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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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sure the next one turns out differently. >> ted is one of the great debaters. they spoke about that when we saw that ted offered that. we are going to be in touch. >> round two in the clinton and trump debates are 11 days away. rounding out the agenda, what can bernie do for her? had ilry clinton getting help from bernie sanders and one group of voters she needs to help bring him on board. we will take you through the numbers also ahead. >> so both bernie and i are excited to work together. i'm looking forward to working with him and other strong democrats and republicans. >> surprising poll results about pro athletes and the national anthem and more explosive bridge gate. we begin with the top story.
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we have another new poll from morning consult. it shows what we have been seeing in the other polls about who won the debate. it's almost a two to one margin. 26% say trump won that debate. that is what every scientific poll has shown. the consensus is that clinton won. for trump that is of the problems. the second problem is the least is whether he is making things worse for himself with what happened after the debate. as a result of something said during the debate, they made no secret about this. one of the goals was to have hillary clinton bait donald trump into an outburst and saying something offensive that would worsen his problem with some of the voters he needs to win over. the clinton campaign did succeed in laying that trap at least.
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let me remind you on monday how hillary clinton tried to do that. >> one of the worst things was about women in a beauty contest. he loves supporting them and hanging around them. he called this woman miss piggy and then he called her miss house keeng because she was latina. donald, she has a name. she is alicia machado and she has become a u.s. citizen and you can bet she is going to vote this november. >> okay. >> that was hillary clinton laying what the clinton campaign believed was a trap. donald trump did not have much to say about the former miss universe, however after the debate, after hillary clinton put that subject and that name into the conversation, the clinton campaign did get what it was looking for as donald trump has essentially gotten into a
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war of public words with alicia machado. take a look. >> she was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem. we had a real problem. not only that, but her attitude. we had a real problem with her. hillary went back into the years and found this. this has been years ago. found the girl and talked about her like she was mother teresa. it wasn't that way, but that's okay. hillary has to do what she has to do. >> do you think he is racist? >> yes. yes, absolutely. absolutely. >> what's the proof that you think he is racist? >> you know, i listened a few comments from him. when he was my boss.
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i don't want to talk about it because it's something that is too much rude for the black community. i respect a lot that things. >> alicia machado talking about race and she made no secret about how hurt she felt by the comments. the question is whether trump made things worse as a result of what's happening after the debate. let's bring in jacob from iowa. for the latest on what's going on inside the campaign, public low donald trump insists all is well. his supporters flood the brds with their votes. they are very uneasy with what happened on that stage and with
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what's happened afterwards. what are they doing to prevent that from happening in the future? >> what we have are people in the campaign admitting it was not good. the performance was not good. you had trump himself say he admitted in the first little bit of the campaign he did well, but in the second half or so, he thought the questions were unfair and blamed it on that. admitting he didn't do well. the campaign saying look, we know it didn't go well and we will try to have more traditional debate prep for trump. it's up to him of course whether that happens. i think what needs to happen is that just say what about
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benghazi and the clinton foundation. they want him to win and think he needs to do differently to get this. steve? >> jacob on the road with donald trump in iowa. the clinton campaign as we say, they think they achieved their goal and believe hillary clinton
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baited donald trump into worsening his problems with key groups of voters. the question looms why. why did he take the wait if that is what happened? one problem is that he is running in the general election, but he is in primary mode. how he approaches the debate. three polls after this debate. the voters say they believe hillary clinton won this debate. he didn't do any prep or mock debates. guess what, that's how he approached the primaries. he won the primaries and maybe in his mind, you do what worked if the prime easier. after this debate, where did he go when it ended? he went to the spin room and people had never seen that
