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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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i got some tricks up our sleeves. don't miss it tomorrow at 1:00. find me online and twitter and facebook and snap chat. pick your poison. we'll say good-bye now. i am going to toss it over to my colleague, thomas roberts, who's sipping on some coffee himself. >> i am not. if you can send me some coffee that would be great. heavy hitters are taking the trail for hillary clinton. we have hillary clinton and bernie sanders reuniting these two at the university of new hampshire. their first side by side campaign appearance since the day sanders endorsed clinton. we'll bring it to you as it happens. and michelle obama in another swing state, pennsylvania, this is her second keystone stop today. the first lady hit donald trump about his comments on women. >> if a candidate rarely makes cruel and insulting comments
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about women, about how we look and how we act, well, sadly, that's who that candidate really is. >> yeah! >> we'll see the first lady brings this up in pittsburgh. we are waiting to see if the trump campaign and donald trump himself will comment any further on this controversy. donald trump's remark about alicia machado who's now speaking out. sitting down with nbc news. >> what were the names that he called isn't it true. >> miss piggy and housekeeping and eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yeah, all the time >> now, our correspondence cold covering all of today's development, kristin welker, this is the big moment of the
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general election campaign of hear hers. >> alicia machado claiming donald tru nicknamed hers miss piggy. >> today she's going to be focusing on topics like college affo affordability and debt free college for everyone. her campaign is certainly continuing to slam donald trump over this controversy. they're out with a new ad featuring alicia machado. she held a press call and some of clinton's top circuits getting into the game including president obama who was on the "steve harvey show," it will air today. take a listen what he had to say. >> he basically insulted women and then double dod down this morning in terms of how he talks
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about them and talks about their weight and talks about, you know, how they look instead of the content of their character and capabilities. >> so the clinton campaign is a real opening here, a way to energyize latino voters as well as women voters to get the obama coalition to the polls. today, the focus is going to be on another part of the coalition here of all the important millenial voters and as you said secretary clinton will be holding a joint appearance with bernie sanders. their second joint appearance. bernie sanders won millenial voters during the primary and they helped him win a state like this by 20 points. the challenge is convincing them to get on board with secretary clinton. right now she's trailing where president obama was with younger voters back in 2012. a number of them giving third party candidates a serious look
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like johnson. today, issues like college affo affordability and creating jobs. >> is that bernie sanders talking right now? >> i do not know. it is not bernie sanders. >> okay. i anticipate him coming out together. >> it was very, very similar, bernie sanders' hand movement. kristin welker at the university of new hampshire. thank you very much >> our colleague, jacob rascon, is joining us now. does this machado story matter in the support of the gop? >> a lot of people have said that it does no matter and some others have defended him but largely, they do agree that they wish he would be able to talk about something else. they don't like that this is the focus now and they want to talk about other things like immigration or benghazi, for example, and i want to if i
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could bring in one of trump supporter, this is maryland. you were telling me scott walker was your first choice and now you are fully on the trump train. these comments don't bother you? >> no, because i am a hefty woman. >> the fact that he's doubling down, she gained a lot of weight, that's a big problem. is that not a problem in his efforts or what he needs to be doing to get uninsidecided vote. >> that's water underneath the bridge and let it go. i am concerned of what he's going to do in the future and stuff. and, any time hillary would bring something up like that and throw it in his face and all he need to say is benghazi and foundation and show me your top five donors to your foundation. >> would you agree as many trump supporters told me that he should have from the debate to
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find a way to pivot that. >> and pivot is something to throw in her face to get her off in the subject and putting her on the defense instead of offense >> he has your vote and their votes. >> yes. >> he needs to get more voters. how does he do that? >> i think his daughter is a very smart young woman, every time she's on the stage introducing something, i am really impressed with her. i have not seen the sons that much to tell you how they do. ivanka really impresses me. so that's a good a-plus polls for him. >> thank you, maryland. they know this is a bad position right now. thomas. >> yeah, they're all talking about next debate. jacob, thank you very much. >> joining me onset here. president obama's campaign manager, david, it is good to
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have you with me. i know you were listening to jacob's interview with maryland there of the machado's story being watered under the bridge. >> hillary clinton is using this to illuminate his practices. battleground states right now, neck and neck, do you think it will make a difference to move the needle in her favor? > >> it shares the spotlight on donald trump's treatments for women. the first lady spoke about it. i have been through a few of these presidential races and voters that very seriously. this is not a great bait for donald trump to be having. it is not the only time he talked about women in this place. i think it probably, you think about the undecided voters out
