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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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my show, a.m. joy at 10:00 eastern. so please tune in for that, bright and early. the rachel maddow show starts now. where is rachel? hey, rachel! >> hi! when all this is over and we get to the election, i'm going to gift you some days off. >> i will take them. >> we are going to work together and i could play a fake doctor and i'll get you a doctor's note and we'll scheme to get you some days off. >> and i would sleep for a week. >> i know you would. see you tomorrow morning too. >> thank you, bye. >> happy friday night, happy to have you here with us. the 1992 democratic convention was held in madison square garden in new york city. 1992 had been a tough democratic primary that year. there were a lot of contesteds, for lack of a better word, a lot of competition in the democratic party. because the democratic party really felt like there was a
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vulnerable incumbent to run against. they decided who they wanted to run at the democratic convention in new york city in 1992, they made it official, their candidate to run against george h.w. bush would be bill clinton. and conventions of course are largely scripted affairs, but you can't control everything, you can't predict everything. you certainly can't control your press coverage. turns out on the first night of that convention, cbs news led its coverage that night, not with the convention itself, but with a whole different political story, with a political dirty tricks story that even now, all these years later, still curls your hair to see it. watch this. >> as the democrats open their national convention, cbs news unravels a campaign of dirty tricks, against presidential candidate bill clinton. >> it was the kind of tragedy a family desperately tries to forget. an emotionally distraught young
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woman, seven months pregnant, takes her own life. but the family and friends of susan coleman have been forced to relive this tragedy as political agents threaten to drag her name through the mud of the presidential campaign. >> they were victims of an unusually brazen dirty tricks operation run by an independent committee that supports george bush for president. the group seized on an anonymous letter which has been mass-mailed to news organizations, alleging that susan coleman's suicide 15 years ago, followed a love affair with her law professor bill clinton that left her pregnant. susan's family asserts there's no truth to this, and reporters who investigated the letter found it to be a hoax. >> they were peering like this? >> yes. that's what the neighbors said. they were peering and they came over and they pulled at that door. >> a friend of susan coleman's family, who asked that her name be withheld, said her neighbors
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told her brown's henchman came calling when she wasn't home. >> they said they had been to the police department, they had been to banks, looking into various people's backgrounds. >> the two gum shoes were dave bossy and jim murphy. federal election records show both men are paid by the victory committee for work on behalf of bush's election. another stop for the investigating duo, the home of susan's husband. he took their picture on his front porch. they probed for clues in the dead woman's suicide note. >> they wanted to know what was in it, i told them it was personal, none of their business. >> another target was susan's mother. the duo trailed her down country roads to the army hospital in augusta, georgia, where her husband was being treated for a stroke. here the two men burst into the sick man's room and began questioning the shaken mother about her daughter's suicide. >> we remember the bill clinton
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presidency, in part, for the incredible aggression and the conspiracy theories and the dirty tricks republicans used to go after him, particularly in his second term. just the hatred for him and the way they threw everything possible at him. but i think it is helpful to go back and remember that this kind of stuff started against bill clinton even before he first accepted the nomination to run for president in 1992. that was from the first night of the democratic convention. before he'd even accepted the nomination. but that report from cbs in 1992, it did lead to a little bit of a scandal on the campaign trail. within a couple days, the george h.w. white house was trying to get as far as they could from this cast of characters that cbs had dug up on this trip to arkansas.
