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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm tamron hall live at msnbc headquarters. as mentioned, breaking news right now in the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott in charlotte, north carolina. the news is that the city and county officials in charge of the investigation at this point are least distributing this information to the public. they'll hold a news conference in charlotte any minute now. that as the family of mr. scott demands that police release the body cam and dash cam video of the shooting. they want it made public. the family was shown the tape late yesterday. now, protesters are also demanding that the video be released as they took to the streets for a third straight night and we learned that the mayor of charlotte indicated the curfew is implemented tonight as well. the scott family attorney justin bamberg shows what he saws in the police video. >> it was painful to watch. not just to see him get shot and killed but to see the reactions
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on his loved ones' faces. i see an individual sitting in a car who gets out in a calm, peaceful manner. never appears to be aggressive. it seems like he's a tad confused. i don't know if he's getting yelled at from too many directions. his hands are down. there does appear to be an object in his hand but at the moment, he's shot. he's stepping backwards. >> we are waiting for an update from charlotte. she has seen the video and agrees with the assessment by both the police chief and the family. the family has seen the video as mentioned and the mayor described what's seen in the video as ambiguous. not a clear vantage point but we'll hear more developments there but let me bring in ari melber. he's standing in by with the latest here. so you have the law which is in place in north carolina and you also have the desire of the family members here. do these coincide in any way?
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>> well, under the law, they only coincide in the sense that we reported the family members can petition to see the video. even then, under the law, as it would be executed when it begins in october, they're not allowed to share or copy that video. this is very restrictive which has members of the community as we reported pushing and asking, why can't we see it? we're waiting this press conference. we may hear more about the video because that's what the protesters have focused on. >> i'm sure you've heard this commentary as well and have the mayor and police chief describing their view of the video. it's not as if they said, yes, we've seen the video and we'll let the investigators work the case. they've added color. they've added description and added more questions, all while saying, but the public, the taxpayers, the people of this state cannot see it. >> exactly. it is entirely possible that the video may support the police version of events. we don't know yet. i can say that fairly. what i can't say fairly is the government officials are being
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fair or objective about this process because as you just alluded to, either the process has to be a measured and slow investigation where material is withheld for that reason, so you can figure out what happened. or you're releasing information to the public to help people understand what happened. it can't be both things at once. so what they've done is said, we don't release the video to keep everyone basically open minded as we proceed but we are going to characterize the video to defend the government official, in this case, the police officer. that is in my view as a journalist, an illogical position. >> do you believe it was in defense of the officer? she said it's ambiguous and the lawyers characterized mr. scott does not appear to be the aggressor or appear to raise his hand. and according to the attorney, he's somehow walking back. so in the description from the mayor, from the police chief, is
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it a defense already of the officer? >> to my ear, the police chief was making a defense. the police chief was saying there's a gun but not definitive whether it's being used in a threatening or menacing manner but if you get out with a gun, you have a legal right to, that itself is menacing. you could be holding a gun towards the crowd but with officers, that's all within seconds of a potential threat. so it struck my ear that the police chief and some of the other folks who spoke into this seem to be speaking to the gun, that hasn't been proven yet for justification of the use of force. to your point, the mayor said the entire thing is not definitive. i think these officials put themselves in a real corner over the last several days because they sought to characterize the evidence without releasing it and you can say the evidence comes later. everyone keep your powder dry or start dealing with it to try to do both and put them in a corner. >> the family has been asked if
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mr. scott had a weapon. if he carried, actually said they don't know of any gun or possession of gun at the scene but let's say there was a weapon. there's an open carry in north carolina. would he be required to register that weapon or anything of that nature? >> the question's around the legal operation of the weapon is, do you have the registration for the gun, a legal firearm and if you open carry, are you doing that under the state law? and again, that doesn't resolve the first question, the presence of the gun, a threat to the officers. i see, as you do. >> they're assembling here now. many questions, but again, going back to the legal aspect of it. does it in any way, in your opinion or your expertise, hurt this case, if in fact, they are giving a description or an assessment of this tape before the investigation is played out?
