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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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edition of "andrea mitchell reports. follow the show online. stephanie wu picks it up next here on msnbc. stephanie? >> thank you so much, ea. you know what we're covering today. were beginning the hour with more breaking news on this big story. long time hillary clinton aide huma abedin just announced she is separating from former congressman anthony weiner after "the new york post" reports of another sext iin ining scandal. appears to be an inappropriate photo of him next to a child and "the post" says is his young son. our nbc reporters are following the reaction from the campaign trail and including donald trump. he's already weighed in, issued a statement in the past hour. and i want to take you first to kirsten welker covering the clinton campaign. you have spoken with a close friend of huma abedin. what did you learn? >> according to this friend of abedin's, steph, she was on long
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island, has been there since saturday with her son jordan, with family members, of course, secretary clinton there, as well. she's been fund-raising throughout the weekend and i am told that this is just by chance. this wasn't some coordinated effort to have her away when this story broke and actually it's pretty typical for her to go to long island with her family this time of year and when secretary clinton is fund-raising or taking a vacation. we are getting a statement from huma abedin about her decision to separate from anthony weiner. she writes, quote, after long and painful korgs and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. during this difficult time, i ask for respect for our privacy. now, of course, this comes amid yet another sexting scandal exposed by "the new york post." we have reached out to former
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congressman anthony weiner. so far, no reaction. this goes back to 2011. of course, that's when he was a member of congress and stepped down amid an initial sexting scandal. then in 2013, he launched the bid for new york mayor and he was actually ahead in the polls for a period of time. seemed like he was doing well. seemed like he was having a political comeback and then yet again another sexting scandal emerged. of course, he found up losing that race, another embarrassing situation for him and his family. huma abedin on the campaign trail with secretary clinton since day one and the time with the secretary clinton goes back further. she was an intern with hillary clinton when she was first lady. then she worked on her senate campaign. then her 2008 presidential campaign. at one point, hillary clinton referring to her as a second daughter. so these two are very close. undoubtedly, very painful time for huma abedin and secretary clinton and as you pointed out
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at the top, this all giving donald trump fodder. steph? >> do we know of insights to stay on the campaign trail? clearly there's a lot of work and travel to do in the next 70 days and they have a young son. >> well, i can tell you, i have been covering this campaign from the very beginning. every day that i have been out on the campaign trail, huma abedin is right by secretary clinton's side and i would be very surprised if that changed, even though this is obviously going to be a very difficult time for her. we're entering what is the home stretch of this race. and so, even if she doesake sometime to herself, i would anticipate that she is going to be there right by secretary clinton's side for the large chunk of the remainder of this race. this is someone who has become a top adviser for hillary clinton. and again, someone who has a very personal relationship with the former secretary of state. so i don't anticipate that we're going to see a big change in her role. >> a challenging campaign, just
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got more difficult. thank you, criteria sten welker. i want to stay on this and bring in tammy leitner. "the new york post" put out this story, clearly a bombshell. can you tell us a little more about it? break it down. >> we know that anthony weiner -- >> look at that. >> admitted what he's calling a friendship with this woman involved in the sexting scandal. according to "the new york post" this started in january 2015 this will in month. numerous fipictures and he saido this woman, someone just climbed into my bed and sent a picture to the woman with what appears to be possibly his 4-year-old son. he admitted to "the new york post" that he has a friendship with this woman for some. asked me not to comment except to say that our conversations were private, often included pictures of her nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate. stephanie? >> we don't know anything more
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about the woman but do we know how "the new york post" got the information? her identity is protected. >> that's right. we do know that she is in her 40s, from the west coast and she is a donald trump supporter. >> how do you know that? >> that's according to "the new york post." >> hmm. interesting. interesting. tammy, giving us a bit on what just broke today from "the new york post." i want to share now donald trump weighing in. katy tur is covering the trump campaign since the beginning. well, though we don't necessarily what he'll say on immigration, having more and more meetings of the policies, he's put out a statement on the marriage. >> they were quick to do this. let's read the statement. he basically said that this is a good thing, huma is making a wise decision. i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him. i only worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing him to have close proximity to classified