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before. the candidate go to the spin room after. again, that was donald trump's book in the primaries. he would get off the stage and go to the spin room. this is one of the issues with the trump campaign here. he is still playing from the primary playbook. we are not in the primaries. this is a different audience of voters. here are stats to think about. when donald trump won, the electorate, all the primaries and caucuses and the audience and electorate was 90% white. we talked about the strength he has with non-college white voters. non-college degrees. they are close to 50% to the republican primary electorate. the primers where donald trump had success, this is what the
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demographics looked like. how differently? look at this. nearly 30% is nonwhite. it was 90% white in the republican primaries. maybe even less. 36% non-college white. that's almost ten points less than in the republican primaries. a group that looms large right now is a group that was not nearly as important in the republican primary. suburban white women, white voters with college degrees, look at this. hillary clinton's advantage is 25 points over donald trump. this is a group of voters, republican candidates have been able to win in presidential elections. right now donald trump is getting blown out. that's why the campaign is excited about the fact that they laid a trap for donald trump
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with that alicia machado comment. they got him to respond and they believe that will make his problem with that group of voters that he badly needs to win over. they believe it's going to make the predicament worse. we have a trump supporter there for monday night's debate. i have to ask you. the clinton folks think they put a trap down there and they got donald trump to talk about alicia machado in a negative personal way after that debate and they believe it's going to hurt him with voters. are they right? >> there is truth since hillary clinton can't talk about success over her 30-year plus career that her strategy was to throw dirt at donald trump. she did craft a pretty keiji trap door. i will give her credit for that. the voters are smart enough as donald trump got her to admit that she thought nafta was the
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greatest trade agreement ever. we are talking about ohio, a swing state and pennsylvania a critical state and michigan which is in play. she lost a lot of votes by saying nafta was a good trade deal. >> that was early in the debate. just watching the debate myself, i thought he was strong in the first 20 minutes of the debate. this was the end. this was it was a choice by donald trump to talk about alicia machado the way he did. it is bigger today because he said what he did. did he make a mistake? >> there is truth in that. donald trump is someone who does defend himself. we are moving on to talk about the substantive issues of jobs and the economy and terrorism is back on the screens again today for all americans. this was a one or two-day story.
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i give you that. it was a trap door and lessons learned and continuous improvement. that's not a bad thing as we move forward into the most critical weeks. donald trump will issue more aware that there are trap doors she is trying to get him to fall through. hillary clinton, she really needed to talk about why voters should vote for her and didn't give a reason. her likability, she did not address her likability factor at all in this debate. she had a smug look on her face. hillary clinton's achilles heel is she is not likeable and did nothing to address that. >> you talk about trap doors, when the subject came up, donald trump during the debate made reference and said there were things about hillary clinton that he could bring up and wasn't going to. he may do this in future debates
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and bring up bill clinton's past indiscretions with women. is that smart strategy or is that another trap door if he goes down that road. what do you think? >> you can argue it on both sides. it is clear that bill clinton was preying upon women when he was governor and continuing and the way hillary clinton reacted in a deplorable way to how she handled the women makes her a bit of a hypocrite when she stands up and said she stands with all women. that wasn't true. the women that bill clinton was involved in saw the wrath of hillary clinton. if that context, that would be worth donald trump bringing up. on the other hand most of the country knows this. i'm not sure the millennials remember it. it's not a major issue.
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>> to clarify this, here's the response you hear. saw the wrath of hillary clinton. you are talking about bill clinton having an affair. why is does that affect his wife? >> it's not with him, but standing next to her husband and attacking the women he preyed upon, but that's different than saying i forgive you, bill. she took an aggressive attack stance against the women he preyed upon. that is different than what we have seen with other situations in the press. >> a supporter of donald trump. thanks for the time. for more let's bring in msnbc contributor and founder of the "washington post" blog. particular and thanks for taking a few minutes. it's a "washington post" number.
