but firefighters today were taking the risk to bring a few people back to their homes to retrieve their most intimate possessions. they were then escorting them back down the mountain. they allowed our cameras to go through to the more dangerous parts to take a look at the rubble. i have to tell you it was a post-apocalyptic scene. no building, almost except one or two structures left standing. hard to imagine how people could have survived in that kind of
12:57 pm
environment. a very difficult day indeed, sheinelle. >> you think about all the families involved, it's just heartbreaking. nbc's lucy kafanov, thank you. that does it for me this hour. my colleague richard lui picks up our coverage next hour for the latest on the back and forth over donald trump's immigration plan. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit...
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a very good sunday afternoon to you. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york. the defining issue for the republican presidential nominee is being redefined, or so it seems to many. yet more details could be coming down over the next two weeks on immigration, says donald trump's running mate mike pence. but for now he says nothing's changed. >>- about donald trump's position. dealing with illegal immigration, we're going to secure the border, build a wall,


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