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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> that does it for this hour. live from chicago starts now. >> if it's tuesday, hillary clinton needs the president's help more than ever. she is getting it more than ever today. >> the time has come to pass the baton and i know hillary will take it. >> president obama plays campaigner in chief. >> she will run that race and finish that race. >> can the president help pull clinton across the election day finish line? north carolina's lgbt law is costing the state big time sporting effects and could hurt republicans on the ballot in november. >> the image is being tarnish and it's embarrassing. >> and later, the cost of war.
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the staggering estimate of how much the u.s. has spent over the last 15 years. this is mspdaley and it starts now. >> welcome to mtp daily. president obama is an appropriate place to be, but it's a time when clinton desperately needs him more than ever. it's not just because of her absence, the obama coalition is not coming together so far for clinton as some democrats thought it would by this time. clinton's side lines and the president had a clear message this afternoon in philadelphia. >> i am really into electing hillary clinton. like this is not me going through the motions here.
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i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton. don't boo. vote! don't boo. vote! i need you to join me. i need you to work as hard for hillary as you did for me. >> you always know when he is in campaign mode when the gs are disappearing on ing words. his ridicule of trump. >> you want to debate who is more fit to be the president. one candidate who traveled to more country than any secretary of state ever has has more qualifications than pretty much anyone who has run for this job and the other who is not fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad and be the commander in chief. this is not reality tv. >> i said the campaign needs
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obama now more than ever. the race is tightening. in a head to head matchup, the 10-point lead shrunk to just four in the latest news sur survey monkey. clinton's lead drops to just two points in the four-way matchup. clinton is under performing among key parts of the obama coalition with latinos and young voters. look at nevada. it could be a canary in the coal mine. obama beat romney by 45 points and carried the state, but clinton is up just 35 points with that group. the same story with the young voters in nevada. obama beat romney among those under the age of 35 back in 2025. clinton's margin is just 28. the margins do matter. never mind the percentage of the electorate that each young vote and latino represents.
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obama won in the 2012 election, but clinton is locked in a dead heat and it's not just nevada. there is cause for concern too. a majority of nonwhite voters, 76% hold a positive view of president obama according to the "wall street journal" national poll compared to 56% among those folks when it comes to positive use of hillary clinton. a majority of young voters held a positive view of obama and that plummets to 26% for clinton. the campaign may have assumed that trump alone would energize alone. at this point in september, it looks like they may have made a big miscalculation. the question is whether it's a blip or cause for concern. david was obama's campaign manager and top white house adviser and david is now an uber adviser literally and
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figuratively. welcome back to the show. let's start with the obama coalition. you said you came on "meet the press" i think two months ago and said you had concerns about her ability to recreate the coalition. at the time you were singling out colorado and virginia. we saw it in nevada and seeing it in other states. how concerned are you? >> the energy against trump is there. we said we need people to be as passionate as they are about beating trump. he will continue to be outside the first lady. given trump's struggles, particularly in colorado and virginia, they are probably off the map. we are surprised it happened so easily. nevada and ohio and florida and parts of iowa, north carolina, i think the real work has to happen. again we can look at her potential struggles and i believe she is sitting there and
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think it's inarguable. pennsylvania is a rock solid clinton state. she is only one vote away from the presidency. let's focus on donald trump's struggle. he has to get historic turn out and hope for bad democratic turn out and i don't see that happening. >> i missed this in the last poll. a pollster for you guys in the o 8 and 12 campaigns, he noted in "the washington post" poll, hillary clinton was doing worse among white voters than barack obama and his contention is it doesn't matter how well she does with college educated whites if the overall number is worse for clinton than for obama. she has to make up the ground somewhere and his concern is that she has got problems with making up the ground, especially if the electorate is not 70%,70
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70-30. >> even if it was 72, barack obama won 332 electoral votes. this comes down to where is trump going to pick up ground? what matters is you want to do well with voters and it's the battle ground states. there was a lot of focus and the struggles with white voters. you are lucky he won the vote and did very well in other states. i think she has the opportunity to do better with white voters let's say in the panhandle of florida than we did. maybe in parts of ohio than we did. again, i think at the end of the day, the biggest challenge he will have is turn out. they will get there, i really think so. if you look at swing voters, chuck, there are a few more than
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normally. trump is not offering much. he has to pull a bunch of people who voted for obama twice. there will be a few of those people. >> besides having barack obama as her virtual running mate to energize the coalition, what should she be doing that she hasn't done yet when it comes to energizing? >> polling is very flawed. you know that as well as i do. even bad polls, the key is and a campaign doesn't have polling, but it has massive data sampling. when you allocate out of 100% of the people who are going to vote, who really cares about 44-42. traditionally, democrats break a little bit later. we saw that in our race. you allocate the latino and the younger vote. she is in better shape. she has to go out and make a passionate case.