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donald trump standing with white women with college degrees. this is a group the kakdidates can be competitive with. he is being blown out at this late date. is there anything he can do to improve or is it locked in? >> it's going to be hard if he does what he has done over the last two days. he got in a fight with a gold star family and when he went through this thing with miss universe. he takes situations that are not good for him or he has not performed well and makes them worse. that's what he did in both of the situations. the clinton campaign was smart. who was at la salle and philly? michelle obama with a strong message about donald trump and comments about women. that is not a mistake. they understand without making
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up margin with white women, donald trump can't win. he is under performing among hispanics and african-americans. you have to find votes somewhere and if that's not white suburban women, there is no one left. >> what happens if donald trump goes down the road he was hinting at on monday night. he talked about maybe bringing up bill clinton and all the past issues with bill clinton. he said in his mind there is a discussion and that's not just him having an affair, but her treatment of women who bill clinton preyed upon. is that a distinction they can make ground with or is that a trap? >> it's tough and would require a lot of verbal gymnastics and donald trump tends to be more of a blunt instrument when it comes to rhetoric. he is not looking for the finer
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points because it's about emotion. i wonder if he can do something like that. i don't know how that sits with white suburban women or women in general talking about confronting hillary clinton with her husband's well publicized affair. i think it's very risky. he is someone who is willing to take risks and after the first debate, he may be more willing to take risks. it will make people who are for him overjoyed. it doesn't matter. they are for him. he needs to find people who are not currently for him to jump on his side. i am skeptical that that's the path. >> we are showing the poll numbers. hillary clinton pretty clearly seen as the winner of this
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debate. if there is further damage from the alicia machado stuff, that will emerge when we see more polling. people are asking the connection between the polls that show hillary clinton winning. are we going to see a difference in the head to head hillary clinton versus donald trump polls and is she going to open up a bigger lead? >> first of all, you have to remember we live in a polarized country. if you have an r after your name, 46% of the country is not going to vote for you no matter what and the same if you have a d after your name. 12, 13, 14 points, i think is unlikely. the more tribal our politics get. now that we are 40 odd days away, you are seeing a lining up in tribing. i think she will widen that lead, but you are looking at three, four, five on the outside. i am skeptical she will go up 10
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or 12 points not because of anything he or she has done, but the nature of how our electorate acts as we get close to an election. you can expect him to use this speech to paint hillary clinton as being in the pocket of special interest. the theme he will be pushing keep an eye on the podium and we will bring you the remarks when we begin. bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail, back in the state where he handed hillary clinton her biggest loss in the primary season. >> this election is enormously important for the future of our country. it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> there is a very specific
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>> bernie's campaign energized so many young people. some of you in this crowd. there is no group of americans who have more at stake than young americans. >> that was the scene in durham, new hampshire.
1:24 pm
hillary clinton wrapping up remarks there and you can see behind her. her primary rival, touting a plan for free college tuition. this was a plan in the democratic primaries. not just talking about that issue today, but took aim at donald trump on a number of fronts. >> i never thought i would hear someone running for president, my opponent said he wants to appoint supreme court justices who would overturn marriage equality and turn the clock back on lgbt americans. over tu overturn a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and reverse that fundamental right. so much more. there is a lot at stake.
1:25 pm
>> a lot of the issues there, hillary clinton ticking off issues that will motivate millennial voters. why is she making this pitch and doing it in new hampshire and donald trump won the primary and he is a few points behind. he can challenge her in new hampshire. what is the problem for hillary clinton? it is this. these are millennial voters and wow, when you give voters in new hampshire a choice, gary johnson, the libertarian is running in first place and leading hillary clinton. the campaign believes those voter fist they have had to to choose between clinton and
1:26 pm
trump, they will go to clinton. they believe those voters really, really don't want to vote for donald trump. where does bernie sanders come in? he handed hillary one of the biggest losses of the primary season. the primary with sanders 60 and clinton 38. it was more than that. voters under 30 in the democratic primary. check this out. 83% voted for berny and boat her by nearly 70%. that's the state bernie sanders was called in to help hillary reach out. you can see why the campaign is leaning on bernie sanders and why they are doing it in new hampshire and why they are pitching that message to millennial voters. a hillary clinton supporter
1:27 pm
joins us from capitol hill. i appreciate it. we put that number up from the primary and want to remind folks of this. if you took all the primaries and all the caucuses and looked at voters under 30, this was the result. sanders 71% and hillary clinton 28%. this was not just a new hampshire phenomenon. we saw this across the country. with sanders trying to help hillary clinton, i wonder if you can take a step back and diagnose the problem. why did she have trouble reaching voters in the primaries. she was strong not just on millennial issues, but all issues compared to donald trump. the fact that she is there with bernie is no doubt. bernie won a bunch of these states and did well. he inspired them and the two of them together are a force to be
1:28 pm
reckoned with. they worked out an agreement on a student loan plan and when you look at the contrast from the debate last night, think about it. or two nights ago. you have hillary clinton talking about climate change and that's a big issue for millennials. he sent out a tweet and lied about it that he said climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. you have the fact that hillary clinton is out there on issues like housing and puts a plan forward that won't add to the debt. something millennials care about. he has young people that don't have as much money and dared to say in the debate when asked about the housing crisis, it was business to bet on the housing crisis. i think that debate was a defining moment and the fact that bernie is at her side makes it stronger. i view this as a very positive
1:29 pm
plan and a strategy right after that debate to go in strong on millennial issues. >> i wonder if something bigger is going on. it wasn't just the free ledge tuition plan,ut the political revolution. when you look at a poll that shows that four-way race, gary johnson is beating both of the major party candidates with voters under 30 years of age. i wonder, is there something bigger in the air where millennial voters are looking for a bigger more transformative change to the system that hillary clinton is not offering them. it's not that they like donald trump. they want to blow up the system. >> free college is a good revolutionary idea. getting rid of citizens unite side a good revolutionary idea.
