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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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wondering, look at this video from our campaign. there's the trump plane, there's the new clinton plane, side by side on a tarmac in cleveland. again, this is a picture, the 360 there that we will be seeing quite a bit of this campaign season. cleveland, man, it's where it's all going down. that does it for this hour of msnbc. kate snow picking up our coverage next right here on msnbc. >> cleveland rocks. >> it's the center of all the action. great to see you in person. happy holiday to you. >> thank you, you too. hi everybody, i'm kate snow. just about seven weeks until election day. and as hallie just said, the word of the day is ohio. hillary clinton taking her brand new campaign plane on it's maiden voyage before taking off for the buckeye state, she greeted the press on her new plane. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> waiting for many moment. >> clinton and her vice presidential running mate tim
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kaine will be at a labor day festival in cleveland in just under an hour. kaine was with joe biden in pittsburgh earlier this morning. >> there's so many people like trump who look at us, like we're not their equal. i'm sick of it. i have had it up to here. >> donald trump and the rock and roll capital as well, his schedule with a little more under wraps before a stop at a local restaurant for lunch, he spoke with labor leaders, the focus, jobs. >> and right now as we speak, they're negotiating deals to move out of ohio and go down to mexico. so it's going to be a two-way street. and with me, it's got to be a one-way street for a while to be honest with you. we're going to get some jobs back. >> also today, the washington post reporting that u.s. intelligence agencies are investigating how and whether russia might be meddling in the u.s. presidential election. the post sources say they don't have definitive proof that the russians are trying to swing the election, just a concern they
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may be trying to make voters here distrust our electoral system. president obama spent 90 minutes having what he called a candid, blunt, and business-like conversation with russian president vladimir putin at the g20 summit in china today. no word if they spoke about the election, but mr. obama did say this -- >> we've had problems with cyber intrusions from russia in the past, from other countries in the past. what we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the wild, wild west. >> more on the president's comments coming up, but first to the campaign trail and the road warriors, nbc's katy tur and kristen welker, let's start with ka katy, she's live outside trump tower. and donald trump in cleveland, in ohio, not taking the day off. >> reporter: no, he's not. and it's pretty traditional to campaign on labor day afterall, this is what we like to call the
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final sprint until election day. you just saw him a knew moments ago at a round table with union leaders and union workers in cleveland. he's now heading to a state fair in youngstown, unclear what time he'll get there, unclear what he'll do, whether or not he's going to walk around and talk to folks. we'll find out and see. the campaign is feeling good today. the race is tightening according to one national poll. they're pointing to that saying that this is an example of how his message is getting through. but the reality is the battleground states are another story. hillary clinton is still leading in the battleground states. notably in north carolina, where she is now up four points compared to the last poll to donald trump, in pennsylvania, slightly better story for trump though, kate, he is narrowing the gap ever so slightly in that very important state. all eyes are on ohio right now. that is a state that donald trump has been campaigning in quite a bit lately. it's one of their focussing on, afterall, every single republican president has won ohio going back to abraham
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lincoln. no secret there that he's going find a way to make ohio's come under the trump tent, but what he's trying to do most notably right now is figuring out a way to appeal to minority vote percent subpoena that possible though? i'm not sure. donald trump spent the weekend in detroit, spent a few hours in detroit i should say taking to a congregation, black congregation and also visiting a neighborhood, ben carson's home, we should point out when he knocked on the door there, the carson supporter -- the woman who lives there now who answered the door is actually a hillary clinton supporter. so there's a tough bit of reality for donald trump right there. but the campaign is not feeling down about any of these signs. they feel like they're going to find a way to turn it around. they believe that the polls are underrepresenting donald trump's support at the moment. his campaign manager basically saying it's not in vogue to be public for your support for donald trump. that's why those poll numbers are not quite as positive as they will be, but they are
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strongly -- strongly holding the belief, at least publicly, that they're going to win in november. >> all right. katy tur, we'll talk about that outreach in just a moment here, thanks katy. kristen welker, live in cleveland where hillary clinton and tim kaine are expected to attend that labor day festival next hour. the candidate chrisening that new plane today, speaking with the press corps, at least for a little bit. >> reporter: at least for a little bit. well, our andrea mitchell assures us she's going to come back and do a more thorough back and forth interview with the press a little bit later on today. so we're looking forward to that because there have been a lot of questions, swirling around secretary clinton, particularly in the wake of the fbi releasing it's notes from a three and a half hour with hillary clinton and that's one of the issues that continues to dog her. and continues to contribute to the polls getting tighter. meanwhile, she'll try to turn the page in ohio.
