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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky... that wraps up a packed hour of msnbc live. steve picks things up now. >> good afternoon, everybody. live in new york and the countdown continues. we are 48 days away from election day and topping our agenda, the politics of race, police, and the election. two police shootings of black men in two days and donald trump not rushing to the defense of officers. >> did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? >> trump continues what he says is outreach to black voters.
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joined by don king who used a racial slur while introducing trump. we will bring you the details of that. is trump really breathing down clinton's neck? or is clinton recovering her footing? we are counting down to the unveiling of a brand-new nbc news "wall street journal" national poll and answers to those battle ground state polls to tell you about. we will fire it up and take you through the big numbers and stick around for that. we will also have a live report on the ground from charlotte, north carolina where protests over an officer-involved shooting over a black man who may have been unarmed turned violent. >> i'm asking our community to stand together to give us a time to get the right information and
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continue to be a peaceful community. >> police are maintaining they are in the right, but the public in charlotte is crying out for video evidence that could shed light on the tragic events. we begin in charlotte where they are calling for peace after protesters clashed with police overnight. demonstrations over the fatal shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott turned violent injuring 16 officers and many protesters. they were searching for a suspect when they came across scott. he was sitting in his car. here is where the story becomes less clear. he got out of his car with a gun and he posed a threat to the officers. his family though said he was unarmed and holding a book, not a gun. police still maintain that scott had a firearm and they recovered it at the scene. a book was not discovered on
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him. officials are still investigating dash cam and body cam video which they hope will provide clarity. hundreds of protesters and activists believe this is another act of injustice in a years long string of violence against african-americans by police officers. >> weo this press conference in memory of tamir rice, trayvon martin in florida. we stand here in memory of michael brown shot downtimes. i attended his funeral as well. walter scott. we are here for jonathan and the other unknown individuals who have been shot in charlotte. brother brown and others. the list goes on and on. north lake mall. on christmas day or the day before christmas. all of these shootings, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> the officer who shot scott is
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also black and has been placed routinely on leave pending an investigation. that's the protocol when something like this happens. the incident came after he had his hands up prior to his death. he was trying to reach into his car and they believed for a weapon. he was later found to be unarmed. protesters continue to voice their outrage today. donald trump reacted to the shooting on the campaign trail. the shooting by a white female police officer he reacted in ohio. take a listen to what he had to say. >> that was in my opinion a terrible situation. we have seen others. we have seen others. the police are aware of that too. the police are troubled by it too. they look at it. did she get scared or was she
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choke something what happened? people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can't be doing what they are doing. we all respect our police greatly. they will just have to get better and better and better. thank you. >> that was donald trump earlier today. we will have live reports from the ground on all of this in north carolina and oklahoma. of course political reaction from the campaign trail where donald trump was in ohio. first al sharpton met with the family of tulsa shooting victim terence crutcher in new york. >> the burden they bear is a burden that too many families have had to bear. an unarmed black man whose life is taken, clearly this is an outrage. clearly it is one of many.
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but the difference on this one is that this is not going to be easily flipped on the victim. >> joining us now is al sharpton and the national action network and politics nation. thank you for joining us. let me start by asking you, one thing that watched these two scenes unfold, the difference in reaction in the community, the protest taking place in both communities in tulsa, the protest seemed more peaceful and what we saw in charlotte, there was a lot more frustration spilling over. what do you make of the difference in how the communities are reacting? >> from our conversations, would people on the ground in charlotte, there have been a litany of cases. this is not the first case. i think that this frustration sometimes boils over. there have been some that said that the police were heavy handed and you have to remember
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in tulsa, they put the tape out. the police are chaiming in charlotte, they don't even confirm they reviewed all the tapes. transparency and coming forward makes a big difference. the tone is set here. we want accountability and what has not been emphasized is that they want accountability of all law enforcement and the policemen in charlotte is black. this is not even race here. i think the one thing that you are seeing is that the protests that are going on around the country, many of which we have been involved in is not an anti-white or anti-police. it's anti-accountability. you see the outrage in charlotte when clearly it is not a white
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policeman involved. >> that's an angle that a lot of people when they look at stories like this. the manarrative that gets invold and he was acting on and she was acting on. when it's a black officer and a black person who is killed, talk about that. >> the difference is in many cases, we do see evidence of white officers may have embedded prejudgments. you have to ask in the case that we are dealing with in tulsa. what would make her think someone was a danger when clearly from the videotape his hands are up. there is no imminent danger. in the case where black officers are involved, i helped lead the fight and protests in new york where two black cops were among
