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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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preparation for lack there of being undertaken by hillary clinton and donald trump, the head of the most anticipated presidential debate i think it's fair to say in my life. first of three which will reporting that clinton's advisors are talking to donald j. trump's ghost writer seeking insight into the deepest insecurities as if they are well hidden to needle and undermine him. the time said they are getting advice from psychology experts. personality profile on mr. trump to gauge how he may respond to attacks and deal with a woman. and under taking a forensic style analysis of mr. trump's performances with strengths and weaknesses and trigger points that caused him to lash out in less than presidential ways. that's all from "the times." clinton's approach is by all accounts methodical.
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clinton has been reviewing carefully prepared materials, looking to refine her experiences and ready herself for the unpredictable. trump by contrast seems to mostly be winging it though he is holding debate prep meetings including one yesterday. sources tell nbc news he resisted addition of a traditional coach or full skit rehearsals or reading briefing books. he has not sources say done a mock debate with a specific time limit to mirror debate conditions. trump told himself quote i believe you can prep too much for these things. it can be dangerous and you can sound scripted and funny. among those are disgraced chief roger ailes and crist christie and laura ingraham. joining me now is christina greer, author of "black ethnics," race and immigration. eric bowels, kathryn opinion columnist and matt welch. is this all -- i this some b
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big -- i remember a line -- >> great political philosophy. >> he said a rap battle in reverse. they are both like i'm so terrible. no, no, no i'm really terrible debating. eric, is this some we recalled expectation gainsmenship. >> she knows these briefing books already and she's probably reviewing the tax codes and immigration and trump is kind of like you almost feel like animal house when the germans bomb pearl harbor. that's where he might end up with the debate and the interesting part is tony schwartz, the ghost writer and the interview with the new york magazine, which was probably the most interesting look with trump and schwartz kept emphasizing he cannot concentrate for more than
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three minutes especially when the topic is not donald trump. we have no idea. they are not going with a traditional approach because he can't focus on anything for more than three minutes. >> if there is one unified principle of trump it's unpredictable, both to friends, enemies and trump himself in a sense. that's how he seems more off the cuff is because he doesn't do any preparation. we don't tell isis what our plan is to destroy isis. we don't tell nato allies we're going to defend them and we sure as hell don't prepare anything because if we prepare something, maybe it will leak out and hillary clinton will find out about it or maybe it will make donald trump sound scripted. >> in 2012 mitt romney -- >> cleaned his clock. >> it was amazing to watch. he did it and this isn't really -- wasn't well cataloged at the time by using an obama line that obama himself used in the debates of 2008 how middle
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class is smashed or hammered and you could see the recognition. that element of surprise i think is crucial to trump. he needs to wrong foot clinton. my theory would be that the things that he's been sitting on, believe it or not, there are things he hasn't said in his campaign. it's hard to believe. >> this is where good debate prep comes in because hopefully, you know, one, clinton won't come out and essentially john kerry herself. she has so much knowledge. she's by far 10,000 times smarter than donald trump, but she can't come out and go into the weeds of all types of policy. that won't come off as authentic. trump will then really shine in that moment but she really needs someone on her team, i thought it was going to be anthony weiner who would be a great signing partner. >> perfect. >> who would be a perfect sparring partner to bring in this element of surprise. when we talk about isis, you bring up monica lewinsky or
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something random in left field and very third grade and elementary. >> one thing i'd say about that. part of why romney excelled is how well prepared he was. one thing so evident was he had tremendous command of like he could talk about policy. i want to get a little for a reminder of donald trump debate style during the primaries. take a look. >> you said in september 30th that isis was not a -- >> am i talking or you talking, jeb? >> i'm talking. >> you can go back. you're not talking. you interrupted me. >> september 3rd -- >> jeb, no. am i allowed to finish? >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter right there. that i can tell you. >> you're really getting beaten badly. i know you're embarrassed. keep fighting, mitt. >> don't worry about it little marco. you're the lying guy up here. i've given my answer lying ted. first of all, this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a
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liar. let me talk, quiet. out of time. >> i know it's hard not to interrupt -- >> not what you said in the op ed. lying ted. >> that same matter of principle. >> you're probably worse than jeb bush. this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> this is a tough business to run -- >> you're a tough guy, jeb. >> we need to have a leader that is real tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3 so so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> and he referred to my hands small, sometng else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem, i guarantee you. >> i will be honest i blocked most of that out. [ laughter ] >> it got me excited all over again. >> here is why i think there is two things that will be different here. one -- well, three. one, the audience. not a republican primary