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information. that obviously quite a stretch. but donald trump's campaign very quick to weigh in on this. anthony weiner is a subject of ridicule for donald trump now for quite sometime. it was a year ago today that he was at a boston fund-raiser and did not call a fund-raiser at the time and went off on a band calling him a sleazebag of our time. this is something that he has talked about quite a bit on the campaign trail and link huma to him in a way that would mean that she wasn't trustworthy with national secrets. it is what it is from the trump campaign. you're right. we don't have anything on immigration. we know how he feels about anthony weiner're in terms of a stretch, there's no information that anthony weiner ever seen any classified information. correct? >> no, we don't. huma abedin obviously has access to information with hillary clinton. one of the closest advisers and nothing to say that the spouse of somebody is privy to the
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secrets, as well. that would be like saying melania got the information that donald trump got at the first national security briefing. we have no reason to believe. that is not somebody that anybody's trying to say or link her to that even though she is donald trump's wife. so this is -- this is something for the campaign to try and use against hillary clinton. it's not their most effective argument but it does try to eat into this image or bleed away at the image or contribute, excuse me, to this image that hillary clinton doesn't have the judgment. she's not putting the people around her that she should put around her. will it convince voters out there on the fence about hillary clinton? probably not. but it does do something to, you know, rally up his base. >> there's a bit more in donald trump's statement about this scandal. i want to share that. who knows what he learned? he is referring to anthony weiner. it's just another example of
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hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. now, one more time. whether we're talking about information that huma abedin maybe shares with anthony weiner, it has to do with the marriage and his behavior on their marriage nothing to do with national security. >> no. it's not like anthony weiner's trading secrets with the russians that we know of. we do know that donald trump's campaign manager has links to ukraine and questions surrounding him. but we don't know that anthony weiner could have been compromising the national security of this country in any way. as you had just said, this is a personal controversy, a personal scandal. it is him having an issue with texting women, with photos. this is not an issue of him having a problem with not being able to keep national secrets. >> this is a gift from the headline gods to "the new york post" because you know they're sure going to love this. >> yes. absolutely. >> katy, thank you so much. now the other big political
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story of the day. donald trump set to divulge specifics about the immigration plan in a major speech in two days. >> on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> i'm joined now by our msnbc political contributors, victoria defrancesco at university of texas center for mexican-american studies and rick tyler, former spokesman for the ted cruz campaign. rick, i want to start with you. the trump team said they're consistent on the position on immigration and quite sometime we heard from donald trump, 12 million undocumented immigrants need to leave. kellyanne conway said to be determined. mike pence said we've always been on the same track. >> i think the whole question of anchor babies as it's known, the question of citizenship, natural born americans is a subject for the future.
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i think the american people ought to ask, we look at our whole immigration system and see whether or not that makes and makes sense. >> i'm comfortable with it and the supreme court rulings on the issue. >> one trump surrogate said donald trump hasn't changed the msz and but changed the words and to me that makes no sense. rick, to you, what does his policy is here? >> i don't know. i'm dizzy. i'm dizzy. i think everybody that covers donald trump's immigration policy is dizzy. we'll just have to see and then we'll have to believe what we believe. look. he made -- he made it clear in the primary that -- in fact, this is the way he separated himself. he was going to deport 11 million illegal aliens and what his supporters believed. and in the disastrous sean hannity town hall he seemed to reverse and said there was a softening. days later he said, no, no. some say -- some say it's a hardening.
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and, you know, it's just -- i'm dizzy. i don't know what to believe anymore. i suspect he'll go back closer to the former policy, try to finesse the difference but listening to people defend the idea that he's been consistent which he has not and the idea that mike pence actually said before donald trump was talking about immigration, no one was talking about immigration, that is so untrue. everybody was talking about immigration. the whole gop primary was about immigration. not because donald trump made it so. >> victoria, donald trump hasn't been able to reach 20% coming to support from the lay tlatinos. is there a message to convey to start to turn things for him or is it too late? >> stephanie, we know that a candidate cannot reach the white house without a minimum of about 35% of the latino vote so donald trump is looking at the same polls we are and as we get into the general election, he knows he needs that 10%, 15% jump. so i think the softening on deportation is trying to reach
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out to latinos and see some of that in arizona. but at the same time, he can't lose his base. his base got him to where he is and why we see him holding strong on the wall. but i do want to go back to the point of the mass deportation and flip flopping and i got to admit, it is making me dizzy, too, but to be fair to donald trump, even though on his stump speeches he says he's said in the past to deport 11 million folks, if you go to his actual immigration plan, that he put up on his website a couple of months ago, he never makes any mention of mass deportation. he just says he wants to get rid of the criminals and follow the law so at least he built himself in some wriggle room for wednesday night's speech. >> rick, donald trump supporters are passionate, they love donald. they seem to forgive him for almost anything so the fact that he may be softening, is there a risk to lose that bait? >> yeah. he's seen that already. very high floor and low ceiling.