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the three that killed shawn bell. we had many, many demonstrations and forced to trial there. two of those policemen were black because the feeling is that many black officers know that they can get away with doing in the black community to black suspects. what they would never do in another community. what you have not seen is a lot of black or white cops do this to white suspects. even though they may not be the same prejudice, there may be an embedded that i can be reckless or not as cautious. why don't we see this with black cops in other areas where let me hasten that. the thing that impressed me about the family that came to us today and appealed for justice and appealed to go immediately
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is that they are a very religious family. the father is a minster and a gospel singer. the son was a student of gospel. the professor is standing up for him. and yet the answer here is we think there was drugs in the car. did the policeman have x-ray vision? say there were drugs in the car. the only reason he is there is the car stalled. it broke down. it appears so did the justice system. this man is dead, suspected of what? his car breaking down? >> we mentioned too this is the height of the political season. the campaign is playing out right now. politics are involved to the reaction we are hearing from donald trump. we will weigh in and we want to put two sets of numbers up. this is a poll from gallup. they asked the difference
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between blacks and whites and how they view police. do you have a great deal or a lot of confidence. whites have 58% and the blacks have half that. do you feel they are treated bless fairly? 40% say that's the case and the number is up a little bit. it's 67%. when you look at how this unfolds politically, you look at that disparity that you see with whites and blacks, how can you get it even? >> to have justice so that the black numbers come down. we don't want the white numbers to come up. i think anyone running for office ought to deal with why are the numbers so different? that is because the realities are different. that means there is not e protection under the law. this ought to be a major discussion in the debate on monday night. if the debate does not deal with the issues of criminal justice
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reform and police reform and the type of attorney general, the new president will have. then it becomes in my judgment a bogus debate. this is a very, very dominant domestic issue and the president needs to deal with it. the sitting president responded with a commission on police with recommendations on police reform and criminal justice reform. with attorney generals going in as they did dealing with the city. is that going to continue? is that going continue mrs. clinton and mr. trump? mrs. clinton laid out many programs. mr. trump made a comment today and really only said that the policeman choked. because he didn't just in an aggressive way defend the police. people are acting like that is a major statement. she shot somebody who had just been tazered whose only act is
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his car broke down. that's more than choke. it's better than donald trump has done in the past, but better is not a lot and even a broke clock is right twice a day. >> thanks for taking the time. we will go back to charlotte. we are keeping our eyes out on the planned vigil. on the ground for us, tammy, obviously we saw this scene and we were talking about it. what's the expectation now for tonight. we know the officer responsible was not wearing a body camera and three others were wearing it and it captured some of the shooting.
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motorists were injured when they have thrown rocks and bottles. there is a vigil for 7:00 tonight. they have asked to boycott local businesses. we will be covering this vigil tonight and they are hopeing it stays peaceful. and thank you for that. breaking new this is hour. just coming in and i want to let you know about it. this information was obtained in new york city. it shows new york city bombing suspect ahmed rahami walking down the street.
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cal perry joins me now. what are we seeing here? >> i want to show you the wanted poster. the fbi put this out earlier today is and it's a picture of two individuals and authorities looking to talk to the two individuals we understand that this is image was taken between 6th and seventh avenue on west 27th street. now to this video, you will see here what we believe are these two individuals taking a walk. the same shirts and same pants. these are the two individuals that police are looking for in connection to the bombing. police and authorities said these two individuals picked up a bag that included this explosive device at some point.
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>> this comes from the daily these will be photos you will see of his back yard in elizabe elizabeth, new jersey. what we're looking at is the burn mark in that yard. that scorched earth piece on the lower left hand corner and what this indicates is that there was some kind of practice and he was testing out the explosive device it is. this had been going on and certainly this photo from the daily mail would indicate premeditation. this is what he would be doing. they will be going through the various pieces of video from surveillance and not only from 23rd street where the bomb went
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off, but 27th street on the westside of manhattan where that pressure cooker bomb was laid on the sidewalk. the priority for authorities right now. >> still to come, a lot to tell you about and take you through. what is taking place in charlotte. charlotte is the biggest city in north carolina. that may be the most important state. we will take you through the numbers and how this story could affect the election in north carolina. they tell us their biggest concerns about both donald trump and hillary clinton. this is the first glimpse of the "wall street journal" poll that is coming out less than an hour from now. stay with us. bl philli' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done.