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>> absolutely, tamron. among the many issues, the question would be for any lawyers involved in potential litigation here, are you essentially jury tampering by saying in a wide way in front of the public, in front of these media appearances, here's my opinion of what's on the video? the reason why many communities and police departments instituted a collection of video is not so that the government can secretively give you its opinion. it's for the public to make its own determination. >> that's why people ask for the federal government to get involved. we saw this with the eric garner case. the concern about the relationship that prosecutors often have with police departments. these are the same that would depend on the police to be a witness in other cases and there's a great concern of how this process works with these two agencies having to work together on other cases. >> absolutely. there's always a potential conflict of interest when
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prosecutors who work with police to build their cases most days of the week then have to turn around and investigate. so there's ways that is sometimes sectioned off so someone else is doing the investigation through state police or independent prosecutor and police chief is also in a difficult position because absent some action by the d.a. or charges, he'd speak on behalf of all police but also basically speaking on behalf of these officers in question because they haven't been charged yet. >> we are waiting for people, but before we do, let me quickly tell you while i wait with the mayor and charlotte's mayor jennifer roberts, what she said to brian williams about this tape since we've discussed so much of what she said. let's play that. >> i had seen the video. and i agree with the assessment both by our chief, as well as the family of the family that's seen the video also and it is ambiguous. there is not a clear picture. the body camera, of course, is moving and the view is on secbs
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at certain points and the dash cam is a partial view. it's a challenge. it is ambiguous and this is one reason why we want to have time for the investigation to continue, to gather all the pieces of the puzzle. >> to gather all the pieces of puzzle but that follows a statement about what she believes is on the tape. >> whether or not it's ambiguous, which these videos can be, the authorities will have to figure out, i think, soon, whether they'll hold the lie to make it clear they're not showing it or clear whether there's some greater disclosure. >> and the mayor just started. let's listen in. >> good morning. thank you for being here. i want to thank our local, state, and federal partners for being here with us as well. last night in charlotte, last
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night was what a lawful demonstration looks like. i want to say, i appreciate the efforts of all of our law enforcement officers, both local and state, and i want to thank them for the professionalism that they have demonstrated. i was out on the streets last night listening to folks who are there and was grateful to see people voicing their opinions peacefully. i was also encouraged to see acts of gratitude and acts of positive personal interaction between demonstrators and our men and women in uniform. however, we continue to maintain our level of resources. and we are in preparations for the weekend ahead. we're thankful for the support of our business community, as we work to return to a normal
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business schedule. our uptown area is largely open for business and we are working to return to normalcy. last night, i signed a citywide curfew that is in effect between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. this curfew is a tool that allows us to adjust enforcement at the direction of our law enforcement officials. our corporate communications division has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and i would direct people to the city of charlotte web site. as well as to watch our twitter feed a at @cltgov to ask more questions about the curfew, however, just a few of those, we have gotten questions about what it means to
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have the curfew in place. one of the questions our schools, day cares, et cetera, exempt from this curfew? travel for services necessary to sustain the well being of citizens or their families are exempt from the curfew. that would be day cares and schools. some of those do open before 6:00 a.m. another frequently asked question, how will the curfew impact businesses such as restaurants and bars that are open after midnight? the curfew restricts travel for nonexempt purposes within the city of charlotte from midnight to 6:00 a.m. patrons who leave establishments such as bars or restaurants will be impacted if they need to travel on the roadways during those curfew hours. bars and restaurants will be closing at midnight. there are other frequently asked questions. again, i would direct people to the web site and to our twitter
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feed. we'll continue to get those questions answered as people adjust to what a curfew means. with that, i'd like to turn it over to our chief of police. chief kerr putney. >> good morning. i'd like to go over some of the details concerning last night's demonstrations that were, for the most part, peaceful. very much so. there were a couple of issues that we need to address and then we'll give you kind of a timeline, a sequence of events. approximately 8:30, a group of protesters started to block the streets. approximately 8:45, we saw protesters within the group, one of the groups there at the park who were beginning to put on gas