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he knows that if people believe he would give up on the immigration policy, they would peel off. the problem for him is he can't expand the base with that policy and really kind of stuck and, you know, i'm sure he doesn't know what to do about it and no strategy of donald trump wins the presidency with a margin of african-american or hispanic votes and especially hispanic votes given everything said on the topic. >> you agree, victoria? >> i do. i think donald trump, his supporters, are very, very much wanting the wall. very much wanting deportation. we have heard ann coulter talk about that. same time i'm curious to see what they let slide. i think that a lot of support donald trump received is for his persona, for his charisma and may like his policies but let's remember that donald trump is a mix of some non-traditional republican policies. he himself used to be a democrat.
10:14 am
so i think that if he keeps that tough, donald trump persona, he may not lose as many folks as we think. >> all right. we're collectively dizzy. thank you all. i appreciate you joining me today. >> thank you. today's microsoft pulse question, this is for you. do you believe that donald trump will provide a clear plan for immigration during his major speech as he put it this coming wednesday? join us. get in the conversation. go to to cast your vote. and let your voice be heard. we have more ahead. mo headaches for the trump campaign after donald trump's controversial tweet following the murder of nba superstar dwyane wade's cousin in chicago over the weekend. plus, two airline pilots arrested on suspicion of being drunk moments before they were supposed to fly from scotland to newark. the latest on charges. we will have that and more. they feel good?
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you are watching msnbc. i'm testifyny. just within the last hour, two united airline pilots appeared in court for allegedly being drunk before taking off. they were arrested in scotland on saturday and scheduled to fly a total of 141 passengers to newark, new jersey, that flight was delayed almost ten hours while united searched for a replacement crew. it was clearly a tough day. nbc's keir simmonilamonds joins from london. what happened here? >> okay. well, look. these two guys are accused of getting into the plane, into the cockpit and then other people around them perhaps crew members suspecting that they were under the influence of alcohol police board the plane, arrest them in the cockpit. the flight doesn't take off for
10:19 am
almost another ten hours with passengers confused about what happened. stephanie, let me just tell you a little bit about what we have been hearing from in court. details only just emerging and a question over whether they are u.s. citizens. some suggestion of the court that might be the case. obviously they work for united airlines. carlos lacona, 45, giving address to that scottish court as texas, paul grabenk giving address as columbus, mississippi. we don't know whether they are from the united states but that suggests may be and complicate things because there are there's a question of how the scottish legal system will treat them. at worst, it is possible that there can be a jail sentence for this kind of an offense. >> a jail sentence? i'm sure united won't have them on a flight soon. thank you for the latest on that flight. i want to stay,alng friendly
10:20 am
skies, not so friendly in another airport last night. panic. reports of a shooter at los angeles international airport halted operations, travelers sprinted out and police evacuated the facility. you can see people making way out of the airport and some on the tarmac. it turned out to be a false alarm but at least 281 arrivals and departures were delayed. l.a.x. is now working to get the flights back on track. if you remember, just a couple of weeks ago, a similar scare here on a sunday night at jfk airport. it was people cheering for usain bolt. difficult times. coming up, governor rick scott about to hold a second of two roundtables in florida about zika in the sunshine state. more on the steps florida officials are taking ahead of storms on the way to avoid the spread of zika. to severe plaque psoriasis,
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and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friend you're watching msnbc. i'm stephanie rule. happening now, florida governor rick scott about to host a roundtable discussion of community leaders and business officials about the spread of the zika virus. already there are 42 locally transmitted cases of zika in south florida and now more rain is headed that way and it is threateni eninening to make the against the virus more challenging. kerry sanders is in miami beach where it's not raining yet. >> reporter: it has been. >> what are officials doing to help contain the spread of zika given we could be about to face a lot of standing water? >> reporter: well, you know, standing water is where the mosquitos breed so it's not raining right now but let's just look up right now and you can see it's a cloudy day here and
