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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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look like. that would allow us both, the united states and russia, to focus our attention on common enemies. >> president obama tells us what he said to russian president, vladimir putin, in china. the g 20 laundry list of issues they discussed, including syria and cyber security. and tracking hermine as the storm moves up the atlantic. millions of americans told to stay out of the water this holiday weekend. but we start this hour with the unofficial end to summer and the unofficial start to the final big push in the fall campaign season. candidates like their surrogates already out on this labor day. a live look now at bill clinton campaigning in detroit. joe biden rallying the faithful in pittsburgh. hillary clinton and donald trump have 64 days until election day. and just three weeks to the first debate. both candidates making campaign stops today. the locations, perhaps, telling of where the presidential hopefuls are strong and where they are not.
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msnbc's political team is on the trail for us on this monday. starting in the battleground state of ohio. hillary clinton there today after a few weeks fund-raising. she and her top surrogates on a major campaign swing. nbc's kristen walker in ohio. kristen, why in ohio ohio today? >> reporter: richard, good morning to you. one campaign official saying this is the final sprint hillary clinton after taking several days off for fund-raising in cleveland along with tim kaine. but a lot of her top surrogates are going to be out in full force today. take a look at this map that we have drawn up. secretary clinton heads to illinois later on today. former president bill clinton will be in detroit and cincinnati. vice president biden will be joined by tim kaine in pittsburgh later on today. and then bernie sanders has his first official solo event in new hampshire. now, this all comes as there have been more questions about secretary clinton's use of her private e-mail server.
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on friday, the fbi released its notes from their interview with secretary clinton and among the findings, more than three dozen times she said she couldn't remember something. over the weekend, tim kaine defended her. take a listen. >> and what these notes demonstrate is in very significant detail why the fbi chose not to go forward with any additional proceeding. she did make a mistake. and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device, rather than multiple devices. she has apologized for that. said it was a mistake, and she's learned from it. >> reporter: richard, this all comes on a big day for the clinton campaign. secretary clinton is going to be now traveling with her press corps. take a look at the plane, about to take its maiden voyage from westchester here to cleveland. you see it says "stronger together." that is, of course, the clinton campaign's slogan. it could mean more access to the press and comes after getting some criticism for not taking a whole lot of questions from the press. another indication we're headed
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into the home stretch. >> kristen welker, thank you so much. donald trump's travel map is different than hillary clinton's perhaps leveraging and pivoting on his move to court black voters this weekend. katy tur joins us now. katy, i've heard some involved in reaching out to minority communities for republicans may be increasing coordination with the trump campaign going forward. what is trump's travel schedule say about how he might be courting minority voters? >> reporter: well, we don't know what his travel schedule is on -- hard, at least, this week so far. they don't really tell us generally until a day our two before when something has been firmed up. but for the most part, still maintaining battleground state schedule. and whether that includes specific outreach to minority communities, we're going to have to wait and see. he's in ohio today, going to a state fair out there, also visiting a round table, according to the associated press.
