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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you were here through the today show where me. you were not living it up but hillary clinton was. how much money did she raise? >> quite a bit, $11.5 million over the weekend. she had raised 21 million in 72 hours out west. this is really the period of time where they are try to go ba trying to bank as much as possible. >> she still has way more than she does. >> she had about 20 million more in the bank. keep in mind, donald trump, we are not clear how much he might put in the campaign himself. she has to make surehe banks all of this now while she still has the chance. >> and in addition to the tweet about dwayne wade's cousin he tweeted, challenging her, we want new information. we within the a new report. what is this all about?
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>> it is his doctor telling nbc that he wrote that medical letter saying that donald trump would be the healthiest person ever elected in the presidency. it spark add new back and forth. neither one have released adds much as they typically do. we knew a lot more about john mccain's health in 2008 than we do now about heez two. hillary clinton has put out a three-page letter. it walks through some of her history. they don't feel the need to expand on that unless they get what they call a legitimate record from dtonald trump. >> you can get a teddy bear that sings happy birthday to you from his web site. they are saying that five minute report saying he is the most excellent human president ever on that galaxy, they want a different doctor? >> it is much less than what we knew about john mccain in 2008.
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>> well, this battle is going to continue i have a feeling. >> how many days do you have left? >> at least 70 plus days. one of the nation's busiest airports trying to get back on track. false reports of gunfire at lax sent passengers running onto the tarmac. we are following this story for you. he is live at lax right now. what exactly happened? >> reporter: operations are back to normal here but certainly after a scary night. just before 9:00 p.m. there were multiple reports of shots fired in different terminals. thousands ran to the street. they tried to get to safety. the lapd say that was reports simply of a loud noise that was mistaken for gunshots. it shut down the airport. it was very chaotic. for passengers it was also very
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frightening. he was here at lax. he landed shortly after this incident began to unfold. here is what he had to report live. >> i heard shots fired or active shooter, run. people didn't know what to do. they threw us in a car and drove us to the remote part of the airport. my mind went to a, this is real or we are seeing a repeat. >> reporter: he is referring to an incident at j.f.k. and police swept throughout this airport. they deemed it was not a threat. again, it was more than an hour later there were some 300 delays here including some cancellations and flight diversions. simply a mess last night. operations are slowly returning to normal. it will be a long day.
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back to you. >> thank you. staying in the air with you, two pilots in court in scotland after they were arrested over the weekend for allegedly trying to fly a plane under the influence of alcohol. it was delayed for almost 10 hours until the airline was able to find a replacement crew. they have not released the blood-alcohol level of the two pilots. a storm system could make the fight against zika even more difficult. it is expected to make land fall in the next few days and is supposed to hit north of the zika outbreak. they are asking them to have an emergency plan ready. carrie sanders is following the story for us. if miami gets more flooding it means standing water whach. what could it mean for zika?
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>> reporter: it is sort of a never ending flight in florida. some will just dodge the rain because it is kind of hit and miss on a weather day like we are having. that rainwater collects in some of the oddest places, not only in puddles on the street, all of these places mosquitos can breed. the governor is in the naples area encouraging people to call your county. nay have found none found but they are stressing everybody has to get involved. it is move up the west coast up into north florida. there has been one case in the st. petersburg area. everybody needs to participate.
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this is a never ending batting, literally keeping it is what everybody has to do. you can't just rely on the government to solve this problem! thank you. i want to bring in this storm about to hit florida. i know you're watching two systems here. are they going effect florida? >> right now it is kind of sandwiched in between. this is tropical depression 8. this is the one we have been watching all week long. this is the one that will do the little button hook. it will strengthen a little bit and head towards the big bend of florida. so it will be a story in the days ahead. because it's a slow moving system it's not the most organized a lot of heavy rain in a lot of dirfferent areas.
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we could get half a foot of rain in some spots. there will be a lot of standing water. this storm closest tomorrow morning and then it will head out to sea. we will see rain on and off in florida. the worst of it will behursday afternoon. it could be a strong storm by then. up next a major speech and lingering questions about his plan. we'll have more on that next. and later primary palooza. can she hold onto her seat? tim joins me later. stay with us. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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welcome back. we have mike lupica. michael, for the last year donald trump has said all undocumented immigrants, get them out. he was soft. he was hard. sheer what mike pence said yesterday. nothing has chaktalked about do trump's position.