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masks. at 8:52, we got intelligence through our intel unit that there was a group coming out of south carolina, coming up here to join in the protest. these factors and a few others influenced my decision to seek approval for the curfew and that was at 9:00 p.m. to be in effect starting at midnight and going, as the mayor said, until 6:00 in the morning. at 10:15, our emergency unit had to be deployed to maintain order as protesters continued to block streets. at 10:40, interstate 277 was shut down and we deployed ceu, civil emergency unit, to move the crowd out of the street and regain order. that process took about 15 minutes, which is a lot more timely than we've had in the
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past. at 10:46, the city building on church street at moorhead was reported to be vandalized in the process of being so, so we responded to that location. at midnight, the curfew went into effect. a couple of things about the curfew, one of which, it is a tool. it is a tool in the tool belt to help us maintain order. it gives us discretion, so employing that curfew, i do have the discretion to use some discernment and judgment in how we implement or enforce that, meaning as long as people are being peaceful, and for the most part, they were, i don't have to be the aggressive party creating a sense of disorder from our part, creating some tension that i wanted to and our officers wanted to deescalate. so that was our approach. we continue to facilitate the
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protesting throughout the night, and by 1:45 this morning, the protesters protesting had subsided and the groups had begun to dissipate significantly. overall, we had one officer who was treated for a minor hand injury. two who were treated after being sprayed with some chemical agent by some protesters. one national guard member was treated by medic for minor injury. we had one civilian that was transported by medic but was not related to the protest itself. we had a total of three arrests. restrictive delay. failure to disperse. one for carrying a concealed weapon and a curfew violation. i have to highlight a little bit of the work though. our investigations were being conducted from the previous
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night where we had quite a bit of damage. what i saw was humbling, impressive work. our officers were sacrificing their own safety to protect our city. and i can't say how humbled i am by that, just great work. at 7:00 a.m., just today, i had another example of the good investigative work. our criminal apprehension team just apprehended the suspect in the murder of mr. justin carr, which happened on trade street there knnear the omni. he was shot and killed during the demonstration wednesday night and our crime scene investigators and homicide detectives were able to use a lot of footage, our realtime crime center, was able to supply footage from cameras that helped
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us solve that case. just a tremendous amount of good detective work there. still, we currently conduct the interview as the investigation continues but have established probable cause and have made that arrest and also identified other suspects involved in property-related crimes the night before. and again, i can't say enough the impact we've had with camera footage that covers the city that allows us to put peace togeth together, piece together some of the cases. we ask the public to do likewise, if you have any evidence to help solve some of the outstanding cases that we're looking to resolve, we ask you to do so. i'd be remiss if i didn't thank our partners, as always, the charlotte fire department. we also have medic who's always a good partner. we have the national guard, the
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state highway patrol, as well as our local mecklenburg sheriff's office. we could not ensure the safety of our jurisdiction without their support. and again, i just want to underscore the hard work of our men and women, the partner agencies in the police department. they continue to do good work. i am also very encouraged by the manner in which the first amendment was exercised last night. we're most appreciative of that. and i can tell you, personally, i have a great deal of empathy for, or appreciation for the empathy and professionalism d a displayed by our heroes. i continue to be marvelled by their efforts in their work. lastly, and unfortunately, maybe for you, but not so much for me, this will be the final case update that i can give you regarding the officer-involved
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shooting for officer scott. it has been officially turned over to the state bureau of investigations for an independent investigative process. they will be the entity that's responsible for updating any cases and disseminating information and releasing any information. a thorough investigation allows multiple factors and i can tell you one piece of evidence will never, ever make a good case. i know the expectation that video footage can be the panacea and that's not quite the case. there are a lot of other factors that have to support and corroborate even what you might visually see. but the process is pain stakingly slow sometimes so i ask for your patience as the state bureau conducts their individual investigation because