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but what is on the docket for him in terms of outreach to those communities, that he's not doing well in, specifically african-american communities, latino communities, muslim communities, is still unclear at the moment. he's been facing a lot of criticism and a lot of heat, even, behind the scenes from some of his own advisers. a number of hispanic advisers part of his national hispanic council, resigning last week after the immigration speech, or at least expressing deep concerns or reservations about the candidate. so he's got an uphill battle right now when it comes to trying to convince minority voters that he is on their side. spent about 14, 15 months of his campaign railing against immigration and railing against terrorists and terror and what some have seen as language that basically accuses all minorities of wrongdoing. so he's got to figure out a way to soften that language, soften that image, in order to appeal to those groups. right now, he's only pulling at 1 to 2% among the african-american community. whether that's something he can
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improve on remains to be seen. when i have spoken to african-american voters in communities that he has at least visited in terms of rallies where the rallies have been, you know, mostly white, the african-american voters have generally said they believe that donald trump is -- his message is condescending, especially when he says that -- what the hell do you have to lose by voting for me. they believe they have a lot to lose. they don't think he has really tried to appeal to african-american voters until recently, when he realized he needs their vote in order to win the white house. richard? >> nbc's katy tur there in new york for us, following the trump campaign. thanks for that. and let's bring in msnbc contributor and former governor of vermont, howard dean. governor, good labor day to you. and thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> you heard from kristen welker there, laying out where hillary clinton will be going in the coming days and weeks ahead. in cleveland before heading to illinois. bill clinton in cincinnati, joe biden, tim kaine in pittsburgh. bernie sanders for her, then in vermont. when you look toe approach here
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-- >> new hampshire. >> what do you see in terms of her strategy, what is she going after here? clearly a lot of swing states. >> well, first of all, it's obvious she's unbelievably well-organized, which is what she is really good at. second of all, these are all critical swing states. we have to win pennsylvania. i personally believe if we do win pennsylvania, we're going to win the whole thing, because i think we're going to win florida and north carolina. i don't think there's much trump can do about that. so, you know, this is a plan that has been worked out over the weeks and now they're going to execute it. >> another way to look at this, also, when you talk about north carolina, you know, donald trump we're hearing potentially could be going there to talk about immigration. and a cbs poll gives clinton in that state a four-point lead in north carolina, and as you know, within the margin of error from the poll. with his recent push on -- for black voters over the weekend, he was in detroit. that's an important group in north carolina. could this help him? this is the first early voting state, north carolina.
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>> well, let me tell you how incredib incredibly incompetent donald trump is on the race issue. he goes to a black church and probably are probably not going to vote for him but appreciate it. and then he tweets this morning that because barack obama has been such a bad president, there won't be another black president for many years. i mean, unbelievable. you reach out to a group one day and the next day you trash their president, their person they care about, and then say that all black people are tainted with the same problem. this is insane! he has no conception of what being a racist is. because he is one. i mean, it's just -- i don't think he's a terrible racist that wears a hood. he just has no clue about what he's talking about. the other problem he's got in north carolina is that the republicans have really screwed up north carolina. they have a governor there who is a -- who got elected because they thought he was a pro business moderate republican. he turned out to be a spineless
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right-winger and a legislature that's crazy, who has the most restrictive voting rights until the supreme court refused to uphold it. so i think we're going to win north dakota, and that's just hillary clinton is going to do a good job down there. because the local republicans are so inconsistent. and richard burr and the governor are in big trouble. >> so early voting not an issue, you're saying, because of early voters and trump's outreach. i want to move to something else you read over the weekend. the "richmond times dispatch." surprising some folks, right? endorsed the libertarian candidate, gary johnson. they had gone for republican nominees. and in their endorsement, they write this, quote, that neither donald trump here in this case, nor hillary clinton, meets the fundamental, moral and professional standards we have every right to expect as an american president. we are confident that if given the opportunity to make his case, gary johnson will persuade
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millions of americans he is the most capable candidate. with the drumbeat on e-mails, the latest reveal and 58 pages, is johnson the benefit factor of secretary clinton's troubles or issues related to this e-mail question? >> well, first of all, i served with gary johnson. i like him a lot. but he's a total icono claft. he vetoed over 2,000 bills. he really is a true libertarian, which, unfortunately, makes him not particularly tractable. he has climbed seven peaks, jumped out of airplanes and this kind of business. >> right. >> i don't exactly think that if people really -- would consider him seriously if the negatives weren't so high on the other candidates. >> maybe there is one group. and that's a group that you resonate with. and that is the youth vote. i want to allude to a recent fox news poll that shows third party
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candidates. gary johnson, jill stein. they have a combined 24% among voters under the age of 35. as you look towards this transition, bernie sanders, hitting new hampshire. as you see her courting the youth vote, does she still have an issue with that voting group? >> well, here's the thing about hillary. hillary is a worker. and if she has a problem, i saw those numbers today. >> yeah. >> and i saw some numbers among african-american millennials, which indicated they wanted somebody who is really going to stand up. hillary will work that, and she'll do it. when she sees a weakness like that, she goes and does something about it. she's methodical, she'll have a plan. so i'm very optimistic. i think bernie is a huge addition. you'll see him in a lot more states, because, of course, that's the age group he talks to directly. >> and the reason why we're talking about stein and johnson as third-party potentials, they do do the stuff that does reach the group that we're talking about. that's under the age of 35.
