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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 22, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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in other words, get to who we are and what we really strive for. well, the smart candidate, if he or she is truly smart will get in touch with his or her heart which may be the smartest and best gps to the country's heart breaking news overnight. it is a state of emergency in charlotte, north carolina, after a second night of violent protests. the chaos has left at least one person on life support and the governor is calling in the national guard. plus, we're getting a chilling new look at the moment the suspected new york bomber dropped off luggage believed to contain a bomb on a manhattan street. >> and donald trump continues his pitch to black voters, but it's don king who's getting attention this morning for how he introduced trump on the trail. ♪ good morning, everyone.
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it is thursday, september 22nd. i'm alex witt. north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency after another night of violent clashes between protesters and police in charlotte. this over the shooting death of a black man. governor pat mccrory made the announcement amid escalating tensions in that city, tweeting that he had initiated efforts to deploy the national guard and highway patrol to assist local law enforcement. meanwhile, one person is on life support in critical condition after being shot during the demonstrations last night. initially, the city had reported that person had been killed, but later clarified their condition. officials say that shooting did not involve a police officer. now, several others, including police, were hurt during the protest in the uptown section of the city. officers in riot gear once again used tear gas to try and disperse those crowds, several people were arrested. this marked the second night of violent in the wake of the fatal police shooting of keith scott on tuesday. police say scott was given multiple warnings by officers to
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drop his weapon, but a witness at the scene says scott did not have a gun and was reading a book in his car when he was shot. and a police source confirms that in an image obtained by our local affiliate, there appears to be a gun at keith scott's feet in the moments after he was shot. joining us from charlotte is nbc's sarah risario. what's going on there this morning? >> reporter: well, it's much different this morning than what it was a cup hours ago. the streets are being cleaned. just a couple hours ago, hundreds of people were marching through these streets, protesting the shooting death of 43-year-old keith scott. now many people are still upset about it. they're going to bed now, but we do expect more protests to arise later today. anger, racial tensions boiling over after yet another officer-involved shooting. the unrest and the violence continuing for a second night here in charlotte, bricking out police in the riot gear, having
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to use flash grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas to try to separate the crowd and get them to leave. the protest yesterday started out peaceful, but as night fell, things started to get violent. at one time, they got to the city center, and that's when we heard that shots rang out. we're told one person was shot. police are being pretty adamant, saying that person was shot by a civilian and not a police officer. but the violence still continued. several officers were injured as well as other civilians, all taken to the hospital. after protesters got done marching through uptown charlotte, they took to the interstates yet again, marching this time on i-277. it is the loop that goes around the heart of the city. then police were eventually able to get them to come back into the city center. today governor pat mccrory has called the national guard and state troopers to try to help police officers. and the officer accused of shooting and killing keith scott is now on paid administrative leave. live in shart, sarah rosario,
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back to you. >> lots of news, thank you. >> and alex, donald trump has weighed in on the shooting of a black man in tulsa, oklahoma. the hm nominee suggested the officer in that shooting may have choked in the situation. >> i must tell you, i watched the shooting, in particular, in tulsa. that man was hands up. that man went to the car hands up. put his hand on the car -- i mean, to me, it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do. and he looked like a really good man. this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. >> the fraternal order of police endorsed trump last week, but their executive director scolded trump to be mindful of due
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process before jumping to conclusions. meanwhile, trump's campaign is criticizing the clinton campaign over her comments on the shootings. speaking on fox news radio yesterday, his campaign manager, kelly anneconw waway slammed clinton. >> it's unbelievable she would do that before the facts, the details. i think that's an over plit siization. the loss of life is always tragic. i feel like we all should be looking at very nonpartisan, not even bipartisan, if you will. but this is what she does. she doesn't pass up a moment to weigh in and try to score points and score votes. >> and donald trump held a round table with some of his close aides and a group of black pastors in ohio yesterday morning where he defended his controversial call for african-americans to join his campaign, like the one he made
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in north carolina on tuesday, claiming it resonates with black voters. >> our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. you take a look at the inner cities, you got no education, you got no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. they're worse. i mean, honestly, places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. and i want to thank the african-american community because i don't know if you've been watching, but the poll numbers are going like a rocket ship. it's interesting because i went down a list of problems in the inner cities, and i had said this three or four times before. i go down the list. i talked about the crime. i talked about the lack of education, the bad schools, and i talked about jobs. the jobs are just so bad. and i said it three, four, five times. then one day i said, what do you
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have to lose? i mean, what do you have to lose? i'm going to fix it. what do you have to lose? and somehow that resonated. some people didn't like it. but i said, what difference does it make? it's true. what do you have to lose? >> trump's campaign has been touting the "los angeles times" usc tracking poll, which showed trump jumping with black voters. donald trump's event in cleveland yesterday was a return to the sight of july's republican national convention, but this time he was joined by a man that party leaders barred from speaking on the convention stage. controversial boxing promoter don king used a racial epithet when talking about why black voters should choose trump. >> america needs donald trump. we need donald trump, especially black people. i told michael jackson, i said, if you poor, you a poor negro.