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she'll be joining tim kaine and shen she goes on to illinois. she's going to be crisscrossing all of the big battleground states this week, kate. and she's setting her surrogates now the force. just today, her husband, former president bill clinton will be out as well as vice president biden and bernie sanders making his first official solo trip for secretary clinton in new hampshire. this is going to be their strategy moving forward. president obama also going to be out on the trail as well as the first lady. we're expecting secretary clinton within the next hour, kate, a lot of anticipation, you can tell it's already getting under way here. >> i swear i'm listening to every word you're saying, kristen, but i'm also looking at this beautiful couple right behind you dancing and they're wonderful. i love it. have a great labor day out there, kristen, thanks. >> reporter: you too, thank you. >> all right, let me bring in former president -- ben jealous is with us, also trump campaign senior advisor, and former congressman from georgia, jack kingstone is with us, also by
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phone, new york times national reporter, she's in new hampshire right now where bernie sanders has been campaigning for hillary clinton today at the aflcio event with trump over the past few days. let's get to all of you. let me start and happy labor day to all, congressman kingston, let me start with you. let's talk about the visit over the weekend, donald trump in detroit at that african american church. republican strategist ron christie who's also an african american penned an op-ed in the new york times, here's part what have we wrote, the problem with mr. trump's efforts thus far is that he does not seem to understand that there is no such monolivic entity known as the african american community. mr. trump needs to realize that all blacks don't go to church on sunday or take their queues from the civil rights leaders that purport to speak for one race. we think as individuals. is this, do you think, the reason why donald trump is not having much success in reaching,
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according to polls, reaching that demographic? >> no, i think, i think the editorial's partially right, but i think the other reality is that the african american vote traditionally votes democrat. i mean, you look at john mccain got 4%, mitt romney got 6%. it's very tough. i represented a district that was 30% african american, i did a lot of outreach, in fact, i sponsored the african american civil rights museum in washington, d.c., that's being built on the mall. i was very, very proactive, and yet, never got any support from groups like the naacp, which i have respect for, but it's basically a democrat voter turnout machine. it's not something that embraces republicans. it's very hard for republican to break loose black vote. that's just the reality of it, but by addressing safety, by addressing crime, by addressing economic opportunities, that's something that not just appeals to african americans, but to all
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demographics. and i think the fact that he's going in there and saying you know what, with i want to compete for this vote, i think it's good for america. because if i'm trying to sell you a car, say it's a ford, and you say, well, whatever happens, i'm not buying a chevrolet, well, i'm not going to give you the best deal i can. and if the signal to donald trump and all republicans is, hey, no matter what, we're going to vote for hillary clinton and the democrats. well, you're not going to have a competitive system and a good product. that's why i think it's very important for him to do this. not just for african americans, but for the whole country. we've got to bring this country together. >> ben jealous, let me play a little bit of what donald trump said to the congregation yesterday. or saturday, rather. >> i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time. one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important. and the right to live in safety and in peace. >> do you think that visit changed any minds inside or outside that church? >> you know, look, the way that you change hearts and minds is you come into a full church, you
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speak with a full heart, you don't read from a script. he came into an empty church, near empty church, about one-third full, he read from a script, and he didn't answer what people -- you know, frankly wanted to hear him answer. this is a man who has insulted blacks and insulted brown people, insulted muslims, insulted people because they are disabled, insulted women. and there was no -- there was a moment where maybe he could testify a bit, he could come clean a bit. he could be contrite, he could apologize, confess he lost his way and he's found it. there was none of that. there was none of that. and people get the sense when you actually talk to people on the ground in detroit, he's not tray there trying to win detroit. he got about 1.3% of total votes cast in the city. now, about third of republicans, republicans only about 5% of the voters in the city, but still, he's not there trying to win detroit. he's there trying to hold on to pennsylvania. he's there trying to hold on to
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ohio. we've gone from a week of him talking to white people about black people to him now coming to a near empty black church, professing he's talking to black people, but trying to send signals to swing states where he's not just lost the black vote, but quite frankly, lost a lot of women. hold on, i'll let you speak. you know, and, you know, hold on to the traditional moderate republicans who are simply offended by somebody who is as overtly racist in their comments and sexist. and simply overtly intolerant. >> but let me say this, i come from a city, savannah, georgia, that's 50% african american, if you're going to be in politics as i was for 30 years. you deal with not just both races, but all races. and here's where i would challenge african american leaders such as yourself is really good that no matter what he does, it's easy to find fault, hey, the church wasn't big enough -- >> he didn't go to milwaukee.
