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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is this going to play out for donald trump? he has had a lot of conversations in the last week with influential latinos, how could this effect him? >> reporter: i'll fell you what, i don't know that it will effect him much frankly. i'm told by an adviser they have no plans to bench burns. i think that's what you're going to continue to see given that burns took steps quickly to try to put this thing to bed. >> could trump in total just dial it back in terms of twitter? rnc >> reporter: one more time on that. >> reporter: is it that the team should be dialing it back on twitter? donald came out aggressively after orlando and brussels. they have a twitter issue when
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they should be talking about the improvements in the polls. >> reporter: right. i think that we have been talking about donald trump's controversial tweets for months. that hasn't changed. the difference is one of the surrogates and an apology. it is something we saw from pastor burns. i don't know that we'll see much of a change online. i mean he is tweeting but standing fwha message. donald trump's twitter persona got him that view. regardless to get him dialled back it hasn't happened. >> offensive tweet aside the message that hillary clinton looks at the african american community as votes and nothing more, have they responded? >> reporter: she has been
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talking about this for weeks now. look, her argument is, her push-back on this is from the start of the campaign she has been rolling out policies that african american voters, by the way, that was the first policy issue that she unvailed. remember, last week she effect ufly said donald trump's outreach is not authentic. she pointed to some of his lengths to the alt-right movement, that far right idealology. her surrogates are going to be in battleground states echoing that message. they are also holding a conference call today where they are going to call in other republicans to disavow the trump campaign for that very reason. >> all right. thank you. >> we get to turn to a story i
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wish wasn't true. they say russian based hackers are behind two recent attempts. this is fuelling concerns that the russian government might actually be trying to interfere with the presidential election. we have been following this story for us. what happened here? >> reporter: well, it was two z attempted hacks this summer urging states to look for specific signs giving them exact code to look for that could indicate attempts at similar cyber attacks. in july hackers got into the computer system that they look for online voter registration. what we are talking about right now is not that system. it's the voter registration system. they got in there to the illinois system. they copied some files but they apparently didn't change anything. they tried and failed to do the same thing in arizona. the russians seem to have been
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behind cyber attacks. some are saying they can't be because they are not online. the state should be on guard to protect against computer attacks and anything to jeopardize the integrity. >> thank you. this is a story that concerns everyone. all right. a new tropical depression making land fall. up to 5 inches are expected in the area. bill is here tracking that storm and another that we are worried could effect tl fl aflorida and threat of zika. >> it is a glancing blow. most of the rain is off the coast. there is a tropical storm
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warning they won't see any damage. they are used to getting hit by storms much harder than this. this is not what we wanted to see. these are thunderstorms growing in the gulf. i'm pretty sure that at 11:00 a.m. they will call this a tropical storm and it will likely be a strong tropical storm. here is the potential path. this is the advisory regot at 5:00 a.m. the next ones only in a couple of hours here. about 60 to 70 miles per hour. charleston and wilmington area. likely tropical storm coming and maybe even a hurricane watch. it will be a close call so a lot
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of activity out there. my greatest concerns are from north earn portions of florida. storm search heading your way in the next 48 hours. >> all right. thanks. coming up, donald trump will give a major immigration speech tomorrow. according to his running mate he will provide great specificity. donald trump and hillary clinton's polarizing campaigns are causing issues for usually secure incouple wants. we'll go live to florida and arizona where voters are heading to the ballot in elections. hink, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. sh my eyes some some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more,
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great specificity, i want to bring in barris. the monkey poll is out. things are tightening. >> absolutely. >> it has been unclear his stance on immigration. we called it a flip-flop. what's it going to look like? >> the voters already tuned out this conversation. 550% increase in syrian. all across the country in north carolina, florida, pennsylvania is within a couple of points within a margin of era. they ha
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-- margin or error. >> but here is what i don't get. the basis of donald trump from the get go was immigration and now it doesn't seem like he is staying true to his original message. listen what kellyanne conway. >> why can't anyone answer the question. >> i said he hasn't talked about that in a long time. >> is he in favor of it or against it? >> he hasn't talked about it in a long time. you to wait until wed. >> you're not answering the question. >> why does it matter whether or not this deportation force -- >> it's not about a word. it's about the message. the message is donald trump will use all of the entities we have like ice, department of justice, etcetera to make sure all are deported from this country and make sure that the rest are handled humanely.