10:25 am
we have that tropical moisture coming in off the water here just right over there. that's the beach right there. as i take you down this way, a thing to popt out as people walk by is what you're supposed to be doing -- see the folks heading to the beach? shorts on, they have short sleeves. the concern is that people are exposed to potentially mosquitos. of course, the real challenge is going to the beach. nobody goes with the long sleeves and the long pants. she's wearing long pants today and so she's protected at least there. but the governor says what he is trying to do is stress to people with the 42 cases there's a real need to at least make sure that people are vigilant. that if they have water outside their apartment or home, the overturn that little potted plant where the water is. this is what he had so ashort time ago at a roundtable discussion on zika. >> we have little under 60 cases of travel related zika where
10:26 am
somebody's come from another country. and come here. when we do -- when we find a new case and we believe there might be local transmission, we work through our county health departments and work through the local mos i can -- mosquito control. we have concerns and wear long sleeves, pants. >> kerry, i understand miami beach is enforcing a $1,000 fine on anybody whose private property poses a health threat to the public. you'd mentioned before. if they have water dump it over. walk us through this real quick. >> reporter: well, $1,000 is a tremendous amount of money and getting one violation and then a second violation, bumps up to $2,000. we reached out to the city of miami beach. let's see if they updated me. i told them we'd be going on air and see if they issued the $1,000 fines.
10:27 am
that scares people but gets people the open their eyes and listen whether the governor and local officials say you have to overturn the water. absolutely need to overturn the water. i think i have an e-mail coming in right here. let's see. since friday, the 19th, when we have conducted 149 inspections, that have resulted -- oh my gosh, 40 $1,000 fines. >> for real? >> reporter: issued 40 $1,000 fines and writes here, this is from the spokesman of the mayor. a little information as i just learned is reached out to businesses in the area and been very fortunate every sidewalk operator, that's all along there, sidewalk cafes up and down ocean drive, every sidewalk ka tay operator has voluntarily complied with the provisions of the law to curb conditions that may contribute to mosquito breeding. that's why they say they had very few violations but i have to say that's 40 $1,000 fines, that's going to get people t wake up here. >> seriously.
10:28 am
40 grand. kerry sanders with the latest on the weather, really, and the zika situation down in florida. thank you. when we come back, much more breaking news this hour. huma abedin announcing she'll separate from anthony weiner in the wake of another sexting scandal. the implications of her role in the clinton campaign and the race for the white house. but first, a quick look at your responses to the microsoft pulse question. do you believe that donald trump will provide a clear plan for immigration during his speech on wednesday? here's what we know so far. results -- 3% say yes they believe he's going to give a clear plan and 97% say no. well, a little bit of a pessimistic response. the's still time to weigh in. just go to to cast your vote.
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right-hand woman, said she is spratting from her husband, former congressman anthony weiner amid reports from nois about "the new york post" of him and sexting. you have been covering the clinton campaign from the beginning, working the phones on today's newest news of huma abedin and anthony weiner. what have you learned? >> i spoke with a friend of huma abedin's who confirms what is obvious i think to everyone. this is a tough time for her and underscores that she was on long island with secretary clinton and other staffers, as well as her family and her son jordan. and has been there since saturday and that was just a coincidence, typically she goes there about this time of year because secretary clinton goes there for fund-raising and what she is doing this summer and sometimes for vacation. we are getting a statement from huma abedin about her decision to separate from former congressman anthony weiner. i'll read you that statement now.