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>> he went to baton rouge and did not invite the press and hillary clinton stayed on martha's vineyard, but it's okay, we're still with hillary. all i'm saying it would be an african american's interest to say, you know what, not sure that wie there, but we appreciate him reaching out. we're going to listen. and if he's going to talk about jobs and he's going to talk about crime, and education, maybe that's a subject we all should come together on. >> gentlemen, let me -- >> i'm not saying give them a switch immediately. >> let me jump in. and i don't want to leave her out of this conversation because she's a reporter for the new york times and she was in the room on saturday, and she talked to people at the church about their perception afterwards. what did you find from people who were there? >> appreciate it if donald trump had done this six months ago, a year ago, donald trump, when he's had this long, running
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campaign, and this is the first time and it's in the history of this campaign ha he stepped foot in a crowd in the neighborhood that was predominantly black. and that's remarkable given the fa account that even with other republicans, even if they knew they weren't going to win the large majority of the black vote, they were able to go into those communities and spend more time there. donald trump is way far behind historically. this is not just donald trump going into milwaukee and then not going around african americans, this is a republican candidate that i'm not going to deal with the other past republicans have done. as said, the people i talked to at the church, they were positivele to his ideas. they said, he didn't say what do we have to lose, it's good he said we have an african american -- that we have discrimination issues in this country. it's good that he said we need to have a civil rights agenda. people were positive about his speech. so i think what donald trump has done is you could have had those conversationing that he was having a year ago. >> but let me say this, how many
10:14 am
african americans actually voted at the republican primary? let's be real -- >> you have to ask yourself why. >> set up a diversity committee led by bruce lavell, he set that up a year ago. now, bruce and the diversity committee, somehow, they don't get covered by the new york times and the naacp. >> congressman, congressman, respectfully, 100 years ago, the naacp could have been called a republican turnout machine. >> can you tell me one time then the -- >> what's real -- >> i can tell you -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> your party led in the old dixiecrats and the old party of hate from the old demes -- >> unlike robert byrd and the democrats. unlike robert byrd -- >> no reason he stays in and became contrite and quite
10:15 am
frankly, he confessed the wrongest of his ways. but all of those unrepented -- >> oh, okay. >> became republicans. >> where were you five years ago -- >> donald trump never called black youth super predators. >> i was camped out in your town five years ago trying to keep an innocent black man from being executed. we wanted your help, where were you? that was a time when your party could have done a whole lot to send a signal in your town that you were willing to stand up for civil rights been you hinged your head in the sand, congressman, and that's -- that's the problem with your party -- >> let me socchave the congress one last word. >> i've got to be frank with you, again, if i'm going to sell you a ford automobile, and you tell me, i'm absolutely not going to buy -- >> stand up for the civil rights of the people in your own town and then talk to me. >> donald trump is reaching out, and i think if you want. [ overlapping speakers ]
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>> can i say this quickly? african american republicans have told me at the rnc, i talked to a lot of african american republicans, they were already part of the party. they already thought the party with their ideals. the party then flipped into other thing where they talked about law and order, kind of backing that, and black republicans i talked to said look, jobs and education appeals and of opportunity. let's talk about economics, let's talk about things that african american voters really want to talk about -- >> which is what he did in milwaukee. >> and within their own party though, they're very frustrated with donald trump. he's not going to say that they're leaving the party, but they're saying donald trump couldn't get african americans like us -- >> i'm not going to say that's an accurately survey. but, the reality is we just got a jobs report, the economy is anemic. we do not need a third term of barack obama's policies, which
10:17 am
have led to 94 million people who are unemployed or underemployed -- >> it also saved -- >> 43 million people on food stamps. the lowest home ownership in 50 years and household incomes have fallen from 57 to $53,000. i don't know what your race is color is -- >> and what i'm saying -- >> i'm going to jump in, we are going to be cut off. and have to go to commercial. let me zblump, sorry, sorry. former congressman, ben jealous, nice to have a lively conversation on labor day. thanks so much for being with us. and we're going to take a look at live pictures coming in right now. are those lived or taped pictures. >> live pictures coming in from donald trump on board his plane in cleveland, ohio. can we listen in on this? >> turn that case down. i'll win that case in court. but many attorney generals throughout the country turned that down. >> politics of influence -- in terms of the judge?