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it will take them time to piece together everything that has happened and what i can tell you is i have confidence in that process and i hope our fellow community members will allow for that thorough investigation. again, last thing i want to say is i'm still optimistic, i'm still proud of our city, i'm still proud of our community, and i'm humbled and very proud of the the work that our cmpd officers and law enforcement partners continue to work to make us a safe city that our community deserves. thank you. >> good morning again. i'm willie -- >> you just heard a brief update from the mayor as well as the police chief. i have ari melber with me. the police chief, putney, indicated that the independent
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agency is going to investigate. what does that mean? >> what that means is we will no longer hear anything from the actual police chief or this police department about this case other than their capacity as potentially defending the officers right but not doing inquiry. the state police will then conduct this as independent inquiry. there's no conflict of investigating themselves. but what we heard is a somewhat defensive remark saying one video doesn't tell the whole story and no news about what we were discussing before we went to it, where and when will the video be seen by the public. >> no news on that and mentioned, the family of mr. scott want the video released after seeing it yesterday with their attorney. thank you so much. we go to breaking news out of tulsa, oklahoma, where the state medical examiner has just given an update on the unarmed black man shot by a white police officer last sunday. the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest with the
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manner of death is homicide. the full report not complete. officer betty shelby who shot crutcher is free on $50,000 bond right now after turning herself in early this morning and being charged with first degree manslaughter. police release this video of the moments before friday's shooting where crutcher is seen walking to his suv with his hands up. officer shelby's attorney said shelby feared crutcher was high on pcp and he would not follow the officer's commands. according to the affidavit, he shot crutcher as he reached into his vehicle window but the crutcher family attorney said the video shows the window was closed. in deciding to charge shelby, the tulsa d.a. county said she reacted unreasonably and became emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted. crutcher's family said they are pleased with the charge but their hearts, obviously, are heavy. >> while we are pleased to learn
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that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act, we understand that nothing will bring him back. our goal now as a family is to ensure this never happens to another innocent citizen. we're demanding full prosecution. we want a conviction and when this happens, this is a small victory, but we know we've got to get ready to fight this war. >> joining us, mayor dewey bartlett. thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> i know that in the case involving mr. crutcher, we're talking about a white officer in charlotte, an officer who was african-american with the man killed, an african-american. and this is an issue of policing in certain communities in addition to what many see is the current race but the bottom line, these families want accountability and here in your state, your city, we've now seen
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charges. what is, how do you assess, at least, the last few days with how rapidly this has gone in this way? >> we focused, of course, on transparency. we released the video. the video, very quickly put it out in the public domain and then two things. the families and the investigation, having that completed as quickly and thoroughly as possible to the point that the district attorney could make a decision. now we've passed that threshold, which is good. the reaction of the femaamily i accepting of the present situation, as far as the final charges go. now it's up to us to continue on to move ahead to see what we can do as a government to improve our situation to see where we might have had some problems, made some mistakes, improve those, have accountability, but
8:25 am
also not just accept the situation but we're always wanting to see things improve and make them better so that this doesn't happen again. >> there are some who expressed skepticism or concern about the charges. in fact, "usa today" quotes an analyst that the charge should have been murder and given a lenie lenient charge. because the officer was a woman. what's your reaction to, a, the charge being manslaughter versus murder? >> well, i have nothing but total confidence with our district attorney. he's been in the district attorney's office for 15, 20 years. he knows exactly what he's doing, he's very thoughtful. his position is he wants to take care of these things in the courts and not in the streets. i have total confidence in him and i know he has in the past
8:26 am
exhibited thoughtfulness and the rule of law as his guide. i'm confident he made a good decision. >> let me play what president obama, i mknow you spoke with president obama on the phone this week. he made remarks about tulsa during an interview that aired this morning. let me play what he said. >> tulsa. he had his hands up, mr. preside president, and i think that's part of the frustration. >> i made it a policy not to comment on specifics of these issues because in the case of tulsa, for example, the mayor has invited the justice department in to conduct an independent investigation. i've said this repeatedly. police have a really tough job. if you have repeated instances in which the perception is at least that this might not have been handled the same way were it not for the element of race, even if it's unconscious, i think it's important for all of us to say we want to get this right. >> mr. mayor, you heard the president say there that you