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>> well, the problem is, we don't have the power. we will do whatever we can to stop any filthy campaign tactics. we have spoken out against it, we've written the contributors. our record is clean on it. and for anyone to suggest differently is insidious. but we will do everything we can within the law, to see that this man does not use my name in raising funds for these nefarious purposes. >> these nefarious purposes, these dirty tricks, stalking this grieving family. the george h.w. bush campaign did filed an s.e.c. complaint against these guys who were stalking people all over arkansas. president bush denounced them for what he called filthy campaign tactics. he said they were the lowest form of life. president george h.w. bush even had his son, george jr, the
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future president, had his son write to more than 85,000 bush campaign donors, saying, we know you support us. please do not give these other creeps any money. they may say they are working for us, they may say they're working on our behalf, they are not, do not support them. but for all that denunciation, for all of the nationwide, even high-level republican revulsion at the kind of tactics that these guys were using to try to come up with something about bill clinton and arkansas, turns out that kind of condemnation is not necessarily a bad thing in politics. for a certain type of republican politics, everybody up to, including the president of the united states, denouncing you as revolting and the lowest form of life, for a certain level of political operative, that's kind of a nice way to get started. notoriety isn't necessarily a bad form of publicity. could be a good way to make a name for yourself. sure enough, within a couple of years, one of those guys who had been caught peering into the
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windows in arkansas, and bounding into the hospital room to stalk the man with the stroke and the family members of the woman who'd committed suicide, within a couple of years, he had been hired on capitol hill as the chief investigator for a republican member of congress who really to this day embodies the no-holds-barred crazy conspiracy theory, anti-bill clinton outrage industry that took root in republican politics in the 1990s. >> we, in my house, with a homicide detective, tried to re-create ahead and fired a .38, four-inch barrel into that, to see if the sound could be heard from a hundred yards away, even though there was an earth mover in the background making all kinds of racket and you could hear the bullet clearly. >> we tried to recreate a head, a human head, that was dan burton, republican congressman of indiana, who built and then shot a fake head in his backyard as part of his crusade to prove
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that bill and hillary clinton weren't just bad people with whom he disagreed, they were murderers. they had murdered vince foster, deputy white house counsel. he ran a committee and turned into to a one-man subpoena machine, to try to nail bill and hillary clinton to something, something, gotta be something, anything. he handed out subpoenas into everything from the clinton family's christmas card list, i kid you not, he called 34 witnesses in an investigation of the family christmas card list, he subpoenaed more than 40,000 documents investigating the christmas card list. turns out the christmas card list was okay. in the end, it checked out. dan burton also investigated whether taxpayer funds were being spent to process and respond to the fan mail that was being sent to the clinton family cat, who was named socks.
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i mean, socks can't write it himself. sorry. the socks fan mail affair all in the end panned out. turns out socks was okay. congressman dan burton shot a water melon or cantaloupe or pumpkin in his backyard to try to prove that bill and hillary clinton were murderers. he subpoenaed more than 140 clinton administration officials. he sent out more than a thousand subpoenas all together. he sent out random subpoenas to people whose names he misspelled. he was subpoenaing so many people. dan burton worried so feverishly around the clinton family, he made der vishs dizzy. when he needed a chief investigator, he hired the guy from storming into the windows room, stalking the family of that woman who killed herself
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that had nothing to do with bill clinton. he hired david bossy and he turned out to be too much of a scandal for burton. tim russert caught him out for selectively releasing tiny pieces of a super long transcript that had been selectively edited and cut up, in order to make the clintons look terrible and very guilty, even though the full transcripts exonerated them. >> nge >>. >> your office released 27 pages of transcripts. we've obtained the full transcript and audio tape, there's a major portion left out involving hillary clinton. mr. burton, that's rather exculpatory for hillary clinton and you left it out when you released that document. >> this was such a critical tape and the language about hillary came very next in line and your transcript released to the press
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ended right there, because it seemed to be favorable towards hillary clinton. >> well, i know what you're getting at and you're trying to make it look like we're trying to audit the tapes or change the tapes to make it look worse than it possibly is. >> yes. nailed it. that was exactly what you did, and what tim russert nailed you for on live tv. and the reason i can say that unequivocally is because congressman dan burton did end up admitting it, and ultimately apologizing. and he ultimately accepted the resignation of his staffer, his chief investigator, david bossy. he let david bossy take the blame for that scandal. when people talk about the clinton scandals of the 'nip90sd specifically that part about the republicans overreaching and over-playing their hand and it backfiring on them, this is the stuff they're talking about. and dan burton was sort of the captain of that team. it's funny, he ended up sort of disappearing into obscurity. he stayed in congress for a