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when we use that phrase, gary johnson, as a spoiler, when we look our latest polling numbers that he is trending upwards, 11 percentage points at the moment. and 15 is that magic number. how does he get those last four points and will that be a problem, as you look towards november? >> well, i think one of the commentators earlier talked about it. he's got a problem, he's not getting any press, so he doesn't get the votes and he's not getting the votes because he doesn't get the press. it's really, really tough. of you know, he were on the stage, actually, i think it would be a good thing. because -- >> a good thing. >> because he does talk about issues. yeah, i do. the press wants to not talk about issues. i personally believe the e-mail stuff is hocus pocus. the fbi has not said one word, other than she didn't do anything illegal and nobody would prosecute this case and she was truthful. that's what the fbi has said. this goes on and on and on, because the right-wingers keep bringing it up and for some
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reason the mainstream press feels they should cover what the right-wingers say. i think gary would have the effect of forcing the moderators to talk about real issues, and not e-mails and donald trump's racism problems and all these things. i think we need to find out what the difference between these candidates on education policy, what's the difference on tax policy. trump would give tax breaks to gazillioners and hillary clinton has got a tax cut coming. i think it would be a good thing if gary johnson were on the stage. >> well, gary johnson is glad, governor to governor, you're saying that to him and about him being on the stage. governor howard dean, thank you so much. have a good labor day. >> thanks, richard. >> you bet. both hillary clinton and trump will be taking part in the commander in chief forum, by the way, hosted by nbc news, along with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. that will be hosted by matt lauer. it will focus exclusively on issues the next president will have to confront as commander in chief. it's this wednesday, 8:00 p.m.
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eastern, simulcast here on msnbc. and nbc. don't miss that. president obama weighed in just this morning on 49ers' quarterback, colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. >> he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. and the latest pro athlete to join in on kaepernick's protest against racial injustice. how his message is resonating with fans, as well. and hermine moves up the east coast. beaches remain closed from new jersey to new england. one last gasp still a concern. as you can see, i build the jet engines, and programmers teach them to talk. so yeah, ge is digital and industrial. so it's indigital. digidustrial. indigenous. shhhh... let's go with digital industrial. for now.
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after tearing through the east coast, hermine is twisting miles offshore in the atlantic,
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packing 70-mile-an-hour winds and pushing the water up along the coast. millions are forced to stay out of the water, because of dangerous rip currents. and we have it all covered for you, and we begin with meteorologist bill karins. bill, what's the potential impact? >> the impact is at the beaches and really to all of the businesses losing all of the money and when hoping to enjoy labor day weekend and labor day on the coast. that's not happening all the way from cape cod right down the new jersey coastline. all beaches have extremely high waves, high tide, well up on to the beaches. and it is doing some significant beach erosion. here is the center of the storm. some thunderstorms and rain have moved their way into the nantucket area so at least someone got something. the forecast did change over the weekend. now the forecast 72 hours ago, on friday, for today, supposed to have the storm in this general position, right in here. you can see that it was about 100 miles to the east of that, which has taken all of this nasty weather, the rain, thunderstorms, and put it off the coast. of if it had been where it was supposed to be, all of this would have been over the northeast this morning and if
7:18 am