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audience. things that sold in republican may not sell in the general. number two, it's not ten people on stage or eight people or four people. it's one person. he never had to do one on one. number three, the one person is a woman and frankly, a lot of that stuff which was macho sort of -- fake match cow. >> also bullying. >> it reads very differently when the recipient of that is a woman. >> i would say the fourth thing is, four, he's never been on stage with someone as smart as hillary clinton experience and knowledge. [ overlapping speakers ] >> some of them are smart. put that in quotes. none of them have been secretary of state and spent eight years in the white house, even as a first lady, which is the hardest unpaid job -- one of the hardest jobs. >> those credentials are important but i'm not sure how closely they map on to performance in a debate. >> for hillary clinton, it will
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be difficult but at the same time, he's not used to dealing with the level of excellence hillary clinton can bring. she's a senator. donald trump is essentially -- ted cruz -- >> but honestly, like, i don't think the level o intellect matches what he will see on the debate stage. >> there is a question -- >> inexperience. >> i don't know if i agree with that. >> how this bullying with a woman -- >> yeah -- >> on the debate stage works. it doesn't work. it's a disaster and rick lazzio did a mild impersonation of donald trump when he approached her famously on the stage. >> in that senate race back in 2000, walks towards her famous moment, walks towards her and invades her personal space and badgers her into signing something. >> new york voters aren't like that. it would be a disaster if trump tries to bully the nominee. >> let's give him credit for the intelligence he has, which is he knows -- >> performative intelligence.
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that's not a small thing. >> the best zinger, the best line is when he was going back and forth about jeb bush's mother and jeb bush says she is the toughest best woman i know and he says in the mic, maybe she should have run. that was a good line and that was devastating. >> he's very good at honing in on people's insecurities. >> and their achilles heels because it's typical quintessential bully behavior. >> hillary clinton, if there is one person who has a weird callous over those, it's hillary clinton. a new ad out from donald trump. a tax plan of his own. even though he doesn't know it. that's next, stick around. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru.
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in november 2016, i have one word for that that i learned from my grandfather and i'm going toaraphase, bull feathers. >> herman cane unsuccessfully ran for president in 2010. tonight, coming up, how the trump pence ticket is trying to close the battle ground states, that after this break. [ cheers ] >> does a bull have feathers? mmmmm...
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donald trump's campaign announced an ad buy but trump only bought $2.8 million worth of spots in four states. delays definitely happen but seems odd. center of the buy purports to focus on economics. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed, spending goes up, taxes go up, hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. it's more of the same by worse. in donald trump's america, working families get tax relief. millions of new jobs created. wages go up. small businesses thrive. the american dream achievable. change that makes america great again. donald trump for president. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> that is pretty generic, short on substance but political reporter spotted all kinds of
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discrepancies in the ad's fine print which sites two plans, one trump explicitly ruled out and another he's yet to endorse. the ad sites the house gop tax plan in the working family section and an analysis of the plan in the millions of new job section but trump hasn't endorsed the plan unless he's doing so in the ad. the ad goes on to sight trump's hold tax propels, even though it was erased from trump's website after he gave a new speech on the policy. when bengie asked which tax plan trump does support, his old version or neither, the trump campaign confirmed the policy changed since the initial tax plan but revised it would have a similar impact. bengie joins me and christina greer. bengie, eagle eyed, what -- walk us through -- you got the house gop plan, his old plan and new plan. it is weird for them not to site the one actual current plan he's
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running on. >> yeah, they are trying to sort of recreate it as this frankenstein monster in bits and pieces. for example, his new plan which he's not given a lot of details on has three tax rates of 12, 25 and 33, which is similar to the house republican plan but most definitely not the house republican plan. alan sloan for example pointed out there is a giant $1.2 trillion reduction the house republican plan would end. now trump's campaign argues on the other hand, well, he changed a lot about the tax plan when he raised it but in the end a business tax part will be similar to the one that was scored before. we don't know that yet. there's not a lot of details but worth mentioning here, the size of it, the previous tax plan was estimated to be $10 trillion. larry kudlow says it could be less than $3 trillion. these are not apples and apples.