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while longer, abobut he just bee more of a joke than anything. during the clinton impeachment proceedings, he raled against president clinton for his sexual improprity that was very soon before dan burton himself had to admit that he not only had been carrying on his own extra marital affair, he actually had a whole secret second family at home in indiana. so that alone was tough for him. he was also the guy who said we should really step up the war on drugs, by in his words, parking an aircraft carrier off the coast of bolivia, so we could use it as a platform to crop dust the coca fields. the non-starter part of it is that bolivia does not have a coastline. it's a land-locked country. if you want to park your aircraft carrier off the coast of bolivia, that would be like parking it in the middle of
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paraguay. he was also found to have taken illegal campaign contributions from the pakistani intelligence service. wow, dan, didn't know you had it in you. so he petered out, he's out of congress now. he evaporated into republican irrelevan irrelevance. but his political hitman, the guy who he let take the fall over the edited transcript scandal, the guy he picked up after the cbs scandal caused president george h.w. bush to call him the lowest form of life, david bossy tha, that guy he's done great. he's turned that into a life-long remunerative career of working to tarnish the legacy and reputation of hillary clinton. in the 2008 presidential campaign, david bossy produced a 90-minute anti-hillary clinton campaign ad, called "hillary:
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the movie." that was an important thing in american jurisprudence because the legal fight over whether his anti-hillary clinton movie was an ad and the fight over where it could be run and how it could be paid for, ultimately that fight led to the citizens united supreme court case which gutted campaign finance laws and created the super pac universe in which we now live. but it all came from an anti-hillary clinton 90-minute-long attack ad made by david bossy. he's made it his entire life's work to try to invent scandals and sell scandals about bill and hillary clinton. he's the guy who went to arkansas and hounded the family of that woman who killed herself in the '70s to try to turn that woman's death into something that could be pinned on bill clinton. he doctored audio tapes and transcripts that exonerated hillary clinton in a different fake scandal. he edited and selectively released those tapes to make it
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sound like they proved her guilty. he got fired from congress for that. he's been denounced by president george h.w. bush for his filthy tactics, he's been called the lowest form of life. he's the man president bush wrote to telling 85,000 republicans telling them to stay away from this guy, not to give him any money. that's who donald trump has brought on as his new campaign manager. based on his economic policies that are designed to help regular working -- ha! kidding, no. david bossy will be in charge of, quote, crafting attacks against democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. it will not be a stretch for him to figure out how to do that. it's one thing to go back and hire people from the '90s who have a successful track record
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of going against hillary clinton. we should have expected that the trump campaign would go back and mine the '90s for those characters. but what i don't think anybody expected was that the trump campaign would go back and scrape the bottom of the barrel to find the specific people who were disgraced, denounced and fired. not just for doing it, but for doing it wrong, for making it up, and for getting caught while they did it. now deputy campaign manager for the trump campaign. buckle up, get behind the sneeze guard, this is probably going to be disgusting. no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. starting at $38,950. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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we begin tonight with an exclusive cbs news report about an effort to sabotage the clinton campaign. this report is the result of a three-month-long investigation by cbs news. we followed a trail of dirty tricks from washington -- >> yeah. dan rather, one of the great joys in my job right now is that dan rather, the dan rather,
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consents to speak with me every once in a while. not only about current news, but about where our current news came from, especially on stuff that he covered the first time around when it happens. the dan rather joins us live in studio next, stay with us. marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco.! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playg "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo!
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. >> they were like peering like this? >> yes, yes. that's what the neighbors said. they were peering and they came over and they pulled at that door. >> a friend of susan coleman's family, who asked that her name be withheld, said her neighbors told us brown's henchmen came calling. it was dave bossy and jim
6:21 pm
murphy. another stop for the investigating duo, the home of susan's husband. he took their picture on his front porch. they probed for clues in the dead woman's suicide note. >> i wouldn't necessarily call him a gum shoe, but they got him. donald trump has now hired as his deputy campaign manager, a guy who has spent literally his entire adult life, skullking around the clinton family trying to conjure up scandal around them. he's made a living doing this for 30 years now. his whole adult activist life has been dedicated to trying to destroy bill and hillary clinton. and now he will be doing so in an official capacity at the top of the donald trump campaign. just in case you needed any more proof that there's no such thing as a new idea on earth. joining us now is dan rather, the former anchor of the cbs evening news and host of the big interview on access tv. lovely to see you. >> good to see you, thank you. >> do you remember when that piece came out in '92.