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every day is an opportunity. giving speeches is not her strength or working a donut shop and the stage could really play to her strength and energize people. we get together a little bit later than the republicans do and it will take a great ground game. he and his team have done a great job of putting the resources in place to turn out voters. >> one more quick question, i have to ask you about the tweet from your long time com padre there who said antibiotics can cure pneumonia and what cure this is pension for privacy. i am paraphrasing because i don't have it in front of me. tough critique. is it fair? >> i would rather he tweet about his cubs. listen, there is no doubt the campaign said they couldn't have handled it better. had sunday morning gone differently, even taking away the issue of whether they should have said something friday, i
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don't think there is a single voter in america that is going to cast a different vote based on this. let's talk about medical records. here's trump who dr. feel good put out a one-page letter. he is 70 and the heaviest since william taft. >> do you think his weight is a health challenge? >> the point is clinton will put out more medical information and should. every candidate should. he should. if they are criticizing him saying we should have privacy, i think his latest campaign manager said today. and then on taxes, i hope there is more attention paid to that and the clinton campaign should pay more attention. what is he afraid of? i think at the end of the day, there is a lesson learned i think from how they handled it and hopefully they carry that going forward. at the end of the day, the focus on transparency belongs more on
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the trump side and given all the questions about his finances and his charitable giving and how he handled the foundation. a big issue there. i hope the clinton campaign spends a lot of attention on that in the coming weeks and the media. >> we will discuss that in the next segment. david, thanks for sharing your views. let me bring in the panel. casey hunt and katrina is the editor of a nation. in washington, editor of the washington free beacon. welcome to aull of you. the lack of what appears to be a lack of enthusiasm in the old obama coalition. i want to start with you. do you hear it and see it and feel it. is this discontented sanders supporters and clinton has not done enough to give this part of the obama coalition a reason to vote for her. what's your assessment? clinton wants to make this a
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referendum on trump. it's not enough. this is a year of anti-establishment moves. i think she needs to be a credible candidate for change. i think she needs to lay out a bold agenda. president obama in pennsylvania today, but elizabeth warren was there on friday and bernie sander this is friday. i think she needs to pick up the big bold themes in the most progressive platform in modern history. free and state history and the racial justice agenda and not rely on the demographic rising american electric. that's not going to be there in the way they have. it's turn out, turn out, turn out. the clinton team needs to be bolder in grass roots mobile wra ization and bold a genta and
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agent for change if it's doable. >> what did you see in philadelphia. obama is there to get people to love him to at least feel some of that love for clinton. >> there was a lot of love for president obama today. i have to tell you that. president obama was clearly having a great time on stage. you had all of the things that you remember from 2008, yes, we can. we didn't get a don't boo, vote. >> actually we did. we ended up getting one. you had to do a live shot. >> there were a lot of signs. don't boo, vote. my fault. the crowd was diverse. this is really the democratic bedrock and i think that the president though really did have to make a hard sell for hillary clinton and my question is, not just whether the people that were there will get out and vote for hillary clinton, but what
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will they their friends and the voters i talked to said they were there to see obama and they were excited, many of them for hillary clinton. that's not what brought them out there. that's the conversion they have to make. >> matthew, i'm old enough to remember when republicans thought barack obama would be something hillary clinton would have to put distance between herself and him. now she desperately needs him. >> 2016 has overturned a lot of expectations, so yeah. i'm old enough to remember when donald trump couldn't be the gop nominee. no question is obama is a chief asset of the clinton campaign. his approval rating is averaging above 50% and has for sometime. the democratic convention was a microcosm of the hillary campaign over the last week or so. you see all of these surrogates for clinton making the case, but you don't really see clinton obviously with the health
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concern. i agree with katrina. it will have to be hillary clinton in the series of debates that will be important who has to motivate the obama coalition and even the hillary coalition in the college-educated whites to put her over the top in november. >> kasie and katrina, quickly. >> one thing on what katrina was saying. hillary clinton was supposed to be making a positive case for herself and she was posed to be on the trail doing it with the economy and pieces of her agenda. she was sidelined by the pneumonia. >> excellent point. it was their answer to saying hey, we will not try to make this anti-trump that they can make a positive argument and she is off the trail for a day or two. as i promised, you are sticking around and we will dig into the