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there. there are a lot of women and a lot of suburban women who are key in presidential elections. this types of things are harmful. >> there are so many undecided voters using this debate moment to decide how they want to cast it. >> does the machado story open him up for that line of attack the next time around? >> donald trump will do what he wants to do. if i was advising him and i am certainly not, i would not go there. i don't think it is a fruitful, i think people know about that issue, i think what's coming out of the debate. i have been through good and bad debates. if you look at how we handled our first debate in 2012 and our president bush handled his first bad debate and you can even go back to reagan. you cannot externally -- you can
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have a better night. this is all an act and trump and his team does not do well and that's one thing. if they think they did well and don't have to change anything, that's a concern. >> they got free advise the last couple of days. >> let me change tactic here, how donald trump may have been using coke. it seems like he was using coke because he was sniffing during this debate. yesterday, my colleague, kate snow, interviewed him and giving him the opportunity to backtrack. >> he sniffs during the presentation which is something that users do. >> do i think at 70-year-old, he has a cocaine habit? probably not. i think it would be interest to ask him. >> doctor dean did not say he will diagnose him through tv, he kind of diagnosed him via
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twitter. do you think howard dean need to apologize for that remark? >> donald trump does have notion of grander. as the debate went on, he started off trying to talk about he is economic idea. >> do you think howard dean is right? >> is that what you are say sng. >> no, there is a lot of other issues to talk about donald trump. we don't need side shows. as the debate went on, he did speak exclusively about himself. hillary clinton did a better job of, she was talking the american people. now, this next debate because it is a town hall and so many questions coming from actual citizens, it is important that you dial in and engage with the american people >> there is so much of the side show. this makes the clinton campaign any way responsible for having to distance themselves. >> you and i are the only ones
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in america are talking about this. >> i don't think so, it is pretty popular. the fact that howard dean went there and were not going to back away from it. it takes away some of the pressure that trump feels about hillary clinton bringing up the form of miss universe. >> i think we are having a cable tv kind of show right now. given 100 million people and you count all the way people watch it or saw that. they stuck through which was interesting. the rating seems to suggest that people were watching in the beginning. that's what really matters of what the viewers thought about the debate and not people like you and i. a lot of people are going to make their decisions based on that. for some people that seems to be the deal of hillary clinton. >> david, thank you for your time. we'll bethu tuning in. >> right now, in new hampshire,
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we'll take you to new hampshire where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will start. and next of alicia machado of her own words about the gop and carly fiorina's insider, sarah flores will be here and we'll keep an eye on the city of durham where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in. >> first, look at our microsoft pulse question live. you can check it on, we'll be right back after this. e. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left.
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a live look at what's taking place in durham, new hampshire. we are expecting bernie sanders and hillary clinton here. the goal is to win over young voters, when they walk out there on the packed house, we'll bring it to you live. the former miss universe who says she was mocked by donald trump on this ongoing controversy. alicia machado is speaking out. she sat down with natalie morales to talk about how trump's insults impacted her life. >> natalie morales is joining me now. thank you, this is such a big moment of alicia morales coming out and talking about what happened 20 years ago. how did she characterize with you what she dealt with with
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donald trump? >> you heard her interview and she characterized it by humiliation, she was humiliated and once she gained some weight after four months into her new reign as mis universe, it should have been the happiest time of her life. instead she was living with this nightmare and it became verbal abuse of her weight and the amount of weight she had gained. i mean you heard donald trump doubled down where she gained massive amount of weight. she gained about 18 and 20 pounds so she was very clear that she felt the entire time that it was pretty much torment for her and she's still emotional about it. now, 20 years, she's still feeling about it and her
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self-esteem mit the floor. >> even though she was the most beautiful woman in the world. >> now with the interview, take a look. >> did you know that hillary clinton was going to talk about you? >> no. i never imagine then she was, you know, sharing my story in the debate. it was a surprise for me and i want to say thank you, thank you very much, mrs. clinton, because maybe my story can change a few minds in this moment of the united states. >> you were newly crowned miss universe, what was your interaction with mr. trump? >> well, you know peopthe peopl
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understand that this happened 20 years ago. and at that moment, i was 18-year-old. maybe he was another person that you can see now. >> you have said he bullied you. he called you miss piggy and what else did he call you, what were the names he called you? >> miss piggy and miss housekeeping and eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yeah, all the time. >> that was really fonormal for him in that moment. >> how did it make you feel? >> well, with 18-year-old when you are growing up and you are the most beautiful woman in the world, that was horrible for me. >> you are still, you get emotional talking about this because -- it hurts you. >> yes, it is hard for me and i don't him to remember that moment because i work really hard to forget that moment.