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look at what the voters are saying. let's not talk about the issues anymore. let's talk about immigration, the difference between donald trump and hillary clinton. let's talk about everywhere -- >> why dent we talk about the economy or national security? >> let's talk about it. >> burn is an outspoken supporter. he puts that guy out on tv shows -- >> but -- >> donald trump and his team aren't -- >> i'm here to talk about it. >> look at the tweet he sent out yesterday. here we go. this could be offensive to many people. thank you for letting us use you for your vote. he has apologized for it. it's this concern from the beginning when mitsubist romney >> first of all you're forgetting this is an african
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american pastor that put this out there. >> it's creating rage around race. >> the issue is that it is inappropriate. what that shows is the frustration that african american community has with hillary clinton. for her lifelong career of pandering and lying to that community. calling african americans super predators -- >> hold on. she was calling dangerous gang members. >> she was calling them super predators then saying barack obama would be carrying their bags are all representations of the clintons not being honest on race. what have they done? nothing. what have they done about the fact that unemployment among african americans have doubled? she has been in public --
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>> so you think her policies -- >> i think her policies are wrong. i think they failed the american people as a whole. >> so her policies, which one could say are very similar to barack obama's policies. barack obama's -- >> look at the inner city of chicago. more people have died in chicago this year than coalition forces since 2013. >> it was before barack obama was president of the united states. >> bill clinton was president of the united states in the 90s. a democrat has been mayor since 2011. over 455 people have been brutally murdered in chicago this year. we need new leadership. >> one of the ways one could address issish hue is dwuns. >> chicago has one of the strictest gun policies in the street.
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>> would we not be addressing than simply the threat of terrorism? >> chicago, detroit, milwaukee have some of the strictest gun laws. what does it say? the solution is to fix our inner cities, revitalize them. he won't pander to his communities. let's be honest with each other. they have fooled the african american community. >> i'm being honest. i said collin kaepernick, sitting down, not wanting to knowledge the national anthem basically saying it is unfair, inappropriate how african americans are treated in the united states. donald trump's response, you don't like it, get ouchlt. >> can do whatever he wants.
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it rets the sacrifices of millions of americans. i believe -- and donald trump seems to believe that it is disvice presidentful not to stand for the flag. if ever -- >> many could say it is offensive. but had he not does he believe he played -- >> she not getting much attention. he is trying to do whatever he can to draw attention because he feels like they are being forgotten. >> reporter: listen, the trump cam bane krubl it out. hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about it because they have
6:17 am
failed that community. that's what we'll talk about the 206% unfloimt. it's not about kol bin kaepernick. she is drinking champagne cocktails. she should be embarrassed of herself. >> he will give a speech on saturday. if you sit down with me on monday will he have laid out an actual game plan. a game plan. this is sentenced for spaul businesses to exist. those are all points and policies. hillary clinton has not showed any proposal. we we have to go but if it will
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bring manufacture i bob gaj i want you to tell us -- >> we are here for the people -- >> the only ones are ceo's who will say i will bring jobs back to t the united states. >> i hope to see you. >> i'll bring those people to you any day of the week. boar rit -- >> workers. >> okay. we'll be speaking to his campaign next. mm...
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mccain says he is confident he will win. >> i am 100%. i have been representing them many years. i am confident that we will win. >> we have got the important down ballot races covered. i want to begin with former arizona state legislator, dr. kelly ward. john mccain yesterday turned 80 years old. you made big headlines saying he won't live until the end of his term. is his age an issue or is it term limits? >> there are so many issues i have. age is one. he has been in washington for nearly four decades.
6:23 am
amnesty, liberal judges, calling conservatives that wanted to do everything in their power. voting for the debt ceiling increase 21 times, supporting policies that bend the institution regarding the second amendment, the fourth amendment, not being willing to defund p n planned parenthood. they also care about the border. >> you have been talking about these things throughout your campaign and based on the latest poll you're down by more than 20 points. >> the latest poll shows that it's a 4 point race with a 3.5% margin. 23% undecided. today we can make history. this will be historic. i think everybody in arizona
6:24 am
that's a republican and independent or has not designated a party should vote kelly ward so we can send that message to washington d.c. and the insiders that we are not going to take it anymore. >> immigration at the center of your platform. what position does that put you in? >> i am ready fix the border and i think donald trump is too. senator mccain is an open borders u.s. chamber of commerce person. people here want to see secure borders. they want to utilize every mechanism, empowering border patrol and making sure that
6:25 am
employers are sanctioned. we will have border security which is national security and our country will be on a much better path to making america great again. >> all right. good luck today. >> thanks. florida republican senator is expect today beat his republican challenger, a businessman who modelled himself in the mold of donald trump. we are live in kissimmee, florida. >> you remember rubi oncho. he decided after he lost the primary to donald trump that he actually did very much want to stay in the senate. his primary is pretty late. this primary not really expected to be much of a problem for rubio. he has basically ignored his who essentially run as a donald trump-type type of candidate.