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we see folks talking about transparency. you want to debate? you have candidate in the race who released decades worth of her tax returns. the other candidate is the first in decades who refuses to release any at all. >> that was president obama with a dig at donald trump over transparency this afternoon. we tuesday before and say it again. donald trump has still not released a tax return. there is no law that requires it, but this is a tradition. every party since 1980 released previous years tax return before
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election day. let me tick through them and give you the date with which they released the return. ronald reagan released his returns in late july. after calling the process itself an invasion of privacy. he only released one year. the fewest any nominee put out since. in 92, 96, and 2000, most put them out after they were filed in april. bob dole released 30 years and bush released his in october, late in the process after receiving a-month extension for his thatten 99 taxes. the april release was standard in most recent elections with mitt romney being the exception. he released his and waited until late september to maic his 2011 return public. up until then, harry reid was claiming that an anonymous source said he never paid any tax technically for ten years. that turned out not to be true.
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that brings us to now. hillary clinton made public eight years of tax returns and released her 2015 return this august. still nothing in that column for donald trump. the clint oons released returns back to the 70s. transparency as a whole and what we know and don't know about both presidential candidates. we'll be right back. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online.
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and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you >> why in the world did hillary clinton lie and conceal this fact for two days. if this is about medical records and health conditions, why did she -- in the business of concealing here. >> it's becoming a thing. the trump campaign is using clinton's pneumonia diagnosis to
2:22 pm
hit her on transparency. people in glass houses. let's break down what we know about each. the tax returns. trump has not released any. the clintons released tax returns dating back to 1977. every year. then the permanent disclosures. then all candidates are legally required to fill them out. not a surprise that they have both complied, but you do not learn from a personal financial disclosure things that are on a tax return. then this week's big thing. clinton and trump said you will see more record this is year. both have released some information in the form of letters from the dr. s. trump's letter was praising company's health as astonishingly excellent and the doctor said he wrote it in just five minutes.
2:23 pm
clinton's letter is as detailed as president obama and mittry me in. they invited reporters to introduce his doctor. that's transparency. romney and obama didn't do anything like that. beyond this tale of the tape, we read thousands of hillary clinton's e-mails and notes from the fbi. trump said he doesn't use e-mail. he has been private all be it famous private citizen, but he is litigious and only limited access to testimony he has given over past cases over the years as he demanded for the things to be sealed. matthew, let me start with you. why do you think trump appears to not be paying a price for the lack of transparency. it is historic the level of lack of volunteered information that most presidential candidates now
2:24 pm
do as tradition. we shame them do doing it if necessary. see mitt romney and the tax returns. why has donald trump not felt the same shame to do this? >> he paid some price. he has a negative rating and of course so does hillary clinton which is one reason transparency is an issue. the reason that people support donald trump or oppose him has nothing to do with transparency, about you the direction of the country and the larger issues. even though he clearly has been opaque, i don't think that is going to get him in the end if he loses the election. >> katrina, some will be watching this and say why does hillary clinton pay a bigger price on transparency than trump. why are they tougher on her than trump. i would argue we are tough on both, but you know of this critique over the years. why did the clinton people feel as if they are being held to a
2:25 pm
different standard. >> i do think the clintons have a dysfunctional relationship with the media ha that has a reality basis. there has been a criminalization of politics and infrastructure of taking on the clintons over the last few decades. they don't make it easy and it feeds the narrative about clinton when she does show a pension for secrecy. i would like to step back. i don't think there is any e 85 lens between trump and clinton. we have not talked about she is out there with her policies. we don't know what he is really for. the bigger issue to me, chuck, is press freedom. secrecy and transparency, these are linked and what we have seen is really troubling in terms of black listing news organization that criticize him and his call for opening up liable laws to take on journalists who he thinks are unfair to him. i think at a time when the obama administration had a checkered