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>> so natalie, we could see how sensitive of a topic that was for her. did she express her plans for next? >> well, she's an actress and well known actress and does a lot of telanovas and she's also an activist. she's active in the latino community. you know she was happy to get on board with clinton's campaign and she's not hated in anyway of her support. she's just a supporter and she just became a u.s. citizen three months ago and now she looks forward to november 8th when she can cast her first vote in the u.s. >> my colleague, natalie morales, great job. good to see you. >> joining me, manager for carly fiorina. sarah, it flores, it is great have you with me. >> have you spoken to fiorina.
11:21 am
also, directly speak to him about comments he made about her image? >> yeah, i mean carly and i have spoken since the debate and you know what was interesting about how hillary clinton handled that issue was, it seems like she prepared that specifically for the end of the debate knowing there is a great chance that donald trump would not be able to avoid, taking the bait the next day and creating that sort of additional news cycle of donald trump and his popularity among women. donald trump did take that bait and it is been clearly been in the news for multiple days and not surprising. >> sarah -- a smart move. >> sarah, can you share it? >> when you talk to any candidates and carly about this debate, you use it as a way to reflect on your past experience, it is an inside baseball thing.
11:22 am
we do and we talk about how the primary went and those debates and obviously, the cnn debate where carly won that debate out right and she shows what a great debater she was. i don't think carly ever says that as much but i obviously feel that pretty significantly. >> we know she got a lot of applause and demonstrated great strengths on the stage and certainly with a lot of other nominees that were running in that primary. as we look at the specifics of this, sarah, we have seen the wall street journal polls of donald trump's negative ratings in women in the high 60s. how much is doubling down on the macha machado's story hurt him? >> it is not a political move. it is the donald trump cannot help but take the bait. both candidates using this to speak to their base.
11:23 am
as the debate moves forward, i think you will see more movement in the middle. both hillary and trump using this debate to reach their baits. donald trump has a gender gap problem with women. hillary clinton has a huge gender gap with men. both candidates have a lot of ground to make up before november. >> sarah flores, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> we got the clinton campaign calling zan all lineup today. >> trump is not the leader we need, our first lady. >> a president who can bring out the best in us, our kindness, our decency, courage, our determination, so that we can keep perfecting our union and passing those blessings of liberties down to our children.