10:33 am
she says, quote, after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband, anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. during this difficult time, i ask for respect and for our privacy. and, of course, huma abedin is one of secretary clinton's closest advisers and goes back years. she was an intern when hillary clinton was the first lady. she also worked on her senate campaign. worked with secretary clinton in the state department. and on her 2008 bid for president. at one point, secretary clinton commenting that they were so close that she's like a second daughter so this is undoubtedly something that is painful not only for huma abedin and secretary clinton and also potentially giving donald trump and her political allies fodder. steph? >> i know hillary clinton and the campaign didn't weigh in. we have heard already in the last hour from some top democrats, haven't we? >> we have heard from some top democrats and they're responding
10:34 am
what we have heard from donald trump so far. let me read you what donald trump said. huma is making a wise decision. i know anthony weiner well and she will be better off without him. i worry for the country in that hillary clinton was negligent to let him be close to highly classified information. surrogates pushing back against that. here's jennifer granholm with andrea mitchell a short while ago. >> that is ridiculous. i mean, i think that donald trump and everyone else should respect the privacy of huma abedin who is as you know an utterly graceful, wonderful human being who's going through a terrible situation and who's tried to keep her marriage together so i say let us respect their privacy and that is nonsense about classified information. >> and of course, this is a situation that huma abedin is dealing with for years, really. goes back to 2011. that's when the first sexting
10:35 am
scandal erupted and the congressman stepped down from the post. he then launched a mayoral bid for new york and fell apart amid a second sexting scandal. again, the very painful personally and ppolitically. >> thank you. other democrats reacting to this news. i want to bring in mark murray. i know ann coulter reacted here on msnbc in the last hour. i want to share what she said to andrea mitchell. >> sure. >> the news that has just broken about huma abedin. i don't know if you have a comment. >> no, just that i'm surprised it took so long. >> well, just because i didn't qualify it, ann coulter obviously not a democrat, she is a conservative. a very outspoken conservative woman out there. she's also weighing in because donald trump has weighed in. >> that's right. of course, the reaction from ann coulter's one of the reactions we have seen, and, stephanie, other reactions have been sadness, you know, that it's a
10:36 am
heart breaking situation, particularly when a child is involved. but one other reaction is the media shouldn't be covering this at all. this is a private matter. a pushback is that when you end up signing up in a high profile position for a campaign, you know, there is so much that's on the table for everyone. and of course, we have seen when there have been accusations and past allegations against high ranking trump campaign officials. and this is certainly true when huma abedin is, kristen welker reporting, a close aide in the campaign. >> we haven't heard anything from huma abedin with the plans of staying on the campaign trail for few months. this job requires a lot of travel and quite a lot of work. are there political implications for him, her or hillary clinton? donald trump likes to think so. >> i think the biggest implication in this prism of the 2016 race, stephanie, this is just a distraction for the
10:37 am
clinton campaign, a 24-hour distraction or 48-hour distraction or something else happening later on, you would rather be talking about your own message today or trying to score points against donald trump somehow or another and of course hillary clinton today is down. donald trump is also down. no one was giving a big speech or anything like that. you usually if you're a campaign rather have your opponent on their back heels instead of having to deal with story like this. >> just qualify when you say hillary clinton is down what that means. >> oh, you mean as far as -- >> when you say hillary clinton is down today, she is down meaning no public -- >> yes. she doesn't have any public events. not on the campaign trail for a rally. ditto donald trump. we'll see some activity from both of them later today. but today's a day where they're both off the campaign trail. >> all right. i want to point out one thing, anthony weiner following this news is no longer going to be writing his column for "the new york daily news."
10:38 am
thank you, mark. >> thank you. we turn to a terrible story, two suspects arrested in the weekend murder of dwyane wade's cousin in chicago. they're in court this as donald trump draws criticism for tweeting about how the murder validates his position on urban crime. more on the investigation from chicago and the latest trump response ahead.