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>> the broader point to me is the amazing policy of this campaign. frankly. really. we've seen it with the immigration, what is he? is his immigration view and jewel -- it doesn't take them seriously. people, us in the press go chasing around. there isn't -- this is like literally that ad is her america will be bad and you'll be screwed and my america will be good. >> we're the same but worse. >> and now everything will be good and people will have jobs. that's actually the level of policy detail. >> the less they say, the more they expect followers to go for them and it's working to a certain extend for now in this view of particular people who are really into i hate obama, not exactly sure why because your kids are in public school and you have obamacare and he's single handedly saved the international economy but they don't want to recognize that. they just want trump good, obama slash clinton bad and no policy.
8:18 pm
>> in fairness to the idea about presidential tax plans, this is really one of the classic goenrs of fiction. the presidents don't make tax plans for the most part and what they campaign on and how they end up governing -- >> that's not true. george w. bush. >> not related. george w bush literally ran on the plan he got passed. he said he would do this. there were fights and he got elected and do it. >> in the current context of the people working, no one is working on tax reform. we got to reform corporate taxes and the level of 15. reminiscing in the break about the hermann cane plan in the day. nobody in washington is working on these big tax ideas. that stopped happening. right now we're talking about a level of abstraction. >> you can say that about virtually any policy. nothing is happening. >> but a president has a lot more impact on immigration policy.
8:19 pm
what donald trump says about enforcement has a lot more to do what he can do with his fingers. >> as an executive. bengie, go ahead. >> the reason we haven't had people working together in tax reform is because we had divided government. if trump took over, there is a chance as president he would have a senate, house, he could work with that are both republican. this is something that can happen. in some of the changes, you can sometimes make without going through a filibuster. there is ways to do this. i doesn't think it's so crazy to suggest it's pretty relevant when donald trump proposes as his tax plan. chris mentioned they do get passed in some form. >> your point is important because i think the press, part of the press is waiting for him to run a conventional campaign. they are waiting for him to come up with policies that make sense. still waiting for him to release his tax returns, still waiting for him to do a regular debate. this is so unconventional. throw that away. >> i would rather have a press that tries to hold his feet to the fire on policy issues than
8:20 pm
just talking about the size of his hands all day. >> bengie and i have -- bengie, we have been doing this for two weeks on immigration. at one level it matters to me. i covered that immigration fight very closely. very closely. i got really emersed in the details of immigration reform, which are really complicated and sometimes more than advocates of reform or liberals with instincts. >> most people are interested in really knowing. >> my point is the complexity is cut both ways. you sit somebody down and think through the issue, it's hard. >> it's been a week or two weeks trying to pin down what it is. the job is to get out and the same level it feels ridiculous because they don't, they don't care. they obviously don't care. >> that ad proves it. >> that's my point. >> you guys need to get your act together. >> right.
8:21 pm
>> don't ignore the rules. >> i will say i think that has had an effect on immigration. i think part of the reason they have been doing this, you know, sort of sending up balloons and cancel the speeches because frankly they recognize they have but bengie, they think nobody is paying attention but they did, which you caught. >> right, this is something going on for awhile. you mentioned immigration but, you know, what were trump's actual signature issues during the race? i would argue let's use the word innovative was the muslim ban. he put out a specific statement saying i'm going to ban literally every single muslim from entering the country. we have no idea what his plan. it's still on his website. this is a playbook they used on issue after issue, after issue. it's hard to say what core policy is left.