1:30 pm
bernie's endorsement is not tepid or meek. it is strong. he is standing there right with her. i'm not surprised that it will take time for 80 million people watching the debate. this is the time for them to focus on this election. they have a lot going on. they had summer jobs and taking exams and these are the months where they will focus on this election and vote for hillary clinton. >> let me ask you this. you feel good coming out of the debate. it has been a lot of things happening that we thought would never happen in american politics. what makes you the most nervous as a supporter of hillary clinton. if one thing that makes you uneasy, what is it? >> the money out there in the senate races on the other side. the fact that you don't know what some of the koch brothers money will do at the last minute. hillary clinton had to focus on
1:31 pm
that to protect herself against the outside money. i think the other thing that you always want to get out is get the vote out. that's why bernie was there today. when you see the debate and the number of people interested and the reaction of people where he doubled down the next morning with the miss universe issue and still saying she was fat. you started the program with a trump supporter and when he said you asked about that, he said lesson learned. lesson learned? he had decades to learn a lesson and he is lashing out at people and calling them fat and being divicive. i think the millennials are a group that cares well each other in a way that is unique. we know they have a larger chunk of immigrants and minorities. he is lashing out at all
1:32 pm
millennials. when he wants to reverse and put on judges that would want to change row v wade or focus or be against gay marriage. they look out for themselves as a group. they know there is something different. i think it is going to make a big difference and that's what bernie sanders is talking about and that's why he is there by her side in new hampshire. >> thank you, steve. >> a programming note for you. big day at the university of new hampshire. how about this. tonight at 7:00 eastern, chris matthews and the "hardball" college tour. libertarian candidate for president and his running mate live at unh, home of the wildcats. check that out. 7:00 tonight.
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coming up, donald trump will be addressing supporters in iowa. woo are keeping an eye on that and bring you the remark when is they happen. bipartisanship on capitol hill. senate republicans and democrats voting almost unanimously to override a veto from president obama. this is the first time that happened to president obama since he has been president. a historic moment, if you will. we will head over to find out what happened, next. ry and abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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welcome back. donald trump making several campaign stops and we are keeping around eye on council bluffs, iowa. so far in his speeches, he stayed away from the debates surrounding miss universe and his remarks after the debate.