8:27 am
invited the justice department to conduct that independent investigation, that's perhaps why we didn't see what happened in charlotte in your city. >> well, we made that decision early on. we had a great relationship in the u.s. attorney's office. a tremendous u.s. attorney. we have great relationships with all the players involved and we want everybody to be on the same page from the beginning and we welcome the openness. we welcome the involvement of the u.s. attorney's office, of the u.s. judiciary. we think that's very important. it has to be there. >> mayor bartlett, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you very much for yours. we appreciate it. members of the congressional black caucus demand they aggressively pursue prosecutions in the shooting deaths of crutcher and lamont by police officers and yesterday, the members marched in protests. one member was new york congressm
8:28 am
congressman gregory. >> good to be with you. >> what action do you need to see at this point? >> we want the attorney general to be very aggressive, in some instances, not necessarily wait until the mayor in tulsa invite them in. when you see someone is not moving in a timely fashion and/or is not being transparent in the investigation, for them to move in. because the problem is the lack of transparency and thereby on a local level because they have to continue to work with that policing body. so we want an aggressive attorney general to move in even with there's scenarios they're not invited in and we talked about, we want to be able to push legislation on our side so we are also sending a message to speaker ryan that we've got
8:29 am
valuable pieces of legislations that's drafted that we believe should be put on the floor like mandatory cameras and pay for community policing. there's some items we have we think we could pass in a bipartisan manner. >> we talked about the body cameras and implementing this plan but here you are with the case in charlotte where you have the police chief and the mayor saying that in this case with the body camera, you can't tell anything, that it is not this evidence that many had hoped it could be in determining what happened. so is it useful at this point if you can't get it released to the public and authorities say it depends what you see there? >> the key is having it released to the public. that's transparency. and then the public can see whether or not just as the police chief said or just as the family, they can judge it for themselves. the idea is transparency. and you find instances where there has been complete
8:30 am
transparency, where in fact, the mayors or others forthcoming has been no incidents there. people just want to know the truth. and oftentimes, the cameras may be able to tell you that. maybe able to give you a hint of what's going on and sometimes, may not be and i think the individual will understand will needs to be additional investigation moving. to indict someone, you need probable cause to believe a crime was committed and the individual being looked at is a proper person and that's what needs to be done here. >> i got to ask you your reaction to your colleague in the house, congressman robert pettinger of north carolina. he apologized for startling remarks he made but let me play what he said. >> a patriot for white people, and that saddens me greatly. >> you believe that protesters hate white people? >> no, no, sir. it's the comment they made. i think you could go back and
8:31 am
look at the tapes. the comments they made on air. i was only trying to convey what they were saying. and then i apologized. i have many friends of the african-american community. >> the anger, they hate white people because they're successful and they're not. i mean, yes, it is. it is a welfare state. we have spent trillions of dollars on welfare to relieve people in bondage so they can be all they're capable of being. >> you see the bbc commentator almost looking in disbelief. but you can remember him saying black people are basically angry because they don't have the success level of whites. >> i'm shocked and dismayed by mr. pettinger's statement.
8:32 am
he has not approached me in that manner, but it is dangerous. i think one of the things is we need to have conversation. when you even talk about what's going on now and what i believe that mr. trump perpetuates is a stereotype of what african-americans are and that stereotype oftentimes is utilized to promote others who look at african-americans in a different way. so i would hope and i'm going to reach out to him when i see him on the hill. >> what do you want to tell him? >> i want to make sure he understands how wrong and insulted he is with that statement. understanding that there's an apology, but there's got to be something deeper, more said to him in that regard so that he truly understands how devastated people are by that statement. i'm sure he represents african-americans, and how, you know, when you're a public figure, you have to think about what you say and people then
8:33 am
want to make sure that you are saying what you believe and sometimes that apology, you don't know whether it's for political purposes or otherwise. so i will have a conversation with him next week when we get back into congress. >> we'd love to have you back on and learn how it goes. thank you very much, congressman. greatly appreciate it. next up, i'll talk with president obama's senior advisor, valerie jarrett. we'll be right back. this network of portals will shorten the distance packages have to travel, and save jet shoppers money. unbelievable work! where does that one go? ...happy birthday... whoa, slow down bill. save some for us. (everyone laughs) ...hahahahahahahah. at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance.