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hillary clinton will be that president. plaus plaus [ applause ] straight from philadelphia and onto pittsburgh, the first lady will be there for the first hour. we are waiting for bernie sanders to take that stage in new hampshire with secretary clinton. this is their first time campaigning in the election trail since sanders endorsed her. we'll take you live after this. d his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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man: you may kiss the bride. [applause] woman: ahh. [indistinct conversation] announcer: a full life measured in seats starts with the right ones early on. car crashes are a leading killer of children 1 to 13. learn how to prevent deaths and injuries by using the right car seat for your child's age and size. so the big moment, coming up at the university of new hampshire in the city of durham. hillary will be taking the stage there with her formal rival, bernie sanders. he's now a hillary clinton's supporter and surrogate and we are waiting for them to arrive. the vermont senator was quite a fire brand during the primary season. he remains, really, really
11:28 am
popular with millenials and that translates into hillary clinton's support. we'll see how that happens. michelle obama is on her way to pittsburgh, pennsylvania, for another event today. this is her second one today of the all important state for pennsylvania. a short time ago, the first lady made a comment. >> right now we have the opportunity to elect the most qualified people to become a president. hillary has been a lawyer, first lady of the united states and a u.s. senator and secretary of state, that's why i am inspired by hillary. no one in our lifetime have ever had ex experience and ex superi exposure to the brach arack oba. yes, she happens to be a woman. [ cheers ] >> kasie hunt is in philadelphia
11:29 am
with more than this. the first lady has a specific goal for this trip in pennsylvania. tell us about it. >> reporter: hey, thomas, you were talking about millenials there. that's a huge part why michelle obama is here in the philadelphia area. today, at the la salle university. they illustrated why clinton is struggling with this group of voters. almost everyone i talked to, it was bernie sanders supporter. >> they felt that hillary clinton was not that way, they were worried in some cases a bot students debt and that's an issue that hillary clinton has to address. michelle obama is in a unique position. she does not have appear among the other surrogates and advocates for hillary clinton. she's in some ways an a
11:30 am
political figure. i talked to some people don't plan to vote for hillary clinton but they really wanted to come in here and see michelle obama. that's really the challenge that the clinton campaign has right now with pennsylvania. pennsylvania is really important. if they win the state here, they'll win pennsylvania. it is difficult for donald trump to get 270 electoral college vote he would need. the hillary clinton was here making a speech to millenials and michelle obama today and vice president joe biden and we were hearing from the president of the united states and making sure pennsylnia does not switch into that column. of course, as we have seen on the debate stanl over tge over
11:31 am
couple of days is important on this race trying to win over. >> we expect to see the first lady coming up next in pittsburgh. cas kasie hunt, thank you very much. >> we keep a close eye on new hampshire. this is where a big moept ment happening for hillary clinton campaign. she's campaigning for the first time with bernie sanders by her side. during the primary, they were going at it and now there is a you kn unification, bernie sanders and his millenial support to turn out for hillary clinton. this is the first time we are seeing them together on the trail and happening in new hampshire. the vermont senator is backyard. you can see the room is packed. the one person, nina turner, she's joining me right now, she's a political analyst, it is good to have you with me, nina, i preeshappreciate it.
11:32 am
>> i am not a millenial. just barely. >> oh, yes, you are. >> chelsea, i want to show you here. i want to play what this person in the audience asked about her mom and campaign and how did she react? take a look. >> delegate for bernie sanders, congressional district three, take a look, with the voter's suppression that happened in the primaries, what more ground in addition to the fact that so many different countries with horrible violation records, currently are some of the largest here. what moral ground does hillary clinton has to continue to run as a democratic nominee. >> the man put down the microphone and he walked out while chelsea clinton was answering the question and he was holding a jill stein's
11:33 am
president sign. >> after hillary clinton had it locked up. is it now impacting this general election? >> absolutely not. we are in the united states of america. >> you know and the senator randy ran a hard race, he raised issues but for him without being in the race, we would not be talking about it today. >> millenials supporters are not wedded to the democratic party. >> we know that the fastest growing group in terms of voting are independence. democrats are going to have to earn those votes. >> senators is in new hampshire right now with the secretary. >> how do uconn vince these media paying attention. a lot of people saw you and your support and people talking about the system in the primary being
11:34 am
rigged. and now this young folks, bernie sanderss was on board and they see what's happening with -- with -with -- with -- wasserman sholts. >> these individuals are tuned in and they understand that if there are folks elected office right this moment who are not caring about their job, you are talking about a lame duck session. we have been in lame ducks for far too long. we yr just talking about tulsa this week when people are suffering right now and they want some honesty and senator sanders raised the eshs. >> and also, talking to the
11:35 am
working poor of which most millenials are in that group because they're trying to find their way in society. i am hoping as they are traveling to these campuses will focus on the questions of the memoria memorial. >> they are the generation that'll inhale the leadership and the decisions that are made will have an impact on their lives. they want honesty and integrity and want people to work on these issues right now. >> yeah, helping along and they have to you can through. they get out of college and so much debt hanging over their head. i look forward to paying that stubs and it is all electronic. >> some of those, they are not in college. that group is 18 to 34. while we like to focus a lot on college campuses. think of the millenials who are on the older end, they are working right now >> like you. >> mike me. >> and you. >> nina turner. >> i am a gen x.