1:37 pm
hillary clinton reaching out to millennial voters and visiting the university of new hampshire a short time ago. campaigning on college campuses. two students and a teacher have been hurt in a shooting in an elementary school. a teen suspect is now in custody. we are going to bring you more information as it becomes available to us. elsewhere today, port authority executive david wildstein is back on the stand in federal court in newark, new jersey. wildstein admits to orchestrating the lane closures on the george washington bridge in 2013 and testified today that he told people within chris christie's inner circle about the plan as that scandal was growing and while christie was
1:38 pm
denying he knew anything about it. he said he even told christie about it as it was happening. the united states set to send about 600 additional troops to iraq and they will try to reclaim mo sum that isis controls. president obama and former president clinton will travel to israel for simone perez's funeral. a nobel laueriate dayed yesterday after suffering a massive stroke. he was 93 years old. meanwhile today on capitol hill, president obama facing the first override of one of his vetoes in the nearly 7.5 years that he has been in office. the senate and the house both voting to override obama's veto of legislation that allows the family of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. kelly o'donnell is live on the
1:39 pm
hill. we hear all the time that democrats and republicans have never been further apart. they have never been more polarized and can't agree on anything. why did they agree to come together against president obama on this? take us through it. >> it is striking that democrats and republicans work so closely together. it really is about the emotional roots of the issue. for the last several year, families have been urging congress to make a change to the law to allow them to pursue a legal remedy against saudi arabia. they believe there is evidence that the government there helped to finance the hijackers from 9/11 when were of the kingdom of saudi arabia. you have seen this coming together of the two parties. it's six weeks before the election. the only senator who voted no is a democrat, harry reid of
1:40 pm
nevada. he is not running for reelection and he is retiring in january. other than that there were senators and house members who raised concerns understanding where the president's veto was coming from. a worry that this will in some ways cause problems for americans and american military around the world if other countries try to use the same method to sue the united states and american citizens for what they may perceive to be acts of war around the globe. this notion of sovereignty is a change. however narrow it is with this case with 9/11 families being able to sue the government of saudi arabia. there are worries about what could go wrong down the line for american diplomats and military. with the presence of the election coming and the emotional impact of the families, they could come to point out as you said for the first time an overright of a
1:41 pm
veto of pop. that is notable as well as the margin of democrats and republicans who decided to take this course. >> it is not completely dead in washington. thank you for that. still ahead, keeping an eye on the trump event in iowa. while we do, we will turn to the colin kaepernick effect. about the san francisco sfrin 49ers quarterback. many are doing that. how do the voters feel about it? brand-new hot off the presses poll numbers. that i may surprise you. straight ahead.
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1:44 pm
>> has he finished speaking? he just stepped aside. we will take a look at what's going on in the podium there. see what he has to say.
1:45 pm
take a quick listen. >> the obama clinton policies released the man that killed my daughter after he showed up at the borders. then after he killed my daughter, they released him again. now where is he? nobody knows. donald trump is the only person that cared about us when no one else could and would. if hillary wins -- >> that is the scene there at council bluffs iowa. he has been doing a tour of the midwest and keeping an eye on that. while we do, we have other news to get to. lebron james is an all-star for the nba world champion. he became the latest professional athlete on how to conduct yourself and he was starting a national trend. here's what lebron james had to say. >> standing for the national
1:46 pm
anthem is something i will do. that's who i am and what i believe in, but that doesn't mean i don't respect and believe in what colin kaepernick is doing. you have a right to voice your opinion and stand for your opinion and he is doing it in the most peam wayceful way i ha seen someone do. >> he will stand, but will help someone who chooses not to. we have numbers we can show you. what do people think about this? that question becomes our most important number of the day. the number is 52. the question was asked should pro sports leagues require -- should they require athletes to stand for the anthem. 52% said yes and 43% saying no.
1:47 pm
there are very interesting divides on the question. this is not even across the board. one is partisan. democrats just 36% say athletes should be required to stand. the numbers double when it comes to humans. nearly three quarters of republicans say athletes should be required to stand. among independents, they are split down the little. how about a racial divide. whites more likely to say that athletes should be required to stand. i have to say it is not clearly as stark and not nearly the dividing line as generational numbers are. as age. those under 30. the millennial, only 36% said athletes. those over 60 almost double. 68% say the athletes should be required to stand. it's a big partisan divide and a
1:48 pm
generational divide. 52 perce% for right now. donald trump is back at the podium. >> secure borders and driving family farms millions and millions of new jobs. we are going to end the clinton corruption what's going on in this country is horrible. to restore dignity and honesty.