8:22 pm
i suppose it's building the wall. >> yes -- >> it's not clear what the wall -- >> we were reassured by an advisor today in the 8:00 p.m. show that it will be physical barrier. my big question i asked is whether it's -- which side of the rio grande it gets build on or through the river. that's tbd. thank you. that includes you at home. it's late, we're just getting started. stick around. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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. all right. one of the top stories on facebook's trending list, a fake news story with a factual correct headline with megyn kelly. the headline was visible on the trending list refers to fox news personality as a traitor and claimed they kicked her out for backing hillary. they have not. in the fed recent content includes this headline what ocho boll bomb -- obama has to say about white folk will make you tremble. >> stifling conservative news, the company started changing the trending section including friday by replacing many actual human being, the people that wrote the top picks scripts for the site. it took several hours for the fake story about meggyn kelly t be removed. facebook is apologizing for
8:27 pm
featuring it. i love this story because there was such a brew ha ha about this scandal that these contractors who were picking the trending list were censoring and had a big meeting with mark zuckerberg and stop doing that, this was exactly why they were doing that because there is all sorts of stuff that goes nuts and gets shared on facebook that isn't true. so you have to have someone there to make sure that that's not the case. >> it's also there is a value to human ke hum human curation. there is a value to my job that the robots haven't displaced those particular skills and this happens to be one of them. picking out what a buy on a flash sale. people with good style, a computer cannot fully replicate
8:28 pm
human judgment on particular tasks that require human intelligence. >> bringing it back to donald trump, this is the problem with a candidate like donald trump which is he constantly refers to the internet as though it is a real life place. >> yes. >> that is filled with only factual information and when you push him on it, he's like it's on the internet. >> i've not surprised for him to reference, they kicked out megyn kelly. that would be 100% possible. >> i will not bet against the fact, he will reference this story. >> this is a huge embarrassment for facebook. they bought into this phony outrage machine. there was one article, all this liberal bias. they were so scared because the republican party got involved. they wanted to have hearings and knew it would be a campaign issue. there was no there there to the story. they end up last friday firing the humans and this is the perfect outcome for facebook. this is what happens when you
8:29 pm
give into the phony outrage. standing up for employees and saying we're human and smart and know how to do this. if you have proof, we have our thumb on the scale, let us know. >> there is a great piece by john hermann, my favorite writer in the new york times magazine how they hacked the facebook and they are on the left and right and particularly powerful on the right that only exist on facebook and some are quite profitable. what they do is create content that they know they sort of weaponize on that platform. >> so does msnbc -- >> sure, no. >> everybody, facebook is the gorilla. everyone is trying to figure out how to deal with the alga rhythms. >> these places, there are a bunch of sites just native to facebook are better at it than us and also, are unconstrained by the stories being truthful. that story went viral. it was not true. they did not actually get rid of megyn kelly. >> that's part of why it went
8:30 pm
viral. it was so crazy and outrageous and everyone wants to click on it. >> that's why you need some sort of -- there has to be something. >> can't facebook just buy snopes. >> it is still going. it was started by a husband and wife team. i wrote about them ten years ago to do fact checking of internet rumors and god bless them -- >> forward -- >> which is now become the facebook share. that has mutated forms from the forward to the facebook. >> how could facebook not see this coming. they know the alga rhythms could be hacked and people designing fake news on purpose so let's eliminate our site because of republicans. >> it is a company built by engineers, founded by engineer who think engineers can solve problems. which is not ridiculous given all the problems they have solved about that place. that's probably the headline. >> all right. standing or sitting for the national anthem? that's next. don't go anywhere.
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>> i'll continue to sit. i'll continue to stand with the people being oppressed. to me this is something that has to be changed. when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> san francisco 49's quarterback colin kaepernick a couple days after he sat down with the playing of national anthem in a league where athletes rarely speak out, he said i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a country that oppresses black people, people of color. to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish for me to look the other way there are bodies in the street and people with paid leave getting away with murder. his decision was met with critici criticism. several fans burned his jersey and presidential candidate suggested he move somewhere
8:35 pm
other than the united states. >> i think it's personally not a good thing. i think it's a terrible thing. and, you know, he'll -- maybe he should try a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. >> joining me now, the one and only co-host of espn's highly question, still with me the panel. i've been watching you interact with folks. what's your feeling how all ofr? >> there is divides. the divide is as much as anything i've seen a topic in sports but not divided in such a way where every white person is on the opposite side of colin kaepernick. that's the not case at all. everyone opposed do appear to be white. >> there is a lot going on. you get this oh, this athlete is entitled thing.