11:36 am
>> some where. >> we got an eye on the event in new hampshire. we'll see bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaign tlg at the university of new hampshire. we'll take you there. watch to reactions on donald trump take on his relationship with alicia machado. >> how it could affect his chances win ning the female vot.
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all right, with some breaking news developing on capitol hill right now. this is after a move that happened in the senate earlier today. this was a senate vote which was overwhelming to over ride presidential veto about president obama's bill allowing 9/11 families or president obama's veto rather to
11:40 am
allow 9/11 to sue saudi arabia. >> the senate voted to over ride veto from 97-1. it is now moving its way to the house side. we see far that there are twelve va's from republicans and four from the democrats. we'll keep watching this. it is a small move. . this was breaking news of the senate. their chamber is 97 to one. >> the largest conversation since the debate is about the 1996, alicia machado and it comes to a time when the nominee have trug lthrough support. >> chris jansing is on the campus of the university of florida to talk more about what they have seen in terms of the debate stage.
11:41 am
>> chris. >> joining me now is ami, ami is a model and author and founds of fashion without limits. it is great to have you here and especially with your career and what you have been able to do in the fashion his. when you heard about these comments, what have your reaction, as the woman, i was taken back and very shock. >> i could not quite understand why on this in elbow blapat for that these woman about describe b women were being spoken. >> the hair claihair aambassado. >> bells were going off and those words were transaction for a lot of women and hard the words and did not quite understand it. how could our candidate be describing a woman like this. >> because of the greet year
11:42 am
that you had and you help reset how folks can consider models. >> you remember this flag back in the 19s at all. does it stand out to you? >> in an issues that goes on fa shaming and calling people derogatory comments. it is been going on for a long time. it is a reflection of that in surveillance camera s a large lands form. >> it is incredible to talk about how toxic can it be to not only kwlonk women or pen and young pen. and, how there is room for improvements. >> a lot of people admits that we come a long way 20 years. donald trump was on fox news the morning a echlt would not apologize for the language, take a look.
11:43 am
>> she was the winner and she gained a massive a lot of weight. it was a real problem. we had to -- not only their attitude but we have a rae problem. so hillary clinton went back to the years she found this -- thst been a year ago. >> she found a girl and talked about her like she was mother teresa and it was not quite that way. she has to do what she has to do. >> do you think that type of response and illumination talking on the debate stage is going to impact female voroles. >> before presidential candidates going on stage on how to talk about women. there is room for improvement. that'll help sbeter communication going forward when
11:44 am
they are out representing and wanting to vote all people. nub that want to help from my organization, we could love to help. >> push certain voters, wonnering what's going on here and why would you talk moorely about me as a woman. >> while voters while they're trying to use this information who they feel handout, i called parents be smarter on what they're involving their young daughter and business. >> people think it is money and muni money. do you need to be told, getting your children into anything that's the idea eased beauty. if you want to help your child, be right there at every sting l
11:45 am
step in the way. this is an incredible opportunity for appropriate, what is appropriate and how do you talk to others talking to you this way and bullying, for example, this is a good, good time to talk about this with your family >> because of social media and i am images coming in. >> ami, thank you very much. >> we appreciate your time. >> still to come there, with fashion model amiy, with the the -- this is michelle obama will be coming up in pittsburgh as she campaigns through pennsylvania. in the center of your clean that is's where bernie sanders and hillary clinton will appear. the right hand side is where donald trump will be campaigning. we'll take you there once this
11:46 am
all happens. we have to talk about this 220-year-old tradition is broken in 2016 all happening fl the
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
arrest ru so it is a big triumph for hillary clinton with the endorsement from arizona rub public. the people breaking of 120 years breaking of the democratic nominee. the editorial board wrote, "clinton knows to compromise." she has a record of the first lady and senator and secretary of state. >> joining me now, our phil morris, for the arizona public. explain how you came to the conclusion of this endorsement.