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will will be no fopath to citizenship. >> he also said it's a mechanism and not -- he said it's not a code exactly. they are more like guidelines. why after all of this time does he have to give a major policy speech about something that has within the foundation of his candidacy all along? he is currently polling at 14%. if mike is right he has been playing this dirty harry game what can he do to win them over? >> i don't think he is trying to win them over.
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he is trying to bring in more who don't want to bring in back tactics that were last seen since eisenhower. he said donald trump has not changed his positions, he just changed his words. is that saying it best or worst? it means he basically is trying to put lipstick on a pig. he is trying to make what he believes make it sound prettier so people can feel comfortable pulling that lever. the majority of that actually believe there could be a path for legalization. they don't believe we should be deporting 11 million people living here on average for 15 years. that's where the majority of americans are. donald trump now is try to go pivot like usually happens during a general election away
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from his extreme base into the middle but the words are already out there. his policies are out there. his supporters are already out there. the fact that he has bannon as his campaign manager basically manning his campaign, the one who is basically talking about dog whistle politics and does not like provide ago path way to citizenship says it all. >> all of us who have been criticizing donald trump for flip-flopping he said it's the media's fault. he says the media continue to cut and pace hste his words. >> the media is totally dishonest. they a rigged system trying to deny people the positive change. they take phrases and statements, chop them up, take them out of context. >> do we hold any accountability for the confusing message that we are getting from donald
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trump? >> no. but donald never thinks any of his wounds are self-inflicted. the irony of this campaign is i believe he was sunk. i believe he has never recovered from what happened with mr. khan's speech and his reaction to it. the day he said i was attacked am i not allow today respond? the answer is no. you're not allowed to respond. the hole that he has fallen into started because of a muslim american couple. >> would you agree it was the khan family or way back with the mexican judge? is that where he got hurt the most? >> the moment that you insult a whole generation of americans and call them un-american, that
6:16 am
is where he lost the latino voters. what he is saying is true. he started losing when we started talking about making comments from a woman being a fat pig and so on. when he started making fun of disabled americans, that is unacceptable. my grandmother says you are who your friends are. in this case donald trump is his best friend. that's the only person he will ever take advice from. he is not fit to be president of the united states. what does this translate to? >> and pointing the fringinger the media he says he has grass
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roots passion that we don't realize. they did hold a peaceful rally for him in l.a. is there a grass roots effort we are not talking about enough? >> there are always be folks that will be. does he have the votes? absolutely not. if you look at the fact that nechb pennsylvania where barack obama won by 8% she is holding the lead by over 40%. in areas in states where it was neck to neck, hillary clinton is leading by 4 or 6 percentage points. it is because donald trump has become so costic. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. up next, police arrest two
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(vo) get nfl sunday ticket included at no extra charge. only on directv. welcome back. we begin with chaos overnight. reports of an active shooter at the airport and a total evacuation before police gave the all clear. san francisco kaepernick says he will sit to protest racial injustice in the united states. ortiz being hailed a hero after he pulled a man off of the tracks seconds before a train comes by. and mtv handed out the
6:22 am
annual music awards. queen b stole the show winning eight awards and performing for an epic 15 minutes. if you haven't seen it you definitely should. rihanna also rocked it. the team from new york beat the team from south korea in the little league world series. now for a much more tragic story out in chicago. police arrested two brothers in connection with the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin, aldridge. they say they are gang members who are on parole for numerous crimes. we are live in chicago. blake, it appears this young mother of four, she wasn't even the intended target. >> reporter: yeah. simply a case of being in the
6:23 am
wrong place at the wrong time. it appears she was caught in the cross fire. two brothers were gunning for somebody else when they shot her. she is the cousin of dwayne wade. he tweeted four kids lost their mom for no reason, enough is enough. >> i just want all of this senseless killing to stop. what is it doing to us? it is throwing us day by day. >> both known gang members and both out of jail on parole at the time of the shooting. they are using the case to highlight what is one of the biggest problems here in chicago and that is repeat offenders. i'm told one of these brothers actually had an ankle monitoring
6:24 am
bracelet but he was allowed to be moving around, supposed to be looking for a job. >> wrong place, wrong time. this young woman was registering her child to go to school in a week. i want to stay on it with kathy chaney. kathy, good morning. last week donald trump said this about hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. over the weekend the tragic death of dwayne wade's cousin hours after donald trump sent out -- actually dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed
6:25 am
walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying, african americans will vote trump. it became an almost immediate plea for votes. what's the reaction to that in chicago? >> you know what? it makes no sense what he just said. when you think about what he said about hillary clinton, he is only using black people for coats. he made it about himself. it made absolutely no sense what so ever. >> beyond this tragic death nine other people were killed in chicago this weekend, 50 were shot across the city. donald trump offended so many people saying african americans could get shot. talk to us about what it's actually like there. >> i have been living here all my life. i have had no problems.