10:18 am
>> in terms what have? >> in terms of them accepting the case? >> i don't know why, but i'll win the case. but many, many states turned that case down. >> so what were you hoping to get out of that donation that you talk about? >> i've just known pam for years. after i lot of respect for her. never spoke to her about that at all. just have a lot of respect for her. as a person and she's done an amazing job as the attorney general of florida. she's very popular. >> follow-up with regards to the debates coming up, how are you preparing? what advice are you giving? >> we speak all the time. i think i'm preparie ining some like i prepared for the other debates. i'm preparing -- you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates. according to to the polls. the online polls. that they did right after the debates. and i think i'm doing the same
10:19 am
thing. >> are you doing a lot of press work? >> i'm doing some. i'm doing some. i've seen people do so much prep work when they get out there, they can't speak. i've seen that. so yeah, we're doing some. >> what kind of prep work? take us inside your mind, pulling back the curtain a little bit. >> well, i mean, it's really basically called a lot of things right. should we go into iraq? should we get out of iraq the way we got out of iraq? so many different things we've been talking about. take the oil for years. >> is someone playing hillary in your -- >> no, no. no. i haven't done that. >> do you plan to have -- i'm sorry, do you plan to have mock sessions? >> i hadn't planned on it. i never did it before. >> and you're going to do all three of these debates. >> as of of this moment, yeah. >> there's no -- >> as of this moment, yeah. >> okay, okay. >> what could cause you to change your mind?
10:20 am
you're saying as of this moment, what could cause you to change your mind? >> um, hurricanes, natural disaster. no, i expect to do all three. >> only an act of god can stop that. >> i look forward to the debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing. i think you have an obligation to do the debates. i did them with the other, you know, the other cases. we had, i guess 11 debates. you know, i look forward to the debates. >> the moderators last week, are you happy with those? >> i like them -- i respect the moderators. i do respect them. it's interesting. >> go ahead. >> in terms of reaching out to folks today, labor unions feel like they haven't had a fairness in the obama administration, will you do anything to help them particularly? >> bring back jobs. >> how about card check? >> what we're going to do, and i told him very strongly, you may have been in the room or not, but we're bringing back jobs.
10:21 am
jobs is the whole deal. it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. our jobs have been taken like grant took richmond. we have never had a case like this before. and it's getting worse and worse. and you look at what we just saw. we passed plant after plant after plant where there are no jobs. where it's just gone. so the big thing that -- first of all the mayor is a terrific person. he's a democrat, who endorsed trump. and his whole area endorsed trump. sop that was, you know, pretty great. and he's a fantastic guy. and those are a lot of the representatives from the various unions and other people, and we were just horned to have that kind of support. let's sit down folks, we're taking off. and we can either do it later or another time. but we'll do it.
10:22 am
wouldn't even give him stairs to come off the airplane. >> all right. you've been listening to donald trump obviously that's a live shot, very live on the plane. on the tarmac in cleveland, ohio, a few things you heard there. he was asked in the beginning when we took that, he was being asked about a newspaper report about his foundation. the trump foundation making a donation to an organization that was connected to the attorney general of florida, pam bondy got some attention last week. that's what he was being questioned about there and debate prep and a key line saying i like forward to a good debate, indicating he's not doing a whole lot of prep. maybe a hurricane or natural disaster might cause him not to have a such a good debate, but generally generally he feels confident in his debating skills. finally at the end talking about ohio and labor unions earlier today. he said i promise them i'm going to work to bring back jobs. we'll take a quick break here on msnbc, we'll be right back. (vo) my name's nick
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post tropical storm hermine making her way up the east coast and peeking in intensity tonight. a lot of popular getaways in the area already dealing with high tides, harsh winds, which may bring more erosion to beaches that still have not recovered from superstorm sandy. tammie lightener is in seaside heights and bonnie snyder, tammie been what are you seeing out there, tammie? >> reporter: the biggest problem in seaside heights is the really strong winds which have died down at the moment and the very strong currents out here. earlier the swells were between six and eight feet and the problem is they don't want anybody on the beach because you can get sucked in by those rip currents so quickly. if we can swing the camera over and take a look over here.