the forecast had aired, then it would have been worse, near the coast. so that's why all the precautions were taken and everyone told to stay out of the water, because we do have that forecast uncertainty. it worked out in favor, less power outages, but did mean a lot of people lost a lot of money in the businesses. so right now the storm is still a powerful storm at 70 miles per hour and then we take it out to sea from here, richard. so it is going to look better in the days ahead. >> we'll take that, better always good. gabe gutierrez is in montauk, new york, talking about the concern, and precautions there. gabe, what are you seeing there? >> hi, richard. good morning. we're here at the end of long island, quite a bit of waves here, the concern for rip currents. people staying out of the beach. but tourists are trying to make the best of it, and kids running -- still having a good time. despite the weather. a few surfers trying to get into the water. authorities warning not to do that. however, this is one of the areas still you said a tropical storm warning. and as bill mentioned, something
7:19 am
that is a big deal for the entire east coast has been the economic impact of this storm. so we tracked it, in florida, when it made landfall on friday and then in georgia and the carolinas, as it made its way up there. and beaches like ocean city, maryland, where we were yesterday, even though there were sunny skies yesterday, there had been heavy rain and wind on saturday. and one business owner we spoke with said, he lost a lot of his business on saturday. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> this is our last hurrah, so to speak. this is our last big weekend to really make -- a lasting memory for our guests and a huge revenue impact for us when we have a big storm like this come through. >> how big of a hit has it been for you? not as bad as sandy, but we would say between 10 and 20% of your business was impacted. >> reporter: i'm sorry, that was another hotel owner that said she had to deal with consolations. so, richard, again, here in long island today, the concern is not rain, it's more of these rip currents keeping people out of
7:20 am
the water. but this economic impact is definitely being felt up the coast. >> gabe, thanks. gabe gutierrez there, again, in long island. appreciate that. now turning to seaside heights where tam knee lighter is standing by. tammy, how does this monday look compared to saturday or sunday? >> reporter: yeah, we've been out here for four days. high winds today, the water is already all the way up to where i am and we're not even at high tide yet. let's look at the ocean. the swells are about 6 to 8 feet, very dangerous rip currents. you can see what it looks like from here. but imagine being out there on a cruise ship. now, we're told a cruise ship left out of vail, new jersey, on friday, headed to bermuda. some people shot video of some rough seas, some people seasick, hard to walk on the deck, rough waves. they are still continuing on
7:21 am
their way to new jersey, i'm told. out here on the jersey shore, people are being kept off the beach, obviously, as you can see. kept out of the water. it's just way too dangerous out here with the rip currents. richard? >> scary video there. would not want to have been on that cruiser. thank you so much, tammy leit r leitner, on the nice firm ground, terra firma in new jersey. donald trump's latest minority outreach attempts, including this weekend's visit to a predominantly black church in detroit. how did that go? president obama and russian president vladimir putin, huddled on the sidelines of the g-20 summit. was there any progress on what was a laundry list of issues, including syria?
7:22 am
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sorry, captain obvious. don't be. i've got the app, which makes it simple to book a room for $500. or $25, but it won't be here. you can stay with me. thanks. i've already lost enough today. it comes with a pen so you keys can write as you please this mac doesn't have any of that it's less useful like a hat for your cat surface has touch and a beautiful screen you can see things like they've never been seen this mac doesn't quite compare it's slower, heavy, and a bit square fold it in half, hello when y start lighter than air, you can doodle a heart yes it's plain to see the surface pro 4 is made for me welcome back. president obama just wrapped up the final g20 summit with a press conference that revealed details about his conversation with russian president, vladimir
7:25 am
putin. the two world leaders talking about syria, the tpp and cyber security, among many issues. when asked of the subject of russian hacking game up, president obama said the goal right now is to avoid a cyber arms race. >> our goal is not to suddenly in the cyber arena duplicate a cycle of escalation, but rather to start instituting some norms, so that everybody is acting responsibly. >> nbc's hans nichols following the trip. the question might be what elements of progress did you get a sense of in the comments that the president made? >> well, richard, it was a status check, a sense for both leaders to get a sense of where they are on these issues from ukraine to syria to cyber and then to go ahead and make a determination to have some of their deputies work out the details. so constructive, but not conclusive. now, those were the president's words on ukraine, but they could