6:26 am
i'm not scared to walk down the street. all of the headlines, the a block on the news channels, it says that the city is out of control. that's not what i see even though i'm a reporter and i'm here and i know these things are going on. i love my city. i'm not scare today go od to go street. it's not what i walk through every single day even though it's happening. i don't see it and there are a lot of people who don't see it as well. we are aware. we are not scared to come out of our homes. we are not scare todd to invite other people to come and visit us. sit a different chicago than what's portrayed on the news. i'm not afraid and i don't think other people should be as well. >> do you think this messaging
6:27 am
from donald trump to the african american communities saying don't vote for me, i'll save you? >> absolutely not. he hasn't laid out a clear plan -- he has it laid out a plan period. so until he can do that and we can hear what he is saying and we can digest what he is saying we have nothing to go on. that's for any poll sigs. let us know what -- you have given us no information to try to vote for you. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us this weekend. terrible weekend in chicago. i appreciate you joining us. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. she was forced to resign.
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>> she resigned after leaked e-mailed showed the dnc under mined. with me is tim canova. her spokesperson told us she is reaching out to voters and is uni vailable. the latest polls have her beating you by ten points. she has been popular in the district. a day left. why should voters pick you? >> the polls are only focusing on likely voters. thousands have registered to
6:32 am
democrat. so we have energized the beach. there's a dig difference between us. she has been taking biggest corp. rakes she spawned debate efforts from the lanchest hispanic tv state. she -- >> and i want to talk about you here. do you believe you enough bernie didn't have enough to put him over.
6:33 am
why do you think you will. >> he did not do we have the largest fields operation in the largest of any house cam pin. it. this is what democracy how old look like. has his super pack. it remind he of hafrm. >> among many of your volunteers and supporters you have a big bernie and bernie sanders has endorsed you. is he part of your tam bane? >> reporter: no.
6:34 am
from what i'm reading his has a 5004 it is just and really like our chances a lotd. we have got the crass rofrts ever. >> many had assumed you yauded a lot of questions. many assumed you with in connection. >> he did send out a couple of fundraising e-mails. she takes money and leads the country. she has been pushing the
6:35 am
terrible trade ken and taking sure gar that threatens the audiocassette -- she hides behind her -- >> so you need a hail mary pass, give something in your pocket. if it's not sanders saying this is my boy what do you need to do? ten points is a lot. >> these polls are only -- we are expanding the field. we have thousands of republicans who have reregistered democrat
6:36 am
and they are reports thousands of democrats are. i'll it is terrible tactics. it's not going work. >> good luck. tomorrow is a big day. >> thank you so much. donald trump expected to give a major speech on immigrati immigration. 6 -- whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. will deliver a major speech. mike pence said nothing has changed about trump' position. trump has called for mass depor sags. he said he he will work with and
6:40 am
that he will follow existing laws. arie is here. i keep saying i don't get it. what exactly is he doing? i will need you to break it down for me. we are going to start. he said what people don't know is obama got a tread amount of people out of country. hi did it took. if ch over 2.8 million people h been deported through ice, the immigrations dust inform. we do know there are only about
6:41 am
60,000. however bad you think that is, that is less than the total number of people that obama has already deported. >> all right. let me give you thurm two. over the weekend in donald trump said we are going to build a great wall and institute nationwide e-verify. what can you tell us? >> he will do more of the tough stuf. it is not a silver bullet. if you put aside the money where you raise taxes, you could try to build mart of a wall or a lot of it. this is the part of the flan kbiss, the border security part. zwl except -- we don't have any
6:42 am
indication that the country of mexico would do that. they have strenuously indicated that. and we don't have a good example of any other time in all of world hiful we -- >> this sant big changisn't a b. that is the part he described. yes, you could add to deportations and you could add to the border. you get to the undoks med worker. >> i it's actually been getting a lot of attention. ache that welcome. >> no zit sen ship.