10:27 am
the tides receded, you can see how far that it got. it got within six to eight feet of the board walk and that's their main concern out here. they wanted to protect the board walk, as you remember when superstorm sandy hit, that was what flooded the board walk and caused so many problems out here. there have been some people on the board walk showing up, but not a typical labor day, a the love people heeding the warnings to stay inside. back to you, kate. >> tammie out in new jersey, thanks. let's turn to bonnie snyder, she has a full look at the forecast. a lot of people not happy with their picnic plans today, bonnie. >> especially in nantucket, that's where wind gusts are 52 miles per hour right now. and it is rainy and windy there, it's raining in long island and new port rhode island. so some really popular beach destinations. hampered by hermine. the storm that doesn't to want leave us. the latest position has it about 310 miles east, southeast of the eastern chip of long island. and keep in mind, we have a really large tropical storm
10:28 am
force wind field, even though the storm is now a post-tropical cyclone. that's because it's over cooler waters both above and below and the track keeps it meandering off the coast of long island. at least a couple hundred miles away, so that's good, but the bad thing is that for today, for tomorrow, it's turning to the west and then it'll stick around for tuesday into wednesday. weakening, which is some good news. big difference in the intensity from tuesday to wednesday. it's not until thursday until the storm pulls offshore and that's why we'll have our eyes on it, especially for the cape and the islands. that's where we have a tropical storm warning continuing from fire island back into the long island sound, coastal connecticut. block island all the to nantucket and province town. it's still not clear yet for the storm hermine and of course the surf that we're looking at in terms of storm surge. one to three feet and this is where we've been watching it. now we're looking further north because we're seeing that storm surge in areas into new england for today and tonight again at
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the time of high tide. most is minor to moderate flooding. >> bonnie, tammie, thanks so much. up next, the russian connection, nut reports that u.s. intelligence agencies are investigating how russia could be trying to create distrust in our systems here in america, including the november election. details straight ahead. this is msnbc. ♪ at northrop grumman, we've been developing new ways to execute the mission. what once was seen, now stays undetected. where alarms were once raised, now there's silence. with our full-spectrum cyber capabilities, our military can eliminate enemy threats, at the push of a button. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman maybe... the skate park today? you can make it gr-r-reat! ♪
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soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get backo great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. report in the washington post getting a loft attention on this labor day. it quotes unnamed intelligence and congressional officials who tell the paper u.s. intelligence and laurmw enforcement agenciese looking into a possible covert russian operation to create distrust in the american electoral system. the post reports officials are examining past hacks as well as potential disruptions as we get closer to election day. this all comes after u.s. intelligence officials told nbc news that russian hackers were behind breaches into two u.s.
10:33 am
state voter registration data bases, and just this morning, president obama met with russian president putin, a meeting he said was candid and blunt. they talk generally about cyber security and warn that the u.s. is not looking to duplicate the cycle of escalation over cyber threats that we saw in other arms races in the past. joining me now, one of the authors of the washington post story, tom hamburger are is with me on the phone. nice to hear from you. >> good to be with you. this is a real development, the notion there's enough concern in intelligence circles that would be investigating how much or what russia is up to. what's your sources tell you? >> what we learn is that both intelligence, law enforcement agencies are looking to, looking at what they see as a broad covert russian eerpgs in the united states. not necessarily to backs one candidate or another, perhaps to show public distrust in the presidential election and even
10:34 am
in u.s. political institution zplps last week senator harry reid wrote a letter to the fbi director james comey imploring him of the the state voter data bases. do you think that what we've seen so far might just be the tip of the iceberg? >> well, it's possible, and it's important to note that the sources that we talked to and those who briefed senator reid last week made clear that they do not know for certain. they are not saying for sure that these are russian hackers that not only breached the election system that you referred to and in the two states, but also breached the ez mail security of the dnc and even the u.s. congress at one point. but, the signs are pointing to russia and the concern is that it is really maybe a significant and quite a broad effort. so there's an inquiry, it's being coordinated by james clapper, the director of national intelligence and it involves dhs and the fbi and of course intelligence agencies.