7:26 am
apply to the entire 90-minute conversation. it was a poll aside, tacked on at the end. i think it's important to note on syria, they figured out where their differences might be, and they think there is still a possibility of some sort of cease-fire in aleppo. remember, we did have somewhat of a cease-fire there a couple weeks ago. that slowed down, and that's stalled. and has been all but washed away. now a great deal of violence taking place. >> trying to get those cease-fires to stick. and certainly something that both countries and their delegations it r trying to figure out. talk about this, though. the president, as he moved into a second term, said it's a pivot to asia. and as he makes his final trip through asia as the president of the united states, this is much about his legacy as -- on foreign policy, because this is what he was saying as he, again, moved into a second term. >> well, the president is a basketball player. he likes to pivot. i would note just from a
7:27 am
basketball perspective, he wasn't a low post player. there have been so many pistons to asia in office. this is really an opportunity for them to try to focus the conversation on that. clearly, they want to talk about asia. they think this is one of the president's legacies. they're proud, the white house is, of the accomplishments they've had there. but they also recognize they have a challenge with china. we'll see to what extent that becomes the story in laos, how you're going to have some sort of resolution to the scarborough shoal, the islands. the president hinted at here it, the g20, but there are a lot of maritime issues they said want to cover up, get a solution. and then when we get to this crucial issue of the transpacific partnership, the president making the case he doesn't need to convince his asian partners. his heavier lift back home with his own party in the united states' congress. >> nbc's hans nichols through
7:28 am
asia, thank you so much. the parents the little boy killed by an alligator at disney speak publicly about their son's death for the first time. anyone that knows me, knows i don't like to speak. but my baby, i owe it to him to honor him. so his mommy needed to say happy birthday, lany. >> up next, a look at the tribute lane graves' family and the community paid to him on what would have been his third birthday. they feel good?
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whmade plastics that tmake them lighter?rs the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. . for the first time, the parents of the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at walt disney world speaks publicly. hey, kerry. >> reporter: richard, saturday would have been lane graves' third birthday. in his hometown of tiny elkhorn, nebraska, family members, friends and neighbors gathered for a bittersweet celebration of
7:32 am
little lane's life. >> to have spent two years -- >> reporter: this morning, the heartbroken parents of lane graves, who was killed in a horrifying alligator attack at disney world, speaking out for the first time since the tragedy. >> anyone that knows me knows i don't like to speak. but my baby, i owe it to him to honor him. >> reporter: honoring him on what would have been his third birthday. >> his mommy needed to say "happy birthday, lany! we miss you, buddy! >> reporter: amid of sea of balloons and his favorite treat, m & m cookies, forming themselves into the shape of a heart. >> it's an opportunity to show the family how much they're praying for the family and how much they are supporting them. >> reporter: the family was on vacation at disney world, the little boy building a sand calf,
7:33 am
when without warning, a 7-foot alligator grabbed him. lane's father tried to save his son, but it was just too powerful. pulling the boy down. >> alyssa and i often speak about how lucky we were to have spent the time as a complete family. >> reporter: disney added warning signs around waterfront areas. >> lane and ella used to say to their mommy and daddy that they love them up to the sky and down to the grass. lane, ella, we love you up to heaven, and down to the grass. happy birthday, buddy. we miss you. >> reporter: just a heart breaking story. the family has said in previous statements that they do not plan to sue disney. richard? >> nbc's kerry sanders, thank you for your report. and we'll be right back. ou tellr friends about your job, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job.