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donald trump held a raly this afternoon. what is he talking about out there today? >> she continuing to talk about
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immigration and national security. this is a theme he hit for the last three or four days. he spoke with reporters and he was not allowed to take the stage to deliver the speech at the rnc. it raised eyebrows. >> i told michael jackson, if
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you are poor, you are a poor negro. if you are rich, you are a rich negro. if you are intelligent, intellectual, you are an intellectual negro. if you are dancing and gliding, you are a dancing and sliding and gliding negro. dare not alienate, because you cannot assimilate. you will be a negro until you die. >> you saw trump sitting behind don king. trump tried to deliver the message to members of the african-american communities. a questionable donation from the trump foundation and him not releasing tax returns and other
1:24 pm
questions. most voters don't care about trump's release of tax returns and issues like his temperament to be commander in chief. they are less interested in hillary clinton's health than questions about her use of e-mail when he was secretary of state. when you put it into context, 47 or 40 days out from election day, you start to get a clear picture of what they want to hear about and what they are ramping up to five days away. >> halle jackson in toledo. we started talking about the two police shootings. tulsa, oklahoma, charlotte, north carolina. the issues of race and policing right to the floor. less than 50 days to go. we thought we would take a look. we would take a deeper dive on what the implications are with these issues coming to the front in the presidential campaign.
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first of all, take a look at this. when we start to look at where the red states are and blue states are and where clinton is leading and trump is doing well. what you see in yellow, these are the real toss upstates at this moment. this is the heart of the battle ground. check this out. the states we are calling the battle ground. hillary clinton we see she has been leading among black voters and donald trump saying he is losing by 83 points with black voters. the swing states we were taking you through, where is the black vote the most important? that's the question. what you see are the numbers that is the percentage of the voters in that state. north carolina on the high end, 23%. you go do the low end. north carolina, let's zoom in on north carolina. of course this story, this police shooting in charlotte is playing out in north carolina.
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north carolina has the largest share of black voters of any of the real toss upstates and north carolina really is a make or break state. it could be at least. this is a romney state and red state that hillary clinton has a chance to see it in the polls and a real chance of picking off this year. in the average of all polls, if they were able to win north carolina to flip a romney state and flip a red state, practically speaking, it is very, very hard to see how he can get to 270 electoral votes. he must hold on to this state and hillary clinton can derail him if he can flip this state. think about what's happening in charlotte. look at the black vote in north care lolin carolina. he won black voters overwhelmingly. he got massive black turn out in
1:27 pm
2012. that was just as important. mitt romney won with 27 points. this is what the racial split looks like. this looks similar to be honest. clinton doing a little bit better in terms of support with the black voters. we will see if that translates into turn out. close to where mitt romney was. we had a close race four years ago and we had a close race right now. this issue, what we are seeing, obviously national implications there, but it could have big implications in the state of north carolina as well. for more on that, i want to bring in the anchor of the show capital tonight in north carolina. let me ask you. we started the hour looking at the scenes in charlotte overnight and the protests. a big difference in terms of how the community in charlotte is reacting versus what we saw in tulsa where there was another shooting this week. in terms of the politics, is
1:28 pm
this going to affect the presidential election? >> that remains to be seen. charlotte has been important for hillary clinton and a large majority of the visits have been in charlotte. about 10 or 12 days ago, she was at johnson c smith university. there has been talk about whether there is an enthusiasm gap. talking to young folks as well. we are in a state where we are within two or one point. any margin of error could be a big deal. this could have an impact moving forward. we mentioned the high turn out with black voters that they got in 2012. turn out was actually higher than turn out with white voters and percentages. i think that was the first time that happened. what you are seeing on the ground in north carolina, is the clinton campaign set up at least
1:29 pm
in terms of organization. >> they are making that effort and that has been the argument about the ground game in north carolina. the campaign has about 33 percents and the rnc and trump are about to open the ninth office. they argue that size doesn't matter in this case. they have been building a campaign since the senate race in 20 freab and more people and have baltimore relations since then. they are out and about and sending down volunteers to do drives and everywhere you see it at the events thaw go to. there are people all over and trying to sign up the voters whether they are african-american or not. they are focusing and they are putting a huge emphasis on this. down in raleigh, north carolina, appreciate it. coming up, the fbi is looking for your help in finding the two men who took one of the new york city bombs out of a suitcase and
1:30 pm
left the device on the street taking the luggage with them. they have new video of them from the night of the attacks. >> these individuals are witnesses. we are very much interested in talking to them and find finding out a little bit more about where they were and how they came upon this. >> more on this plus the latest on the new federal charges filed against the suspected bomber after this. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? ♪ everything kids touch at school sticks with them.