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all my pusing. d that unlimed 2% caac from spark means thousands ofollars eh year goinback into my biness... which adds fuel to my botm line. what's in your wallet? in chicago, two brothers arrested on charges of murdering dwyane wade's cousin have wrapped up a court appearance. police say darwin sorrells jr. and his brother derren have been on parole. family members remembered dwyane wade's cousin nykea aldridge, a brother of four young children. >> i just want all this senseless killing to stop. what is it doing to us? it's just destroying us day by
10:42 am
day. >> this is a terrible story. nbc's blake mccoy is live in chicago. blake, when's the latest? >> well, stephanie. the two men appeared in court today. derren and darwin sorrells charged with first-degree murder in the killing of nykea aldridge. police highlight a big problem here in chicago which is repeat offenders causing much of the gun violence in the city. in this case, nykea was walking down the street with her newborn baby just 3 weeks old inside a stroller. she was caught in the cross fire as these two men apparently targeting someone else. so they say this has to stop. the problem is every time a case like this happens where the violence is against someone who is related to someone famous, which is why we're hearing about this case, or a child perhaps caught in the crossfire, we hear about it on the news and nothing actually changes. it is so frustrating for police and the community here in chicago that in many ways has
10:43 am
become desensitized to this gun violence. i want the point out while we focus on the one murder over the weekend, at least nine people killed and 40 people shot and injured in chicago. stephanie? >> thank you, blake. joining us from chicago and now roland martin, host and managing editor of news one now and the founder and editor of "black america" roland, thank you so much for being with us. >> glad to be here. >> i hate this story but it's one we have got to cover an talk about the reaction. donald trump has been tweeting about it today, really about the violence in chicago saying inner city crime is reaching record levels. african-americans will vote for trump because they know i will stop the slaughter going on. your thoughts on what he's saying, this slaughter going on, is donald trump the man to do it? has he given you a plan? >> first and foremost, i lived in chicago for six years. i know the city well and the fact of the matter is it is a
10:44 am
significant problem since you had the breaking down of public housing, the folks of dispersed across the city and so that was one of the issues there. you also had gangs being taken down early on and so you had a lot of lone wolves there, as well. donald trump has no plan. i've spoke to more than 40 black republicans at the convention in cleveland and he was on bill o'reilly saying he met a top cop in chicago saying i could have this fixed in a week. okay. who's the cop's name? what's the plan? where is he? fact of the matter is donald trump has not articulated a single plan to deal with urban violence. none. so i have no idea what the hell he's talking about. >> he is over the last week or so reaching out to the african-american community with an upcoming meeting at a church in detroit. everyone -- many were criticizing him saying, well, he is saying he wants to address the african-american community but he's not speaking directly to them. now he's trying to.
10:45 am
do you think -- >> no, he's not. >> do you think even without a plan it resonates with anyone? >> no. because he is not. the fact of the matter is -- i said this several months ago. donald trump is appealing to suburban white women. he is doing horrible with them. he's losing college educated whites, as well. he's not talking to pri african-americans. he has no plan coming to hbcus, impoverty zones. is he supporting a republican bill in congress? is he supporting the bipartisan effort of criminal justice reform? no. i have been talking to many -- i'm talking to black trump supporters say it is coming, it is coming. i'm going, okay, let me know when it's coming. this meeting on saturday, i don't know who he's meeting with, it is on a black owned christian network that's
10:46 am
extremely small. i know pastor mark burns and i always talk about i suspect it's the same old stuff. donald trump will not talk to black media. the largest urban show in america. he has him on a no-talk list. won't come on tv one. we're the only black network with the national news show. i don't know who's talking to. >> i want to talk about colin kaepernick. actually, dwyane wade before the tragic murder of the cousin commenting last week about violence in the african-american community. now, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick didn't stand up for the national anthem and doesn't plan on it. i'll continue to sit. i'll continue to stand with people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change. he's speaking about the way african-americans are being treated in this country. speak to what he's done because he's gotten a lot of pushback. >> well, first 0 all, pushback because people in this country
10:47 am
don't want to deal with that particular reality. in world war ii, j. edgar hoover tried to take down and put in prison black newspaper publishers because they were writing about segregation and said it hurts war effort. we want to run from the reality and that is, still have fundamental problems with race and housing. when it comes to education, income inequality, police brutality. yesterday was the 53rd anniversary of the dr. king's i have a dream speech. what did dr. king say in that speech? he spoke about police brutality. what did he say? talked about negroes the right to vote. here in 2016, 53 years later, still dealing with police brutality, still dealing with the issue and coming to voting and so colin kaepernick saying let's raise these issues and folks are more concerned about colin kaepernick sitting as opposed to them standing up for righteousness and justice.