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it's been wild, it's been unconventional. and as the final push starts, this presidential race promises to become even more historic, if you will. one thing that's not extreme are the polls today. the average of the national poll shows clinton with just a four-point lead. that's where we were a year ago. let's bring in daily beast politics reporter, betsy woodruff and washington correspondent, jay newton small. good day to both of you. and let's start with this, betsy. in this final unofficial push we have been talking about, will start on labor day, right, what potential major shifts might we see in strategy from both camps as they try to battle what they have both seen, high unfavorables consistently here over the months? >> you know, it's going to be interesting to see just how much donald trump's new campaign leaders are able to discipline his basic messaging approach. he was speaking off a teleprompter, of course, when he appeared on african-american church on saturday. before that, last week, gave his major immigration address off a
7:38 am
teleprompter. we're hearing him script more often than not over the last couple weeks. if his campaign is able to keep him in a box, keep his rhetoric tamped down, perhaps at more controlled levels than they have been over the course of his campaign, that's a shift we might see. of course, it might not be enough. >> and the shift for the clinton campaign here, jay, as we look at what friday brought us, 58 pages with reflections and data in that discussion with the fbi. that does not help the clinton campaign. can they make a shift in the pivot here that will change the narrative? >> certainly, the clinton campaign i think is going to actually final start to really campaign. she has had a very quiet month where she spent the bulk of her time fund raising and is with the e-mail scandal continuing on. and from what i understand from the campaign officials, she's actually going to get out on the campaign trail now, really start to roll out policies, start to underline the differences and the choice that the americans have in this election. so you'll see her getting up. >> and since you do bring up
7:39 am
where she will be on the campaign trail, and we were talking about the travel maps earlier for the candidates. clinton kicking off specifically for her, she'll be in ohio. is she trying to, if you will, build on what had been called the obama firewall, that existed in the midwest around wisconsin? >> she is. but she's also -- look, they have also said they intend to play in some states that are unconventional for presidential elections like georgia, arizona, north carolina. she is winning in north carolina right now. i think she's four points ahead. so these are states that -- i mean, they were in play in '08 but not in '12. at least north carolina was in play. georgia has never been in play. neither has arizona. >> in swing, right. >> so i think you're going to see her both in the traditional firewall states like ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin. but then also reaching out to new areas and trying to gain ground and force trump to get money to go on the defensive. >> we might consider the
7:40 am
african-american vote, a new area for donald trump. and, you know, he has north carolina on his immediate travel plans, as we hear it for now, at least. and they start their early voting in just about the week -- their first state to do that. do you think his minority outreach, which, if you will, you know, started this weekend at an african-american church, that might help him in early voting states like north carolina, like ohio? >> you know, it's likely that trump's outreach to african-american voters is much too late. the reality is, he's been campaigning for 14 months. and this is the first time he's made any sort of concerted pitch to these voters. of course, trump doesn't have a lot to build on. republicans historically do a miserable job winning support from african-american voters. and even though the rnc promised after the 2012 election they would really try to invest in reaching those communities, they didn't really follow through on it. based on the african-american republican leaders i've talked to in my reporting. so while trump may think it's worth a shot, his best bet is probably to get the voters who already like him and get them to
7:41 am
turn out, rather than trying to persuade new voters who are probably not going to be super open to him as a messenger. >> and betsy, reflect on this, if you can. you know, as we look at where the polls are tightening, and i mentioned it as we were coming into our conversation here. you know, donald trump pretty much stuck in the 30s, right? and hillary clinton, as the gap is closing, it's not like she -- that he is gaining percentage points. it's actually the clintons losing them and going to third quarter parents. why do you think that's happening? >> it's an interesting question. and the evidence that hillary is actually losing voters to jill stein and gary johnson is fascinating. i think part of the problem is, for instance, you have states like utah, where the voters who might theoretically be open to an anti trump candidate or who have already ruled out trump don't see hillary as a viable alternative because she is so liberal on social issues. of course, on top of that, the fact that rolling e-mail scandal
7:42 am
doesn't help her at all makes some folks frustrated and more open to very atypical candidates. >> you know, jay was speaking over the weekend to some leaders in the latino-american community and african-american community, and as has been written in the "new york times" today, on its front page, the issue of i don't think voters in those communities, and when we look at what is happening with the vote underneath 35 years old, as i was mentioning earlier, a quarter of them are going for these third-party candidates. >> i mean, there's a lot of dissatisfaction with millennial voters. and overall in this system. these are people who loved bernie sanders, who really wanted revolution, really wanted a change. and they just don't like either of these candidates. they don't love hillary clinton, who they see as old fashioned and a generation past and don't like donald trump because he's too bomb bass particular and racial and sexist. so they're looking for another option, another opportunity. and this isn't the first time. ron paul was popular with