11:50 am
it is great for clinton but anti-trump. >> it is really been sort of a conversation that we had with our readers for about a year now. it began back in november of 2015 when a black man a a trump rally in birmingham was protesting. trump supporting went after him and kicked him and punched him and choking him. trump stood and said "get him the hell out of here." he went onto the sunday show and he doubled down. >> right after this, he did a i don't think editorial who was a siren, really. these are a base note and a t r authority and reign. >> i think the faithful readers
11:51 am
of the arizona public are not taken by this surprise this morning. >> phil, one of the other parts, tax returns which could help the nation judge claims of his business accument. you wrote about how the world expectings substance. is that the real clarification of temperament and taxes. >> i think temperament is the big one. >> temperament, there is sort of a, there is a threshold that you have to meet to be president of the united states. donald trump is a vulgar man. he's a nasty guy. he miss treats people and we saw it over and over. he had policies that are dangerous and reckless and we think unworthy of the officer. now, that's the big point for us. are you surprised by though by senator john mccain and other
11:52 am
major figures within the gop, that it had to get behind this nominee? oh, i don't think anybody is full or really believes mccain is supporting trump. mccain is a chess move ahead of everybody. he's thinking of how do you hold on the republican majority with the house and senate and democratic in office. that's my view of it and how he's thinking. i think this is john mccain were competitive and he's not going to seed anything to his component and his race. he wants to win. >> when you talk about keg sb egg t integrity, does it compromise the event by thinking of it as a chess game and staying ahead and showing your hands if you are supportive in the realtime hometown. >> it is. >> toll tipoliticians make comp
11:53 am
to the win, they do. >> john mccain was not able to cuttrumpe voters. he was not going to give into his democratic component. >> we saw this and clinton and obama were anti-gay marriage, do you remember that? did you believe they were. >> now, we are going to see it again with two rivals joining forces coming up in new hampshire with bernie sanders and hillary clinton about to take the stage at the university of new hampshire in durham. i am sure they were surprised and pleased. thank you, sir. >> we'll keep an eye on all the big stories that's been happening at this hour. two shots to show you. we have michelle obama who'll be coming up on the left in pittsburgh, she made a cam tan stop today in philadelphia. and then we have the folks that
11:54 am
have gathered in the city of durham and in new hampshire >> this is on the campus of new hampshire. waiting to see bernie sanders and hillary clinton. their first stop united on the campaign trail. back after. this. this.
11:55 am
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all right, we are keeping our eye on what's taking place on capitol hill. the senate voted earlier today to over ride the oval office, i want to check in on the details on or correspondence kelly o'donell is joining me now. >> kelly, the vote is overwhe overwhelming overwhelmingly. >> lawmakers are trying to get all their must-do things off the list before the end of this legislative week. they'll break for final campaigning. that's the backdrop. this specific is the first ever
11:58 am
over ride if a president veto for president obama. we just seen now the house, the voting is technically still under way because they have not hit the gavel. again, overwhelmingly, the figure is more than 348 members of the house agreed to over ride the president's veto. interesting more, no votes siding with the president from the house side. on the senate side, harry reid, of nevada, the top democratic who's resigning. all others voted to over turn it. this is about the 9/11 families who have been waiting for several years of a political campaign to lobby these lawmakers to get them to change the law so they can sue the government of saudi arabia believing that government had some hand in financing the hijackers and many of whom were from saudi arabia to finance that 9/11 attack.
11:59 am
this would of course, be unpresideu unprecedent unprecedented. president obama has said there will be untended consequences of this and similar law enforcements if other countries follow through. it is a big over ride of barack obama's veto and it has to do with 9/11 families who's been wanting to sue the government of saudi arabia. >> kelly o'donell, thank you for reporting for us. that's going to wrap it up for me, my colleague kate snow is next. >> a possible school shooting right now, lets go to cal perry, he's got the latest details. i thought i heard this is an elementary school. tell me i am wrong. >> it is about 280 state of the unions townville south carolina right on the border with
12:00 pm
georgia. they believe they have the shooter in custody. two students with wounded. there is been a massive law enforcement response to this which is only indicative of the fact that there is a shooting at a elementary school. this is early reporting. we have just heard about this news. the good news is the situation is contained. police believe that the scene is secured and one of the two students that were wounded were evacuated by helicopter with light injuries. one shooter is in custody and two students wounded. we are seeing this massive law enforcement respond from anderson county in south carolina. you will see the pictures there on the left side of the screen as the local news media gets into place. they cleared the school. the students are being moved to a near by church where they'll be released to the parents. very concerned parents there on the scene looking for


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