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i would use the "n" word. if you rich, you a rich negro. if you are intelligent, intellectual, you're an intellectual negro. if you're dancing and sliding and gliding [ bleep ] -- i mean negro -- you are dancing and sliding and gliding negro. you cannot assimilate. you know you going to be a negro until you die. >> there's only one don king. only one don. >> there are 47 days to go until election day and only four days to the first debate. the polls are showing a toss-up among likely voters nationally. the new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton with a narrow lead, 43% to donald trump's 37%. gary johnson is still at 9%. in the states, a marquette university poll shows a nail
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biter in wisconsin. clinton at 41%, trump at 38%, gary johnson at 11. fox news polls of swing states are giving trump an edge, a statistical tie. in north carolina, a five-point trump, 45 to clinton's 40. trump also has a five-point lead in the pivotal battleground state of ohio. now to the latest on a string of bombings in new york and new jersey. chilling new surveillance video obtained by nbc new york appears to show suspect ahmad rahami. investigators are looking for the two men who made off with the suitcase after removing the bomb. nypd's chief of detectives says the men may have accidently pulled a wire and disabled the device, adding, quote, they're very, very lucky. authorities stress they're only witnesses and will not be
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arrested, adding they want to examine the piece of luggage as a part of the investigation. we're getting our first look at what is said to be the journal found on rahami at the time of his capture. house homeland security chair called its contents a new era of terror, saying it's clear rahami was inspired by isis, mentioned in its pages. hillary clinton took her campaign to orlando, florida, yesterday, where she gave a speech outlining a plan to help americans with disabilities. >> today i want to focus on one area that hasn't gotten enough attention. it concerns a group of americans who are too often invisible. overlooked and undervalued, who have so much to offer but are given too few chances to prove it. now, that's been true for a long time, and we have to change it.
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i'm talking about people with disabilities. >> and while clinton made no mention of donald trump during the speech, her campaign later are e leased an ad hitting her opponent for allegedly mocking the disabilities of a "new york times" reporter. >> i first met hillary clinton when i was 9 years old, and i could tell that when she looked at me, she didn't see disability. she saw someone strong and capable like i see myself. donald trump doesn't see people like me. he just sees disability. i honestly feel bad for someone with so much hate in his heart. we need a president who sees the best in all of us. >> trump, meanwhile, has continued his attacks on clinton this week, at one point mocking attendance at her events. >> when we have rallies like this, i have to say, we have rallies like this and we have
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7,000, 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 routinely. those are like the smaller crowds. hillary goes out for rallies, and yesterday i think she had 200 people. she had 200 people. maybe 300. i'll say 300 because they'll say i was wrong. >> well, according to the orlando sentinel, clinton had an audience of about 400 at her event yesterday. still ahead, what chicago is doing to combat the dramatic increase in shootings the city has seen this year. plus, mylan ceo does her best to stifle the fire over the epipen increase. those stories and more when we come back.
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the outrage over the skyrocketing cost of epipens took center stage on capitol
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hill yesterday with mylan's ceo sitting in the hot seat. congress demanding answers to the dramatic price increase. nbc's tom costello has the details. >> reporter: she may be senator joe mansion's daughter, but heather bresch found new friends on capitol hill. >> you have five executives in five years that earned nearly $300 million. >> reporter: mylan pharmaceuticals accused of driving up the price of epipens. >> they've raised the prices, the reason being, i believe, to get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents. >> we've worked diligently and enhanced epipen. >> reporter: "usa today" reporting heather bresch's mom helped lead the effort to get epipen's in all schools
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nationwide. in a statement, she tells nbc news, my only concern and motivation was, and always will be, how we can protect as many children as possible. but mylan insists it wasn't the only provider of injectors and actually provided many schools with free pens. meanwhile in seattle, a pediatric e.r. doc says the price hikes have put the pen out of reach for families who need it. >> i've heard numerous stories of people who have chosen to go without an auto injector at all because they couldn't afford one. >> reporter: mylan insists it spent hundreds of millions of dollars redesigning the pen, but on the hill, more skepticism. >> they'll fly back to their mansions in their private jets and laugh all the way to the bank. >> reporter: but even after a public shaming, american families will still be left paying the price. >> that was tom costello reporting. right now the new york attorney general has an ongoing anti-trust investigation looking into the pricing and allegations