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female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low-cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. breaking news from wnbc in new york city. this shows ahmed rahami on the night of the bombing last saturday night in the chelsea section of new york city. let's go to ayman in elizabeth,
1:34 pm
new jersey where the suspect is from. >> we have been learning more and more evidence that has been put forward in the case as a result of the statement as well as the release of the do you means and now that it shows that they have confirmed based on the fingerprints. the u.s. attorney said there were 12 fingerprints found on the pressure cooker that they did not detonate. that was revealed in the do you means and in addition that, they had the cell phone records as that was linked back. and one of the main things in the terrorism investigation, they were trying to establish motivation. they found on him the journal and in that journal, there was all kinds of rrcreverences to o
1:35 pm
bin laden. another key piece of that evidence that emerged in the documents was a video that shows ahmed rahami in the back yard in elizabeth that appeared to be detonating or triggering a device followed by laughter and they are trying to follow out who shot that video about two days before the explosions in chelsea. all of those pieces of the puzzle revealed in the court do you means and along with the footage obtained by nbc establishing his presence at the time of the explosion or in the vicinity in the chelsea area. >> down there in elizabeth, new jersey. thanks for that. turning back to the race for the white house, the countdown is on, days away from the first presidential debate and what everybody is wondering, this is a scene nobody has seen before. hillary clinton sharing the stage with donald trump for an
1:36 pm
hour and a half. how do you approach that? kelly o'donnell is standing by with new details on what the clinton campaign is planning to do on sunday night at the debate. kelly? >> steve, we are on the road with hillary clinton on the press bus moving to the next location. we had the chance to talk to a senior adviser to hillary clinton to get a sense of how they are preparing with this. most of the work she has been doing at hoemt or near home and not so much on the road except that she is reading colors and going-over things, but has not done full practices every day. it's donald trump's assessment that he performs and picks his moment and at other times lay back. they are preparing for more than one kind of donald trump. they are not sure how aggressive he will be and what he will
1:37 pm
bring to the table. on the issue of moderators, they have a job to do and an appropriate role as they described it. some of that should be fact checking and hillary clinton will be prepared to do some of that realtime fact checking against donald trump, but she wants to look at the opportunity as a chance to be seen in a long period of time talking about her ideas and policies and to be seen in an unfiltered way by the public. she wants to focus on the value of that and not get into picking apart what trump is saying although she will be prepared to do that boy a certain degree. she was asked about the game films if i can use that analogy with trump. they had to come head to head and it might be interesting to note they did not see that they
1:38 pm
can learn a great deal from. they happened to be on msnbc saying this was an opportunity to see both candidates although not on the stage at the same time, but in the same space in the same hour talking about a lot of the same issues. not quite one on one and that's the most anticipation about. they acknowledged during the democratic primary with a smaller field of competitors that there was a different dynamic when it was sanders and clinton as compared to sanders, clinton and martin o'malley. they won't tell us who was standing in and expressed surprise that has not leaked yet. steve? >> i'm surprised that has not leak and that's the question. let us know if you find out. kelly o'donnell. appreciate it. do not miss our all day coverage this coming monday out on long island home of the hofstra
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1:43 pm
we are 48 days away from the election. why is that significance? we have ballots all right cast and it's 48 days away. three states right now have sent out absentee ballots. north carolina, ohio and maine. more than a half million in ohio and 50,000 of them in north carolina and 8,000 in maine. in north carolina they heard back from 3500 people. they have returned their ballots and we haven't had a debate. we are not in october or november. 3500 ballots have been cast in this ballots? tough to say. we can show you this. in maine if you look, 4,000 of the ballots are for democrats
1:44 pm
and 1700 for republicans. that tracks with what you saw in 2012. same in north carolina. 1400 democratic ballots that have come back in. less for republicans. it's a reversal. at this point, the key is you are trying to say does this mean anything in terms of an advantage. the people who are voting early, are they people who otherwise in some cases wouldn't be voting on election day. are these people that the campaigns got in touch with and got them in touch with the state to get the ballots or vote no matter what or just a question of when they voted. that hangs over the issue of early voting. this is the tip of the iceberg. what we are seeing in 2012, more than a 30 of all votes cast in the presidential election were cast early. some of them a couple of days early. some of them weeks before the presidential election and that number has been going up and
1:45 pm
might even go higher in this year. we talk about the debates and the surprise. remember from this point forward, people are already casting their ballots. for them, anything that happens after that, too late. it's the most important number of the day today. it is the number 48. what we were trying to show you. i don't know how that happened. new polls that we are counting down. the now release at 5:00 and two surprises in the swing states straight ahead. stay with us. [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month.