8:36 pm
there's also people that feel like as a general matter of decorum it's disrespectful, which is a valid argument, you do this as a sort of expression of decorum but also, i think part of what is interesting to me is it seemed to come out of nowhere, like it didn't seem like he was trying to make a -- he was obviously trying to say something with choosing to sit, but also, wasn't sort of going out of his way to release a statement and responded to being asked about it. >> yeah, i question the argument he was making the statement by sitting down. he made the decision he wanted to sit down. if he wanted to make a statement, there is a lot better ways. it would have been noticed the week before and the most recent, there is literally a couple people that noticed it happen in the first place. what happened is, they asked him and he had the audacity to tell the truth and the circumstance than anybody i can remember. that's what flipped this up.
8:37 pm
the argument he was trying to go out of this way to make a disrespectful play to the national anthem is contradicted by it took people so long to notice this. you noticed something that lacks class if it's really that unclassy. >> that is a great point in decor decorum. it was personal expression but not showing. >> it's not rosie grabbing her crotch and spitting. let's be clear, modern day athletes don't necessarily speak up the way i think they could and should, but we come from a long line of black athletes who have chosen to protest in various ways. jackie robinson didn't stand up during the anthem. we have, you know, jim brown. we have kareem abdual jabar and muhammad ali. if we have a real conversation about race and role and sport and black man, donald trump, said if you don't like it, go back to africa. that's essentially what i may
8:38 pm
have heard. [ laughter ] >> or go to wherever they are playing football to this level of quality, which is like, what, canada, maybe on good day. you bring up an excellent point. historically when there is a sports protest that has to do with race and patriotism, we all look back on it fondly. everyone looks back on mohammed al ally's bravery or the 1968 and juan carlos and tommy smith. those were not popular at the time. they were almost universely very unpopular. >> they lost their livelihood. people affiliated with them lost their livelihoods. their lives were destroyed for making what seems like a minor stand in a sports entity but hundreds of black people were, you know, think about jack johnson having the audacity to fight a white man and win. black people were murdered because of that. >> this is is big.
8:39 pm
>> there is the fact the nfl puts a lot on their patriotism and in fact, one might say military how they celebrate a specific type of patriotism. there is a lot of controversy in the fact they were charging the pentagon to do a lot of things that looked like actually just pro bono expressions of gratitude for veteran service. this is also specific to the nfl puts interesting in that context. >> i think remember this, the number one television program in america right now is sunday night football on nbc. the theme song has a line that calls the game a star spangled fight. i never did figure out what exactly that means. that tells you how much this is baked into the marketing of the nfl. the similarity in game changing. you can't lie about how closely linked these two things are. for this to happen in the nfl does have a different magnitude i think than it would be if this
8:40 pm
happened in say, the nba, in this game that sells military links, this is very, very important. >> and my hot take is literally it's a free country. i guess i understand there is people i heard from them and seen people who feel offended by it because they feel like it's an act of disrespect. >> it's a free country but for whom? when a black man who makes millions of dollars has the audacity to exercise his right as a black man, as a man in this country, then all of a sudden, we have conversations of how disrespectful it is. we saw this with gabby douglas having a totally different conversation than ryan lochte and a woman that chooses not to put her hand on her heart. >> sometimes it takes an athlete
8:41 pm
to draw attention to something. >> we're not seeing drew brees say listen, we'll sit down because what is going on in the street is horrible. i don't mean to call him out specifically. >> drew brees is one of the person that criticized kaepernick. >> one thing important to note and i wrote a column for the about this -- >> it's excellent. people should check it out. >> the stand at play here was not sitting for the national anthem, that wasn't noticed. the stand was the actual expression of the grievances he had. i feel like in overall in this discussion, we really got into this matter of decor and how you should or should not behave in the national anthem and whether or not you're obligated to stand for it and what that means if you obligate people to pay in that way. the statement here is what kaepernick actually had to say. there are a lot of people who waded into the waters very much so protecting what they had. this could literally be the end of kaepernick's career given where his play has been and the plays for black quarterbacks. it's hard for black quarterbacks to get second starting jobs in the first place. he made the call if it all ends