7:43 am
millennials in the last two elections. but you see that group really growing in dissatisfaction with the traditional parties and saying you guys are not appealing to us and we're looking for other options and it's very interesting because it bodes for the future, potentially the birth of a third party. >> birth of a third party. and there's a lot of folks, including the third-party candidates that do hope this happens. betsy, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. betsy woodruff, jane newton small, as well. have a great holiday. president obama has weighed in on the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. what he is saying about the quarterback's protest of racial injustice. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. welcome to it all. comcast. for the first time, president obama weighed in on the controversy surrounding colin kaepernick's and the quarterback's silent protests of not standing for the national anthem. >> my suspicious is that over time, he's going to refine how
7:47 am
he's thinking about it, and maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point around certain concerns about justice and equality and that's how we move forward. sometimes it's messy, but, you know, it's the way democracy works. >> president obama making those remarks this morning at the end of the g 20 summit in china. >> and the club's match last night in chicago, a little nod to kaepernick. the 2012 gold medal-winning olympian added, being a gay american, i know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties. joining me now by skype is nbc sports radio host, jason page. jason, let's start with president obama, now commented
7:48 am
on the controversy that is around what colin kaepernick would like to do and what he has not done so far when the national anthem is being played. what might this add to the conversation? >> look, you have a number of people now that are chiming in on the conversation as it relates to colin kaepernick and whether it's megan rapinoe, others taking the knee. you're getting more and more dialogue on the topic, and it's moving away from, well, he simply decided to sit or boycott the national anthem. now it's actually moving more towards the story that colin kaepernick would like this to surround. and that is, the conversation over the way black people and minorities are treated by police. and that's obviously the issue that colin kaepernick is holding near and dear to his heart. i've said from the start, richard, i don't have a problem. i don't necessarily agree with colin kaepernick and the way he decided to go about making this message. it's not the way i would have done it. but at the same time, it is freedom of expression, it's freedom of speech. and i think a lot of people are
7:49 am
starting to rally around the idea that it's not just free speech or freedom of expression that you would agree with. >> jason, what are you seeing, if you will, in not only the club rooms in terms of response to the way that colin has actually handled this? >> i think you're getting a mixture. and i hate to say it. some of it falls along racial lines, as well. you know, where you're getting some players on the white side of things, who are saying one thing. and you're getting others who are minorities and have felt -- even rich athletes have sometimes felt overburdened or felt put upon by police in this country. so it's not just -- it's not just people living in the -- in these urban areas or things like that. you actually are getting players who are now starting to make their case as to why colin kaepernick is right. again, once this moves into football, though, and i think this is the biggest point, richard. once the football season actually starts, people are
7:50 am
going to care about football. and colin kaepernick, the fact of the matter is, he's a nonfactor right now for this 49ers' team. not even the starting quarterback. >> and you know, he is responding to those responding to him. and what he has been saying and what he will do, and let's get his response in what he said over the weekend. >> once again, i'm not anti-american. i love america. i love people. that's why i'm doing this. i want to help make america better. >> and we have to remember his own background. and how he grew up, and coming -- growing up as a mixed young child, raised by two white parents. he has a complex background, that does inform him to the topic that he is standing up for here. >> and he has shared the story. and it might have been "esquire" that had it a year or so ago, richard. he talked about going into a hotel with his parents when he was younger. and the person in the hotel looking at him and saying, yeah, well, what are you doing here? you know, almost giving him a sideways look as if to say,
7:51 am
yeah, you don't belong here. or sometimes being in college, and people looking at him and his friends and looking at him differently. just because he's biracial, and i know one former nfl player, rodney harrison tried to make the point and had to apologize for it, saying, well, colin kaepernick is not even black. and then he had to rewind that and say, oh, whoops, he's biracial. sometimes people look at him and they may not even understand that this is somebody who is biracial and has probably had to deal with some of the discriminatory issues that black people have had to deal with. >> and is he cannot think back to others, and we talked about this when colin kaepernick came out with this statement saying that he was going to do this. is he asked to look at, for instance, muhammad ali, and when you look at those others in this history who have stood up issues related to racial equality. you know, he's not the first and perhaps inspired by what others have done. >> no, he's not. and look, even jackie robinson wrote in a book back in the 1970s he couldn't stand for the