10:35 am
>> tom hamburger, we'll put a link up to your article. thanks so much for being with us on the phone. appreciate it. retail politics. donald trump talks trade and jobs in ohio. how that might play, up next. and later -- >> melissa and i often speak about how lucky we were to have spent two years, nine months, and 11 days as a complete family. >> the heart breaking story of two parents whose child was stolen from them in one of the most frightening ways imaginable. the first public comments from the parents of that little boy lost at disneyworld right here on msnbc. how you're a digital , so you can see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? that's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engines with his human hands. what about that robot? that is a vending machine, ricky.
10:36 am
john, give him a dollar.
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the strategic rivalries between the united states and super powers like russia and china infused political talk in this election. donald trump often brings up both nations while he's out on the campaign trail. today he held up china's use of cheap labor in trying to convince cleveland union leaders it's time to change america's
10:39 am
policies. >> we have rebuilt china. i don't blame china. i know a lot of people in china, i do business with china. i own commitments there. i make great deals with china. i have nothing against china, i have against our leaders. china built a tunnels and bridges, we don't even see that anymore. >> let's bring in emily, she's campaign director for the center for american progress action fund. a democratic strategist and president of the americans united for life and a conservative political analyst. nice to see you both. thanks for being with us on a holiday at that. emily, we heard donald trump on his plane sitting in ohio talking about his message in ohio. he said it's all about job creation. and places where they're passing factory after factory shuddered. what's wrong with that appeal? why won't that work? >> he's doing the best he can. i don't know that speaking from his private plane is necessarily the best way to get that message across. i think what we see this is the
10:40 am
new trump. this is the new trump run by the new campaign. where i'd say the biggest difference we've seen is actually talking to voters. all he had done previously up to this point is rallies and rallies and applause line after applause line. he's definitely trying to make a pivot, but it's just too late. people have seen what is underlying. it's increditable when he talks about trade. he is identifying a problem. people are absolutely suffering, that is real. but then look at his past and what he's actually done. he's outsourced all of his own work. labor and hotels. he outsourced the clothes made under his line. it's really hard for people to take him seriously even though he is identifying a real problem. >> a lot of talk about russia, and donald trump has been tweeting even on this labor day, one was to criticize the obama administration's ceasefire deal in russia. tell me about that focus on putin and on russia, is the right way to go? there are theories out thereto that he's way too close to
10:41 am
vladimir putin? >> well you know, kate, any time you start talking about russia and the china and cyber security, it comes back to hillary clinton and what a terrible, terrible weekend and week she has had. you know, with the latest report coming out from the fbi where he learned she had lost 13 blackberries, several ipads, and a laptop, you can have a lot of conversation about top secret e-mails, and that's kind of a morphias thing. when you talk about losing blackberry -- >> she used them. just to be clear. >> well, the point though that's really important, kate, is that the fbi was clear they weren't able to get ahold of them. and the american people hear the word lost black ber ris and get a mental image of someone who is careless which is what the fbi said about her. and when you hear, you get the headlines of russia trying to disrupt the american election and you put that together in your mind with a secretary of state who the fbi themselves
10:42 am
said she was careless with top secret material. there were so many jokes online this weekend about her saying that she thought that the c that was at the top of one of her classified e-mails was for alphabettization. where's a, b, and d? it's ludicrous and for someone to say please elevate to president of the united states but i can't figure out our classification system, you know, people were laughing at her. and the last thing that you want as a presidential candidate is for people to be laughing at you about something as serious as national security. this is a strong point for donald trump -- >> emily, what about that? >> she's right, it has been all over this weekend. as people distilled what came out on friday and were able to read through it. there was a sense there that hillary clinton didn't understand differences and nuances of what is classified material. >> look, i think -- what she has said has always been consistent and always been true and followed her staff's advice.