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8:37 am
rights icon congressman john louis pictured throughout the museum and joining me now, senior advisor to president obama, valerie jarrett. thai thank you so much for your time. >> good morning, how are you? it's a historic weekend. >> it's a beautiful weekend. beautiful weekend for this country as pinafinally, we see opening of the doors. we talk about the span of space, the cost. you can't put a price tag on what this means and how long it took. how does it feel to you to be at this point? >> it feels absolutely spectacular. i had a chance to visit the museum yesterday for the second time and i just marvel at how they've done such a tremendous job of capturing the history of the african-american and their contribution to our country, the good times, the bad, the creativity, the way that so many people have excelled. particularly under our struggles. it's honest, it's frank, it's open. and it's not just about history but also the future.
8:38 am
i think it is a great motivator when people leave the museum, they should challenge themselves to say, what can we do to continue in the words of martin luther king, to move that long ark towards justice? >> i talked to the curator of the museum who was tirelessly working to bring in pieces of what he described as american history. yes, the title is the african-american history and culture museum but that history is american. so that people understand that this is really about all of us from all walks of life coming in to celebrate the cyber of america. >> that's right. as the president said yesterday, we've had a long american history, but there's been an important piece of that history that's missing, and so now, to have prominently displayed on the mall where so many historic events have happened and then lincoln, all of the qualities and fabric of our great country displayed on that mall and now we have this living incredible,
8:39 am
incredible museum that captures so much of our history. i encourage everybody to go by. there may be long lines but that's because it's such a jewel. you've got to check it out. >> this comes at a very complicated and difficult time in this country. you have three days now of protests in charlotte, an officer now charged in tulsa, oklahoma, it was in 2014, valerie, that the president signed this executive order creating the president's task force on 21st century lpolicing and as of may 2016, the communities currently participating in the initiative, none are the cities we've seen unrest. i have the list. there's clearly more work to be done. what needs to happen next beyond this initiative? as we're looking at two more fatalities involving black men. >> first of all, both the cities have been participating. so that list has grown since the date you referenced and it's
8:40 am
encouraging to see law enforcement communities recognizing that we have a gap in trust between communities of color and law enforcement but yet are committed to effecting change and the task force provides a blueprint of steps. i'm heartened to see the demonstratio demonstrations last night were peaceful and we encourage people to get involved and engaged. this isn't an issue that just affects the african-american community but our society as a whole, so seeing the galvanization of support for change is a positive step but as we all know, we have a long way to go. >> we do and our history is long and it will be celebrated and also reflected upon when the museum opens. thank you for your time, greatly appreciate it. now three days away from the first presidential debate and new polling shows hillary clinton holding her national lead over donald trump.