6:22 pm
you were mentioning you guys caught hell for that. >> i remember very well, my late friend eric ainsburg, who died not too long ago, did a great job on the piece, and we caught some hell for running the piece, from what you'd expect. but we were proud of the piece. >> and you never know when minor characters are going to become major characters. >> with this mr. bossy becoming a major character, this has to be a great concern for the clinton camp. this guy is a professional political hitman and he's very effective at doing it. i've been saying for some time this campaign is going to be as nasty as a frat house bathroom on new year's eve. and here's further proof positive. but the trump forces and trump himself, they feel that they're moving, and the polls indicate that. the clinton polls have been
6:23 pm
inching backwards and the trump polls have been surging forward. they see a real chance to score here, they think a combination of the e-mails, the clinton foundation, the global initiative -- clinton global initiative, and just any dirt they can get. you're going to see more of this as they go. and by the way, i think this ups the ante for the coming debates. there are going to be three presidential debates and this raises the stakes in those debates. >> in terms of the quality and the experience of the opo they have on their side within the trump campaign. but in describing david bossy as a professional political hit man, one of the questions that raises for me, they haven't just brought him on to be an opposition researcher. they brought him on to be the deputy campaign manager. >> absolutely. >> that's sort of an unusual decision itself, to bring someone with that pedigree on, at that level of a campaign, that's not usually a top strategist kind of campaign. >> no. and it speaks to one reason this is an historic presidential
6:24 pm
campaign. every one is historic and unique, but this one for other reasons. in the past, you'd try to hide this guy. put him in a low-level, maybe even conceal that he was working for you. >> so you can disavow him. >> on the george h.w. campaign back in 1988. but now this campaign has turned so nasty so early, and got so low, they feel they can bring him on right at or near the top. and his job, along with a number of others they've hired, is to beat on hillary clinton, to just pound her between now and november 4th. if you think this is really bad now, just wait until after labor day, as the campaign heats up and we get into the debate period. >> let me ask you about one other element of this. i don't know what it means, i just think it's of interest, and i don't know if i've seen anything like it before.
6:25 pm
there's a direct tie linking all of the people at the top of the trump campaign. he brought in steve bannon, chief funder of, robert mercer. then kellyanne conway. she was running a super pac, chief funder was robert mercer. when kellyanne conway was taken away from the super pac to join the trump campaign, the guy who robert mercer put in charge of his super pac was david bossy, who is now taken away from that super pac, to be the deputy campaign manager at the trump campaign. so this guy, who is the biggest funder of the trump campaign out of everybody, has now put in place the campaign manager, the deputy campaign manager, and the campaign ceo, whatever that is. i can't think of another campaign that had one funder, essentially installing the entire campaign. >> you can't think of one because there's never been one. >> what does that mean? does it mean that robert mercer is running for president?
6:26 pm
he's just doing it through this incredibly compelling caricature he's created? >> he wants the power from being a president-maker, a king-maker purpo . these people have been dedicated for a long time. these are the people who brought you the citizens united case. what's different this year, it's all out in the open. look, the far right in the republican party has often in the past hit away, but it hasn't been part of the campaign apparatus. and for that matter, some of the far left among the democrats. but not only are they brought into the campaign apparatus, they are the campaign apparatus. when you ask yourself what was donald trump thinking when he delivered that speech in arizona after he met the mexican president, which was a hellish mix of venom, was one of those
6:27 pm
things that ran counter to his effort to convince white suburbanites, which is basically what his campaign is aimed at right now, white suburbanites, to get them to accept the fact that i'm an okay guy, i'm not a biggot, i'm not a racist. he was making head way with that, then he delivers this arizona speech. i didn't understand it then, i don't understand it now as a campaign strategy. >> but when you look at who he's brought in to run things i guess the logic of his world, it makes sense. >> the clinton people should be worried. because donald trump has stayed on the offense all the way through the campaign and the clintons on the defense. placed on the defense again today about the e-mails. if you heard it here first if it happens. i would not be surprised to see the clinton announce at some stage that the global initiative, the big clinton affair, that this september will be the last time they hold that. they haven't announced it yet,
6:28 pm