10:43 am
we have been talking about these e-mails for so long and going through, it's all out there now. i think we should be done on that, but people may -- >> that's just not true, emily. it's not all out there. we still have e-mails missing. >> look, trump has always said he thought it was a good that potentially russia was releasing, was hacking the dnc, was getting the information out there. he encouraged what is out there. he said he thinks that putin is a good leader. these are the things that are terrifying and we're talking about national security -- >> his point was that maybe russia does have her e-mails and that would be at her feet. >> with potential foreign policy of her commander in chief. i think we'll be seeing a huge difference between someone that thinks that putin is strong in his leadership and is a good leader shutting down the press, pukting activists in jail versus somebody that understands the new witness as -- >> that is a gross mischaracterization. you are putting a caricature of what he said. he was actually having a respectful recognition of the fact that putin is someone that you have to take very seriously.
10:44 am
and that's what's important here to recognize about what donald trump has said. you caricaturing him. >> let me play sound from this morning. while we were all sort of getting ready for our day today, president obama was at this summit and he spoke about a meeting he had just had with vladimir putin, and here's what he said when asked about story in the washington post about an investigation into whether russia is trying to create perceptions or interfere with our electoral process here. listen to what he said. >> what we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the wild, wild west where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in competition, unhealthy competition, or conflict through these means when, you know, i think wisely we've put in place some norms when it comes to using other
10:45 am
weapons. >> so to both of you, my question is how will this play politically? if indeed there's this investigation going on as the washington post just reported into whether russians are inappropriately intervening or trying to create distrust in our system, and let me do it one by one here, emily, how does that play out? >> it's terrifying if they are looking -- we know they've been trying to go into state voter files. i've worked in voter protection before. usually we think about people intimidating people at polls or trying to keep them from voting. not actually foreign governments going in and trying to create distrust in the system. and look, trump has already planted the seeds by saying, that if he loses, there could be meddling with the system and it wouldn't be a straight loss even though that's not what the polls are showing. i think that those things combined do create -- it'll be a little bit scary i think for the nest president going in who will likely be hillary clinton to have a nation sthooz divided even questioning whether she's legitimate. >> and donald trump obviously
10:46 am
has many times raised this possibility, sort of raised the specter of ill legitimacy in our election process. >> well, any time you use the word scary in terms of the status quo, that's bad for hillary clinton because she is the third term of barack obama. and so, as she moves into talking about these issues, you know, look, the president said this morning that we don't want to be the wild west, but it is the wild west online and in cyber security, and hillary clinton is part of that. it has happened on her watch as former secretary of state, and so the question then is for her is if she's then careless with national security and classified material, what is the case for elevating her to president of the united states? >> thanks both of you for being with us up. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> have a great day. senator bernie sanders is up in new hampshire this morning. officially there to campaign for hillary clinton, but, kind of sounded more like he was making a pitch for his brand of progressive policies. former ohio state senator nina turner is an msnbc contributor
10:47 am
who of course supported bernie sanders during the democratic primary. nice to see you again, happy holiday to you. >> happy holiday, kate. >> hope you get time off later today. >> thank you. >> talk about what bernie sanders is doing up in new hampshire. does he need to give an even more impassioned pitch for hillary clinton? in order to make sure his former supporters don't go for gary johnson or jill stein over hillary clinton? >> the senator is doing what he does best and that's continue to talk about the issues that really fueled his campaign. the issues of which, of course, made their way, many of them, in the strongest way in the democratic platform. we do have the most progressive democratic platform in the history of the democratic party. so he's not going to change in terms of speaking about those issues and how he was able to push the secretary more to the left and otherwise -- >> so does that mean he's telling voters clearly, please vote for hillary clinton and. >> he has, listen, he was honest all the way through the process. he said that he would support whoever the democratic nominee
10:48 am