6:26 am
this was kind of a wade open not. rub irk o suggested that potentially he is not well. he got into a domestic dispute. you're going to seed florida become a real test kis, whether or not he can run for the nominee. he called him a con man. >> we will turn to debbie who is
6:27 am
fighting to hang onto her house seat. leaked a mails appeared to undermind the presidential campaign. alex joins us from florida where he just interviewed congresswoman, how tight is this race going to be? >> reporter: well, this is the first prior she has faced aft after -- moe had her up about 10 percentage it has become a proxy kiegt for him. he me he is galvanizing people who don't typically tourn. sanders los histic. the thing that i have heard more from people is chairmanship,
6:28 am
that she was too business sai weaponing others. take take a look. >> it didn't i is gotten such spre support because beam know i have had their back chen so it's the requested that they were working with. she comes back almost every clearly the favorite heading if tonight. coming up, donald trump ships i way at lk lk's open
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clinton holds a 6 point lead nation nation nationally. it is down from an 8-point lead from a week ago. clinton's lead going from 8 points last week to 4 points this week. we have to break it down. i want to bring in bill crystal, a conservative writer who is with the movement. good morning. we have to talk about these poll numbers. donald trump doing better, specifically after he called hillary clinton a bigot, after he began outreach to the latino and african american community and after he started this on immigration. what gives? >> hillary clinton is very weak and those that don't want donald
6:33 am
trump should be careful i would say to not let our wishes become, you know, analysis. i made that mistake min the primaries. the monkey poll is six point lead. i i think it's more accurate in doing it. this year there is so much unhappiness. i think it's more accurate to assume they will hold some votes. so you're look at a 4-point race after everything he has done from the khan controversy instead of saying some of the policies which could be true. it is a policy question. steve bannon comes on with his record. it makes me -- i would be a
6:34 am
little certain. th are still four or five points ahead? she is having trouble. she should be putting them away. i don't like bern any sanders but if he were the democratic nominee. >> donald has a massive ad spend which we haven't seen before. there could be more leaks. there could be more hacking. it doesn't paint a good picture. what does he need to do? >> it has been a lot. i haven't put myself in the clinton camp shoes. i'm probably not the best person to asking. scandal and unseenly things. i mean voters look at that and they think four more years the
6:35 am
clintons. he would have been a much stronger candidate. she has to focus how dangerous he would be. and i think she has to go with is the real reason? we is erratic, a bully -- >> we have heard that argument for donald trump. p it shows hillary clinton in black face. he is not apoll skiez so is he tapping into something that is working? i disapprove but no one thinks
6:36 am
pastor burns will make it in the oval office. i would say let's talk about what donald trump would do and how much damage it would do to our foreign policy. it is he jlegitimate. how many more of these do we have to go through? she is ahead. but i actually think a more sub standive campaign. >> i at it the end of the day that if his staff is competent he will be moved to a more
6:37 am
reasonable damage. at the end of the day he will have a more defensible less whacky decision against north carolina. she will have to defend. it's not clear dhas a jert. he ku could end up. i i someone who want to be president it could be a real race in the last month. >> were you surprised by the nba survey monkey poll numbers. >>? . >> a little bit, yeah. the close ties between clinton foundation and state department.