but i wouldn't be surprised to see them do it, because they're taking so much heat from that and the e-mails. >> dan rather, host of the big interview on access tv. as nasty as a frat house bathroom on new year's eve? >> yes. >> thank you, sir. that will do it. great to see you. >> thank you. lot more political news and other news to get to this busy friday. stay with us. come triumph, or trial, tennis lmoves forward,illiams and with the chase mobile® app we're on the same path, offering innovative, and convenient ways to bank. easy-to- use chase technology, for whatever you are trying to master. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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trump will take the stage together for the first time in this general election campaign next week. this is likely going to be their only meeting before the debates start. so you need to make sure you have it in your calendar and you have it in your plans for next week. i know labor day is coming and you're not really thinking about next week. jot it down. commander in chief forum, hosted next week by nbc and msnbc and iava, hillary clinton and donald trump appearing back to back at the same forum, discussing national security and veterans issues and war and peace. they'll be taking questions from an audience of veterans and service members. wednesday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. trust me, you are going to forget over the weekend. i know what this weekend is going to be like for you. do me a favor, write it down, wednesday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. piece of paper, stick it to the fridge, seriously, just do it. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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behold a great american and a great theet. herb lusk, running back for the eagles. in the fall of 1977, the eagles were playing the giants at giants stadium. in the fourth quarter, herb lusk ran 70 yards for a touchdown, winning the game for the eagles. it was a huge, emotional, big-deal moment. as he made it into the end zone, he took a knee and he prayed. that was the first time an nfl player knelt and prayed in the end zone. that's something we see quite a bit of now, but herb lusk was the first one who did it. after finishing his football career, he became a pastor of a major church in philadelphia, north broad street's greater baptist church, over 1,500 members in its congregation. now he's back in the news, but not in a way that he wants to be. he's back in the news because he
6:37 pm
said it was a huge surprise to him when he read it in the news that donald trump was gonna be making a campaign appearance at his church today. herb lusk's church, but he said he had no idea that was happening. reverend herb lusk is in mexico on vacation. he went out of his way to clarify today from mexico that he has nothing to do with this donald trump event, he did not invite him to the church, he wants to make clear he's not going to be there at that event. he wants to make it clear he's not endorsing donald trump in this election. he's not endorsing anyone. he said about this event today, quote, i'm not invited, i have nothing to do with this. it seems like it's connected to me, but it's not connected to me. i haven't had a single conversation with trump or his people. this is a business arrangement. anybody who wants to have an event at my place can do so, even donald trump, he says, laughing. this is like a lightning rod. so what happened today in
6:38 pm
philly, it was billed today as a donald trump appearance, a donald trump visit, to the greater exodus baptist church in philly, but ask the pastor, donald trump didn't actually go to the church. apparently the trump campaign just paid to rent a banquet facility that is run by the church, and that is where he did his campaign event today. tomorrow donald trump will be making a second trip to either a black church or somewhere nearby one. he'll be in detroit, but that is also turning out to be a little bit of a controversial event, because mr. trump's appearance at that detroit church, that was apparently planned as an event at which he would not speak with church members, nor would he address the congregation. it was the setting for a taped interview to be broadcast on evangelical tv. nothing that weird about it, except the logistics of that
6:39 pm
interview were reported in a scoop at "the new york times." they obtained what literally appears to be a script for this interview. the script contains not just the questions that the interviewer plans to ask donald trump, it contains the answers donald trump is apparently scheduled to give. the answers, already written out in advance. for example, question one, are y you a christian and do you believe -- answer one. quote, as i went through my life, things got business with busy, about you my family kept me grounded to the truth and the word of god. i have a strong faith enriched by an ever wonderful god. donald trump should say. so today, he went to a banquet hall in philly, much to the surprise of the pastor of the church it's attached to. tomorrow donald trump does plan to make a trip to a black church. his interview has not happened
6:40 pm
yet. it's supposed to be taped for broadcast, but the script for it has already been written and we know that thanks to "the new york times," who joins us here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> did i summarize your reporting here? >> that is what happened. i took a day trip to philly today from detroit, just to kind of keep watching this controversy continue. but the script they got my hands on, basically showed that donald trump was -- and his aides were basically writing out every single answer to every single question that was going to be asked. one official that i talked to, said it was basically going to be something like an infomercial that would be taped at this church. i should say the pastor himself said that he had nothing to do with this script, that he knew nothing about it. he did provide the questions ahead of time. he said that he's done that in the past when he's prayed at different events, he's given the script to them, but this is, i think, in some ways, unprecedented, for you to have a
6:41 pm