8:42 pm
here, he's good with it. i haven't found anything yet that i'm willing to say that about. >> monty jones who you should be checking out and reading and listening to. great pleasure. thanks, man. >> thank you. the rest of you are sticking around, that includes you at home. there is more delicious fresh content coming your way. doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, liver and nervous system happproblems,have blood, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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8:44 pm
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do you know what anthony weiner has done? we're making donald trump the issue? this man is a serial sexter that
8:46 pm
embarrasses his wife. >> trump's campaign manager defending her boss' decision to weigh in on the sexting scandal. i hope i don't have to say that phrase again involving anthony weiner. he and an unidentified woman exchanged messages and today his wife huma abedin said she and wiener are separating and he used the news to be careless and negligent in allowing wiener to have close proximity to classified information. yahoo news documents in some depth. trump recorded videos on platforms and sent 75 tweets about the sexting and one member of trump's inner circle said the issue is personal for trump. the panel still with me.
8:47 pm
and eric, i want to let you tee off on the coverage of this. i thought you probably had strong thoughts. i thought it was ridiculous about the reason this is a campaign story. >> right, it has nothing to do with a campaign and i think trump introduces a comment and so we're going to cover it that way but this idea of the new york times is kind of presenting and casting a cloud over the campaign. hillary clinton's aid's husband acts like a jerk. how does that cast a cloud over the clinton campaign? are we doing this aid's husband weird built by association? >> it's not a campaign story. it seems to me like there is too many journalists pressed up against the window and trying to watch a marriage unfold and pretend it's politics and a lasting impression. it's not. there is no reason to pretend it is. >> i think that also speaks to the republican candidate who is so quick to pounce on it.
8:48 pm
we're in an era right now where someone running for the highest level in american politics is glued to twitter and sending off -- >> and page 6. >> like the lowest level of gossip he's obsessed with and it's completely not a campaign issue. this is unfortunate issue. this is, i think, someone who is incredibly brilliant and human and he has an issue with his wife. why trump needs to marry trump with five children by three different women, why he's obsessed with someone else's marriage is the pot calling the kettle black. >> partly, i grew up in new york. you know, i would go out to the bus every day and take the tabloids there and newspaper boxes and it's like he was -- he occupied that space. donald trump, it was the most public affair in america. >> by his own doing. >> he wanted it. i think it's like weirdly some
8:49 pm
sort of jealousy of attention because by all accounts of people close to i'mhim enjoyed when he was the guy who literally was having the most famous cheater in america for a certain period of time. i remember, the new york torew tabloid's couldn't get enough. >> he's lecturing people. for "the new york times" to suggest the clinton campaign is a hurdle. voters are care about this. hillary clinton will have to explain this. come on. >> i think readers -- >> roger ailes. >> readers do care about it. >> it's a juicy story. >> who hasn't talked about it? >> not in a campaign context. >> human is an important figure and this is her husband. it's going to be talked about and the picture, i've said leave wiener alone and i meant it but you see the picture of the kid
8:50 pm
and you go jesus christ, you got to stop it. >> that, all the purens from the beginning -- that was a bad idea. that is true for five years. a lot of how can we make this news worthy. >> for the political press, that's my point. everyone looks, it's a train wreck, there is humanity involved. everyone should get past it -- >> why do the tabloids have all the fun. >> why are we pretending this is polling or debate prep. it's not. nothing to do -- >> i'll say one more thing. this is a broader point. i don't know how finally crafted it is. when people talk about huma and him. i think we still don't have sort of public consensus on what spouses connections are to what their spouse does in public life and that's true of jenny thomas and clearance thomas and true of tom back when he was the majority leader in the senate passing a bail and his wife was a top lobbyist and what should