2:26 pm
career with secrecy, transparency, stonewalling and holding whistle blower who is have done a public service like edward snowden under the espionage act. there is a campaign to pardon him, calling on the president under article two, section two of the constitution launching tomorrow. it's critical people understand that. the bigger issues here are just the health records and the tax records, it is a breech of protocol and a lousy year for american political transparency that donald trump violated some four decades. i think he is fearful that he is a little man. he is always the big man who is the success, we will see the wizard of oz in the returns. >> you bring up an interesting point which is this issue of the press. we have been the ones that have been able to use a megaphone
2:27 pm
especially to force volunteer transparency. we have a candidate here who basically says i don't need it. i don't worry about it. it doesn't bother me. matthew is right. it hasn't helped his image and hasn't been debilitating either. trump doesn't feel guilty. like a mitt romney. he didn't like getting criticized for it. i don't think trump cares. >> look, chuck. the other thing is americans feel like they know donald trump in a way we have never experienced with a previous presidential candidate because of the way he builds his public persona. people got to know him very well when he became the republican nominee for president of the united states. they had donald trump in their living rooms for decades. i think there is a different depth of understanding. when people are just learning about mitt romney's business
2:28 pm
record and what did he do and all of these other questions and democrats are hammering him for all of their financial transgressions, there is more of a demand from the public to learn more. i think the clintons have been experiencing that from day one in the public eye. they have developed these calluses from dealing with the problems from the 90s and that affects how they are doing today. i think we should give hillary clinton credit for what they were starting to show at the beginning of this week or last week. before everything went sideways. she was starting to talk to the press and back with the reporters every day. i'm interested to see if she goes back to that when she is over the pneumonia. >> i will put up the poll. people have to understand why do the tax returns matter? there is no law that governs a conflict of interest issue when it comes to the president or the vice president. the people that work for those
2:29 pm
two have to and you are concerned about conflict of interest, 60% are concerned. what the trump campaign likes to say is that voters don't care about the tax return issue. if they view it as a conflict of interest, that is another story. >> he said it at the debates. he would not guarantee his assets would be placed in a bryant trust. >> let me interrupt you. if he were nominated, he would have to put it in a blind trust. that's the irony. nothing that governs the president. the office of the president or the vice president. >> here's the thing. it's because donald trump violates the norms that his dearest supporters love him so. we sit and criticize him and it's infuriating, but at the
2:30 pm
same time for the people, that 40, 41, 42% who is die-hard trump, they like the fact that he is flouting every convention that we lived with for the postwar era. >> i think matthew is right. what we are witnessing is the media has been high on institutions that have not won people's trust. i thank is a trumpism. it's deeper than that, but the obliteration of the line of news and entertainment. it's the year of anti-establishment mood and also the year of mistrust of key institutions and the idea that the media is working in the public interest and informed people that is vital for the democracy and doesn't go down that well in a lot of places and they need to rebuild in the media that does. >> to e enforce your statement, where is trump releasing his medical records?
2:31 pm
dr. oz. coach k is not the only one having his say about the bgbt law. hanging in the balance, could these issues tip north carolina in a way that is unique than any other state? stay tuned. s bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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delaware, new hampshire, rhode island and new york. both are in new hampshire. four democrats and four republicans are fighting for the chance to replace them. it's a two-year gate, by the way. the governor is trying to unseat kelly this november. the base is a primary challenger of her. she is expected to easily defeat. presidential voting is happening. that's right. north carolina began mailing out absentee ballots last week. how the ncaa is pulling championships out. how it could be a big help to democrats or could it? first here's hampton pearson. not a great day. >> the dow is down 258 points and the s&p off by 32 and the nasdaq falling by tix points. u.s. household income surged 5.2% in 2015.
2:36 pm
the first gain in nearly 10 years and the largest annual gain since the census began releasing data in 1968. facebook messenger with assisted payments. alaska and hawaiian airlines for the best on time rating for carriers in july. 21 planes however were stuck on the ground longer than federal rules allow and those airlines could face fines. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide.