10:48 am
that's the problem. america, wake up. >> america, wake up. for those who are planning or listening at all to donald trump and his new narrative, do you give it any way? is there a message to convey? you said, i'm listening, waiting for a plan. if he comes up with a plan, if he walks us through it in the next week to two weeks, could there be any sort of impact? >> no. because the question is, can you trust that he's actually going to do it? right now, ask the people who believe his m inauguration plan, what are they saying right now? look. you have to have some sense of integrity and character coming to what you say and that's a problem for donald trump. but i'm still waiting for the plan and, stephanie, i probably put some money on it. you won't hear a plan on saturday. you're going to hear more rhetoric. >> roland, thank you for joining me today and sharing your candid thoughts. coming up, both candidates making a push in swing states where job loss is a key issue for voters.
10:49 am
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in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. taxes go up. hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it's more of the same, but worse. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, that's the new trump ad starting to air in iowa next week. a state that can make a big difference. donald trump and hillary clinton are in dead heat with both at 40%. that's from a recent cbs news poll. so we sent jacob soboroff out to save. what are you learning? >> reporter: here in black hawk county, voters are up for grabs.
10:53 am
jobs is the number one issue in this area. particularly because of recent job loss at the john deere factory. take a lock at what i found. >> how old is this tractor? >> early '80s. >> john deere? >> yeah. >> i heard they have been laying people off. >> yeah, corn prices are low. farmers can't afford to buy new tractors. so then when you can't afford new tractors, the plants slow down and the plants slow down and they have to lay people off. >> these two buildings are part of the original part of john deere manufacturing. way back in the day. >> and today? >> we're down to maybe 3,000 employees. >> and you're one of the folks that got laid off. >> i did get laid off in april of last year. >> and 100 people are losing their jobs a few days ago. >> hillary clinton or donald trump better position ed to hel
10:54 am
folks who lost their job in a place like this? >> i lean more towards hillary on that. >> do you go out and e see the tractors you would make in action? >> no, not really. >> when it comes to the candidates between clinton and trump, off feeling one way or the other as to who can bring jobs back? >> i would say trump has the better chance. he's a businessman. so he's going to look out for business people. >> so this is a family farm. you guys ever talk politics? >> not really. not really. >> you can see what their names are and what their birthday is. >> how many people here think the president could have a role in bringing the manufacturing jobs back to iowa? anybody? >> he has a huge role. he or she has a huge role. >> when it comes to the president, maybe i'll just go around. e he or she on the next round of presidents. >> i'm going to say he. >> donald trump.
10:55 am
>> got to be he. >> jordan? >> she. >> i don't want either one of them. >> neither one? >> i'd have to go green. >> she. >> ross perot. >> stephanie, this e gentleman i'm with at newton's cafe. he invited us to come to waterloo using #upforgrabs. who are you supporting? >> there's no way i can support amnesty don, so i will vote for hillary clinton. she has the experience to be president. >> must have been watching "morning joe" this morning. got to throw it back to you. >> he's voting for you. he used the hash tag. if you want jacob to come visit you and you live in a swing state, you better get in this game. wouldn't you want jacob to come over and have a visit? talk to him about what ails you
10:56 am
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's me in control now thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. right now, more news with thomas roberts. if anybody is feeling sleepy at 2:00 p.m., thomas has a drink that will pick you up. >> i gave you a sip to get you through your afternoon. just a little diet mountain dew with a splash of mio. good to have you with me. we start out with the clinton campaign being dealt this unwelcome distraction as staffer huma abedin announcing she's decided to separate from her husband. she and former congressman anthony weiner are splitting up in the wake of another sexting scandal. the littest following a post report that weiner traded racy pictures with a woman last year. a woman the post claims is a trump supporter.
11:00 am
weiner telling the post he and the woman have been friends for some time. want to go to kristen welker, who broke the announcement about this separation and also covers the clinton campaign for us. abedin has a larger than life footprint within clinton world. her work about the state department e-mails, the troubles of a personal life, this is photoer for trump. bring us up to speed about the timeline. >> it's alled toer for trump for sure. first to the personal announcement. i spoke with a friend of huma abedin who tells me she happened to be on long island when this broke. she went with clinton on saturday. she's there with her son jordan, with family members. this is a trip that she takes pretty much every year. in part, this is when hillary clinton goes on fundraising tours and a time for vacation. so the timing, coincidental, but obviously this comes in the wake of those new sexting allegations w


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