8:51 pm
his wife do? not do his job. there are a bunch of unresolved questions that have to do with spouses being co-equal partners and the clintons are the perfect example. they are the number one example in which we have unresolved instincts about what we count as conflicts or what we count as public when it comes to marriages. >> these are two very powerful people. >> that's part of drawing of eyeballs. >> you had a congressman on the up and up and huma. >> all right. gene wilder passed away today. very sadly. we'll remember him after this break. don't go anywhere. some great clips. (announcer vo) who ysour sk phone
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lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. i don't know if you've ever heard of me before but i used to be called the waco kid. >> the waco kid? you have the fastest hands in the west. >> in the world. >> well, if you the kid, show me something. >> oh, well, maybe a couple years ago i could have shown you something but today look at that. >> steady as a rock. >> yeah, but i shoot with this hand. [ laughter ] >> actor gene wilder best known for his roles in "young frankenste frankenstein" died at the age of 83 dues to complications with
8:56 pm
alzheimer's. mel brooks that cast him in "blazing saddles" and "young frankenste frankenstein". >> he blissed me with his friendship. i think everyone -- i was totally heart broken to see this today and i think everyone in -- i think it's partly generational for me, "willy wonka" was a film we wore the vhs tape out on. >> it wasn't that popular when it came out. that's the shocker and the producers but "willy wonka" became a colt performance. it's funny. i've read the book to my kids, particularly my daughter who is older and unclear that darkness isn't quite as evident. it can go either way. >> it's pretty dark.
8:57 pm
>> phis performance is so brilliant and dark and effective. >> my introduction was with richard prior -- see no evil, hear no evil. i think his chemistry with richard prior, they are two of the best comedy duos we've seen. >> there were not a lot of movies back then. it was very unusual to have them share the marscreen the way the did. he did "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein" in the same year. most comedians can't. >> my understanding is he agreed to do "blazing saddle" to get him to do the other movie. >> right, right. >> and because he knew that would be like he would have this incredible role. >> and he actually did five movies in 1974. >> five.
8:58 pm
>> he's also close with gilda radner. he counseled her and visited her with shoes tied to an umbrella she said her father did to make her feel safe. seems like he never really know people like this, you have these sort of personal conceptions you form. >> the statement from his family today was heartbreaking because he had al timers and one of the things he said he didn't want people to know because he didn't want people even one more person to be sad in this world and to have seen him and willy wonky is heartbreaking. >> there is something about someone who has a career like he does where he has roles in the public imagination and doesn't keep kind of making a ton of movies so you don't watch him age. client eastwood i think of -- >> a crazy old person talking to a chair. >> ander man.
8:59 pm
i know what he looks like old. gene wilder, the news seemed wrong because in your head it's amazing how much the impression sticks with you for the duration of your life. >> back to "willy wonka" you would find what day of the year they would air it and circle it on the calendar. it was like a natl holiday. >> like "wizard of oz." the last successful black face is gene wilder in silver streak. it's done in the correct way. >> we have black face in the news today. a cartoon about hillary clinton in black face -- >> less successful. >> tweeted by pastor mark burns who is a trump surrogate. don't do it. that's my free advice to everyone. you think of doing black face, don't do it.
9:00 pm
thank you both so much. thank you-all so much for joining us. that's all for this evening. the "rachel maddow show" starts now. we got an we have an unusual show tonight in this sense, a big show. we have two exclusive stories tonight. one of them sort of run of the mill exclusive and one of them not at all a run of the mill exclusive. the more standard story we have although it is exclusive to us tonight is brand new polling. brand new polling you've not heard it anywhere else, we will be breaking it on the show tonight. you keep hearing this year how american voters dislike their candidates, candidates have bad favorability ratings. tonight we will be breaking news on brand new polling that shows, i think, for the first time i've ever seen, a favorability number for a candidate that registers as nil. it registers so low it could not even be measured.


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