6:38 am
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. r . a deeper look at hillary clinton life while she was secretary of state. an exclusive article, we went through all 3,721 pages of the secretary's schedule from 2009 to 2011. joining me now is the reporter who wrote this. who did she meet with? >> she met with a lot of people including foreign ministers with almost everyone on the planet. it she is traveling around the world constantly and bouncing back and north between her homes
6:42 am
no new york. bill and melinda gets are in there. mark sunger burg, you the -- >> why is that an issue? >> sure. can you see a bunch of celebrities popping by. ben affleck popped di. going through all of the panls of her ske yule, all o'this is i you can see who has access and get a sense of who she what
6:43 am
diets were it. >> that's a good question. you woul have to see what that is all would and wouldn't take. you know, when you look at it you see kind of her day including one shd aun ron cuttingment she is lal. >> all right. that had janing us fr joining u. >> thanks. coming up we have the latest edition of up for grabs. >> reporter: hey, i'm out here
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donald trump's path to the presidency is iowa. iowa has gone democrat three of the past four presidential elections, but this year the state very may well swing red again. with donald trump and hillary clinton polling neck and neck, in today's episode of his up for grabs series, msnbc's jacob soap offhas made his way from waterloo, iowa, where he was yesterday, to des moines in the populus polk county where he joins us now. jacob, besides corn, what are you finding? >> reporter: just corn, actually, stephanie. that is all that there is everywhere you look. in iowa. as a matter of fact, it's the number one export for this state and iowa is the number two agricultural producing state, save california. and think about how much bigger california is than iowa. so when it comes to iowa politics, iowa politics is
6:48 am
politics and one of iowa's famous corn mazes. take a look at what i found. when it comes to picking a president, swing state politics can be pretty confusing, but not as confusing as navigating this iowa corn maze. hello! a little drizzle in the corn maze. you guys! you guys know who you're going to vote for in november? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what do you think? >> hillary. >> reporter: and yourself? >> gary johnson. >> reporter: so you decided not to go for either of the candidates. how come? >> i don't like either one of them. >> reporter: is there important? ag issues? >> well, my dad is a farmer, yeah. >> reporter: who is your dad going to vote for? >> probably trump. >> i have i lot of cousins who typically don't vote and they suddenly want to vote. >> reporter: because? >> something about trump speaks to them. >> reporter: hello!
6:49 am
looking towards november, is there something you think as a farmer will be better suited to your needs? >> neither one of them. >> reporter: how come? >> ethanol is a key issue to any corn farmer. if we did not have ethanol today, we would have corn piled everywhere. >> reporter: who is better on ethanol? you think either have any idea what ethanol is actually all about? >> probably not. >> reporter: probably not. and so are you voting for trump in november? >> i'm voting for trump. >> it would probably be trump. >> reporter: trump. mary? >> i would probably -- >> don't listen to him. [ laughter ] >> joan says don't listen. it's her corn maze. are you going to go with your husband? what are you going to do? >> i'll listen to joan. >> reporter: going with joan. >> yay! >> i've got to go with clinton. >> reporter: if hillary clinton and donald trump came to your corn maze, who would make it out first? >> neither. >> reporter: they would get stuck? kind of like me. >> neither! >> reporter: i'll have to follow you out of here.
6:50 am
steph, in the mid 2000s, a law called the rfs, renewable fuel standard, was passed in this country and requires some of this stuff, corn, could be blended into ethanol, a fuel in many cars, a hot political topic for people here in this state and people want to hear answers from both candidates as to what they would do about that law, whether they would continue it, change it. and you can bet when those candidates come back to this state, in the not too distant future, a question they will be facing from iowa voters. >> all right. thanks, jacob. don't get lost in that corn maze. coming up, live to north carolina where we're expecting one of two major atlantic storms to cause serious issues ahead of labor day weekend. of that's next.
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sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. i'm stephanie rhule. one more thing before we go. it is on politics and dancing. you heard me right. former texas governor, rick perry, is joining this season's cast of "dancing with the
6:54 am
stars." governor perry just tweeted this photo of himself, and his partner saying, i'm dedicated to helping veterans however possible, and i'm going to use "dancing with the stars" as a stage to do that. extraordinary. i'm pretty sure ryan lochte will be one of those dancers, as well. i'm not going to say it's going to be a hot season. it's going to be a special one? we'll have to find out. i'm stephanie rhule. that wraps me up for the hour. i'm going oh to turn you over to craig melvin now with more. hi, craig. >> all right, stephanie. thank you so much. it will be an entertaining season, if nothing else. >> i'm not sure if i agree with that. it's going to be something else. >> it will be something, indeed. we start this morning with the blackface backlash against pastor mark burns, high-profile african-american supporter of donald trump, once again apologizing this morning for the incendiary tweet that featured a cartoon of hillary clinton in blackface. this, while a new nbc news
6:55 am
survey monkey poll out this morning shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is closing a bit, as we get some exclusive new reporting on her schedule as secretary of state. clinton now leading trump by six points. she had an eight-point lead last week. also this morning, donald trump weighing in on the split between former congressman, anthony weiner and his long -- long-time clinton aide, huma abedin. >> what he's done over the internet is disgusting and he's a pervert. >> huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that one, nobody will ever know. but to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. and it's primary palooza day. i didn't name the day, but voting is under way in some key contests directly impacted by the presidential race. we have reporters fanned out in florida, arizona and also here in new york, as well.
6:56 am
let us start with hallie jackson, live for us outside trump tower here in new york city this morning. let's put the tweet on the screen that sparked the controversy and once again we should alert our viewers that some find it offensive. black americans, thank you for your votes, and letting me use you again. see you again in four years. what's been the response so far from the t
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