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comcast. as we told you earlier, voting started on friday. the state appearing to be the epicenter of the fight of the 21st century. late last night, the ncaa announced they will pull seven
2:40 pm
champ kronship games citing the law, the bathroom bill in what some people believe are a lack of protections for all of the lgbt community. add that to the all-star game and big name musicians have pulled out in the state after the law passed. the governor who signed that law is up for reelection and the consequences and the civil rights implications are not lost on residents. mcrory trails cooper by six points. this is a state that features a tight senate race between burr and ross. she too is at a 6-point deficit. hillary clinton leads by four points and gary johnson up to 15% in this one. speaking of voting, it is still a big battle ground on the issue of voter id laws. a federal appeals court said the strict provisions targeted
2:41 pm
african-americans and struck much of the law down. it was viewed as a voter suppression law. that allowed election boards to cut voting hours and they thought they would cut it below 2012 levels. the laws totally have stricken right now from the books. jim is a political reporter for the shaf lor observer and joins me now. describe what is the animating issue in the state of north carolina for most voters going into november. 49 other states, i can tell you and i'm confident it is trump and clinton. can you say the same for the state of north carolina? >> that depends who you are talking to. it is trump-clinton for a lot of people. you went to the university of miami and know how important college basketball is around here. they can take away the nba all-star game, but when they start messing with college basketball, that starts getting people's attention. what the ncaa did was take away
2:42 pm
seven championships not just in basketball, but several other sports. >> we haven't heard from the acc. we heard individually from coaches and universities. they support the ncaa decision. what are they going to do about the football championship game and the basketball championship and how much of an influence would that have? >> a big influence. they were waiting to hear and the commissioner is opposed to hb 2 and said it discriminates. those decisions will be made pretty soon. the championship football game except for charlotte in december and the championship baseball game goes to durham in the spring. toews are big deals for all the places. >> the coach spoke out about this earlier today and we want to play and get a reaction from you on the other side.
2:43 pm
>> it's embarrassing for the sthat this happened and our state is going through. the economk nom is not just los events, but image. how much do all the companies and states and area spend on image? our image is being tarnished and it's embarrassing. >> i followed the coach dabbling in politics in the past. he is careful and he dabbled more in republican politics than anywhere else. -it's a dabbling. how important is his voice in this? >> i think it's an important voice even though i'm not a duke fan, he speaks for a lot of people and he has been around a long time and has that position in the state. i think you are talking about something that people can relate to in in college basketball.
2:44 pm
it does generate a lot of enthusiasm or a lot of -- push a lot of democrats to the polls this november. the governor's race and by spill over effect in the other races. >> i had arguments made to me by some of the mcrory's advisers saying you guys in the media who think this is divicive, but they see some positives and it fires up parts of their base and the history of north carolina, the social conservative issues have been flash points before and both parties have won thanks to it, depending on the mood of the state. and he has a woman defending hb 2 and the principals of it. you talked about the culture
2:45 pm
clash in north carolina and that was evidence yesterday and last night in asheville at the donald trump rally. hundreds of protesters outside where they were typical asheville protesters. you had the trump people who were mostly from surrounding counties. it was very evident last night. >> asheville is the little blue dot when you look at election returns on the western side of that state. always a pleasure and thanks for coming on. >> what i am obsessed with today. a number of military spending. not just military, but overall spending so large, we had to check it out and see if it could possibly be true. stay tuned. a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support.
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we don't call them wars. add other war-related spending, they add homeland spending for terrorism prevention and the money that the u.s. is borrowing to pay for the wars. that adds up to $3.7 trillion. when you add in likely expenses and spending over the next four decades, it increases to nearly $4.8 trillion. this is way to calculate the cost of war. it inspires the cost of what these wars have been and has it been worth the amount of treasure. never mind the blood conversation and remind us that the hidden cost of war and the continued borrowing cost and the obligations to veteran who is come home wounded. all of this deserves more of our attention and more study. hopefully an eye popping number like $5 trillion inspires the study. we'll be right back. s making something unexpected.