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the federal reserves oping not to change ke interest rates for how the decision is impacting wall street. >> hey there, steve. stocks closed higher after the federal reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged and hinted of a rate hike. the dow rose and the s&p went up 23 points and the nasdaq climbed 53 points. that's it for cnbc, first in business worldwide. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. >> the national poll on the state of this race. we have it on the top of the hour. we have tidbits and also we had two surprising battle ground polls in the last few hours. we want to take you through the numbers we have right now. we have a new poll out just this afternoon from new hampshire, a monmouth poll. hillary clinton, there had been a poll a week or two ago that showed trump closing the gap, but he she is up nine points. that is a very healthy lead. it also put her up boy a margin like this. donald trump look at this.
1:54 pm
donald trump within three points of hillary clinton. about three weeks ago they had a poll and put the margin at four. would this go back to a comfortable lead or was trump making it a race in wisconsin. he is ahead. he is runing for behind, but making it a race. we put it up on the top of the hour. we think the real toss upstates are. you can add wisconsin to that list. 263 and that puts her awfully close to 270.
1:55 pm
you have to come really close. you have to win florida and carolina and ohio. they have to win the way this is looking. wisconsin is more and more of an essential stake to donald trump. not something we thought would be the case, but to the extent the map has changed, wisconsin may end up being one of the trump campaign. these are numbers that we can show you. the big horse race will come out, but what are you most concerned about? temperament topping the list. 33% and his comments about women and immigrants and muslims, 27%. his craze for putin is also an issue. flip it around, what are the concerns about hillary clinton. her judgment when it comes to
1:56 pm
syria, iraq, libya. more than a third of voters citing that and the e-mail scandal. nearly 30% saying that and the deplorables remark she made just before her incident at ground zero. that is nearly 10% citing that. again, a couple minutes from now, we will get the headline of who is leading the poll. joining me right now, betsy and evan mcmorris. he is a correspondent for an alum of the up show. the new national poll and looking at the map there was a good news poll for clinton and a good news poll for trump out of wisconsin. >> that said though, i think we have to be careful not to overstate the numbers. it's great for trump that the margin is as small as it is. he has yet to crack i believe 40
1:57 pm
in any four-way survey of the contest. he hasn't led in a single poll. the other complicating factor is that a lot of resources that would respect him are not really available to him. if he wants to compete in the state really well, he wants to maximize the turn out where ted cruz did really well. it's a hot bed of never trump sentiment. so the reality is that even among voter who is should be loyal, trump has a bit of a problem and if he puts all his eggs into the basket, it may not pay off. >> the national poll and the concerns jump right ought about donald trump's temperament. this is one of the lessons that i internalized early on. voter when is they are in the voting booth and torn and not fully committed to a candidate, that weighs on them. that weighs on them.
1:58 pm
take a voter and have them say maybe not. >> one thing is bad for him on the temperament side and it's worse for him because it talks about muslims and women and people who need to vote for him. if that's a concern, that makes your heartburn. both of the numbers, the new poll numbers in wisconsin, that poll both shows you have a tightening race. that means the bets he was talking about with resources on the ground are the most important part of a tight election. clinton has shown she has that machinery in place. we don't know that about trump yet. >> betsy was talking about that. the support stuck when it seems to tighten his level. it doesn't seem to get beyond the low 40s. how much he is being helped by gary johnson or jill stein being in the race. >> as long as you have the problems, it might might be hard for him to go over the line if he wants to win the election. >> as well, we were talking earlier about the impact of the
1:59 pm
police shootings in the news. that brings this issue to the front. is this looking ahead to the debate monday night, will that play up big in the debate? >> it would be odd if it didn't. trump called for a nationwide stop and frisk program. all the data shows that program was in practice racist. it resulted in african-americans in new york city facing more police interactions and more police monitoring than white people. trump suggested that the way to help and move the agenda forward is to take that program that is deeply untopular and move it nationwide. it would be astounding if that didn't become a debate issue. it's something clinton has focused on and trying to change the way the criminal justice system works. trump has suggested that the way we make things better for african-americans is to expand police power.
2:00 pm
it's going to be interesting the way they plays out. >> thanks to both of you for joining us. that will bring us to the end of this hour. you will not want to go anywhere. they are coming out in a moment. mtp daily starts now. >> if it's wednesday, we have a look at the brand-new "wall street journal" poll. after the birther controversy and after deplorables and after terror attacks. tonight the avalanche of news has scrambled the presidential race. or has it. the latest numbers on the state of the presidential campaign. also, third party effect and why gary johnson still matters. plus, my conversation with iranian president on the nuclear deal, the u.s. presidential election and surprising answer to this question. c


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