8:41 am
the new mcclatchy poll. and donald trump picks up seem, colorado, specifically. kelly o'donnell live with the trump campaign vote. both off the campaign trail today today. it's a mixed bag of polling. goodness, clearly, i think it's sunday. how to prepare for monday? >> reporter: we're just so anxious for it to get here. >> i cannot wait. >> reporter: i'm excited too. this is one of the highlights of a very long campaign season that reaches all the way back to early 2015, to see these two nominees face off for 90 minutes with current weather conditioqup voters reinforce decisions or make their decisions. these poll numbers certainly give confidence to the clinton campaign. trump loves to refer to a
8:42 am
favorable poll number that looks his way but as you point out, there's a consistent trend of hillary clinton having an advantage. so how are they preparing? very different styles. that shouldn't be a surprise. donald trump has been working with a small group of trusted allies including rudy giuliani, chris christie, his campaign ceo and his campaign manager, kelly ann conway and jason miller, a senior communications advisor kind of running through questions. that's different than the prep hillary clinton is doing, a much more traditional debate in addition to homework, reading, preparing. she's got a small team. a campaign within her campaign helping her to get ready and the styles will be different. the expectations may be different but that's part of what will make it so compelling to watch. >> indeed, kelly o. let's see what she has. after the rehearsal in chappaqua
8:43 am
and the clinton campaign. kasie, there's a mystery of who's playing donald trump in the debate rehearsals or practice runs. do we know any more? >> reporter: we have a few puzzle pieces. it's one of the logic games as a game. it's that but not this. we know that there's going to be one person playing donald trump when they get to the serious mock debate session part of this preparation. i'm told it's not an actor. it's not a lawmaker. it might even be somebody that we've never really heard of. it might be this mystery is greater than what the truth actually turns out to be but either way, she's devoting an enormous amount of time and obviously, the contrast with how she's doing this and donald trump is very different. now, one of the things i think you're going to see on the stage is some of the same, it's going to mirror the campaign strategy that we've been seeing and i
8:44 am
think she's going to be focused very much in particular on speaking to women voters. her campaign is out with a very tough new ad today. take a look. >> i would look at her in that fat ugly face of her. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who is flat chested is hard to be a 10. she have a good body? no. >> this is the kind of thing they think is very effective. using trump's own words. it will be interesting if clinton uses the same tactic on the debate stage. >> kasie, thank you very much. and we'll be right back. planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need real tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines.
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8:47 am
we're just three days, can you believe it, away from perhaps the most highly anticipated presidential debate that many people can remember? joining me now to talk about what to expect, joel silver man, a media strategist and trainer. democracy partner that worked
8:48 am
with those like senator elizabeth warren. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> okay, quick react. what are you looking for monday? let's start with hillary clinton. >> i think this is mrs. clinton's chance to give us a warm knowledge. this is about knowledge and experience. deep experience, deep knowledge, and she has to have a warm conversation with america. that's the trick of it. now, look, we all have talked about how women are being judged differently. i say have a warm conversation from your heart and stop this sexist conversation. let's get to it. that's what i expect from her. >> donald trump, what do you expect from him? >> that's the wild card. which donald trump shows up? i think we have to raise the bar. if we don't raise the bar for donald trump, we have failed, all of us and the media's really failed. just showing up, standing there and being kacalm is not the bar for a presidential debate.
8:49 am
he has to say something and i expect the media to hold him really accountable. we know mrs. clinton's experience. we don't know what he knows. >> you already see donald trump, excuse me, allergy season, to work the residents by saying they don't need to fact check. donald trump said the most recent thing that hillary clinton started the birther lies about president obama, that's been looked at by independent organizations as a flat out lie. does the moderator say that or does hillary clinton say that? >> first of all, i think the moderators are fact checkers. i think we are journalists if we are moderators and if you're an umpire at a ball game and don't call balls and strikes but waiting to see when the pitch hits the batter and then say go to first, that's not an umpire. working the refs is not an acceptable strategy and lowering the bar is not an acceptable strategy. this isn't "dancing with the stars" or "the voice" or
8:50 am
"america's got presidential talent". we're talking about the leader of the free world. let's ask some real questions and hold them accountable. and there's whole news departments. i'm of people that are more than willing to fact-check. let's get to it. >> you have woven in serious and just probably the funniest lines i have heard about the debate in a long while. you should be the moderator of one of these. certainly not monday's because lester holt is doing that job and he's one of the best journalists in the business. we'll see what happens on monday. >> thank you, tamen ro. it was a pleasure to be here. i think the moderator gets to ask the questions since she was transparent abouter hair color from the beginning by saying you will never see my hair get white. someone should ask mr. trump what color is that? i'm just asking. >> that might be a debate for comedy central. we'll see that question in another life. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the fifth annual global