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while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want that better future for all of our people. >> donald trump continuing to hammer hillary clinton's basket to have deplorables comment on the trail today in des moines last night in north carolina, trump invited supporters on the stage and told the audience they were not deplorable people. with that, our panel is back. casie, let me start with you. what was interest about basket to have deplorables, many concede she shouldn't have gotten caught attacking voters, but now they say, you want to have a debate about the deplorables, we'll have a debate about deplorables. this is something both campaigns want to have. do you get that sense? >> i do. when this first happened, the clinton campaign was very eager
2:52 pm
to, a, send the perception that they were moving quickly to try and address it. and b, then get credit for -- for addressing it and for putting out that statement saying, hey, i shouldn't have said that this applies to half of all these people. but i think since then, they've essentially laid down the gauntlet and said, look, if you really want to talk about people who are -- or comments that are raceick and islamaphobic and this list of thing, they're happy to do that because it puts the spotlight on some of trump's comments. but there were some democrats who said, what trump did at that rally, from an optics perspective, was a pretty good move. >> it was a powerful visual. it got undermined by him, by the fight that took place, where somebody attacked a protester. didn't help his cause. but that visual was pretty powerful. katrina, before i go to you, let me play. the clinton campaign even has an ad up. let me play a quick portion of it. >> you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for
2:53 pm
its citizens. how stupid are the people of the country? we're building a wall. he's a mexican. you've got to see this guy. ah, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember. you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hee hell do you have t lose. >> katrina, you never want to get caught as a politician attacking voters, attacking people, but now they've decided, can they pivot this and turn it back on trump again. how do you make of how they've handled this, katrina. >> i think trump has insulted almost every group in this country, so spare me his outrage. i think it's the elites, donald trump is an elite, the republican elites who need to be held accountable for decades of using dog whistle economics into lousy extremist economist policies. but this country deserves that
2:54 pm
big debate about serious issues. the second basket hillary clinton spoke of that ill-fated evening got little attention, and how the democratic party reen gauges the white working class, but more of a bigger issue, how do was as a country deal with disruptive globalization, the rise of right-wing populism, and the end of traditional work. i'll tell you one way we do it. your previous segment on the costs of war, we need to understand the perils of endless war, and bring back so much of those trillions, into this country, and reengage the world in a different, less militaristic way. chuck, those are the big issues that should have been discussed at the commander in chief meeting, which, i hate to say, was installment number 44 in media malpractice 2016. >> i will leave that comment as is, for obvious reasons there, katrina. >> your segment was critical, i thought that was vital for this. >> matthew, let me get at something else here. i thought the danger here for
2:55 pm
hillary clinton was she got caught doing what ted cruz got caught doing, marco rubio, jeb bush, which is, they got caught fighting fire with fire with trump and it never makes them look good. trump can handle it. others can't. >> right, and you know, what's interesting is, i thought that was an effective ad you ran from the clinton campaign. of course, they've run a gazillion, i'm exaggerating, dollars worth to have advertising against trump, and the race is narrowing. so none of these ads have really had the desired effect of putting this race away for hillary clinton. i think what's going on with the deplorables, is both campaigns, you're right, seem to think it's working for them. and what that says to me, it's really base motivation. trump wants to get his voters excited and defensive, so they go out and show hillary that she's wrong. on the other side, the clinton campaign wants to make college-educated white voters leery of backing trump, because
2:56 pm
of the an tag nictagonismantago. >> and it's tall designed to impress katrina. you're not going to get that high-minded race. >> you gave me a high-minded segment. that's important. >> fair enough. kasie, katrina, matthew, thank you so much. # we'll be right back. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology
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2:58 pm
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finally, in case you missed it, today, members of the conservative house freedom caucus began the process of forcing a street to impeach the first commissioner, john kosin.
3:00 pm
it's over the investigation of a tea party targeting controversy. though koskinin wasn't even on the job during that time. he was brought in after heads rolled. paul ryan will probably try to push house republicans towards tabling it or take it to committee to die or go to a censure vote. but consider this the first skirmish of the fall and perhaps of the next year in the battle between ryan and the freedom caucus. can he tame them? can he try not to have overly enthused promises, like impeaching the irs commissioner, that can't get done. can he stop the house republicans from doing something like that? we shall see. that's it for tonight. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> i'm nicole wallace. >> and i'm john heilemann. and with all due respect to those peddling the latest scandal about hillary clinton not drinking water, if you want people to notice, now need a clever name. something like waterga, eh, we'll come back to it later.


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