candidate saying i need to not only have the questions, but i need to also have my questions completely written out. if goes to the fact that really donald trump's aides are worried about this trip to detroit and they don't want him to say the wrong thing, especially in a crowd like this. >> it's a remarkable thing for something that's not a journalistic thing, it's being taped for evangelical tv. is the trump campaign denying these reports, saying it's talking points and not a script? how have they explained themselves? >> i have not been told this is not a script. i talked to some campaign officials last night and they said, well, he wants to be prepared and he wants to make sure he says the right thing. even if the script was written out, he's not really going to stick by it. we know you can put him in front of a teleprompter and he'll go
6:42 pm
off the cuff. so they were trying to talk around the fact that i obtained this script, that this was obtained by someone who was very close to the planning of this visit. so they couldn't really say it wasn't something that was legitimate. they knew it was legitimate. so it's interesting that he was supposed to not speak at this church. then after my story was published, a got a call from the senior communications director there, jason miller, telling me, no, donald trump is definitely going to talk, make a pitch to african american voters, then the bishop jackson said, that's not true. i don't know where you're getting the rumors remember. he said, i don't know what they're talking about, he's definitely not speaking, he can say a couple words and say hi, but he needs to say hi and then sit down. >> so at this point, the bishop is saying one thing, the campaign is saying the other. one of the things we don't know about this appearance tomorrow is if he's going to speak tomorrow, other than the scripted conversation he's scheduled to have on tape. >> i tend to believe the bishop in some ways. he's been the one that's been consistent. every time i've interviewed him,
6:43 pm
i started talking to him on monday and talking to his people, and they said throughout this entire exchange, this entire ordeal that donald trump was not going to speak before the congregation. so really and i also submit i asked the campaign for comment before my story went up, and they at no point said, you're wrong, he will be speaking. then after my story was published, that's when the story changed and they said, actually, donald trump will be speaking. >> we'll see. the fact that you had to go from detroit to philly and back to detroit to report this and we still don't know what's going to happen in detroit tomorrow, this is both weird and fun. thank you. keep us apprised. >> thanks. all right, lots to come tonight. stay with us. make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better
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6:46 pm
advantage with latino voters. in 2000, george w. bush won about 35% of the latino vote. that's still losing the latino vote, but for a republican that was pretty good. and to stay competitive in national elections, that number actually has to get better year after year for republicans, because the proportion of the voting population that's latino keeps going up and up in our country. but sure enough, george w. bush was able to do that when he ran for election -- for re-election in 2004, he did up his numbers with latinos. he went from about 35% of the latino vote to about 40% of the latino vote, and he thereby beat john kerry. since then, though, it has just gone pear-shaped for republicans. the proportion of the electorate that is latino keeps going up and up. but the portion of them for the republican candidate keeps going down. these are the numbers that george w. bush won with. in 2008, john mccain blew it. he could only get 31% of the
6:47 pm
latino vote, that was not enough. he lost. four years later, the population has had four more years to become even more latino, there are more latino voters in the country, but mitt romney blows it even worse, earning support from even fewer of them, getting 27% and of course he loses. there's this fantasy on the far right that all you need is white people to win a national election, if you can just max out the white vote, you can ignore everybody else who is not white, or even run against them. it's a sort of politics as race war fantasy, and it's a very comfortable escapist thinking for some white conservatives. but honestly, you cannot win a national election with support this low from latino voters. and it gets harder and harder every year. earlier this summer, the respected polling group latino decisions, they looked at the numbers and calculated what a republican candidate would have to score with latino voters this year in 2016, in order to win the presidency. because, yeah, george w. bush was able to win with 35 to 40% of latino vote, but that was a
6:48 pm
long time ago, right? the proportion of the population that's latino now is significantly bigger, so to win the country, you have to win even more of the latino vote now than you did in 2000 or 2004. turns out the way latino decisions crunches the numbers, they think the proportion of the latino vote that a candidate hhas to win to get the presidency this year, is 47%. looking at the demographics right now, a republican candidate can't win the presidency without 47% of the latino vote. that's a daunting thing for the republican party, given how they've done in the past. but this year, it's not just any republican running for president, it's trump. and latino decisions just finished their own new nationwide poll of how trump is doing right now with latino voters, and he's at 19%. which is way worse than both of the last two republicans, who lost, let alone the last republican who won.