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of price gouging. the fda is also under fire for not approving alternatives that could compete. and chicago is making new moves to get a grip on its se seemingly out of control crime after 500 homicides already this year and more than 2500 shootings. the city is beefing up its police force, expected to add nearly a thousand more officers over the next two years. when asked how the city plans to pay for it t mayor rahm e manall said, quote, we are already paying for it today in lost lives. he says it's not a budget question and pledge not to raise property taxes, adding, quote, we'll have the resources to pay for our obligations. all right. let's get a check on the weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. it feels like fall this morning, bill. >> it's starting to. wait for this weekend. it will be chilly in many areas that have been feeling like summer. i want to start with breaking weather news overnight. a lot of horrible flooding in areas of iowa and wisconsin. minneapolis had a lot of bad flooding to the north of town,
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right along the iowa/minnesota border. we' in the town of greene, iowa, people having sandbagging all night long. counties in red are where we have flash flood warnings going on. we'll give you updates as the water hopefully begins to recede this morning. additional rainfall, the storms are now here. they're going to shift to the south. be prepared around ames to waterloo. that's where we have the potential for additional flash flooding today. another two to three inches is possible today. and it doesn't feel like the first day of fall. officially at 10:22 this morning on the east coast, that's when we kick in fall. everybody is waiting for that cool shot of air to come in today. not today. mid-80s for the east coast. still in the 90s around dallas. northern louisiana could be in the upper 90s today. but here's the first signs of that cool air now coming into montana and areas of minneapolis. the cooldown will happen this
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weekend for the northern half of the country, but it's going to take a while. as far as the thunderstorms go, it's will improve. here's friday's forecast. signs of fall. the green here is temperatures in the 60s and 70s. that's northern new england, northern michigan. that'll sink to the south this upcoming weekend. the one spot that won't get any relief is our friends in the southeast. areas like atlanta, they just saw their 85th 90-degree day this year. >> oh, come on. >> yeah, it's called hotlanta for a reason. >> remember yesterday he talked about global warming. i don't know if you use that phrase, but the heat around the globe. thanks, bill. still ahead, everyone, the nba season gets under way next month. officials are seeking ideas for social change in the wake of national anthem protests. plus, the atlanta braves stun the mets at citi field with a game-saving play. you got to see this catch. we'll have all the highlights next. ry and abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need.
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declining to answer questions at the weekly media availability and instead using that time to comment on the recent police shootings and the sports world's response to america's social unrest. meanwhile, the nba is getting ahead of potential anthem protesters. after discussion with the players union, a joint letter was reportedly sent out yesterday, informing players the two sides have decided to stand together. of course, the nba rule book states, quote, players, coaches, and trainers are to stand and line up in dignified posture along the sidelines or on the foul line during the playing of the national anthem. according to the associated press, yesterday's memo did not remind players of that rule. we'll see what happens october 25th when the nba starts. we turn now to major league baseball, where defensive blunders were the undoing for a pair of playoff contenders in the american league. in seattle, game tied in the bottom of the 12th inning. josh donaldson commits a
2:25 am
throwing error and drops a throw allowing the winning run to reach their base. robinson cano fouls with a sacrifice fly to walk the mariners off with a 2-1 win over the blue jays. in baltimore, what should have been an out at first that would have ended a bases loaded sixth inning led to disaster after the o's chris davis' errant throw allows one run to score. then a three-run homer out to right field as the red sox go on to win 5-1. the damage, toronto and baltimore fall to five and six games behind the a.l. east leading red sox. the orioles lead is cut to one game ahead of the tigers and astros on the a.l. second wild card spot, while the mariners move to within two games. while the yankees odds of making the playoff are a long shot, silting two and a half games out, catcher gary sanchez is tightening his grip on rookie of the year. sanchez connected on two home runs in last night's 11-5 win over the rays, becoming the
2:26 am
quickest to hit 19 homers in mlb history, taking only 45 games. those were rockets. finally, to queens. trailing the braves by one with two runners on base in the bottom of the ninth, cespedes is robbed of a home run by atlanta outfielder ender ens yar today. the game-saving catch sends the braves home with a 4-3 victory and steals a i way new york's shot at a sole possession of the top wild card spot, which is still in a three-way tie as the cardinals and giants also posted losses yesterday. alex, that was an incredible catch. i just still can't get over it. i think the mets are still waking up stunned this morning. >> wow. what a player. he's on such the roll. incredible. still ahead, donald trump calls a nationwide stop and frisk policy, but some leaders are already pushing back. plus, we're following the latest out of charlotte after another night of violent
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breaking news overnight. protests turn violent for a second straight night in charlotte. one demonstrator shot, businesses damage, and now a state of emergency has been declare. plus, donald trump has an idea of how to stem inner city violence. it's a controversial tactic that's already been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. and new surveillance video of the suspected new york and new jersey bomber as investigators look for two unidentified men who were near the


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