was. but even before he starts talking about that, he continued to talk about the threat that he thought that mr. trump posed and that he would do everything in in his power to defeat mr. donald trump and he is doing just that. >> let me ask you about donald trump and hillary clinton and pretty much everybody being in ohio today -- >> in my backyard. in my city, yeah. >> what do you make -- let me ask you about donald trump and what we just heard from him on the plane. he's really playing to the message of, i will bring the jobs back. and that has to resinate with voters in your state. >> well, jobs are important, as you know, kate, and many viewers know that ohio, like other midwestern states were hit hard with bad trade deals that were not fair to the workers in this state and the workers in wisconsin and workers in pennsylvania. so yes, that job message does resinate, but at the same time, i think voters do understand this, that we do need a commander in chief that is committed to diversity, we need a commander in chief that understands that the racism in
10:49 am
this country needs to be dealt with at a deep level and not just during election time. and so in in those ways, it's not just about the jobs, that is vitally important, but the type of environment that we create. and kate, the republicans did hold their convention right here in ohio of which my governor did not attend, and one of the things that they pushed on the opening night was this whole, law and order, that seemed to indict the entire african american community just before that community or my community is asking for justice within this system, starting with police officers, and it was not -- it's not an anti-police because we need police, it is really about having justice and fairness while having a police and supporting the police officers at the same time. so we have lots of work to do, but ohio is the quintessential swing state, no republican has ever won the presidency without taking the great state of ohio. >> we shall see, nina turner, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. heartbreak, the parents of a boy tragically killed in an
10:50 am
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for the first time we're hearing from the parents of a little boy kill ued in the alligator attack at disneyworld in florida. lane graves' parents spoke out on what would have been their son's 3rd birthday. keri sanders is in florida. so heartbreaking. >> reporter: just a heartbreaking story. this is something that the family decided that they were going to speak out. they spoke out to friends, family and neighbors in their small town of el khorn, nebraska. a bittersweet celebration of little lane's life. this morning the heartbroken parents of lane graves, who was pill killed in a horrifying alligator attack speaking out for the first time since the tragedy.
10:54 am
>> anyone that knows me knows i don't like to speak, but my baby, i u owe it to him to honor him. >> reporter: honoring him on what would have been his 3rd birthday. >> his mommy needed to say happy birthday, lane, we miss you, buddy. >> amid-a sea of blue balloons and cookies, hundreds turned out saturday showing their love for the family by forming themselves into the shape of a heart. >> it's an opportunity for people to come and show the family how much they are praying for the family and how much they are supporting them. >> reporter: the family was on vacation at disneyworld. the bay building a sand castle on the shore's edge when without warning a 7-foot alligator rose up from the water and grabbed him. lane's father matt jumped into the water reaching into the gator's mouth trying to save his son, but it was just too powerful pulling the boy down. >> we often speak about how lucky we were to have spent two years, 9 months and 11 days as a complete family.
10:55 am
>> reporter: since the tragedy, disney built a stone wall around the lagoon and added warning signs around waterfront areas. >> lane used to say they loved them up to the sky and down to the grass. lane, ella, we love you up to heaven and down to the grass. happy birthday, buddy. we miss you, l.t. >> reporter: just so sad. a statement from the family previously is that they do not have plans to sue disney. >> thank you so much for that. we'll be right back. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and expeence an amazing feel of cln.
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10:59 am
here's a question. this is it. what's about to happen in the next two months. the final sprint to the white house begins today. unofficially, of course. just consider what we have happening in the next two months or so. you're going to need your wheatties. both candidates taking part in the commander-in-chief forum on nbc and here on msnbc. in two weeks, more developments expected in the clinton saga. we're expecting a production schedule for the release of additional e-mails and early voting begins three days after that. then we get started with debates. the first is on september 26th at hofstra university in long island. just last hour, trump talked to reporters about his debate preparati preparation. . >> i look forward to the debates. i did them with the other cases. we had 11 daebls.
11:00 am
i look forward to the debates. >> donald trump looking forward to the debates. right after that, you're going to blink and it's going to be november 8th. but as for today, there's no day off. not for us here at msnbc and not for the presidential candidates. there's lots happening in this very hour. donald trump and mike pence have been in the battleground state of ohio all day long. in about 15 minutes, bill clinton will be at the afl labor day picnic in cincinnati. but before that starting any moment now, hillary clinton and tim kaine will appear at another holiday event in cleveland. that's where andrea mitchell is today. she joins me now. you were on that plane earlier today with hillary clinton. what's she up to right now? >> reporter: right now, she's preparing for this labor day rally. we hear from the head of the afl. this is a classic labor day event in cleveland. we have been in ohio at least once a week for this entire campaign with a


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