8:51 am
citizen festival kicks off tomorrow in new york's central park. i will be there with my buddy willie geist and thousands of our best friends. the main goal of the festival is a serious topic, one we can all do something about. wiping out extreme poverty across the globe. among the performers tomorrow, rihanna, kendrick lamar, de demi lovado, major laser and metallica. the media partner for global citizens and with me the man behind the music and the great idea, hugh evans and charlene evanchano, of "girl in the river." you are in -- this is my third year hosting. your story, your documentary represents so much of the spirited energy of what global citizens are and what the festival is about. >>. >> it is about bringing
8:52 am
awareness, galvanizing people to look at issues, supporting them and lending their voice. mine is about honor killing. an organization i work closely with brought a lot of voices of women together to support them. this is key to bring this type of issue to the audience that you have been able to get together. >> they have a round disk and you sign what you believe you can change or want to change. i said violence against women with honor killings in mind. domestic violence is something i work on here. we can all do something. we all can't be a phenomenal documentary producer but we can do something in our communities. >> absolutely. what's important about the message is that, you know, trying to end the legal loopholes that enable honor killings to persist in pakistan can change through a legislative act. we need the prime minister to step up, put forward the legislation this year and get
8:53 am
enough votes in parliament to ensure this passes. this is where global citizens come in. over several months with our partners global citizens have taken over 40,000 actions calling on the pakistan assembly together with the prime minister, to outlaw honor killings. we are seeing progress, setbacks in recent times as social media stars even recently have been tragically killed in pakistan in what have been labeled honor killings. this is an urgent action that can be taken. global citizens around the world must rally, tens of thousands in the millions but it can change. >> this is the fifth year, third year we have partnered. you don't go on a ticket website and buy the ticket. you have to earn a seat at the table. >> that's what makes global citizen unique. the 60,000 people on the great lawn have taken action in what they learned, give, buy or do.
8:54 am
their actions earn them points enabling them to come to the festival. they are there passionately, rallying along people who are champions of the course. xx. inadministration to be there. >> i feel like it will be an inspiration. also because i think that the world is very much connected and global. i think we need to all work together, not only to support those who are trying to speak out about issues like this but also partnership staicipating i conversation so this becomes something not just about them there but about all of us. violence affects women around the world. >> so many topics and powerful voices in music with us. thank you both. >> thank you for your participation. >> absolutely. i'm excited about it.
8:55 am
again, i thought how do they -- beyonce two years in a row. how do you compete? bring in rihanna, demi lovato, kendrick lamar, the voice of a generation. and 60,000 global citizens on the great lawn. turn on your television at msnbc or go online. streaming there as well. you can participate in beyond the music. look for a way in your community to take action, whether it is at your church, community center. it doesn't have to be a grand idea. it just has to be one you care about. that's a big honor to be participating. i can't wait. we'll see you at the festival, a chance for all of us to help. i am supporting many causes but particularly safe horizon. you have a chance to paint your left ring finger purple, i would greatly appreciate it.
8:56 am
>> you can help by donating to safe the largest victims services agency in the country. paint your left ring finger purple to show your support. please join us. my family was personally devastated by domestic violence. but we have rebuilt by helping others. let's put the nail in it. ♪ when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ♪ thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ♪ walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm tamron hall. now on msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports." >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," tale of the tape. after a mostly peaceful night in charlotte, pressure is mounting on police to let the public see the contested video. and decide for themselves what it may or may not prove about the deadly shooting of keith la
9:00 am
mont scott. >> i know the expectation that video footage can be the panacea. i can tell you that's not the case. there are other factors to support and corroborate even what you might visually see. >> black lives matter and the first black president barack obama at the new museum of african-american history. and the spate of violent clashes. >> it's important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of african-americans about shootings of people and the sense that justice is not always color blind. looting, breaking glass, those things are not going to advance the cause. >> and countdown to showdown. three days to go to the first presidential debate. the candidates are off the trail as the polls show a shift. what can we expect on monday? >> where is


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