1:49 pm
hillary clinton is an insider fighting for her donors and mostly fighting for herself. i am an outsider fighting for you. we are fighting together. fighting together. everything you need to know about hillary clinton can be understood with this simple phrase. follow the money. believe me, that's what's happening. in her campaign for president, hillary clinton received $100 million in contributions from wall street and the hedge funds. she received $4.1 million in speaking fees from financial firms. i would like to see what she said. where are the papers? bernie was asking for the papers, but bernie gave up. the same groups paying bill and hillary for the speeches were lobbying the federal government. 22 groups paying bill clinton
1:50 pm
for speeches lobbied the state department while hillary was secretary of state. don't forget the clinton contributors were appointed to advisory boards by the secretary clinton for all the favors and access was granted and guess what -- >> a little taste of his rally in iowa. one of the states that was an obama state, but donald trump pulled ahead. ativi taste of his rally. they are pitching the millennial voters and you have michelle obama at la salle university, home of the explorers and she is making a pitch on behalf of hillary clinton. here's what she had to say. >> michelle obama. >> pretty much. you going to vote at all? >> maybe. not sure on that. >> that's what the la salle
1:51 pm
student his to say about what michelle obama was saying. very busy and we will break down what has been happening and what it means for the state of the race for the white house after this. by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian.
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>> if a candidate is irratic and threatening and prejudice fears and lies on the campaign trail, if a candidate thinks not paying
1:55 pm
taxes makes you smart, that is the kind of president they will be. >> trust me, elana johnson, washington editor at the national review. let's start with you. it's millennial day for the democrats. you have millennial voters under 30 and a group president obama won big and the danger here for
1:56 pm
hillary clinton. not that they go for trump, but a third party candidate or stay home. can they address the enthusiasm problem and is what they will do today going to help? >> this is a crucial problem because millennials are the third leg of the obama coalition that clinton staked her campaign in turning out. what she is trying to do is make the case to millennials they should not vote for a third party candidate. they are not going to vote for trump. they abhor him in big nobs. they don't believe she is honest and trust worthy and she is having character witnesses like michelle obama and president obama and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are very popular to make their case that the vote is extremely consequential. i spoke to them and said a lot
1:57 pm
of young voters flirted with that and it could be before the young voters will go. >> on the trump side of this, is the best strategy when you are looking at millennials, his poll numbers are bad right now. is that he can win over support from him or is his best bet it hope and find a way to steer them towards johnson and stein and away from clinton. in poll after poll, it's his temperament and intemp rate remarks he makes about women and minorities and immigrants. as we saw in his debate performance, he is not reassuring people and not showing the restraint in making
1:58 pm
remarks about women or minori minorities or immigrants. that really hurts hillary clinton. that's a key point of his strategy. >> i'm curious what you are picking up in terms of fallout from the debate for donald trump within the campaign and in terms of seeing a different trump and a different strategy from him in the next few debates. is it going to be the first show. >> he didn't prepare for the next debate which is not too big of a surprise, but the experience of having suffered from not preparing is perhaps the only thing that could have forced him into preparing. i think it is more likely he will show up prepared and can he exhibit the self control when he walks on the stage to use his preparation. that's really the question. >> from the clinton standpoint
1:59 pm
on this thing, they are very happy with how things went and with what happened afterwards in terms of the alicia machado story. when they look ahead, overconfidence is a risk. anything else they need to be worried about or mindful? >> in terms of the next debate for hillary clinton, she tried to exploit donald trump's weaknesses and she tried to bait him and he took the bait. he played into her hands. the reason she wants to do this is it plays into her strategy of disqualifying him with republicans and are concerned about his temperament. they think he may be too thin-skin and may not have the calm steady hand he needs that is necessary of a president. this is what we will continue to see from hillary clinton. as i was mentioning before, she has to make people believe she is honest and trustworthy.
2:00 pm
that means as she did in the previous debate and don't do half truths that make people think she has something to hide. >> that's go going to do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's wednesday, the numbers are in and it's official. donald trump was the big loser in monday night's debate. tonight, donald trump tries to pull out of his post debate nose dive amid charges from his family that he was not properly prepped. senator elizabeth warren. you ready to fight for hillary? >> she is one of the most forceful voices supporting clinton. the senator joins me for


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