6:49 pm
and it is 28 points shy of where he'd have to be to win, at least according to the math from latino decisions. that's just deadly for the trump campaign. and the worst thing about it for them, is that the timing of this poll that showed him at just 19%, this poll in the field ended the day before donald trump gave his hour-long screaming speech about how the immigrants are coming to kill us u all. he was at 19% with latinos before that speech. now where do you think he is? latino voters have the future of this country in their hands. it's starting to seem very clear what they're going to do with it.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
happy friday. long weekend ahead. i think of myself as a fairly even kilned kind of person. i don't take things too personally, particularly at work. i don't let work stuff bug me emotionally all that much. i don't like it when people lie to my face. even when it only happens at work and that very rarely happens. when it does i feel like i need to try to clean it up because i can't bear it, and that's next. my eyelove is girls' night out. my eyelove is the september issue. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes.
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6:55 pm
she was brand new at her job. she had been the campaign manager for a week. here is the thing, the day before kellyanne conway got hired, that report included specific details about the newly ousted head of fox news meeting with donald trump on a really specific date at this really specific golf club in new jersey. all right. this -- these meetings, right, this sort of advisory role, it's politically saw lant. it's because this news came down less than a month after he left fox news after these cascading allegations of sexual harassment, all that which he advised. i asked the trump campaign manager on the show about it. now, i've got a problem with the answer that she gave me. >> this is my last question for you. and it's -- i'm asking you just because i -- i feel like i shouldn't have to ask you, i
6:56 pm
don't have access to anybody, it's a factual question. is roger working as part of the donald trump campaign? >> they're old fans. he's donald trump he talks to a lot of people. >> that meeting at the golf club in new jersey on sunday august 14th, that wasn't -- that didn't happen. this is what the "new york times" reported in terms of him coming on board to help donald trump and becoming a formal adviser, that didn't happen. >> i was not there on august 14th, so i didn't see who was or was not there. i will tell you that they're old friends and, you know, they talk. i'm sure they talk and he talks to many different people, every side of the aisle. >> he is a marketing genius. >> and just resigns his job under terrible sexual harassments allegations. >> they're old friend. roger has no formal or informal,
6:57 pm
thank you for having me. i have to say, the reporting about roger having a role in the trump campaign, those reports have not stopped. we've got the "new york times" report i asked about, we have a washington post report saying they met at the same golf course one week earlier. they ate bacon cheese burgers, ate hot dogs. on monday we got a new report about this regular sunday meeting, that's three sundays in a row. sherman at new york magazining, two sources say ails showed up for trump debate prep with a black eye. with a black eye. we have multiple reports now of at least three different strategy sessions for trump, all attended by trump and roger ails from fox news, down to the condition of roger ailes face at
6:58 pm
the last meeting. i asked her about a trump meeting that reportedly including roger, it happened just before kellyann con way was hired. right, i asked her. >> that meeting at the golf club in new jersey on sunday august 14th, that didn't happen. this is what the "new york times" reported in terms of him coming on board to help donald trump prepare for the debates, that didn't happen. >> i was not there on august 14th, so i didn't see who was or was not there. >> campaign manager says she wasn't there at the donald trump meeting on august 14th. but by the time i asked her that, she had also reportedly been there at a trump ailes meeting the following sunday, it just had not been reported yet. >> i was not there on august 14th. so i didn't see who was or was not there. >> okay. it is one thing to duck my question about august the 14th, but it is another thing, now that we're getting multiple
6:59 pm
sustained mutually enforcing reports, what they're eating and working on and the condition of mr. ailes face. and she was there for at least one of the meetings and the report will say they made the decision to meet with the mexican president against the adviser roger ailes that include roger ailes in his new former role since he left fox news after those sexual harassment allegations is giving donald trump advice his new hobby. is he helping or not? because trump's campaign manager told me to my face that he's not. if that's the case, is the trump campaign demanding corrections from all of these different places about how he is involved
7:00 pm
in the campaign every week, involved in key decisions in a regular role? we ask kellyann conway and the trump campaign about this, if they're not asking for corrections, then that must mean those reports are true. we haven't heard back from them. the moment we do, i'll let you know. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again next week. now it's time for "hardball." have an excellent weekend. game time for clinton and trump, let's play "hardball." the labor day weekend is upon us, and well that means americans are going to have a three-day weekend to celebrating


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