7:52 am
national anthem. that he couldn't sing the national anthem, because of what he thought it had actually stood for during his time on this earth. so there's a number of athletes that have jumped in on this. we have seen the nba players during the espe awards recently who stood up just before the start of the espe awards who made an appoint to say, look, this issue is something that we all have to deal with. and, look, at the end of the day, it is calling attention to something that is an issue in this country. you can argue and bicker about the degree to which it is an issue, and the number of people that are impacted by, you know, issues regarding the police and minorities. we can sit here and bicker about that. but nobody can disagree with the fact that it is an issue. and that it does have a place on the conversation table. >> nbc's sports radio host, jason page. thank you so much. >> thanks, richard. >> you bet. now i want to go to nbc's andrea mitchell, who is on the press plane, just getting off the press plane there with south
7:53 am
dakota hillary clinton, was announced earlier today. we had new video and pictures of the new plane that secretary clinton will be using for the rest of the campaign. andrea mitchell, there with her. and tell us what you saw and what -- where she is right now in ohio. andrea? >> reporter: well, right now we are on the tarmac, rolling out of westchester, about to take off. she just came back to say hi. she is on board the plane, she said "welcome to the big plane, so happy to have you all with us." sort of a joking, semi-joking. she said i wanted to welcome you on to our plane. it's going to be a mad dash for the next two months. are you ready. said she'll come back later to talk to us. that's going to be between cleveland, ohio, and moline, illinois, and the first q & a we have had with her since a lot of things have happened. also on the plane is her top aide, huma abedin. first time we have seen her since a week and a half ago when all of that scandal broke, and she announced she was separating from her husband, anthony
7:54 am
weiner. so she is on board. hillary clinton and the top staff. a big day, labor day. and when i asked if she had a labor day message, she said yes, she will. and we'll be hearing later obviously in cleveland and illinois. her surrogates, the vice presidential running mate, tim kaine, along with the current vice president, joe biden, already out in pittsburgh today, in detroit, at a parade. bill clinton. so everyone is out on behalf of hillary clinton on the democratic side. and she says her labor day message is, with a big laugh, that if you want a good labor day coming forward, you know who to vote for. so we'll have a more substantive conversation with her later, one hopes. and that will be about the fbi interview, the report from the fbi, and all of the other things that have been swirling around her and all of these week to week since we have had a chance to talk to hillary clinton. except for occasional moments on the roadblock. >> as you saw secretary clinton
7:55 am
coming back to speak to the press corps on the plane with her that you're on, did she at all talk about or any of other staff talk about the focus going forward? we were looking at the states being covered. you mentioned some of them about the surrogates and how crucial at this moment key swing states like ohio, we look at michigan, where they stand on that, and how crucial it is to their strategy going forward here in this final run that kicks off on this labor day? >> well, it certainly is signaled by how important it is that they finally have a plane. the latest -- the democratic nominee has ever not had the press traveling with her when we were traveling with hillary clinton in '08. all during the primary campaign we had a plane after iowa and new hampshire. and this whole season she's been on private planes going her way. we don't know where and when she goes. there really isn't a press pool that travels with her. and, in fact, the pool that used to be parked outside her house
7:56 am
in chappaqua has been moved by secret service and authorities. so we have no eyeballs on what she does. she is unprecedented in a political campaign. donald trump also does not have a plane-load of press with him regularly. so it's been a very unusual campaign from that standpoint. we don't have the battleground game plan. but that's to come from the conversation we're going to have with her, we hope, in the next leg of the flight. we're about to take off so i'm going to say bye. >> andrea mitchell, thank you for stopping in via phone for us there on the clinton campaign plane. i appreciate that. with that, we'll be right back. stick with us.
7:57 am
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of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. and that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. tamron hall picks it up from here. >> hi, richard. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall back on the campaign trail. the critical home stretch, both
8:00 am
hillary clinton and donald trump in the battleground state of ohio. where polls show clinton holds a slight lead. president obama and vladimir putin, two of the world leaders at the g20 summit in china. the meeting described by the president as, quote, blunt and business-like. as questions still swirl about russia's alleged interference in the presidential election here. and post tropical storm hermine still churning in the waters at beaches from eastern new york up through massachusetts. this holiday weekend. officials warning that the waves from the storm could cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions. we have a couple live reports for you on that storm. good morning, again, i'm tamron hall, coming live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we are now 64 days until the election, and just a cuff couple weeks away from some voters casting their early vote. hillary clinton hit the campaign


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