6:43 am
>> they will have to pay tax. there is no amnesty. there's no welcome with them. >> we, amnestydon is twending this morning. how is this different from proposals that we have heard? there is jokes what do they have in common in immigration policy. >> the fairest thing you can say is he doesn't have a standing. i can show you the comparison here. zwl what is dhs? >> >> department of homeland security. when you see 245 we are going to go after criminals.
6:44 am
okay. fine. that's already happening. and this is what's so interesting, the moderate sort of compromised will, you meet them and pay the back taxes. we'll learn more when he gives his final immigration speech. she already doing what is all right being done. >> he is describing where you have some sort of path to citizenship. it is a very different than wheel thought she was rub after. >> all right. next, the trump campaign is continuing to fill questions about hillary clinton's health but after nbc's exclusive
6:45 am
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is that the way you write most of your medical letters? >> no. for mr. trump i wrote that letter. five minutes. while the driver waited. >> for mr. trump, i'd write that letter. that was donald trump's doctor, harold bornstein in an exclusive interview in a letter he wrote on the republican nominee's health. mark murray is following the story for us. all the political headlines for the day. mark, this one has stuck out to me a lot. it is sparking new questions about mr. trump's health as the trump campaign is calling for more information on hillary clinton's health records. how is all of this back and forth, which doesn't seem to be based on much fact, going to really impact anything in
6:49 am
november? >> yes, stephanie, i'm not sure that necessarily there's going to be an american voter out there who says i'm going to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump based on what they released on their medical records, but this does go to the heart of the transparency. it's worth noting that donald trump is 70 years old, hillary clinton is 68 years old and questions about their medical health and their fitness or i think legitimate topics have always been legitimate topics in the past. what set all of this off, though, was donald trump just having a four-paragraph statement from dr. bornstein in which actually declared donald trump would be the fittest and healthiest president ever elected if he ends up winning, which was certainly hoper bollic with not a lot back there. hillary clinton, it should be noted, has only an eight-paragraph letter, although it is a little more detailed that goes into the 2012 health incident she had with a blood clot. so a little bit more specific. but really, when it goes to transparency, stephanie, we really haven't gotten a lot of certainly as much as we have received from past presidential
6:50 am
candidates. >> help us understand that. so by comparison, past candidates give how much information? >> tons of information. certainly much more detailed. in 2012, john mccain, who, you know, certainly was about the same age that donald trump is right now, ended up releasing reams of stuff, had people go through his medical information. it was a big deal at the time. same thing for barack obama in 2008. mitt romney gave much more detailed information in 2012. and so we have seen a situation in which things are getting less transparent and less transparent. >> what's different about this campaign, because it wasn't just donald trump's camp pointing the finger, saying, look at hillary clinton's health, and us saying that's a conspiracy theory. over the weekend, david plouffe, obama's campaign manager said donald trump is a psychopath. and when chuck todd pushed back and said do you have any medical expertise, he said, no, but he is displaying those characteristics. david plouffe isn't a doctor. so from both camps, why are we
6:51 am
hearing these health accusations? >> stephanie, look. political campaigns are rough. and sometimes nasty. i've covered a lot of them. you certainly have, as well. but i will say, i think this one has been nastier than we have seen in the past, in particular with donald trump charging, having unsubstantiated claims about hillary clinton's health and david plouffe saying donald trump is a psychopath and really not qualified as a medical professional. i do think we have the danger of having candidates and surrogates end up making medical diagnoses on the air without anything to back them up. >> well, if tripping while setting -- while walking on to a plane is reason why you shouldn't be something, i might as well lock myself in my house because being klutzy would knock me out. mark, thank you for joining me this morning. >> thanks, stephanie. >> polls in iowa. msnbc's jacob sober off, and a
6:52 am
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. that wraps us up for this monday morning. i'm stephanie rhule. i'll see you at 1:00 p.m. right now, kristen welker has more news. >> happy monday and good morning. it's a big week for the trump campaign on wednesday. in arizona, donald trump will unveil a detailed speech on illegal immigration after a weekend of more muddled messaging. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> what is his position specifically on the undocumented immigrants? >> well, you're going to find out from donald trump very shortly. >> and on saturday, donald trump will go to a black church in detroit, as he continues his minority outreach and depends off criticism for what some say was an insensitive tweet after
6:56 am
the chicago shooting death of the cousin of basketball star, dwyane wade. hillary clinton rolls out a comprehensive plan to address mental illness. a day after one of her high-profile supporters questioned donald trump's mental fitness. >> basically, have a psychopath running for president. he meets the clinical definition. >> and with that, let's bring i
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